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Merry Christmas. etc.

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Joe burst through the doors of an abandoned warehouse in search of his younger brother

“Where is he?” his voice boomed echoing through the warehouse’s aluminium walls and high ceilings “Where's Leon?”

“Where's my money?” Falco shrugged

“Okay, look... I have a grand, but... Leon. Flaco, listen, man...”

“The deal was for ten grand, chum. I... I can make payments. You know how this works. I give you a break, word gets out, and everybody wants a break. And I spend half my day explaining to people why they ain't gonna get one. So no breaks. Do you have the money or not?”

“No, I don't” Joe says as Flaco raises a gun to Leon’s head but before he can shoot Joe is awoken by Kelly’s voice on the phone to Renee’s office. Joe sighs a breath of relief as he sits up in his bunk at the firehouse.

“Good morning, ladies.” Gabby grins turning around to see Leslie and Sylvie returning from a call

“Gabriela, it's the saddest thing. The Christmas lights at the north gate got blown down.” Leslie sighs walking into the kitchen. Sylvie heads straight to the coffee machine

“God I’ve fixed them at least three times since I put them up. I’ll be back” she excuses herself from the circle and makes her way outside.

“Hey, do you wanna come to a Christmas party with me?” Sylvie asked taking a sip of coffee as Leslie pottered around the kitchen

“I mean sure I’d love to come. Whose is it and when?”

“This girl in my spin class, we aren’t overly close so I don’t wanna go alone but I’ll feel kind of rude if I don’t show up”

“Why don’t you ask Casey?” Leslie asks

“Well I’m hoping to meet someone a little more…. You know… realistic”

“What makes you think Casey isn’t?”

“Well I mean he and Hallie just broke up and you’re absolutely insane if you don’t see the way Gabby’s looking at him and I just… please come”

“Fine, I’m in. but if there’s a hot girl there I’m abandoning you”

"Where are you ladies going?" Hadley pipes in

"None of your business" Leslie responds for the both of them and Sylvie silently thanks her

Outside, Gabby was tying Christmas lights around a wire but she was struggling. She calls out to Joe to help her fix it but he shrugs her off walking out to meet his brother whose face was covered in bruises. Joe informs his brother of escalating gang conflict in the area and tries to encourage him to avoid Flaco.

“Keep your nose out of my business before you get my ass kicked again” Leon sighs before riding away just in time for the bells to go off. Engine 51, truck 81, ambulance 61.

When they arrive at the scene a woman emerges from a building wiping her hands with a teatowel, in a panicked voice she explains that she was deepfrying eggplant when the fire broke out

“Let these two take care of that hand.” Matt pushes the woman in the direction of the paramedics before he leads Truck 81 into the building to vent it. They put out the fire before it even starts, Otis cracks a joke about a piece of artwork hanging in the woman’s living room before they make their way out of the home. Matt informs her she may need a new countertop and his radio chimes with another call Truck 81, are you available to assist at a pin-in accident? Truck 81 leave the scene as the woman emerges from her house again, complaining that her diamond necklace had been stolen.

When 81 arrive back at the firehouse police officers and men in suits are waiting for them

“What are you doing here, Griffin?” Matt asks when he sees a suit clad man

“I'm with Internal Affairs Division now.”

“A woman on Green Street said somebody walked off with her diamond necklace.” Boden explains as all of the firefighters look flabbergasted

“This is a joke, right?”

“No joke, Lieutenant.”

“My men aren't thieves.”

“All the same, we're talking about a $50,000 piece of jewelry” the man behind Griffin pipes up

“That's a class 2 felony.” Griffin adds as though Matt wasn’t already aware

“Casey, the police need to take statements from you and the men.” Boden says

“And I'm gonna need you to fill out a form too. Basic stuff... where you worked in the fire, who you worked with, if you saw the missing item or anything else at all suspicious.” He hands out pieces of paper to the firefighters as Matt excuses himself from the scene, Boden following behind him

“On my best day, I'd have to fight the urge to choke that guy out. Today's not my best day.” Matt sighs the piece of paper in his hand was scrunched up where his fingers were clutching it

“The possible theft of a $50,000 necklace supersedes any concerns about your personal feelings toward Ted Griffin.” Boden says

“Chief, you know as well as I do, none of my men took that necklace.”

