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Eight Weeks

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“I’m starting to think you got some false information.”

Scully sighed as she lowered the pair of binoculars from her eyes, her gaze falling to Mulder.

“Dawson said that Harvey would be here around 10pm. It is now 1 am and he still hasn’t shown his face. We’ve been here 3 hours, Mulder. I’m tired, it’s hot and I think we both need to get some rest.”

They had been out on this case for the last few days, jumping from lead to lead. Mulder had happily chased every dangled clue and Scully had obediently followed; mostly because she had been so exhausted lately that she really didn’t have enough energy to argue with him about how obvious it was that he was being led around in circles.

They had both been run to exhaustion with a seemingly endless circulation of cases and paperwork and it seemed to Scully that she hadn’t slept in her own bed in weeks. She couldn’t speak for Mulder, but she knew it was certainly starting to take a toll on her; both physically and emotionally.

The last week or so she had been feeling slightly dizzy and she had started to get nauseous; much to her embarrassment with how many times she had to ask Mulder to pull the car over so she could bring up what little amount of breakfast she had managed to keep down that morning. She was certain that it was nothing to worry about and had told Mulder that every time he asked her if she was okay. She just needed to get home and sleep in her own bed and get her body back to running on something other than pure adrenaline and coffee.

“Come on Scully, we are so close with this, I can feel it. I know you haven’t been feeling the best so why don’t you have a rest? I can wake you if anything exciting happens.”

Scully watched him with tired eyes as Mulder lowered his own binoculars, looking across at her as she sighed and rested her head back against the seat. She had to admit it would be nice to have a little rest, even if it was only for a few minutes.

Putting her binoculars on the dashboard, she fanned herself as she leaned over to roll her window down slightly, just enough to let some fresh air in; even if the air seemed to be just as hot outside as it was inside the car. It had now ticked over into the early hours of the morning, but the hot and humid weather seemed to stick around, the thick foliage of the forest they were staking out in not helping with the humidity.

“I doubt anything exciting is going to happen. If he was coming, he would have shown up by now. But I think I might take you up on that offer of a rest.”

“Just don’t drool on the car seat, I would like to get my deposit back this time.”

“Shut up, Mulder.”

Scully smirked as she rolled her eyes, her head turned towards Mulder and her arms resting together in her lap. She watched as Mulder gave a smile, reaching over to brush some of her hair behind her ear before he turned his attention back out his window, bringing his binoculars back up to his eyes. Although she wasn’t usually a fan of stake outs most of the time because of how tedious they were, she liked doing them with Mulder. It was comforting to have him in the car with her.

They had always had a connection and they had steadily grown closer over the years spent together. It wasn’t until after her battle with cancer that the feelings between them had shifted from friends to something more than that. It was then that Scully knew that Mulder held her heart in a way that no one else had or probably ever could. Things continued to grow until they reached a boiling point when they returned from Antartica, which had led her to invite him into her bed, the night filled with discovery and passionate sex. They had been in a sexual relationship since, starting as a casual occurrence to what they had now; something as close to, what normal people might consider, an intimate relationship.

That intimate relationship, though, had seemingly been put on hold these last few weeks by constant cases and a heavy workload and Scully had to admit, she missed it. Closing her eyes with a soft sigh, Scully snuggled down further into the car seat, trying to get as comfortable as she could in this position and not think of the way she missed Mulder’s weight on top of her and his lips on hers.

She told herself she would only rest her eyes, but it didn’t take long for her head to loll to the side, her lips parting as the soft hum of the car radio began to fade as she slipped into sleep.

All she could feel was him.

His heavy weight on her as he rested between her parted legs, her ankles clasped around his body, pulling his hips closer with every thrust.

The scent of sweat and arousal clung to the air as she gripped his shoulder blades, nails digging into his flesh. She could feel herself getting closer, spurred on by the increased breathing against her neck, the way he groaned just that little bit louder.

The only sounds in the room were the squeaking of the bed and the slick, wet sounds of their bodies joining together between her legs. Her name purred off his lips as he picked up his pace, his hand slipping between her body and the mattress to angle her hips up closer to him.

She could feel herself slipping over that delicious edge and with just a little more-

Scully jolted awake, her eyes opening suddenly as she sat up from her slumped position. Sighing, her hand reached up to wipe her forehead, a light sheen of sweat present there now, and she was sure it wasn’t just from the humid weather. The dream had felt so real. Her dreams had never been this intense before but she had noticed that her dreams seemingly had become more vivid recently. Maybe it had something to do with their hectic schedules of late and her inability to wind down, or maybe it was because she just found herself missing sex. Or more accurately, missing sex with Mulder.

