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To Speak of Kisses

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Anna wakes up the next morning to find that their positions have reversed and it is now Elsa that is wrapped up in her arms. Her face is buried in a mass of wispy blonde hair and her left hand has wandered up under Elsa's t-shirt to a dangerous altitude. As the fog of sleep clears from her brain, she finds herself thinking I could get used to this. When she tries to retrieve her hand so that she can brush some of the hair out of her face (it itches), Elsa, still sleeping, squirms backwards into Anna's chest, grabs Anna's hand, and places it back under her shirt, if a little lower than before. Yeah, definitely.

Anna gives it a few more minutes, and then with some extra determination she manages to extricate herself from the bed. Elsa whines piteously, sitting up as Anna goes to open the bedroom door and escape, bleary-eyed stare fixing Anna's feet to the floor even as she fails to formulate her implied request into words. Defeated, Anna returns to the edge of the bed and runs her fingers through silken locks, smoothing out sleep mussed hair as Elsa nuzzles her face into Anna's stomach.

She was fooling herself if she ever thought she could leave this behind, these moments of undistilled affection that bind their lives together. Maybe she always knew that; maybe that's why she never bothered with dating, not since that one disaster in college. With a few exceptions, there's nothing she's ever wanted for that her sister couldn't provide. And the more she thinks about it, remembers Elsa's lips on her lips, Elsa's hands on her body and vice versa, the more it seems like maybe she wants more from Elsa than she'd previously thought possible.

And so, when Elsa pulls back slightly and looks up at her with a contented smile on her face, Anna leans down and plants a long, wet kiss on her sister's lips. She presses Elsa, asserts herself when her sister's tongue tentatively meets hers. She doesn't want there to be any mistake; this isn't just a kiss that got out of hand somehow, it's a declaration of intent, an unspoken promise. She only pulls back when she's run out of breath.

Elsa's eyes are wide awake when they finally make eye contact again, the ghost of smile hiding on her face behind the general expression of shock. When Anna still doesn't speak after a few moments, Elsa ventures: "Well that was the best one yet!"

Anna bursts into a laugh. When did Elsa get so fucking cheeky? But she's still riding high on endorphins and confidence, so she presses Elsa back a few inches and clambers forward onto the bed until she's straddling Elsa's lap. She cradles the side of Elsa's face with one hand, and ghosts her thumb over her sister's lips with the other.

"Yeah, it was. There's just one problem, I think."

Elsa makes a face like the word oh? without actually saying it.

"Sisters really aren't supposed to kiss like that—"

Elsa sighs and drops her eyes. "No, I suppose not."

But Anna isn't done. She runs her finger under Elsa's chin and lifts her face until their eyes meet again.

"That kind of kissing is reserved for girlfriends, I'm pretty sure."

Elsa has to think about that one for a moment, apparently. Her eyes scan Anna's face for clues, and Anna allows the corners of her lips to turn up with the hint of a smile.

"Um, in that case, I was wondering... would you like to be my girlfriend? Because I would really like to kiss you like that some more."

For all the kisses they've shared so far, nothing has quite made Anna feel the way she does now, hearing Elsa say out loud that she wants what Anna wants. And like the very first time, Anna's heart swells with love and affection, so she throws her arms around her sister's neck and exclaims, "Heck yeah I'll be your girlfriend!"

And then she kisses Elsa with enough gusto to push her back onto the mattress, bringing Anna down with her. A chorus of giggles fills the room as Anna takes advantage of her new position at Elsa's neck to kiss the girl very un-sisterly along her throat. She'll soon find out that this is one of Elsa's weak spots.

And later, after they've done a number of things together that are definitely reserved for girlfriends, Anna finds herself thinking that maybe, maybe they've actually been girlfriends for a really long time.

And the best kisses to speak of are still to come.