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This Is What Broke Kara Danvers

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She was born on another planet called Krypton. She lived there for 13 years of her life. Then, one day the planet started collapsing. She was sent away in a pod set to arrive on a planet called Earth.

Her mission would be to protect her baby cousin; Kal-El and raise him as the last son of Krypton.

When the pods launched, Kara turned around and witnessed her planet exide in a fiery mass. That experience would haunt her for the rest of her life.

However, it wouldn't even compare to the aftermath of that explosion. The sudden shockwave caused by the planet's destruction collided with Kara's pod. She was sent barreling into a timeless void called the Phantom Zone.

The Phantom Zone was a mysterious pocket dimension in space where time didn't pass. Kara's mother; a kryptonian judicator once used it to trap the worst criminals to ever surface on their planet in a prison called Fort Rozz.

Kara spent twenty four years in stasis there before her pod got knocked loose, pulling Fort Rozz with it.

When she arrived on Earth, the first person she saw was Kal-El, only he had grown up in the twenty four years she spent asleep in the Phantom Zone. He didn't need her guidance and care anymore so he left her with a foster family; the Danvers.

It was a stressful adjustment. Kara had to learn to fit in with a whole new culture and a family that she didn't know.

Her relationship with her adopted sister Alex grew over the years but at first her knew sibling hated her. She thought it was weird having an alien living in her house and she rented the newfound attention Kara was getting from their parents.

Eventually, when the sisters grew closer, there relationship was severed again when Kara's adopted father; Jeremiah Danvers gave himself up to protect Kara from being taken by a government agency called the Department Of Extranormal Operations or the DEO.

Alex had started hating her again for ruining her family. She believed it was Kara's fault that her father was taken.

Once Kara was more accustomed to her life on Earth, she began attending school where she made her first ever friend; Kenny Li.

Kenny was the first person to ever learn of Kara's heritage and he never treated her any differently. It seemed like Kara was beginning to fall in love until Kenny died. The incident brought the Danvers sisters closer together but it cost Kara her first ever friend.

As Kara grew older, she followed in her cousin's footsteps and became Supergirl to stop a crashing plane, one that her sister was a passenger on.

After saving that plane and starting out as Supergirl for the first time, she found out that Alex had been lying to her about her job.

The one person she didn't have to keep secrets from was keeping a large secret from her. Alex worked for the DEO. It was a hard truth to swallow even if Kara forgave her sister.

In her first year as Supergirl, Kara had to fight against her own aunt. Astra was the twin sister of Alura; Kara's mother.

Kara's uncle; Non took an extreme measure to subdue Kara so she couldn't prevent their plan from unfolding. He used an alien creature called the Black Mercy. It would latch itself onto any living thing and show them the life they wanted most.

For Kara, that life was the life she could have lived on Krypton. When, Kara was eventually rescued from that fake reality, she had to watch her life disappear all over again.

Not long after she relived the loss of her family, her Aunt Astra died. She was about to kill a good friend of both Kara and Alex; J'onn J'onzz. He was a shapeshifting alien from the planet Mars. Astra was about to kill him and Alex reacted quickly by stabbing Astra with a kryptonite blade.

J'onn took all the blame for her death so Alex wouldn't have to. They kept that lie until Alex couldn't handle the guilt any longer. Kara forgave them but it still hurt to know that her last true family member other than Kal-El had to die at her sister's hands.

Then, there was the incident with red kryptonite; a substance that can strip away a kryptonian's inhibitions causing them to do and say things they otherwise wouldn't.

Under the red gems influence, Kara did a number of terrible things. She got her coworker fired, threw her boss of a balcony to prove a point, and nearly killed the best person in her life; Alex.

She was unable to save a fellow coworker when myriad was activated. Non forced to her two friends; James and Winn to jump off of a building along with another girl. Kara wasn't able to save her before she hit the pavement.

When Alex arrived to help Kara fight the myriad takeover, she too was mind controlled. Alex was nearly forced to kill her sister with the same blade she killed Astra with.

Her second year as Supergirl began when she met Lena Luthor, who would become Kara's best friend. She teamed up with Kal-El, otherwise known as Superman to fight the emerging Cadmus threat.

When that fight was over and Kal had to head back to his home in Metropolis, Kara decided she wanted to go with at first. She gave up that life with her cousin to stay in National City with her sister.

Then, Jeremiah returned after being held captive by Cadmus for years. With help from Mon-El; a daxamite that Kara fell in love with, she was able to surmise that Jeremiah's intentions might not be so pure.

Alex gave up celebrating the day Kara came to Earth in favor of spending the night with her girlfriend; Maggie. Though, she later corrected this, Kara still felt a little hurt.

She tried to convince Alex that Cadmus can't be trusted and that they should keep an eye on Jeremiah. Alex snapped and rudely accused Kara of not being a member of their family.

Kara forgave Alex even though she never really apologized for hurting Kara that deeply. The relationship sort of continued as normal.

Kara had to stop an invasion of Mon-El's people; the Daxamites but in doing so she made the planet temporarily inhabitable for him.

She had no choice but to send away the first person she could have a real relationship with. He left in the very same pod that brought Kara to Earth.

Kara tried to absolve her pain by ditching her humanity and focusing on nothing but her Supergirl duties while pushing everyone away in the process.

Shortly after that, a meta-human called Psi began attacking the city. She had the power to instill the worst fears into her victims. Kara relived the destruction of her planet yet again bit she also witnessed visions of Mon-El dying brutally after his send off from Earth.

She reunited with Mon-El only to find that he had entered a wormhole where he traveled to the 31st century. He had been living a life there as a hero for seven years where he married another hero named Imra. Kara no longer had a chance to be with him.

Kara fell into a coma not long after her reunion with Mon-El. She had been fighting a kryptonian wordkiller who called herself Reign. Kara lost the fight badly.

When she awoke, Kara began searching for the other worldkillers so she could top them from activating. Unfortunately she was unsuccessful. She was unable to stop Purity and Pestilence from taking over the lives of two innocent women who eventually died as the hands of eachother.

In her search for a way to defeat Reign, Kara found out that her mother was alive. After believing Reign to be dead, Kara returned to Argo to finally live out the life she missed out on.

It wasn't meant to last. Reign resurfaced and Kara made the choice to stay on Earth so she could protect those who she had grown close to.

In her next fight, several of her friends would die at Reign's hands. The only way to save them was for Kara to use a legion ring belonging to Mon-El to rewind time. It worked but Kara still remembers that they died the first time even if no one else does.

In the next year, Kara would face some of greatest struggles. The air was seeded with kryptonite and Kara almost died as a result. She would have been a goner if I hadn't been for Lena. It was round the time that Lena hadn't been getting along with Supergirl because of a dispute over the creation of synthetic kryptonite.

Then, Lex Luthor escaped prison. He was the brother of her best friend and her cousin's arch-nemesis. She had the chance to prevent it from happening but she failed.

This all happened during a rising alien rights conflict that same year. It was one that Lex had manipulated into happening all while he was in prison. So many people that Kara knew started being treated unfairly.

Because of this conflict, the president and new DEO overseer; Colonel Haley made it their mission to discover Supergirl's true identity within the DEO. The only way to prevent that from happening was to wipe Alex's memory.

Kara watched as the one person who knew her better than anyone forgot who she really was. In a way, it caused a temporary rift between the sisters.

That rift was only repaired when Kara died at the hands of her own doppelganger; Red Daughter. Kara would have remained dead in Alex's arms if it weren't for her hidden ability to draw sun energy from nearby plants.

That clone of her found out the truth and sacrificed herself to save Kara. Red Daughter's last moments were in Kara's arms.

Lastly, after several years of constant threats and keeping her best friend out of the loop, Kara told Lena her secret as she could no longer contain the guilt that it made her feel.

Kara Danvers lived a life of hardship but she always remained the Sunny Danvers that everyone knew and loved. But there were two things that finally broke her; Lena and Crisis.

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Despite Kara and Lena being best friends, Kara never told Lena that she was Supergirl.

Kara had convinced herself that there were a number of logical reasons why should didn't share one of the most important parts of herself with Lena.

Perhaps the biggest reason was that Kara had an underlying fear of abandonment. At times she wouldn't admit it, even to herself but it was true.

Her parents had sent her away when there planet was dying. She knew that they did that to save her life and protect Kal-el but she still developed a sensitivity when it came to people leaving.

She spent 24 years in a pocket of the universe where time doesn't pass. Her pod fell into the phantom zone where she spent every moment of those nearly two and a half decades dreaming about how she was sent away in the last moments of her planet's history.

She arrived on Earth Where she found out she failed her mission. Her baby cousin was all grown-up and he didn't need her, but she till wanted him and then he left her as well.

Kara loved her adoptive family; the Danvers but she was only ever left with them because her last living relative didn't want to raise her.

She new Kal-el, now Clark, had his reasons. He wanted her to be safe. He wouldn't have the time to raise his cousin while he was saving people in a blue and red suit.

Kara understood. She really did.

But it definitely hurt. Her first human interaction in over two dozen years was her last family member telling her that she couldn't be with him.

If Kara leaving Krypton was the setup, then this was the punchline cementing Kara's desire to never be abandoned ever again.

It still effected her life to this day. She feared that her sister Alex was going to leave when she started dating Maggie.

Mon-el left her to live in the future, Cat left for D.C., Winn left to be his own hero, and James left to run a small town newspaper.

She was strong for everyone around her in every one of those instances but Lena was a unique case.

She could be strong for everyone else but not when it was Lena.


Lena had finally revealed her true intentions. She was using Kara because she believed Kara had used her. Kara was now trapped in a cell made of ice and kryptonite in the center of the Fortress Of Solitude.

Some deep part of Kara had risen to the surface. A part of her that had never seen the light of day. She was scared.

She couldn't be abandoned by her best friend but she knew it was all her fault and she hated herself for it.

She was as bad as Lena's family. Her brother and mother lied to her all the time and she was just like them. That thought played on repeat in her head as she stared at Lena.

The brunette stood stone still with myriad in hand.

"You made me into a fool for the last time... Supergirl." Lena said her superhero name with enough venom to rival that of Livewire.

That was the beginning of the end for Kara. To hear one of the two most Important people in her life look at her with shear hatred shredded Kara.

Lena made a move to walk away but Kara still had enough of a reason to try. "Lena, please. Don't go. I promise I'll..."

Lena shouted to cut Kara off. "NO! YOU DO NOT GET TO TRY AND MAKE ME UNDERSTAND!"

Kara felt the tears cascade down her cheeks as Lena composed herself from her abrupt shouting.

"You betrayed me in the worst way possible. When I moved to National City, I told you that I would not let down my walls to become friends with anyone... then you proved to be too much of a challenge for me."

Kara would have laughed at that if the situation was different but in this instance she only felt the stinging tear tracks on her face.

"You slowly became the most important person in my life. We were best friends, Supergirl!"

The blonde felt herself break even further at the CEO's choice of words; 'were best friends'. She also noted how Lena refused to say her name and just kept calling her Supergirl instead.

"I always thought that at least there was Kara, but now I see that there was only a lying alien pretending to be Kara. Kara Danvers was a lie. She was just some facade you created to fool a Luthor."

Kara wished she didn't believe Lena's words. Everyone else would tell her that they weren't true but she believed them. Kara Danvers was a lie.

That was the power that the brunette held over the kryptonian. Kara couldn't explain but she put so much faith in Lena that whatever Lena said felt like the undeniable truth.

"No!" Lena startled Kara with the abrupt half-shout she produced. "You know what; you didn't just fool a Luthor, you got one to... to... to fall in love with you."

There it was. The realization that Kara needed. Lena loved her. That explains why Kara couldn't let Lena leave. It explains why the CEO held so much power over Kara. The blonde was finally realizing that she loved Lena too and she had to do something about it.

"Lena..." Kara tried to keep her voice steady as she pleaded but sobs wracked her entire body as she spoke. "I... I am so sorry. I... love you too. Please... Please don't... don't leave me here. I... know you hate me... but please let me... fix it."

At this point Kara relented to the tears and started sobbing uncontrollably. The woman she loved was leaving her and she had no one to blame but herself and her stupid alter ego.

"Stop lying Supergirl. This is goodbye. I never want to see you EVER again." The brunette spat at her former friend as she clutched onto the myriad program.

If she had Kara's strength then she would have snapped myriad in half.

Kara felt lost as Lena used Lex's watch to open a transmatter portal on the other side of the icy cell.

The purple glow that signified Lena was leaving made Kara feel sick. She already felt a bit weaker because of tthe kryptonite but no green rock could make her feel weaker than she did in this moment.

Lena looked at the kryptonian one last time with zero remorse in her eyes. She had convinced herself that she no longer cared for Kara. She betrayed her in the one way she asked to never be betrayed. It hurt and for that she decided to hurt Kara.

Lena was gone. The portal closed and Kara hated herself.

She couldn't help but think that she ruined Lena. Her best friend was going to try and mind control the planet.

Lena was going to go down a dark path and it was all Kara's fault. If she hadn't lied this never would have happened.

Kara knew that she could probably escape the cell with ease. Lena had used kryptonite but not enough to prevent her escape.

Kara could escape but... she didn't want to. This was her punishment. She was a no good liar that hurt someone close to her and she believed that this was her getting what she deserved.

Kara cried for awhile before her sadness became shear anger. Anger at herself for not being good enough, for not telling Lena her biggest secret sooner, for not realizing just how much Lena meant to her.

She screamed. Kara just screamed. It was her way of releasing herself from this pain. She felt the tear build up in her eyes as she grew louder.

Kara stared into the icy floor as she released her heat vision. The powerful beam made little dent in the ground of the fortress.

Kara continued to scream as the red hot energy fired off from her eyes. She screamed so loud that her voice became raw as a clear side effect of being weakened.

She screamed so loud but no one could hear her. Eventually, her heat vision died out. She looked up after the blast had subsided.

She felt light headed and her vision was extremely blurry. Kara thought back to the last few times she solar flared and she remembered a similar feeling afterwards but this was so much worse.

Kara was still in contact with kryptonite and now she had never been exposed to kryptonite while without her powers before.

Kara never felt so ill. She tried to grasp on to reality as she felt herself start to slip into unconsciousness.

Kara wanted to call for help. She knew that no one would be able to hear her but she still tried.

"H-he... h-help." Kara's voice couldn't reach any volume above a whisper and it came out raspy.

The emotional release had taken its toll and here she was relenting, once again believing that maybe this was her punishment.

Her eyes closed and she stumbled to the side only to fall over. Her head collided with the side of her cold cell. Blood seeped from Kara's skull as she lay there on the floor.

Lena had not used enough kryptonite to hurt Kara but it was enough for Kara to hurt herself in her emotional turmoil.

Kara wouldn't be able to stop Lena not only because she was unconscious but because she couldn't. She knew that no matter what, she would not be able to fight the woman she loved.

Kara laid there as a pool of kryptonian blood formed around her head. Her breathing became more labored and weak. She didn't have much time before she would lose her life.

(End Flashback)

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"Brainy! I need you to get me a location on Supergirl! Now!" Alex's tone was a bit harsh but it's because she was worried.

The last anyone heard from Supergirl, she was with Lena. Normally, that would not have been cause for concern but Lena's actions mere hours earlier were not normal.

Brainy had detected an intense level of Q-wave activity. That tracking system was developed by Winn when he first joined the DEO.

It's sole purpose was to scan for the use of deadly Q-wave emitters such as myriad.

A detailed scan pinpointed the location to Mount Noroquay. A well known location of one of Lex Luthor's anti-kryptonian bunkers.

Upon further investigation, Alex found out that Lena was attempting to use myriad to rid the world of lies alongside what appeared to be Eve Tessmacher.

Alex sanctioned the use of the Claymore Satellite to destroy the base. Though she wanted to stop Lena, she didn't want to kill her. Mere minutes before Claymore launched it strike, Alex communicated to the L-Corp CEO that she and Eve needed to leave if they wanted to survive.

Lena reluctantly opened a transmatter portal and left without myriad. As far as Alex could tell, myriad was destroyed.

She returned to the DEO to a dress her concern for Kara's location.

Lena was the last person with Kara and Supergirl had not shown up to stop Lena at all during her mind control experiment.

Alex didn't want to believe that Lena would do something but clearly Lena was capable of being a lot more like her family than she let on.

"Director Danvers, I calculate a 96.3% certainty that she is still in the Fortress Of Solitude." Brainy stated, seconds after Alex addressed him.

Alex pondered the thought for a moment.

"Would you like me to arrange a strike team to accompany you to the fortress?" Brainy asked pulling Alex out of her thoughts.

"No. I'm only going to bring people who know Kara's secret. I'll ask J'onn and Nia."

Brainy nodded, understanding fully why Alex wanted this mission to remain personal.

Alex left the DEO and drove straight to J'onn's office.

As she entered, her thoughts kept bouncing back to Kara. She was concerned but the initial fear that she felt when she first found out that Kara was friends with Lena Luthor had returned.

Her Sunny Danvers little sister convinced all the superfriends that Lena was trustworthy but now Alex had a pit in the bottom of her stomach.

However little faith Alex had in Lena after today, she remained steadfast in her belief that perhaps this was a misunderstanding but if Kara was hurt, she would personally see to it that Lena Luthor ended up as a corpse.

"J'onn!" Alex called as she entered the familiar office where they often had their game nights.

"Hello, Alex." J'onn greeted her kindly as she fully entered the building. Coincidentally, Nia was also there.

"Hi, Alex!" Nia beamed.

"Nia was practicing some her Naltorian abilities. I offered to help her meditate and work her through them." The martian offered an explanation as to the young reporter's presence.

"Well, I'm glad you are both here because I need your help." Alex rambled a little quickly. The longer she went without hearing from Kara made her concern grow.

"Of course. What can we do, Alex?" J'onn picked up on the worry in her voice.

"Lena did some bad things today and the DEO had to stop her. She tried to use myriad to rid the world of lies. We prevented it but Kara never showed up to help and I'm worried because the last person to see her was Lena." Alex explained.

"Do you know where she is?" Nia asked.

