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Dream Aria: Genshin Idol AU

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(Format: First Name, Last Name, Stage Name/Online Username, Role)

**Note: all song titles are in english. if the original is in japanese, i'm putting the romanji after it. if the original is in korean, i'm just keeping it like that



Aether Stellaris/Viator: Leader, Main Vocal, Main Dancer, Visual
Kaedehara Kazuha/Acermaple: Main Vocal, Lead Rapper
Xiao Yaksha/Alatus: Main Rapper, Lead Dancer
Venti Galers/Barbatos: Lead Vocal, Face of the Group, Sub-Dancer

Most Popular Songs: Let the Wind Tell You (ft. Klee Fleis and Qiqi Depti), Sing Me to Sleep, The Truth Untold, Blue Hour, Alone Pt. II (ft. DrviingThunder), Next to Me

Solos: Xiao - Awake, Aether - Bye Bye Yesterday, Kazuha - Memories, Venti - Symphony of Boreal Wind (Instrumental)




Hu Tao/WalnuTao77: Leader, Face of the Group, Lead Rapper
Yanfei Scarlette/Scarletfei: Sub-Rapper, Sub-Dancer/Vocals
Keqing Yunlai/DrviingThunder: Lead Dancer, Main Vocal, Sub-Visual
Ganyu Plenilune/Qilin: Lead Vocal, Main Dancer, Visual

Most Popular Songs: Lovesick Girls, Romance, Forever (ft. LumieLume), Comet (Yasashii Suisei)

Solos: Ganyu - Qilin's Prance, Hu Tao - Ten Rabbits, Keqing - Into the Night (Yoru ni Kakeru), Yanfei - Solo




Diluc Ragnvindr/DarksideofDawn: Main Dancer, Lead Vocal
Ajax Tartaglia Caeli/Childe: Lead Rapper, Main Dancer
Kaeya Alberich/Frostgnaw: Sub-Rapper, Lead Dancer
Zhongli Lapis/Morax: Leader, Main Vocal, Face of the Group

Most Popular Songs: Spring Day, Blood Sweat & Tears, Are You Lonely (ft. Alatus), You Were Beautiful

Solos: Diluc - Darkside, Kaeya - One, Zhongli - Rex Incognito, Childe - Shape of You

**edits 7/15/21: updated yanfei/hu tao's roles, keqing's solo, added some songs to 4NEMO's list

**edits 10/10/21: added 'solos' section, updated some songs, changed yanfei and hu tao's stage/online names