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Change Of Plans

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"Where are you going little girl?" Shouto whips around with a startled look in his eyes, to meet the gaze of his father. Mid back length two-toned hair. Held securely in place by a ribbon. In a half up half down hairstyle. It was quite elegant, ordinarily Enji kept Shouto dressed in two ways cute or refined. Those were his personal taste and he loved dressing his princess. 

But the clothing flaunted today told a different story.

This foolish child of his was trying to be sexy.

It works, she looks good in everything. I don’t like it though. She’s not leaving the house like this.

His eyes scan up and down the ensemble Shouto wore. A black long sleeve form fitting mid waist top. Followed by a pleated black mini skirt. Pastel pink nails that matched the ribbon in his hair. At least that’s not out of place. She’s still wearing her favorite color.

The metaphorical cherry on top, is the bright red lipstick he wears.

You never wear red unless I tell you to. What the hell is going on?

"I'm going out." Shouto says plainly, offering no other locational information. Moving with a haste towards the front door, to slide on white three centimeter heels. 

White suits you my angel.

Adorned with a heart on each shoe. Said heart filled with real diamonds. And Enji would know, he brought those shoes for Shouto two weeks ago. 

He groans slightly enchanted by the image of his princess, bent over slipping on too expensive shoes. Dressed half in attire that didn't at all match his personality. Showing off panties that were pure white lace for the briefest of seconds.

Oh angel….fuck it.

Enji could no longer take it, he steps forward and with a few strides, the minimal distance is closed in a hurry. A single hand sliding up the back of the skirt. Gripping Shouto’s ass roughly to convey his message. 

"You're not going anywhere, because I don't want you to." 

Shouto doesn't even shift in his hold. So used to the extremely intimate touching. The orders, nicknames, all of it and he only released a fraction of a moan. 

Frustration wearing on his facial features. Opposite colored eyebrows knit together for a swift second. This wasn’t the first time this had happened. In fact over the course of the last six months, every time he tried to leave the house. When his father was home he ended up staying.

"Daddy I need to go." It's said in a rush, as if he didn't want to say it to begin with. For all the ways Shouto’s body is naturally resigned or detached. The way he said his words spoke volumes. And right now he was just a child begging.

"No you don't." Enji countered his frantic statement, with a tone that suggested what he was saying was a fact. That his word was akin to god. And Shouto had dare not disobey it. 

If you don't listen, you will find yourself over my lap. I will spank you again. I don’t like doing it but I will. 

Seeing as his plea was unanswered he tries again more firmly this time. "Please? Let me go I have a-" Shouto quickly shut his mouth it was far too late though.

"You have a ‘what’ princess? Are you going to say date?" 

"D-Daddy." Enji hands move with astonishing speed. Gripping his child's hips and giving a harsh shove. But it is calculated, he did not like the idea of hurting his omega. Not unless Shouto begged or needed it.

The shove forces Shouto to stumble forward out of his nice shoes. With just enough time to throw his hands out, to break his fall on the front door. Enji is pressed up against his back in an instant.

Leaning down, lips next to Shouto's golden heart pierced ears, as he breathed heavily. Nose pressed to his neck, taking in his scent directly for all its worth. Flooding the space with his alpha pheromones.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t obsessed with her. 

"Is my little girl that stupid, she thinks she can run around doing whatever the hell she wants? The only person you're allowed on dates with is me."

It's demeaning the way Enji speaks to Shouto. Calling him the wrong gender intentionally so. He was born a male omega, yet daddy insisted on calling him a little girl. And had done so from the time he was born. So of course at fifteen Shouto believes it doesn't really matter. The way daddy treats him, speaks, and controls him. Is totally normal, he doesn't get to have a say so. 

He says I am his. I don't need choices daddy knows what's best for me.

The scent invading his nose, is doubling down on his twisted conviction. Already Shouto’s panties are so wet. They feel tight clinging to his body. Pussy suffocatingly hot and small cock peeking over the rim of lace. The fabric rubs against his sensitive parts uncomfortably so. 

I just want you to take these off. I know the rules of this game already. I can play dress up. But only you're allowed to undress me nobody else.

