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One thing that surprised Sam Wilson about Bucky Barnes was that he's an overly affectionate person.

Before the two were even a thing, Bucky was shy to Sam's touches. He'd allow it but he looked thoroughly uncomfortable. But after a while, Sam noticed how Bucky would seek out his touches. How he would lean just a little closer to Sam so Sam could rest his hand at the small of his back. Or how he would rest his head in his lap and wait patiently for Sam's calloused hands to work through his silky locks.

Sam imagined that this was the Bucky before the war. Before he was brainwashed, before he became a murder robot, before everything else traumatic that happened in the man's life. Sam could remember the countless stories Steve told him about how Bucky was such a ladies man and how he would always have a date every Saturday night without fail. He'd give the women a light touch of his lips to their cheeks and if they were going steady, he'd always have a protective arm around their waist.

Sam knew Bucky's lost a lot since his days after the war and HYDRA but one thing that always stuck but took awhile to recover was his physical affectionate side and how much he craved it.

Sam smiled fondly at his thoughts, blanking out for a moment as he stared at an empty email draft, the cursor blinking away as if to get his attention. He began typing again, fingers moving against the smooth keyboard. A couple minutes passed, the email was sent, and now he had to anticipate an interview. He pushed down a sigh at the reality of next week, knowing he'd have to sit under bright spotlights with mics shoved in his face to answer back to back relentless questions about his plans. It was tiring. And once again, Sam didn't know how Steve did it for so long.

Bucky shuffled in awhile later, right as Sam opened another email and began responding to it, eyes starting to strain against the bright laptop screen. Sam looked up momentarily at his boyfriend's arrival, sending a quick smile his way before directing his attention back to the screen.

"Thinkin' bout giving those emails a break? You've been click clacking for the last hour." Bucky said, nudging his bare foot up against Sam's. "And you really need to stop staring into the screen for so long. It's terrible for your eyes."

Sam glanced at the time on his computer before directing them back to his draft. He was already two paragraphs in deep. Something about a mom wanting him to write this heroic letter for her son to stay in school since he was slacking.

"Alright Sarah—"

"I take that as a compliment—"

"I got to respond to my big boy emails."

Bucky blew a raspberry, "Big boy emails." He mocked. "You haven't even looked at me yet. You're too busy damaging your eyes. You're not getting any younger, you know." Bucky informed, oh so helpfully.

"Says the 108 year old standing in front of me."

"108 is the new 38, Sam." Bucky said before suddenly his laptop was pulled away.

Sam looked up startled, watching as Bucky placed his laptop down on the coffee table behind him, and closed it gingerly.

"Hey! I was writing a letter to Wren!" Sam protested, going to scoot off the edge of the couch until Bucky pressed his hand to his chest, moving him back gently.

Sam finally looked up at his pestering boyfriend and as soon as he did, Bucky had a winning grin on his face, hiding it behind the rim of his coffee mug.

Bucky ignored him and climbed on Sam's lap, making himself comfortable with one leg on either side of Sam's, knees sinking into the velvet softness of the couch. Bucky's smile never left his face, beaming in the soft glow of the lamp light, hair slightly tousling from the ceiling fan and the breeze that drifted in from the cracked open window. He must've just woken up from his mid morning nap, judging from the puffiness of his eyes but it didn't dull how bright they shined when he looked at Sam. Sam watched as Bucky took a sip, licking the droplets of coffee that dribbled down his lips before placing it on the table stand.

"What? You just came in here to distract me, is that it?" Sam asked, no annoyance behind his words but more so fondness.

He actually appreciated it when Bucky would come and interrupt him working because a lot of the time, Sam would be going for hours without even realizing it so Bucky was there to keep him in check. If Bucky wasn't successful in getting Sam to at least take a break, he would fix Sam glasses of water and make sure he had something refreshing to snack on like a bowl of grapes or a homemade yogurt parfait.

