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Never Fallen from Quite This High

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They were friends, damn near best friends.


At least, to everyone else they were.  It wasn’t exactly how he wanted it, but while Can adjusted to the idea of having a boyfriend (though two months in Tin wasn’t sure how much adjusting he needed)  and while he adjusted to having something he was terrified Tul would try to harm, they were keeping their relationship quiet.  There were only a few people that didn’t seem to believe that was all they were, Pete of course was forever questioning what was going on between them, and with Pete came his Thai Program boyfriend who didn’t seem to like it when Pete questioned it, but he could sense him watching.  Protecting.  Ridiculous, since he’d ruin anyone who so much as touched a single hair on Can’s head.  Unfortunately for everyone else, the threat was not only real, Tin had the means to do it and enough hurt buried in him to do so without remorse.  Can was the only thing that kept him together, his life line, the one person who stomped out the raging fires before they could spread, offering calm instead and all he needed was to look at him to find peace.


He hated it being a secret, but there was one benefit that came along with it.  Can jealous was just about the cutest thing he’d ever seen in his life.  He had no cause to be jealous, his heart was Can’s, he’d already made it very clear that he was head-over-heels in love with him, much to Can's embarrassment.  That had been cute as well, and so he said it whenever he was sure no one was listening, just to see the way Can’s face would heat up, watch him slap his hands over his face… and every now and again announce that he thought he was going to shit over it.  


The jealousy came in different forms, it came whenever a girl was a bit too persistent in trying to get his number.  Somehow the news always reached Can’s ears, and he most certainly didn’t find a way to make sure it did.  He’d later find his boyfriend waiting for him, a pout already formed on his lips, his arms crossed in frustration.  


It sometimes came simply because his little sister seemed to think there was something going on between him and Pete.  Can hated the way she shipped them, even when Tin tried to point out that it was actually kind of funny that while she was shipping him with Pete, he was making out with her older brother just outside of her notice.  After being denied so many kisses, after Can tried so hard to fight against them… they could hardly keep their lips off of each other now.  It made hiding the relationship difficult, but he got a thrill out of seeing just how far they could push it before they got caught.  He had a suspicion that Can did too.  That or he was just far too jealous to stop it.  Which was exactly how they’d ended up kissing just under the football stands, around the corner from where she was talking about how cute Pete was.  Can had initiated that kiss, he’d practically attacked his mouth, and thus far it was one of Tin’s top five favorites that they’d shared.  


Thanks to Ley, the jealousy even came when he talked to Pete.  Did Tin talk to him perhaps just a bit more to get a rise out of Can?  Certainly not.  Of course not.  He wouldn’t ever.   It benefited Pete as well, at least, because as they stood talking, and in truth they were only talking about a project they had to work on together, he could see both Can and Ae out of the corner of his eyes, both with clenched fists, both pointedly staring and not discussing what they were angry about.  Can because he couldn’t, Ae because well… who knew, he didn’t try to understand Pete’s little boyfriend.  


“When you finish your portion of the information gathering, can you email it to me?  I’ll put it together with mine and then we can figure it out from there?” Pete’s voice broke him out of his thoughts, and he offered an indifferent nod of his head.


“I’m almost done, I’ll get it to you tomorrow,” he shrugged, checking his phone as he glanced towards Can, who was now facing away, his hand pointing towards the field as he spoke with Pete’s boyfriend.  Pete himself cheerfully agreed that getting his part of the assignment the next day worked, but something else had his attention, his hand over his mouth as he stifled the laughter that was shaking his shoulders. “What is it, now?”  He questioned, his voice bored - he didn’t actually care, in truth, but he figured Pete was probably going to tell him anyway.  Whatever was making him laugh was on his phone, Pete’s eyes were locked on it.


“Are you very sure you and Can aren’t… you know… together?”  The words were giggled, an actual damn giggle.  His eyes roamed back over to where the guy that actually was his boyfriend stood, his back was still facing away.  But he noted that Can also had his phone in hand. Tin slowly looked back to Pete’s phone as his curiosity piqued.  What did Can’s crazy ass do now?


