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Careful What You Wish For

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Stiles was used to all kinds of weird supernatural appearances in Beacon Hills.

He was so used to it, in fact, that he wasn’t even one tiny bit surprised when he picked up a beautiful old lamp that Scott had recently purchased at the flea market and the lamp started glowing and puffing blue smoke.

He also wasn’t surprised that Beacon Hills had seen fit to bestow its latest supernatural shenanigans on him during a peaceful brunch at the McCall-Yukimura residence, since every monster and their mother apparently knew that long-suffering emissaries and Alpha mates definitely worked at their best while well into their third mimosa of the morning.   

Stiles was, admittedly, somewhat taken aback when the blue smoke didn’t turn into a jolly blue genie with a booming voice and a love for light-hearted musical numbers.

Instead, a blonde, curvaceous, and all-around very attractive young woman with sparkling purple eyes was floating in the air in front of them, dressed in red pants and a white crop top with turquoise fringes that looked suspiciously like Christina Aguilera’s outfit in her “Genie in a bottle” music video.   

“You freed me!” the woman cried excitedly, just before making a lunge for Stiles and pulling him into a tight hug.

Having recently fought off an incubus who had had an unfortunate habit of dressing up as Edward Cullen to sample the middle-aged Twilight fan population of Beacon Hills, a startled Stiles was momentarily uncertain if he was being thanked or slowly being smothered to death.

Before he could form a conclusive opinion, however, there was the tell-tale sound of ripping clothes and ferocious growling, giving Stiles just about one second to lament the loss of the nice dress shirt he’d just gotten Derek last week.

Then, the genie was unceremoniously yanked away from him, and Stiles blinked, taking in a lungful of air, and raising an eyebrow at the scene in front of him. 

The genie was lying on the ground, still looking very much pleased and not at all concerned about this abrupt turn of events.

Instead, she was gleefully grinning at the massive black wolf, who had pushed her down with his paws and was growling so severely that Stiles swore he could see Scott’s wedding china trembling in fear.

“It’s so fluffy!” the genie gushed, obviously not even a little bit intimidated by the large werewolf snout that was threateningly huffing and puffing right above her face.

“Oh my, what big teeth you have! Who’s a good wolfie, huh? Who is it? Is it you? It is you, isn’t it? You fluffy-wuffy-puffy-smoochie-cooch!”

Stiles winced and Derek let out an even more threatening growl, clearly deeply offended.

The genie burst into fit of giggles.

“You are so adorable, I can’t even!”

She grinned, winking at the snarling wolf above her.

“I’m sorry Fluffy, I didn’t know he was taken! If I had, I would have expressed my gratitude more…how do you mortals call it? Ah yes! More appropriately!”

She grinned again, letting Stiles know without a shadow of a doubt that she’d been one hundred percent aware he’d changed his relationship status on Facebook five years ago and never looked back since.

Given the growl that was currently reverberating throughout the entire house, his overprotective mate wasn’t impressed with her excuses either.

The genie giggled again, making the air shimmer around her.

“Oh my, you are adorable! Those ears! And that tail, oh my, it’s so cute I wanna die! If I wasn’t, you know, immortal and all that. But seriously, how cute is that tail! I wonder though, is it as fluffy as …”

Who are you!”

Stiles glared at her, hoping his voice sufficiently conveyed that Derek’s fluffy tail was definitely off limits and that throat ripping was about to commence in the kitchen if they didn’t get some answers in the next couple of seconds.

The genie craned her head to look at him, rolling her eyes dramatically when Derek’s growling got louder once more.

“Alright, alright, enough already! Jeesh, you’d think that people would be glad to be surprised by a wish-granting genie, but oh no! Thousands of years of human progress and your first response is still to attack!”

Her eyes flashed darkly, flitting back and forth between Stiles and Derek in indignation.

“Anyway! The name is Ruby, at your service! As I was trying to say before Cujo here interrupted me so rudely, you have freed me from this lamp and now you get three wishes! Choose wisely though, for they cannot be undone!”

“What the…”


Before Stiles could choose an appropriate expletive to convey his feelings about Beacon Hills’ most recent assault on his sanity, Scott appeared in the doorway, his eyes blown wide and a yawning toddler sitting on his hip.

Derek promptly started growling again, obviously torn between throwing himself in front of the pack cub and keeping the genie pinned to the ground.

The genie solved his conundrum by poofing out of existence, only to re-appear a moment later with an impish grin and a mimosa in her hand.

She winked at Stiles and then turned towards his goddaughter Eliza, who was giggling and staring at the genie in awe.

The genie smiled benevolently and snapped her fingers, conjuring a colorful glittery rattle out of thin air.

Eliza laughed with glee and reached out her arms for the rattle floating towards her, only to shriek in outrage when Derek leapt and snatched the toy out of the air.

With his teeth.

If it hadn’t been for the potentially dangerous genie to his left and the wounded shrieks of an upset toddler to his right, Stiles would have been rather amused at the sight of his furry boyfriend growling dangerously around the glittering rattle sticking out from each end of his snout.

“Guys?” Scott tried again, wincing when Eliza’s shrieks got louder.

Stiles glared at Derek reproachfully and Derek let the rattle clatter to the floor, looking both defiant and guilty.

“Oh for heaven’s sake!”

The genie let out an annoyed sound, her eyes dangerously narrowing at Derek.

“Listen, I don’t have all day, so let’s move this along, shall we?”

When she turned back to Stiles, her smile was significantly less jovial than before.

“Alright. Let’s try this again. Me, genie, omnipotent being of ethereal beauty who got stuck with a pretty shitty real estate deal! You, guy who just rubbed bacon grease all over my lamp and now gets to have three wishes because clearlyI have nothing better to do with my life!”

She stared at him meaningfully, obviously expecting exclamations of wonder and gratitude.


The genie sighed dramatically, taking a sip of her mimosa before fixing Stiles with a judgmental glare.  

“Troglodytes! Every single one of you! Seriously, you humans are just…ugh!”

She downed the rest of the mimosa, refilling it with another snap of her fingers.

“Guys? Can someone tell me what the hell is going on? Who is this person? Why is she in my living room? And where the hell did the rattle come from?”

Scott was starting to look a little annoyed, though Stiles wasn’t quite sure if it was because of the magical stranger in his living room or because his almost two-year old was grumpily gnawing on his shirtsleeve.

“Scott. Do you by any chance remember that lamp you got at the flea market?”