Bucky shrugged, a little smirk playing on his lips now as he reached forward and cupped Sam's face, the pads of his thumb gently brushing over Sam's neatly trimmed goatee. He made a point to drag his thumb down lower to trace the line of Sam's lips.

"Maybe." He finally said, eyes trailing over Sam's face like he was trying to memorize every contour, every line, every mole to his memory. Bucky looked at Sam as if he was a work of art and that did amazing things to Sam's ego.

Sam wanted to reach out and touch him, loving the moments where they were intimate like this and if Sam was being honest, this was more intimate than sex. Bucky wore boxer briefs and one of Sam's old baseball sweatshirts, so it was easy to slide a hand under the worn gray fabric to place it on Bucky's lower back. Sam began trailing his hand up and down Bucky's back, dipping his fingers in the curve and appreciating the muscles he skimmed over. Bucky leaned into the touch and Sam just knew this was crack for him. Bucky loved when Sam touched him and he didn't have to verbally say it for Sam to even realize.

Bucky was the one to finally lean forward and close the gap between the two. He captured and released Sam's lips with ease and no rush, knowing he could take his time if he wanted. Sam's countless emails be damned. Bucky tasted of his favorite dark roast coffee with hazelnut creamer, the taste prominent on his tongue once Bucky slid it in his mouth. Sam didn't mind it, no, not when Bucky's lips felt like actual clouds against his and he can say that since he's touched one before.

Bucky moaned when Sam used his other hand to run up the nape of his neck to tug slightly at his hair. It grew out a bit more, the front falling like a curtain in front of his face and the back just reaching his neck bone. Sam loved it. It was the perfect length to comb through, to pull, and to braid when he felt like giving Bucky cornrows just to play with it. Bucky looked absolutely adorable when they took it out two days later and his hair fell down in wavy curls. Obviously he asked Sam to do his hair again. Sarah got a kick out of it.

Sam knew when Bucky got turned on. Aside from the obvious boner that his boxer briefs did poorly to conceal, goosebumps would break out all up and down his arms, his breathing would become slightly heavier, and his cheeks would flush a pretty pink. Barely noticeable but Sam knew him far too well.

Sam's lips trailed from Bucky's to his jawline, his stubble a pleasant burn. He listened to the sounds Bucky made to guide him. They did this a hundred times before, but there was always something new that they learned about each other's body and what they like, so Sam grazed the underside of Bucky's jaw with his teeth and that elicited a low surprised gasp. Sam did it again and he got the same response so he filed that in his mind for later.

Bucky tossed his head back with his eyes shut to give Sam more access, full neck on display and Sam was almost appalled at how bare it looked. He then made it a point to litter Bucky's pale skin with as much hickeys and bruises as he possibly could. Sometimes, he wished Bucky didn't have the serum solely for this reason because he truly wanted his marks to last for more than a day. They were hot and Sam loved when he passed Bucky and placed a carefully calculated finger to a particularly deep hickey and press on it to get that breathy moan from him. Sam was slick about it, feigning as if he was giving a friendly squeeze to the back of Bucky's neck but Bucky knew better.

Bucky's hands were under Sam's Henley, exploring and tracing the lines of his abs while Sam made work of his neck. "Take this off." Bucky demanded, pushing Sam's shirt halfway up his body to hasten the process.

Sam chuckled at Bucky's impatience, pulling back just enough to ruck up his shirt and toss it to the side. Bucky did the same until both were bare chested. Sam changed the placement of his hands to where they now rested on Bucky's slim waist, idly rubbing his protruding hip bones in lazy circles as he leaned back in to nibble and lick at Bucky's now decorated neck. He smelled of their laundry detergent and of Sam's cologne because of how long he was sporting his sweatshirt around their house. And Sam breathed it in, loving when Bucky smelled like him.

"I want you to touch me, Sammy." Bucky said. "I like when you touch me. It doesn't matter how, I just love your hands so much. It makes me feel good."

Sam smiled against Bucky's neck at his confession, this being the first time he verbally admitted to it.