“I hope not, 'cause I don't want to see any of them lose their job and face criminal charges. And I don't want to see their Lieutenant get a black mark on his record, so let's just play this one by the book.” Matt sighs in defeat and agrees with him, picking up the piece of paper.


Kelly climbed out of the truck with a bouquet of orange flowers in his hand, his team mumble words of encouragement to him as he approaches Renee’s doorstep. He knocks on the door and a young man opens it

“Uh, hey. Um, does Renee Royce live here?”

“Renee, there's a fireman here for you.” The man calls and leaves the door open as Renee makes her way over adjusting the cuffs of her shirt as her heels clicked against the hardwood floor

“Hi. Uh, don't mean to interrupt. I know you said you worked from home on Fridays, and...” Kelly starts

“And you just pictured me all alone answering emails in my underwear?” she smirked

“Well, I am now.” She takes the flowers from him

“Mm-hmm. Wow, these are, um, gorgeous. Thank you.”

“How about dinner tomorrow night? No interruptions this time, I promise.” Kelly asks, Renee is reluctant in replying but eventually agrees

“I'll see you then, Royce.”

“Okay, Severide” she calls as he walked down the steps that led to her doorstep.


Back at the firehouse Sylvie, Leslie and Gabby sat in Boden’s office waiting for him to return

“Hey. Someone from another shift apparently just told your field chief that sometime in November, four units of toradol went missing from your rig during your shift.”

“I was already working on Truck by then so why are you talking to me about it?” Gabby asks folding her arms

“You filled in for Brett on Thanksgiving when she cut her finger” Leslie reminds her causing Gabby to nod quietly

“why are they waiting till now to say anything?” Sylvie asks

“That's probably because they heard I.A.D. is sniffing around our house. They want to cast the blame if any more narcotics turned up missing.”

“You know some junkie probably stole it off the rig while Brett and Shay were busy saving their friend” Gabby shrugs

“That may be so. But it's on you, Shay.” The sound of her name causes Leslie to look up, she had been quiet this whole meeting her mind turning with possibilities of them finding the truth about the missing pain killers “So the two- or three of you knock your heads together, get back to me with your official version about what happened by the end of the shift.”

“Yeah, we'll get back to you Chief.” Sylvie smiles the way she always did as Leslie anxiously stands up and follows her out along with Gabby. Gabby sits down at the table in the common room

“You know what pisses me off?” Gabby starts “We saved that woman’s house and now she’s accusing us of stealing”

“It's not like it's without precedent. Back in the day, I worked with Pat "The Pinch" Osbourne. Had fingers like flypaper. The roof could be caving in on us, and Pat would take a moment to rescue the silverware.” Mouch explains, Gabby leans closer into Herrmann’s ear and asks

“So... what's the deal with the Lieutenant and the guy from I.A.D.?”

“Bad history. They went through the academy together. And... there was an incident.”

“What kind of incident?”

“The kind that ends with Griffin getting his face punched in.” Mouch pipes in

“Wait, why did the Lieutenant hit him?”

“He was talking trash about Casey's family.” Mouch didn’t need to say anything else, Gabby nodded knowingly. Otis, who was scrolling through an iPad pipes up when he sees Matt walk past he stands up and chases him down, Matt then slowed his pace to look at what Otis was showing him

“Hey, Lieutenant. Lieutenant, check this out. The people with all the artwork... Sandra and Richard Vaughan... they're selling their entire art collection at auction.”

“I already finished my Christmas shopping.” Matt shrugged

“No, no, no, no. Think about it. You don't sell your art collection. Your children sell your art collection after you die, or... you sell it if you need the money.”

“Otis, I have things to do.”

“The diamond necklace... it's an insurance scam.” Matt sighs

“So this woman nearly burned down her home in some elaborate scheme to get firefighters in there so she could accuse 'em of stealing a necklace?”