Scully had always considered herself a sexual person, enjoying it as much as the next person, but with Mulder it was as if she craved it, especially recently, and he was more than happy to oblige, being just as eager to have her as she seemed to need him.

Looking over at the car clock she noticed only a mere 20 minutes had passed and Mulder’s gaze was still fixated to wherever he assumed the suspect would magically appear. Biting her lower lip, Scully rested her head back against the seat, a heat now coursing through her veins as the visions of her dream flashed behind her eyes and she just couldn’t seem to shake them away.

Tilting her head, she watched as Mulder lowered his binoculars and placed them in his lap, his fingers fiddling with a sunflower seed before he put it in his mouth. Scully became captivated with how his teeth held the seed between them, how his lips and tongue moved together to crack the shell before swallowing the treat inside.

Scully knew what wonderful things that mouth could do and all of a sudden she felt a hunger to have him like she hadn’t felt since their first night together, settling deep in her belly and pooling between her legs.

She couldn’t quite place it, but the urge was suddenly so strong and she found herself struggling to push it down. It was like her body was screaming at her to have him and have him now. Shaking her head slightly, Scully tried to ignore it and remind herself that they were on the clock working. That no matter what, she wouldn’t let her own personal feelings interfere with their ability to perform their jobs. They had both come to an understanding that their new sexual relationship wouldn’t get in the way of their working relationship. And that meant that they wouldn’t let themselves succumb to their desires while working, whether in their basement office or out in the field.

She managed to quell the feelings for a few minutes, just watching him continue to nibble on a small handful of sunflower seeds, before the thrumming between her legs and the fire in her stomach became too much for her to ignore. Fuck the rules.

Chewing on her bottom lip, Scully looked around, taking in the surrounding environment before she gave herself a mental green light. There was no one around and they were in the middle of nowhere, the chance of them getting interrupted was extremely slim which caused a pang of arousal to hit her centre, causing her to clench her thighs together.

Flicking off her heels in silence, Scully was glad that she had chosen to forgo wearing her usual stockings under her skirt today because of the heat. It would make this a whole lot easier. Opening her door, Scully gracefully got out of the car, ignoring Mulder’s curious eyebrow raise.

“Scully? Where are you going?”

Mulder’s question was cut off as Scully nudged the door shut with her hip, running her fingers through her hair. Mulder watched as Scully walked around the front of the car on her toes, avoiding the pebbles on the ground before she stopped at the passenger side, their eyes meeting through his window.

Scully raised her eyebrow as she placed her hands on her hips expectantly. Mulder stopped chewing on his last sunflower seed as he quickly opened the car door, expecting to get some answers as to why Scully had abruptly left. Scully watched him as she rested her hand on the top of the car door, her weight falling against the metal as she bit her bottom lip, her eyes dark with arousal.

“Push the seat back, Mulder.”

Mulder gave her a confused look which only lasted a second before he seemed to register what she said and leaned forward to pull the lever under the seat, pushing his weight back so the seat pushed back as far as it could go. Scully felt the flush of arousal burn her cheeks as she stepped closer, taking the binoculars from Mulder’s lap. Scully let her fingers brush against the seam of his pants, lingering longer than necessary before she chucked the binoculars to her seat, making room for herself on his thighs.

Mulder was momentarily silenced as he watched Scully sensually gather her skirt up around her waist, flashing him a quick glimpse of her red underwear, before she ducked her head and climbed into the car. Mulder’s hands instantly reached out to her hips to stabilise her as she settled straddled across his lap, her knees falling on the seat either side of his thighs before she reached over to pull the car door shut.

“Scully what are you-“

His question was cut off as Scully shushed him by quickly crashing their lips together with an urgency that ended with the kiss being sloppy and passionate. Their tongues and teeth clashed together as Scully moaned, her hands resting on either side of his neck. Mulder’s hands stayed glued to her hips, not daring to move as she pulled away, her lips swollen with the intensity of their kiss.

Scully rested further down onto his lap as she looked into his eyes, her tongue licking his salty taste off her bottom lip. Mulder swallowed as he searched her eyes, sitting back against the car seat in slight disbelief, his fingers brushing against the fabric of her shirt.