"I asked Brainy if he could figure out where she was and he said that she was likely at the Fortress Of Solitude."

"I can use my powers to see if she's ok?" Nia offered.

"That sounds like a good idea." J'onn stated as Nia sat down to relax and focus.

"Thank you, Nia. I... I just want to make sure she isn't hurt." Alex's voice cracked as she considered the possibility that Kara could have been harmed by Lena.

Now took deep breaths as she closed her eyes. She sat quietly on a chair in the office as she dreamed of Kara.

Nia felt a strong feeling of cold. She opened her eyes and she was certainly in a dream. She was in a field surrounded by snow and she felt colder and colder by the second.

The blanket of snow on the ground was peaceful and the falling snowflakes were beautiful even though the air was frigid. Nia knew here dreams were not literal. They represented reality rather than mirroring it.

It was very possible that the cold setting suggested Kara was in fact in the Fortress Of Solitude.

Now turned in circles looking for any hint that might allow her to understand the situation but there was nothing. No clues whatsoever.

Now was about to quit when the snow started to change color.

Gone were the white flakes that sprinkled from the sky.

The snow underwent a sinister transformation to a deep red. It was a red that Now wished she didn't recognize.

It was quite literally blood red. This meant that something happened. They needed to get to Kara. What if they were too late. Nia started panicking.

"Nia! Wake up!" Nia startled out of her dream to find Alex's hand on her shoulder shaking her awake.

Nia was out of breath. Clearly this was a result of the dream.

"You appeared to be in distress so Alex shook you awake. Do you see anything?" J'onn's voice pulled her out to the panic.

"Something is wrong." Nia said plainly.

J'onn could pinpoint the exact moment Alex had digested that statement.

Her thoughts exploded into a mess of 'what ifs' and J'onn realized he had to keep her head straight.

"It's ok Alex. You'll find her. We'll help you find her." Alex was grateful for J'onn's encouragement but she could not accept the situation she was now in.

"Thank you." Alex re-focused herself to offer a quite thanks.

"My ship is parked outside. Let's go find your sister." J'onn offered.

"I saw your car outside but there was definitely no ship. Is it invisible?" Nia questioned. She had not seen J'onn's supposed ship.

"The ship is the car. It shapeshifts. Now, come on. I need to find her." Alex was fast with her explanation as she sprinted to the door to follow J'onn. Nia followed immediately as Alex held the door open.

The trip to the fortress was quick but to Alex it felt like an eternity.

They were finally landing near the outside of the fortress.

As the ship was landing, the DEO director felt that pit in her stomach grow larger with each second. The more she thought about what might have happened, the more she wanted to find Lena and make her pay.

She technically had no way of knowing if Kara was hurt or merely incapacitated but Nia had described her dream on the flight over.

What images Nia had seen scared Alex more than anything else in her entire life. A blood stained blanket of snow. Alex was anxious.

She needed to find Kara.

The ships engines powered down signalling a complete landing.

Alex rushed outside immediately. She was sporting DEO issue winter gear to survive the cold temperatures.

Nia followed and J'onn came out soon after though he unlike the others was not wearing any clothes protect from the harsh temperatures. His martian blood was not able to freeze except in temperatures only found on certain planets.

"Come on. The door is this way." J'onn made a motion with his hand signalling for them to follow.

They walked to the entrance when a horrible realization dawned on Alex; the key. The only way to get in was a key made of condensed dwarf star.

Alex would not be able to lift it and neither would Nia. J'onn had super strength but even he was not as strong as a kryptonian. Kara and Clark were the two people that would have the easiest success getting in.

With Kara already inside and Clark on Argo, Alex had no idea how they were going to get in.

"We can't get in. We can't lift the key." Alex started to panic. Nia also started to worry at Alex's mention of not being able to enter.

"You're right. This is bad." The naltorian heroine stressed.

"It's alright. I can phase us through the walls." J'onn explained.

Alex would have breathed a sigh of relief but she was still incredibly worried for the well-being of her little sister.

J'onn placed his hands on Alex and Nia's shoulder respectively as he used his power to phase them through the front door of the fortress.

As soon as they were completely through, Alex took off running with gun in hand. Nia and J'onn followed after her.

"Kara! Kara, can you hear me?" Alex called.

She received no answer which only escalated how worried she was.

She rounded a corner and stood to face the center of the fortress. There was a mysterious block of ice with streaks of green in the center of the fortress.

"Kryptonite." Alex tensed as she realized what the familiar green color represented.

She approached the block of ice and he saw gee closer, she saw something.

When she realized what it was it horrified her.

Kara was unconscious in a pool of blood in a kryptonite cell.

All Alex could do was scream in abstract horror.


Chapter Text

Even through the ice, Alex could see the puddle of blood that formed around Kara's head as she laid still on the cold ground. Alex could see her sister's veins, now painted green as a result of the kryptonite exposure.

The DEO director instantly placed Lena Luthor at the top of her hit list.

She felt tears well in her eyes at the sight of her sister; the same sister she swore to protect after Kenny Li's death when they were young.

Alex grew up and became a DEO agent and later the DEO director to protect her sister, to fulfil her self-given mission when she grew close to her favorite little alien.

Her tears fell faster than she could stop them to re-focus on saving Kara. It was like she was a deer in headlights, unable to move as a result of the display in front of her.

"We need to get her out of there!" J'onn shouted as he made his way to the center console of the fortress.

Alex followed him as Nia watched Kara through the ice.

It was hard for Nia to stomach what she was seeing. Her close friend and mentor, both for reporting and superheroing, was lying on a cold surface in her own blood.

Kara was strong but even Nia feared that this might be too much for her to handle.

J'onn and Alex fingered with the kryptonian technology. Luckily she and J'onn could both understand and fluently speak kryptonian.

"The fortress's anti-Luthor protocol was activated. That must have something to do with Lena's trip to the fortress." J'onn explained as he began to furiously try and deactivate the cell.

"Kara must have gotten trapped, and Lena must have used the oppurtunity to steal myriad." Nia assumed.

All Alex could wonder was why? Why would Lena do this? She always claimed to be out to prove that she wasn't a Luthor but she had undeniable proof that she was a Luthor right beside her.

Kara always put faith in everyone, even the brother of Earth's most notorious alien hater. Lena didn't deserve the faith and friendship she was given, not after what she had done.

The computer system finally responded to J'onn's relentless attempt to shut down the system. "ANTI-LUTHOR PROTOCOL DEACTIVATED"

The walls of the icy cell slowly retracted into the floor after the computer's announcement.

"Oh... oh god!" Alex choked on her words as she saw the unobscured image of her sister's injured body.

"Is... is she... is she alive?" Nia struggled to ask as she released her sobs for the fallen hero.

Alex wanted to kneel down and check for a pulse but she couldn't. Once again she was frozen. She knew she had to help her sister but she started to panic internally.

J'onn acted quickly and checked for signs of life.

"She's cold and her breathing is weak but she has a pulse." J'onn stated as he held his finger to Kara's neck.

"She's going to need help. We should... we need to take her to the DEO, right?" Nia asked while starting to panic.

"Yes. Alex, contact the DEO. Tell them Supergirl will need immediate medical attention." J'onn picked up Kara and held her in his arms.

Alex wanted to respond but she couldn't.

"Alex?" Nia was worried for Kara and Alex was being unresponsive. Alex was the only one with direct DEO contact, being the only one who worked there.

Alex remained unresponsive.

"ALEX! WE NEED TO CONTACT THE DEO, NOW!" J'onn shouted harshly but with good intent. Alex was an agent. He hoped she would respond to an authoritative presence.

Luckily, he was right. Alex forced herself out of her thoughts and turned on her earpiece trying not to break down in tears.

"Brainy... I-I need you... you have to setup the medbay. Turn on the sunlamps and... g-get a breathing monitor ready. Supergirl is in... critical condition." Alex stutters through her words unable to fathom the truth held within them.

Brainy responded moments later. "Yes, Director Danvers. I'll have the medical team assemble it right away." Brainy stated with uncharacteristic worry.

Alex once again turned off her earpiece trying to re-focus on getting her sister back to National City, alive.

"We need to get back to the ship quickly." J'onn tried to remain steadfast but even his stoick personality was cracking as he feared for Kara's life.

They boarded J'onn's ship and started the flight home.

Kara was wrapped in a few blankets J'onn kept on the ship. They tried to keep her body temperature up but she remained very cold and very pale.

The flight would only last a quick ten minutes in J'onn's ship but Alex hated waiting.

The first five minutes of the flight were in silence. J'onn sat up front to pilot the ship while Alex and Nia sat just behind to watch over Kara. Alex was tense and panicky the entire time.

Halfway through the flight, Alex started mumbling to herself.

"Alex? Are you ok?" Nia asked gently.

"What h-happens if she isn't ok. She m-ight not make it. What... has Lena done. She... She is so cold and... and... fragile. I'm... s-scared." Alex felt her breathing hitch in her chest. She lost touch with her senses as she started crying and hyperventilating.

Nia picked up on what was happening. Alex was starting to have a panic attack. Nia was concerned. She knew that Kara occasionally had panic attacks but Alex always seem call and collected.

In truth, it shouldn't have surprised Nia that the one think that could break Alex's resolve was her sister. She had never seen a bond as strong as the Danvers sisters.

Surprisingly, the Naltroian heroine was able to act quite quickly but she didn't really know what to do.

"Alex, I need you to listen to me. It's going to be ok? Kara will be fine?" Nia tried to reassure Alex but she had never dealt with a panic attack personally and she had never seen one of Kara's up close.

"No no no no. She's g-going to d-die. Why Lena? Why?" Alex was spiraling and she quickly realized she was unable to breath.

"Alex, you need to breath. Take deep breaths." J'onn called from the front of the ship, wishing so desperately that he could come back to help instead of piloting the ship.

"Can't." Alex's response was short as she closed her eyes tight to try and hold back tears. She just wanted Kara to be ok.

Alex still tried to breathe but it was a fruitless effort. She was too stressed over the condition of her little sister that she had sworn to protect.

Alex reopened her eyes, still unable to breathe. She found that she was a little dizzy. She got dizzier and dizzier and eventually she couldn't take it anymore. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she fell to her knees as she let go of consciousness.

She collapsed with the last thing she remembered being Nia calling her name.

"J'onn. Alex... She collapsed. I think she was too stressed." Nia explained.

"Keep an eye on her and Kara. We'll be there in a few minutes. Use her earpiece and contact Brainy." J'onn told her.

Nia did as J'onn instructed and carefully propped Alex up into a sitting position to take her earpiece.

"Brainy? Brainy, are you there?" Nia turned on the earpiece and began calling Brainy's name.

"Nia. I assume you are with Director Danvers. I assure you that the medbay is prepped for Supergirl's arrival." Brainy stated.

"That's great but we also need to get Alex some medical attention. She had what I think was a panic attack. She was thought Kara was going to die and she just started freaking out and she eventually fainted." Nia rambled as she tried to explain what was happening to Brainy.

"Understood. I will prep a recovery room for Director Danvers as well." He stated.

"Thank Brainy. We will be there in a couple of minutes." With that, Nia turned off the earpiece.

She turned her focus back to Kara. The blonde was Nia's mentor but she was also a good friend.

Kara had taught her how to be a good reporter and a super hero but she was also the person who helped her get through her mother's death and the falling out with her sister.

She didn't want to kill Lena for what she'd done. Nia would not be able to stomach it but there was definitely no part of her that would stand in Alex's way.

How could Lena do this? Lena and Kara seemed perfectly fine when they went to the fortress to find a way to stop Rama Khan yet somehow during their time there, Lena had betrayed her friends and used the one substance on the planet that could hurt Kara.

It was unimaginable. Nia didn't want to admit it but she couldn't help but think what would happen if Kara did die. What if Alex was right and Kara was dying?

It hurt to recognize that as a possibility and at the hands of her best friend no less.

Had Lena been pretending the entire time? Nia wondered if she really was just another Luthor out to kill a super but that didn't make sense.

If Lena wanted to gain Kara's trust just to hurt her, surely she would have done it before now.

Then Nia changed gears. Maybe it wasn't Lena. J'onn could shapeshifts and she knew that countless other alien species could.

Was Lena under some sort of mind control?

Nia got lost deep in the possibilities of the encounter at the fortress. What had happened?

Suddenly, J'onn's voice pulled forced her back to reality. "We're here."

They landed on the DEO helipad on the roof as they prepared to try and save Kara's life.

Chapter Text

The first thing Alex realized when she woke up was that she had a splitting headache.

She slowly opened her eyes to reveal that she was in a minimally lit room in the DEO. She recognized the room as they typically used it as a secondary medbay when the first one was either full or busy.

That thought hit her like a truck. She was in the secondary medbay because Kara was in the main one.

She thought back. The last thing she remembered was Kara lying down in the back of J'onn's ship, cold as ice with labored breathing and a weak heartbeat.

The image of her sister's head covered in dried blood dominated her thoughts.

She sat up all too quickly, intent on finding Kara.

The swift movement hurt thanks to her headache. This caught the attention of Nia who sat on the other side of the room quietly.

"Alex, slow down. You are going to hurt yourself." Nia argued.

Alex pinched the bridge of her nose, trying to force the headache away.

"Do... do you remember what happened?" Nia questioned in a soft voice. She didn't want to aggravate the redhead as she could tell she had a headache.

"I... um... we were on the ship on our way here. I-I remebr thinking about Kara and then I... um..." Alex couldn't remember anything past that but the vague idea that she believed her sister was dying.

"You had a panic attack." Nia finished. "We brought you to this room so they could focus on Kara in the medbay. You've been out for abouylt an hour."

Alex's response to the new information was fast. "I-Is she alive?" Her voice broke at the question.

"Yes, she is. She's in a coma." Nia offered. "But that's all I know."

Alex wanted to let relief wash over her at the though of Kara being alive, but she couldn't shake the thought that being alive now didn't necessarily mean she'd be alive tomorrow, especially if she was in a coma.

"J'onn and Brainy are with her right now. There is some headache medication on the table next to you. Once, you take it, we can go see her."

Alex nodded and popped the medicine on the side table into her mouth before swallowing.

She got up from the medical bed slowly and Nia walked with her to the door to the room.

As they walked across the DEO, Alex asked Nia a question. "Why aren't you in there with Kara right now? I know she is one of your best friends."

Nia looked to Alex and offered a somber response. "If she were awake right now, the first thing she would have asked for is someone to be with her sister." The naltorian pointed out.

Alex was near tears. Kara would definitely put the well-being of Alex above her own. She would do that for everyone; Alex, Nia, J'onn, Brainy, and... Lena. That's what hurt Alex the most.

Kara would sacrifice everything for Lena and yet, Lena still left Kara in a kryptonite cage to rot.

They remained silent as they approached the main medical wing.

Finally, Kara came into view. She was lying on a DEO medical bed, looking extremely pale. There were monitors keeping track of her heartbeat, her breathing, her body temperature, and a number of other things.

There were countless sun lamps in the room. Even the main overhead lights of the room were retrofitted with yellow sun lights.

Brainy and J'onn stood at either side of her bed with solemn expressions.

What hurt Alex the worst to see, was the green on Kara's face highlighting her veins. It was clear to Alex that Kara must have endured significant kryptonite exposure if the sun lamps had yet to do anything to erase the bright green color.

Alex entered the medbay and broke down. She cried and sobbed as she stared at her sister's nearly lifless form.

Nia, J'onn, and Brainy did there best to offer comfort but it wasn't enough for Alex. She continued to cry for several long minutes until she forcefuilly composed herself.

There was a moment of silence before the DEO Director finally spoke.

"How is she?" Alex's voice was quiet and damaged but she needed to know if her sister was going to be okay.

J'onn was the first to respond. "She's alive, but barely."

The response really hit Alex hard but she appreciat3d the lack of sugarcoating when it came to something like this.

Brainy was the next to speak up. "Her entire body is exhausted. It appears as though she lost her powers before passing out in the fortress."

That was a shock to Alex. Kara had been bleeding when they found her but she naturally assumed that was a result of kryptonite weakening her.

Had Lena somehow caused Kara to solar flared before exposing her to the kryptonite.

Brainy continued to explain the situation. "She has hypothermia and likely would have died as a result if it were not for Kryptonians having a higher natural body temperature than humans, she has a major concussion, and chances are she will feel very sick and have short term amnesia when she first awakens."

That influx of information acted as another gut punch for Alex. Her sister must be in so much pain. Thinking about the situation made her head hurt even more but she ignored it.

"What about the kryptonite? Why is she still being affected by it even if she isn't exposed to it anymore?" Nia stepped in to ask.

"We believe that some combination of the loss of her powers and the kryptonite exposure induced kryptonite blood poisoning." Brainy explained.

"The sun lamps aren't really healing her but they preventing the kryptonite poisoning from getting any worse." J'onn continued.

"How are we going to cure her?" Alex asked.

"Since her entire blood stream is contaminated, we will need to perform a blood transfusion to introduce healthy blood cells to combat the dying ones." J'onn epxlained.

"Are we sure that will work? And even if it will, do kryptonians need a certain blood type like humans or naltorians do?" Nia asked.

This time Alex piped up to fill in the gaps. "It would actually be a lot simpler. Kryptonians only need someone with blood that shares ancestry with them. We would have to get a blood relative to do it." Alex's research into kryptonian biology was really useful in this instance.

"Precisely." Brainy agreed.

"How do we get in contact with a blood relative then?" Nia asked.

"Currently, all of Kara's relatives are on Argo. We could contact either her mother or Superman but it will be a while before either of them will be able to get here." J'onn tried to emphasize that they would have to wait if they choose to contact Argo City.

"If it's our only option, then we should do it." Nia spoke up trying to point out that this was the obvious solution.

"Agreed. Director Danvers, I assume you would like me to establish a video Argo City?" Brainy looked for confirmation.

"Wait. I might have a quicker solution." Alex said.

"What is it, Alex?" J'onn asked.

"Technically, we don't need the blood relative to be her. We just need their blood. The realtive..." Alex choked on her words a little bit as she remembered some painful experiences. "... doesn't need to... to be alive."

