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Angel House

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Fugo had one thought when he heard Giorno was moving in with them. That thought being "Wow, his home life must really suck." 

Let him explain.

Fugo has lived here for three years now, and he's loved it. He has two brothers and one sister. Bucciarati and Abbacchio have always taken good care of the four of them, they're not the problem. 

The problem is the rest of them. 

Before Giorno could join them, he would have to spend some time with them for two months. In those two months, there were no shortages of Fugo tackling Narancia, Abbacchio cursing under his breath, Trish's snide remarks, or Mista asking stupid questions. In short, Giorno saw how they actually were: crazy. And yet, he still wanted to live here with the six of them. 

"I would like to stay with you all." That was the first time Fugo heard Giorno speak. They were all accustomed to his silence, so finding out he had a voice was new. He said a few more sentences before he had to leave that day, and they hadn't seen him since. They would all see him today, though. Bucciarati is bringing him up to their house permanently today, and Fugo didn't think Bucciarati explained to Giorno all the fine print that came with the family. The fine print being-

"Oi, Fugo! Bucciarati and Giorno are here!" Fugo closed his journal when he heard Mista's voice. The sun was setting, Fugo didn't realize how far the inner city of Naples is from their home. He walked out of the backyard and to the front of the house, where Bucciarati's car was pulling in. Bucciarati stepped out first, looking at everyone. "Where is Abbacchio?"

"He's still inside," Narancia replied, "He said it doesn't matter since Giorno would be seeing him anyway." Bruno rolled his eyes. "Fine. Then for you four, be nice." 

"Well," Fugo responded, "Giorno already knows we're crazy." The look that Bucciarati gave him let Fugo know that was the wrong answer. Giorno stepped out of the car, and he was holding something in his hands. Giorno blinked as he looked at all of them, "Hello." 

"Giorno!" Narancia ran at him, determined to get a hug. Giorno's eyes widened and he threw his hands up in the air to keep whatever was in his hands away from Narancia. Bucciarati managed to grab the 15 year old. "Narancia…" 

"Ehe… sorry Bucciarati." Fugo punched Narancia in the arm before looking to Giorno, "Sorry, Giorno." 

"It's alright." He said softly, "I would not mind a hug. But not now." 

"Hey, Giorno," Mista questioned, "What's in your hands?" Giorno looked down, and uncupped his hands. There was a small golden frog. "This is my friend, Gold Experience." 

"Can I touch him?" Giorno shied away from Mista's outstretched hand, and shook his head. In the two months they've had time to meet Giorno, none of them knew he had a pet frog. Before anyone could make Giorno feel at home in their own special way, Bruno's eyes glowed and he shuddered. At the same time, Abbacchio burst out of the front door. "Something's obstructing the warding on the town." The two of them said at the same time. Giorno looked back and forth between the two adults. "What are we going to do?" 

"Narancia," Bucciarati said, "Go get your swords." He looked at Giorno, "This shouldn't take long, I can feel the presence of monsters but they all seem extremely weak. This will be your last chance to go back home." Giorno didn't respond, looking down at his frog. Bucciarati looked at Fugo. "You, Trish, and Abbacchio will stay here with Giorno. Help Giorno get his room set up, and hold down the fort." Abbacchio gave a look, and Bucciarati raised an eyebrow, "What? You want to come?" 

"Yes." Bucciarati rolled his eyes, but nodded. "Alright then, Fugo, you're in charge." He nodded as Narancia came out with only his sword. Bucciarati's chest glowed under his white shirt as he pulled out his sword with a blue and gold hilt. Mista gave a nod, "Ciao." And the four of them disappeared into the wind. Fugo watched Giorno's eyes widen a little, and he turned to the older boy. "Where did they go?"

"They're probably somewhere at the edge of town." Fugo responded.

"So fast?" 

"You stay, you'll learn how to move that fast." Giorno nodded, his frog hopping and nestling itself in Giorno's middle curl. Trish laughed softly, then looked to Bucciarati's car. "Let's get you set up, yeah?" The three of them went to the car, and Trish pulled on the driver's door handle. She immediately groaned. "Bucciarati left the keys in his car! Fugo, can you pick the lock?" 

"That's Mista's thing."

"Well… can you punch the window in?" Fugo looked at her like she was crazy. "Why the hell would I do that? Can't you make it soft and squishy?" 

