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[20:29] <Bone> Listen, Nick, I gotta dash.
[20:29] <FracK> What's wrong? Sick of me already?
[20:29] <Bone> I was sick of you the day I met you *lol*
[20:29] <Bone> Seriously, though, Howie's just shown up. Doubt he'd be thrilled at me spending the night on the net talking to the likes of you.
[20:29] <FracK> Tell him I say hi.
[20:30] <Bone> Tell him yourself.
[20:30] *** Bone is now known as SweetD
[20:30] <SweetD> Hey Nicky.
[20:30] <FracK> Hey. What've you guys got planned for tonight? Or shouldn't I ask...
[20:30] <SweetD> ...the latter.
[20:30] <FracK> TMI! >.<
[20:31] <SweetD> See you later.
[20:31] *** SweetD is now known as Bone
[20:31] <Bone> I'll call you tomorrow. Don't go looking up any porn sites...
[20:31] <FracK> :-p
[20:31] *** Bone has quit IRC (booty call)
[20:34] *** FracK changes topic to 'Nick is the best - chuck out the rest'
[20:39] *** AC has joined #backstreetsux
[20:39] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o AC

[20:39] <AC> Classy topic, dude.
[20:40] <FracK> Isn't it past your bedtime?
[20:40] <AC> Oh :-p
[20:40] <AC> At least I'm not the loser sitting in a chat room all by himself.
[20:40] <FracK> AJ was here too until a couple of minutes ago.
[20:40] <AC> You expect me to believe that?
[20:40] <FracK> You expect me to care?
[20:40] *** AC is now known as Nick
[20:41] * Nick is stupid
[20:41] *** FracK is now known as Aaron
[20:41] * Aaron is stupider
[20:41] *** Nick is now known as AC
[20:41] <AC> Stupider isn't a word, stupid.
[20:41] *** Aaron is now known as FracK
[20:42] <FracK> It is now.
[20:42] <FracK> Whatcha doing here anyways?
[20:42] <AC> I gotta talk to you.
[20:42] <FracK> And you couldn't just phone me like a normal person?
[20:42] <AC> Your cell's off.
[20:42] <AC> Stupid.
[20:43] <FracK> What's so damn important?
[20:43] <FracK> You're not grounded again are you?
[20:43] <FracK> Because there's only so many times I can talk Mom out of it...
[20:43] * AC isn't grounded
[20:43] * AC has a crush...

