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Hurry up Horizons

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Today is a fine September day in Twilight Town. The breeze is still light from summer but also crisp like fall should be and the drifting leaves complement this town's famous twilight. However, other than the weather, today's September first was far from perfect for me. This year's first day of school was rough. I didn’t share any of my classes with Atlaz or Nyxene and sure most of the papers I got were supply lists but the one paper that had to ruin it was a small icebreaker worksheet from English. Why did I get in the English class that seemed to have all the boys be jock bullies? All my classmates would already know that I was the son of two guardians so talking about family is a no go. Talking about my summer is too cliche so pass and talking about my hobbies would just make me a target for the bullies so no way. But it’d be more embarrassing if I put nothing since it would give the teacher a bad first impression and would also just lead to the bullies thinking I’d be an easy kid to bully. I try to chase these negative thoughts out of my mind and reach for my wooden blade practicing my swing. Practicing like I said I would back at the harbor. Rhodes’ has practiced too since then. I wonder when her heart will be ready to finally contain her light and allow her to wield her key. My mind drifts once again to negativity asking what if I can’t join her in becoming a guardian? Darn I went to my keyblade to get rid of my worries not add to them. My luck is terrible isn’t it I muse before Rhodes comes in the door from her patrol chore and says “Today seems like the perfect day for dessert atop the old clock tower.”
It comes out of the blue but I perk up. Maybe the view can help me clear my head after all the dusks here are some of the best in the realm of light only falling second to Destiny islands. Everyone else agrees to the proposal and after supper we head out. Rhodes smiles all the way there with a peculiar eagerness in her eye could it be that she has her key. We sit upon the tower's parapet dusk should be any minute now I think as I take my first bite. It lifts me up a little and a small smile comes at the enjoyment of the taste salty yet sweet. Rhodes and I finish our ice creams first and check the sticks and my enjoyment quickly fades as Rhodes says “Winner for me. What about you?” I answer somewhat ashamed and disappointed “Mine was a dud.” I look longingly at the horizon and then to the dud stick held in my right hand my sword hand. My thoughts drift once more to my keyblade wondering if my heart is strong enough for it and what it might look like. But then before I can start to brood and sink further into my thoughts Rhodes breaks her stick in half giving me the half without the ice cream. I look at the gift slightly confused before she explains it “It’s a little win for me and a little win for you. We’re even and always will be ‘kay.” I answer her still somewhat confused “but Rhodes you won’t be able to get the raffle if it’s not a full stick.”
“Raffle shmaffle besides the whole thing is just a matter of chance and we can alway tape it back together.”
We meet each other’s gaze and I realize what the stick means. She's pushing me toward trying it out, wishing me a good luck. Now I know she has her key. I accept the gift with a “Thank you.”
“No prob.” She responds sneaking a playful ruffle of my hair before continuing “your horizon will come soon enough so cheer up.”
I finally get out of her ruffling, giving a nod before my true reaction arrives “You say it like your horizons already come.” With that statement the adults' interests have been piqued and an immense and immediate sense of anticipation sweeps across all of us waiting to hear what she’d say and unable to resist the anticipation of the crowd she says “oh it has indeed. I was going to show it off after everyone finished but you know me not the best planner.”
Axel perks up “Is this horizon what I think it is?” he asks and she nods confirming both his and my suspicions causing him to continue and encourage her “Don’t wait for us then Rhodes. C’mon show us what this horizon has allowed you to reach.” She complies, returning to her spot and backing away from the edge of the clock tower. We soon join her as she reaches out to summon her blade. I follow her lead, closing my eyes and visualizing my blade. Oblivion forms in my mind first and I warp it
to a new form, one that’s unique one that’ll help me seek the light. The image forms completely right as I hear Rhodes grasp her hilt and a small smirk lines my face as my hilt forms itself in my hands. I hear light whizzing shooting off to the horizon and the slight sound of a crackling fireplace which suddenly disappears once Rhodes shows her blades colors. My chain and charm then form the bright white light they emit almost opens my eyes. The chain is silver and the charm a fools gold depiction of the nobody sigil. They dangle around and the cold metal touches my leg finally causing my eyes to open to the delightful sight of light held in my hand and amazed I ask “am I... am I really doing this?” I look to my right for confirmation as my father nods amazed as I am and Rhodes with her free hand gives a thumbs up. I take these confirmations and my smirk turns into a smile, a wide hero-like smile. I yearn for the key and reach further.
