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Heroes of Our Own

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Battle Scars - Nightcore:


3 average teenagers, spending their day as usual. Until that one day...

   Mark crawled out from under the debris. His legs were pinned down by heavy concrete that fell from a building. "Fuck. Fuck!" He tried carrying it but laying on his front, it was too hard to do so.

   Jack had gotten hit bad in his eye. It hurt. His arm was stuck under fallen rocks. While for Felix, he had tried to protect himself, which gotten his arm injured quite badly. Walking unsteadily, he reached Jack. "How bad is your arm?" Jack only shrugged. "It's numb. Can't be sure."
"Your eye is bleeding." Felix sat near him while they waited for help.

   No one could help Mark. This all happened because of an earthquake. Mark was panting hard from using up his strength. The pain was starting to numb his legs. He couldn't give up yet. No. He closed his eyes and took one deep and slow breath before pulling his legs out as hard as he could. He could hear his legs pop but he ignored it. "Mark?? Stop what you're doing! You're only hurting yourself!" Mark growled at Felix, not realising the new wings he had.

   Jack whined as his arms were too numb. He forced it out as much as he could, newly found energy surged into him. A pair of bat like wings spread out behind him, his eye now glowing green. Felix punched the big piece of concrete on Mark, his fists glowing blue.

"What's happening?" Mark asked, still exhausted as his wings, pink and soft, flapped weakly against the ground. Dust flying everywhere as his wings flapped. "I-I don't know.." Jack looked at his wings in shock. Felix too was surprised. "We'll find out soon..."



   3 weeks since the incident, they couldn't go back to their normal lives. It was a struggle for them. Mark couldn't walk without crutches. So, he had to learn to fly. Jack wasn't use to his arm being different. It was red and demon-like. Felix still looked normal but his hands were too powerful. It was a struggle for him. Just holding a spoon can break it. The 3 weeks were hard but they got used to it. Meeting up at Mark's place, they decided to stay for the night.

"Mark?" Jack asked sleepily. "Yeah?" Mark looked at him, his eyes half open. "Will we ever go back to normal?" Mark laid sideways and thought for awhile. "I don't know." Edgar slept in Felix's arms. "But if we can, I would love that." Mark stared up at the ceiling.

   Jack looked at his hands and nodded. "I miss being normal." Mark sighed. "We all do."



   Jack sat on a cliff, overlooking the mountains. They had decided to move to a valley to hide themselves. But they didn't know why they were how they were. Jack felt the calm breeze brushing gently against his skin. It was spring and the place was calming to see. Suddenly, he was pushed off. He screamed from shock before his wings slowed down his fall. He couldn't fly well, sending him hitting hard against the rocks below. He coughed as debris flew around him. His legs hurt from the fall. He looked up to see a figure looking down at him.

   Mark heard his screams as he rushed out of the cabin. A smoky figure stood on the cliff and smiled, vanishing right before his eyes. Mark rushed over and saw Jack down below. "Jack!" Mark flew down and landed gracefully. Jack had twisted his ankle from the fall.

"What happened?" Mark took them back to the cabin. "I-I'm not sure..." Jack's wings had retracted, which he still couldn't control. Mark could use his wings effortlessly while his were stubborn.

"Hold still." Jack bit down on his arm as he let out a muffled scream. Mark had managed to put his ankle in place, wrapping it up with a long cloth he had. 

   Mark let him rest for the day as he went to inspect the cliffs. "That had never happened before. Why now?" Mark muttered as he turned around to see Felix coming out of the woods nearby. 

"Sorry for being late. Did something happen?" He looked at Mark, his smile faltering. Mark filled him in on the earlier incident. "It has to be connected to us right? That thing wouldn't just do that for no reason." Felix pointed out.

"I think... I think us becoming this, is just the start of something much worse." Mark said breathlessly. 

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"WHAT??" Mark flinched at the outburst. Jack was not happy with the idea. "Mark! We can't go out there and get 'help' when we're like this!" Jack glared at him from the couch. Mark sighed. 

"You're right. But something might happen. And others could be in trouble too." Felix pointed out as Edgar sat in his lap. Mark paced the room, deep in thought. they haven't seen the shadow since the incident few days ago. 

"There has to be another way. Anything else but that idea! I don't wanna end up being a fuckin' guinea pig or shite," Jack gritted his teeth. Mark stopped pacing. But before he could say anything, the fire blew out, leaving them in the dark. 

   They stayed silent. Jack was the only one who could see with his abnormal eye. A voice echoed. "Hello~" And then, Mark was tossed into the fireplace. The fire came blazing on his skin. His screams horrifying as he scrambled out, burnt and wounded. "Mark!" Jack was flung right out the front door. Felix stood his ground as Edgar hid behind him. 

"Felix, remember us?" Felix stood up straighter, confused. In front of him stood three figures. Nothing seems to make sense until he recognized the blonde boy in the centre. It was him. The one he sees in the mirror. "You." Xilef chuckled as he took a step closer. "Yes yes." 

   Xilef had his arm around Dark. Dark seemed annoyed but let it slide. Anti glitched out to Jack, picking him up and kicking him in the abdomen. A scream burst from him. Mark grunted as he slowly got onto his feet. He let out low growls, threatened by the presence of the intruders. Felix jumped over the couch to tackle Anti.


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