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Annabelle and Daisy

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Daisabelle Chapter One:

Something at First Sight

Annabelle sighed as she stepped away from her two sisters. She loved those hooligans, but sometimes they could be a bit much. She found her opportunity to break off from the pack when both women set their eyes on the same jiggly blonde across the ballroom. Normally she might have joined in, maybe found a bathroom or closet they could all use, but lately Annabelle had just been in a slump. She was only cumming four times a day, and all by herself at that. All her usual booty calls had been harassing her nonstop, but she just didn't want any of them. She couldn't figure out what she did want, and that was really starting to eat at her.

The gorgeous giant found herself at the hors d'oeuvre table, perusing little snacks that she couldn't name. "Have you checked out the white girl auction?" Said a familiar voice from behind her. Annabelle spun around to greet her friend with a smile and a mouthful of something that tasted like crab meat and chocolate.

"Brittamy, darshing!" She covered her mouth and swallowed to make herself a little more intelligible. "What's this about white girls? You know I love a good turkey breast." She said with a coy smile.

Brittany was wearing her usual striking outfit and glamorous make-up, and she giggled at Annabelle's endlessly charming lack of decorum. Her manager always protests when she invites her to these sorts of fashion events, but she and her sisters always turn the whole drab ordeal into a party. "Yes, all the design interns had the wonderful idea to auction dates! It's to raise money for... Oh, something to do with helpless animals I'm sure." Brittany said as she pointed to the open doors of the auction room.

After only a kiss on the cheek to say farewell to her friend, Annabelle was marching toward the auction. The cocoa colored goddess hadn't had a decent piece of meat in weeks, and a pretty little intern might be just what she needed. Her heels click clacked along the marble floor as she waltzed into the room, taking in the scene. There were rows of seating, of course, full of people holding those number paddle things they have at auctions. In front of them was a small stage with a bubbley auctioneer and... Her. 

There must have been dozens of girls on that stage, all petite and cute as a button, all wearing the same dress from Brittany's summer collection, and yet Annabelle could only see her. It was as if her corona eclipsed everything else in sight. The auctioneer was saying something, but she couldn't hear him over the deafening look of that woman on stage. She couldn't have been more than 5"1' and her skin was the pale color of calligraphy paper. Annabelle would have bet she could pick that girl up with one hand and bruise her fine skin with a flick of her finger. Her hair was electric blue like raspberry bubble gum, tied up in a side pony and bouncing as she laughed at whatever the auctioneer had said. That smile could immolate someone into a content pile of smoking ash. It was the type of genuine laugh that had her eyes closed, and Annabelle's heart skipped when they opened. Green and full of life and joy, those shining emeralds locked with her gaze and the confident dominatrix, to this day, has never seen something more precious or been more flustered. "She's... Something." Annabelle muttered to herself before raising her hand in determination.




Daisy's night started with a lot oos and ahs about how beautiful the Felletricity Convention Hall was. The floors were all some sort of sparkly, marbled rock she couldn't name, and it seemed like there wasn't an inch of wall in the whole place that wasn't decorated with either expensive art or fancy curtains. Since beginning her internship with Madame Brittany she'd seen a few rich-people events, but this by far took the cake. Coincidentally, there was a massive black and gold cake in the corner that Daisy was scared to get close to. She wasn't exactly the clumsy type, but she was the anxious type, so she was certain she would knock the entire thing over. 

The rest of the ballroom seemed relatively safe as she glanced around, simply waiting for the auction to start. The large blonde beside her, Delilah the supervisor of the photography department where she worked, seemed completely consumed by something accross the room, but Daisy couldn't figure out what it was. She decided not to interrupt her transfixion, and got up to look for the bathroom on her own.

The miniature photographer found a ladies room eventually, and went inside to relieve herself. She'd been on the toilet no more than 12 seconds when she heard the door slamn open, and shuffling footsteps head inside. Whoever had entered was breathing hard and stumbling quite a bit. Daisy heard a sharp smack and a woman yelp, and a blush crept over her face as she realized what was happening.

