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a game for two

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The dazed look on Aran's face sends chills down Homare's spine. The perfect, unblemished skin of his neck is oh so tempting, and he can't help but reach out to touch it. The instant Homare's sharp black nails come in contact with his skin, Aran shudders, and Homare giggles at the other's reaction.

He gently strokes Aran's neck with his thumb, careful not to scratch the soft skin. "Don't worry. This will feel good, I promise," he murmurs, reaching his other hand up to the back of Aran's head.

Aran's body moves without resistance, and as Homare tilts Aran's head to the side to expose more of his neck, he instinctively licks his lips at the delicious sight before him.

"Just relax and let me take care of you..." He leans down, opening his mouth wide as he closes the distance between them. But just as his fangs are about to pierce the younger boy's skin—

Click. "Get away from Aran or I'll blow your head off."

Homare laughs against Aran's neck. "Oh, Shizuku, you wouldn't really do something terrible like that in front of our precious Aran, would you~?"

Bang. A bullet whizzes past his head, missing him by mere centimeters.

"Consider that your last warning."

Another chill runs down Homare's back. He detaches himself from Aran, raising his hands in surrender as he slowly backs away.

"How scary~ ♪ You don't even show mercy when it comes to your friends, do you? Well, I suppose that's why they call you the queen, after all ♡"

"I certainly don't have any mercy when it comes to you." Shizuku's voice is ice cold. He keeps the gun leveled at Homare's head as he reaches down to pick up the rosary Aran had left on the table. Without taking his eyes off of Homare, he places it in Aran's hand. "Don't take that off again, Aran. I told you he's dangerous, remember?"

The action snaps Aran out of his trance, and he quickly wraps it around his neck, nodding. "Y- Yes, Shizuku-san...!"

"Awww." Homare clucks his tongue in disappointment. "You're no fun, Shizuku. Now, you're done protecting Aran, so put that gun away before our leader's unlucky curse kicks in and he gets hit by a stray bullet, will you?"

Shizuku's gaze flickers to the rosary around Aran's neck. Once he's sure it's fastened securely, he sighs and holsters his gun. "If it weren't for you, I wouldn't need to be carrying this inside in the first place."

"So cold~ I only want to make Aran feel good ♡ I just happen to get a meal in the process. More than a fair trade, don't you think~?"

"If you want to feed so badly, you're going to have to make do with me."

"Oh~? Is that jealousy I hear?" Homare smirks, approaching Shizuku. He places a finger under Shizuku’s chin and tilts his head up. "Don't worry, my love. You'll always be my number one ♡ If you're feeling lonely and want me to make you feel good too, just say the word—"

Shizuku slaps him.



Homare pushes Shizuku down on the bed, expertly unbuttoning the other man’s shirt as he does so. He opens the shirt to reveal an expanse of pale skin underneath. Unlike Aran’s, it's littered with scratches and scars, and he feels a thrill at the reminder that he's marked Shizuku’s body in a way the other man can never erase.

He runs his hands over Shizuku’s stomach and chest, immediately finding the other’s most sensitive places and watching in delight as he melts underneath him, all protests dying in his throat.

For how cold and commanding the queen is, he falls so easily under his hands.

The gun, a rosary, and holy water sit on Shizuku’s nightstand, all within his reach in case of an emergency. But Shizuku has never once used them in the bedroom, and Homare knows that he never will.

It's a game they play, the two of them. Shizuku hates Homare, and only puts up with the wild vampire because it's in their best interest to work together. That’s what he insists, at least, and to any outside observer, there's no doubt it's the truth.

But it isn't, really. Homare knows that, and Shizuku knows Homare knows that, which frustrates him even more. Homare gleefully pushes the other man to his limits, constantly trying to find ways to throw him off or evoke reactions his usual cold self won't allow.

Shizuku refuses to admit—even to himself—how much he enjoys this. So Homare makes it a point to show him.

He kisses along Shizuku’s neck, nipping and sucking but careful not to puncture the skin—not just yet. Shizuku desperately tries to keep his composure, even as he turns his head to give Homare better access.

“Just do it already...”

“Do what~?” Homare runs his nails down Shizuku’s chest, and Shizuku groans.

“Drink. That’s...what we’re here for, isn’t it...”

“Really? What about this, then~?” Homare slides a hand down into Shizuku’s pants, and Shizuku gasps at the sudden contact.


“It turns you on, doesn’t it? Me drinking your blood ♡”


"Really~?" Homare shifts to nip at Shizuku’s earlobe, then lets his breath ghost over Shizuku’s ear as he continues in a voice so low he can feel Shizuku shudder underneath him. "Your body says otherwise."

Shizuku lifts his arms to try and push Homare off, but as Homare’s thumb brushes over just the right spot, Shizuku’s hands end up digging into Homare’s back, desperately clutching at his shirt.

“See~? ♪”

“S- Shut up and just get it over with...”

Homare laughs, taking Shizuku’s embarrassed expression as a sign of victory. “As you wish ♡”

He continues his touches, alternating between gentle and rough just enough to keep Shizuku on edge. Finally, when the other man is verging on climax, an incoherent mess beneath him, he places one last kiss on his neck.


He doesn't wait for an answer before letting his fangs pierce Shizuku's skin. He can feel Shizuku arch his back beneath him as the combination of sensations pushes him over the edge and he comes in Homare’s hand with a cry.

Homare drinks until Shizuku falls unconscious in his arms.