[20:43] <FracK> Again?!
[20:43] <FracK> What's that? The fourth this week?
[20:43] <AC> Fuck off.
[20:43] <FracK> Better not let Mom hear you say that.
[20:44] <AC> :-p
[20:44] <FracK> So. Who's the lucky girl?
[20:45] <FracK> Which Olsen twin is it *this* time?
[20:47] <FracK> Aaron?
[20:47] <AC> Neither.
[20:47] <AC> And it's not a girl. o.O
[20:47] <FracK> Whaaaat?!?
[20:48] <AC> You've had a crush on a guy before, haven't you?
[20:48] <FracK> Has Mom put you up to this?
[20:48] <AC> No!
[20:48] <FracK> You sure?
[20:48] <AC> I think I'd know.
[20:48] <FracK> Hmm...
[20:49] <FracK> Okay, so what if I have?
[20:49] <AC> Who?
[20:49] <FracK> Like I'm going to tell you that!
[20:49] <AC> Brian?
[20:52] <AC> Thought so.
[20:52] <FracK> Not anymore, though!
[20:52] <AC> Did you kiss him?
[20:52] <FracK> God no!
[20:52] <AC> Have you ever kissed a boy?
[20:53] <FracK> ...yeah.
[20:53] <AC> What was it like?
[20:53] <FracK> Different.
[20:53] <AC> Good different or bad different?
[20:53] * AC is confused.
[20:53] <FracK> *Different* different. *g*
[20:53] <FracK> Man, I can't believe you're into that shit.
[20:53] <AC> You're cool with it, though, aren't you?
[20:54] <AC> Nick?
[20:54] <FracK> Sorry. Just grabbing a snack. Course I'm cool with it.
[20:54] <FracK> Actually, I've had some doubts for a while now...
[20:54] <FracK> So - you going to tell me who it is?
[20:54] <AC> Nope.
[20:54] <FracK> Why not?
[20:54] <AC> Don't wanna.
[20:55] <FracK> Not much point in me hanging around here, then, is there?
[20:55] <FracK> Places to go, people to do...
[20:55] <AC> You got a date?
[20:55] <FracK> What's wrong? Jealous?
[20:55] <AC> Yeah, *right*. Who the hell would want to date you?
[20:56] <FracK> I'm sure there's a screaming sixteen-year-old somewhere nearby who'd be happy to answer that question for you.
[20:56] <AC> She'd be too busy throwing herself at me *g*
[20:56] <AC> Face it - you're past it, bro *lol*
[20:57] * FracK is unimpressed
[20:57] <FracK> You gonna tell me who it is, or am I gonna find something more interesting to do with my night?
[20:57] <AC> How about option (c) - neither of the above.
[20:57] <FracK> You could at least tell me about him.
[20:57] <FracK> Hell, I'm interested to hear about the guy who's managed to turn my baby brother gay *g*
[20:58] <AC> Dude, I'm not gay!
[20:58] <AC> Not a baby, either
[20:58] * AC glares at Nick
[20:58] <FracK> Well?
[20:58] <AC> Well what?
[20:58] <FracK> Nice stalling.
[20:59] * AC gives up
[20:59] <AC> What d'you want to know?
[20:59] <FracK> What does he look like?
[20:59] <AC> Tall. Blonde. Blue eyes.
[20:59] <FracK> *lol* Sounds like me. You've got good taste *G*
[21:03] <FracK> You there?
[21:05] <FracK> Oh Aaaaaaaron...
[21:05] <AC> What?
[21:05] <AC> I was busy reading something.
[21:05] <FracK> Oh. Thought you might have crashed or something.
[21:06] <AC> No.
[21:06] <FracK> Well, go on then. How do you know this new love interest?
[21:06] <AC> What do you mean?
[21:06] <FracK> Geez! Are you being intentionally dim tonight?
[21:06] <FracK> I *mean* did you meet him on the net? At school? At a concert?
[21:06] <AC> Oh. Um, I've known him for a while.
[21:07] <FracK> I hope he's good looking.
[21:07] <AC> Hell yeah.
[21:07] <FracK> You gonna tell him you like him?
[21:07] <AC> No!
[21:07] <FracK> He could like you back...
[21:07] <AC> He doesn't.
[21:08] <FracK> Go on. Tell me who it is.
[21:08] <AC> No.
[21:08] <FracK> Spoilsport.
[21:08] <AC> No.
[21:08] <AC> Look. I've gotta go.
[21:08] <FracK> Yeah, of *course* you do.
[21:08] <AC> Seriously, man. Mom's calling.
[21:08] <AC> Bye.
[21:08] *** AC has left #backstreetsux
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Session Start: Mon Oct 21 22:05:19 2002
[22:05] *** Now talking in #backstreetsux
[22:05] *** Topic is 'O-Town smells'
[22:05] *** Set by B_Rok on Mon Oct 21 17:37:29
[22:05] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o FracK

[22:05] <FracK> Hi guys.
[22:05] <SweetD> Hey Nick.
[22:06] <AC> Hey.
[22:06] <SweetD> What is it with you two? You can't phone each other like normal brothers?
[22:06] <AC> Nick's too cheap to pay for the call.
[22:06] <FracK> Ha ha.
[22:06] <FracK> What's up, D? AJ not around tonight?
[22:06] <SweetD> He's in the shower. I got bored.
[22:06] <AC> I've been keeping him entertained.
[22:07] * FracK is sure Howie must be *so* thrilled
[22:07] <FracK> What? You telling him about your crush?
[22:07] <AC> Shut up.
[22:07] <FracK> Why should I?
[22:07] <AC> Because it's a secret, that's why.
[22:07] <FracK> So?
[22:08] <SweetD> Am I intruding on something here?
[22:08] <FracK> No. Aaron's being a baby, that's all.
[22:08] <AC> Whatever.
[22:08] *** AC has left #backstreetsux
[22:08] <FracK> Tantrum much?
[22:08] <SweetD> I can see his point...
[22:08] <FracK> Geez, you always take his side.
[22:08] <FracK> I'm outta here.
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Session Start: Tue Oct 22 19:35:19 2002
[19:35] *** Now talking in #backstreetsux
[19:35] *** Topic is 'Lance and Chris, sitting in a tree...'
[19:35] *** Set by Bone on Tue Oct 21 16:27:24
[19:35] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o FracK