“No. She didn't set the fire. But when it happened, she saw an opportunity to cash in.”

“Yeah. You should write that down.”


Herrmann finished signing a form as a man walks away leaving a limousine in front of the firehouse. Herrmann tells Leslie and Gabby about his great business venture but Kelly warns him that it will be expensive

“Can I talk to you when you get a chance?” Leslie mumbles to Kelly

“Sure what’s up?” he asks as he stands up, the two walk back inside together talking along the way.

“I thought I replaced every vial I gave you, but I must have lost count.”

“Hey. How can they bust you for something that somebody said happened a month ago? It's their word against yours”

“Well it’s my ass on the line and I’ve already been in enough trouble lately I can’t deal with this too”

“I don't know what to tell you.” Kelly shrugs causing anger to pool in Leslie’s stomach

“No, you're right. It's not your problem. You got what you needed.” She bites walking away. Kelly tries to call after her but there’s no use. Truck 81, ambulance 61 Be advised. Reports of multiple gunshot victims, Humboldt Park. As the members of Truck 81 and ambulance 61 make their exit from the firehouse, Kelly uses this quiet time to take another tablet. Sure he felt for Leslie’s predicament, but there was only so much he could do without getting himself in trouble.


A woman is lying on the floor with a  gunshot wound to her chest. Leslie begins to instruct Sylvie

“Hey, Brett, let's get a "C" collar on her. Get her in the back of the ambo and start an IV.” Matt begins to talk to a nearby police officer

 “The other two are DOA. It was a drive-by vehicle to vehicle. Girl was hit by a stray. Shooters are long gone.”

“Check these two, just in case.” Matt orders as Joe makes his way over to an SUV where two men lay still in the seats, he checked their pulses but as the police officer had suggested they were dead. The police officer begins to talk to a bystander but he doesn’t remember anything.

When Joe got back to the firehouse he immediately called his brother.

“Leon, I left you, like, four messages.”

“Busy day.” Leon shrugs

“Yeah, no kidding. We just got a call on a drive-by on Pulaski and Augusta, and your boy Flaco was behind it.”

“Yo, can I call you later?”

“Are you with him right now?” Leon mumbles in response “It don't matter. I'm gonna do the talking. There's gonna be retaliation, Leon, and I know you know that. You gotta put some daylight between you and Flaco. Listen, Leon... I know you think you don't got a way out of this life, but you do. I can help you. Not right this minute, but I can help you get out. Just say the word. You want my help, just say so.”



Christmas was always a busy time for 61, Leslie was helping a homeless man into the ambulance, when he was seated Sylvie takes out the blood pressure monitor

“Okay, James, I'm gonna take your blood pressure. Is that okay?” she asks

“Will it hurt?”

“You always ask that” she smiles

“You never know.” James shrugs. Leslie was filling out paperwork behind them as Sylvie checks James’ blood pressure she begins to speak

“I’m just not ready to ask Casey to the party, it’s not the first time he and Hallie have broken up and I don’t want to be the placeholder until she wants him back. Not to mention if she finds out I asked him on a date? I could lose a really good friend, both Hallie and Casey”

“Brett, I already said I’d go with you. You don’t have to justify your choices to me, I just think you’ll regret it if you don’t take him. By the way, we should go shopping for this thing, buy you a new dress and whatever, I heard there’s this new place on Damen-“

“I don’t really need a new dress though, I’ll just wear something I’ve already got”

“You might not need a new dress but I do. I can’t remember the last time I went on a date with a  girl as pretty as you” Sylvie shook her head at Leslie’s words

“110 over 60 James!” Sylvie exclaims

“You’re good to go sweetie, we’ll take you in and get you your meds” Leslie smiles. Back at the firehouse Matt is sitting at a table munching on a bowl of cereal as Gabby is putting away dishes when the paramedics walk in, they sit down on the other end of the table away from Matt. Gabby’s voice booms across from the kitchen

“Hey Casey, my cousins throwing this super fancy Christmas party on Saturday, I was wondering if you wanted to come?”