“Not that I’m complaining right now Scully, but wh-“

“We’re going to have sex. Right now.”

Scully’s words cut him off and his lips parted in shock. It wasn’t like her to initiate sex so openly like this, and never while they were on the job, but she knew it was the only way to sate the suddenly overwhelming hunger gnawing at her insides. Scully smirked when she felt Mulder grow hard beneath her, his semi-hard erection rubbing deliciously against her centre as she shifted her weight.

She had to suppress a chuckle with how Mulder sat still, his whole body unmoving with his obvious shock before he rapidly blinked when Scully reached down to unbuckle his belt. Her gaze fell down to watch as she made quick work of unzipping his fly, reaching her fingers inside and teasing him through his boxers. Mulder seemed to catch on that she was serious as his hands moved to her thighs, pushing her skirt up a little bit higher, his eyes still wide and watching her talented fingers bring his erection to full attention.

“Really? You want to have sex? Here? Now?”

“Did I stutter, Mulder?”

Mulder groaned before he gave her a cocky grin, adjusting his hips so she could pull his pants and boxers down enough for his cock to spring free, resting against his stomach. Mulder cleared his throat as his fingertips dug slightly harder into Scully’s thighs in anticipation.

“Heard you loud and clear.”

The position was a little awkward, but Scully smiled when she got herself comfortable again, her eyes looking back up to Mulder’s, her fingertips brushing against his cock softly. Teasing.

“Good. Now let me ride you, Agent Mulder.”

The way his name purred from her lips caused Mulder to groan as Scully lifted herself up slightly, Mulder’s hands keeping her steady. Scully let go of Mulder’s erection as she bunched her skirt up and reached between her legs to pull her underwear to the side, exposing her wet and swollen lips, lips that Mulder couldn’t help but reach out to touch.

Moaning, Scully bit her bottom lip as she let Mulder play with her for a moment, her eyes slipping closed as his slippery fingers brushed against her clit and down to her entrance. His cock was now fully erect and obviously just as excited as Mulder was from the anticipation of what his body knew was coming.

“Jesus, Scully. When did you get this wet?”

Scully’s eyes opened with a smirk, looking down to watch his fingers disappear between her legs before he pulled them away, now coated with her arousal. Mulder looked up at her with dark eyes as he returned to gently rubbing her clit.

“Why don’t you stop teasing me and feel how wet I really am”

She started to get impatient, the want to have him inside her growing as she reached down to touch his cock, giving it a few strokes before she captured his lips with hers again, shuffling forward a little bit to get herself in position. Mulder’s fingers left her centre as he grabbed her hips, now holding her skirt up with both hands, giving her room to see what she was doing.

Breaking away from the kiss, Scully looked down between them as she lined his cock up with her entrance, letting the tip slide between her folds in preparation as Mulder’s grip on her tightened, his hips jerking ever so slightly with a huff of his breath against her forehead.

Once she was satisfied with how wet he now was, she rested her free hand on his shoulder as she began to lower herself down, her breath hitching in her throat as he began to fill her, inch by inch. The desire inside of her was screaming for her to hurry, but she held herself back enough to take her time until he was buried fully inside of her, her hips now flush with his pelvic bone.

Mulder moaned as he bent his head down slightly to capture her lips, his hands coming up to rest on either side of her face, trying to calm himself down while Scully took the time to adjust to him. Scully gave a whimper into his lips as she rocked her hips experimentally before breaking the kiss, pulling away enough to look into his eyes with a smile.

“Mmm, now that’s how I like my Mulder.”

Scully had to admit, no matter how many times they did this, she still got those same butterflies in her stomach with how they seemed to just fit together so well. Placing both hands on Mudler’s chest, she gripped the fabric of his shirt softly between her fingers as she began to get up onto her knees, starting a slow rhythm of riding him up and down before rocking her hips backwards and forwards, still letting her body adjust but trying to somewhat subdue the fire burning in her belly.

The slight grunts coming from somewhere deep in Mulder’s chest sent arousal shooting to her centre as she tilted her head back slightly, allowing herself to pick up her rhythm. It was a little bit difficult in the car, but her height for once was making things easier and it allowed her to rise and fall on his lap without hitting her head. Scully gripped his shirt tighter in her fingers as she leaned forward, resting her forehead on his shoulder, breathing in his scent. The smell of his aftershave mixed with the sweat brought on from the day was intoxicating.

