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A Quiet Freak (Remake)

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Wendy, Jason, and Evelyn went to the work and school, while Edgar is home alone with Dusty.

"Hey dad, I'm having a backside problem going on. Is there anything you can do about it?" said Dusty as he comes to Edgar and Wendy's room. "Well... yeah, let's see." said Edgar.

Dusty gets on the bed to assume the position.

Edgar examines Dusty's back, only to see his butt crack.

"Uh, Dusty. Your bum is showing with your pants almost down." said Edgar.

"Do you wanna see my whole bum?" asked Dusty.

"Son, I..." Said Edgar.

Dusty pulled his pants down, revealing his naked bum and causing Edgar's erection.

"Come on, you know nobody's around. And nobody (including mum) is gonna find out." said Dusty as he turned to face his dad.

Dusty kissed Edgar on the lips, passionately.

Dusty undid Edgar's pants and started to suck him off, making Edgar moan.

Dusty deep throats for 45 seconds, before sucking him off normally.

Edgar's hand stroked Dusty's big orange hair while Dusty sucking him off.

A drop of mixed saliva and cum dripped out of Dusty's mouth, while Dusty swallowed a little bit of Edgar's sperm and then spit some of it on Edgar's 9 inch penis.

Dusty laid back on the bed, opening his legs and holding them up.

"Now, you can put it in my bum." said Dusty, seductively.

Edgar inserts his penis into Dusty's hole, he begins to thrust in missionary position.

They moaned.

Edgar begins to fasten his pace at thrusting into Dusty's butt, making Dusty fart with Edgar's dick inside him.

"Did you fart while I'm shagging you?" asked Edgar, moaning.

"Yeah, are you mad about it?" said Dusty, moaned.

"No, not at all. I like it that way." said Edgar.

Edgar goes into Dusty deeper 4 times, making Dusty moan louder.

Oh, yes, father! Fuck my bum!" moaned Dusty.

"Turn around." moaning Edgar.

Dusty turned around, Edgar inserts his penis into him again in doggystyle.

Popping sounds approached during anal, Edgar slaps Dusty's butt while fucking him.

Dusty farts even more.

Edgar and Dusty kissed passionately.

20 seconds later, Edgar lays on the bed and Dusty is on top of him.

Edgar inserts his cock inside Dusty again, thrusting upwards.

Edgar grabbed his butt to thrust upwards deep, Dusty moaned.

Edgar fastens his thrusts into Dusty's hole, Dusty farts once more.

"Dusty, my son. I'm gonna-!" moaned Edgar.

"In my bum, father! Cum in my bum!" moaned Dusty.

The passion of heatness becomes very erotic, they began to sweat. Dusty bounced on his father faster, making popping sounds. Edgar slaps his butt while Dusty rides on top of him. 6 minutes later, of the steamy, wild sex... Edgar gives in final deep thrusts until he cums inside Dusty's hole, they moaned out.

"That was great, father." said Dusty.

"Really hot, too." said Edgar.

"I love you, father." said Dusty.

"Love you too, son. Let's get cleaned up before the family comes home." said Edgar.

"I agree." said Dusty.