"What are you saying?" Nia asked clearly confused.

"I'm saying that the DEO still has samples of Astra's blood." The redhead explained. She hated that it was a true statement but she wanted to save Kara as fast as possible.

"Weren't those samples taken inhumanely by General Lane?" J'onn asked.

"Y-yes, but regardless of how the samples were acquired, they are our best and easiest solution to cure Kara's blood posioning." Alex emphasized while trying not to remember how the General Lane basically tortured Kara's aunt.

"I will prepare a medical team and the blood samples for a blood transfusion tomorrow." Brainy stated.

"Thanks, Brainy." Alex stated.

Brainy left to go access the DEO archive for Astra's blood samples.

Alex wanted to have hope. After all, they had a viable solution but there was one thing that still bothered her.

"Are we sure that she will wakeup after this?" Alex asked.

Alex and Nia both looked at J'onn expectantly. Neither of them were sure they'd like the answer they would get.

"It's not a guarantee." J'onn stated just above a whisper.

Alex and Nia stayed silent for a few moments before Alex walked to Kara's bedside.

She moved to hold Kara's hand as she sat down in a chair next to her.

"I'm going to make sure you get to see us again, Kara. There's no way I'm letting last week Wednesday be the last sister night we ever had." Alex stated.

There was another moment of shear silence.

"She can hear you." J'onn's voice cut through. "Normally, I can't read kryptonian minds but... since she doesn't have her powers I can sense what she's feeling and she feels confident that we will save her."

"Can you read her thoughts to find out what happened at the fortress?" Alex asked with a small voice.

"I tried. Her thoughts are mostly peaceful. Bright be because she has temporary amnesia as Brainy said." J'onn explained.

The idea that Kara couldn't remember what happened eased Alex a little.

Eventually, she would remember and Lena would certainly have to face her fury if she did anything to hurt Kara, but at least for now Kara could sleep peacefully.

Later on, J'onn left to patrol the city in Supergirl's absence, leaving just Alex and Nia by Kara's bedside.

Another DEO agent stopped by to give them blankets and a few pillows, assuming neither of them would leave.

Nia fell asleep quickly despite the circumstances.

Alex desperately wished she had Nia's sleeping powers so she too could replenish her energy and relax but she lied awake the entire night.

All she wanted was for Kara to get better and for Lena Luthor to pay for what she had done.

Chapter Text

Nia was dreaming. Her powers centered around her dreams but sometimes dreams are replaced with nightmares.

That is exactly what happened the night Kara got hurt.

She couldn't help but think about the possibilities of Kara's blood transfusion tomorrow.

Her dreams became twisted 'what if' scenarios of terrible outcomes. What if Kara died? What if Kara never woke up? What if Kara's amnesia would become permanent? What if Lena truly and become a villain?

In most nightmares, there would be a part when you abruptly wake up from it. One might wake up just before they hit the ground or just before the monster caught them.

Nia was different. She always believed that her powers were a curse. She didn't originally want them and she blamed them for costing her the relationship she had with her sister.

That had changed as of recently thanks to Kara but there were still some downsides to having them.

Naltorians often struggled to wake up from dreams or nightmares as easily as humans would, or even most other alien species.

Now hated it. It meant that all she could do was sit there and watch the nightmares play out in front of her.

She saw Lena steal Kara's powers before swiftly pulling out a gun with kryptonite bullets. She saw Lena trap Kara in a room with a kryptonite bomb. She saw Lena dawn the lexo suit before battling Kara and finally bringing her down with an all too familiar green blast.

The dreams made Nia's eyes water in her sleep.

She had remained remarkably calm considering the situation until now. Part of it was that she tried to be strong for everyone else around her.

She would lose a friend and mentor, but she could never imagine losing your sister or your surrogate daughter like Alex or J'onn would.

The other part was that she hadn't really let it sink in that this could kill Kara. She always viewed Supergirl as this indestructible being. She believed Kara to be an unstoppable force.

Nia supposed that was why Lena's friendship was special and unique for Kara. The kryptonian heroine had few friends that didn't know her secret for one reason or another.

Nia guessed that Lena had a friendship with Kara Danvers, not Kara Zor-El and perhaps that was what Kara wanted.

Now continued to cry in her sleep for Kara.

A few hours later she felt someone shake her awake.

"Nia? Nia, wake up." Alex whispered while gently shaking Nia's shoulder.

The brunette slowly opened her eyes to find that she hadn't been moved since she fell asleep. It was now early morning and surely Kara would soon be given her transfusion.

She felt the tear tracks on her cheeks and the redness in her eyes.

"Alex." Nia cried out as she started sobbing.

Alex gave Nia a large hug. During which, the DEO Director shed a few tears alongside her friend.

They separated after a few minutes of crying to eachother. "Thank you. I think I needed that." Nia said.

Alex just offered a small smile in response before redirecting her attention to a comatosed Kara on the medical bed in the room.

"We should probably get out of here. They are about to start prepping Kara for her transfusion." Alex stated.

Nia nodded and left the room. Alex's gaze returned to her little sister as she lie there unconscious with a bandaged skull and kryptonite green veins.

Alex knelt down to be level with her sister's slapping from. She brushed stray hairs away from he face.

She remembered last night when J'onn told her Kara could her her in her coma.

"Hey, Kara. We are about to give you... a blood transfusion. I just w-wanted to let you know that n-no matter what happens... I love you. We are going t-to do everything in our power to... to save you, ok?" Alex started to cry as she contemplated the possibility of this being a goodbye.

She couldn't fathom how she would feel if something went wrong with the procedure or if it wouldn't be enough to fight off the kryptonite contaminated blood cells.

"I-I have to go and... wait in another room. As soon... as soon as you are... awake w-we will have the greatest sister night ever with all of your f-favorite foods and we will watch any movies... you want. I promise." Alex wiped her tears and reluctantly left the medical room to allow the transfusion to begin shortly.

She went to the main room of the DEO with its large window to meet up with Nia, J'onn, and Brainy.

J'onn noticed that she had been crying and immediately made the move to give her a hug. Nia soon joined in while Brainy remained standing to the side being less affectionate than most.

"Thanks." Alex mumbled into J'onn's shoulder as they deepened the group embrace.

After the hug ended, Alex and the others went to sit down in a DEO side room to wait while Kara underwent the operation.

They sat mostly in silence. Occasionally one of them would get up to grab a drink of water and ask the others if they would also like a drink or something to eat but other than that, they sat quietly.

One thing Alex really thought about while they waited was about Kara's place in their group of friends and family.

Everyone contributed something to one another. They were all great friends but Kara seemed to be the center. She was the one that often pulled people in to get to know them.

She was the most caring person Alex had ever met. Not to mention the fact that she always believed in everyone she encountered.

Alex was quick to dismiss Purity's good side back during the attack of the wordkillers, but Kara knew.

Everyone would have been convinced that someone like Leslie Willis was irredeemable but Kara proved them wrong.

It was like she could see the inner good in everyone, almost like a sixth sense.

If Kara died, it would be like blocking out the sun for Alex and countless others.

Kara had developed close bonds with an endless amount of people. She had family like Alex, Eliza, Kal-el and J'onn but she also had so many friends.

There was Winn, James, Cat, Lucy, Maggie, Mon-El, Sam, Imra, Brainy, Nia, William, and so many more.

Kara even had friends from other earths.

Most importantly there was Lena. Lena was Kara's best friend and one of the few that didn't know Kara's secret.

Alex hated that she had no current basis for why Lena would do such a thing. The only one who knew the truth was Kara and she was unconscious and would likely wake with no immediate memory of what happened and how she was injured... if she woke up.

That thought hurt Alex more than anything ever had, even in her countless years as one of the DEO's top operatives.

One thing was for certain; Alex wanted an answer.

She was close to her anger boiling over when one of the DEO doctors entered the room.

Everyone in the room turned their gaze to them, awaiting an update on Kara's condition.

"The procedure is over and she is stable. Her vitals still read the same as they did since her rescue. We won't know if it worked for sure for a few days yet." The doctor stated in a professional manner.

J'onn nodded as Alex only grew angrier.

The doctor left soon after leaving the Superfriends to process the information.

"I'm going to her." Alex stated, breaking the silence.

"To Kara?" Nia questioned. The way Alex had spoken scared her a little.

"No. I'm going to Lena. She is going to tell me why my sister is near death even if I have to beat it out of her." The redhead spoke ominously.

"With all do respect, Director Danvers, I do not think that is for the best." Brainy tried to persuade Alex.

"I agree. For now we should wait until Kara wakes up." J'onn offered.

"WHAT IF SHE DOESN'T WAKE UP!" Alex shouted.

"She has to." Nia whispered, contrasting Alex's high volume.

"I'm going, ok? I need to know why Kara is lying in a medical bed with blood poisoning." Alex argued.

She started to leave the DEO. She was intent on getting answers. She might not ever get them from Kara so she was going to confront the CEO of L-Corp.

Alex wanted to find Lena and force her to explain.

The DEO Director couldn't help but wish she hadn't warned Lena about the claymore satellite.

Lena always claimed to hold her mission statement; be more than just a Luthor, close to her heart. All Alex could think about was how that was thrown out the window by Lena herself.

She hurt Kara, she used kryptonite, and then she made an attempt to mind control the world.

Those were the actions of Lex or Lillian, but Lena was differnt, until she wasn't.

She had become just another Luthor in the eyes of Alex, overnight.

Alex continued to march through the DEO. She reached the main room, ignoring the pleas of J'onn, Brainy, and Nia behind her.

She entered the DEO's main room and let the light of midday shine on her tired expression.

None of the other DEO agents made a move to stop her.

Alex was convinced that no one could stop her or persuade her to let Lena run free after what she had done.

Then, Alex noticed a figure in the DEO that wasn't normally there.

A woman wearing a tan jacket with long black hair stood in the center of the DEO. Alex immediately knew who it was.

Alex was very confused. "Kelly?"

Chapter Text

Alex's anger momentarily dissipated at the sight of her girlfriend. "Kelly? What are you doing here?" Alex asked as she gave Kelly a hug.

Kelly returned the embrace before responding. "J'onn called me a little while ago. He said that you might do something you'll regret... plus I figured that I shoukd finally see my girfriend's super secret workplace."

Alex side-eyed the martian. J'onn must of read her mind and found out that she wanted to find Lena ahead of time and contacted Kelly to talk her out of it.

"I need to find Lena." Alex said quickly.

"Ok. Can you tell me why you seem so tense? Why do you need to find Lena?" Kelly asked

Alex contemplated the idea before dismissing it. "To do that, I... would have to tell you a secret that's not mine to tell and... I-I can't do that."

"Alex. She would want you to tell Kelly." J'onn offered.

That sentence made Alex's stomach churn. He was right of course. Kara most definitely would tell Alex that Kelly could know her secret. But the fact that she wasn't awake to say it herself was like a punch to the gut.

"Ok." Alex whispered. "Kara got hurt... pretty badly." She began as residual tears made their presence known.

"She... um... she's in a c-coma with... hypothermia, a concussion, and if she w-wanted up she won't remember... what happened at first." Alex finished, now trying to choke down sobs.

Kelly stood there momentarily stunned before she reached out and wiped some of Alex's tears.

"When did this happen?" She asked.

"Yesterday." Nia affirmed in a melancholy tone.

"How does this have anything to do with Lena?" Kelly asked still confused and now very concerned for Kara.

"It's her fault, Kelly. She... She went with Kara to the Fortress Of Solitude and Lena... she used k-kryptonite on Kara... and she didn't have her powers and..." Alex both couldn't and didn't want to continue.

She quickly realized just how abruptly she segwayed in to Kara being Supergirl.

"Wait. Kryptonite and... powers? Are you saying that... Kara is Supergirl. Your sister is a... superhero." Kelly was now thoroughly confused.

In retrospect it made sense. Kara shared all the same qualities as the girl of steel. They were both kind, they both believed the best in everyone, and of course they had the same appearance which now felt so obvious to Kelly that she was surprised she hadn't noticed sooner.

"Y-yes, Kara is Supergirl. Lena hurt her and she may never wake up." Alex stated in a dire manner.

Kelly had shed a few tears at this point.

"She just had a blood transfusion. If my calculations are correct, we won't know if it succeeded for about a week." Brainy explained.

Kelly was honestly trying to wrap her head around the mountain information that had just been dumped on her.

"So... Kara is on the brink of dying and you want to... leave her to confront Lena Luthor?" Kelly asked, looking for confirmation.

"I'm sorry, babe, but I have to." Alex emphasized.

"Do you... guys have undeniable proof that it was Lena?" Nia looked to J'onn who shook his head. "And even if you had some video evidence or something, it could have easily been faked."

Alex looked to her girlfriend with a puzzled expression.

"Think about it. J'onn is a martian who can shapeshift. Who's to say that the Lena you saw wasn't the real Lena." Kelly explained.

Brainy interjected. "That is a valid theory. Even more likely than that, however, is that it was simply another human or someone with a vendetta against Supergirl who was using image inducer technology."

Alex sighed. "Look. The simplest answer is to confront Lena. If she did it, then we would know." She motioned to leave.

"Alex, wait." Alex turned back around to look Kelly in the eyes.

"I think it is super admirable that you want to get justice for your little sister, but you need to recognize how bad of an idea this is." The psychologist tried to reason.

"What do you mean? If I can protect Kara by arresting that sorry excuse of a human being, then so be it." The way Alex spoke scared everyone in the room.

"I mean that... if Lena truly did almost kill your sister... what's to stop her from killing you." Kelly reasoned.

The words felt like another kick to the stomach. The fact that Lena could legitimately just kill her was a tough pill to swallow.

"Mrs. Olsen has developed a probable theory. It is highly likely that, if Lena Luthor did decide to go down a dark path, she would have prepared for many variables." Brainy stated.

"But besides that, Kara is recovering you need to be here for her. We can find out the truest version of the story from Kara when she wakes up and remembers." Kelly continued.

"That's if she wakes up and remembers." Alex tried to point out as even more tears rolled down her cheeks.

"Oh, Alex." Kelly gave Alex another large hug.

Once they separated, Kelly cupped her hand around Alex's cheeks and use her thumbs to wipe the redhead's tears.

"Kara will wake up. Your sister is strong and so is Supergirl. She will make it through this." Kelly tried to reassure Alex. The redhead gave a small nod.

Kelly continued. "I just think that going after Lena without knowing how dangerous she is and without knowing the full story is a bad idea."

"I actually thought about that... as well. I was wondering if maybe it was a shapeshifting alien of some kind." Nia explained.

J'onn, being a shapeshifter himself offered his take on the matter. "It is entirely possible. Although green and white martians are the most well-known shapeshifting alien species, there are countless others that could pull this off."

"Regardless, it is important that you are there for Kara right now. She is going to need her favorite person by her bedside when she wakes up." Kelly explained, trying to remain strong for Alex.

Alex immediately made the move to take her girlfriend in for a kiss.

"Awww!" Nia exclaimed as she watched from off to the side.

"What was that for?" The psychologist asked.

Alex wiped away a couple of tears that were resting on her cheeks before responding with a weak smile.

"For being just... so understanding about Kara being an alien a-and for... reassuring me." Alex held began her tears for the time being. She was at least able to take solace in the fact that her girlfriend was by her side.

"I will say that it was and still is a bit of a shock." Kelly started. "I mean... to think that your adorable little sister; the Pulitzer Prize winning reporter from Catco is also... a super hero."

Alex chuckled a little, almost forgetting the reality they were currently living. "Yeah. She is pretty amazing, isn't she?"

"Absolutely." Kelly answered, almost before Alex even finished talking. "I can't think of anyone who would better fit the role of Supergirl; who's saved national city countless times, who's been there for my brother during his vigilante days, who's stronger than Superman, than your sunshiny sister." Kelly poured all of her heart into that statement. She was really trying to make Alex feel a whole lot better about the situation.

"Rest assured, Alex. We will not stop trying until Kara wakes up." J'onn added to the soulful conversation.

Alex felt warm for a minute. This was the best she had felt since she saw Kara's pale face on the other side of the ice.

She was still recovering from the panic attack she had yesterday and she had a headache, same as the day before, but she now had a glimmer of hope.

Her mentality upon until now was 'if Kara would wake up.' But now, thanks to Kelly, J'onn, Nia, and Brainy, she believed that it was more accurate to say 'when Kara wakes up.'

"And when she does wake up..." Kelly began. " will have to tell me all kinds of stories about Supergirl and what it's like to have a super cool alien sister."

"Having Kara as my sister is better than I could have ever hoped for." Alex said as a fresh wave of reality washed over her and her voice hot quieter again.

Alex abruptly started crying again. She had never cried so much in such a short time before.

Thinking back on it, she hadn't cried this much when Jeremiah was taken by Hank Henshaw or even when the first thought he died working for the DEO when Alex was younger.

She hadn't always been the best sister to Kara. There were times she had misdirected her anger towards her. She still deeply regretted the day she told Kara that she was either part of the family or not after they found Jeremiah.

And Alex was a particularly bad sister when her parents first adopted Kara after she crash landed, but she would trade everything she had for her little sister.

"I-I just want her... to be ok." Alex stated in between sobs that wracked her whole body.

"She will be." Nia comforted as her and Kelly reimbraced Alex in a hug. J'onn joined in soon after.

Alex had never been so grateful that she and Kara had made such good friends.

She had people that were going to be by her side as she waited for Kara to wake up.

Alex let herself cry. As a hardened DEO agent, she didn't often let herself feel intense emotion but now it felt like a necessity. It felt good.

There was still something in her stomach though; a feeling that suggested something was wrong. Alex wanted to believe that Lena would never do something like this. She knew it was logical to assume that to be the truth but she felt as though it was incorrect.

As soon as Kara was awake and able, she would get answers.

She would find out what Lena Luthor had been up to.

Chapter Text

It had been six days. Six days, nine hours, forty-three minutes, and twenty-one seconds had passed since Lena had revealed to Kara that she had been using her just as she believed Kara had used her.

Her failed attempt to purge earth of lies and betrayal was met with no resistance from the girl of steel.