Stiles tried not to sound too judgmental, an admittedly hard feat as he watched the genie eye Derek’s half-eaten avocado-toast with suspicious interest.

Going by the threatening huff to his right, Derek had noticed, too, and Stiles prayed the genie was self-aware enough to know that one did not get in between a pissed-off millennial Alpha werewolf and his avocado toast.

When he turned back to Scott, his best friend was staring at him in confusion once more, and Stiles gestured at the lamp on the floor, raising both of his eyebrows meaningfully.

A moment later, Scott groaned.

“Oh man! I wasn’t even going to get it, but this nice old lady was selling katanas! It was three for the price of two and she gave me the lamp for free so I…”

He trailed off, his eyes widening in horror as he stared at the genie in growing realization.

Stiles despaired.


“Scott! Remember the last time a nice lady was handing out something for free in Beacon Hills? My dad is still traumatized!”

Derek growled in agreement and Scott huffed, looking offended.

“Hey! If she’d tried to give me cookies I definitely would have checked if they were laced with a love potion that would make you fall in love with your biggest adversary! Also, it’s not my fault your dad ended up with flowers, chocolates, and poems with horrendous phallic metaphors from like half the criminals in town!”

“They weren’t just metaphors, Scott. Some of them sent very realistic artistic renderings,” Stiles reminded him, his gaze flitting back to the genie when she let out a snort.

Scott huffed again, wincing when Eliza tugged at his ear.

“Still! I obviously wouldn’t have bought this ratty, old lamp if she hadn’t-”

Excuse me?”

The genie glared at Scott, her purple eyes flashing dangerously.

“Ratty? Old? I’m only three-thousand years old, so you better watch who you’re calling old!”

She crossed her arms over her chest, looking very put upon.

“I don’t deserve this, you know! I could have made it big in Hollywood! I could have been a star! But no! No, instead of being treated with respect and admiration, I’m literally stuck in this thankless dead-end job! I could have had it all, but no! Oh no! Not in this economy!”

She snorted, glaring at Stiles like he was personally responsible for her plight.

Ruby, my father used to say, Ruby you need to think of your future! Fame is great, but job security and benefits are priceless! Ha! You know what else he always tells me? That the entertainment industry is a fad! A fad! You know how long he’s been telling me that? Since before the Greeks built their amphitheaters! But no, not in this economy!”

She snorted and gestured animatedly, proceeding to shoot a burst of colorful sparkles from her fingertips in her agitation.  

Derek barked in alarm, but Eliza squealed in utter delight, her outrage over being denied the sparkly rattle clearly forgotten.

Having found her appreciative audience at last, the genie looked moderately cheered for a second.

Then, she glanced back at Stiles and her face turned gloomy once more.

“Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, three wishes. Rule number one, I can’t kill anybody, so if Cujo over there could simmer down, that would be lovely! Seriously, enough with the growling already, it’s not even remotely cute anymore!”

She threw Derek a withering glare and Derek glared right back, though Stiles could tell his mate had relaxed a little at her declaration of not being able to kill.

“Rule number two! I can’t bring anybody back from the dead! Rule number three, I can’t make anyone fall in love with anyone else, so if you were hoping for a romantic upgrade that doesn’t have doggie-breath, I’m afraid I can’t-”

“Stiles is not in need of a romantic upgrade, thank you! Also, that’s rule number two, not three, you should really get your facts straight!”

Derek had finally decided to change back to his human form and was glaring at the genie distrustfully, standing in the middle of the living room in all of his naked glory.

Having long gotten used to his mate’s complete lack of modesty after years of collecting rags of clothing whenever he spontaneously exploded into his wolf form and bounded away to fight the bad guys, Stiles didn’t even blink an eye.

The genie snorted, looking entirely unimpressed by both Derek’s abs and his sassy tone.

“Nope! It was actually Disney that got the order wrong! I should know, I signed the protest petition at the last genie convention in Anaheim!”

Derek blinked and the genie snorted again, her voice sounding more than just a little impatient when she turned back to Stiles.

“Oh, and please don’t turn all little Miss Beauty Pageant on me and wish for world peace or a good season for the Mets – the wish has to be related directly to you or else it won’t work at all. Speaking of wishes, can you please start making yours now? It’s been fun, truly, but I really don’t have all day!”

Stiles raised an eyebrow.

“Uh…sure? But shouldn’t I be able to at least give it some thought? You know, considering that the wishes can’t be undone and that I had no freaking clue genies were even a thing until about five minutes ago?”

The genie sighed dramatically, snapping her fingers to refill her mimosa once more.

“Oh jeez! Don’t tell me this is going to be another Becca K. or Lauren situation! That guy was such a jerk, by the way, you wouldn’t even believe what his third wish was!”

Scott frowned.

“Wait! Didn’t you just say you can’t make people fall in love?”

The genie rolled her eyes, looking at Scott with an almost pitying expression.

“I didn’t make those reality television idiots do anything! I just gave the guy the means to stop being so damn indecisive! It’s not my fault he freaked out afterwards!”

The genie shrugged, her eyes glinting with amusement.

“To tell you the truth, I wasn’t even supposed to work with them in the first place, but there was a mix-up at the office and my lamp got Fedexed to the wrong studio.”

She grinned, snatching a strawberry from the table.

“It was a bit of a surprise to me, too, since the hot guy with the horns and pitchfork usually calls dibs on reality television! Seriously, you aren’t going to get anywhere in that industry without signing a contract with him! How do you think that racist orange buffoon ever made it into that fancy mansion in Washington D.C. in the first place?”

She took another strawberry, looking decidedly smug.

“Pitchfork-Guy usually doesn’t appreciate it if someone else tries to get involved, but he really liked my work in this case! It’s just nice to feel appreciated, you know?”

The genie glared at Derek pointedly, then looked back at Stiles with a grin.

“Between you and me, the dude has also pitchforked his claim on the entire televangelism industry, and he sells private jets as a side-business! Remember that the next time Kenneth Copeland, Creflo Dollar, and Mike Murdock beg for a private jet on television and you’re wondering just who put that idea into their heads!”

She huffed, her nose twitching in disgust, and Stiles just gaped at her, a part of him still not sure he wasn’t hallucinating the entire situation.

After a moment, the genie sighed, grabbing a chocolate croissant from the table, and giving all of them the stink-eye.

“Oh alright! I guess I can give you twenty-four hours to decide on your wishes. I’ve always wanted to take the Haunted House tour of Beacon Hills anyways, so at least I’ll have something to do! No more than twenty-four hours though!”