"Yeah?" Sam asked, leaning back to stare into Bucky's eyes, his pupils blown wide til there was only a small ring of black around the darkened blue.

Bucky could only nod, not trusting his voice as he slid his hands from cupping Sam's cheeks to his neck. Sam captured Bucky's lips again, the kiss hot and needy as he smoothed a hand down Bucky's happy trail to wrap around his dick that was fully aroused. Bucky groaned against Sam's lips at the contact and unconsciously rutted forward in Sam's hand for some sort of friction. The elastic of Bucky's boxers briefs were tugged down just enough for Sam to get his dick out.

Sam pulled back momentarily to lick his palm before his lips were back on Bucky's and his spit slick hand was around his dick once again. He started out slow, lazily dragging his hand up and down, more focused on the taste of Bucky's lips. Bucky, on the other hand, was the exact opposite. It was getting harder for him to continue the slow familiar dance of their lips when Sam's hand was around him. Sam knew Bucky had to pull away when he grazed the pad of his thumb over Bucky's reddened tip, causing an involuntary jerk of his hips as Sam smoothed the mess down his length, his pace getting quicker. Instead, Bucky buried his face in Sam's neck that smelled of his lightly scented body butter, a low moan escaping.

Sam chuckled, the warmth of his breath hitting the shell of Bucky's ear. "What? Can't multitask, baby?"

Bucky nosed at Sam's collarbone, "Let's see how you do when I suck you off later." He managed to say through his stuttered breathing.

Suddenly, the image of Bucky on his knees in front of him invaded his thoughts and his teasing smile dropped. "Guess we'll find out."

The noisy slick slide of Sam's hand against Bucky's dick would make a porn star blush. Bucky rutted his hips in time of Sam's hand, the feeling so pleasurable that his ass was clenching around nothing until he came in long spurts in Sam's hand. Most of the mess was in Sam's hand, but some managed to drip down his balls and to the fabric of his boxer briefs.

Bucky's chest rose and fell erratically as Sam eventually slowed his movements, working him through his high. Bucky moved his face from Sam's neck to stare at the mess he made. His full lips were bitten and red from him attacking them when it felt too good. Sam uncurled his hand from the fist it made and without hesitance, licked off the cum with long stripes of his tongue. Bucky watched, mouth almost drooling at the sight as Sam smirked, knowing what he was doing to the man. He moved his tongue around in his mouth, almost savoring the salty taste before Bucky surged forward and claimed Sam's lips. The kiss was filthy, Bucky licking into Sam's mouth to taste himself and moaning when he did.

Bucky then stood from Sam's lap, pulling his boxer briefs completely off then kicking them away some where across the carpeted floor. Sam didn't even have time to appreciate the view before him as Bucky sunk down to his knees, leaning forward to make quick work of pulling down Sam's sweatpants and boxers. Sam helpfully lifted his hips and the two got both items of clothing down to rest at his knees. Bucky just left it as it was, too impatient to take them all the way off. It was amusing but also kind of sexy how impatient Bucky got during sex, wanting either Sam's hands on him or his hands on Sam without a second wasted.

Sam's dick slapped against his stomach once pulled out, tip already leaking precum. Much different from Sam, Bucky didn't start off slow, he swallowed Sam down in one go, being used to how thick and heavy Sam felt against his tongue. Sam sucked in a sharp breath through the gap in his teeth, tossing his head back to rest against the couch cushions. Bucky hummed in pride at the sound, knowing he was the only one who could have Sam like this. Who could break Sam down until he was nothing but a gasping and moaning mess, sighing Bucky's name like it was a prayer.

Sam felt Bucky smooth his hands up his thighs, his muscles tensing and flexing when Bucky pulled off with a pop only to lick a broad stripe up the underside of his dick until he reached the tip. Bucky kitten licked Sam's tip that pebbled with precum over and over again until he had just his lips suckling around the head now.

"Your mouth, Buck. . ." Sam trailed off, too focused on chasing his orgasm to say anything else.