Instead, she fought against her sister; DEO Director, Alex Danvers. There use of the Claymore satellite destroyed myriad.

Lena was not stupid, however. She prepared a contingency for myriads destruction. She simply had her A.I.; Hope, currently inhabiting the body of Eve Teschmacher, map a schematic of the device and the parts used to build it.

If Lena couldn't use the original myriad program, she would build a new myriad.

She set up shop in one of Lex's old underground bases. It was designed to be anti-alien in every way.

It was lead lined and equipped with alien detection systems. The entire place was surrounded by a psyonic inhibitor shield, preventing the use of mind based alien abilities in the bunker. The place contained several kryptonite emitters and all the lab equipment Lena could need.

It was the prefect defense. Director Danvers wouldn't be able to locate her, J'onn J'onzz wouldn't be able to use his powers inside, and Supergirl would fall to her knees if she came anywhere near Lena.

"Hope, how is progress towards the myriad prototype coming along?" Lena asked.

"I have currently halted progress, Ms Luthor." Hope's robotic voice replied matter of factly.

"Why? I intend to use myriad before Supergirl has a chance to stop me." Lena let a little anger shine through in her tone. She was confused as to why Hope stopped in her efforts to aid Lena in recreating myriad.

"I ran a serious of simulations and calculations regarding our close encounter with the claymore satellite at Mount Noroquay." Hope replied.

"Why would you need to do that? Is there some sort of detail I missed?" Lena questioned.

"From what I've gathered, the DEO knew where to fire the claymore satellite even though Supergirl was never made aware of the location at which you intended to you use it." Hope stated.

"How is that possible? Supergirl couldn't have been the one to find us. Lex's bunker was lead lined to prevent the use of x-ray vision or super hearing." Lena pondered the new information.

"From what I found, the DEO implemented a system to detect intense Q-wave activity. They were able to pick up on the sudden influx of Q-waves emitted from the myriad program." Hope explained.

Lena let the realization wash over her. "You halted progress because you knew that the DEO would be able to track us." She stayed, not needing confirmation.

Hope gave a response nonetheless. "Correct, Ms Luthor."

"We need to destroy it." Lena decided. "We need to destroy the Q-wave scanner at the DEO. However, that would be pretty difficult with Supergirl acting as the world's strongest guard dog."

"You could make more kryptonite to intercept a potential disruption from Supergirl." Hope offered.

"No. I used kryptonite purely to trap Supergirl. I have no intention of physically harming her. I want her to feel my pain but I want become my brother while doing it!" Lena was on the verge of shouting.

"My apologies, Ms Luthor." Hope was smart and could sense Lena's distress at the insinuation that she would hurt Supergirl. Upon realizing this, Hope decided to run a web scan for other means of circumventing the kryptonian heroine.

"It appears that Supergirl may not be an issue after all." Hope stated with a smile.

"What? What do you mean?" Lena asked frantically. She tried to mask her worry.

Hope responded by displaying several images on the large monitor in the main room of the bunker.

They were pictures of news articles and headlines.

They read; 'Supergirl Missing' and 'A Week Since Supergirl Vanished'. Most of them were from miscellaneous news publications but some were bigger such as The Daily Planet.

The one that stick out to Lena the most was one article published by Catco. It was titled 'Where Is Supergirl?' by William Dey.

Lena was concerned. Had the DEO not yet found Supergirl at the fortress. She may wanted Kara to feel the same betrayal she felt but she didn't want her imprisoned in the fortress for that long.

"Hope, I need you to bring me one of Lex's transmatter portal watches. I want to go back to the Fortress Of Solitude." Lena ordered.

Hope left the room to retrieve the watch.

Lena didn't want to get roped back into any sort of friendship with Kara Danvers but she had to check and see if Kara was still trapped.

Of course, Lena had been smart in her use of kryptonite. She was confident that the amount she used would have been enough to trap Supergirl but definitely not for long.

The youngest Luthor was not even sure what she would do if Supergirl was still sitting there in the icy cell. She just had to check.

Hope soon returned with the watch in hand. "Here you are, Ms Luthor." Hope stated.

Lena took the watch from her A.I. companion. Purple energy assembled before her. Lena made a motion with her hand, signalling for Hope to enter the portal with her.

Hope obliged and passed through the portal with Lena following through right after.

Upon exiting the portal, Lena felt the temperature difference immediately. The frigid air took her breath away.

Lena made her way toward the center of the fortress.

"The kryptonite cell appears to have been deactivated" Hope observed.

Lena continued to move closer to the center of the room. She was ignoring Hope's words. Her focus was not one the absence of the cell but on something else.

The floor. There was something on the floor right where the cell was. The floor was stained with a deep red coloring, now frozen over thanks to the temperature.

Lena was in mild shock. There on the floor of the fortress was a frozen puddle of blood.

Lena was sure that she hadn't used enough to cause this much harm to Supergirl. Clearly, she was found by someone but... what condition was she in?

"Are you alright, Ms Luthor?" Hope questioned.

"We are returning to the bunker, now." Lena demanded as she moved towards the exit.

"So soon, Ms Luthor?" Hope asked. "We have only just arrived. Does the fate of Supergirl distress you?"

Lena pondered the question. Should she answer honestly or lie? In the end she decided to brush it off. "It doesn't matter, whether or not it distresses me."

Lena paused before coming up with an adequate excuse. "What matters is that we leave before the DEO finds out that we were here."

Hope nodded and followed Lena. The portal was reactivated with the use of the watch. Hope once again went through first as Lena followed.

Hope gently walked out of the portal in contrast to Lena practically storming out of it.

"SHE SHOULDN'T HAVE GOTTEN HURT!" Lena turned around and shouted at the living android.

Lena composed herself before continuing. She didn't want to seem unprofessional in front of other people even if it was only her A.I. companion.

"My calculations should have been correct. How did Supergirl get hurt?" Lena asked.

"I can assure you that your calculations were sufficient and should not have resulted in the injury or death of Supergirl." Hope stated.

Lena's thought went haywire at that thought. Coils she have killed Kara? That would defeat the whole point of her goal. She wanted to hurt Kara but not physically. She wanted Kara to feel the same emotional pain.

She would shut Kara out and prove to her that eradicating lies and betrayal was the only way to fix the world.

She never wanted to fix Supergirl. She remained strong in her idea that Kara remained safe from physical harm. Even if she wanted to use myriad to rewire Supergirl's brain, she couldn't. Myriad was a kryptonian program initially used to control the minds of National City.

From what Lena gathered, Supergirl was not affected by myriad and if Lena intended to replicate the device, she would not be able to control everyone.

Various alien species would be immune to myriad but she didn't need to fix everyone. Just enough people, to prove her point.

But right now, she just wanted to know what happened. She definitely wasn't going to apologize to Kara and she did not want to give up Project Non Nocere, but she needed to know if Supergirl was alive.

Hope grounded Lena from her thoughts. "If you want to know the fate of Supergirl, you could break into the DEO. They are the ones responsible for the medical treatment of Supergirl."

Lena sighed. "That's correct. Besides, we already need to find a way in to disrupt the Q-wave detection system." Lena paused for a moment. "Hope, how quickly can you write a computer virus... one that could be used to tamper with DEO grade technology?"

"I can get to work right away Ms Luthor. It should be ready approximately 24 hours." Hope stated.

Lena then tried to think. Clearly, she was not going to get into the DEO undetected. She was probably wanted as a criminal at this point. She could send Hope but if she was in the body of Eve Teschmacher, who previously worked alongside Lex, chances are she would also be arrested.

She needed someone who knew about the DEO. Someone she could bribe to do what she wanted. Someone who could upload the computer virus and find out what happened to Supergirl.

As she continued to think, her gaze flickered up to the news articles published on Supergirl's one week absence.

In particular, there was one that caught her eye. It was the one by the company she formerly owned; Catco.

That gave Lena an idea.

Chapter Text

It was the next day. The sun had gone down and Hope had finished a computer virus for the DEO.

Lena knew she had to use a secure phone. She couldn't take any risk of the DEO finding out where she was.

Luckily, she had a phone she used specifically for off the books L-Corp projects such as the research she performed when trying to separate Sam from Reign.

She picked up the phone carefully input the numbers she was looking for. She knew just who to call. She knew who she needed to convince to invade the DEO; Andrea Rojas.

It was full-proof. Andrea already knew of the DEO's existence thanks to her shady activities with Leviathan. Furthermore, Andrea had already successfully broken into the place.

She would be able to get in undetected thanks to her shadow powers. No one would notice.

Andrea was in her office at Catco when her phone rang. Though she did not recognize the caller, she answered.

"Hello? This is Andrea Rojas." She said.

Lena took a breath before offering a reply. "Andrea, it's Lena."

This came as a shock to the Obsidian North CEO. "Lena, of course. What do you want? No offense but I'm not exactly in the mood to talk with you." Andre stated matter of factly.

"I'll cut to the chase, Andrea. I need you to break into the DEO for me." Lena decided it best not to beat around the bush.

Of all the things Andrea expected Lena to call her for, that was at the bottom of the list. Andrea was still reeling from Russell's death. She had just broken into the DEO to save the love of her life only for him to be murdered shortly after.

"You've got to be kidding me. You take my medallion after I thought we were taking steps towards rebuilding our friendship and now you ask me to risk everything to break into a government facility for you?" Andrea phrases it as a statement but speaks as though it were a question.

Lena responds in one simple word. "Yes."

"No way. Last time I broke into the DEO, Leviathan found out and killed Russell. I refuse to do it again." Andrea remained firm.

Lena remained collected, however. Thanks to her and Andrea not being on good terms, she fully expected her to refuse. She was prepared for it.

"If you agree, I will give the Medallion back to you and I will give you the greatest scoop, Catco has ever seen." Lena offered.

Andrea scoffed. "And what scoop might that be?" She asked.

Lena braced herself. She couldn't believe she was about to say this but she needed to. She needed this to go according to plan.

"I'll tell you who Supergirl is." Lena stated proudly.

Andrea wanted to say no. She really did. But she could not pass up such an opportunity. Not only would she get the Medallion back to please her evil employers, she would see a spike in Catco readership if she could out Supergirl.

Reluctantly, she agreed. "Ok. I... I will break into the DEO for you but if you are lying about Supergirl's idnetity, I'll personally see to it that your reputation is ruined by Catco. Everyone would know just how much of a Luthor you are." Andrea countered.

Lena took another deep breath. "I can live with that." Lena said. Truthfully, that was not true. Here was a situation that ran parallel to countless others in her life.

She would get close to someone and they would betray her. They always secretly believed she was just like her family. Supergirl only saw a Luthor. This held true for Andre as well.

"What do you need me to do?" Andrea asked.

"We'll need to meet in secret. I can tell you more about it then." Lena replied.

Andrea still couldn't believe she was going to agree to do this. Her better instincts told her that this was a terrible idea but Andrea was all about clicks. She wanted to increase Catco readership and this was too good an opportunity to pass up.

"Where should we meet up?" Andrea questioned.

"I'll meet up with you and take us to a secure location. Where are you right now?" Lena asked.

"I'm in my office at Catco. There's no one here right now." Andrea answered.

Lena moved across her lab with her phone in hand. She grabbed the same transmatter portal watch she used to return to the fortress.

After inputing the coordinates she activated the watch.

Andrea jumped as a purple void assembled, seemingly out of nowhere, in her office. The waves of purple energy formed want looked like a portal.

Her suspicions were confirmed, when Lena Luthor stepped out of the portal and hung up the phone to look Andrea in the eyes.

"Come with me." Lena ordered. Andrea was fascinated and confused. How had Lena just appeared at Catco.

Andrea was in a bit of shock but she nodded and followed Lena back through the portal.

Andrea could barely register what had happened. Truth be told, she felt disoriented from the portal travel. She tried to figure out where Lena had taken her but she didn't recognize it. "Where are we and... and what was with the portal?" She asked.

Lena closed the portal with the use of the watch and offered her reply. "Doesn't matter."

Andrea rolled her eyes before Lena continued. "What does matter is that I need you to break into the DEO and do two things for me."

"And what two things do you need me for?" Andrea asked.

"The first of which involves this." Lena said as she pulled out a small thumb drive and handed it to Andrea.

"What does it do?" Andrea's question was met with an immediate explanation. "I need you to insert it into the main DEO computer. All it will do is infect it with a minor computer virus designed to attack the one part of the system that I need it to."

Andrea was even more curious. " What part of the DEO system are you trying to attack?" Andrea asked. She already agreed to trespassing inside of a federal agency but she wanted to know what for.

"With all do respect Andrea, I asked you to break in for me, not ask a bunch of private questions." Lena bit back.

"Fine." Andrea scoffed. "What's the second thing you need me to do?" She asked, now worried. If the first goal was to upload a computer virus, then how illegal was the second assignment.

Lena hesitated. She tried to tell herself that whatever condition Kara was in didn't matter but she couldn't shake the disease she felt at not knowing.

"You... you know Kara Danvers?" Lena asked, trying to remain collected.

"You mean my Pulitzer Prize winning reporter; Kara Danvers. Yes." Andrea responded in a tone that not so subtlety suggested Lena was stupid if she thought Andrea didn't know Kara.

"Yes, well... She was recently... injured..." Lena probed for Andrea's reaction. Andrea, for her part looked mildly concerned. Lena assumed she wasn't one to care much for employees.

Lena continued. "...and she's being... treated at the DEO. I want you to find out what... condition she's in."

Andrea was occasionally a rude and uncaring person but she seemed to tense up at the request. "You aren't going to hurt her, are you?"

The question really bothered Lena. Of course another person assumed she was just going to hurt her former best friend without cause. She supposed that it was just the perks of being a Luthor.

"No." Lena responded, in a relatively grim manner.

"Alright. I suppose this is worth it if Catco can be the first publication to write of Supergirl's human identity." Andrea said.

"Speaking of which, I want you to fulfil your half of the deal before I go through with this." Andrea was smart. She wasn't going to run off and do something illegal for Lena without her side of the agreement being met.

"Here is the medallion." Lena pulled out the all too familiar Medallion Of Acrata. The same medallion that forever tied Andrea to Leviathan.

Andrea accepted the medallion and looked back to Lena. "I'll give you Supergirl's identity after you return with what I need." Lena stated.

"I suppose that's fair. Just remember what I promised if you are lying or if you don't uphold the deal." Andrea's threat, while personal, didn't hold as much weight for Lena as it might have before Supergirl betrayed her.

With that, Lena opened a transmatter portal for Andrea to exit through. With Andrea gone, Hope entered the main room of the bunker.

"Ms Luthor?" She asked as she approached her creator.

"Yes, Hope." Lena responded.

"Do you truly intend on outing Supergirl to Ms Rojas. It is likely that doing so will interfere with your plan to recreate and use myriad." Hope inquired.

Lena shook her head. "I don't plan on letting Andrea tell the world who Supergirl is, nor do I plan on letting her keep the medallion." Lena explained.

"But if you don't not hold up your end of your agreement, Ms Rojas will tarnish your public image. This would also affect the plan." Hope tried to interject.

"I have a plan for Andrea." Lena began. "A plan that will prevent her from exposing Supergirl and that will allow us to make use of Andrea's resources at both Catco and Obsidian North." Lena offered.

"How do you intend to achieve this, Ms Luthor?" Hope asked.

Lena's response was confident. "That's where you come in."

Chapter Text

Andrea barely had time to process what her former friend had asked of her.

She was tasked with breaking into a government blacksite for an organization that few people had even heard of.

She'd done it before. Her attempt to save Rip Roar required her to get into the DEO. Ironically, she had needed Lena's help to do it.

But... for her to break in again not too long after the first time, especially now that Acrata was on the DEO radar, was going to be tricky.

First, Andrea needed a distraction. She would draw away as many DEO agents as possible and Supergirl if she happened to show up.

Andrea being the CEO of Catco knew that Supergirl had basically disappeared but she wasn't going to take the risk. She needed something to keep Supergirl busy if she did appear.

The question was of what the distraction would be. She initially considered going to Leviathan. They would certainly want the Medallion back but, they had all but cut ties with Andrea after her failure to kill Rip Roar.

She was confident they were still keeping tabs on her for some future scheme but they weren't currently involved in Andrea's personal life. She didn't want to loop them in.

She didn't really have anyone else to rely on. There was no one else she could trust with her secrets to cause a distraction. She would have to cause it herself.

It wasn't something she didn't want to do. It have to be something severe enough to put lives in danger, something that would catch the DEO's attention.

The location would also have to be specific. She needed a place that would hold some significance to aliens.

The DEO specialized in the extranormal after all.

After minimal research, she decided on a probable location; a local alien bar called Al's Dive Bar.

She decided that the best course of action would be to start a fire in the bar. She couldn't do it secretly. Andrea needed someone to see her. It needed to be known that it was done on purpose.

She arrived at the bar and did just that. She lit the fire in her Acrata outfit to avoid being recognized. As soon as the fire in the bar was lit, she left.

The brunette tried not to turn around as she heard screams and panic behind her.

She kept telling herself that this was a necessary evil. The popularity of Catco Magazine would skyrocket if she could reveal Supergirl's identity to the public.

She just hoped that no one died in the fire.

As she approached the tall building that contained the DRO, she could definitely tell that her distraction had some effect. She witnessed a few agents fleeing the building.

Minutes later, she found herself on the main floor of the DEO. She blended into the shadows perfectly.

The last time she was here, she left with Rip Roar. People noticed that someone had broken in. This time however, no one needed to know.

Lena's thumb drive would go undetected and she would not need to reveal herself for long.

She snuck past countless DEO agents to get access to the main computer. There was an a black-haired man standing next to a redheaded woman by the computer.

Shadows were always the perfect cover for Andrea. Shadows bended to the will of Acrata.

The redheaded woman was the first to speak up. "Anything to report, Brainy?" She asked. The man was apparently named or at the very least called, Brainy.

The man shook his head. "Aside from the fire at Al's Bar, there are no extranormal conflicts to report, Director Danvers." That peaked Andrea's curiosity. The last name of the DEO Director was Danvers. She pondered whether or not there was a connection to Kara, who Lena claimed was being treated here.

