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Look man I just like gigglecorp give me a break

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"So what 'look' are you gonna do?" "Mhhh I don't know. Just wanna fuck around n shit." Jeff just got a new makeup kit from a few stores down and wanted to "test it out" or something like that. "K for real though,I'm gonna try to make it look good. Trying to practice." Jeff sat crisscross in his swivel chair,getting all his shit to paint my face. They started Drawing on little circles under my eyes and a drawn on clown nose over my actual clown nose. "Jeff what color are you using by the way?" "Oh like,dark blue and light blue mixed together." Oh word. A nice blue. "Cory close your eyes dude I wanna get all you eye." Damn he`s really going all in!getting every crevice and shit! "Aw hell yeah you already look so good!" "For real?I though you would like,intentionally make me look bad." Jeffrey my good friend giggles a little bit."no I'm doing good!don't worry about it. Besides" jeff reaches over to put a few things down on his desk. "At least we aren't doing anything inportant right now." "Yeah you're right." I heard jeff put some of his makeup stuff down and grabbed a little mirror. "I know it isn't like drastically different from the makeup you do now but it looks good I think." Looking at it now yeah it doesn't look to different from what I usally do but!it looks good!feels,,,jeff-y?I guess that's the only way I can describe it as. "Nah dude I like it!looks good. Maybe I can do your makeup sometime."