"What good would that do- Giorno what are you doing?" Fugo stopped arguing with Trish, and looked to the new 13 year old boy. Giorno was turning the trunk of Bucciarati's car into leaves. Fugo's eyes widened. "Giorno! What the hell are you doing with his car? He loves this car more than he loves us probably!" Giorno gasped when Fugo yelled, the trunk turning back to normal immediately, and Gold Experience made a loud ribbit. "I-I'm sorry. I was just attempting to get- I'm sorry- I didn't mean to do anything wrong- I'm really sorry." Fugo wasn't expecting that. "Fugo," Trish said, "Chill. He can obviously turn the trunk back. Open it up, Giorno. Just turn it back to normal when you're done." Giorno was hesitant, but stuck a hand out to touch the trunk. Fugo watched Giorno turn the trunk into ferns and vines. Using his other hand, he grabbed something out of the trunk. It was an enclosure. Fugo watched it titter out of his hands, and he grabbed it before it fell and broke. 

Setting the trunk back to normal, Giorno took his enclosure and opened the top of it. Leaning his head down a little, Gold Experience jumped into the enclosure. He looked up to Fugo, "Let's go inside now." Fugo and Trish shared a look, as they realized that was all Giorno had brought. That was all Giorno owned. 


"May I ask a question?" Trish looked at Giorno, who was sitting on his bed. Giorno had set Gold Experience's enclosure on a dresser, and the frog was back in his hair. Trish was sitting as well, and Fugo was on the floor. She nodded her head, letting him continue. "What did Bucciarati mean by 'holding down the fort'?" 

"Ah," Trish waved her hand, "You don't have to worry about that. He just means watch out for any monsters or demons." 

"There's a difference?" Fugo snorted, and Trish nudged him, "Hey, I didn't know before I joined you all either," She turned back to Giorno, "Monsters can be out when there is little sunlight, but are weaker than demons. Demons can be out only at night, but are more powerful. But it's fine, Bucciarati and Abbacchio have a ward on the house to keep all demons and monsters away. He has one on the entire town, it's just weaker on a wider space. Like a really shitty alarm system that only works sometimes." 

"Oh shit." Fugo looked up at Trish. "Abbacchio did this on purpose!" Trish raised an eyebrow, "What?" 

"You know the ward Bucciarati has on this place that gets weak if he isn't here?" 

"Yeah but it's the same strength but- ohhh. He did that on purpose." 

"Yep." Giorno cocked his head to the side, and Trish explained what happened. "Bucciarati and Abbacchio like to give us random moments of 'doing things on our own' and I think they greatly overestimated how well we can handle ourselves. Not to mention there are only two of us. Not to mention…" Trish began to panic lightly, "I've only been here for a year. Oh my god we're gonna die." 

"Trish, you're going to scare the fuck out of Giorno. It's not like we even get a lot of demons and monsters up here anyway." Trish sighed and calmed herself down. She stood up off the bed and looked to Giorno, "I'll be back. I need some lemonade."

"Bucciarati said we can't have drinks other than water in our bedrooms!" Fugo shouted as Trish went down the stairs. On the refrigerator, there was a note that wasn't there earlier. She took it off and shouted upstairs. "Never mind! We aren't gonna die!" 


"Don't worry," She read the note, "I put a ward on the house that should last until we get back. Have fun. Don't break the new kid. I hate you all, Abbacchio." 

"Why does he hate you all?" Trish jumped and turned around. Giorno was behind her. "H-He doesn't hate us actually," Trish responded, "He's just like that." 

"Oh…" He looks at her, "Is he an angel?"

"We all are. Didn't we tell you that before?" Giorno shook his head, "I only knew that Bucciarati and you are angels."

"Nope." Trish popped the 'p'. "It's all of us, even Abbacchio. I think he's the only normal angel, actually."


"Well, Bucciarati picked us up not just because we're all saddled with crappy home lives or no home at all. He picked us up because we are… different. Like Fugo, for example, his mom is an ange- eep!" Trish ducked as a shoe barely missed her head. It was from Fugo, who was glaring. "Spill your own family history. I'll tell the newbie what I want when I'm ready." Trish gave a sheepish smile as an apology, and finally got the lemonade she was down here to get.

Nothing fucked up, at least nothing yet.

