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Scenes from that Anime Rewrite

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Sierra felt the critical moment, though she didn’t know it at the time. It just felt like emptiness at first.

Emptiness followed by an odd sort of phantom pain for limbs she’d never known she had until they were suddenly hacked off. It puzzled Sierra for a day or so before she thought to do what she usually did when such conundrums arose: contact her sister. Despite living on opposite sides of Cephiro, they were close and kept a regular correspondence.

No answer gave her the sinking premonition of an answer. Hoping to disprove it, Sierra traveled quickly to the Forest of Silence, where Presea last mentioned she was, only to find a normal forest and a desecrated abode. No signs of a sister. There would never again be any signs of a sister.

Several weeks later, she arrived at the castle under Presea’s name. The guru didn’t seem entirely convinced by her deception, but allowed it to be true all the same. She’d been haunted by questions ever since she’d found that horrible answer, and this felt like the only way to learn anything.

What happened? Just why was her sister dead?