Bucky smirked around Sam's dick, pulling off but not ceasing to pleasure him as he wrapped a hand around the base of his dick, jerking him off steadily. "What? Can't multitask, sweetheart?" Bucky mocked.

What a little shit, Sam thought.

He lifted his head from the cushion and opened his eyes to reach out and tug Bucky's hair, just enough to urge his head to the side. "Not only is it good at sucking dick but so is it making smart comments."

Bucky moaned at Sam's words, his pace picking up once again as he swallowed around the rest of what his palm wasn't reaching. Bucky looked obscene on his knees in front of Sam. His blue eyes were glossy with unshed tears, his throat was raw from forcing Sam down, and his lips were swollen red, a mixture of spit and precum trailing down his lips to his chin. Bucky's hair was tousled and went this way and that from Sam's hands constantly tugging and running through it.

Sam soon shot down Bucky's throat, his only warning was a sharp cut off of Bucky's name. Bucky took it in stride, hollowing out his cheeks, tears now running down them as he took everything Sam gave. When Bucky pulled off, Sam was amazed to see that every dropped managed to make it in Bucky's mouth. Bucky was breathing heavily, a rewarding smile on his face, lips glistening with spit when he went to swipe his tongue across it.

Sam was in a daze as he pulled Bucky up from his knees, once again settling him in his lap. Sam reached out and lazily cupped Bucky's jaw, kissing his lips as if they were delicate. Bucky was hard again, his length sitting heavily atop Sam's who was still very much sensitive. No matter how long they have been together, Sam was always amazed at how quick Bucky got it up again. He was relentless and because of that, their sex life was very active. Bucky was always horny and Sam tried his best to keep up with him.

Bucky took one of Sam's hands to guide it to his ass cheek. Sam understood and began to knead the soft flesh in his hand, giving it a sharp slap to elicit a startled gasp from Bucky. Sam smirked at the sound, reaching down with his other hand to lightly tease and pull at Bucky's peaked nipples from his arousal and the draft in the living room that now smelled of sex, it overpowering the scent of the flickering candle that Sam lit earlier.

Bucky grounded his hips down to brush his hardened dick against Sam's. Sam groaned at the hypersensitivity, his dick trying to stir awake again at the contact.

"Jesus Buck." Sam breathed against his lips, going to kiss the corner of them.

Bucky just smiled, continuing the slow grind of his hips, his hands now resting on either side of Sam to grip the cushions of the couch. "I want you to fuck me, Sammy." Bucky said, a mischievous glint in his eyes as he held Sam's gaze.

Sam's mind blanked out for a moment, the smoothness in Bucky's tone a stark contrast to his dirty talk. Sam grabbed Bucky by the hips to flip him onto his back, gently settling him against the comfort of the couch cushions while he kicked off his sweatpants and boxers the rest of the way. Bucky smirked at the new position, knowing he got his way.

"After all these years, you're still trying to kill me." Sam said, eyes trailing down Bucky's body as if it was his first time seeing it but he knew Bucky's body like the back of his hand. Knew how flexible he was, knew where every scar was and the story behind it, and knew exactly where Bucky loved for Sam to suck hickeys into his skin.

Sam didn't feel like going upstairs to grab their lube and neither did Bucky with the way he spread his legs, so open and inviting for Sam with a hand behind his head like he knew he was the shit. Bucky was cocky during sex. He knew how crazy Sam got for his body and he used it to his advantage. When Sam was busy and Bucky was horny, he'd walk around their house with close to nothing on, making sure to walk in Sam's line of vision. At one point, Sam was in the middle of a press conference online, and Bucky walked in front of him stark naked, feigning as if he was picking something up off the floor to give Sam a nice view of his ass. Sam spluttered in the middle of his speech and had to apologize while pointedly not looking at Bucky who was trying not to laugh.

"Amazing sex seems like a good way to go out if you ask me." Bucky commented, trailing his foot up Sam's leg teasingly.