Mulder rested his chin on the mass of Scully’s hair as he fumbled with the shirt at her waist, frantically pulling it out of her skirt to seek the feel of her skin. Scully gave a moan of approval when she felt his slightly calloused fingers against her skin, sliding under her shirt towards her back, fingers sprawled against her spine. The way he touched her, so gently but at the same time claiming his territory made her shiver with arousal as she felt her inner muscles clench around his cock instinctively.

Jesus Scully!”

Mulder groaned as he gave a kiss to her hair, his hips now starting a rhythm of their own, urged on by the way her walls seemed to invite him in. Scully murmured a muffled “Yes!” into his neck as she matched his rhythm, sitting herself down as he thrust up, getting the deepest angle they could in this position. It wasn’t ideal as Mulder’s knees kept hitting the car door, but it was working in getting them to the goal they both now seemed desperate to seek.

Scully pulled her head away as she gave him a rough kiss before she rested her hands on his shoulders, making it easier for her to begin to speed up her movements, her knees rubbing against the leather of the car seat below. Mulder looked into her eyes as she smirked, clenching around him once again, on purpose this time.

“I need more. Don’t be careful with me now, Mulder.”

Scully’s eyes twinkled with delight as she heard a growl vibrate from Mulder’s throat as he stopped their movements for a moment, using his hands now to tug at her shirt, not bothering to unbutton it all the way, just enough to roughly pull it open at the top, exposing her bra. Scully rested down onto his lap as she quickly unbuttoned his shirt too, exposing the tuft of chest hairs just above his pectoral muscles that she loved so much.

Mulder didn’t hesitate in pushing the left bra cup down, exposing her breast before his mouth latched onto her erect nipple, already a blushed pink colour from her arousal. Gasping, Scully arched up, her hand grabbing onto his hair as she held him against her, his hot mouth sucking and licking her into bliss. She didn’t know what was happening tonight, but her breasts had never been this sensitive to his touch before, it was like every swipe of his tongue against her nipple sent a jolt directly to her clit.

Scully couldn’t sit still any longer, she needed to move. Gripping his hair, she held him against her as she began to rock her hips once more, her clit rubbing against his body with every roll of her hips. Mulder gave her nipple one last suck, pulling it tightly between his lips as he pulled his head back, finally letting it pop out of his mouth. Scully let out a whimper as he started to move with her, his hands returning to her back, sliding underneath her skirt to rest against her ass. Mulder gripped the flesh tightly in his fingers as he started to guide her hips, bringing her down with a little more force than she could achieve on her own. Scully wasn’t usually one to be overly vocal in the bedroom, but as Mulder began to pick up his pace she couldn’t hold herself back, her restraint breaking with the constant brushing of his cock against her g-spot.

“Oh god, Mulder!”

Scully’s voice dropped a few octaves lower, the unusually raspy tones made Mulder groan. He always loved the sound of her voice when it was dripping with her arousal like that. Scully began to fully let herself go, her pace quickening as Mulder matched her thrust for thrust, their skin slapping together as Scully dug her fingers into his chest. Her nails raked down the middle of his chest, leaving angry red marks in their wake, before she gathered his shirt tightly in her clenched fist.

Tilting her head back, Scully exposed the column of her neck and Mulder leaned down quickly, giving it a strong lick before biting on the underside of her jaw, holding the skin tightly between his teeth. Scully could feel his hot breath on her skin as he lifted her body up slightly with every sharp raise of his hips.

Their body heat trapped in the car and mingled with the hot air outside was making it hard to breathe. But neither could stop, not now, they were both past that moment so they just kept moving, their bodies working together in a frantic motion. Scully could feel beads of sweat run down her back and between her breasts while Mulder’s teeth still pinched her skin right on the spot under her jaw that always made her knees weak.

Scully knew he was close, she could feel it in the way his fingers gripped her ass tighter, pulling her down more erratically than before. Moaning with a smile, Scully slipped one hand between their bodies, her fingers reaching her clit on instinct as she quickly began to rub herself in small, tight circles. They could never really time it to come together, but he would always try his best to hold off until she came first, and god did she love him for that.

With the added stimulation against her clit, Scully could feel herself climb towards that peak much faster, her back arching slightly as he grunted at the change in angle before he pulled his lips away from the now marked skin, looking down between them to watch Scully’s fingers rapidly slide across her clit.

