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Heroes of Our Own

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"WHAT??" Mark flinched at the outburst. Jack was not happy with the idea. "Mark! We can't go out there and get 'help' when we're like this!" Jack glared at him from the couch. Mark sighed. 

"You're right. But something might happen. And others could be in trouble too." Felix pointed out as Edgar sat in his lap. Mark paced the room, deep in thought. they haven't seen the shadow since the incident few days ago. 

"There has to be another way. Anything else but that idea! I don't wanna end up being a fuckin' guinea pig or shite," Jack gritted his teeth. Mark stopped pacing. But before he could say anything, the fire blew out, leaving them in the dark. 

   They stayed silent. Jack was the only one who could see with his abnormal eye. A voice echoed. "Hello~" And then, Mark was tossed into the fireplace. The fire came blazing on his skin. His screams horrifying as he scrambled out, burnt and wounded. "Mark!" Jack was flung right out the front door. Felix stood his ground as Edgar hid behind him. 

"Felix, remember us?" Felix stood up straighter, confused. In front of him stood three figures. Nothing seems to make sense until he recognized the blonde boy in the centre. It was him. The one he sees in the mirror. "You." Xilef chuckled as he took a step closer. "Yes yes." 

   Xilef had his arm around Dark. Dark seemed annoyed but let it slide. Anti glitched out to Jack, picking him up and kicking him in the abdomen. A scream burst from him. Mark grunted as he slowly got onto his feet. He let out low growls, threatened by the presence of the intruders. Felix jumped over the couch to tackle Anti.


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