When seeing everyone for the first time as a member of their household, Giorno didn't exactly know what to feel. Fear. Fear was one of the things that he felt. What if the family he had been having brief meetings with and even longer meetings with on some occasions were all just like that when they were in the city? What if the moment he ended up in their house, away from public eye, they turned into people like almost every other adult and person he's ever met? 

It was being almost hugged by Narancia that washed away that initial fear. It was replaced with relief. That was the same Narancia he had been learning to dance with, the same Fugo who cared too much in his own way, Trish who seemed purely unbothered, Mista who seemed to like whatever havoc they could create. And of course, Bucciarati. With his smile that told Giorno everything was going to be alright. There was also Abbacchio, who seemed nothing short of cold. But Trish seemed to imply that his coldness was a front, so Giorno was inclined to believe that (didn't make him any less wary of the man. He was a bit happy that Abbacchio didn't come outside to greet him). 

Still, Giorno couldn't rest as the moon became high in the sky. Trish and Fugo left him alone for the last two hours he has been here. He took the time to walk through the relatively large house. It was bigger than any house he had ever seen, at least. The rest of the family was still out, and it was obvious that Trish was worried. Giorno wanted to ask what exactly she was worried about, but he couldn't. He didn't want to impose. He wasn't part of their family, he didn't even talk to Trish much in the two months. They read books together. But neither of them were extremely talkative to one another. She occasionally would give him a pat on the head, as if she was older than him. Eventually, she knocked on the door to his room, and Giorno was out of his thoughts. Gold Experience hopped out of his hair and into his enclosure. "Oh, um, you can come in Trish." The girl stepped in, and sighed before flopping onto Giorno's bed. Giorno raised his eyebrows, he wasn't expecting that. 

Was he allowed to ask if she was okay now? Giorno didn't know, what if she only wanted to be consoled by Fugo? You know, her actual family. 

But then… wouldn't she go to Fugo? Giorno didn't know, Giorno didn't really understand this yet. So he did the only thing he knew of. He gave her a pat on the head. Trish's eyes widened for a moment, but looked content with the head pats. Then she finally spoke, "Do you ever get overly worried? About something that shouldn't be so worrisome?" 

"I think that is called anxiety." Trish rolled her eyes, "Thanks. You have such a great way with words." The sarcasm was so strong even Giorno could pick it up. "What are you being anxious about?" 

"Bucciarati and Abbacchio said this wouldn't take long," Trish responded, "But it's been two hours. That's even longer than our normal hunts on demons. Those are only about an hour and a half not counting the tracking. But Bruno said he only felt monsters so this shouldn't take long at all! What's if they're hurt, or something went wrong?" 

"Oi," Giorno looked up and saw Fugo in his doorway, "What are you two doing?" 

"She is stressed." Giorno responded, "It's because the rest of the household is not here yet." Fugo rolled his eyes, but Giorno could see how he was worried for her. "Trish, cool it. They have Bucciarati and Abbacchio with them, we're worse off than they are. There might just be more monsters than they thought." Trish nodded, sitting up and giving Giorno a pat on his head. "You know," She said, "Maybe this is because I live with Mista and Narancia, but it's nice to hear something extremely calm."

"Hey," Fugo folded his arms, "I'm calm."

"You are not that calm."

"I am calm!"

"You are raising your voice and for why? You are proving my point." Giorno looked between the two of them, watching them go back and forth. Then Fugo began to really raise his voice, proving Trish's point even more. "Fugo," Giorno said softly, "Please calm down." The two of them weren't even talking about this anymore. What they were talking about, Giorno didn't know about. He guessed it was some stuff that happened before he met them. Giorno took deep breaths, calming down. Fugo wasn't yelling at him. No one was yelling at him, they were yelling at each other. This is fine, he is fine. He is okay.

"Fugo, shut up. Giorno?"

Giorno looked up, "Yes?" 

"A-Are you okay?" 

"Hm?" Giorno then realized that he was curled up into a ball. Oh no. He needed to save this. "It's alright. I was cold." Trish and Fugo nodded, and Giorno breathed a mental sigh of relief. It was still fine, this was fine. Then, there was a bang sound. Like someone banging on a door, but it didn't sound like it was coming from the house. Trish and Fugo looked at each other, and bolted out of Giorno's room. Giorno walked out of his room, "What is happening?" 

