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When I'm Gone

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"Please. I need you. Now."

Kingsley can barely sleep with all that's been going on with the boat...but he can always think about what he has to go home to (if he makes it). He thinks about the night before he left.

There had been a small, intimate party you'd thrown for him. Barely a 'party' and more like a last supper. He was going to be gone for months, maybe a year, and it would be hard to get word to him.

"Promise me you'll stay safe." You'd pressed, holding his hand tightly.
"I cross my heart, darlin'. Besides, I wouldn't dare abandon you...your father would kill me." He joked, cupping your cheek in one of his large, warm hands. You'd laughed and taken a sip of wine, turning your head to kiss his wrist gently. It sent a bolt of heat through him and he'd flushed.

In his temporary quarters, Kingsley pulls at the thick collar of his sweater as heat crawls up his back.

In your small flat just outside London, no-one would bother to look through the windows, no-one would disturb you, no-one would care to interrupt this special parting gift that you'd give him.

Dinner had been forgotten as you straddled Kingsley's hips, kissing him greedily, as he held you close. He gripped you tight as if he'd never let you go and, God, did you wish that was the case. His hands, calloused and dry from work, ran up your back, under your shirt, as he kissed you.
"God, I love you..." You breathed against his mouth, more of a whimper than anything, as tears streaked your cheeks. Your body shook as you began to sob. Your beloved was going far away. He may not return. Were you truly prepared to spend the rest of your life without the man you love?
"It's alright, love; I'll be back, you'll see." He told you but you couldn't stop crying. "For now, let's just...enjoy tonight, ay?" He lifted your head to look at you.
"Of course. Sorry." You rubbed your eyes and laughed ruefully. "I suppose I like you more than I give myself credit for." He smiled but he could always see right through you.
"Listen to me; I'll be back, alright? Now, if I have to fight Hell and high water to get back, you know I will."

The sting of loneliness brings him down to Earth but the following memories only serve to confuse his body and mind. They cause him to miss you more than ever while also needing your soft body against his; just to relieve some of the stress, if nothing else.

You'd led him into your room and collapsed on the bed, sighing as you parted your shirt so he could see a sliver of your beautiful flesh. He'd fallen on top of you, groaning as he kissed down your sternum, arms wrapped tight around you.
"Tell me you love me, sailor." You'd asked him. When he looked up, you had tears in your eyes, full of sorrow and adoration.
"... I love you, darlin'. As if there were any doubt o' that." You'd kissed him with all your might and rolled him over so you were on top, hands in his hair as you ground back against him, preparing to give yourself over to him, body and soul. What he would give to hold you in his arms again...

Tearing up with his hand halfway toward the button-fly of his slacks, Kingsley shakes his head and sucks in a breath, focusing on the pain that throbs through his broken leg to distract him of thoughts of you.

He'd see you soon.

One way or another.