The two DEO agents dissolved into a brief conversation regarding Andrea's actions at the bar.

They debated whether or not it was a simple anti-alien hate crime or if it was something more. Andrea knew the answer. It was something more but she didn't exactly know what.

Lena was extremely tight-lipped regarding what she was planning. Andrea thought back on their deal. If Lena we're to betray her in the deal she could expose her.

She could warn every one that Lena was planning something in secret.

As Andrea got lost in thought, Director Danvers left and the man called Brainy soon followed.

Now was the opportunity. She snuck behind the main console and returned to the light. She emerged from the shadows to insert the thumb drive into the DEO mainframe.

Andrea didn't know what is what targeting but she didn't stay to find out. She still had one more mission while she was there and she didn't want to wait around and get caught.

She had to find Kara. Truth be told, Andrea was a little worried. If Kara was being treated here, then that meant Kara was hurt or ill in some way.

For all the judgement Andrea received, she did have concern at times.

She was already back in the shadows. She started to look around. Logically, Kara wouuld be in the medbay.

She needed to find wherever the medbay was. A quick look around resulted in her noticing a sign above a doorway labelled; 'Medical'.

That was where Andrea needed to go. She followed a dark trail of shadows to get to where she needed. With that, Acrata entered the medbay.

She was met with one the most upsetting sights she'd ever seen and that was surprising to her considering her escapades with Leviathan.

Kara Danvers was lying stone still on a medical bed. There were various monitors keeping track of her breathing, her heart rate, her body temperature. There were a few IVs and several other devices connected to her body. Lastly, there were bright yellow lamps on the ceiling, angled towards Kara.

Kara's skin was excruciatingly pale and her face was devoid of life.

Worst of all were the sickly muted green veins sprawled across her face. The appeared faded in a way. Almost as if they were brighter at one point. Most important to Andrea however, was that they seemed familiar.

The sight of her employee in this state was enough to worry Andrea. What did Kara have to do with whatever Lena was planning? Why was Kara being treated in a secret government facility as opposed to a regular hospital?

It was Andrea's next move that came closest to blowing her cover. She exited the darkness from the corner of the room she was currently in.

Her form was now visible to the naked eye. Slowly, she approached Kara's side. She reached out with her hand to feel Kara's cheek. Her skin was ice cold.

"Oh, Kara." Andrea spoke worriedly.

Then, there was a voice in the background. Andrea retracted her hand almost immediately.

She practically dived back into the protection of the shadowy corner of the room.

Moments later, two women walked into the room, probably to check on Kara.

One of them was the same redhead's director she saw earlier. The other was a familiar face to Andrea. It was Kelly Olsen. Why on earth, Kelly was here was completely beyond Andrea.

Alex knelt down to be level with her sister's unconscious form. "Almost there, Kara." Alex said.

Andrea first thought that it was strange to talk to her when she was not awake but then she remembered that comatose individuals can sometimes hear people while sleeping.

Kelly spoke next. "Yeah. According to Brainy, you have a very high percent chance of waking up in the next few days."

Andrea nearly breathed a sigh of relief before she remembered that she couldn't get caught.

"Are her vitals getting any better?" Alex asked.

Kelly nodded as she examined the monitors. "Yes. Her breathing is still weak but it's better than it was and her heart rate is approaching normalcy."

"What about her temperature?" Alex questioned.

Kelly frowned slightly. "It hasn't gone up much. If she does wake up soon then... she will likely be very cold."

It was Alex's turn to sigh. "I just... i-it hurts... to come so close to losing her. If she... if she didn't have a higher natural body temperature than humans she... she w-would have died of hypothermia."

Andrea's attention was grasped by Alex's statement. Upon hearing that Kara would wake up, she stopped worrying in favor of gathering some interesting details about one of her star reporters.

The redheaded woman said that she had a higher body temperature than humans. Was Kara not human?

"Oh, Alex." Kelly replied.

This was the first time that Andrea got to hear the Director's first name. She instantly remembered the mention of an Alex that was in romantic relation to Kelly.

Alex must be Kelly's girlfriend, she thought.

"Your sister is ok. She should wake up soon." Kelly's voice rang throughout the room.

Andrea was once again rewarded with more information. Kara was Alex's sister. Kara's sister and Kelly's girlfriend was the DEO Director.

"But what if she doesn't?" Alex asked.

Kelly instantly embraced Alex in a deep hug. They remained there for a moment before Alex moved to hold the unconscious blonde's hand.

Kelly stayed with Alex as they gazed upon Kara's sleeping from.

Having all the information she needed and already uploading the virus, Andrea decided it was time to leave.

She used the cover of the shadows to escape the DEO without anyone ever noticing her.

She completed her mission. Now it was time to return to Lena to get her other half of the deal.

Andrea believed that everyone would soon know the identity of Supergirl.

Lena on the other hand, begged to differ.

Chapter Text

Andrea returned to Catco after her late night sleuthing. She had been in and out of the shadows for a while now.

Being inside Catco offered Andrea a sense of what was to come. There would surely be a story about the fire at the alien bar but she knew it would be overshadowed by the article revealing Supergirl's true identity.

The first thing she needed to do was call Lena. She first tried Lena's personal number and then the number for Lena's phone at L-Corp.

Neither if them were answered. It was safe to say that Lena was not using either of those phones at the moment.

Lastly, she tried the same unrecognizable number that Lena had used to call her a day ago.

It worked. Lena answered the phone and greeted her. "Hello, Andrea."

"Lena. I did what you asked. I want to meet up so you can uphold your end of the agreement." Andrea got right to the point. She didn't want to beat around the bush. She was going to be the one to let the world know who the girl of steel was.

Truthfully, she had a feeling she already knew.

Lena hung up the phone abruptly. Moments later, a familiar purple portal appeared in her office at Catco once more.

She stepped through it and was met with the sight of Lena and a blonde woman wearing all white.

"Did you succeed in uploading the computer virus?" Lena asked.

Andrea nodded. "Yes. I did what you wanted."

"And what of Kara Danvers? What... what condition is she in?" Lena tried to mask her concern as she asked the question.

She internally cursed herself for caring. Supergirl pretended to be her friend for years and she still wanted to make sure that the blonde was alright. Why couldn't she stop herself from caring so much?

Andrea paused for a moment. "Kara is... in a coma." The response choked Lena up. How had Kara ended up in a coma? Lena was so sure that the amouny of kryptonite she used would not cause any harm.

Lena didn't respond. She couldn't.

Andrea took the silence as a she to continue. "The Director of the DEO and her girlfriend had a conversation about her. They said that she would likely awaken in the next few days."

Lena tried not to breathe a sigh of relief. She was barely successful.

Perhaps this was a blessing in disguise. If Supergirl was incapacitated, she could work on the construction on the myriad prototype without interruption.

"Alright, now for your end of tthe deal." Andrea spoke up.

Lena hesitated to respond. The moment of truth was growing nearer.

"Lena... I'm not stupid. I saw the green veins on Kara's face and the DEO Director mentioned that she wasn't human. Kara is Supergirl... isn't she?" Lena suspected this might happen. Andrea knew what to look for.

"Yes, she is." Lena's response was clear and concise.

Andrea smiled. "Excellent. Now I can reveal Supergirl's Identity and turn Catco into the most viewed media empire ever." Andrea felt sorry for Kara when she saw her at the DEO but now she was little more than a means to increase leadership.

Just as Andrea moved to leave, Lena reached her hand over to one of the lab tables in her bunker. There lied a set of power dampening cuffs.

She modelled them after the one's at the DEO. She had done some research into them when she was working alongside Colonel Haley to utilize harun-el.

Quickly, she slapped the cuffs on Andrea's wrists.

"What are you doing, Lena?" Andre asked loudly. She was now very worried.

"I'm afraid I can't let you go." Lena's tone was almost unrecognizable to Andrea. There was a precise mixture of coldheartedness and somehow also regret, regret that she had to do what she was doing now."

Andrea tried to utilize her shadow powers to break free of the cuffs but she couldn't. She was about to make a run for it even though she didn't know where she was or where she would try running to.

Suddenly, she was hit in the back of the head by the other woman who had remained silent up until then. Andrea lost consciousness due to the sudden blow.

"Restrain her." Lena ordered.

"Yes, Ms Luthor." Hope complied with ease as she tied Andrea to a chair while she still wore the power dampening cuffs.

Lena hated what she was doing. She had to do it but she didn't want to. She just kept telling herself that this would be done to finally rid the world of all lies and all betrayal.

Andrea would only wake about an hour later. She felt mildly dizzy as she regained consciousness.

Greeted with Lena and the other woman in white, she quickly gathered her surroundings. She needed to find some clue as to where she was. She quickly surmised to things; she was tied up and her medallion was lying on a table near where she was.

Other than that, she had nothing to go off of. She had been kidnapped by Lena Luthor.

As she slowly felt herself get less and less dizzy, Lena spoke. "I'm sorry about the head injury and... well... all of this, but if I'm going to rid the world of lies, you cannot tell the world who Supergirl is."

The distant tone Lena used seemed to suggest that she truly did hate that she had to make this choice.

"Alright... then why tell me. You obviously don't plan on killing me. I wouldn't be here now i-if you did. If I get out of here... I will expose you." Andrea responded coldly and confidently.

She was used to this. She had experience with Leviathan. This situation had yet to truly scare her like working for them did.

"You won't get out of here... not yet, anyway." Lena responded quietly.

"You needs me for somethin, don't you? Whatever it is, I'm not going to help you, Luthor." They way Andrea threw Lena's last name in her face, only made Lena want to move forward with her plan.

All she could think about was how everyone in her life treated her like a Luthor. Some people did it to be race, while others like Supergirl did it while pretending her last name didn't matter.

"No... no you aren't going to help me." Lena cryptically began. "Hope is."

"Hope?" Andre asked. She had no idea who Hope was.

"Are you ready, Hope?" Lena asked as she turned to the woman in white.

Andrea realized that Hope was the woman in white. Andrea was now a little afraid. She had no idea where this was going?

"Yes, Ms Luthor." Hope responded.

Andrea looked on in fear as something happened to Hope. Little flying nanobots flew out of Hope. The scene was remarkably disturbing. They exited her eyes, mouth, ears, and nose. It was as if they were leaving her brain. It lasted for about a minute or so with Andrea looking on in horror.

Once the horribly grotesque scene had ended, the body of the woman in white crumpled to the ground, unconscious.

Then, the nanobots glided in Andrea's direction. She quickly picked up on what was going to happen. "Lena... Lena, please. Don't do this. I-I'll help you... just don't let it hurt m-me... please. PLEASE!" Andrea was begging to let those nanobots attack her. She began crying in fear of her fate.

"Sorry, Andrea." Lena's response held a certain weight to it. Andrea knew she wasn't going to make it out of this.

Without much time to react to Lena's response, Hope began to overtake Andrea.

The nanobots flew in the same they exited Eve. They entered Andrea's nose, her ears, and her mouth. Andrea cried in agony as Hope entered. Her scream would have been heard for miles if she wasn't in an underground bunker.

The scene was horrific enough for Lena to turn away. She had to do this but she hated seeing a former friend crying as she faded into someone else in front of her.

As the nanobots finished entering Andrea's brain and taking over, Lena turned back to untie who Andrea had become; Hope.

After she finished she checked to make sure that it was no longer Andrea. "Hope? Is that you?"

Andrea stood up carefully and rigidly. "Yes, Ms Luthor. Your plan worked. I have suppressed Ms Rojas as I did with Ms Teschmacher." Hope responded. She was now controlling Andrea's body. "We now have access to Ms Rojas's assets at both Obsidian North and Catco."

Lena tried not to flinch as she remembered that she was now in control of the company Kara worked at again.

She soon decomposed herself in order to respond. "Excellent. We'll need to restrain Eve before she wakes up. She'll make an excellent test subject for our myriad project. We need to take advantage of..." Lena hesitated. "...Supergirl's incapacitation." She finished.

"Very well, Ms Luthor." Hope responded with Andrea's smile. In that moment, Lena realized that Andrea was no longer Andrea. Andrea was Hope.

Lena pondered that thought before she realized something. The Medallion Of Acrata was glowing.

This made Lena curious. She was a scientist after all. She slowly reached out to the medallion to pick it up and examine it.

As she held the medallion, the glowing stopped. This made Lena more curious. Hope simply watched on at Lena's interaction with the Puerto Rican artifact.

Soon after the glowing subsided, a cloud of shadowy darkness emerged from the amulet. Lena dropped the amulet in surprise as the darkness enveloped her. It didn't hurt Lena, but it changed her.

The shadows disappeared, seemingly having been absorbed by Lena herself. The brunette had no idea what to make of the situation.

"Are you alright, Ms Luthor?" Hope asked.

She felt different for sure. Something happened.

"Hope? Do you know what that was?" Lena really hoped that the A.I. would have an answer for her.

"I believe so, Ms Luthor." Hope began. "The Medallion Of Acrata will remain bonded to its holder even without the medallion in their possession." She stated.

Lena knew this of course. "I know. What does that have to do with this?" Lena asked.

"I believe that the medallion is no longer bonded to Me Rojas because she is no longer in control, I am. The medallion believes Andrea is dead." Hope explained.

Lena had always wanted the medallion but she never expected this to happen. "Are you saying..." Lena started to ask but hesitated.

Hope reaponded. "Yes, Ms Luthor. You are the new Acrata."

Chapter Text

"What have we found out about the fire at the alien bar?" Alex asked as she walked into the main room of the DEO.

Brainy spun around in his chair to respond to the DEO Director. "There were no casualties. Witnesses report a masked figure wearing a gray suit. One individual made particular mention of their ability to blend in with the shadows."

"Sounds like the woman who escaped with Rip Roar." Alex observed. Brainy pulled up a file on the main screen in the DEO. It was the file they had on 'The Shadow' as Kara called her.

Just thinking about Kara made Alex hurt internally. Her sister still hadn't woken up and it was now about nine whole days since they found her in the fortress.

She was getting better. Her body temperature was still cold but no longer along the lines of hypothermic.

The kryptonite green veins had faded from her face but she was still sick. Her breathing and heart rate remained staggered.

"Director Danvers?" Brainy pulled Alex out of her thoughts.

"Um... yeah, sorry. What were you saying?" She asked.

"I wanted to know what you would like the next course of action to be?" He repeated, this time with Alex listening.

"See if we can find a motive. This does not seem like a simple hate crime to me. Maybe there's a connection to Rip Roar or our mysterious organization in any way." Alex offered.

"Leviathan?" Brainy asked for confirmation.

"Yes. Let's try and see of we can connect the dots between them and this mysterious woman." The redhead answered.

"Right away, Director Danvers. Of you don t mind me asking, what are you going to do next?" Brainy questioned.

"Oh... um... I-I'm actually going to go meet up with Nia and Kelly to sit with Kara for a-awhile." She responded.

Brainy nodded and with that Alex began her brief walk to the medbay.

She hadn't spent all that much time by Kara's side. It wasn't that she didn't want to but... that she couldn't bear it.

It killed her to see her baby sister like this. So much so that she started having panic attacks. There was the one she had on J'onn's ship right after they found Kara but she had another one about four days after the first one.


Alex had a long day at the DEO and had not gotten a chance to check on her little sister in awhile.

She finally avoided her job as the Director of the DEO long enough to pay her sleeping sister a visit. When she arrived in the medbay she was met with the sight of her wonderful girlfriend holding Kara's hand.

Alex was glad that Kelly knew about all of this. It was easier to cope with someone by her side. "Hey, babe." Alex greeted her.

"Hey. Your sister is doing alright. The green is starting to fade from her veins. I've been with her for a few hours." Alex smiled at Kelly's words.

She couldn't believe she had a girlfriend who was this wonderful. She sat with her sister while Alex and every one else were busy or couldn't make it.

"Thank you. Thank you so much." Alex said as she grabbed Kelly's hand to pull her up from her seat. Kelly let go of Kara's hand to give her girlfrined a kiss

It was a simple motion that would have unfortunate consequences.

The kiss was so wonderful that there were no words for it. However, it only lasted for a brief second. Alex jerked away suddenly right after they connected their lips.

The redhead turned her neck to the side in order to gaze at her sister. Kelly was confused but she saw the terror in Alex's eyes. Something was wrong and Kelly had no idea what it was.

Then she heard something. It sounded almost like... a flatline. Kelly turned around to look at Kara's comatosed form.

Kelly was able to immediately piece together what happened. Kara was fine.

Kelly had accidentally disconnected the heart monitor when she got up to kiss Alex. She quickly made the move to correct her mistake.

The monitor was now safely reconnected and Kelly breathed a sigh of relief. It was a startling moment.

With Kara's heartbeat once again coinciding with the beeps of the monitor, Kelly turned her attention back to Alex.

The elder Danvers sister was standing there staring at her sister choking air as she tried to breathe.

"Alex? Are you ok? What's wrong?" Kelly tried to remain calm as she spoke.

"Dead... d-dead... she... sh-she's d-d-dead." Alex tried to get to words out but she was now hyperventilating.

Kelly was never more grateful for her experience as a psychologist. She recognized what was happening. Her girlfriend was having a panic attack.

"No. No, Alex. It's ok. The monitor got disconnected. She's going to be alright. Kara is alive." Kelly calmly comforted Alex.

"You... you're. Sh-she... she's dead." Alex tried to catch her breath. "Dead. Dead. Dead. I-It's all m-my fault." The redhead wailed.

Kelly's heart nearly broke at the way cried out. Tears poured down Alex's face.

"Alex, look at me." Kelly placed her hands on Alex's cheeks to guide Alex's gaze towards her. Alex opened her eyes. They were already red and puffy.

She looked at Kelly who continued to try and calm Alex.

"Alex, I need you to listen, ok? Listen. Do you hear that beeping?" Kelly asked.

Alex reluctantly nodded. She could indeed hear the beeping.

Beep... Beep... Beep... Beep... Beep...

"That beeping tells you that Kara is alive. She is right here and she will wake up soon. Just focus on the beeping and try to take deep breaths." Kelly advised.