“Sounds awesome, what time do you want me to pick you up?”

“Seven” Gabby replies. Sylvie leans over to Leslie

“Good thing I didn’t ask Casey now isn’t it”

“You missed your chance Brett” Leslie shakes her head.

The Internal Affairs office and Boden lead the members of Truck 81 through the bunk room and into the lockerroom

“Chief, are you just gonna let these pretend cops violate our civil rights?” Herrmann complains

“Yeah, don't they need to show us a warrant or something?” Otis responds

“They are well within their authority to search firehouse property.”

“Even our personal lockers?” Gabby sneers

“You mean the department's lockers. Besides, it shouldn't bother you if you're not hiding something.”

“Griffin, can I have a moment with you?” Matt pipes up from the back of the group as everyone else disperses into the locker room.

“What? You want to punch me again?”

“When's the last time I.A.D. searched an entire house?”

“A firefighter stole a $50,000 necklace, and it's my job to find out who. But don't blame me if you suddenly regret assaulting a fellow classmate.”

“Regret it? I'm glad I did it. You weren't the first idiot to make a crack about my family. You were the last. No one's brought it up again since I laid your ass out.”

“Sucker punched.”

“You saw it coming.”

“The only ones who saw it were your buddies. None of whom had the integrity to say what really happened.” Griffin turned to walk into the locker room but turned back to add “By the way... how is your mom?” that was the last straw in Matthew Casey’s hand. He began to run at Griffin with all intent to hit him harder than he had the last time but Boden holds him back, Griffin shakes his head at the lieutenant. “Casey blood sure runs hot, don't it?”



Sylvie sat in a chair in the dress shop while Leslie tried on clothes between calls.

“Remember that one call we went on at D and University?” Leslie starts as she looked in the mirror

“Which one?” Sylvie asks trying to think back, they had so many calls it was hard to remember

“We got a block away, and we realized the jump bag was sitting on the curb. I think that's when the vials went missing.” Leslie emerges from the dressing room

“No, not that one, you’ll make me look like a slob” Sylvie smiles standing up and zipping the back of Leslie’s dress “Seriously, you look so good” she grins

“Only the best for my date” Leslie jokes but she’s only half there, her mind kept drifting back to the missing drugs

“Is everything okay?” Sylvie asks “You’re very worked up over this Toradol thing”

“I mean, it’s just on top of the Madeline thing and that time I kicked a kid I don’t have many second chances left. One of these days I’m going to get caught out”

“But you didn’t take it” Sylvie says but Leslie fails to meet her eyes “Did you?”

“No. but I know who did”

“Then say something. They might be a little mad that you didn’t say something sooner but it’s better than keeping it a secre-“

“It was Severide”



Ambo 61, what is your location?

“Ambulance 61. We're at Armitage and Damen.” Sylvie replies into her radio

Take in a working fire. 1100 block North Hamlin. Leslie panics and calls to the store attendant to buy the other dress as Sylvie quickly unzips her. Leslie swears she had never got dressed that quickly in her entire life, not bothering with her jacket she would just have to brave the Chicago weather until she was safely in the ambulance on their way to the scene. The firehouse receive the same call and they spring into action. Griffin complains that the house should have been taken out of service, Boden notes that it should have been his job taking street clothes out of the hands of the other Internal affairs officer and putting them back in the respected firefighters locker.

They pull up to the scene to see the top floor of an apartment block burning. A police officer was already at the scene waiting for them

“We responded to a call of a gang shooting into the building. They torched it and fled before we got here.” The officer explains

“Who's inside? Another gang? Any civilians?”

“You know as much as I do.”

“Could be gang members inside. I count six mailboxes. That fire has reached the structure.” Boden says. Matt begins barking orders at his team.

 “Mouch, Otis on the aerial. Get ready to vent the roof. Hermann, Dawson, Cruz, with me. Be careful.” As Herrmann tries to pry his way into the building gunshots begin to go off as they all duck for safety. Joe begins to approach the building, he kicks it open and walks inside to reveal a man he vaguely recognised pointing a gun at him.

