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Smells Like Teen Spirit

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In each and every one of those houses on Essempi boulevard was just as odd as the last.

The brick one that had been there as long as almost anyone could remember was filled with a family of four, three brothers and their father. Each of the brothers was known for causing their own form of trouble, especially the youngest.

The one that was a dusty shade of sea green held a mom and her three children. Two sons and a daughter. The mom was known for being the kindest to everyone around. Her oldest son…not so much. And her daughter wasn’t a real treat either.

In the house that looked like it was built during the renaissance was a father and his son, along with the father’s best friend, who was a teacher at the local school, like most adults in this town.

And then there was an apartment building at the end of the street. It was run down and old but only one family ever lived there, the owner and his son. Others lived in the apartment as well, but mostly transfer students to the high school.

Most students from other schools transferred to Essempi high school. It was one of the best in the state and almost every parent wanted their child there, but not all parents cared enough or had the money to move everyone into town, so the students were moved into the old apartment complex.

Our story begins in the little brick house with the family of a father and his three sons.

“Wil!! I need help!!!” Tommy shouted, louder than was necessary.

“What?” Wilbur asked, walking into his younger brother’s room, bleary-eyes and tired.

Wilbur had spent all night on the phone with his friends Niki and Fundy, planning out their campaign for school government this year, and his older brother Techno was the one to shut off the WiFi and disconnect the call after 1 am.

“You know that kid with the mask next door, what’s his name…” Tommy fumbled over his words.

“Dream?” Wilbur sighed.

“Yeah, that guy, I was talking to him the other day-” Tommy continued

“May I ask why?” Wilbur sighed.

“Dunno, I was just at the school trying to write something on the walls and he was just there,” Tommy shrugged.

“Right,” Wilbur rolled his eyes, “continue,”

“Anyway, we were talking and I forgot I had the games in there from when I went to camp last summer and he took ‘em!” Tommy yelled.

“He took your game discs?” Wilbur sighed.

“Yeah! Tubbo and I were gonna play Tetris after school today but now we can’t!” Tommy grumbled, “so I need YOU to do something!”

“Why me? I have a reputation to hold up you know!” Wilbur yelps.

“A reputation of holding protests against cafeteria food and blaring Hamilton at two in the morning” Tommy rolls his eyes, “besides, I’m only asking you because Techno walked with Dadza to school today because he wanted to get there early for something,”

“Why would he want to get to school early? Sure, he’s better than both of us but getting there early, with Dadza…something’s not right here…” Wilbur mutters trying to figure out something.

“Whatever, get out, I want to look good today,” Tommy waves his older brother out of his room.

“Look good? For who?” Wilbur asks.

“No one, it’s just the first day, and that’s the only day people really care,” Tommy sighs.

“Okay, okay, but you wear the same three things every day!” Wilbur points out.

“Oh shut up,” Tommy breathes as he slams the door in his brother’s face.