Alex nodded trying to hold back tears. She stood in silence as Kelly embraced her. Alex focused intently on the uniform pattern of the beeping.

It soothed her. It told her that Kara was alive. Kara was not dead because of her.

She muttered quietly into Kelly's shoulder. "Thank you." Kelly simply deepened the embrace in response.

Her heart aches for Alex. Her little sister; the most important person in her life had been hurt badly and Alex... placed at least some of the blame on herself.

(End Flashback)

Alex saw Kelly and Nia already in the medbay waiting for her. She was glad that Kara had so many people that would be by her side when she woke up.

Alex herself finally started realizing Kara as going to wake up. She switched from the mentality of if to when. Kara would wake up.

But part of her was still sad. It was her job to protect Kara and she failed.

She entered the medbay to greet Kelly and Now.

"Hey, babe. Hey, Dreamer." She greeted in a melancholy tone.

"Hi Alex." Nia greeted. "Hey, babe." Kelly mirrored Alex.

"Brainy said that she should wake up any day now." Nia offered the good new to Alex.

"That's great." Alex responded, though she smiled sadly.

Kelly saw this and immediately opened her arms to offer a hug. Alex graciously accepted.

"Are you still blaming yourself?" Kelly asked quietly. Alex sighed but she tried to hide it. "No." She answered as she separated from the hug.

"You are a terrible liar." Kelly countered.

Alex sighed much louder this time. Of course her girlfriend could tell she was lying. Alex was a seasoned DEO operative who had been able to beat lie detectors in the past... but no lie detector was as good as Kelly Olsen.

The redhead made an amendment to her response. "A little."

"You can't keep blaming yourself for this, Alex. What happened to Kara wasn't because of you." Kelly tried to reassure Alex but she was quite stubborn.

"I know that I didn't cause it but..." Alex paused to take a deep breath. "...I wasn't there to stop it. It's my job to protect her and I wasn't able to do that. Growing up, I was tasked with protecting my baby sister; the outsider from another planet. When I grew up I joined the DEO and protecting Kara became my full time job. But, this time I just... wasn't there to protect her."

Alex quickly realized just how much she admitted in her confession. She didn't mean for it to happen but she was kind of glad to have that weight lifted off her chest.

"Alex, you have done so much for Kara and you will continue to do so when she wakes up. This was out of your control. I will keep telling you that until you believe it." Kelly affirmed.

Nia, who had been silent most of the time, spoke up next. "Yeah... Alex this is not your fault. You are not to blame at all." She emphasized.

Alex thanked Kelly and Nia. "Thank you guys for being here and helping out with Kara." Alex chuckled to herself. "I know that... if Kara was awake right now, she would be thanking you guys non-stop."

That thought put a welcome smile on the faces of everyone in the room, everyone except the sleeping super.

Alex, Nia, and Kelly sat by Kara's side. Alex always made it a point to talk to her sister, remembering how J'onn mentioned that she could actually hear them while she was in her coma.

After awhile, they all slowly left the medbay and the DEO for the night, hopeful that Kara would wake up soon.

It was past midnight and the DEO was mostly vacant. The only remaining agents were there to monitor for threats.

Then... there was Kara. She had been sleeping in the medbay. It was the middle of the night on what was now the tenth day since her confrontation with Lena and she was sound asleep.

But, there was a small stir. There was a moment's pause before she stirred in her sleep once more. Another stir... and another.

She kept stirring for a few minutes before it happened.

Her eyes began to flutter. They were fluttering softly like the flap of a butterfly's wings. Then, it happened.

Kara opened her eyes.

Chapter Text

It was very late that night. The only remaining people in the DEO were nighttime operatives and one emergency medical agent that slept on the premises in case of emergency.

Kara had just woken up. She hadn't been asleep in the normal sense. She was in a coma. She didn't feel tired while waking.

She just felt overwhelmingly weak.

She moved her eyes around the room looking for any sign of where she was.

There were sun lamps shining on her which meant she was in the DEO medbay. However, she couldn't feel the warmth of the lights like usual.

Had she solar flared somehow?

The next thing she noticed was how cold she felt. She was freezing, so much so that she was shivering. The sun lamps were not keeping her warm and the blanket she woke up with was relatively thinner than she would have preferred.

She tried to say something to anyone who wouild be listening. "....." She couldn't speak. She tried really hard to call out to someone but her voice must have been lost somehow.

In fact, her throat felt a bit raw, as if she had been screaming too much. She tried to speak again. "....."

Nothing. Not a single word could be produced.

Lastly, Kara noticed just how sick she felt. Her whole body ached with exhaustion and she had the undeniable urge to expell her insides.

It hurt and she shed a few tears. What happened to her?

She was incredibly weak, tired, sick, freezing, without her powers, and the worst part was she couldn't remember why. She had vague memories of Alex and some other people telling her things while she was asleep.

She couldn't really remember everything they said or the specifics of what they mentioned had happened. The last thing she could really remember was her first skirmish with Rama Kahn.

The blonde wanted nothing more than to get up and leave and go find someone to help, to explain, to offer comfort, but... she couldn't.

Even with all her strength she currently had she was only able to curl up in on herself with the blanket. It wad a pitiful attempt to stop try and warm herself up.

She wished that she could sleep until morning when someone else might be here but she felt so ill. Sleeping became an impossibility. She relented to laying there, curled up until someone found her, someone who could help.

Meanwhile, Alex was at her apartment with Kelly. She was not sleeping. She had slept for a few hours each night but not nearly as much as she would have gotten before Kara got hurt.

She later there for several hours; from midnight until about four in the morning. The restlessness was another level of stressful for the elder Danvers sister.

All she could do was lay there wide awake and think. She thought about what would happen when Kara woke up and how she would be feeling.

She thought about Lena and what could have possibly happened to Kara when she was at the fortress with her best friend.

She couldn't take it anymore. She got up from the bed, careful not to wake Kelly.

This was something she'd started doing for the past few days. She would wake up way early than she normally did to go into the DEO and check on Kara.

Kelly would know where she went so she saw no need to leave a note or a text or anything like that.

She got dressed and set up for the DEO. All she could focus on was going to see her baby sister. After the comfort she received from both Kelly and Nia the day prior, she was feeling more optimistic but... the protective attitude of a big sister will never fade.

Entering the DEO felt different than usual. Normally, Alex's job offered an escape from any trouble or stress but that had gone pit the window.

It's hard to escape your troubles when your troubles are currently at your job, being treated for kryptonite blood poisoning.

There was no avoiding it and Now she was the DEO very early just to get a quick glimpse at her little sister's sleeping form.

That was of course what she was expecting to see... Kara, peacefully unconscious while basking in the sun provided by the lamps.

That wasn't want she saw. As she entered the medbay she was met with a sight that made Alex's brain short out. "Kara?" She questioned.

Right there... on the bed that once contained a comatosed super now held a very awake Kara.

She was curled up slightly and she was very clearly shivering. Alex could see shivers run throughout her body even from across the room.

"Kara... y-you're awake." Alex nearly shouted. The loud noise sent shockwaves through Kara's skull. Her head was quickly pounding.

She tried to speak. She wanted to let Alex no that it was too loud. "....." She was still unable to speak. Her throat was raw and her voice was lost.

The blonde moved her hands to her ears and slowly shook her head, trying to communicate to Alex that she needed to be quieter.

Alex responded in a whisper. "Oh. I'm sorry, Kara. It's ok. Can... can you talk?" Kara shook her head no at the question, still shivering.

"Your temperature is still cold. Would you like me to grab a few blankets?" Alex asked quietly. This time, Kara nodded in response.

"Ok. I'll be right back." Alex left the room and practically sprinted down the hallway to a separate DEO storage room.

The room was filled with all kinds of spare non-combat items that the DEO used. There were a few spare radios, a couple of power dampening cuffs, and most importantly... DEO issued blankets for agents to use after they returned from missions in colder climates.

She grabbed several blankets and bolted back to the medbay, quite possibly leaving a couple of questioning DEO agents behind.

She re-entered, this time quieter than earlier. She surmised that Kara must've had quite a headache.

"Hi Kara..." she probed gently for Kara's reaction. Apparently Kara was unable to speak. Alex could only wonder... did the kryptonite poisoning cause her to lose her voice?

Kara looked over to Alex and uncurled herself enough for Alex to get a good look at Kara's face.

It was ghostly pale and she looked exhausted despite the week and a half she spent in a coma. Her normally bright blue eyes, were now a more faded color.

Her cheeks were tear-stained. Alex handed the blankets to Kara and helped cover her up so she could warm up a bit. Kara gave her a sad smile as a thank you and Alex took it as a cue to ask a few more questions.

"Do you remember what happened?" She whispered to Kara.

The blonde shook her head slowly. Kara wasn't sure if there was even something to remember?

Did Rama Kahn end up hurting her somehow? How had Rama Kahn even managed that?

Of course Kara was actually unaware that Lena was the prime suspect in the mystery what caused this.

"That's ok." Said Alex. "J'onn said you probably wouldn't remember at first." Now Kara was really confused. She wanted to know what happened. She didn't want to wait for some mild amnesia to ware off.

But, Alex was surely not going to relent. She was typically an upfront person and if she was withholding information it was likely to continue on like that even if Kara tried to protest.

The super hero supposed it didn't matter really. She did not have enough energy to move a few inches let alone try an argue with her sister especially when she couldn't speak.

Kara solemnly nodded. She tried to hold back tears. She was in pain, she felt ill, and Now she was even more confused.

Alex noticed this and reached out to try and give her sister a hug. Kara tried to return the hug but she found that she was too weak to fully lift her arms.

Alex being quite possibly the most observant older sister ever noticed this. "It's ok if you can't hug me back. Just try and relax. Everything will be aleight." She comforted her little sister.

Kara was never so glad to have Alex by her side. She knew that anything could be overcome with the help of her sister.

Kara still felt ill but she tried to pull her thoughts away and focus on something else; her friends. Surely, if something had happened as Alex said... the rest of her friends would be here to see her.

Nia, Brainy, and J'onn would surely visit and likely already have while Kara was asleep. She remembers hearing some voices evil she was asleep but she was mildly confused having just awoken from a coma.

Did Eliza know she had been hurt. What about her mother; Alura? Lastly, there was Lena. Kara remembered that Lena now knew her secret and had remained by her side. She even gave her a hug on the stage at the Pulitzer Prize ceremony.

Would Lena come an visit? She knew she was hurt right? Maybe Lena was the one who helped heal her enough to wake up?

Alex seem to notice the distant look in Kara's eyes and offered some more comfort. "Do you want to go back to sleep?" She asked.

Kara shook her head no a bit too fast causing another small tremor to shoot through her head.

"I can get you something to eat?" Alex offered. Kara shook her head no once more which was a little disheartening for Alex. Kara was always hungry. She supposed it was a temporary side effect though she still worried with Kara not having eaten in over a week.

"Do you want some people to come visit?" The elder sister asked. Kara slolwy nodded her head yes.

"Alright." Alex brushed the hair out of Kara's face. "I'll call Nia, J'onn, and Kelly." Alex continued.

That earned a very confused look from the blonde.

'Kelly?' She thought. 'Why Kelly?'

Chapter Text

Alex finished calling Nia, J'onn, and her girlfriend; Kelly? She told each one of them what they needed to know; Kara was awake and she needed friends.

Kelly and J'onn both arrived quite quickly despite the early morning wake up call. They found Alex in the medbay sitting next to her sister.

Kara looked horrible to say the least. Her skin was white as a ghost and she seemed exhausted.

"Hey, Kara. How are you?" Kelly asked entering the room. She hadn't gotten much from Alex other than the fact that Kara was awake.

Kara once again tried her hardest to talk. Her mouth opened but nothing came out. Her throat was still raw and she couldn't speak.

"She somehow lost her voice and like you said..." Alex gestured to J'onn. "...She doesn't remember what happebed."

Kelly nodded and approached the sisters. Kara only looked on in confusion. She tilted her head, much like a dog to try and convey this.

J'onn noticed. "Is something bothering you, Kara?" He asked. Kara nodded slowly, trying not to worsen her headache.

"Would it be ok if I read your mind to help us communicate with you?" J'onn asked. Kara nodded primarily because she wanted answers. Alex had been unnecessarily vague and she hadn't even found out how she got injured yet.

J'onn proceeded to read her mind before he realized what was happening.

"I see." He said. "Kara is confused. She doesn't understand why Kelly is here." The Martian explained.

"Oh!" Alex realized she hadn't even told Kara that Kelly found out.

"After you were hurt, I was going to go after the person that did this and J'onn called Kelly to get me to stay. I had to tell her that you were Supergirl." Alex explained to her little sister.

Kara offered as much of a smile as she could muster while she was in a lot of pain.

J'onn translated Kara's thoughts. "She is glad that you told Kelly. Kara is very happy that you have someone close enough to you that you are able to trust." He explained.

"How did I get so lucky, with a sister like you?" Alex asked sadly.

Kara took the opportunity to try and figure out what happened?

"She wants to know how she ended up here." J'onn stated.

Alex nodded. " What's the last thing you can remember?" The redhead asked Kara.

Kara thought about her first encounter with Rama Kahn. They needed to come up with some idea of how to beat him.

"The last vivid memory she has if or Rama Kahn. She remembers us needing to find a solution to combat him." J'onn explained.

"So... right before the incident happened?" Kelly asked.

Alex nodded. "Yes." She then turned her attention back to th frail kryptonian lying on the medical bed next to her.

"You went to the fortress to find a way to beat Rama Kahn and whole you were there you got trapped in a kryptonite cell. You nearly died and lost a lot of blood. We had to use Astra's blood to save you." Alex caught her sister up on what happened.

Kara was no less confused than before. How had she been hurt so badly by just kryptonite?

Alex didn't need J'onn to translate. She could tell that Kara didn't understand how she got hurt this badly.

"You solar flared. You were exposed to kryptonite without your powers and it caused you to lose consciousness. We brought you here where you have been in a coma for about ten days." Alex's explanation offered both comfort and concern for Kara.

She didn't understand how she solar flared and how much kryptonite she was exposed to but she was glad to know that she had not been in a coma for that long. Sure... ten days was more than anyone would prefer but she was awake way sooner than most coma victims.

Now however, Kara could only think... who did this? Who was responsible? Alex mentioned wanting to go after whoever it was but she never have Kara a name.

"She wants to know who you wanted to go after, who was responsible for this." J'onn explained to Alex and Kelly.

The two of them looked at eachother and Alex shook her head. She didn't want Kara to learn from them. She would prefer it if Kara would remember on her own.

"That's not important right now." Kelly started. "What is important is that you recover. You were very close to dying." She explained.

Alex nodded. "Your memory should come back with a little time and I think it would be best to wait for that to happen."

Kara wanted to protest but she understood why it needed to be done. It made sense that they wanted her to remember on her own if possible.

Kara just nodded sadly. She was truthfully, just upset and confused. She hated everey minute of the pain she was in. She hated how weak she felt. Moving mere inches required more effort than Kara would normally use to lift a yacht.

All she could do was let another wave of tears hot her as she laid there.

Alex noticed this and moved to hold her sister close as she cried.

"She's just very overwhelmed with what's happened. Not fully knowing or remembering is taking its emotional toll on her." J'onn once again piped up to project Kara's thoughts.

"It's all going to be alright, Kara. You have me, J'onn, Kelly, Brainy is helping to try and figure out what our potential culprit might be planning, and Nia will be here in a little while." Alex hugged her sister.

She wanted nothing more than to give her the tightest hug ever but she knew that Kara felt weak and Alex saw how dilated her pupils were, likely as a result of a severe concussion.

Kara couldn't help but feel the same. She wanted to give Alex a really big hug and have it last forever but she was far too weak.

At the very least she had all her family and friends by her side. Well, all except one.

Lena. Kara wanted to know if Lena could come see her. She wanted to know if Lena even knew she was injured or if she hadn't found out yet.

Kara noticed that J'onn looked quite sad after she thought about Lena.

It was only after a moment that he translated her thoughts. "She..." J'onn tried not to sound too disappointed. Alex made it clear that she wanted Kara to remember on her own. "...she wants to know if She can see Lena." He stated.

Kara will never forget the subtle ways in which everyone's expression darkened.

It was almost as if they were hoping Kara wouldn't ask about her best friend.

"Lena Is caught up at L-corp. She's super busy." Kelly was quick on her feet and offered an excuse as to Lena's absence.

Kara tried to speak up, forgetting that she had lost her voice. "....."

She wanted to tell them that Lena would never be too busy for her. That they were best friends who would always make time for eachother. Surely, if Lena knew Kara had almost died, she would come visit immediately.

J'onn tried not to let his expression darken even further. He opted not to offer insight in to her thoughts this time.

The blonde gave him a look as if challenging him to speak up. She wanted her thoughts to be heard. That's why she kept trying so hard to speak. J'onn wouldn't budge.

Kara took note of this and tried understand why that was but thinking about something to deeply caused her headache to worsen.

"We'll try and get her to come as soon as we can." Alex lied and she hated doing it but she truly believed it would be better for Kara to remember on her own so they could get the full truth of what happened.

As of right now, they were simply assuming Lena had something to do with what happened at the fortress.

Kara wasn't oblivious, however. She could tell they weren't giving her the full story behind Lena but she didn't have the mental energy to question it.

She knew that if Lena was in any danger, Alex would tell her so she let it go for now.

"What's important right now, is that you rest and that we give you a full medical examination now that you're awake." J'onn explained.

"I agree." Alex nodded her head. "I'll give you the exam myself."

"Excellent. I calculate a 77.4% chance that with enough rest, Kara will regain her memory within the next few days." Brainy stated as he stood in the DEO doorway.

"Brainy? How long have you been standing there?" Alex asked.

"Just a few mere moments ago. After, you are finished with you examination of Supergirl, I would like to show you something." Brainy explained the reason for his presence.

Alex nodded and looked over to Kara. "I'll be right back." She said.

Alex pulled Brainy back out of the medbay and questioned him. "Does it have to do with Lena and what she might be up to?" She whispered.

"Most likely. There is a 94.2% certainty that Lena has at least some involvement in what I've discovered." He stated.

