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The Fourth

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Laying on the grass, Tanjirou smiles; he's completely relaxed, as he always is whenever he's with the Pillars, he's not sure why but they're constantly inviting him to go to their meetings, even though he doesn't participate in them.

At the other side of the garden they keep talking as he decides to rest for a while, Nezuko is next to him (inside her box) but Tanjirou knows she's peacefully sleeping and that's all that matters.

His eyes are about to close when he hears footsteps; he recognizes the sound hashira's scent.

"Tanjirou, you're still awake."

The young demon slayer sits quickly as Uzui kneels next to him on the ground; he doesn't notice, but the other hashira have stopped talking in other to watch the two of them carefully. They look tense.

"Uzui-san I–"

"Call me Tengen," the hashira grins, stroking Tanjirou's hair, prompting Tomioka to narrow his eyes and Rengoku to smile dangerously at Uzui.

The sound hashira ignores them all.

"So... Do you remember my wives?"

"Of course! They were very kind with Nezuko!" Tanjirou beams, he immediately takes a liking to anyone who's good with Nezuko. "I hope they're doing well."

"They are, but they miss you," Uzui says, moving closer to him. "Listen, I was thinking about getting a fourth spouse."

"That sounds great! I'm glad!" Tanjirou smiles sincerely. He saw how Uzui treated his wives, how much he loved and cherished them. He'll be an excellent husband for all of them. "I'm sure you'll make her happy!"

"I'm going to marry a man this time," Uzui mumbles, amused for some reason.

"I hope I get to meet him!"

"You already have," the Pillar chuckles, leaning to put a hand on Tanjirou's cheek.

"Really? Who is it?"

"You. I want you to be my husband."

As the blush spreads all over Tanjirou's face, the other hashira yell "No!" at the same time.

"We had an agreement, Tengen!" Rengoku growls.

"You can't just take him!" Tomioka snarls.

"You already have three wives, you greedy bastard!" For a moment, Tanjirou doesn't recognize the voice, but he then realizes it's Shinazugawa's.

Tokito throws a rock at Uzui, but the hashira laughs as he turns his head just in time to avoid it.

"Well, future husband, time to run," he whispers in Tanjirou's ear before taking him in his arms. Actually, the young demon slayer realizes with surprise, he's just carrying him with one arm.

"Is this some kind of game?" Tanjirou asks, confused. Uzui is running from the other Pillars with a grin and Tanjirou secure on his shoulder. Someone is yelling at him to "give Tanjirou back."

It has to be some kind of joke.

"Oh, no... This is not a game," Uzui assures him, jumping on the top of the roof to dodge Tomioka, who is trying to take Tanjirou away from him. "But I'm definitely winning."