“I’ll never get tired of seeing that.”

His voice came out staccato-like in between breaths and Scully smirked, biting her bottom lip as she watched him watch her. There was something so erotic about how he watched her, how his eyes were so dark and his pupils dilated and his pouty lips parted in mesmerisation as his hips continued to pump up into her.

For once, Mulder was the first to break the moment as he quickly looked up at her, catching her gaze as he slowed down his hips, trying to hold himself back from the inevitable. Scully could feel how his fingers held her ass in a death grip and how his thighs shook slightly underneath her as she slowed her fingers down. She would let him get away with not letting her come first this time, only because she knew she was so close to that edge herself it wouldn’t take much coaxing.

“Where do I…umm?”

Mulder frantically looked around the car as Scully gave a breathy chuckle before she sank herself down onto him fully, her hips rolling in circles. He would always double check with her where he could finish, even though the answer was nearly always the same. It was quite endearing really. Scully had already made up her mind that she wanted him to come inside her - that was the cleanest way to do it in the car.

“Where do you come? Well I think you’re already in a prime position here, Mulder.”

Scully emphasised his name with a clench of her inner walls around him which caused him to grunt as he looked back into her eyes. His cheeks were flushed with arousal and his eyebrows knitted together in concentration as he used every part of self restraint he had to not just tumble over that edge. Scully always found how desperate he looked right before he came attractive, knowing that she was the only one lucky enough to see it.

“You know where I want you,” Scully whispered as she nudged her nose with his before their tongues touched in a hot open-mouthed kiss and that was all the approval he needed from her.

Pulling away from the kiss, Mulder quickly began to thrust back up into her. The sudden quick and hard thrusts against her made Scully gasp as she wrapped her hands around his head, gripping his hair as he rested his forehead on her chest. Mulder groaned loudly as he pulled her down hard against him as his hips shot up, forcing himself as deep inside of her as he could and whispering “Dana…coming..” incoherently against the sticky skin of her chest.

Scully gave a moan of approval, feeling him tense before he began grunting as his orgasm took over him. An approving purr resounded deep in her chest and her toes curled as she felt the slight movement of him within her before he started thrusting again, slower this time, using the friction of her to prolong his orgasm. Scully closed her eyes, momentarily basking in the way he felt inside her. She was always amazed by how long he seemed to be able to come and she loved every second of it, especially after she’d missed it for so long.

Mulder’s breath was rapid as he pulled her down onto him once more, staying inside her as he once again latched onto her nipple, tugging it with his teeth. Scully’s body instantly responded to the extra stimulation with a whimper as her fingers quickly resumed their previous rhythm against her clit, her arousal peaking with the feeling of him still hard inside of her and his cock still giving the occasional orgasmic pulse.

The combination of Mulder’s firm sucks and nips of her breast and her fingers rolling over her swollen clit was enough for her orgasm to build rapidly. Scully moaned as she arched her back, her head falling forward, her lips meeting his head with sloppy kisses.

“Mmm I’m coming!”

It was barely a whimper into his hair as Scully’s fingers rapidly circled before her hips twitched and her toes flexed, lights flashing behind her eyes. Giving out a low moan, Scully’s orgasm crashed over her, her fingers slowing down as her body pulsed and contracted in blissful waves. Mulder groaned as Scully’s inner muscles spasmed strongly around him as if trying to pull him in deeper, her entrance milking him for anything he may still have to give to her. Scully lowered herself against his chest since her body was unable to hold itself up any longer as Mulder nuzzled into her skin, kissing her nipple gently with a wet, open mouth. Her fingers tightened in his hair as she continued to clench around him, the throbbing of her clit slowing down under her fingers as her body started to come down from her high and become heavy in his embrace.

Mulder moved his arms to slide up her back, holding her steady against him as her breath began to even out. Scully closed her eyes and just inhaled the scent of Mulder’s hair, making the most of the post-coital bliss she enjoyed so much. Just being in Mulder’s arms like this and him seemingly all over her was something that Scully had never thought she would crave so much. Kissing the top of his head once, she opened her eyes as Mulder moved his head away from her chest, his eyes looking up to hers with a goofy smile on his face. Chuckling, Scully captured his lips in a gentle kiss.

Mulder’s teeth nibbled on her bottom lip and it caused her to shiver, her muscles clenching tightly around Mulder’s cock in response. Hissing, Mulder pulled away as Scully bit her bottom lip. The added stimulation to his now softened cock caused him to twitch uncomfortably. Scully relaxed and brushed his sweaty hair away from his forehead.

