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  • Kink Me Merlin Anonymous Fills (KMM_Fills_Anon) by merlinkinkmeme

    07 Dec 2011


    Sub-collection of Kink Me Merlin Fills, for anonymous fills only.

    The status of this subcollection is "Anonymous", meaning that "the works in the collection are currently anonymous; you will be able to see your identity on any works you have submitted to an anonymous collection, otherwise all author identities are anonymous to public viewing." (FAQ extract, from 'Collections and Challenges') Your AO3 username will appear as "anonymous" for anyone checking your fill. Please go to the Anonymous Fills sub-collection if you want to post under your username.

    To post in this collection: when posting a work, under "Associations", search for a line called "Post to Collections / Challenges". There, copy/paste "KMM_Fills_Anon" and press enter. The autocomplete option might not work well yet.

    None of the Kink Me Merlin mods will check any information we might have on any fills posted on our collections, the same way we strive to respect everyone's anonymity on our LJ community. If you have any question, please check KMM's AO3 FAQ.

    (Open, Unmoderated, Anonymous)