"The warding is turning off!" Fugo shouted from downstairs, "And we aren't really liked by most demons! We also smell like angel!" 


"Yeah!" Trish said, going downstairs with her sword, "Even if some of em don't eat angels, they'll still want to kill us!" Giorno followed them downstairs and to the door to the backyard. He realized that Fugo didn't have a sword, and Trish did. Both of the kids looked at him, "Go back to your room." They said at the same time. Giorno nodded, but then shook his head. "No. I want to help." Fugo looked at him like he was crazy, "Don't. You don't have a sword or any control of your magic, you can't boost, and you have no clue what we are dealing with. You barely know us, why do you even want to try and help out?" Giorno looked down, "You all let me live here, it is the least I could do." Fugo looked like he wanted to smack him. "Oh my god, Giorno. We think you're cool and you put up with us for two months. That's enough for us to let anyone live here, go to your room. Bucciarati would kill me if you died within three hours." Giorno nodded then, and went back to his room.

No he didn't. Giorno is 13, not stupid.

He couldn't see the backyard from the room in his window, but he had found something else in the house, the attic. He could look down into the backyard from up there. When he heard the backdoor open and close, he booked it to the attic. He looked out the window and watched Trish and Fugo run to the backyard and then run through a red translucent barrier. The backyard was spacious, with a singular large tree in the middle. That must be Abbacchio's barrier. Giorno could see monsters, four legged creatures with no eyes but had gross large mouths. At least there were no demons, and Fugo and Trish could hold their own against the amount of monsters. They sliced through them quickly, almost effortlessly. 

That… that was really cool. Or at least it was until Fugo was thrown back. He saw a two legged creature, pale with angry eyes and sharp teeth. It looked like a human, but without its humanity. That had to be a demon, and there were about three more behind that one. Trish began to attack one of them, her sword barely missing one of their arms. They were outnumbered four to two. At least if Giorno was there, then they would be outnumbered a little less. 

Giorno ran downstairs and opened the backdoor. He would find a way to help, even if he couldn't kill a demon. Trish saw Giorno, and made some movements in the air as a pink symbol appeared and went flying at Giorno. It clamped around him and he was unable to move. Giorno struggled against the symbol, but he couldn't break free. Instead, he ended up falling down and ending up on the living room floor. He wiggled around like a worm, still failing to break free. What spell was this and how soon could Giorno learn how to counterattack it? He had an idea, it was stupid, but he had no better ideas. Giorno saw a table with little decorations as the centerpiece of the living room, and he began to kick it, attempting to have the decorations fall off. 






This is extremely tedious. 





Finally, the decor fell off and fell next to Giorno. He reached his hand out as far as it could (not very far) and touched the decorations. They became vines, crawling under the symbol and trying to press upward and be able to break the symbol. However, it wasn't long for Giorno to realize that he was in fact not going to be able to get out. Get out like that at least. 

Okay. New plan. Maybe instead of trying to push, he can pull. He wrapped his vines around the symbol, and had them pull as hard as they could. Some of the vines snapped, but others managed to pull the symbol apart just a bit. It was enough for Giorno to squeeze himself out. He ran outside to be able to help them. 

Trish was promptly flung backwards and almost hit Giorno in the face, but he managed to catch the girl. She was bleeding from some scars on her left arm, and she looked back at Giorno. "How did you get out?" Trish just shook her head, "Never mind. Thanks for the catch." She left from his hands, and in a flash was back trying to fight the demons and monsters. One of the demons was gone, but there were still three more. Not to mention the smaller monsters that still proved to want to kill or eat the two angels. If Giorno can't handle a demon, maybe he can handle a monster. 

He ran through the barrier and to the monsters. There weren't many left, but Fugo and Trish were still dealing with three demons. Giorno immediately regretted his actions when he saw the monsters up close. Granted, they were an entire foot shorter than him at least, but they were terrifying. For starters, their mouths had rows upon rows of razor-sharp teeth that looked ready to tear Giorno into bits. “Oh shit.” He whispered. The monster made a gross growl, and came at him. This was an awful idea. Giorno put his hands out and grabbed its legs and kept the monster from eating his face. He put some of his power into his foot, and kicked the monster as hard as he could. 

It turned into a fern.