“Oh, sorry…Can you get me the tissues out of my bag?”

Mulder turned his head to see her hand bag spilled onto her side of the car, obviously having been knocked over from the centre console during their activities. Moving his hand to rest on her hips, Mulder grabbed the pack of tissues poking out of her bag, giving it to her, his head leaning down once again to kiss her exposed breast, just above her heart. Scully smiled softly as she watched him, pulling out a few tissues, slowly getting back up onto her knees. Giving Mulder one, she tossed the rest of the packet back to her seat.

Scully took her time in sliding off him, not wanting to make this an uncomfortable experience for Mulder. Once free from her heat, his limp cock fell to his body, resting against the fabric of his pants, shiny from the mixture of both their arousal. Scully pulled her skirt up higher so she could see what she was doing as she started to clean herself, smirking with how Mulder’s gaze was so transfixed on her movements.

Once she was satisfied that she was not going to completely ruin her underwear the moment she put them back on, she balled up the wet tissues and reached down and wiggled her hips, sliding her underwear back into place. Scully caught his gaze again as he chuckled, obviously embarrassed about how intensely he was watching her.

She grabbed the tissue hanging loosely in Mulder’s fingers before she let her hand fall to his lap, stroking him softly as she cleaned him, placing a content kiss on his lips.

“Thought you could use some help there, Mulder.”

Mulder nodded dumbly as he returned the kiss before he lifted his hips slightly to pull his pants back up, tucking himself away back into his boxers. Scully took the time to stay up on her knees as he readjusted himself, pulling her bra back over her breast and buttoning up the few buttons on her shirt around her chest. Leaning over she collected the few items that had spilled out of her bag before she placed it back on the centre console. She knew that she had to get off him now, that they had already taken a huge risk doing this both on the clock as well in public so she swung her leg over him, shuffling over the centre console.

Mulder watched her as she settled back into her seat, her thighs squeezed together as she pulled the visor down and flicked the light on in the car so she could check her makeup in the mirror. Scully could feel his eyes on her and she couldn’t help but smile as a warmth once again flooded her system. It wasn’t unusual for them to go more than once but the hungry haze that had possessed her before was duller now, her senses cleared enough for her to know they couldn’t risk doing it in this public setting again.

Scully tilted her head back slightly to brush her hair out of her eyes when she paused, seeing an angry red spot under her jaw, the odd tooth mark dented into her skin. Snapping her eyes to Mulder, she gave him a glare.

“Mulder, how am I going to cover this up?”

Her voice was scolding, but she couldn’t stop the arousal that hit her centre again at the idea of him marking her skin. She was never one to enjoy that, but on the occasions that Mulder did it she had to admit that she enjoyed the little rush of feeling claimed like that.

Mulder’s lips broke out into a smirk as he leaned over, giving her a kiss on the cheek, one she instantly relaxed into, despite her frustration.

“Scully, you aren’t going to cover it up. I want people to see.”

Scully glared at him again as he moved away from her cheek, her fingers reaching out to fall behind his head and pull him back to her by his hair as she kissed him, their swollen lips moving against each other before she gave his pouty bottom lip a sharp bite, a little payback for the obvious hickey on her jaw. Mulder shuffled closer to deepen the kiss and Scully could feel the haze start to cloud her judgement and the fire in her belly alight once again as his hand rested on her thigh, teasing his fingers under the hem of her skirt. It took all her effort to move her hands down to his chest, pushing him back as she broke their kiss, resting their foreheads together.

“We need to stop, Mulder. It’s late, let’s just go and get some rest.”

Scully brushed her fingers against the skin in-between his open shirt and her eyes briefly took notice of the red marks she made before she closed the buttons. Mulder gave her a quick kiss and agreed. Rolling down the car windows, it took some time for them to clear the windows from the steam and condensation that they had built up before Scully could put her shoes back on and drive them back to their hotel. Mulder’s hand still rested on her knee, his thumb absentmindedly rubbing her skin. Scully’s lips were fixed in a content smile the whole drive back.


Their hotel was rather low budget, but it wasn’t as bad as some of the places they had been to; at least they got fresh sheets every day and everything was kept fairly clean. Pulling up into their designated parking space, Mulder got out of the car first, running around to the driver's side to open her door. Rolling her eyes, Scully turned off the ignition and grabbed her bag and got out, standing before him as he stepped closer, trapping her between him and the car. Scully raised her eyebrow.