“Last I checked we were not, as I’ve told you before.  He’s a good friend.”  That didn’t seem to put a stop to the flow of giggles, they only increased as Pete handed his phone over for Tin to look at, instagram already pulled up on it’s screen.


“Scroll back up a bit, Can… find Can,” it didn’t take long, it never did, he had his profile picture, his account name committed to memory.  It was Tin now biting back a laugh, a picture of him and Can that they’d taken just after one of his games showing as his latest update.  There wasn’t anything about it that screamed that they were dating, his arm was around Can, and he was actually smiling for a change while Can positively beamed.  What did make it seem like something was going on was the caption, and the fact that Lemon had not only been tagged but had commented demanding an explanation that Can argued against.   


The caption said nothing more than MY friend , the word my in all caps as though he was trying to prove a point.  Lemon tagged just beside it. The comments below were a small sibling argument that had Tin stuck biting the side of his hand as he read it, both to stop the smile and to keep himself grounded.  




“Something wrong, Cantaloupe?” He questioned as they made their way into his bedroom, his boyfriend immediately dropping his bag unceremoniously on the floor and flopping himself dramatically on his bed.  He knew what was wrong, he’d known earlier in the day from his actions, from the picture he’d posted where Ley had demanded to know why he cared who she shipped him with.  The pout hadn’t left his lips since, and Tin only saw one real solution.  As far as he was concerned, Tul could go straight to hell, it wasn’t like he’d ever allow him near Can anyway.  Therefore, the metaphorical ball was left with Can, he could either send it towards the goal - the goal that let everyone know they were together, that they were in love even if Can had yet to utter the words, or he could keep dribbling the ball and allowing his jealousy to grow.


Tin, for his part, was very much hoping he’d be the strong football player he knew he was and kick that ball as hard as he could towards the net.


“You’re MY boyfriend!  Not Ai’Pete’s!  Or anyone else's, it makes me so mad,” he could see that, and though he tried to sympathize with the man laying on his bed, he couldn’t help but smile as he kicked his legs wildly in frustration, the loud oiiiiii sounding through the air.  


“All yours, forever, so what’s the problem?” He was egging it on just slightly, pretending he didn’t know the problem, but of course he did.  Still, Tin sat down beside where Can lay, raising his eyebrows as he was glared at.


“No one knows!  Ley has people thinking you might be with Pete!  Then there’s that girl that’s always talking to you. I heard someone ask someone else if you were dating her and they said they thought you might be!  But you aren’t!”  Tin reached a hand out, gently cupping Can’s face as he leaned down, brushing his lips over his.  


“So tell the world.  Correct your post, I’m not your friend Can.”  Can lay in silence, Tin’s face staying quite close as he watched his expression shift.  Wide eyes turned to determination, and though Can never said the words, he wore his emotions clearly on his face.  He wanted to hear those three words so badly, but seeing the love written there plain as day was enough.  For now.


“Will you take a picture with me, Tin?”  


“You don’t even have to ask.  You just have to send it to me.” Can’s phone was in his hand the moment he said he would, the camera opened.  What Tin had expected was the typical picture they so often took, side by side, eyes turned towards the camera (though admittedly, more often than not, his own eyes ended up on Can), one of them with a wide smile and the other with the smallest of smiles.  Tin started to sit up for that very picture, surprised as he was pulled back down, Can’s lips crashing into his, his fingers immediately tangling in his hair.  The picture was forgotten, his eyes falling shut as he eagerly returned the kiss, as he breathed him in.  The shutter sound as a picture was taken was what caused him to break away, his eyes on Can’s phone as he saw a picture of them kissing up on the screen.


Before anything else, Can pulled up his texts, sending the picture to Tin before he pulled up instagram.  Not only did he feel complete shock, but a wave of relief watching his boyfriend post a picture of them kissing, a caption this time in all caps that only said MY BOYFRIEND with not only Ley tagged, but him this time.  He felt a surge of pride, of love, as he watched the smile that spread over Can’s face.  Tin moved to lay beside him, his own phone in his hand as he saved the picture, and before Can could stop him, posted it to his own instagram.


Except his caption was a bit more.  


I love you, Cantaloupe.