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Renjun looked around for his big boyfriend. He is in the library as Jaemin promise to help him picked what course he should picked between dance or teaching.

He looked behind the shelf and found his boyfriend in his demon form. Renjun gasp and run there facing the books as he whispered. "Why are you in that form? People will see you!" Jaemin chuckled "Your the only one who could see me" Fuck! Renjun thought. His deep voice! Fuck you Na Jaemin.

Renjun blush. Don't tell me i'll get turned on inside a fucking library!? "Baby" Jaemin creep behind renjun. He bite his neck and lick the hickey that he made. Jaemin looked at the hickey proud. "Nana... Were in a library for fuck sake!" Renjun whispered. His leg's already shaking just from Jaemin roaming his hands around his body.

"Deal with it angel" Renjun bite his lip when Jaemin touch his building erection. "Nana, ahhh" Jaemin kept biting his neck making mew hickeys in exchange to the fading one.

Jaemin's hand traveled to Renjun's pant's undoing it and pulling it down. "Nana, no" Renjun tried to stop Jaemin but the big guy is still stronger than him. Jaemin lowered his own while Renjun was trying to stay quite.

"You know, i want to show everyone how i fuck you. Wouldn't that be great?" Renjun whimpered at the degrading words. "Please Please" Renjun begged "Just earlier you don't want it now your begging me? You really are a whore" Just the thought of Jaemin fucking him in front of everyone excite Renjun. The feeling of watching eye's. It could make Renjun cum just by the thought of it.

"Prep? No?" Jaemin ask in a soothing voice. Renjun shaked his head no. It's not like they didn't fucked this morning. His still loose from Jaemin's cock earlier. Jaemin inserted the tip making Renjun moaned. Renjun put his hand in his mouth trying to keep his noises in his throat.

Jaemin inserted the rest and start fucking Renjun in a fast pace. "Renjun don't hide your moans. I wanna hear it, let them know how much i fucked you good." Renjun shaked his head no.

"No? That's disappointing" Jaemin thrust inside particularly hitting that spot. Renjun moaned to loud that everyone must have heard it. "I thought you don't want to? And now your moaning like a bitch in heat" Renjun shaked his head "No 'm not" Jaemin raised his eyebrow "Your not?" Jaemin kept thrusting inside Renjun's heat not stopping nor giving Renjun a breather.

They both heard someone walking into their direction making both of them pause. But, Jaemin thrust again and Renjun shaked no.

The person is Haechan. Renjun's bestfriend. Haechan grab a book in the shelf where they are then left. Renjun looked at Jaemin confuse.

Jaemin laugh. "No one can see us nor hear us. I put a spell on us" Renjun now has a wide eye's and hit Jaemin's chest "Or Haechan just really didn't mind" "Stop joking!" Jaemin laugh.

After Renjun stop hitting his chest, Renjun kissed Jaemin making him shock. "Well, don't you look at that" Jaemin licked his lips after Renjun kissed him.

Jaemin lift Renjun up automatically Renjun's legs are wrapped around Jaemin's hips. They continued fucking until Renjun pass out.

It was 4:00 pm when they finished. Jaemin teleported into their house. Jaemin layed Renjun slowly into their bed. He slowly pulled out and grab Renjun's plug. He liked it inside when his sleeping.

Jaemin clean him up and let the guy rest.
"I love you" Jaemin kissed Renjun's forehead. Jaemin flyed to hell.

"Jaemin, your back."
"Jeno, fuck you."