“Mulder? What are yo-“

She was cut off as he grabbed her hips, pulling her against him roughly, and her balance wavered for a moment until he held her close.

“Kiss me goodnight.”

Scully gave him another glare as she looked up into his eyes. He knew her stance on public displays of affection. Even though they had just broken that rule in a major way, there weren’t people possibly watching them deep in the forest. They had been in the safety of the dark and their car, not out in the open under the bright neon glow of the hotel sign. But Scully couldn’t resist the challenging look in his eyes. He knew how to push her competitive buttons like that.

Looking around them quickly, she checked that they were alone before she grabbed his shirt with her free hand and pulled herself up on her tiptoes, while his head bent down to meet in a brief kiss. Scully gave a little whimper as his grip around her body tightened and he deepened the kiss, the taste of the salty sunflower seeds he had eaten to distract himself on the drive back still fresh on his lips.

Scully closed her eyes, tilting her head back as her hand moved to rest on his neck, her thumb stroking his sweaty skin. Mulder held her to him with one strong arm resting against her back as the other stroked her cheek, brushing over the mark left on her jaw as his tongue softly slipped between her parted lips. Squeaking slightly, Scully opened her eyes before she pulled away from his lips, lowering herself back down to the ground. Stroking his lips with her thumb she gave him a smile and slipped the car keys into his hand. He stepped away while she walked backwards towards her hotel room, the smile still on her lips as she watched him.

“Goodnight, Mulder.”

Mulder smiled back to her while she unlocked her door and slipped inside, the flick of red hair the last thing visible before the door shut behind her.


Scully rested back against the hotel door for a moment with a grin on her face before she pushed herself off, put her bag on the dresser, and walked towards the bathroom to have a shower and clean herself up a little better than she could earlier in the car with only a few tissues. Even though she had wiped herself mostly clean, she could feel the evidence of him still managing to seep between her legs and make her underwear damp on the drive back to the hotel.

Scully kicked her shoes off as she walked, her fingers working to unbutton her shirt before she mindlessly let it fall to the floor. She was usually a stickler for having things neat and tidy, but the sweat on her skin and the stickiness between her legs begged her to shower first. She could pick everything up after. Once she reached the door of the bathroom, she unzipped her skirt and shimmied her hips, stepping out of the wrinkled fabric.

It already felt so much better to have the air touching her heated skin and she knew that a cool shower would make things feel even better. That was the problem with these run down hotels: the air conditioning was non-existent and there was only so much a squeaky ceiling fan could accomplish.

Her hands went to undo her bra when she heard a few knocks against her hotel door. Looking over her shoulder with a start, Scully swore under her breath as she went to pick her skirt off the floor in a hurry to get dressed before she could open the door.

“Housekeeping, Agent Scully.”

Her fingers dropped the skirt back to the floor as she smirked and the irritation at being disturbed was replaced with a warm flutter in her stomach at hearing Mulder’s voice.

Scully brushed her sweaty hair behind her ears and walked over to the door, choosing to stay in her bra and underwear as she looked through the peep hole to double check it was just him before opening the door, peeking around it. Nodding her head for him to come in, she bit her bottom lip when she saw him wearing only his pants and concluded that his shirt must be lying back in his room somewhere, probably discarded like hers was on the floor.

Shutting the door, Scully watched him as he raised his eyebrows, taking in the fact that she was only wearing very little. Smirking, Mulder stepped towards her, his hands falling to her hips, brushing her skin.

“Well, aren't I a little overdressed?”

Chuckling, Scully reached up to slip the lock and chain across her door, before she closed the gap between them and rested her fingers in the belt loops of his pants. How was it that just being in his presence tonight was enough for her hunger for him to resurface. Her centre pulsed between her legs as she leaned up and Mulder arched his neck to meet her half way as she teasingly brushed her lips against his with not enough pressure to call it a kiss.

“I think you are…maybe we should rectify that, don't you think, Mulder?”

Mulder slipped his hands around to her ass, cupping her roughly before he picked her up, her legs instantly wrapping around his waist with a squeak as he nodded, backing his way towards the bed. The back of Mulder’s knees hit the mattress and he fell backwards, Scully falling on top of him in a fit of giggles.


