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Those Are Some Funny Looking Berries, Huh?

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While on a walk through the Mondstadt woods, Childe found a pretty thing laid out in the dirt. His eyes were glazed over, drool leaking from his open mouth, his chest rising and falling slowly with each breath.

Childe almost thought the boy had fallen asleep with his eyes open, until he saw a pile of dangerous-looking berries near the boy's limp hand. He recognised those instantly.

"Oh, you poor thing." Childe purred dangerously as he approached the blonde.

Getting a closer look at him, Childe couldn't help the way his heart raced, mind flooded with lewd opportunities. Oh, how easy it would be to pick this little boy up by his hips and rape him. He's hardly in the state to fight back and maybe, just maybe, he'd learn a lesson or two from this.

Dexterous hands unbuckled the boy's shorts, tugging them down to his knees. Childe grabbed his legs in one hand, hoisting them over his shoulder as he pulled out his aching cock. Peering down at the boy, he was met with a muddied gaze, tears of confusion and fear stung his bright green eyes.

The harbinger responded with a disgustingly sweet smile before spitting on the blonde's hole, watching it twitch as he rubbed the slick head of his cock over the entrance.

If Childe remembered right, those berries paralyze everything but the eyes and the mind, so the stretch of his cock inside the little boy's hole should be bearable for his unfortunate lover. Pushing in slowly, Childe relished in the feeling of the boy's hole struggling to fit his length inside. The tears that brimmed his eyes finally falling as he was filled inch by inch with a stranger's cock.

It was clear that the adventurer was only trying his best not to starve, so it only seemed right for Childe to fill the boy in some other way. He was nothing if not a caring person, after all.

The woods were silent barred from the sounds of Childe's heavy balls smacking against the curve of the unconscious adventurer's ass, and the steady breaths coming from his impromptu lover. If he had any control over his body, he would be fighting back, scrambling away from his assailant. But he doesn't, so he won't.

Instead, he's forced to take a stranger's cock deep inside him. Serves him right for eating such dangerous berries. He really ought to take better care of himself.

Dipping down to be face to face with the adventurer, Childe pushed his legs against his chest, letting his cock slide even deeper.

"I'll take care of you." Childe whispered lovingly as he licked a tear from the boy's flushed cheek. "Such a pretty thing should know better than to be so vulnerable in these woods. There's dangerous things around, you know." Every word was laced with sweet poison, well aware that he's the very thing he warns the boy of.

Childe grabs the boy's jaw in his large, gloved hand before leaning down and kissing his slack mouth. Licking into the blonde's mouth, sliding his tongue against his victim's. Feeling his toy's gentle breaths into his mouth only made him fuck into the boy deeper, almost as if to breed him full.

Ah, that sounds good.

"I'm going to fuck you full of my child." His words came out slurred, panting heavily as the blonde stared up at him with teary eyes. "Gonna knock you up, gonna rape you and stuff you full. Then, maybe you'll learn your lesson."

Childe's hips pistoned in and out of the boy viciously, his cock throbbing and twitching with every thrust, getting closer and closer to breeding his little toy. Grabbing his victim's hand, he held it in his own larger grasp, lacing their fingers together to the best of his abilities. The gesture was almost sweet.


"That's it. Be a good little wife and have my children." Sweat rolled down the back of Childe's neck as he reached his limit, pushing as deep as he could into the blonde before filling him up with his virile cum. The sounds coming from the harbinger were obscene, harsh pants and lewd slick noises filled the heavy air around them.

Satisfied with his work, Childe pulled out slowly to admire his lover's debauched body. His tearstained cheeks, his messy hair, the sheen of sweat covering his freckled skin. His twitching, abused hole, leaking a mixture of his blood and Childe's cum.

"Beautiful." Childe whispered under his breath as he tugged the boy's shorts back over his hips before straightening his grey uniform out. Pushing a hand through his hair, he stood up and sighed contently before turning on his heel and disappearing back into the dense woods.

Bennett's bad luck truly is endless.