Alex nodded sadly. She still had hope that maybe the Lena she saw on the security cams at Mount Noroquay was an imposter or a fake of some kind.

Of course, if that were the case, that would mean that Lena is in trouble and actually missing in action.

Alex didn't know what to believe. She still leaned toward the side of believing in Lena. That was most likely the result of her little sister's infectious 'everyone is good until proven evil' mentality.

For now though, Alex would have to wait. Kara knew the most correct version of what happened and she had yet to remember.

All Alex could think was; if it really was Lena, Kara would be devastated.

Chapter Text

Alex performed an extensive medical examination on her sister.

Kara had amnesia; they were already sure of that. She had a large gouge on her head that had already been bandaged shortly after they found her. Kara had a mild concussion and her body temperature was still far below normal, especially for a kryptonian.

Alex also took the opportunity to exam Kara's throat to see if she could figure out why Kara had lost her voice.

As far as she could tell, it was a simple matter of strenuous use. Kara must have pushed her voice to its limits after she was exposed to the kryptonite.

A scan of her now awake eyes showed that they were indeed dilated and that there was a leftover heat vision signature. It was larger than it should be if it were a routine use of her powers. This meant that Kara must have solar flared as she normally would; extended use of her head vision.

Aside from all that, Kara seemed she would be ok. There didn't appear to be any permanent damage. Alex had never been so relieved in her entire life.

After the examination, Kara finally showed signs of being tired. Kara would probably tire easily until she had her powers back.

Kara relented to laying down and trying to get some sleep in the medbay.

Alex sat by her side as she played there. Kelly had to leave to go to work at Obsidian North. J'onn stayed in the medbay with the Danvers sisters.

Alex didn't want to leave her sister but she also wanted to find out what Brainy had discovered.

Alex would have thought that she would never leave Kara's side until she was fully healed but she also wanted to find out what Lena was up to, if it even was the real Lena.

Eventually Nia arrived and entered the medbay. J'onn and Alex caught her up to speed on what happened. Kara had fallen asleep at this point.

They were able to relieve some of Kara's pain for the time being. Alex had once made the joke that there would never be a high enough dosage of a painkiller to work on Kara.

With the help of Brainy, however, they made one. Kara was able to sleep in relative peace for now.

They sat in silence afterwards. J'onn must have been able to tell that Alex was a bit antsy or perhaps he just read her mind.

"If you want to go meet up with Brainy, Nia and I will stay with Kara." He offered to the redhead.

"Oh. Yeah, I can stay with her if you want." Nia added.

Alex smiled. She didn't want to leave but she knew she had to. Reluctantly, she stood up from her chair in the medbay.

"Thanks. I promise I'll be back soon." Alex said.

She gave one last look to her sleeping sister before leaving the room and rounding the corner to head to the main computer of the DEO.

She was promptly greeted by Brainy. "Greetings, Director Danvers."

"Hey, Brainy. You said that you found something you wanted to show me regarding Lena." Alex responded.

Brainy gave a simple nod. "Yes, I performed the weekly scan of the DEO mainframe and found an error in the report." He stated.

"An error?" Alex questioned. "What do you mean?"

Brainy pulled up a file on the main screen. It was the report of the mainframe scan. "As you can see here..." Brainy pointed to the list of DEO scanning devices. "...this particular scanner has been deleted, likely by some sort of computer malware."

Sure enough, one of their scanners was erased from their system entirely.

"What does this have to do with Lena Luthor?" The DEO Director asked.

"I used my photographic memory to decipher which scanner was removed. It was the scanner the DEO uses to detect Q-waves." He explained.

Alex clenched her fists. The same scanner she used to find out about the occurrences at Mount Noroquay was deleted. They could easily replace the scanner if they were able to relearn the Q-wave signature.

Unfortunately, they didn't have access to myriad like they did before.

"Do you think Lena is the one who tampered with it?" Alex asked, outright.

"I calculated it at a 98.2% chance. Upon seeing this, I took it upon myself to check the DEO security cameras." He continued his explanation.

At the mention of security cameras, he pulled up footage for a few nights ago.

Alex instantly recognized the date as the same night that Kelly comforted her in the medbay while Kara was in her coma. It was also the same night of the fire at the alien bar.

Brainy zoomed in on one of the feeds specifically.

"This is the security cams footage for this room at precisely 10:24 PM on the same night of the fire at Al's Dive Bar." Brainy explained.

Alex nodded and watched the security footage closely. There was nothing for a few moments when suddenly, a figure emerged from the shadows.

It was the same woman who escaped the DEO with Rip Roar, the same woman who witnesses claimed was the cause of the fire at the bar.

"Now... right here." Brainy exclaims as he zooms in and points at the screen.

The zoomed in image showed the shadow woman inserting a small drive into the DEO's main computer.

"I calculate with a 100% certainty that this is when the Q-wave scanner was erased." Brainy finished.

"I doubt that this is a coincidence since we already have reason to believe Lena was trying to use myriad." Alex stated.

"A likely observation." Brainy replied.

Alex took a moment to think before continuing. "However, we know this... shadow woman..." Alex gestured to the image on screen. "...has ties to Leviathan. Do you think Lena might be working with them?" She asked.

"We cannot deny that possibility." The coluan stated.

Alex simply gazed at the image on the security feed and eventually asked another question. "Is that all you found?"

"Not quite." He answered. He switched cameras. This time it showed Kara in the DEO medbay on that very same night.

The sight of her sister in her previously comatosed form was enough to make Alex's stomach churn all over again.

"The shadow woman was also caught on the security camera in the medbay. It appears as though they were searching for Kara specifically." Brainy informed the redhead.

Alex watched with complete rage as the shadowy figure appeared in the medbay to gaze at Kara.

The words; 'Oh, Kara.' were what really surprised Alex.

Did the shadow woman know Kara? Did Kara know who she was? Did she have something to do with what happened at the fortress?

The questions ran through Alex's head faster than she could comprehend.

Alex continued to watch the security footage of the medbay. It depicted the shadow woman suddenly diving back in to the dark corner of the room as Alex and Kelly entered.

This caused even more concern. That shadow woman had been in the room when she and Kelly had that talk. The same talk were Alex talked about how Kara had a higher temperature than humans.

Not to mention the fact that the footage clearly depicted a day when Kara still had pale green veins glowing on her skin.

"This could be really bad. Like, extremely bad." Alex began. "That woman is working with Leviathan and possibly Lena. Doesn't that mean Leviathan knows Kara is Supergirl?" She asked.

"I calculate the chance of Leviathan having discovered Supergirl's identity at 68.5%." Brainy stated.

Alex hated those odds. They were far too high to ignore.

"However, the events contradict one another." Brainy suddenly pointed out.

"How so?" Alex asked.

"If Lena was working with Leviathan, she could have simply informed them of Kara's identity instead of having them come here for the information. The other most likely outcome is that Leviathan are the ones who sought to dispose of our Q-wave scanner." Brainy explained.

"So that would mean the most likely scenario is not the most obvious one. There is still a chance that Lena isn't working with Leviathan or better yet; it wasn't the real Lena at Mount Noroquay." Alex proposed.

"Precisely. While, we should not deny the possibility that it really was Lena, it is less likely than we initially assumed." Brainy summarized.

Alex almost wanted to take a deep breath at the news but if it wasn't really Lena, then wouldn't Lena be in trouble.

"Look into this. Let me know if you find anything else. See if we can possibly ID the shadow woman." Alex ordered.

"Right away, Director Danvers." Brainy relented.

Alex nodded and turned around to walk the short distance back to the medbay.

When she arrived, J'onn and Nia were in there with her baby sister like they promised. She was so glad that Kara had so many people in her corner.

J'onn was sitting diligently. Nia however, had fallen asleep. Alex assumed that everyone had gotten little sleep while Kara was in her coma and this was just Nia's way of catching up.

J'onn said nothing at first, instead just letting Alex approach her sleeping sister. She gently brushed the hair out of her sleeping sister's face.

Alex knew that Kara had woken up but seeing her asleep know caused a bit of anxiety for Alex.

She knew it was irrational but she couldn't help but think what would happen if Kara didn't wake up from her nap.

She sat down next to J'onn and they remained silent for a while.

Sitting there was comforting in a way. Alex was almost able to distract herself from the new frightening information regarding Lena and Leviathan.

It was peaceful.

That is, it was peaceful until Nia suddenly jolted awake.

Chapter Text

Needless to say, Nia jolting awake suddenly was enough to not only surprise both J'onn and Alex, but also wake up Kara.

Kara was now up and awake.

"What's going on?" Alex asked confused.

Nia was sweating and out of breath. "I... I had a dream." She said.

Everyone in the room understood in one sentence. Nia had some sort of vision because of her dream powers. This peaked the curiosity of everyone in the room.

Usually, Nia would have dreams about current events or the current situation. Everyone was wondering what this might mean.

"What was it about?" Alex asked hesitantly. She wasn't sure she wanted to know the answer to it.

"It... it was about Lena." Nia stated, sounding worried.

Kara looked over to Alex, wondering if Lena was ok.

She was ignoring any pain and putting Lena at the forefront of her mind.

"I haven't checked in on her in a while." Alex answered, as if knowing Kara wanted to ask when Lena was last seen.

"Right now, It's important we try and decipher this dream." J'onn pulled the group back together.

"Right..." Nia responded, still sweating. "Lena... she was standing there. It was pitch black. Lena was... the only thing that I could see."

Kara was very worried as Nia explained her dream. There was a certain hesitation that Nia spoke with that made Kara's stomach churn uncomfortably.

Had the same person who hurt her also gone after Lena.

Nia continued her explanation. "There was this.. shadowy amalgation. It was like... like an evil cloud of darkness."

"The shadow woman." Alex whispered to herself.

Kara seemed to have heard that despite the lack of super hearing in her current state.

She wanted to push further and question it but her lack of a voice prevented that. J'onn might have translated if he wasn't already focused on the sudden shift to interpreting Nia's dream.

Nia continued with slight worry in her voice. "The shadows suddenly... dissipated. It was like they were gone until they... they came back and...the shadows engulfed Lena. She didn't disappear... it was almost like she was... a part of the shadows; one with the shadows."

Kara's stomach wasn't doing uncomfortable flips inside her. The sudden worrying for her best friend combined with the stress of the last few days caught up to her and she started to feel naucious as a result.

Alex must have picked up on her discomfort simply by the look on her face.

Thinking quickly, Alex reached over and grabbed the small garbage can in the corner of the room and set it in front of Kara.

Kara felt so sick she couldn't contain it anymore. She violently threw up in the bin while her sister moved around her to hold back her long blonde hair.

It took several minutes for Kara to stop vomiting. Being essentially indestructible and immune to disease meant that she had never experienced an illness of this kind.

She'd only ever caught colds or the flu when she'd solar flared previously. In all honesty, Kara didn't believe this was an illness but rather a result of whatever incident had put her in the medbay in the first place.

After she finished, Alex moved the garbage can away and held her sister's hand as she laid back down.

Kara didn't know how it was possible, but she somehow felt more weak than she already did.

"You're going to be alright, Kara." Alex said. "Would You like some water?" Alex asked, with her focus now completely off of Nia's dream and on her sister's condition.

Kara nodded with the little energy she had.

Alex was about to get up and go grab a glass of water before Nia interrupted her.

"I'll go grab some water. You stay with Kara." The brunette offered.

"Are you sure?" Alex asked the young reporter.

"Yeah. I want to get myself some water as well. It might help me clear my head after that dream." Nia explained.

Alex gave her a warm smile. "Thank you." She said.

Nia nodded and returned the smile before leaving the room. J'onn and Alex stayed with Kara.

Nia returned a few minutes later with a glass of water in each gand; one for herself, and the other for her friend and mentor.

"Here you go." Nia handed the glass to Alex who helped Kara take a sip.

"Thanks again." Alex said. "Not just for the water, but for being here and keeping her company and for trying comfort me when I had that panic attack on J'onn's ship."

Kara gave her sister a concerned look though it was weak with her complete lack of energy.

"I'll tell you about it later." Alex brushed it off while gazing at her sister.

"It's no problem. I... you don't need to thank me. I would do anything to help Kara. She's... the greatest friend I've ever met." Nia stated.

Kara gave a small smile in return.

"Anyway, I need to talk to J'onn for a little bit. Do you mind staying here with Kara?" Alex asked.

"I don't mind at all." Nia replied instantly.

Alex was glad that Kara had friends to remain by her side through all the hardships that came with being Supergirl.

"I know I keep telling you this but... thank you." Alex expressed her gratitude once more.

With that, she left the room with J'onn. "I assume you want to discuss Nia's dream about Lena." J'onn assessed.

Alex was quick to nod her head. "Nia's told us before that her dreams can be figurative..." Alex paused for a moment. " the dreams about her mother's death or they can be literal like with Agent Liberty and his wife in the warehouse a year ago." Alex explained.

"So our first step is to determine if the dream is figurative or literal." J'onn responded, recognizing where Alex was going with this.

"Exactly." Alex exclaimed. "During the night of the fire at Al's Bar, the shadow woman who helped break Rip Roar out of custody broke into the DEO again." She began to explain. "She uploaded a computer program that deleted our Q-wave scanner."

"The same scanner that would allow the DEO to track myriad." J'onn finished.

"Yes, she also entered the medbay to look at Kara." Alex explained.

"Wouldn't that mean Leviathan might know who Supergirl is?" J'onn asked.

"Maybe, but if the dream is literal, Lena could have been kidnapped or hurt by her or Leviathan." Alex stressed.

"And if it's figurative..." The Martian began.

"That would mean that Lena is working with Leviathan or for her own agenda." Alex supplied.

"Either way, we need to do something. If we could just locate Lena, we might be able to get some definitive answers." J'onn stated.

"That our we have to wait for Kara to remember what happened on her own." The redhead offered. "I already have Brainy searching for the shadow woman. But we don't have a way to scan for Q-waves anymore. If Lena was experimenting with Q-waves, we might have been able to use that to track her."

"I might be able to physically scan for residual signatures from my brother. That way you might be able to piece together a new scanner if I can relay the frequency." J'onn suggested.

"That's brilliant. Thank you." Alex said.

"Anything to help you and your sister." J'onn supplied, earning an appreciative smile from Alex.

"I'd go with you but..." Alex was interrupted.

"Don't worry about it. You need to stay with Kara." J'onn said.

Alex gave a small nod and turned around to re-enter the medbay with Kara and Nia.

The sight she entered to was distressing to say the least.

Kara was once again involuntarily purging her system through relentless puking. Alex could tell how unfamiliar the situation was for Kara. Alex knew for a fact that Kara had never experienced the feeling of throwing up.

Alex recalled a time only a few months after Kara came to earth when her little sister once asked her what earth custom she was performing while Alex sat hunched over the toilet. Of course, at the time, Alex was a bit cynical and berated Kara for 'asking stupid questions' but she still looked at that memory fondly.

Alex refocused her attention on the situation at hand. Nia was now the one holding back the blonde locks while the kryptonian hurled into a trash bin.

Alex once again held her sister's hand and motioned for the water once Kara was finished. Her little sister was already in the most fragile state, she's ever been in. Alex wasn't about to let her get dehydrated.

Kara took a few small sips before relenting herself to laying back down

"You should probably get some rest." Alex stated matter of factly.

The redhead was expecting her sister to nod or even just remain still in response, but Kara shook her head instead.

Nia and Alex glanced at eachother before Alex returned her attention to Kara. "Ok. Is there anything you need me to do?" Alex asked, concerned.

This time, Kara did nod in response, albeit weakly.

Alex was about to go find J'onn and ask for a translation knowing Kara lost her voice during the incident at the fortress.

She was suddenly stopped when Kara, despite her weakened state, squeezed her hand a little. It wasn't a form squeeze, but it was enough to get Alex to take notice.

With that, Kara used all the energy and effort she had to speak.

All she needed to say were two simple words.

After a moment of trying to find her voice, Kara spoke. The words were quiet and her voice was rough and hoarse.

All Kara said was; "Find... Le-Lena."

Chapter Text

It was one day later. Kara's voice had returned, though it was still quiet and scratchy. She could only really speak a few words at a time.

Alex was happy; she took it as a sign that Kara was getting better. There was also the matter of Kara needing an easy way to explain what happened in the fortress once she did remember.

Kara saw it as a way to try and force the answers out of her friends and sister. She felt that they had been unnecessarily vague about Lena Luthor.

Alex and Kelly told her that Lena was too busy but she didn't believe that to be true. That suspicion was all but confirmed thanks to Nia's dream.

Something happened to Lena and everyone knew more than they were letting on or at the very least suspected something was happening.

Though Alex whispered it, Kara heard her mention the shadow woman when His was talking about her dream.

Kara thought back to the escape of Rip Roar. Kara had called the mysterious figure who broke him out; the shadow woman.

It was one of the last big events she could remember. She still hadn't regained any memories that came after her fight with Rama Kahn.

Alex walked into the room to break Kara from her thoughts. "Hey, Kara. How are you doing?" She asked.

Kara opted to ignore her question altogether. "Did... you find... h-her?" Kara asked.

Alex immediately understood what she was asking. It was one of the few things Kara would say with her crackly voice.

"No... by we will. I promise you, we will find Lena." Alex assured her.

"What... hap-happened?" Kara stuttered out with a raspy voice.

Alex hated that she couldn't say anything. Everyone agreed it would be best if they waited until they could get the most complete picture of the situation before telling Kara what was truly going on?

The big problem with that was the fact that the largest missing piece of the puzzle was locked behind Kara's amnesia.

Kara was the only one who knew what happened in the fortress that day.

"I will tell you, when your memories come back." Alex promised.

Kara gave a solemn nod despite her disagreement. She needed to know what was happening. Whatever happened might jeopardize her best friend's safety and no one would offer her any insight.

Alex sat with her for the rest of the day except for a few times when she was needed as the DEO Director. Even though Kara was once again able to speak, the sister mostly sat in silence as they bother desperately needed the rest.

It was way later in the day when they received an impromptu visit from Brainy.