Peeling herself out of his arms, Scully sat up in the rumpled hotel sheets, her body still slick from sweat as she smiled, feeling him reach out for her.

“Where are you going?”

Scully looked down at him in the dark, making out his silhouette from the glow of the neon lights outside. Reaching over, she brushed his hair back as his fingers played with the skin of her thigh. Mulder became cuddlier after sex, and normally Scully would relent and let him have his way, but tonight with the mixture of the heat, sweat and fresh come pooling between her legs, she knew she wanted a shower before she could even think about falling asleep.

“I need a shower. You left quite a mess, Mulder.”

Scully’s fingers brushed his lips and felt a grin form on his under the pads of her thumb before he kissed it.

“I wouldn’t mind seeing you messy because of me for a little bit longer, but if you must.”

Rolling her eyes, Scully bent down to give him a quick kiss, untangling herself from both him and the sheets before she got up and made her way towards the bathroom with her legs pressed a little tighter together. She could feel his eyes on her the whole way and gave him one last look at her naked in the vivid lights of the bathroom, turning to him before she shut the door. A loud groan coming from the bed caused her to chuckle under her breath.

After a quick and relatively cold shower - the weather was muggy and the hotel didn’t have the best hot water to start with -, Scully felt reasonably refreshed. Standing naked in the slightly steamy bathroom, Scully took her time to dry her hair enough before she hung her towel and reached for her toiletry bag up on the cabinet to get her toothbrush ready.

Putting the toothbrush in her mouth, Scully paused and frowned slightly when she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror, noticing how much bigger her breasts seemed. Lowering her arms, she leaned in to observe her reflection closer, using her hands to brush against the swollen skin. She noticed how they seemed to sit a little fuller in her hands. Scully pulled her toothbrush out of her mouth and whispered “Huh” under her breath before she lowered her hands slowly, her free hand resting on her belly.

Looking down, Scully’s eyebrows knitted together as she watched her hand brush over the flat expanse of skin, her thumb playing with the gold piercing of her belly button. She looked up once again, catching her own eyes through the mirror. She shouldn’t think such things, it wasn’t possible for her, right? Blinking rapidly, trying to get the thoughts out of her head, she quickly finished brushing her teeth, her eyes not leaving her stomach no matter how hard she tried to look elsewhere.

It was just because she was tired. She hadn’t had a good night's sleep in weeks and her hormones were all over the place, understandably, as she was only running on coffee and, if she was lucky, two hours sleep a night. But the more she thought about it, the more things were starting to fall into place-

“No. Stop it. That’s impossible, you’re just exhausted.”

Scully scolded herself as she spat the excess toothpaste into the sink before rinsing quickly. Opening the bathroom door, she watched Mulder in her bed, laying on his back, the sheets tossed to the side and exposing everything he had to show, his chest rising and falling gently. He looked so peaceful when he managed to sleep. Scully’s thoughts were racing as she picked up their clothes, folding them and putting them onto the dresser before she made her way back to the bed. Looking down at him, Scully smiled softly as she crawled onto the mattress and lay down, letting her damp hair fall onto her pillow looking up at the ceiling.

Mulder shifted beside her and rolled onto his side, his arm sliding over her stomach. Scully sucked in a breath before she looked over at him, seeing his eyes now open and watching her. God, she could get lost in those hazel eyes. Shifting, Scully rolled into him, his arm moving now to fall around her while his fingers traced across her bare skin and the inked pattern on her lower back.

“Did you want me to go?”

Mulder was well aware that she was breaking a lot of her own rules tonight and Scully thought that maybe the best thing would be for him to just go back to his hotel room - then at least they wouldn’t be so obvious in the morning. But all these new thoughts were whirling in her head and there was a tug in her heart that told her that she needed him to stay tonight. After all, even though they would have to be up in a few hours anyway, they always seemed to sleep better with one another.

Scully moved her arms to tuck under her chin as she snuggled into him and his arms pulled her closer instinctively. Scully took a deep breath and his scent filled her senses as she sighed. One leg slipped in between his and the other slung over his hips as she placed a kiss to his throat.

Scully shook her head and Mulder relaxed back into the bed, chuckling. She wrapped her arms around him as best she could, her head resting under his chin in their usual sleeping position. Mulder adjusted himself to get comfortable as he nuzzled into her damp hair, kissing her head softly.

“I’ll take that as a no. Night, Scully.”

“Goodnight, Mulder.”