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Close Proximity

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Tohru was very excited to be going on another trip with the Sohmas. Her excitement was doubled by the fact that there would be no curses or unexpected visits from the family head.


Shigure, Yuki, Kyo, and Tohru were waiting to be picked up by Hatori, who had graciously offered (or perhaps been pestered by Shigure into giving them) a ride. 


When his car arrived they were not met solely by Hatori’s kind yet stoic face, but also by a widely smiling Ayame. 


“Aya, my beloved!” Shigure shouted out, greeting the man as he exited the passenger’s seat, “I didn’t know you’d be joining us for the ride, honey.”


“Oh sweetheart, when Hatori told me he’d be driving the four of you I simply had to come,” Ayame stretched his open arms towards his younger brother, “I couldn’t allow some brotherly road trip bonding time to slip me by!”


Yuki closed his eyes and sighed. While the relationship between him and Ayame was in good shape he still found his immense presence a bit draining to be around, “Hello, Ayame.”


Ayame hugged his brother, arms wrapped around tight and constricting like a snake. Even with the curse broken some animalistic attributes will never fade. Tohru watched in a mixture of concern and delight, while Kyo smirked at the ridiculousness before him. 


Hatori cleared his throat, “I’m sorry, Shigure. I didn’t know Ayame would be coming with us until a few hours ago,” He pointed towards his car, “There’s room for one up front and three in the back.”


“Well that's no good, considering we’re a group of six,” Shigure looked back at his younger companions and quickly thought of a solution, “I see no reason why Tohru, being the smallest, couldn't sit on Kyo’s lap!” He shot a devilish look to Kyo whose face was nearing a shade of red even brighter than his hair. 


Tohru was the first to respond, stammering a bit as a few different worries flooded her mind,  “Are you sure that’s a good idea? I think it’s illegal, what if we get caught? Is it even safe? I wouldn’t want to hurt Kyo. Oh my god! I didn’t even ask if you’re okay with it first!” She looked up at him with big apologetic eyes. 


He flushed even deeper and turned away, unable to meet her gaze. He scratched at the back of his neck, “S’fine, I guess.”


“Are you sure?”


“Yeah,” he shrugged a bit.


“Excellent!” Responded Shigure, settling the matter which no one cared to argue against in the first place. 


They all placed any luggage they had in the trunk before settling into their seats. 


Tohru carefully lowered herself onto Kyo’s lap before fastening the seatbelt across both of them, “Let me know if I hurt you or anything like that, okay?”


“Okay,” He responded, looking out the window for something to distract himself with. 


The first few minutes were rather uneventful. Hatori had some soft jazz on the radio and when Shigure tried to change the channel, Hatori swiftly swatted his hand away; not making any noise, statement, or expression, his eyes fixed solely on the road.


Ayame was surprisingly quiet, seemingly content enough with just sitting next to his brother. Though he would occasionally share an interesting anecdote about some store or restaurant they would pass. 


Kyo was desperately trying and failing to hold himself together. Tohru also stayed quiet, mostly looking out the window or daydreaming. Kyo tried to keep his mind on anything but his now girlfriend sitting in his lap, but it grew increasingly difficult as every time the car made any sort of movement beside driving steadily forward he’d be reminded of just how close they were to one another. Sometimes Kyo would accidentally take his eyes off whatever part of the car he was choosing to put all his focus on and look down at where Tohru’s legs met his, her pleated skirt splayed across her thighs; which just heightened everything he was previously feeling.


But the worst was yet to come. Soon after Hatori took a turn into one of the older streets in town, the road was more worn down than most and much bumpier.


Kyo’s eyes widened as he felt Tohru bouncing slightly in his lap. He tightened his eyes shut, trying to think of a million disgusting things to take his mind off the feeling. Maybe looking over at Yuki’s face would help…


But the damage was done. 


“Is there something in your pocket, Kyo? I just felt it poke me,” Tohru asked.


Kyo wasn’t sure which answer would lead to the least amount of embarrassment. To make matters worse everyone in the car seemed to decide that now was the time to be even quieter than they were before, as if to spite him. 


He whispers in what he hopes is a volume only she can hear, “No…”


“No?” she whispered back. She seemed to consider the answer for a second, and shifted her hips unknowingly. She felt it more clearly now, rubbing against her, “Oh…” She replied then froze, covering her flushed face with her hand. She pressed her legs together and squirmed a bit.


“W-what are you doing?” he hissed, in her ear.


“I couldn’t help it, I’m sorry,” she mumbled.


None of this interaction went unnoticed. Yuki leaned further from Kyo and closer to his brother, his own face slightly pink and muttered out a “Please kill me.”


Ayame looked over at the couple in glee, “This is wonderful you two! Despite the stigma surrounding it, I believe sexual intimacy to be one of the purest forms of expressing love. It’s only natural that two young and beautiful people in a newly formed relationship would have this kind of reaction when in such close proximity. I believe it was the ancient Greeks who had an embodiment of lust in the god named Eros-”


As Ayame continued his rant Shigure let out the howling laughter he had been holding in. Being the conniving  bastard that he is, he assumed something along these lines would happen the second before he suggested the idea in the first place. 


Even Hatori couldn’t help but smile lightly.


In his embarrassment Kyo nuzzled his blushing face in Tohru’s shoulder, which didn’t do much to deflate either of their current feelings.