"Mmmph, looks like the door doesn't lock." Said a feminine baritone as the shuffling footsteps moved across the room. Daisy lifted her feet and covered her mouth as she tried desperately to stop peeing and be silent.

"Let's just use the handicapped stall. There's room and I didn't see any vans in the parking lot." Said a similar voice to the first. The initial voice sounded like a session singer, all deep and smokey, while the second was more of a gospel choir type. The stall door next to where the intern hid banged open and she couldn't help but jump. Her eyes went wide when she heard a third voice, that of her blonde boss Delilah.

"Ladies please, are you going to manhandle me or do I actually have to bend over myself?" She said in a sultry tone that Daisy hadn't heard come from her before. Delilah was always so serious and focused at work, but here she was having a threesome in the bathroom at a charity fashion show, unbelievable.

She heard the large blonde yelp in pain once more and huff softly, then the sound of zippers and clothes piling on the floor. "Front or back?" Said the smokey baritone.

"Front, you know I like to see the look they make." The choir singer replied. Daisy's legs were already getting tired perched on the toilet seat, but she had a feeling things were just getting started.

"Mmm, I don't care which end it goes in, someone jus fu-" Delilah was interrupted by gargling and gagging, her words muffled as the choir singer groaned. Daisy could only assume something massive had been shoved in her mouth, and likely down her throat as well. There came a sadistic laugh from one of the strangers before rhythmic, wet slapping filled the bathroom.

By the time their animalistic fucking got loud enough for Daisy to finish her buisness without being noticed, the toilet seat she was perched on was deplorably slippery. She let out her pee in little bits, keeping it as quiet as possible. Then, she couldn't help but slip a hand between her thighs and rub her aching clit while she listened to the three women beside her. 

Daisy was turned on by the sound, but what made her head fuzzy was the smell. It was so strong that she could tell the difference between the two dicks. One of them had a sharp musk that prickled her nostrils and then faded into a tantalizing waft, while the other hit like a boxing glove; it was soft, but could definitely knock you on your ass. That one invaded her nostrils and mouth, burning her sinuses on the back end. All of that was sitting on an undertone of hot cum. So much cum. Daisy could hear it bubble out of her boss's overflowing orifices and splatter onto the floor in globs.

After about half an hour of nonstop moaning and groaning, the two deep-voiced women seemed satisfied. The smacking and sloshing came to a gradual stop, which signalled Daisy to stop touching herself and go silent again. Her clit was terribly sensitive and she felt agonizingly empty. Her fingers never were enough for her.

"Woo, alright. My balls are definitely empty! That was some good shit." Said the smokey voice over the sound of shuffling clothes.

"Yeah we fucked her up. Maybe that'll teach her not to get lippy like that." The choir voice replied with a chuckle. After a few more slaps and laughs, the two left, but Daisy hadn't heard Delilah since the sex had begun. 

She stepped out of stall and poked her head into the handicap one beside her. Delilah was laying on the floor covered in cum. No, bathed in cum. She was prone and limp in a puddle of that pungent baby batter with her eyes closed and a dopey smile on her face, passed out cold with two phone numbers and a few choice words written on her tits and ass in sharpie. When Daisy saw what became of her boss her legs quaked and fluid dripped down her thighs as she orgasmed, wondering what kind of beautiful monsters could have done this.

Once she cleaned herself up and made sure Delilah was breathing, Daisy left the bathroom and made her way toward the back stage area for the auction. When she got there everyone was rushing around either doing hair and make-up or looking for a dress in their size. A tall woman passed by the blue haired girl and looked her up and down, then grabbed a dress and threw it at her. "That must be yours. It's the only children's size."