Fugo saw that, and his eyes widened. “Monsters aren’t alive?” Trish looked at him, “Monsters aren’t alive! Giorno, keep kicking monsters! We’ve got the demons.” As if on cue, a demon lunged for Trish, and she sliced off its arm. Giorno felt the adrenaline pumping through his body. Alright, time to turn monsters into more greenery. There were only a few left, so Giorno mustered up some courage and ran at the nearest one. He grabbed it, and turned it into a slightly larger fern. He felt like he was chasing around chickens, trying to get them in his grasp. He finally finished turning the monsters into greenery, when Giorno felt a hand wrapped around his throat, and squeeze. Let go of him, let go of him. Oh god, he was going to die. Try to breathe, Giorno. 

Trish and Fugo looked at him, eyes wide. Giorno saw three black spots on the ground, and assumed those were where the demons made their last stand before Fugo and Trish removed them from existence. Giorno placed his hand over the demon, trying to turn it into a bush or something, but that didn’t work. There was a snarl from behind him, “Demons are alive, blondie. Just like you angels.” Giorno could feel the nails digging into his skin. He had to think of something, something to do. But right now? Right now Giorno had no options that he knew of. Amazing, his first day here and he is about to die. Girono felt all of that adrenaline turn into panic, and he felt himself become lightheaded (maybe that was from being choked out). He heard the demon say something, but he was freaking out so much that Giorno didn’t really know what was said. He felt himself lifted off the ground, and Girono knew he was going to die. He tried to claw out of the demon’s grasp, but couldn’t move. He let out a garbled noise, before suddenly being dropped. Giorno coughed, touching his neck. He looked up at Trish and Fugo. “How are you all so fast? How did you do it?” Trish and Fugo looked at him, and Trish spoke, “We didn’t do that. We were trying to figure out how to kill him before he killed you without hurting you.” That was when the red barrier turned blue and became invisible. “Bucciarati is back,” Trish said, extending her hand out to Giorno, “Come on.” Giorno hesitantly accepted it. They went inside the house just as the others came in.

 They all had black gooey stuff on their body, none of it coming from them. Bucciarati smiled before doing a double take. “Fugo, what happened?” 

“Demons and monsters at the border.” He explained. Narancia pointed at Giorno, “What happened to you?” 

“I-It’s nothing. Please don’t worry about it.” Abbacchio scoffed and rolled his eyes, “Your neck is red and it’s got some scars on it. Who let you go head to head with a demon?” 

“I tried to stop him!” Trish said, “But he got out of my spell.”

“Well,” Bucciarati stepped in, “At least you got the demon away from him, and took care of them.” Trish shook her head though, “Bucciarati that’s the thing, me and Fugo didn’t kill the demon. Giorno did.” Bucciarati and Abbacchio said something at the same time, "What?" Giorno felt the same way, and shook his head. "No… I don't remember doing that. It couldn't have been me." 

"It was you," Trish answered, "It was totally you." 

"Everyone, sit down," Bucciarati said, "Trish we need to tend to your arm wounds, and the same for you Giorno." 

"Oh! Um, you don't have to do that for me. I have Gold Experience." Abbacchio raised an eyebrow, "The frog?” 

“Mhm.” Giorno walked upstairs to his room and took Gold Experience out of his enclosure. He put the frog to his neck, and he immediately attached to it. There was a sting on his neck, but it was okay. Gold Experience licked his neck, and the wounds from the nails closed. Giorno looked at himself in the mirror. His braid was messy but at least his neck injury was gone. He held out his hand and Gold Experience hopped off of his neck. He came downstairs to see everyone at the table. He held out Gold Experience to Trish, “He has to go on your arm.” Trish made a disgusted face, “I’m not letting a frog sit on my arm. ” Narancia looked at Gold Experience, “Well, I’ll put the frog on my arm.” Giorno looked down. “He has a name… Gold Experience.”

"Creative." Giorno heard Abbacchio mutter before Bucciarati gave him a look. Trish still didn't look impressed. "Name or not, I'll put a frog on my body the day Mista shoots me in the stomach. Bucciarati, where's the first aid kit?" Bucciarati pulled it from a drawer in the kitchen, gesturing for Giorno to sit as he tended to the wound on Trish's arm. "Giorno," He asked, "What did you do to that demon?" Giorno shook his head. "I don't know." 