Before Stiles had a chance to reply she was already gone, the only sign she’d been there at all a sparkling pink plush unicorn the size of a little pony sitting on the floor.

Eliza let out an impressively loud screech of delight that made all three men wince in unison.

“Scott, don’t-” Derek began, but Scott just shrugged and set his struggling child down, who instantly crawled over to the unicorn and wrapped her arms around it with an expression that reminded Stiles of Gollum and his precious.

“Beacon Hills, man,” Stiles exhaled, shaking his head exasperatedly.

Derek’s eyes flicked towards him briefly before he went back go glaring at the pack baby and the possibly cursed plushy unicorn, looking like he was seriously considering snatching it out of her grasp again.

Feeling the attention of her Alpha, Eliza looked up at him with an expression of sheer joy.

“Deedee!” she cried happily, and Derek sighed, closing his eyes in resignation.  

A moment later he was back in his wolf form and Stiles couldn’t help but grin as he watched his boyfriend trot over to the unicorn like he thought it was a bomb ready to explode.

“Deedee!” Eliza squealed again, and Derek whuffed, flopping down next to her and curling himself around her protectively.

Just in case.

Feeling confident that Derek had the unicorn situation under control, Stiles turned back to Scott, who was staring at the cardboard box that the lamp had come in.

“Beacon Hills. Man! Only Beacon Hills!”

“Tell me about it!” Stiles groaned, wiping a hand across his face and letting out a soft exhale.

“So. Three wishes, huh?”

“Yep. No pressure or anything.”

Scott snorted.

“Man! Kira is going to be so mad that she missed this! She’s been complaining about being stuck in the house and missing out on all the action for weeks! It figures that the one time the girls take her out to get pampered is when the action is literally taking place in our living room!”

Stiles chuckled, shooting a quick glance at the black wolf on the floor, who was pointedly ignoring him.

“Yeah well, it’s probably for the best she wasn’t around. We all know that being eight months pregnant isn’t stopping Kira from being the badass she is, but she doesn’t have to live with Mr. Constant Vigilance over there, who has literally had nightmares of Kira stumbling onto her katana and accidentally performing a C-section on herself. Nightmares, Scott. It wasn’t pretty.”

Scott hummed, looking at Derek appreciatively.

Derek huffed but didn’t look back, his attention clearly occupied with more pressing matters that currently included Eliza bopping the plush unicorn’s nose against Derek’s snout.

His boyfriend looked like he was regretting all of his life choices.

Stiles didn’t believe him for even a second.

“Anyway, I’m just glad it was you and not Eliza who freed the genie!” Scott continued, shuddering with a grimace.  

“Can you even imagine what she would have wished for! Lately, all she’s been interested in has been opening every cabinet she can reach and destroying everything inside! She could have destroyed the house!”

“Nah, she would have wished for unbreakable china. Or maybe a sudden shortage of childproof locks. She’s pragmatic that way,” Stiles mused, grinning when Scott let out a weary groan.

Stiles clapped him on the shoulder, his grin widening when he turned back to the adorable spectacle of Eliza repeatedly bopping a plushy unicorn nose against Derek’s snout.

Derek seemed to have resigned himself to his fate, though Stiles couldn’t help but notice he was still watching the stuffed animal suspiciously.

He was a good Alpha that way.

“So. What are you going to wish for?”

Scott bumped their shoulders together, looking at him expectantly.

Stiles sighed.

“I have no freaking clue.”






“God, yes! Harder, yeah, right there! Come on Alpha, breed me!”

“Careful what you wish for,” Derek grinned, catching Stiles’ lips in a sloppy kiss.  

Then, he picked up the pace and Stiles threw his head back with a breathy moan, followed by a loud groan when Derek fucked into him and rubbed his boyfriend’s prostate just right.

He didn’t indulge Derek like this very often, but it had been a long day and Stiles figured that Derek deserved some pampering, after he’d so heroically defended Stiles from the genie and refrained from secretly stuffing the sparkly unicorn into the nearest dumpster.

“Do you want to mark me? Want to show the world that I’m yours?”

Mine!” Derek panted, his eyes flashing red in confirmation.

“You want to breed me? Want me to get big and round with your cubs?”

Yes!” Derek breathed, his voice hitching as he bent forward to suck a mark into Stiles’ neck.

It was still a relatively new addition to their sex life, as Derek had been terribly self-conscious about his little kink and hadn’t actually come out and admitted it until a little less than a year ago.

When Stiles had finally coaxed it out of him, Derek’s cheeks had been splotchy red and he hadn’t quite been able to look Stiles in the eye as he’d shared his most secret, kinkiest fantasies, his voice so low and choked that Stiles had barely been able to understand him.

“It’s not...I don’t actually want to get you pregnant, I just...I mean...the wolf...ever since I became an Alpha it’s been’s an urge and I’re just so perfect for me and it’s like...the wolf wants...the wolf thinks I should...I don’’s complicated!”


Technically an understatement when it came to Derek and his relationship with happiness.

Stiles loved him, however, and part of loving him meant that he’d made it his mission to uncomplicate Derek’s life as much as he could.

Even if he had, admittedly, been a little weirded out by the idea at first.

Derek had given him space to think about it, however, and Stiles had given the matter enough thought to feel like he got where Derek was coming from.

After all, the Alpha instinct to grow the pack was almost overwhelmingly strong, and Stiles still vividly remembered what Derek had been like after Kira had announced her pregnancy with Eliza, his eyes glowing red almost constantly and his overprotective mode going into overdrive as he'd terrorized poor Kira with lectures about nutrition, supplied her with copious amounts of belly butter, and forced Scott into extra training sessions so he could protect and defend Kira and the cub at all costs.

So yes.

Stiles had known the Alpha instinct to grow and protect the pack was strong, but he hadn’t quite considered the breeding aspect of it all, given that his Alpha was currently dating a person sans uterus and – if Cora was to be believed – had recently purchased a ring to declare his intentions for a more permanent arrangement.

He also definitely hadn’t considered the idea of Derek wanting to breed him in this scenario, though it was admittedly a relief that Derek’s wolf clearly considered him the worthiest candidate to carry the Alpha’s cub.

After all, Lydia was the smartest, Isaac had the prettiest hair, Erica was the most resilient, Boyd was definitely the strongest, and Jackson’s loins held the potential for killer cheekbones for days, but Derek’s wolf had still decided to put his biologically impossible cubs into Stiles.