Daisy was a little offended, mostly because the tag said women's 0, not children's. She slipped into the dress behind a curtain and then came back out to do her hair and make-up, but was met with the sight of everyone filing out of the green room in a rush. She didn't have time for details, so a pony tail and the concealer she put on that morning would have to do.

All the ladies came out on stage to applause and whistles as the auctioneer really played it up. "Look at these lovely ladies! Give it up for our design and photography interns everyone! Who wouldn't want a night out with one of them?" He said into the microphone as he gestured to the line of women. Daisy couldn't help feeling out of place as she was the shortest by far and the only one to not fill out the bust and rear of the dress they all wore. 

The auctioneer went through the first few girls quickly, and then it was her turn. She stepped up to present herself with a smile and a wave. The auctioneer began laying it on thick, "Meet Daisy! She's a photography and design student. She's even taken many pictures of Madame Brittany herself! Now, she may be small, but don't be fooled, this one packs a serious punch!" Daisy laughed at that, a real belly laugh. She knew she was small and also knew that her personality definitely suited her stature. When the bidding began she surveyed the crowd for the first time, wondering who might buy her date. That's when Daisy saw... Her.

She instantly felt small. More than small, she felt like a mouse caught by a lion. At first it was just the eyes, brown and piercing with a hunger behind them. Daisy was a lone rabbit in the dead of night who just caught the eyes of a giant predator in the treeline. After the sudden rush of prey instincts subsided, Daisy saw the rest of her. Her skin was the color of a smooth latte, and she had to be at least 7 feet tall. Her form was massive and looming, like a majestic bear that could kill you any second it decided to. Her dress was pearlecent white and contoured to her hills and valleys like a glove. Those breasts were impressive, but Daisy couldn't take her eyes off the distinct bulge in the large woman's crotch. "She's... really something." Daisy whispered.

The mysterious woman raised her hand and spoke, instantly melting the pour girl on stage into a puddle with her authoritative boom of a voice. "500,000." Annabelle declared flattly as she approached the stage, turning heads and eliciting gasps and whispers.

"Do you have a paddle? Ma'am, are you even part of the auction?" The auctioneer asked with deep confusion. This woman had just raised the price by 400 grand in one bid and she didn't even have a number.

"600,000." Annabelle added, licking her lips as she looked at Daisy. Despite her being on a stage and in heels, the two were eye level. With a wink, the wealthy temptress made the tiny intern's heart flutter away.

The auctioneer continued trying to argue, absolutely bewildered. "Listen I'm sorry, but you need to be signed up and registered. I-I-"

He stammered and stepped back as Annabelle climbed on stage with a single step. She loomed over her prey and thought she looked even tastier up close. Daisy thought her bidder looked at least 12 feet tall from this angle, and couldn't help the blushy grin on her face. Annabelle fished a metal credit card from her pocket and threw it onto the auction podium as she spoke definitively, "800,000. I'm good for it. She's mine."

The auctioneer ran a hand through his thin hair and blew out a sigh. Relenting, he tapped his gavel on the podium and timidly said into the mic, "Uh, a date with the b-beautiful Daisy, sold... For eight hundred thousand dollars.... To, uh, you I guess... We're gonna save a lot of gophers with that money."

They both knew the money and the auction were irrelevant. If anything, she had spent 800 grand just to make sure this girl's night was free, because the date was a foredrawn conclusion. The instant they're met eyes, both of them new that this was... Something. Something special. Auction, fashion show, previous engagements that day, nothing would get in their way.

Daisy giggled at the desheveled anouncer as Annabelle picked her up, carrying her bridal style off the stage. "Hi, I'm Daisy." She said in her out-of-place Midwestern voice, drunk with infatuation and never quite the sharpest spoon in the cabinet.

The dominatrix chuckled and nodded. "I heard. My name is Annabelle, but you may call me goddess." She said. The words poured from her mouth like honey, reflecting a rural southern heritage and an adult life spent among high society.

The little blue-haired beauty couldn't help a small whimper of submission. "Okay goddess. Where should we have our date?"