“Don't shoot! You the Kings? Insane Kings. I'm Leon's brother. Where is he? Where is he? Where is he?” the man begins to run outside as the police officer tackles him to the ground. Joe puts his mask on and begins to search the house along with the others

“Let's go! Take the infrared. Dawson, catch up with Cruz. Hermann... you okay?” Matt asks

“I'm gonna crack one of those punks upside their head.” Herrmann booms

“No. You're gonna sit this one out. Severide,”

One by one they begin to pull people out of the building. On the second floor a woman opens the window and calls for help as they make their way over to her. She tells Matt a younger child is missing and Kelly begins to search for him. Kelly finds the child and he and Matt head outside.

“First and second floor are clear.” Kelly says to Boden pulling his mask off for a moment to catch his breath. Gabby is carrying an injured man out

 “Dawson, where's Cruz?” Matt asks

“He's still up there.” Joe’s voice comes through the radio his voice strained

“This is Cruz on three. All clear. Headed up to four now.”

“Cruz, wait for me. I'm coming up.” Matt orders as he makes his way onto the fire floor, the stairwell creaks as he steps. Joe pushes open a door and rushes to a mans aid only to see Flaco, he cries for help but Joe freezes, now was his chance, Joe slowly turns to walk away closing the door behind him leaving Flaco inside, he makes his way down the stairs

“This is Cruz up top. All clear.”

Back at the firehouse Joe stares at himself in the mirror, guilt fills him. Boden walks in behind him

“Hell of a job you did out there, Joe. Hey... we missed one. Don't beat yourself up about it. You hadn't gotten us through that gauntlet, we might have missed them all.” Boden reassures him not knowing that Joe had seen the victim clear as day, that he chose to leave him in the building. Boden leaves closing the door behind him as Joe’s body immediately sinks down

Out in the hallway, Matt is walking back to his office when Otis catches up to him

“Casey. Hey. You're not gonna believe this. So I ordered a background check on Sandra and Richard Vaughan...”


“And they are leveraged up to their eyeballs. It's one judgment after the next. They're staving off bankruptcy. They're in financial ruin. And Mr. Vaughan... investigated twice for wire fraud. 236 subscribers are gonna hear about this on my next podcast.” Matt pretends to have ignored Otis but walks into the common room with Otis’ background check in hand. He sees Griffin making a white coffee and he makes his way over to him

“Well, Lieutenant Casey. Four-hour call, huh? That was... pretty convenient.”

“It's insurance fraud. The woman with the diamonds? They're broke.”

“What do you do off-shift, drive around in a van solving mysteries?” Matt walks away closing his office door and leaning against it he sighs a deep breath his head ached from all the trouble this man had caused. Griffin knocks on his office door and they begin to frisk him searching his body and the rest of his office. Matt walks away leaving them in there.

Leslie and Sylvie stood in Boden’s office, Leslie was telling him the story of what happened while Sylvie stood next to him in silence

“It was extremely careless on our part. You leave a bag of full medication on a curb at a college campus, you're asking for trouble.”

“And you are gonna be so much more careful in the future, right?”

“Yes, sir. Absolutely, Chief.”

“Hmm. Okay. Just write down what you told me. Don't sign anywhere until you bring these back, because I have to witness your signatures. If you would like Mouch to go over it with you as your union representative, you do have that right. Don't you drag your heels now.”

“You won’t even know they’re gone, Chief.” Sylvie smiles and skips away when Boden holds Leslie back

“What is it, Chief?” he looks her in the eye and then tells her to leave without saying anything further.

Renee is standing in her kitchen making Skinny Margaritas

“Skinny margaritas.” She grins handing Kelly a martini glass

“What?” he asks noticing that she had clearly poured tequila into the drink

“Skinny on the calories, not the alcohol.” Kelly grins and sips at the drink

“You have a really nice place.”

“Mmm, thank you.”

“Guess it pays to work in...foreign financial...”

“International finance law. Yes, it does. But I want to hear about you and how you fight fires every day.”