It was all kinds of ridiculous and really fucking flattering, and though Stiles wouldn’t have ranked Derek’s breeding kink in his top-ten favorite sexy time activities, there was one thing he was really into about the whole fantasy.

Mainly, seeing just how much Derek trusted him.

How much he was opening up to him.

How precious a gift it was that Derek was asking for what he truly wanted because he knew, loved, and trusted Stiles enough to give it to him.


That was really doing it for Stiles.

Enough so that he’d long stopped feeling silly over growling playfully and turning over to present himself to his Alpha.

Enough so that he no longer felt weird about Derek rubbing his hands up and down his flat and very definitely not even a little bit pregnant feeling belly as he fucked into him and told him how beautiful he was going to be when he carried his cubs.

Enough so that he almost regretted that it wasn’t actually possible when they were snuggling afterwards, their hands clasped over his lower belly as they slowly drifted off to sleep.

It was a kink.

Nothing more.

It wasn’t even Stiles’ kink, though he had to admit that the sight of Derek enthusiastically fucking into him and panting about giving him strong cubs was...strangely appealing in a way.

Stiles grinned up at Derek, right before he threw back his head and bared his neck in a way that he knew would hit his boyfriend right in the wolfy feels.

“Fuck, Derek! I want it! Want it so badly, Alpha! Breed me! Breed me until it takes! Breed me until I’m so full I won’t be able to walk! Want it so badly, fuck, want to be so big and round with your cubs!”

Your wish is my command!”

“What the...ungh!”

In a flash, Derek was no longer inside Stiles but pinning him down with his whole body instead, covering him in a growling, snarling, furious werewolf blanket.

“Derek, get off of me, what...what the hell just happened!”


Across the room, Ruby the genie was floating in the air with a truly affronted expression, this time dressed exactly like Barbara Eden in I Dream of Jeannie.

“What the fuck is going on?” Stiles demanded, trying to make himself heard over Derek’s ferocious growling.

He tried to wiggle out from under his 200-pound security blanket, but Derek wasn’t having any of it, his grip on Stiles tightening without letting the genie out of his sight.

Ruby sighed in exasperation, her eyes flashing purple as she threw Derek a truly withering glare.

“Seriously? Again? What’s the problem this time, Cujo? Didn’t I just grant your lover his first wish? I understand you were literally raised by wolves, but at least some gratitude would be nice, you know!”

“Wait! What?”

Stiles pushed against Derek’s chest with more insistence and finally succeeded in getting out from under him, only to be pushed right back behind Derek’s back when the werewolf scrambled to his knees and tried to shield him again.

He was still growling, but Stiles was no longer paying attention to him, his gaze fixed on the genie instead as he tried to parse out what she’d just said.

“What? What do you mean? What the hell did you do?”

The genie sighed, throwing her arms up in the air dramatically and fixing him with a patronizing glare.   

“I granted your wish, silly! A rather unorthodox wish, I admit, but not unprecedented either. Why, I remember there was that one time when Henry the Eighth really, really wanted a son and figured that no woman would ever be worthy enough to carry him. That one was rude, too, you know, he even threatened to behead me if I didn’t grant him that wish. Behead me! Can you even imagine!”

She scoffed, crossing her arms over her chest with a devilish grin.

“Let’s just say he ended up getting the son he wanted, but it certainly wasn’t the male heir that made the history books! Ha! The murderous misogynist had it coming though, even my father agreed it’s one of my greatest twists!”

Stiles’ eyes widened, his chest clenching in horror even as his brain tried to slip into the sweet abyss of denial. 


The genie rolled her eyes, shaking her head in mock disapproval.

“Oh dear. Abstinence Only Education really hasn’t done you two any favors, has it? Let me explain – no wait, there is too much, let me sum up. When a werewolf boy loves a human boy very much, sometimes the werewolf sticks his penis in the human guy’s butt and then the human grows a baby in his kick-ass magical uterus, and then they live happily ever af...”

“Magical what? Uterus? WHAT?

The genie exhaled a puff of sparkly air, throwing her hands up in exasperation once more.

“Jeeesh, should I get my crayons and draw you a picture? You wished to be able to carry Cujo’s furry love-cubs, so I gave you a temporary magical uterus to do so! Is it really that hard to understand?”

In front of him, Derek stopped growling.

Going by the tense line of his shoulders and his ramrod rigid spine, Stiles was pretty sure his boyfriend had possibly stopped breathing altogether.


Stiles took a deep breath.

And another.

It couldn’t be true.

There was no way.

He was going to be calm about this.

Then, Derek let out a quiet sound that Stiles had never heard him make before.

It was a hurt sound.

A lost sound.

Stiles exploded. 

“Are you fucking kidding me! What the hell! Seriously! What the fucking hell, how could you...why would you...fuck!”

He jumped out of the bed, unable to ignore that Derek remained completely still and didn’t even try to stop him.

“You’re kidding! You’re fucking kidding me! You did not just give me a uterus! Tell me you didn’t!”

The genie frowned at him, her purple eyes narrowing petulantly.

“I never joke about my work,” she huffed, the corners of her mouth twitching in what she clearly thought was a cocky grin.

“I don’t believe you! It’s a trick! You’re fucking with us! You have to be! There’s no way you gave me a u-“

Dude!” the genie interrupted, rolling her eyes and huffing exaggeratedly.

“Do I look like I make a habit of interrupting two guys during sexy times to grow them a temporary uterus as a prank? Who do you think I am? Ilithya, goddess of childbirth and midwifery? I have better things to do with my life, thanks!”

She waved her hands dramatically, as if to convey just how outrageous she found Stiles’ suggestion.

“Don’t get me wrong, Lithy is really nice! We even had tea once but man, does that woman have nothing on her mind but babies! I’m only three-thousand years old, I’m just not ready for kids yet, no matter how often my father hints that he’s not getting any younger and would really like some grandki...”

I don’t care!” Stiles barked, glaring at the genie who huffed and glared right back.

“Okay, rude? You two are very well matched that way, jeesh, a little thank you would have sufficed! Anyway, you two obviously still have know...properly finish, but once you do, there’s going to be the pitter patter of tiny werewolf feet in just abou-”


Derek had found his voice again and it came out in a mighty roar, his Beta shift taking over as he surged in front of Stiles once more.

“Undo it! Right now!”

Derek’s voice was barely more than a growl, sounding absolutely furious and lethal.

“You had no right to fuck with his body like that! No fucking right! Take it back! Take it back or I’ll-“

“Or you’ll what, Cujo? Rip me to shreds? Why are you so angry anyway? He wished for it!”