[19:35] <FracK> Hey.
[19:35] <FracK> I'm glad you're in here.
[19:36] <FracK> I tried to call, but Mom said you didn't want to talk to me.
[19:37] <FracK> Aaron?
[19:39] <FracK> Geez, man, what's with the silent treatment?
[19:39] <AC> Gee, I *wonder*.
[19:39] <FracK> So you *are* here.
[19:40] <FracK> Sorry about yesterday.
[19:40] <FracK> I was just teasing.
[19:40] <AC> Well don't.
[19:40] <FracK> If it helps, Mom's mad at me now.
[19:40] <AC> It helps a bit *g*
[19:40] <FracK> I think D's mad at me too.
[19:41] <AC> That's an achievement. *lol*
[19:41] <AC> So... how's Brian...? *eg*
[19:41] <FracK> So it's okay for you to tease, but not for me?
[19:41] <AC> Yeah. And?
[19:42] <FracK> :-p
[19:42] <FracK> You still mad?
[19:42] <AC> A bit.
[19:42] <FracK> Want me to kiss it better? *g*
[19:44] <Frack> Aaron?
[19:46] <FracK> Geez, I was only joking.
[19:46] <AC> Can you not?
[19:46] * FracK shrugs
[19:46] <FracK> Okay.
[19:46] <FracK> It's not like I was being serious.
[19:46] <FracK> Like I'm going to want to kiss the likes of you.
[19:47] <AC> Look, I've got to go do some homework.
[19:47] <FracK> But you *never* do homework.
[19:47] <AC> I do now.
[19:46] *** AC has left #backstreetsux
[21:43] *** AC has joined #backstreetsux
[21:43] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o AC

[21:43] <AC> Oh. You're still here.
[21:45] <AC> Nick?
[21:45] <FracK> Sorry. I was checking my email.
[21:45] <FracK> You get your homework done?
[21:46] <AC> Yeah.
[21:46] <FracK> You're still mad at me, aren't you?
[21:46] <AC> No.
[21:46] * FracK is sorry
[21:46] <AC> Seriously, dude. I'm not mad.
[21:46] <FracK> What's up then.
[21:46] <AC> Nothing.
[21:47] <FracK> Is this something to do with your crush?
[21:47] <AC> o.O Maybe.
[21:47] <FracK> Anything I can do to help?
[21:47] <AC> *lol* I doubt it.
[21:47] <AC> You got a magic wand lying around the place?
[21:48] <FracK> You should come stay with me this weekend. Get your mind off it.
[21:48] <AC> I don't think that'd work very well...
[21:48] <FracK> I've got the latest Pokemon game...
[21:48] <AC> Man, you're more immature than I am.
[21:48] <FracK> :-p
[21:49] <FracK> So, are you gonna come over on Saturday?
[21:49] <AC> I don't know.
[21:49] <AC> I'm not sure it'd be a good idea.
[21:49] <FracK> I promise not to tease you *too* much about your little love interest.
[21:49] <AC> Yeah, *right*.
[21:50] <FracK> He doesn't know what he's missing.
[21:50] <AC> Huh?
[21:50] <FracK> Mystery boy.
[21:50] <AC> What do you mean?
[21:50] <FracK> You're quite a catch.
[21:50] * AC blushes
[21:51] <FracK> Really.
[21:51] <FracK> I mean it.
[21:51] <AC> Shut up.
[21:51] <FracK> Shut up yourself!
[21:51] <FracK> Can't a guy give his brother a compliment?
[21:51] <AC> There's always a first time...
[21:52] <AC> I'm not going to tell you who it is, you know. No matter *how* nice you are to me.
[21:53] <FracK> That's probably a good thing. I'd just end up getting jealous or something.
[21:53] <AC> Why would you get jealous?
[21:55] <AC> Nick?
[21:57] <FracK> No reason.
[21:57] <FracK> Listen, I gotta go do some stuff.
[21:57] <AC> Stuff?
[21:57] <FracK> Yeah.
[21:57] <AC> Ooookaaay...
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Session Start: Wed Oct 23 22:32:55 2002
[22:32] *** Now talking in #backstreetsux
[22:32] *** Topic is 'Justin has cooties'
[22:32] *** Set by AC on Wed Oct 23 18:32:41
[22:32] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o FracK

