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in eternity's arms

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Sara's hands tremble slightly while she braids Baal's hair.

They're sitting in Baal's bed, like they've done the day before, and the day before, and the day before; like Sara wishes they would do for all eternity. It's 22:00 in the night, and the purple storm in the sky seems beautiful from the window of its creator.

The Raiden is writing something on a notebook while Sara works with her hair. Even from behind, Sara can tell exactly how her face looks: brows furrowed in concentration, mouth biting softly on the pen while she thinks. She knows her Queen from upside down.

Still, Sara can't believe this is her, her own hands, braiding The Almighty Shogun's hair, her own fingertips brushing against the back of her neck, her own breath against the holy skin. It's been so many years. So many centuries. She still fails to believe what an honor was granted to her.

Sara sighs. Sometimes she feels floating around Baal like a moon on a planet's orbit.

Baal turns around, her eyebrows a bit furrowed with concern.

"Are you alright, Sara?", the Archon asks, "you are shaking a bit."

"I'm alright, my Queen", Sara answers, "just a bit worried."

Baal nods. She trusts Sara well enough to know she would never lie to Her Majesty.

"We're busy today", the Raiden says, turning back to her notebook, "I think we're getting closer and closer to finding the Resistance's camp, and all thanks to your hard work."

Sara flusters, almost blushing.

"It's only my job, my Queen. I owe it to you."

Baal turns around completely, now facing Sara with a soft smile on her face. She looks so stunning everytime. The brightest lightning Sara has ever seen.

The Raiden brushes her fingertips against Sara's cheek slightly. Sara thinks even Yae Sakura, in the room next door, can hear her heart beating faster and faster on her chest.

"You should let me compliment you once in a while, too, you know", Baal says softly, "it's only natural. You've done so much for me. You know I highly appreciate your loyalty."

It's so sweet, the way she cups Sara's hair behind her ear, the tone on her voice. When Sara looks at her Queen, all she can see it's gentleness, intelligence, and brightness. She can only see a god who wants what's best for her nation, even if Sara does not fully understand her motives.

But it's all worth it. The atrocities she commited. The atrocities she will commit. They're fine if they're in the name of the Almighty Shogun.

As an immortal, Sara didn't have the one certain all others humans had: she didn't think about death. But if there was one universal truth in her world, the one that is even more powerful than death, is her devotion to her Raiden.

If only the others could see you like I see you, my Queen, she thinks.

"Thank you, Your Majesty", she says, leaning into Baal's touch. "Everything I have… it's thanks to you."

Baal smiles again, and presses a kiss against her forehead.

"Come on, now. We have work to do."

Sara nods.

The never-ending storm keeps crashing outside of the room, but Sara feels at home here, with eternity embracing her safely in her arms.