“I did not! I never would have wished for something like this!” Stiles exclaimed angrily, suddenly feeling torn between helpless hysterical laughter and yelling in frustration when the growling werewolf in front of him suddenly became very quiet once more.


That was not how he’d meant it.

The genie frowned, crossing her arms over her chest in defiance.

“Uhm...except you did! You said – and I quote – Want it so badly, fuck, want to be so big and round with your cubs! What else was that supposed to mean?”

Derek let out a shocked gasp and Stiles was right there with him, his heart suddenly thumping in his chest as he realized just what had happened.

“ You did not just tell me that you poofed in here right in the middle of kinky sexy time role play and took anything I just said literally. Nu-uh. Nope. You didn’t!”

The genie blinked.


She stared at them, her arms dropping from her chest and her expression going from petulant annoyance to horrified realization.

“Role play. Role play? What do you even ... oh. Oh. Oh no.”

“Oh no? Oh no?”

Stiles stared at her in stunned horror and the genie let out a dramatic groan, flopping down onto the bed in truly dramatic fashion.

For a moment, nobody said anything, and Stiles briefly entertained the blissful fantasy that it was just a dream and he was going to wake up any second.

Then, Derek let out another furious growl right next to him and the genie flinched back, flashing them an almost manic grin.

“No! Nope! No, no, no, no, no! You knew I was waiting and ready to grant you those wishes! You knew what you were doing just now! You said Fuck, Derek! I want it! Want it so badly, Alpha! Breed me! Breed me until it takes! Breed me until I’m so full I won’t be able to walk! Want it so badly, fuck, want to be so big and round with your cubs!”

She clapped her hands, her eyes flashing wildly as she gave them a triumphant look.

“See? You wished for it!”

“Except I didn’t!” Stiles argued back, crossing his arms over his chest with a frown.

“No, I technically didn’t. I said want. I never said wish! So there! It doesn’t count! You have to undo it!”

“He’s right!” Derek snarled, his red eyes briefly flitting to Stiles before he glared at the genie once more.

“You have to undo it. He never wished for anything!”

“Are you guys serious right now?” the genie groaned, rubbing at her temples and looking at them like she thought theywere the crazy people in the room.

“Seriously? Seriously?”

She snapped her fingers, her I Dream of Jeannie outfit morphing into a pink dress that made her look like she’d just stepped out of a promotional poster for Legally Blonde.

A second later, a large dusty tome sailed through the open window and the genie began rifling through it, clucking her tongue in disapproval as she read through page after page.

“No. Nope. Nu-uh. No, that’s not it either. That’s...huh...” the genie trailed off, frowning contemplatively and scratching her temple.

Stiles straightened.

“Huh? Huh is good, isn’t it? That sounded like a god huh!”

The genie sighed, snapping the tome closed again and giving him the stink-eye.

“Well. There’s a paragraph in here that I means I could try to appeal the wish on account of a technicality, but honestly? The outcome is highly doubtful and also the amount of paperwork I’d have to submit would take me about six decades to fill out.”

She shook her head, holding up her hands when Derek let out another growl and Stiles opened his mouth to protest.

“I’m serious. We had a vote back in the day about which bureaucratic system to use when we first started the business, you see, and the Flaschengeister from Germany won. It’s been a nightmare of forms and regulations ever since.”

She winced, giving them a look that was almost apologetic.

“I’m sorry. I’m afraid you really did make your first wish.”

“Then my second wish is to undo the first wish!” Stiles snapped, his chest tightening with anxiety when the genie shook her head immediately.

“Didn’t you listen to me earlier? Wishes are permanent!”

She glared at them, her purple eyes sparkling in annoyance as she threw up her hands in frustration.

“Ruby, grant me the ability to please the ladies! Ruby, I want the King at my wedding! Ruby, I wish to write a bestseller! You people don’t ever think before you wish, do you?”

She huffed, shaking her head angrily.

“Seriously! You grant one horny Venetian clerical reject a wish and what do you get as a thank you? A mindbogglingly high number of illegitimate children and a syphilis epidemic all over Europe! Some idiot wants a King at his wedding and none of the European royals are available? Suddenly there’s Elvis Wedding Chapels everywhere and it’s supposedly your fault! A nice little lady asks you for a burst of harmless inspiration? Harmless my ass! Before you know it, the League of Vampires is suing you for defamation because they can’t take a joke and would rather take offense at fucking sparkles!”

The genie huffed, looking thoroughly betrayed.

“My father is still pissed about that last one, by the way! Says I completely ruined his legacy! Ha! As if he was the one who popularized the vampire genre when he told that Stoker guy about the legend of Vlad Tepes that one time they met and had a nice chat over tea and crumpets!”

Stiles shook his head, holding up both hands.

“Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa, stop there for a second! Are you trying to say that this is our fault?”

The genie glared.


Stiles sputtered.

“That is literally blaming the victim! The victim being me and my magically new uterus that I never fucking asked for to begin with!”

“I got that now, thanks! No need to rub it in!” the genie snapped back, her annoyed expression crumbling into one of self-pity.

“And I was doing so well! Oopsie-free since ’93! Shit! Shit, shit, shit, my father is going to kill me!” she moaned, burying her face in her hands with a heavy sigh.

“Oopsie,” Derek repeated, his voice flat and his entire body radiating tension.

“This isn’t okay,” he continued, still in that horribly flat tone, and Stiles wanted to smash something when he realized what was happening.

“Derek. Derek, this isn’t-“ he began, but Derek didn’t listen to him, his shoulders drawing tightly together as he took a step forward.  

“This is my fault. Mine. I talked him into doing this. He shouldn’t have to suffer just because I-“

“Stop it!” Stiles said firmly, stepping around his boyfriend and grasping his face, entirely unsurprised to see those gorgeous hazel eyes wrecked with guilt and misery.

“This isn’t your fault, alright? You had no way of knowing she was spying on us and also, I didn’t fucking wish for anything! This isn’t your fault, and it isn’t mine either! It’s hers! It’s all hers!”

Derek bit on his lip and looked down, clearly entirely unconvinced on the subject of who was to blame and who should be punished.

Yes. Stiles definitely wanted to smash something.

Instead, he turned back to genie.

“Fix it. Whatever you have to do. Fix it!”

“But it’s not that simple!” the genie protested, holding up both hands when both the human and werewolf in the room let out a growl.