Rhodes’ hilt transition then forms in the shape of a gothic looking star with a ruby in the middle. The weight of that blade must be palpable but she still manages to keep it level. My heart now inspired yearns harder and my brain starts to echo the words hurry up, hurry up, Hurry up horizon. I reach even more and my hilt transition soon follows suit a simple crest with a big nobody sigil on top. Rhodes follows this up with her hilt shaped like a shakram and her grip gains a checkerboard pattern. My mind continues to echo hurry up, hurry up, hurry up horizons. As her keyblades light becomes even more powerful and she succeeds in containing it, never backing down. I too adopt the mantra and my mind now makes the phrase louder. Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up horizon! I continue to reach as I see the light struggle to make the keys shape. My parents encourage me “don’t lose sight of it. We know you can do it Kenxiro so don’t give up.” I struggle still not wanting to back down and my brain continues to echo. Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up horizons! But instead of forming the blade my hilt forms it’s full material and my aim falters slightly. My heart becomes frustrated and my mind continues to echo practically yelling it at this point. Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up horizon! The light continues struggling with the shape of my future key as Rhodes’ chain and charm finally form in a blaze of light. The chain a modest but honorable bronze and the charm a sterling silver rose. My aim finally returns however the light gets dim now and struggles a while longer before my brain realizes that I can’t force it. My heart loses strength as a result and the picture of the blade once clear becomes clouded. My light gathers to the middle as Rhodes’ key glows vibrantly. My light and key finally disappearing for good once Rhodes’ blade gathers her light to the ruby and the key fully formed bursts out a little blinding bit of light crackling like a firework.
Blinks of both amazement and partial blinding are then almost immediately replaced by reactions of marveling as we all take a look at her new blade sparkling in the beckoning dusks light. Then just before the quick reactions of celebration and pride come her way my failure hits me like the square’s tram at full power. Rhodes unsummons her blade to receive Axel’s twirling bear hug as my consolement begins with my whispery statement of “I... lost sight of it. I’m sorry.” And my parents almost immediate response of “Oh, Kenni you don’t need to apologize.” As we embrace my dad corroborates their statement “The hilt is a good start Kenxiro so don’t apologize. You did well.” My mom does the same, the ticking clock behind us emphasizing her statement “This start is a blessing Kenxiro you did do well. So don’t worry you have plenty of time your light and heart just needs to grow a little bit more.” I accept their consolement with a nod however my heart stubborn as ever still clings to disappointment and even jealousy as my parents join in with the congrats. I follow after them not wanting to weigh down the moment hoping that my congrats won’t trip any of Rhodes’ alarms.
“Congrats Rhodes. Wow! That keyblade of yours looks like a powerful one.” She looks towards me like she’s searching through a book before finally starting with “Hey Kenni...” and hesitating for a bit as I think Crud! She’s found me out. A memory causes her to summon her blade again. Now holding it sideways and coming closer she continues her sentence “I want you to know a little something this keyblade wasn't gained by birthright nor bequeathing it was gained with hard work, a bit of luck and a lot of willpower. Now you have the birthright to wield one of these and you know it so your dilemma seems to be a matter of when not if. I’m ashamed to admit that I once thought mine was if and when and was jealous because you and the kid guardians that were older than me had when not if. So a word of advice as you also wish to reach your potential is to continue to train and while you do that compare only to yourself and make your jealousy turn into determination to surpass your peers. Follow this and I’m sure you’ll join me soon. You can count on it ‘kay!”