"Did you feel anything, like a rush of power maybe? Perhaps it was triggered by your fight or flight response." 

"I-I don't know." 

"Even the littlest detail could be of use, so I can see exactly how you managed to destroy that demon." If Giorno can't even figure out what he did, how is he going to be of any use to them? "I'm sorry," The boy whispered, "I don't know." The sound of Abbacchio clicking his tongue brought Giorno out of the thoughts that were slowly creeping up on him. "If he doesn't remember, Bucciarati, then he doesn't remember. I'll see what happened." Bucciarati looked at him, "Just Giorno?"

"If I only do Giorno, then I won't see the demon."

"But Abbacchio…"

"Relax," Abbacchio walked outside, "I'm not gonna hurt myself." The rest of the group followed, watching Abbacchio. Giorno wanted to ask what was about to happen, but decided to stay silent and watch. Abbacchio looked at Fugo, "How long ago did this happen?"

"Right before you got here, so three minutes ago. Four at most." Abbacchio nodded, and stretched out his hand. He turned it as if turning a dial backwards, and then stopped. He snapped his fingers, and what happened was not what Giorno expected. In the empty backyard, Giorno watched mirror images of himself, Trish, Fugo, and the demon struggle. In fact, it was exactly what had happened. Giorno watched himself, then the demon repeated the line about them being alive, before squeezing his neck even tighter. He felt phantom pain on his neck, as if the hand was still there. 

And then he felt a hand on his shoulder. Giorno jumped and turned around to see it was Bucciarati. The man himself looked a bit startled. "A-Apologies. I was going to say you don't have to look, this is just for me and Abbacchio." Giorno decided to take him up on that offer, keeping himself turned towards Bucciarati, who was watching the scene unfold. Giorno noticed that none of the other children were watching by now, all of them turned away from seeing Giorno being choked out by a demon that wanted to watch the life drain from his eyes before he ate him. A hellish scream came from the demon, and Giorno doesn't know how he missed that when he was literally right there. When he himself caused that scream. Awful. Awful, awful, awful. Abbacchio ended the replay, and Giorno watched Bucciarati's face grow concerned. Giorno turned and saw Abbacchio teeter to the side a little before getting himself balanced. He put a hand up, "I'm fine, I'll lay down and have an aspirin." Giorno sensed that doing that took a lot out of Abbacchio, and Giorno felt bad. No one should go through that for him. "Besides, we have bigger things to think about."

"Agreed." Bucciarati said to Abbacchio, before looking at Giorno. "I am guessing that was your first demon encounter?" Giorno nodded, and Bucciarati continued. "Well, I'm going to tell you what I saw. I saw you take the rocks and dirt and turn them into snakes and vines, which promptly tore out the demon's jugular vein which rendered it already mostly dead. And then the vines beheaded that demon. Giorno's eyes widened. "I… I did that?"

"You did." 

"I don't know how. I don't know how I did that." Bucciarati gave him a reassuring smile, "That's alright. It's what you're here for, isn't it? Abbacchio and I will help you control your abilities, and have you be able to consciously kill a demon instead of only doing it when you're almost dead." Giorno nodded, although he didn't really know if Abbacchio would be up for helping him. "Now then," Bucciarati smiled, "Everyone go get cleaned up before monster ooze hardens and seeps into your clothing. I refuse to cook tonight, so I'm ordering from Libeccio." Giorno has had Libeccio, it's one of his favourites but it's way out of his price range of whatever he managed to pickpocket.

"Oi, Bucciarati," Abbacchio said as the rest of the kids went back inside. "I know this isn't as important as everything else that happened today, but did you buy those plants?" He pointed to the ferns that used to be monsters, "Because they do not go at all." The said man looked at the ferns, and then looked at Abbacchio, "Why would I get something like that? It doesn't match the rest of our greenery." 

"Um," Giorno spoke up, "The ones that don't match? I turned the monsters that Fugo and Trish didn't kill into those." Abbacchio and Bucciarati stared at him for a moment, before Bucciarati shouted towards the house. "After dinner we're having a bonfire! Bring the marshmallows!" Giorno gave a small smile, he's never experienced a bonfire before.