“Alright, alright, alright! I guess I could talk to my father, maybe. He’s the big boss, if anyone knows of a loophole to fix this, it’s him,” she continued weakly, tearing off her pink hat and wringing it between her fingers as she muttered something that sounded suspiciously like going to kill me.

“Yes. You do that. Right now!” Derek snarled, his canines lengthening for emphasis and his voice brimming with fury again.

For a moment, the now familiar expression of petulance flashed in the genie’s eyes once more.

Then, she was gone, the only sign that she’d been there at all a faint shimmer of magic in the air.

For a long, uncomfortable moment, the silence in the bedroom felt almost suffocating.

However, when Stiles took a deep breath and opened his mouth, Derek instantly beat him to it.

“I’m not going to touch you!”

Stiles froze.

“What? What are you talking about?”

Derek wasn’t even looking at him, his hands balled into fists at his side and his head bent in a display of utter shame and guilt.

“I’m not going to touch you until she fixes what she did to you. I’m not going to risk doing...doing that to you! I won’t even come near you, I won’t-“

“Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa, no! You can touch me, Derek. You can always touch me! I trust you! I know you’d never force me, why would you even say something like that?”

“I...I...I can’t...”

Derek sounded like he was dying, possibly, and as someone who got to experience that sound on a far more regular basis than was good for his heart and sanity, Stiles was immediately alert.

“Derek? Derek, what’s wrong?”

He took a step forward, trying to reach for Derek’s face to reassure him, only to jerk back when Derek all but flung himself away and darted around the bed, putting an impenetrable object between them, and looking like he was point five seconds away from bolting out the window.

“Derek? Derek, what-“

“Your smell!” Derek groaned, finally looking at him and making Stiles gasp as he took in the way Derek’s eyes burned red.

“You wolf...I can’t...everything inside me wants to...I have to go! This is...I can control myself, of course I can, but...this feels...I can’t...I’m sorry!”

He was gone a moment later, and as Stiles stared at the door to their bedroom swinging shut, he figured he should probably be grateful that his distraught mate had taken the stairs instead of jumping off the roof, at least.

A moment later, a wolf started howling in misery.

Stiles groaned.

“Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck!”





It had been a week since the genie had disappeared from their bedroom.

Seven days in which they’d neither heard from her nor made any progress on finding a solution to the conundrum on their own.

168 hours since Derek had last touched him.

10,080 minutes since he’d last seen Derek smile.

604,800 seconds since Stiles had possibly lost the last of his marbles, because he’d been seriously considering the possibility of carrying Derek’s child ever since the werewolf had essentially fled from their home.

Pitter patter of tiny werewolf feet.

It was ridiculous.

There was no way they would be able to pull it off.

Stiles was an FBI agent.

If he rolled up at the bureau with a belly full of cubs, he was going to end up as a casefile in the X-Files division that his supervisors swore did not exist and that Stiles was one-hundred percent sure was operating right under his nose.

Not to mention the Beacon Hills’ geriatric gossip circle meeting up at Bingo night.

And still.


A cub.

Derek’s cub.

A perfect little mixture of them both, who was going to have Stiles’ wit and Derek’s heart and who was going to be the most adorable, beautiful, and best little baby that the world had ever seen.


At least Stiles hoped it would come out a baby.

Not a literal cub with fangs and claws.

Granted, Stiles hadn’t devoted too much thought to the actual mechanics of the birth just yet, but he did know that he definitely didn’t want fangs and claws of any kind involved in what would undoubtedly turn out to be a gruesome and gory scenario regardless.

So yeah.

He hoped it wouldn’t be a literal cub.

Or cubs, as he had so foolishly babbled about during their ill-fated sexual escapade.

Then again, it could have been worse.

The genie could have listened in on them during one of the times when he’d tried to rile up his mate by promising him an entire litter of puppies instead.

It was official.

Stiles was going to go insane, and it was mostly due to the fact that he was spending his long-earned vacation researching this year’s maternity collection and breast pumps while the love of his life looked at him like he’d killed Stiles’ puppy and generally avoided him like a pariah.

Also, he was going to develop an allergy to AXE body spray any second now, though running around while drenched in cologne and making all the werewolves sneeze was a small price to pay for the relief he could see in Derek’s eyes every time he managed to get into his vicinity.

It was his smell, apparently.

His fragrant, delicious, fertile smell.

It wasn’t like Derek had actually abandoned him, of course.

He still checked in with Stiles via text while he was running round number five-thousand and three hundred sixty-five to secure the territory, clearly of the opinion that Stiles wouldn’t see through his super clever scheme to avoid talking about their conundrum.

At first, Stiles hadn’t really wanted to talk about it either, of course, but after seven days of finding himself touching his stomach constantly and daydreaming about blowing raspberries on chubby little tummies, Stiles was starting to admit that they really needed to have a conversation here.

Of course, a part of him knew the outcome full well, as Derek had left a bag of freshly made curly fries on the kitchen counter almost every night since the genie had poofed out of their living room.

Granted, Stiles couldn’t be a hundred percent sure, but he was also pretty damn certain his sour wolf was already trying his best to be a good provider to a mate with a belly full of no-longer-impossible cubs.

All while keeping his distance to avoid succumbing to his painful instinctual urge to ravish Stiles’ loins and make that belly full of cubs happen, that was.

As he jerked his hand away from his stomach for the millionth time, Stiles knew two things full well.

One, Derek’s misery wasn’t just caused by an instinctual urge.

Two, they really need to have a talk.

As soon as he could get Derek alone, that was.





“I need you to understand that this wasn’t your fault!”

Derek froze, dropping the new offering of curly fries and turning around with glowing red eyes as Stiles barged into the kitchen while holding a can of AXE at the ready.

“Sorry, is this okay? I can spray on some more, but I just...we need to talk!”

Derek sighed, shaking his head.

“No, you don’ don’t need to. That first night was was too overwhelming. I’m used to it now. You don’t have to...don’t.”

“Thank god,” Stiles breathed, setting down the can and crossing his arms over his chest as well, taking in the bags under Derek’s eyes and kicking himself for not having this conversation much sooner.  

“Derek. I wasn’t your fault.”

“Stiles, I...”

“No, listen to me! You’ve been running circles of man-pain and guilt around the territory for days and I need you to stop beating yourself up over this! It wasn’t your fault! If anything, it was mine!”

“Bullshit!” Derek barked, crossing his arms over his chest, and narrowing his eyes in angry defiance.