[22:32] <FracK> Oh.
[22:32] <FracK> I would have thought you'd be in bed by now.
[22:33] <AC> I waited up.
[22:33] <AC> I wanted to talk to you.
[22:33] <AC> Besides, it's only 10:30.
[22:33] <AC> I'm not four anymore.
[22:33] <FracK> I know.
[22:33] <FracK> Sorry. >.<
[22:34] <AC> Can I ask you a question?
[22:34] <FracK> Sure.
[22:34] <AC> Have you ever wanted something you can't have?
[22:34] <FracK> All the time.
[22:34] <AC> But what about something you shouldn't even *want* to have?
[22:34] <FracK> ...Yeah.
[22:36] <AC> Can I ask another question?
[22:36] <FracK> ... Okay.
[22:36] <AC> If I was older - like, twenty or something - and if I wasn't your brother... do you think you might be interested in me?
[22:38] <FracK> Definitely.
[22:38] <AC> Oh.
[22:38] <AC> Just wondering.
[22:38] <FracK> Can I ask *you* a question?
[22:39] <AC> Yeah.
[22:39] <FracK> Are you *ever* going to tell me who you have a crush on?
[22:39] <AC> Ask me when I'm twenty.
[22:39] *** AC has left #backstreetsux
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Session Start: Sat Oct 26 20:31:34 2002
[22:32] *** Now talking in #backstreetsux
[22:32] *** Topic is 'Kevin 4 The Plane'
[22:32] *** Set by Kevin on Wed Oct 23 18:32:41
[22:32] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o FracK

[22:32] <FracK> Hey everyone.
[22:32] <B_Rok> Hey Nick :-)
[22:32] <Bone> Hi ^_^
[22:32] <Kevin> Hello.
[22:33] <FracK> Can't stay long, just downloading my emails.
[22:33] <Bone> We were talking about heading out to a club if you wanna come.
[22:33] <FracK> I'm kind of busy tonight.
[22:33] <B_Rok> Watcha doing?
[22:33] <FracK> Aaron's over for the weekend.
[22:33] <B_Rok> Ahh. Brotherly stuff.
[22:33] <FracK> Not exactly...
[22:34] <Bone> Howie wants me to ask whether you got all that stuff about the crush worked out.
[22:34] <FracK> Tell him it's all good.
[22:34] <Kevin> What's all this about a crush?
[22:34] <FracK> Nothing important.
[22:34] <FracK> Just a new way of seeing things, I guess.
[22:35] <Bone> Howie says he thinks he understands.
[22:35] <Bone> Personally, I have *no* fucking idea what you're on about.
[22:35] <Bone> But then, what's new?
[22:35] <B_Rok> *rofl*
[22:35] <Kevin> You're not coming out tonight then?
[22:35] <FracK> Nah, not this time.
[22:36] <FracK> Guess I'll catch you all later, then.
[22:36] <Bone> Yeah, have a good one.
[22:36] <FracK> Thanks. Somehow, I think I will.
Session Close: Sat Oct 26 20:36:53 2002

9th September 2002