Sam chuckled lowly with a shake of his head before leaning down over Bucky's body, beginning to suck and bite at his nipples. Bucky arched his back slightly off the couch at the feeling, reaching a hand out to cup the back of Sam's neck. Sam licked at one nipple and blew on it as he kneaded the other. Bucky watched him in a state of bliss, biting his lip. Sam switched and did the same before he was trailing kisses down Bucky's abs, licking between the crevices and lines of every muscle. Bucky's hand fell from Sam's neck the lower Sam got so instead, he gripped the couch cushion.

Sam mouthed at Bucky's inner thighs, Bucky almost moaning at how close Sam was to where he wanted him. Bucky's skin was hot and smooth underneath Sam's lips and tongue. He sucked and bit at his inner thighs, reveling in the sounds Bucky made at the contact. Sam stood back up on his knees, much to Bucky's distaste, and pressed three fingers against Bucky's bottom lip, urging for entrance. Bucky let him without a second wasted, grabbing Sam by the wrist and sucking on his fingers much like he did Sam's dick earlier. He didn't stop until Sam's fingers were dripping with his spit and his jaw was aching.

Sam watched with nothing but lust and desire in his eyes, taking his fingers out to circle at Bucky's puckered hole until it was glistening. Sam slowly slid one finger in, easing it carefully until he was knuckle deep and Bucky forgot how to speak. He twisted his finger experimentally, crooking it as he dragged it in and out, the tight ring of muscle making it slightly hard for the movement. But as Sam added more fingers until he was three deep, it began to loosen from the scissoring. Bucky was a blabbering mess at this point, the only word Sam could understand was his name. Bucky was almost moving back from Sam's fingers it felt so good. Sam noticed and placed a hand at Bucky's hip prohibiting him from moving further.

Sam tsked,"Keep still. Don't try to run on me now baby, we're just getting started." Bucky cried out desperately at his words.

He knew Bucky could easily break the vice grip he had on his hip, but he didn't. During sex, Bucky was pliant to Sam's touches, let him take control the way he wanted. It was almost refreshing to him, not having to be on defense all the time knowing he could be comfortable and vulnerable under Sam's hands. There was this trust between the two that was vibranium strong.

Sam's form was like a sniper. He was on his belly, arms curled around Bucky's spread legs holding him tight, his fingers being replaced with his tongue as he licked Bucky open. His dick was confined between his stomach and the couch cushion so he'd rut against it to get some sort of pleasure but not too much for an orgasm or he knew he wouldn't be able to fuck Bucky for another hour or so. Bucky lifted his head slightly to watch Sam between his legs working him over. Sam spit on Bucky's hole only to lick it back up before it trailed further down his crack. Bucky's eyes rolled back, grabbing his dick and beginning to jerk himself off at a steady pace.

Bucky's breathing started to pick up again, he felt the tell tale hot familiar wave of pleasure brewing low and ready to burst at any given moment. "Sam. . .Sammy, 'm gonna cum." Bucky gasped out and Sam was impressed by the fact that he was even able to speak a full sentence with the way Bucky's body was reacting to his touches.

When Sam slid his tongue in once, then twice, Bucky came on his chest with a high drawn out moan. Times like this, Sam was grateful they had their own home. Back when they were staying with Sarah, Sam always had to clamp his hand over Bucky's mouth to keep him from shouting. The only thing disturbed by Sam and Bucky's obscene noises were the birds that took flight, when just moments before they were perched on their wrap around porch.

Sam cheekily peppered Bucky's clenching hole and the skin around it with kisses. He then moved up, starting his tongue trail from Bucky's navel and up his abs and chest where his mess was. Sam couldn't get enough of the taste and neither could Bucky as when Sam finally made his way back up til their faces were inches apart, Bucky grabbed him by the back of his neck and they were kissing again.

Sam was painfully hard, his dick weighing heavily between his legs. "I love you so much, sweetheart." Bucky said against Sam's lips, voice rough and ragged.