“I know you’re not actually...I know you’re not into the whole thing as much as I am! I know you don’t mind, but you also don’t...there’s no way you genuinely wished for this, so it isn’t your fault at all!”

“Except you can’t compare the two at all! Just because breeding isn’t at the top of my kink list, that doesn’t mean that I don’t actually want to have a family with you!”


Derek gaped, looking truly shocked for a second.

Then, he shook his head vigorously, holding up his hands.

“No! No, no, no! You’re only saying that because you don’t want me to feel bad about this! If she hadn’t forced us into the situation, you wouldn’t even be considering it! You’ve never said something about us having kids before, this isn’t…you don’t actually want this!”

“I do,” Stiles said firmly, crossing the space between them with four larges strides and hesitating only briefly before grabbing Derek’s shoulders.

“I do want a family with you. I didn’t know how to bring it up before, because...well...I didn’t want to pressure you. Having a baby would would make us more vulnerable than we’ve ever been, and I didn’t know if you wanted to take the risk. You kept assuring me that your breeding kink had nothing to do with us having an actual family and you were so damn insistent about it that I thought...I think I misjudged the situation. Did I misjudge the situation, Derek?”

Derek bit his lip and looked away, though not fast enough for Stiles not to notice the glimmer in his eyes.

It had been tiny.

Easy to miss.

Stiles knew his mate too well for that, though, and he’d seen it.



“I can’t ask this of you.”

Derek’s eyes were hazel when he looked back up, his voice warm and soft and his expression achingly torn between hope and sadness.

“Stiles, I cannot ask this of you. You’re human. I’m a werewolf, my body is literally made for shifting and adapting, but you’re human and I can’t...the thought of you coming to harm because of me is just...I can’t ask this of you.”

“But you want it.”


“No, Derek. Please be honest with me. Do you want me to have your baby?”

Derek bit his lip, his entire body tense and ready to bolt as he visibly forced himself to meet Stiles’ gaze.


His voice was paper-thin, so low that Stiles could barely hear him.

He smiled.

“Good. Because guess what, you doofus – I want it, too! I know it’s probably the craziest idea I’ve ever had – and there’s a lot of competition, just ask my dad – but I really do want it, too!”

“You do? You really do? Are you really sure?”

Derek sounded like he could barely believe what he’d just heard.

Stiles got that.

He, too, could barely believe that this was his life.

He wanted it, though.

He wanted it with everything he had.

“Yeah. I’m sure. I’m a little freaked out about the mechanics, I’m not going to lie. You better step your pain-drain mojo up for the next couple of months, because I did a lot of googling over the past week and constipation, back-aches, and swollen feet are not my idea of a good time! Also, did you know that you can buy baby-wipe warmers on Amazon? Not important. Anyway, I’m sure. As long as you’re in this with me.”

Stiles,” Derek breathed, his expression crumbling as he surged forward and buried his nose into the crook of Stiles’ neck.

When his arms wound around him and squeezed tightly, Stiles had his answer.

His sourwolf was in this with him.

It was the only thing that truly mattered.

“You know what else I’m sure about?” he whispered softly, carding his fingers through Derek’s hair, and pressing a kiss to the side of his head when the werewolf let out a hitched breath.

“I did a lot of research this week. Want to know what I found?”

“Baby-wipe warmers on Amazon?” Derek croaked, and Stiles chuckled, nuzzling his forehead affectionately.

“That, too. That’s not what I meant though. I found out something about genies, too. Turns out, they have a couple more super strict rules than the three that Ruby laid out in such dramatic fashion. They can’t bring anybody back from the dead – and they can’t just create a new person from scratch either.”

Derek tensed and Stiles immediately soothed him with more kisses, hugging him tightly when the werewolf let out a questioning sound.

“No, no, not like that. My brand-new baby-oven is definitely legit. Melissa checked and is still in shock, remember? What I meant is that they can’t magically conjure up a baby out of thin air – but they can give someone the means to have one. If it’s genuine. All these wishes? They have to be genuine.”

“What about the king at the wedding?” Derek asked skeptically, pulling back, and looking at Stiles with wide eyes.

Stiles grinned, shaking his head with a little shrug.

“Are you trying to tell me you understand Jackson’s taste even half the time?”

Derek snorted and Stiles grinned wider, grasping Derek’s face, and gently stroking his cheekbones.

“What I’m trying to say is that these genies might have some creative license when it comes to the small stuff, but not about something like this. Not about life. New life, that is. It wasn’t just role-play, Derek. To be honest, it hasn’t really been just role play for a while. I wanted it then, too. I just hadn’t admitted it to myself yet.”

“Yeah?” Derek whispered, his eyes wide and wet and his lips stretching into a bright, joyful smile.

Stiles had missed that smile.

When Derek placed a gentle hand on his abdomen and let out a soft sound of wonder, Stiles was certain he was never going to have to part with that smile ever again.





“Great news, everyone! My father says there’s a loophole after all, there’s...guys? Guys? What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

Derek immediately started growling, his eyes flashing threateningly red over Stiles’ naked shoulder as he glared at the genie.

Stiles exhaled in exasperation and took a momentary break from riding Derek to turn his head towards the genie, raising his eyebrows and giving her an unimpressed look.

“What does it look like?” he asked, shaking his head at her before turning back to claim Derek’s lips in a heated kiss once more, effectively shutting up the growling even though the grip that Derek had on his waist was still as tight as a vice.

“ said that...I figured out how to fix it!” the genie squawked, waving her arms dramatically and letting out a truly scandalized sound when Derek completely ignored her antics and busied himself with sucking another mark into Stiles’ neck instead.

“Seriously? In front of my salad? I’m floating right here! Guys? Hello? I can fix it, I can-“

“No need, thank you,” Stiles called out happily, deciding that he, too, had no fucks left to give as he rolled his hips and sunk deeper onto Derek’s cock.

“Turns out, I wanted to carry a bunch of sourwolf puppies after all. Who knew, right? Anyway, can you leave now? So we did you put it...properly finish!”

“My father grounded me for a century over this!” the genie exclaimed, shaking her head so wildly that her Barbara Eden-style fez almost flew off her blonde curls.

“Hashtag: So Sad!” Stiles said cheerfully, turning back to Derek and capturing his lips in a bruising kiss.

“Un-fucking-believable!” the genie exclaimed, and Derek grinned against Stiles’ mouth, his entire body radiating smugness as he fucked up hard into Stiles and made him see stars.

Behind them, the genie huffed and snapped her fingers.  