“It's not every day. On 24, off 48.”

“Oh, yeah? Yeah. I didn't know that. Uh-huh. And then what do you like to do on your off days?”

“I repair boats up near Monroe Harbor.”

“Um, do you go out to the lake much?”

“Yeah, more in the summers, but...”

“Mmm. I haven't been out in a while.”

“I'll take you some time.”

“Oh, will you now?”

“Any time you want, Royce. Just say the word.” Renee looks at him for a moment eying him carefully

“Who was she?” she asks

“What do you mean?”

“The Renee that ruined my name.”

“She was my fiancée.” Kelly can’t help but smile a little at the memory, his time with Renee Whaley may have ended poorly but it was still enjoyable while it lasted.



Matt slammed the door to his Ute shut and walks up the steps to the woman’s house

“Evening, ma'am.” He smiles with his perfect charm, but it was all a show.

“Can I help you?” she asks

“I just wanted to apologize on behalf of truck 81 for your missing item, and to let you know we're going to get to the bottom of it.”

“Well, I should hope so.”

“This is a thermal imaging camera. It's a really great piece of technology. It helps us see through the thickest smoke. Okay. We all carry them, and we leave them recording the whole time we're on a call. I'm actually on my way to drop all our cameras off with the police so they can review the footage, and see exactly what happened the entire time my men and I were inside your home. So don't worry.”

“Okay. Is that it?”


“Great. So maybe you should leave now.”


Back at the firehouse the Internal Affairs officers continued to search through lockers. For a moment they thought they had found something but it was just a pair of cufflinks belonging to Mouch.

“Chief Boden, have you been able to locate Lieutenant Casey?” Griffin says turning away from the lieutenant

“I'm right here.” Matt replies with a slight scoff. Griffin’s phone begins to ring. When he hangs up he turns to Boden

“The diamonds slipped down into a heat register, apparently. Mrs. Vaughan just found 'em” he explains

“You gotta be kidding me.” Mouch sighs

“What a surprise.” Herrmann bites. The internal affairs officers turn to leave

“Less paperwork for me. Hallelujah. Let's go. Do say hi to your mom for me.”

“Door's that way.” Matt bites as the man closes the door.

“All right... so what'd you do?” Herrmann asks

“Nothing. I just told her we recorded the whole thing on our thermal cameras, you know” Matt smiles smugly

“thermal cameras don't record. Oh. That's good” Gabby says biting her lip slightly as she spoke.


Matt walks into the briefing room and sees his sister

“Chris. This is a nice surprise. Merry Christmas.” Matt smiles

“Yeah, Merry Christmas. Almost done shopping. I couldn't remember if you're a large or extra large, but there's a gift receipt in there.”

“Oh. That's really sweet. Thank you.” He takes the box wrapped in green paper and tied neatly with a red ribbon from his sister.

“Since we saw you at the cemetery... Violet's been pretty flipped out. "Why doesn't Uncle Matt ever come to see us? Does he not like us? Do you not like him?" And she shouldn't have to be asking those questions. And...that's on you and me.”

“Absolutely it is, yeah.”

“I feel like she's been without her Uncle, and... I've been without my brother for too long.”

“Yeah, I want nothing more than for us to be in each other's lives. The last time we talked about it...”

“I know. I remember the conversation. So you're still defending her.”

“I'm not gonna turn my back on her.”

“Don't you miss dad?”


Gabby wandered through the Christmas party, Matt glued to her arm the whole time when they bump into two familiar faces

“Brett! Shay! Uh, what are you guys, what are you doing here?” Gabby asks confused

“Carmen is in my spin class. What are you doing here?” Sylvie asks

“Carmen is my cousin” Gabby nods

“Right” the two stand in an awkward silence for a moment

“Great party!” Leslie says trying to break the obvious tension

“Yeah it is, Carmen and her husband put this thing on every year” Gabby grins taking a sip of her drink. The paramedics excuse themselves and walk away

“Faaaa la la la la” Sylvie grimaces when they get out of earshot of the happy couple

“Okayy, so that was a little awkward, you can come back from that. I mean you kind of have to, you’ll see them at work on Monday”

“Gah” she grimaces at the thought and bashes her head against Leslie’s shoulder

Meanwhile, Gabby was showing Matt to a downstairs library area that looked like it had come straight out of an eighteenth century film. He gasped when he saw it.

