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Mark inhaled the smoke and let it out to his mouth and nose. He look down to see Hyuck kneeling giving him a blow job. "Baby, suck harder..." Mark said in a low voice. "... You want some reward right? Then do it properly" Mark gripped Hyuck's hair and push down his head into Mark's shaft. Hyuck choke, his breathing became uneven. But Mark didn't care and just hold him down.

Hyuck could smell his pubes at how deep Mark's cock is into his throat. Mark inhaled the smoke from his cigarette and made Hyuck look at him and exhaled it into his face. "Hyuck... I'm getting bored, i knew that i should just find some girl" Hyuck shaked his head while Mark lean back.

Hyuck bob his head faster not caring about how he cannot breath. "Ahh, fuck!" Mark gripped Hyuck's hair and pulled him up from his cock and cum into his face. His face now covered in cum. Hyuck travelled his hands into his face gathering the cum into his mouth sucking on his fingers gulping the cum.

"Did you get jealous?" Mark chuckled. He put his cigarette into Hyuck's mouth, Hyuck inhaling the smoke. Pulling the cigarette out of his mouth and throwing it, Mark kiss him the smoke travelling into their tongues. Hyuck breath heavily.

"So what if i did? You know you can't replace me with a cheap whore" Mark laugh his deep voice going into Hyuck's groin. "I hate how your right" Mark pulled Hyuck into a kiss.

Hyuck ride Mark until the sunlight creep behind the curtains. They are so in love with each other.