"I know….I won’t go then. Can I stay with you?" He isn't aware he's doing it, the way he arches his back just a little. Sticking his ass out to rub against his father's clothed cock.

"You're leaking princess. And of course, I only want you near me." He speaks directly into Shouto's ear. A chuckle in his voice as he does so. He knew what he was doing, riling up his omega this way. Enji didn't regret his actions the least bit.

Whatever or whoever was waiting for Shouto outside in that world. Wouldn't ever compare to what he could get just staying home. Being home was safe, he was given everything he needed. Never had to lift a finger. 

And Enji loathes sending him to school. But he had made a promise. Shouto would be allowed to go for one year, just to get the experience. And since lying to Shouto wasn't something he enjoyed. He made good on keeping his word. But perhaps he'd take him out permanently, sooner rather than later, to switch back to homeschooling again.

Bluntly put Shouto's grades left much to be desired. He was in a performing arts academy. Could sing his heart out, made people fall in love with his voice. And if he wasn't on stage singing music. He was walking around composing it nonstop. 

Enji's got more than enough phone calls. Saying his child is distracted, was lost on field trips, never finished classwork ect. They'd been threatening not to let him participate in any stage related activities. However that was nothing money couldn't solve. 

And Enji had a lot of fucking money.

Teachers eventually started to keep their mouths shut. Meanwhile Shouto was having a good time. Sometimes his 'little girl' smiled in public, and that meant more to him. Then other people would ever understand. Shouto would always be a musical genius. 

But academically his brain was haywire. Enji knows it's because he has a learning disability. He feels confident saying, he's the only one who can properly teach his child.

Which is why when school was decided on. He just picked one that catered to Shouto's special interest instead. Besides, schools could never reward Shouto's hard work the way Enji did. 

By pleasuring him until he screams. He still remembers so vividly how he licked Shouto's pussy to completion. The first time he said something other than "1+1=Yes" 

Granted he'd said the answer was 6. Because his princess was dumber than doorknobs. Enji was still so proud of his baby. Yet pride was the least present emotion in the room right now. Because they were a heated mess. Shouto fell into him, begging without words for his touch. And he was unable to resist the desire to give to him.

Lifting his princess up by the waist in one fell swoop. "Ahaha!~" That giggle touched his heart and he walked back into the living room. Tossing his angelic sweetheart onto the couch. Immediately going in for kiss after kiss. The lipstick doesn't even smudge in their heated make out. Of course it doesn't because Shouto only owned the best of everything. 

"Can I please...I want i-" Shouto tries to speak through kisses. But it was a futile effort. So breathless and yearning, the words are lost swallowed up by the alpha making him see stars. 

And then very suddenly it stops. Enji breaks away long enough, to get a good look at Shouto. It’s pure instinct that the omega whines and surges forward. Hands grasping at his father's shirt. 

"Be still angel." It's an alpha command, the force of it is so heavy it weighs him down. Even though the tone it was delivered in was very kind. Shouto’s hands lost their grip and became frozen in place, pliant as he was repositioned. Flat on his back legs side by side. Almost touching if it wasn't for a pretty thigh gap. That before they were truly intimate Enji would, fuck that space between his legs every single night. 

The man loves the memory of his toddler, squealing about the unknown touches. Backing into them and hurrying along to bath time every night. So he was obedient, clean, a little sleepy, and daddy could play with him. Craving that intimacy like nothing else. 

Shou-chan you're such a good girl.

"Now you're going to talk to me." 

"Yes daddy what is it?" An immediate response from the omega. Makes Enji's head a little clouded. Sometimes his sense of control astonishes even himself. He loved it so much. 

Most alpha's both male and female nowadays hated issuing commands. Saw it as disrespectful to the omega's right of choice. And they would only do so when they were desperate. 

However Enji was older and wiser. He understood that giving orders meant he was taking responsibility. For anything that he had Shouto do.

That his life was in his hands, not entirely different from how it was his duty to care for him as a parent. Since omegas and alphas share that capability, it was meant to be used. They are stronger for using it. Shouto's ability to trust him will continue to grow. 

