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Little Rascals

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Crowley wasn’t quite sure what to expect when he and Aziraphale drove back to Tadfield at the request of the ex-Antichrist. He had been against going at all, but between a very insistent Adam and Aziraphale’s excitement about the whole affair, he hadn’t had much in the way of a choice.

He pulled the car into the driveway where the Antichrist - Adam , he reminded himself - lived and hopped out of the car, leaning casually against the side as Aziraphale got out.

Almost as soon as both the car’s doors were shut, a shorter figure came barreling out of the house, running towards Aziraphale. Crowley very nearly jumped to his angel’s rescue, fangs starting to form in his mouth, before he realized it was just Adam, arms wrapped extremely tightly around Aziraphale, who for his part was looking rather startled.

“Oh - why - hello there, dear boy,” he said, glancing over at Crowley with a bit of a grin. This certainly hadn’t been the introduction they were expecting, but, well, it wasn’t the worst thing.

And when the young boy darted over to Crowley to give him a bear hug of equal size, he decided to return the gesture. He always did like kids, the little rascals, even when they were the types who were technically supposed to have ended the world.