What has Giorno learned today? Bonfires are huge for starters. Giorno also learned from Bucciarati that each member of Bucciarati's family was special. Different. Because of that, they had different abilities as opposed to any regular angel. Abbacchio's ability was the ability to replay any moment or scene from anytime in the last 15 years. It didn't matter if he was there to see it happen or not, if it happened, he could replay it. The catch was that replaying with more than one person was difficult, and replaying a demon rendered Abbacchio practically down for the count, Bucciarati explained to Giorno. So doing four people must've been a struggle, and all of that for Giorno? Giorno felt bad, awful, even. Now, Abbacchio had to lay down while everyone else was enjoying themselves. 

But he was distracted from how he hurt Abbacchio by a new form of food. S'mores. Mista helped him make his, placing the toasted marshmallow in between the chocolate and graham crackers. The moment Giorno took a bite, he knew this was the best dessert on planet earth. Narancia looked at him, eating his own (probably his 10th) S'more. "You've really never had these before?" Giorno shook his head, "We didn't have the money for that. Also, I don't think my stepdad would want me to have them.” 

“Oh.” Narancia nodded in response, “So, Gio, why’d ya leave?” 

Giorno turned his prong into a snake.

Trish shrieked, and Giorno turned the prong-snake back to normal. Fugo bonked Narancia on the head, “Idiot! You don’t ask someone that!” Giorno looked to Trish and Bucciarati. “I-I’m so sorry. I was startled.” Trish barely heard him, too busy shouting at Narancia. Oh dear, now Narancia was getting egged on. Giorno didn’t like that, he really hated this. “Everyone.” Bucciarati’s voice boomed over the rest. Not in an angry way, but it was much louder than everyone else's. “Narancia, that was a rude question and we will be talking about this later. But the rest of you, the only one who should be angry or upset about this and talking to Narancia about this is Giorno. Giorno, is there anything you want to say?” Everyone turned to him, looking at Giorno. Giorno didn’t like all of this. What did they want him to say? What was he supposed to say? “P-Please don’t ask me that question again. I’m not upset but please don’t do that again.” Narancia nodded, running over to Giorno. “I’m really sorry.” Giorno stared at him for a few moments before giving Narancia a pat on his head. It was all Giorno knew how to do. Narancia gave him a small smile. Forgiveness. Forgiveness is good. Narancia sat by Girono for the rest of the night, and everyone went back to normal for the night. 


Giorno was the first person to go back inside. Giorno let out a breathy sigh. He really enjoyed all of them, but it was a lot to take in. Everyone was so new, everyone was so different, everyone was so nice. And then he saw Abbacchio laying down on the couch. Did he hate Giorno? Was he upset at the 13 year old?

“Oi,” It was Abbacchio’s voice, “What do ya want?”

“I-I’m sorry.” Giorno said softly, “I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“Can you stop with the apologies?” Abbacchio sat up and looked at Giorno. “For two months, whenever something happened you apologized. No one needs to hear those, and you don’t have to keep saying them. Today you’ve apologized almost a thousand times. Stop. And I’m not going to be accepting your apology. Or any of them because you don’t need to keep saying them.” 

“Oh.” Giorno nodded. “Well then, goodnight, Abbacchio.”

Ciao, kid. Get some rest, you’ll need it.” Giorno didn’t know what that meant, but Giorno went upstairs, and looked at Gold Experience in his enclosure. “I think they like me,” He whispered, “I like them, too.” He heard a knock on his door. “Giorno?” It was Bucciarati, “May I come in?” 

“Y-Yes.” Bucciarati opened the door, a kind smile on his face. “Hey, how are you doing?”

“I’m well.” Bucciarati sat on the chair at Giorno’s desk. Giorno has never had a desk in his room before. “Giorno, you met a demon today. Are you sure you want this life? I am not trying to deter you from staying here, we would love to have you here but I can’t sugar coat anything. Is this what you want to do?” Giorno was silent, thinking. He looked at Gold Experience, and then at Bucciarati. “Your job is to train angels to use their powers and be able to kill demons?” Bucciarati nodded, and Giorno continued. “Then… Then please don’t make me go home.” Bucciarati’s eyes widened. “Oh… oh Giorno,” Bucciarati moved to the bed, “I can promise you one thing; no matter if you want to stay here or not, I will never ever have you go back there.” For some reason, that was the most comforting thing Giorno had heard in a long time. And he believed him.


Progress Towards Giorno's Explosion: 24%