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Rite of Rebirth Incident

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"Spell Cards"










-Hakurei Shrine, Nighttime-


It was a lovely night in Gensokyo, and right now there's a sleepover occurring at the Hakurei Shrine.


Reimu Hakurei, Marisa Kirisame, Sanae Kochiya, Sakuya Izayoi, Youmu Konpaku, Cirno, Aya Shameiaru, and Reisen Udongein Inaba were doing a sleepover together. They seemingly were having a good time playing some games at the Hakurei Shrine.


However, an incident will occur that will be unlike the rest and will drive a wedge among the Incident Solvers.


Someone or something arrived, while they were getting ready to sleep.


Then the being decided to stealthily do what he came here to do. Thinking of who to attack. So he began to strike at his main target.


Reimu and co were about to go to sleep with the other Incident Solvers, who ho were already in various states on undress.


"WATCH OUT!" Sakuya, clad in only her black panties, yelled as she pushed Reimu, wearing only a sarashi and bloomers, out of the way of tentacles that suddenly burst through the wall. However, she was caught by the Tentacle Monster in Reimu's stead.


"Fuck! I got the wrong girl! At least it's one I've got eyes on for years! Might as well enjoy it!" He said as he tore off Sakuya's panties.


They tried to go and help Sakuya. Reimu was more focused on keeping the monster away from her donation box than trying to save Sakuya, though.


The tentacle monster defended itself by using his tentacles to try to violate and ensnare them, but not before tearing away at whatever article of clothing was in range. Sakuya tried to get out her knives but the tentacles made sure she couldn't pull out her weapons and also raped the Head Maid to prevent her from concentrating and using her time powers.


Marisa, wearing only bloomers, and Sanae, clad in only green panties, managed to destroy the tentacles coming at them by firing their own projectiles at them with Youmu, wearing nothing more than a sarashi and bloomers, Reisen, in nothing but lavender panties, and Aya, wearing nothing, destroying those who did come their way. However, Cirno, completely naked, was being overwhelmed by the tentacles and then was ensnared she tried to use her ice powers but the tentacles began to violate her.


The tentacles themselves were big and had spikes on them which pretty much made Sakuya and Cirno's vaginas bleed a lot. They were in so much pain from it with Cirno actually screaming.


The group, with what little they were wearing having been destroyed in the fight, were trying to figure out how to take down the tentacle monster, and Reimu's ideas were of no help, which involves saving the donation box above all else instead of Cirno and Sakuya.


Things weren't looking so good.




Reimu then made everyone stop moving for the sake of her box.


"Don't! He'll destroy my Donation Box!" Reimu shouted.


Which made them yell at her.


"Are you kidding me! We don't give a fuck about your donation box!" Marisa shouted.


"We must save Cirno and Sakuya!" Youmu yelled out.


This was enough of a distraction for the monster to cum in the two girls, his semen feeling like a thick glue that felt acidic even though it didn't melt anything, and then made a getaway, he then managed to steal Reisen away as well and was quick to rape her and even managed to cum in her at the same time as the other two.


Reimu was glad her donation box was safe once again, but everyone was not sharing the same feelings as her.


'I'm glad that my donation box is safe…' Reimu thought.


'Why is she caring about her donation box?! That monster broke the spell card rules on so many levels AND raped both Sakuya and Cirno!' Sanae thought in anger.


'Are you kidding me?!' Aya thought. 'We should be going out and dealing with the monster and not talk about a donation box!'


Then the monster smashed her box with a delayed bomb that exploded into acid, which he brought and placed before the attack just to be more of a dick than he already was.


So Reimu was PISSED that he lied. Not because Reisen was just raped nor because Sakuya and Cirno were just taken away to be even more raped.


"Damn it! He destroyed my donation box! Now I'll make him pay!" Reimu shouted, which made the others pissed at HER for being so inconsiderate.


"Reimu this is no time to be pissed off about your fucking Donation box!" Marisa yelled out in anger. She was so pissed off right now.


"Whatever! He went this way! Let's hurry!" Reimu shouted.


They rushed in the direction the monster left, not even bothering to get dressed.




-Meanwhile, at the Three Fairies' Tree House-


Clownpiece, Sunny Milk, Luna Child, and Star Sapphire are together. Having a sleepover of their own. Naked.


The quartet loves each other's presence.


They were cuddling together and were so cute together.


Cute and cuddly with each other and overall feeling very nice. As seen on their faces which had smiles.


They were going to go to sleep. When they suddenly heard a noise.


Clownpiece was curious about it.


"I wonder what might that be?" Clownpiece asked with curiosity.


"Maybe something interesting?" Luna asked.


They were so curious they forgot to get dressed. Clownpiece and the Three Fairies finally made it to the destination of where the noise came from and witnessed something rather complicated for their simple minds.


The Incident Solvers, naked as the day they were born, were flying towards a large magic circle. As soon as they were in the middle of it, a huge portal opened up and sent them to another dimension.


"I wonder what's going on in there?" Clownpiece wondered.


"I don't know…" Sunny said.


They completely forgot that they were naked. Just VERY curious about what is happening. The quartet then decided to enter the portal as well.




-Shining Needle Castle-


Tenshi Hinanwai, Shion Yorigami, Joon Yorigami, Shinmyoumaru Sukuna, Iku Nagae, and Seija Kijin were all sleeping naked together, or rather we're going to go to sleep because a big Bird Monster showed up with his bird minions.


Shion was caught before anyone could react.


"SHION!" Tenshi shouted. She was shocked and angry that she couldn't prevent Shion from being taken like that.


The bird monster immediately began to rape Shion.


All while she was screaming. The cock was huge, and unluckily for her. It began to wreck her pussy. The bird let out a twisted caw that looked like he was laughing.


Then he came into her. It was painful for the girl as it felt like her belly was inflating hard, the semen itself fell like a lot of hot needles, and the cock had sharp points on the end that swell whenever he cums. She was screaming and crying.


Tenshi and co-managed to kill the bird minions. With Tenshi shooting them down with lethal danmaku or just striking them with her sword, Iku shooting lightning at them with Joon, Sukuna, and Seija helping via the use of their powers.


"When I find that monster who kidnapped my clumsy sister, I'll make him pay!" Joon shouted in anger. She did care for her sister and didn't want her to die.


"Same! Let's get them!" Sukuna shouted.


"I'm with you Eldest Daughter!" Iku said.


Tenshi and co didn't even bother getting dressed, and they were now on a mission.


A/n; this will make the stories' villains look tame in comparison to what is going to be shown here! Especially since Reimu is going to be partially at fault for what happens.


I mean really? Reimu was shown to be incompetent and also downright greedy as seen in WaHH so now it's my time to incorporate her personality from that story into here!