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Harry met his partner’s dark gaze and nodded. Nearly a month apart, Harry on a field assignment and Severus at an extended potions symposium in Tokyo, and he needed this. Had felt the lack of Severus’s touch for every one of those twenty-nine and a half days.

“If you’re sure… IMPERIO.

The handful of times anyone else had tried to cast the imperius curse on him, Harry had shrugged it off with laughable ease. He let his partner’s molten chocolate voice drag him down this time, though, sliding past his mind’s initial indignation and into that lovely warm semi-conscious state that Severus was so good at inducing. Harry floated on the feeling, aware of Severus’s eyes on him but not feeling worried in the least. Severus would take good care of him. He always promised to, and he always followed through.

“Harry,” Severus murmured. “You want to be good for me, don’t you?”

Harry nodded silently. Yes, he wanted to be very good. Wanted to be whatever Severus asked of him.

“Take off my clothes, Harry, one piece at a time. No magic.” Severus’s tone was calm, disinterested, even though Harry knew somewhere in the back of his mind that Severus had to be just as turned on as he was. That didn’t matter now, though. Harry reached for the buttons at Severus’s throat and released them from their slots. One at a time, just as Severus had requested. It took a while - the man had an inordinate number of buttons on his high-necked robes - but there was no hurry. Harry shivered as a burst of satisfaction washed through him when he finally got the robe to the floor, and another when he’d dealt with all the buttons of Severus’s button-down and removed it from the man’s torso as well. He and Severus were both probably hard.

Trousers next. Yes, Severus’ erection was clearly tenting the fabric of his newly-revealed boxers, although Harry couldn’t do anything about it until the man’s shoes and socks and trousers were off. One item at a time. Harry knelt at Severus’s feet and ran his palms up the pale thighs in front of him, then methodically set back to work.

“Smell me,” Severus commanded. “Lean forward and inhale. Run your cheek up and down my cock through my pants. How does it make you feel, Harry? To be following my directions so closely?”

“Bloody lovely,” Harry sighed. Merlin, Severus smelled divine. Musk and soap and warm silk. “Give me another command?”

Severus chuckled, dark and low. “Let me feel your mouth on me, then. Keep going until you can taste my pre-come through the fabric. Get me nice and wet while you wait for your next order.”

Harry could do that. Oh, he’d do it with pleasure. He rose to his knees and took in as much of his partner’s cock as he could. It wasn’t as much as he’d have been able to if the silky boxers handn’t been in the way, but his efforts were still turning the material dark with saliva. He could probably come right now, if Severus told him to. Severus didn’t, though, so Harry kept his jaw wide and sucked and sucked until he tasted salt, then sat back on his heels and looked up at Severus with what was probably an adoring gaze. Severus could have teased him about it later, if only the man hadn’t been making the same face back.

“Lovely,” Severus declared softly. “Take off your clothes, Harry, and get onto the bed. I want to look at you.”

Harry scrambled to comply. Severus watched, impassive, while Harry lay back and allowed him to observe. A tingling warmth followed wherever Severus’s eyes landed. And when Severus skimmed the insides of his legs, to pull them farther apart and bare more of him to that dark gaze, the skin under Severus’s touch burned.

“You wore it,” Severus breathed. “Beautiful.” He traced a gentle fingertip over the flared end of the black plug Harry had been sporting off and on for several days now. Ever since Severus, still half a world away, told him to. “Remind me why?”

“Because you asked, sir,” Harry said, a rush of pleasure washing through him at being able to follow the simple command so completely. Complying with imperio felt fucking amazing. “Because you like seeing me lubed and open and ready for you as soon as you get back. Because I knew you would find the sight erotic.”

Severus hummed. “I do,” he declared. “Very much so. And I love how well you follow my commands. Touch your nipples for me. Pinch and roll them - gently, but firm enough to hurt a little. I want to see you squirm.”

Harry did squirm, quite a bit, although it was as much from Severus’s gaze as it was from the overstimulation on sensitive nerve endings. Severus stripped off his damp pants and climbed onto the bed between Harry’s legs, running a single fingernail up and down Harry’s thighs and growling in satisfaction as Harry arched off the bed at the touch.

“Tell me you want me to fuck you,” he commanded.

