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What Do You Say, Sunbae

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You cannot be serious, thought Seth. This is just… unbelievable! This is the worse possible situation he could be in! What was he thinking? No, it was more likely that he simply wasn’t thinking. Which is often the case when it comes to his pride… He sighed and looked around the small room of the shed, there on the bed laid a shirtless and hammered Horus—his hoobae.

He felt dreadful and looked back at the door hoping for… something—someone. But what did he expect from a bunch of tricksters? They said two hours would be enough to convince them and they would let them out. But how could Seth trust Sekhmet and Ra? He always falls for them!

He looked back at his companion. Why did HE join? Is he an idiot? He had no reason to jump in—it was SETH who screamed that the stupid haunted was a rumor, that he was fearless and could survive in its darkness and come out unbothered—not Horus.

Maybe it was all the alcohol he downed that made him join… There was no other explanation.

Anyway, why fucking join if you’re gonna sleep immediately? Where’s the fun in that? This idiot had not one smart bone in his body, no? Wonder how he’s at the top of his studies—even pit against Seth by the professors in terms of grades often. It got on Seth’s terms, but what revved Seth’s engine further was that this idiot not only threatened Seth’s scholarship, but very boldly followed Seth everywhere with the constant, “Sunbae, Sunbae, Sunbae—“ wherever they were! It was a pain in the ass. Oh… that could explain why he’s here too…


More time passed, and Seth was thankful for his watch because he stupidly forgot his phone back in his dorm room. Still no sign of the evil duo. Fire rose to his ears and he turned around wanting to sit on the… suspiciously clean mattress of the shed.

It was already 3 AM. The moonlight had slipped through the cracks of the window, blocked by nailed wood. He’s got to give it to whoever worked in this shed, it fit the horror genre down to a T. His eyes followed the trail of light and it shone down on his sleeping companion’s skin. Seth gulped. The man was huge. Seth shook his head, his trademark frown returning to his face. There was no place for the spent Seth to sit—and he’d be damned if he were to sit on the Shed’s wooden floor swarming with all kinds of disgusting shit.

He walked silently to the edge of the bed and stared at the small available spot. Seth glared at the guy and pushed his legs aside to clear room for his own ass.

Just as the mattress dipped beneath Seth, Horus woke with a start. “Huh? What happened?” He looked around and then his eyes landed on Seth’s face, red eyes gleaming in the dark. His stark scarlet hair glistened beneath the light of the moon. He was beautiful.

Horus shook his head to clear his thoughts but just as he did, he felt his brain slosh—Ah! He must have screamed aloud because Seth sighed in response. “What a fucking moron. Why would you drink so much?”

Horus raised his head slowly to look at his Sunbae so as not to agitate his aching head. Because of you… he wanted to say, but he couldn’t say that—

“Huh? Me? What do I have to do with you getting drunk?”

What the fuck was wrong with Horus? “Never mind,” Horus said dismissively. Seth let it go.

“So? What’s the plan? When are they coming?”

Seth looked at Horus, a frown on his face. “It’s Sekhmet and Ra. They’re not coming.”

Horus nodded his head in understanding. “You sound like you’re familiar with their…antics?”

Seth looked away and rested his chin on his palm, legs crossed. “Because I am.”

“Then how come you fell into this again—“

Seth clicked his tongue and glared at Horus in anger. “Why the fuck did you follow me here?”

Horus looked away. He couldn’t reply. This aggressive, unforgiving, and ill-tempered upperclassman of his—he wouldn’t be able to handle the fact that Horus had a crush on him.

Seth stared at him. “What is it. Are you gonna throw up?”

Horus looked at Seth with a solemn face. “I’m THINKING.”

“You looked constipated.”

“Just shut up.”

They then sat in silence and Horus wondered how long has passed since he had been overtaken by an alcohol coma and why Seth looked so resigned. By the looks of it, the door could be easily broken if two men pushed against it. Might take a couple hard hits, maybe a dislocated or bruised shoulder, but it’s manageable. Otherwise, they were here until someone freed them, and knowing Sekhmet and Ra, maybe all through the night—

Something clicked in Horus’ head and he threw that plan out the window.

He fought against a smile that threatened to take over his features. This could be fun. Horus looked at his grumpy companion, feeling suddenly very energetic and giddy.

“So…” Horus said.

“What?” Seth snapped.

Horus sighed resigned. “I just wish for once you would reply normally,” he whispered.

“What do you want? I’m not in the mood.”

“When are you? You’re only ever in the mood when it comes to that Anubis guy.”

“Sunbae. It’s Sunbae for you, Horus.”

“Whatever.” Horus’ mood almost soured but he refused to let that edgy classmate of his ruin his chances at momentary happiness with Seth.

“Why do you hate Anubis anyway?”