I’m bewildered like the rest on her advice as I look between my hand and her blade silent and in deep thought. I then overhear a question from Isa to Axel: “Do you know who taught her that? cuz it definitely wasn't me.” Axel's prideful grin gets wider and as he teasingly says “Take a gander.” Isa smirks and with a chuckle to his tongue says “I see.” and Axel sucking down the rest of his ice cream proudly says, “yep and she adapted it to her own whims too.” His smile gets ever wider. Roxas then corroborates her advice patting me on the back as he says “I agree don’t lose heart just yet Kenxiro as long as you keep training and never give up your heart will continue to grow and soon will allow you to summon your blade.'' A smile starts to show on my face at his statement as Xion also corroborates “Yeah Rhodes is right your heart is destined for the keyblade as long as you remember that and turn your jealousy into determination to surpass the others your blade will come in time.” she then turns towards her with a smile “Well said advice Rhodes thank you.”
Rhodes nods matching my mother’s smile and responds “No prob Auntie Xion.” I look around, snapped out of my deep thought by the encouragement and the full realization of their faith in me. As a result I gain new confidence with my smile returning and a wonder and eagerness to learn surges through my body. My gaze settles on her blade again before looking to her and saying “I will count on it, Rhodes. The hilt is a good start right and so I will compare to that when I train until I surpass it and then the surpass that I achieve will become my new comparison. I promise I won't lose heart knowing now that I need not worry about if I can do it and that it’s only a matter of time. As you said before, my horizon will come soon enough and then we’ll be unstoppable.” cheerfully hopeful at my reaction and happy about my new found enthusiasm Xion says “I’m glad you’ve gotten your enthusiasm back Kenxiro. With this and your ever growing light you're bound to find and truly harness your keyblade.” addressing both of us now Xion continues “Your horizons are very bright, never lose sight of that and you guys can do anything I’m sure of it.” We both nod, smiling, showing her that we’ll never forget and we’ll never stop reaching for our horizons. I now proceed to assure that their faith won’t be misplaced and following my mothers lead thank Rhodes “I'll get started right away then so my dawn can come upon the horizon. Rhodes know that I have taken this advice to heart and intend to see it through. Thank you Rhodes for clearing the way to my horizon.”
A little flustered by the praise but happy to help, Rhodes says “aw shucks Kenni your welcome.” Laughter then fills the air around us for a moment before I add one last thing “What are you gonna call it Rhodes?” She fiddles with her blade a little bit and looks at her reflection on the blade before answering “I think I’ll call my blade... Glenflamore. Yeah, it has a nice ring to it.”
I nod agreeing “yep the name Glenflamore sure fits your keyblade perfectly.” and with the confirmation of the blade's name Axel now comes closer and proposes something “Let’s make a toast.” he says summoning his key along with Isa who summons his in its claymore form. My parents respond in unison “A toast would be perfect.” Xion summoning the kingdom key and Roxas summoning Oblivion and Oathkeeper, letting me hold Oblivion with him. We gather in a circle and Axel performs the toast “A toast to new horizons and the discoveries of potential that were made today. May today's dusk lead to tomorrow's wondrous dawn knowing that it will inspire those who made those discoveries of potential today. As our keys and the newly summoned Glenflamore clash in celebration may our hearts become stronger boosting those discoverers on their journey to become guardians. As we say, may their hearts be their guiding key.”
We clash our blades as the toast ends with “Cheers!” from all. The dusk finally arrives on this day of horizons bathing us in a familiar copper and a fierce and beautiful red light with the clock ever ticking forward to the future. My heart filled with new confidence, joy and unity with the others around me helps my brain come to a conclusion. The conclusion that to break the ice I should just stick to the truth of my legacy with my wondrous family and share what I can and love to do with no regrets knowing that I’ll have everyone that loves me to watch my back and stay by my side. The feelings linger even as the cheers dissipate and the adults start their way down the clock tower. However Rhodes and I stay put admiring the dusk upon the horizon completely silent. After a while I softly break the silence with the words “It’s beautiful.” She agrees, nodding her head and saying “Yeah it sure is Kenni. Your horizon I bet will be just as beautiful.” we face each other now and I say “If that's so then I’ll be looking forward to it especially experiencing it with you.” She smiles and there's pride in her voice as she says “I’m glad you’ll continue to reach for it Kenxiro.” I nod and she continues “But a guardian in training needs their rest shall we catch up to the others.” I smile once more “Yeah we shall, ” I say as the dusk hurry’s along and we walk hand in hand catching up to the others looking forward like the clock for the chance of another patiently reached horizon.