"I love you too, baby." Sam said, and the words were easy to say to Bucky. Like tying a shoe or making one of his late grandmother's recipes that he knew by heart because he meant it with everything in him and he knew Bucky did as well.

Sam moved a throw pillow underneath Bucky's hips, knowing the clean up once they were finished was going to be a bitch. Sam took his dick in his hand and guided it to Bucky's ass. He slid the tip up and down teasingly, hearing Bucky release a breathy moan at the contact before he was finally pushing in.

"You always feel so damn good, Buck." Sam praised and Bucky blushed.

Sam's hands were on the back of Bucky's thighs, pushing them towards his chest and then spreading them even wider. Sam's thrust were slow and deep, trying to drag it out as long as he could because he knew if he went hard then it wouldn't nearly last as long as he wanted it to. Bucky clenched his ass around Sam, the slow drag of his dick brushing his walls and just reaching his prostate was almost enough to make him cry in pleasure.

"Just like that, Sammy."

Bucky's broken words were enough for Sam to forget his earlier thoughts on going slow. He picked up his pace, Bucky taking him like a pro, the both of them moaning at every thrust. The sound of skin meeting skin echoed around the room that felt like it was getting warmer as the seconds ticked by. Sam’s skin was covered in a thin sheen of sweat whereas Bucky barely broke one. And for a man who has had two orgasms so far, it was pretty impressive.

Thrust after thrust, Sam was edging Bucky closer and closer to his orgasm and he wasn’t quite far behind him. Bucky’s eyes were bleary and half lidded, body jolting forward so much with every thrust that he had to reach a hand out and press it against the arm rest of the couch to keep from bumping his head. The intensity of the whole scene before him made Sam delirious until all he could think about was Bucky. How Bucky felt around him, how the noises he made had Sam feeling hot all over, and how he knew with the way he was digging his fingers into the flesh of Bucky’s hips that bruises were sure to appear.

The moment before Bucky came was always the sweetest. There was a furrow that appeared between his brow, his nose would scrunch up in the cutest way, and his mouth hung open to make room for the loud moans that escaped. Sam followed soon after, spilling deep inside Bucky with a low groan. The two panted heavily, eyes shut trying to catch their breath. A stillness settled over them, atmosphere almost calm. Sam was the first to open his eyes and slowly pull out, watching as his cum immediately began to spill in slow droplets until it met the fabric of the couch.

Bucky was a wet and sticky mess, looking fucked out and honestly kind of tired which Sam took pride in. Bucky always liked to brag about how he tired Sam out after sex but now it looked as though it was Sam’s turn.

Although Sam was exhausted, he couldn’t stand a mess. He stood up, pulling just his sweatpants on before turning to Bucky who looked half asleep. Sam smirked and yanked the throw pillow out from under his ass then slapping him with it. Bucky jerked awake, startled. He removed the pillow from his face and threw it lazily back at Sam, glaring playfully at him.

“Get your ass up, sweet cheeks, you can bask in the after glow later. We need to clean the cum off the couch cushions before it stains too bad.”

Bucky sighed over dramatically, “It’s always something.”

Sam blew a raspberry, “You’re the one who initiated sex on the couch.”

“You weren’t coming back to the room no time soon, so I took the sex to you.” Bucky defended.

Sam snorted, padding into the kitchen to grab the fabric cleaner from underneath the sink. “Whatever. Also, thanks for offering to cook dinner tonight.”

“I don’t remember ever saying that, Samuel.” Bucky stated matter of factly, voice having no trouble carrying into the kitchen where Sam was laughing quietly to himself. “And I can hear you laughing!”

Sam emerged back into the living room to find Bucky now sitting up with his boxer briefs back on and arms crossed. Sam stood in the threshold, bottle in hand, already knowing Bucky was going to find a way out of it.

“How about let’s just call Sarah and see what she’s cooking tonight?” Bucky suggested, knowing Sam would be all for it if it means he didn’t have to cook and they didn’t have to order in.

Sam grinned, “Deal.”