Horus sighed. No, this was not what he wanted to spend this golden opportunity doing—“I don’t want to talk about him.”

“What? What is it? We have all night, so we might as well talk about something…”

“Well, not him. Alright? How about we talk Nephthys? Huh? Would you like that?”

“Shut up. Don’t bring her up.”

“Why? Is it a sore spot? Remind me what did she do—oh right, she left you for another man—“ Horus felt his airways clogged and his words stuck in his throat.

Seth was straddling him, hand choking his neck. But Horus felt neither fear nor anger as much as he felt regret. There, before him, Seth’s eyes were watered with hurt.

He choked out a dry, “S-sorry.”

Seth let go and sat back, now even farther away from Horus.

“I went too far.”

Seth didn’t respond. They went back to silence for another couple minutes until Horus gave in. He was going to do it one day, might as well be now where no one could interrupt them—no where Seth would have nowhere to run to…

Horus leaned forward on his knees. His resolve was there, but… He felt his palms sweating. He sighed. Now or never.

“I like you, Seth-sunbae.”

No response. Horus looked from the corner of his eyes. Seth was frozen—wether due to shock or hot not having heard him, Horus couldn’t tell. Damn it. Did he have to say that again?

“Di-did you hea—“

“Please shut up.”

…What should Horus make of that response?


Seth stood abruptly interrupting Horus. Without looking at his hoobae, he walked away to the far end of the room. He crossed his hands, seemingly in huge mental turmoil, obvious by his unfocused eyes.

“You,” he said. Horus’ ears perked. “You… do you mean what you’re saying?”

Horus nodded slowly, holding his eyes with Seth’s shaking pupils. He stood up. “I wouldn’t joke about this, sunbae.”

“S-stop. I just need a moment—“

“Sunbae… can you sit? I’m… I didn’t mean to confuse you or dump this on you,”—that’s exactly what you meant Horus, what a liar, he thought to himself. When it came to Seth, stubborn, dense, and prideful, splashing him with cold water was always the correct way to make him see things. He had seen many do it from his time spent following Seth around. However, he had also seen how—more often than not—Seth would runaway from the truth. Wether it made sense or not, he would find an excuse and he would often fall for his own lies.

Like how his girlfriend had cheated on him, but Seth had only come to terms with his version of events in which he believe she simply left him for that professor. Well, at least he came to terms with it finally. It was a tough year on Horus celebrating Seth’s break-up happily then consequently having to deal with Seth’s post-break-up temper and emotionality.

Though, he is clearly still attached to her, judging by his teary reaction to Horus’ harsh words earlier.

Horus sighed and he stepped back, slowly falling on the mattress. He watched Seth stand agitated in the other corner of the room. Well… Horus smiled, he’ll come around. There’s nowhere to go. What lie will you make up now, Sunbae?

Some minutes passed and Seth was pacing around in a limited room. Horus was starting to get agitated himself as time passed while watching Seth. Gradually he was realizing what he had done.

He had confessed to Seth. This meant that there might be no going back… if Horus gets rejected. His eyes bulged and he stood up suddenly, making Seth flinch at the abrupt movement of his giant figure.


“Sunbae,” fearful Horus said, “You don’t have to accept my feelings—no, I mean I hope you do. But… don’t… don’t force yourself. If…I just wanted to tell you what I truly felt, but I’m not expecting anything. Just… just don’t reject me. I mean, you can, but I would like it if we could stay together despite what I said today.”

Seth held Horus under an intense, heavy stare as Horus babbled on. “So you’re saying… what happens in the shed… stays in the shed?”

Horus nodded absentmindedly, not knowing the full inclinations of those words or what would soon follow.

He watched as Seth walked toward him with hazy eyes from the adrenaline that had pumped through him at the thought of being separated indefinitely from Seth. He didn’t expect that Seth would stand in front of him, barely any space between their chests, and hold his face.

Horus’ breath hitched.

“You really… mean it.” Seth looked deep into Horus’ blue eyes. They shook. How deeply must he feel for him to be shaken like so?

“I’ve…” Seth’s eyes traveled down to Horus’ lips. “I’ve never been with a man, you know…”

Horus froze. What was he saying? What did this mean?

“I-I… huh?” Horus stuttered.

Seth looked back up into Horus’ eyes. “I said, I’ve never been with a man before.” Seth seemed to have broken out of whatever had possessed him and stepped away from Horus.

Horus felt cold at the loss of contact with Seth. “No…” escaped his lips before he could think about it.

“I just,” said Seth, “don’t know, ok?”

Horus felt himself regain some strength but froze upon realization. “So… you’re not… rejecting me.” The regained strength gone again, his knees gave in and Horus fell back on the mattress.

Seth stood, red from head to toe. “Just–shut up please.”