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In the Hopes That We'll Meet Again

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Alice once again found herself standing in front of a well-worn marble slate amidst the bleak atmosphere of a darkening sky. According to her calculations there was a 92% likelihood of a rainshower and she, not for the first time, found herself grateful for being made to be waterproof.


She visits this place every single year, on this very day, without fail. Once upon a time she would have hated the idea of wasting a whole day doing nothing, but the person in front of her had changed her irrevocably. 


“Hey there Six,” Alice greeted, “It’s that time of the year again.”


Only silence greeted her, not that she expected anything different. Instead she took the items she had brought and lined them up neatly on the ground in front of the stone slab that lay in front of her.

“I brought you a couple of things.” She elaborated, “There’s some of that stupid Kisaragi beer you combatants seem to love so much. I also found a new manga I thought you’d like. From what I can tell it’s similar to Konosawa so I’m sure you’d enjoy it. Not that I really know much about what humans find entertaining.”


After placing her offerings she stood back up and brushed the dirt off her dress, the special fabric easily freeing itself of any grime. Focusing her gaze back onto the darkening horizon Alice continued speaking.

“You know, you’re pretty famous now. ‘The very first combat agent to colonize a new planet.’ I bet you’d love that. Kisaragi has even put you in the history books it uses to teach all its colonies, though it’s unnecessarily exaggerated.”

Alice found herself chuckling involuntarily as a flood of memories were dredged up from her memory banks. Six truly had been a model combat agent, but perhaps not in the way that a lot of people thought he was.


Back when Kisaragi was still just an evil organization bent on world domination, rather than colonization, Six was the lowest, most cowardly, most selfish member of the entire organization, and yet at the same time he was the kindest, most loyal, and most caring. He was a conundrum of a human, but perhaps that’s why he always drew so many people to him, Alice herself included.


“I miss you.” She admitted, “Even though it’s been so long by human standards, as an android I have perfect recall. I can still remember you like it’s yesterday. Your face, your voice, your mannerisms. I can already imagine what kind of idiocy you’d spout if you were here now.”


Alice tilted her head skyward as her sensors picked up the first droplets of rain, causing a stray raindrop to splash against her optical sensor and flow down her cheek, creating the illusion of tears.


“You know Six, I still don’t believe in any of that supernatural nonsense, but I’d be willing to look the other way if it meant seeing you again. Who knows, maybe reincarnation is real and you’ll pop up when I least expect it like you always do.”

Alice sighs sadly in resignation, turning around and making to leave before stopping and turning her head to look back one last time.

“Until next year Six.”

With that she continued on her way, leaving only a lone grave that awaited its next visit.