“Its nice right?” she smiles “Hey, did Brett seem weird to you tonight?”

“She definitely seemed flustered” he nods taking a sip of the champagne in his hand “She was probably just caught off guard I mean I was shocked to see her and Shay there. Brett and Shay are just there as friends, right?” he asked

“are we just here as friends?” Gabby asks stepping closer to him “Is this a date?” she asked looking into his eyes. She goes to kiss him but he turns his head and kisses her cheek instead

“It's not a good time.” Matt says trying to justify his actions

“Uh, you ready for dessert? I'm ready for dessert. We should eat dessert with Brett and Shay!” she exclaims as she left the small room.


Joe and Leon were walking through a back street

“This is crazy, bro. I was just up there, like, ten minutes before it all went down. Flaco sent me to get shorty. Otherwise... I don't know. Somebody's gotta be up there looking out for me.” Joe stopped walking, he was standing in the street in front of a garage Leon turns around to see his brother at least ten feet behind him “Joe, you okay?”

“I can't. I can't do this. I can't do this. I... “ Joe sighs as he walks away from his brother almost in tears


The morning after the party, Leslie is making her way slowly down the stairs as Kelly is standing at the fridge drinking orange juice straight out of the bottle.

“You’re up early, I was expecting you to sleep in much later after the night you had”

“Get this. Dawson’s cousins party? Was the same party Brett and I went to last night” she says taking a seat at the breakfast bar

“No way” Kelly laughs softly. The two pause taking in silence for a moment before Leslie breaks it

“You know I love you, right?”

“Okay, what's going on?”

“I love you because I know you'd stick your neck out for me the way I have for you.”

“Of course I would”

“But you didn’t that’s the thing. I could have lost my job last shift, and I didn’t because thankfully Brett was willing to lie for us. And I did what I did to get you over the hump. Which you totally did. And then I found these in the trash.” She pulls three empty blister packs out of her handbag and places them on the bench

“Those are ol... they're old” he tries to justify his actions but Leslie sees right through him

“I perjured myself for you, Kelly.”


“I'm out.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. What do you mean?”

“I mean I'm out. We had a deal... we wouldn't get in each other's business, but I can't hold up my end. So I'm out.”

“Shay, it's okay. I got it. I got it.”

“No, you don't got it! I'm not gonna sit here and watch you... just fool yourself. I'll get the rest of my stuff later.”

“Shay, hey, please don't go. Please don't... please don't do this.” Leslie slams the door shut behind her.



Joe dials Matt’s phone number but is only met with Matt’s voicemail, he was still in bed thinking about the night before. This is Matt Casey. Leave it here and I'll call you back.

“Lieutenant, it's Joe Cruz. Um... Casey, man, I need to talk to you. It's really important. I, uh... I, um...” he can’t finish his sentence, so instead he just hangs up the phone.


Sylvie and Leslie were fixing up a man’s head wound he had just been hit head on by a car, Sylvie held gauze tightly to his head as Leslie taped it up

“Of course you can stay with me” Sylvie smiled

“Thank you so much, I mean of course I would ask Dawson but you’re the only person who knows why I moved out and I’m not sure I’m ready to explain it to her. Not to mention as mad as I am with him I don’t really want to go flaunting his private business to the whole firehouse”

“Of course yeah I totally understand” she nods

“How do you think it went with Gabby and Casey last night” Leslie smirks trying to get a rouse out of her friend

“Can we talk about Anything else please”

“I mean do you think they did it?”


“Okay I’ll stop! But tomorrow night you and me are going to have a few margaritas”

“Yeah, okay, don’t get me too wasted okay?”

“I can’t promise you that” she grins as a truck comes ploughing into the back of 61 with both girls inside.