And I will always be harder than a rock, watching her give every part of herself to me. Including the reins to her brain, the link to her body, it is my greatest pleasure to control and protect her.

"Who were you going out on a date with?" Intense blue eyes scan Shouto's body hands reaching out. Grabbing hold of the pleated skirt, and tearing it off and one rip.

Then slowly moving large warm hands palms flat along Shouto's smooth sides. Until he couldn't anymore, running a single finger across the rim of the panties. Before sliding them entirely off, folding them lovingly. Only to place them on the floor where he stood.

And Shouto doesn't move a muscle while being stripped. Of the color his daddy simply didn’t like him wearing. He repeats the same action, straight down the middle of the form fitting shirt. Pulling the sleeves off his arms as if he was nothing more than a doll.

"His name is Bakugo Katsuki." 

"Is he an alpha?" 


"So he can already tell that you're taken."

"Uh-huh he's taken too, his mate Midoriya Izuku goes to school with us we're best friends." 

"So he's stupid and greedy for thinking he can have what's already mine. And that you would play second place to a best friend. He doesn't know you at all, Shou-chan he can't handle you. An angel you may be, but you still have your vices and jealousy is one of them. 

You don't share love or attention, you wouldn't even play second place to your own mother. You're the reason why your siblings don't even live here anymore. That boy knows you're beautiful inside and out. That's why he wants you, but baby you're mine. 

And have been since you were born. Stay away from that boy. Think of it as saving him. Because if I catch him near you I'm going to do something, and he's probably not going to like it."

He won't live long enough to dislike it. But there's no need to say that aloud. There's no joy in making my omega afraid. I want her safe, happy, and living a carefree life. Even if people drop dead around her.

"Okay no problem I'll stay away but...." 

"Go on talk, I'm listening. You can move if you want to." He watches the way a pink tongue darts out running across crimson red lips. Giving a tiny bite while his eyes lock onto Enji's. The subtle movement of that gentle looking throat as he swallows.

"Am I in trouble or can I have your dick now?" The words go straight to his cock. 

“No you’re not in trouble, I’m not spanking you. But if you want it come get it.” He stands fully stepping out of his pajama pants. Letting his erection free into the air of the room. Tainted with their mixed scents, that together smelled like home. There was no other name that suited that it.

It only remains that way for about a half second. Before Shouto's lips are on it. Velvety soft warmth sucking him in with vigor. Like it was going to save his life. He's on his hands and knees on the couch, an utter debauched display of desire. Beautiful heterochromatic eyes staring up, at the man who owned him.

Enji pressed forward a hand on the back of Shouto's head. Patting lovingly at the nape of his neck. Giving slow thrust but Shouto wasn't exactly the patient type. He made love like he made music obsessively and without fail. So he watches with rapt attention, as the inches of his cock start to rapidly disappear. Until all that's left is Shouto's lips just above his swelling knot. 

And the moan that leaves Enji’s mouth is obscene. The tongue licking the underside of his cock. Makes his brain fuzzy, with all the pleasure that his omega provides him. The way Shouto's narrow throat flutters and pulsates around his length. Makes it feel a lot like he's ascended.

There is a goddess, her name is Shouto and she's sucking my dick. So well I think I might die. 

He has to force himself to pull out, or otherwise he'd be listening to all sorts of complaints. 

"Why didn't you cum in my pussy?! What did I do wrong?! I was so good for you!"

After having gone through that third degree. With his screeching teary eyed omega once five years ago. When he decided to paint that pretty little face with his seed. He decided very quickly never again.

A refused Shouto was rather brutal. Enji was the one wearing bruises on his hips for once, because of the way Shouto kept slamming their bodies together. There was blood drawn from the scratches on his shoulders. As he used Enji's dick like he was a sex toy. 

Even now the man is certain. Some of those tiny little pin pricks are still there they scarred over. And he forever had a reminder, of why he only allows himself to cum inside Shouto.

The more Enji thought about it. The more he wanted it, craved it and desired it. Shouto was left feeling deeply exposed in an intimate way. Because for him sensing his alpha's arousal was second nature. Even without having a clear visual.