Given that Derek had just started coming with a drawn-out groan, Stiles couldn’t have cared less about the fact that he was suddenly covered in bright pink sparkles.





Four Years Later

“Daddy, Daddy, look! I drawed it!”

Stiles barely had a chance to actually look before his arms were full of wriggling werewolf, his daughter’s ponytails tickling his nose and almost making him sneeze to her utter delight.

“You drew me something, honey-pie?” Stiles asked, ruffling her hair, and kissing her button-nose.

Evie nodded excitedly, holding up a crumpled piece of paper and proudly waving her newest artwork like it was the holy grail.

“Look Daddy, look! It’s for you!”

“Is it…the abominable snowman?” Stiles asked, grinning when Evie let out an impatient noise.

“No Daddy! Guess again!”

“Is it…a space cloud?” Stiles tried again and Evie giggled, shaking her head determinedly. 

“No Daddy! One guess left!”

“Is it...a sun with eyes?” Stiles tried next, studiously ignoring Derek’s snort when Evie squealed, “No Daddy! It’s you! With us in your belly!”

“Oh really Evie-Breezy? That’s me with you three in my belly?”

“That’s why I drawed your belly so big,” Evie explained patiently, and Stiles raised his eyebrows at Derek in silent judgment, once more questioning the necessity of the fancy portrait Derek had commissioned from a werewolf-painter in New York City three weeks before the triplets’ birth, ignoring Stiles’ protestations with a simple, “I don’t want to ever forget how gorgeous you were!” when he had hung it on the wall in their bedroom.

It had taken the children a while to make the connection between Heavily-Pregnant-Why-Is-This-Happening-To-Me-What-Did-I-Ever-Do-To-Deserve-This-I-Can’t-Believe-I-Let-You-Talk-Me-Into-Posing-Hell-Everything-Hurts-Gaaaah-I-Hate-Genies-Stiles in the picture and their beloved daddy with his snuggly-soft tummy that they saw every day, but now that they had figured out their origin story, Evie in particular was quite delighted at the idea that she might have been antagonizing her brothers even in the womb.

Looks-wise, his only daughter and youngest triplet was a Hale through and through, her hazel eyes and dark hair paired with Stiles’ personality and an unholy amount of energy.

Their oldest triplet, Cameron, was more reserved like Derek but had come out as Stiles incarnate, looking so eerily like him that Stiles had started labeling his baby-pictures so he wouldn’t get them confused with his own.

Finneas, meanwhile, was their middle-child in every sense of the word, a perfect mixture between Derek and Stiles on the outside and both mischievous like Evie and mellow like Cam on the inside.

He was the tallest of their children, could almost outrun Derek when they played chase in the park, and he was also their cuddle-bug who was the first to crawl into their bed in the morning to demand snuggles, his tiny fists rubbing against Derek’s stubbled cheek or gently patting Stiles’ face.

Stiles missed morning sex, he wasn’t going to lie, but he wouldn’t have traded those sleepy snuggles with his babies for anything in the world.

“Look Papa! I drawed Daddy!” Evie interrupted his musings, and Stiles couldn’t help his snort of amusement when Derek, wrapped his arms around Stiles from behind and rubbed his stomach with an affectionate hum, leaning over his shoulder to bump his nose against Evie’s.

“The resemblance is remarkable,” he assured her, adding, “It looks just like Daddy!” when Stiles whispered, “Big-Words-Alert” under his breath.

“Yes! Pretty like Daddy, right Papa?” Evie asked, beaming up her father.

Derek laughed fondly, kissing her head as he took her out of Stiles’ arms and twirled her before setting her on the ground with a whispered, “You are the prettiest princess there ever was.”

“You might not be my prettiest princess, but you are certainly pretty,” Derek grinned when the children were occupied once more, and Stiles rolled his eyes at his husband’s corniness, drawing him in by his hips and kissing him softly.

“I’m not sure I would use the word pretty for this drawing though,” Stiles whispered when they broke apart, holding it up for Derek to see in all its glory as they walked over to the couch and snuggled against each other.

“I mean, she got my eyes, I’ll give her that, but the proportions are definitely a little off. Granted, I probably was that big, but I am pretty sure I still had legs,” he mused, tapping Derek’s nose with a raised eyebrow when the werewolf stroked Stiles’ sides with an utterly sappy expression on his face.

“Whatever you’re thinking Papa-Wolf, the shop is closed for business,” he said meaningfully, and Derek grinned, whispering, “I know, I know,” as he placed his palms on Stiles’ belly.

“You can’t blame me for missing it though. You were so gorgeous when you were carrying my cubs,” he said gently, and Stiles grinned, looking over to said cubs currently attempting to build a Lego Duplo tower and raising his eyebrows when he turned back to their werewolf papa.

“You kept saying that, but by the end your eyes were twitching quite a bit, my love,” he teased, chuckling when Derek huffed.

“If anything, my eyes were twitching because I was so worried about you. Didn’t stop me from falling in love with you all over again every single day though,” the werewolf said softly, ducking his head sheepishly when Stiles muttered, “Sappy Wolf,” under his breath.

“You can call me sappy all you want, but watching them grow inside you and knowing that you were willing to go through all of it so we could have a was the most amazing experience of my life. Even though...”

He trailed off, giving Stiles another sheepish smile when he raised a questioning eyebrow.

“It’s just...some days I almost wished I could have experienced it from your point of view, too. When they moved for the first time and you smiled like you’d never felt more peace in your life...when you talked to them at night...when you rested your hand on your belly just because...I used to wonder what it was like to feel that bond to them, to know that you were keeping them safe inside of you. I wasn’t envious, I just...I wish I could have felt it, too.”

Stiles hummed, snuggling against Derek’s chest, and patting his muscular abdomen.

“You would have taken to it really well, I think. There’s something about the whole experience that...I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s not like we don’t have our hands full with these three, even though I’m sure Evie would love a little sister or maybe a dozen. But still...I guess maybe there is a part of me that wishes I could have watched our children grow inside of you as well. I have a feeling it would have been quite magnificent. I wish-”

The air shimmered before Stiles could finish his sentence.

Your wish is my command!”

A second later, the couch was covered in sparkles.

For a long, awkward moment, nobody said anything.

Then, Derek turned to Stiles.

“Uh...babe?” Derek said faintly, his eyes blown wide open and his skin turning into an alarming shade of pale.

“Yes, my love?” Stiles replied weakly.

“How…how many little sisters for Evie did you just talk about? One, right? It was one?”

Stiles swallowed.


Holy Shit!”