“I do,” Harry gasped. “Please, Severus, fuck me. Even with the plug, I feel so empty. I need your cock inside me, pushing, pounding, tearing me apart from the inside out.” He would have begged even without the imperio, but the additional effect of the spell took the feeling to new heights. Every time Harry complied with Severus’ orders, he felt more and more ready to fly apart. He wasn’t quite there, couldn’t do it on his own without his lover’s permission, but…

Severus played with the plug for several long minutes before finally removing it and setting it aside. He still hadn’t touched Harry’s cock with more than his gaze, but Harry was leaking steadily. One good command away from falling over the brink...

Fuck. Harry tried to stay still, but every nerve in his body was already singing.

“I’m going to fuck you,” Severus declared, “and you’re going to milk every last drop out of my cock. You will continue pinching your nipples and will not touch yourself otherwise, do you understand? I want you to come on my cock or not at all.”

Harry nodded frantically. Don’t come, don’t come, don’t come. It turned into a silent chant. The longer he obeyed, the more turned on he felt, even as Severus was still lining himself up and just barely letting the tip of his cock breach Harry’s hole. The spell made everything else feel lovely and out of focus and yet so sharp where Severus was concerned... Harry squirmed and panted and begged and floated on a sea of frustrated bliss as the imperio overrode whatever conscious movements he would have liked to make. He couldn’t hold in a cry when Severus finally lubed himself up with a wandless spell and slid home, holding still to let Harry adjust but still not allowing him release.

“Please,” Harry pleaded. “I need - I need--”

“I know exactly what you need,” Severus murmured, and finally started pounding Harry the way he’d begged for. Each undulation was precise, methodical, hard enough to shove Harry a little bit up the bed with each thrust. Harry gasped and tightened his inner muscles, drawing a matching inhalation from his lover.

Severus’s rhythm shattered at that, and he began fucking Harry in earnest. Harry groaned and threw his head back, staring blindly at the ceiling as he helplessly pinched his sore nipples and took Severus’s fat cock into his body and yearned.

“You’ll want to fight this next one,” Severus said, which was code for I’m going to give you a command and you should resist but I can’t command you to ignore my directions or it won’t work. “It will be better if you fight. Harry, I want you to come.”

He did combat the compulsion, he really did. Severus tried this not-decree sometimes, smirking at how sweat would break out on Harry’s forehead as he fought-but-not-really the pull of the imperius curse. Disobeying felt wrong, so wrong, but when he finally gave in… fuck. It would be well worth the wait.

This, more than anything else, was what Harry loved. Ceding his body and his magic to Severus, who knew the most brilliantly evil ways to twist him around and pit his urges against each other. The urge to come, to resist, to make his partner happy, to fight the magic and yet surrender to it. Imperius was like a drug, and Harry was surprised there weren’t more wizards going around casting it on each other in the pursuit of better orgasms. Or maybe there were, but nobody admitted to it because nobody wanted to go to Azkaban for casting an unforgivable simply on the advice of their cock.

The longer he fought the command to come, the better it would feel when he finally failed. Not that it didn’t feel pretty fucking fabulous already, with Severus’s hard length pistoning in and out of his arse and his own fingers plucking helplessly at his aching nipples, but Harry tried to hold out anyway. Just a minute longer…

Severus sneered down at him, enjoying his struggle, but Harry had no brainpower left to do anything except feel. He would have fingerprint-shaped bruises on his hips tomorrow.

“Eyes on me,” Severus commanded. Harry attempted to focus his blurry vision on his partner’s face. The man was still so composed - outwardly, at least. He wouldn’t break until Harry did. That’s what made this so incredible.

“Fuck,” Harry panted. “I can wait longer, I can.

“No you can’t.” Severus regarded him steadily. “Harry, I’m giving you a direct order: come now.

The world exploded into shivery fragments of magic and bliss as Harry’s entire soul spurted out of his untouched cock. The imperius spell’s reward for compliance - especially after holding out for so long - only magnified the sensation of orgasm, until Harry was sure he’d pass out. The only reason he didn’t was through sheer willpower, because he wanted to see Severus’s face. And moments later, he was rewarded - Severus moaned and stilled, head thrown back and eyes closed, finally submitting to the inevitable. They held their final pose for several seconds before Severus collapsed forward like a marionette with its strings cut and Harry’s lungs reasserted themselves.

“Finite incantatem,” Severus murmured, and shuffled Harry’s limp body around so he was spooned up behind Harry’s back under the covers. Harry was most of the way to asleep before Severus even finished the cleaning charm.

“I love you,” Severus whispered in Harry’s ear. “I know you’ve never been one for following the rules, but I think we finally found a way to use that to our advantage.”

“Slytherin,” Harry murmured, then dreamed of absolutely nothing at all.