And Shouto responded in kind, making his own wants known. Laying flat on his back, gaze inviting, with a sinful kind of innocence to it. Enji effortlessly maneuvers himself over him. The close proximity is enough, to make Shouto's legs tremble while spread wide.

"P-Ple-" The beg dies on the omegas tongue. While the swollen tip of his alpha's hard cock, slides more than halfway inside his dripping wet pussy. On only a single thrust. Beautiful opposite colored eyelashes flutter shut. A erotic moan resounds in the living room.

Enji's hands practically burn with the sensation of want. The desperation is clear as he holds tight to lithe hips. Thumbs rubbing in a circular motion, over protruding hip bones only one time. Before the soft grip, is exchanged for something more greedy. Spurred on by Shouto's sweet gasp, as he sinks the rest of the way down on Enji's cock.

"My goddess, my princess, you're so tight." The alpha breathed out in a reverent tone, meaning every single title. His head was already swimming with pleasure. As he pulled back, enraptured by the way Shouto leans into his touch. Trying to keep him inside the whole time.

"Ahh, daddy you're stretching my pussy out."

"You're fine baby." The words are a soft and soothing comfort. A shiver courses through Shouto's body. As a long, almost silent moan fills the attuned alpha's ears. Just another of many melodious sounds, he'd learned to listen for over the years.

The divine sound Shouto makes, when he's drowning in sensuality from penetration. Blue eyes flicker down to red lips, and watch a line of saliva escape from the side. As Shouto's pink tongue peeks out behind plush lips to chase it. Expression almost lewd and thin porcelain thighs, becoming reddened on each forceful thrust.

Hands outstretched and holding his daddy around the neck in an intimate embrace. It just wasn't enough though. There was a sense of urgency. That had Enji lifting his youngest child by the waist alone. Both hands possessively clinging, perfectly in place around his angel.

While Shouto held his arms loosely, with an unspoken and undying trust. He wouldn't be dropped, whilst lowering his head down on a sturdy shoulder. Hips rising and falling over the throbbing cock, spreading him apart again and again.

"Please daddy...I-I want you all the way inside!"

"I hear you princess, I'm going to use your little pussy." 

The sound of their bodies connecting, is loud in their ears and even so. No match for the words that came tumbling out their mouths.  The affirmation is made with a thoroughly harsh thrust. That makes Shouto's painted toes curl with desire. And body shake with an inevitable orgasm. 

The wetness splashes between them, as his soft pussy grips greedily around Enji's cock. The head pulsating against his most pleasured spot. Coaxing a new flow of fluids out with each thrust. And Shouto holds on a bit tighter, screams out his moans. Because it's too much, not enough, and so bad it feels good. Being forced to squirt, without having his clit played with at the same time.

It would be embarrassing, if that wasn't how he was trained from day one. So weak to any and all touches from his daddy. "God....breed me." Comes a whisper directly into Enji's ear. Followed by a sweet yet clumsy kiss. 

It's no surprise, those three words get exactly the reaction he wanted. All at once, there's the pleasant burning sensation taking over his senses. As his alpha shoves his knot right where it belongs.

Their bodies and souls felt like they were on fire. Every thrust simply another way, to fan the flames consuming them.

Shouto can only cry out, to the sound of his alpha's low and lewd growls. Their lips brush one another, broken kisses all around. As a flood of semen so thick, fills him to the brim. Stuffs his tummy full and drives him absolutely insane. 

"You're mine." The words are gentle, demanding but seeking confirmation nonetheless. Even though Enji has said it a million times before. He'd never pass up the chance to ask again.

"I'm yours." Shouto answers with a smile. Accompanied by the slightest gasp of rapture. When being jostled as his alpha takes a seat on the couch. Enji watches with a self satisfied smile, his omega firmly and comfortably seated in his lap. Full tummy touching his toned abs. The noticeable bump there is touched with claiming fingertips, before the palm is set flat directly across.

There would be no child, but oh how desperately he thought about it.

Maybe one day….One day real soon....

When school is over.