"Director Danvers." Brainy addressed. It was only then that the Danvers sisters realized he was there.

"Hi... Brainy." Kara whispered, unable to speak much louder.

"Hey, Brainy. Is there an emergency? Does this have to do with the fire at the bar?" Alex asked. She couldn't outright ask about the shadow woman or the Q-wave scanner without earning suspicion from Kara.

"No." He stated. "The is someone here to visit you and your sister."

"Oh. Who is it?" Alex questioned.

As soon as the question was asked, none other than James Olsen stepped into the medbay. "Hey, guys." He greeted.

This was certainly a surprise for Alex. "What are you doing here? You only just left to start your newspaper in Calvin Town a few months ago." Alex stated.

"That's true but I saw that Supergirl wasn't appearing and I figured I'd come and visit you guys. I wanted to make sure everything was ok." James explained.

"What do you mean? I sent J'onn out to keep face just a few days ago." Alex was surprised.


"I really need you to do it, J'onn." Alex had been pestering J'onn for nearly an hour, trying to get him to shapeshift into Supergirl. "Criminals acts are going to start spreading like wildfire if people think Supergirl is on hiatus."

J'onn shook his head. "For the last time, I am not wearing that skirt again."

Alex rolled her eyes and continued. "Please. It's not like Kara can do it. She just woke up and besides; she got a new suit that has pants instead of a skirt." The redhead rationalized.

"What do you need me to do?" J'onn asked with a hint of hesitation.

"All I need is for you to got out and save a kitten or something. Just got out and be noticed by enough people to prevent situations like the fire at the bar." Alex stated.

J'onn ducked his head with a heavy sigh. "Alright. Fine. I'll do it."

The Martian began to shapeshift into the familiar sight of Alex's superhero sister.

Alex inhaled a sharp breath at the sight.

The last time she had seen her sister in her super suit she was bleeding from her skull in an icy cell. Seeing J'onn as Supergirl almost made her heart stop at the sight.

J'onn clearly took not of this and made sure to check if she was ok. "Are you alright, Alex?" He asked.

It was J'onn's voice. He may have looked exactly like Kara but it was J'onn's voice. That helped to keep Alex grounded at the moment. If she had heard her little sister's voice; her repaired non-broken voice, she might have broke down in tears at that exact moment.

Instead, she was able to remain calm for the time being. "Yes. I'm fine. I'm going to go sit with Kara for a while." Alex explained.

"Of course." J'onn took the opportunity to fly off as Supergirl and assure National City that she was still around even if it was a small lie.

Alex did just as she said. She went to sit next to her sister. She had almost broken down at the sight of 'Supergirl' but she held it together though everyone could tell she felt off for the rest of the day.

They chalked it up to Kara having just woken up that morning.

That same night, Kelly helped Alex through another panic attack. The next morning, she decided to put it behind her and try and be happy that her sister was awake.

(End Flashback)

"How?" Kara practically choked out.

James took note of the raspy voice and pale face before responding. "It's pretty easy to tell when J'onn's pretending to be you. He acts different enough." James offered an explanation.

Kara nodded. "Anyways, it looks like I was right to be worried. What happened?" James asked.

Kara was about to tell him that she had no idea but Alex cut her off before she could even say anything.

"She solar flared while exposed to kryptonite and passed out because of it. She was in a coma for over a week." The DEO Director explained.

"Are you going to be Ok? How did it happen?" James asked.

"I... d-don't know." Kara spoke.

James looked over to Alex, confused. "She hit her head when she fainted and it caused temporary amnesia." She supplied. "She is going to make a full recovery but as of right now we have no idea how long that will take."

James took a breath of relief. "I'm so glad to hear that."

He turned to Alex. "Well, since Supergirl can't go out and fight crime, maybe Guardian could help out while he's in town."

Alex chuckled at that.

"I suppose, that would be helpful. The first thing you can do is help us find Lena." Alex said.

"What's going on with Lena?" James questioned.

Alex gave him an answer that Kara was pretty sure was at least partially untrue. "We don't know." Alex answered.

It didn't fool Kara even in her weakened state. She could tell that Alex was still withholding information for one reason or another.

"Nia had a dream that tells us she might be in trouble. We don't know much more than that." Alex said. It was a substantial lack of info but James did catch Alex winking to signify that she knew more but Kara didn't.

"Alright. That isn't much to go off of but I'll help however I can." James stated while giving Alex a knowing look. He assumed that this had something to do with Kara's amnesia so he decided to play along for the time being.

"Th-thanks... James." Kara answered with her still raspy voice.

"No problem." He answered automatically.

Alex then made a motion towards the medbay door. "I need to go check in with J'onn but I'll be back soon." The redhead offered while giving Kara a smile.

Kara just nodded in response, opting not to speak.

Alex exited the room, leaving just Kara and James.

"So... how are you feeling?" James asked.

Kara's responded with a voice that was so scratchy, James almost didn't recognize it. "Not... r-really."

"Well, it's like your sister said; you are going to get back to full health." James offered as much comfort as he could.

Kara gave another nod while giving her sad smile that she had become known for the past few days.

"Well, I really want to stay but I told my sister I was back in town and she's making me get lunch with her."

"Go... ahead." Kara responded weakly.

James smiled and offered a few more words of comfort. "Don't worry too much. Lena's strong and can take care if herself. She was smart of to make kryptonite, she'll be smart enough to avoid danger." With that, James left the room too.

Kara smiled for a moment. 'Lena is smart, no else was able to make it' she thought. It was then, however, that her thoughts changed. 'She made kryptonite.... and she used it on me. She used kryptonite on me.'

Kara came to the sudden realization of what she just thought about.

She thought about it what happened at the fortress.

She remembered.

Chapter Text

Kara couldn't believe it. She had assumed that someone caused her hospitalization but it was her own fault.

Lena may have used the kryptonite but it was Kara's fault for being the worst friend.

She recalled how Lena told her that the one thing she couldn't stand was betrayal and lies. Kara went ahead and betrayed her trust anyway.

Lena lied. She was using Kara because Kara pushed her to.

The emotional hurt of that revelation, now at the forefront of Kara's mind caused her more pain than any injuries she currently had.

Because of that, Kara cried. She cried endlessly. She could contain the amount self hatred she had in that moment.

Sobs wracked her entire body as she realized that she might have lost her best friend because of her secret.

It was a little while before anyone realized Kara was crying. Alex was checking in with J'onn, Brainy was managing DEO activities, and the Olsen sibling were out to lunch.

It was Nia who found out. She was coming to visit Kara in the medbay for awhile.

She entered to the sight of Kara balling her eyes out.

"Kara!" She practically shouted. Nia instantly ran over to be by Kara's side.

Kara looked up to meet Nia's gaze. Her blue eyes were red and puffy after nearly half an hour of crying.

The tear stains on her pale cheeks would have been noticeable from miles away.

"What's wrong? Are... are you hurt?" Nia frantically questioned the blonde.

Kara shook her head and mumbled the same scratchy voiced words. "My... f-fault. My... m-my fault. M-my fault... fault." Kara sobbed.

Nia's concern only grew. "What's your fault?" Nia tried ask the question calmly but failed.

Kara cried harder at the question.

Nia did not understand. She had seen Kara at some very low points before. She was really broken up at the temporary loss of Alex's memories and she remembered Kara shedding a few tears for the death of Lex Luthor on Shelly Island.

Of course, the tears were not for Lex Luthor but rather for the pain that the death would have brought to Lena, however complicated her relationship with her brother was.

But this seemed different to Nia. Kara seemed completely devastated.

Nia was broken from her thoughts when Kara started wailing as loud as she could despite her broken down voice. "L-LENA! LE-LENA!"

Whatever Kara was upset about it had something to do with Lena.

Nia was luckily able to calm Kara down enough to get an answer out of her. The blonde was still crying and her breathing was still staggered as a result but she was grounded enough to try and communicate.

"Kara, I'm going to ask you something. Is that ok?" Nia asked cautiously. It was met with a small nod from Kara.

"Ok." Nia responded. "Do you remember what happened to you?" Nia questioned, though she was afraid of what the answers would be.

Kara's had never sounded more defeated in her entire life. "Y-yes." She answered.

Nia's eyes went wide at the implications of what that meant. Did Kara know what happened to Lena?

The naltorian needed to call Alex and everyone else and tell them to get here as fast as possible.

"I'll be right back. I'm going to call Alex." The naltorian promised. Kara offered no response as tears continued to pour out of her eyes.

Nia rushed out of the room and tried to find her phone. Unfortunately, she didn't have it on her. Her next thought was to go find Brainy. She thought that he should have a means of contacting Alex.

The only problem was that Brainy was not in the DEO. Nia asked a few of the agents and they all responded by saying he was out with a few other agents searching for potential leads at Al's Bar.

Nia had to find someway to contact Alex. She refuses to let Kara describe what was clearly a painful memory without Alex present.

The easiest option she could think of now, was to astral project to Alex's location and tell Alex what was happening.

Nia needed an object that could connect her to Alex and find her location. The only object she could think of was Alex's DEO uniform. The redhead hadn't been wearing it as often the past few days as she had been coming and going from the place more often. Luckily, she hadn't been wearing it when she left.

Nia found it in the DEO locker room.

The young naltorian hero began to take deep breaths and steady her heart rate. She had been given a scare when she found Kara crying in the medbay. Nia wondered how long she had been crying there all by herself.

The brunette reached a steady heart rate and breathing pattern after a few minutes.

Slowly, the hero began to astral project to Alex's location. The feeling that ran throughout her body when she performed this technique was something Nia believed she would never get used to.

The best way she could describe it would be feeling like a whisper; like the softest, most fragile, unnoticeable thing in the world.

Nia felt a little dizzy for a moment and she closed her eyes. She inhaled one particularly deep breath and opened eyes moments after.

Nia was somewhere different. She wasn't at the DEO anymore or more accurately she was astral projecting to a location that wasn't the DEO. It was J'onn's private investigator's office. Nia was standing by the door.

She could hear talking from around the corner. "If I can locate enough residual Q-wave energy from Malefic, we should be able to recreate the DEO's Q-wave scanner." J'onn's voice echoed in a ghostly tone.

The sound was familiar to Nia. All voices sounded hollow while she was astral projecting.

"Thank you so much, J'onn. You have no idea how much I appreciate your help." Alex responded.

Nia rounded the corner at the entrance to the office. J'onn was showing Alex his progress on his psychic scans for residual Q-waves.

Alex and J'onn bother continued to review the progress until their focus was broken by Nia. "Ahem..." The young hero cleared her throat.

Alex and J'onn both turned their attention to Nia who was surrounded in a light blue outline; signifying the use of her powers.

"Nia? What are you..." Alex began to say before being cut off by Nia. "Ok. I know this is an... extreme way to get your attention but I didn't have my phone and then I couldn't ask Brainy to contact you because he was out looking for clues at the bar so I decided to..."

This time it was Nia's turn to be cut off by Alex. "Nia. You're rambling."

Nia paused to take a breath before continuing. "I'm sorry. I just... I needed to contact you." She stated calmly.

"Why? What's going on?" Alex questioned.

"You need to get back to the DEO." Nia stated quickly.

Alex and J'onn shared a look of concern. "Is there some sort of emergency?" J'onn asked.

"No, it's Kara. She um... She remembers." Nia stuttered as her thoughts drifted back to the horrible sight of Kara sobbing as hard as if she had just seen her planet die all over again.

"She has her memory back? She didn't when James and I were there a little while ago." The redhead spoke.

"James is back in National City?" Nia asked.

"Yes, he is but that isn't the point. Has Kara said anything about what happened?" Alex questioned.

"Not much. I came to get you before she said too much but, Alex... she..." Nia paused as she thought about the most heartwrenching sound she had heard in a while; Kara's cries.

"What? Is she ok?" Alex asked, now worried as a result of Nia's hesitation.

"The... one think she did tell me... was... was that it was her fault. I-I tried to ask her what... what that meant and... and she s-screamed Lena's name as loud as she could." Nia explained.

J'onn and Alex were silent. Nia took it as a sign to continue. "I think that there is... more to what happened than we know. I have... never seen Kara as upset as she was."

"Um... ok. I will be there as soon as possible." Alex confirmed.

"I will be there as well. Kara is going to need all the support she can get. I will always be there to help you and your sister." J'onn assessed Alex.

"Thank you." Alex gave J'onn a light hug. He had always been a bit of a secondary father figure for Alex and she really appreciated that.

They broke the hug and Nia took the opportunity to ask a question. "If she needs support, should we call everyone else... you know; Kelly, Brainy, James?"

"Yes. I can call them." Alex suggested.

"No, you go straight to the DEO and be with Kara. I'll contact everyone and let them no what's going on?" J'onn stated.

"Thanks." Alex said again. J'onn nodded in response before flying and phasing through the roof to go and notify the rest of Kara's friends.

Alex turned her attention back to His. "I'm going to go wait with Kara. She's pretty upset and I don't want her to be alone." The brunette explained.

"You're a great friend Nia. Kara's lucky to have you." Alex responded.

"Thank you." Nia smiled sadly and ended her astral projection; returning to the DEO.

Alex wmgrabbed her cell phone and immediately dialed an all to familiar number.

The phone rang for a few moments before it was answered. Alex greeted the person on the other end of the phone. "Hey, mom. Kara's awake and she remembers what happened. I think your overdue for a visit."

Chapter Text

It made Kara feel extremely guilty. The way everyone was here and by her side.

There was Alex, J'onn, Kelly, Nia, James, and Brainy was listening in on the security cameras.

All of them were her friends; friends that either new her secret from the start or that found out soon after meeting her.

And then there was Lena. The L-Corp CEO was Kara's best friend and somehow she had told almost everyone but her. As she looked throughout the medbay from her sister; Alex, to her heroic understudy; Nia, she couldn't help but feel awful for lying to Lena.

It made her physically I'll to know that there were so many people that knew she was Supergirl but that Lena was not one of them.

Kara was no longer wailing like she had been when Nia first found her. Instead, she shifted into a more quiet sadness. Tears still fell from her eyes but her breathing was scarily normal and calm.

She knew why everyone was here. They found out that Kara remembered what happened to her. They were here to support her. That was what Kara should have been thinking; that her friends were here to support her.

But... for some reason Kara couldn't shake another thought. What if they didn't care? What if they were only here because they wanted to find Lena? What if they were just like Lena; people who no longer cared for her because of what she'd done?

"Kara?" Alex's voice on concern was enough to pull Kara away from those dark thoughts.

"I know that this might be hard for you but we need to know what happened." J'onn spoke.

"We're here for you. Take as much time as you need." Alex reassured the blonde.

There was several minutes of silence after that. Everyone was there to help but they didn't crowd around Kara to avoid stressing her out.

Alex and Kelly were standing next to the medical bed, James and Nia were sitting down in chairs, and J'onn was standing in the doorway.

After a few more silent tears, Kara spoke. "Lena knew." Kara's voice still sounded awful but she was able to speak more fluently and without pausing in between almost every word.

It was almost as if sobbing and crying helped her voice a little. "She knew what?" Alex asked, cautiously.

"She knew my secret..." Kara paused the take a breath. "...since Shelly Island."

"So, Lena's beenying to you since you killed Lex?" James looked for confirmation.

Kara nodded before correcting him. "I didn't kill him." More tears rolled down Kara's pale cheeks. "She did. He told her."

"Lex told Lena your secret and she killed him." Nia repeated Kara's words in a way that signified that it wasn't she was expecting.

"My fault." Kara abruptly cried out.

"No, Kara it's not your fault." Kelly tried to reassure the crying kryptonian.

"Kara, I know you think you should have told Lena but that doesn't make it your fault. Besides, I'm sure all of us played a part in encouraging you to keep it a secret." Alex reasoned.

"She trapped me. She stole myriad." Kara explained as tears continued to spill.

"We know. She tried to activate it at one Lex's bunkers but we stopped it. Myriad was destroyed." Alex summed up.

"She left me there." Kara stated, almost as if she was realizing the implications of it for the first time.

It wad then that J'onn's voice cut through. "If she left you there, then how did she cause you to solar flare?" He asked.

Kara contemplated the question before answering. "She didn't." Kara paused to take another breath. Her lack of energy and strenuous use of her broken voice was catching up to her.

"I did, trying to escape." Kara lied. She knew that they wanted the truth but she couldn't give it to them. She didn't try to escape. She expelled her powers in agony because she believed she deserved what she got. Kara didn't want the rest of her friends to think she was weak so... she lied.

The only true part of it was that Lena had nothing to do with it. Kara knew it wad an important detail. Despite what Lena had done, Kara didn't want her to face anymore repercussion than she already would.

"Do you know where Lena is or what she might be planning next?" James questioned.

Kara shook her head. Lena hadn't told her anything about her plans.

All Kara got from the confrontation was that the blonde had ruined her relationship with her best friend.

It caused Kara to start crying louder again. The rate at which the tears flowed from eyes increased. Sobs escaped her as she thought back to her friendship with Lena. Kara badly wished she could go apologise but she was confined to the DEO medbay because of how weak she was after the incident.

"Hey, Kara, it's going to be alright. We'll find Lena and we'll get some answers. Maybe it wasn't the real Lena." Kelly's tone was soft and steady. It was soothing but it didn't stop Kara's cries.

"No!" Kara sobbed out. "It was her!" Kara started taking panicky breaths. She was crying and she couldn't stop.

Seeing Kara as distressed as she was proved to be too much for Alex. "I'll be right back." The redhead blurted out suddenly before leaving.

"Alex!" J'onn called out after her as she stormed down th hallway.

"You guys stay with Kara. I'll go after her." Kelly offered.

J'onn nodded and James spoke up. "Be careful. Alex can be pretty hard-headed." He warned.

"I'm her girlfriend. Believe me, I know." Kelly responded before she left the room just as Alex did before her.

Meanwhile, Alex entered the main room of the DEO to meet up with Brainy. "Greetings, Director Danvers." He greeted.

"Brainy." Alex gave the coluan a nod. "Any progress in your search for Lena?" Alex asked.

"No. I am afraid that our chances of finding Lena without an functioning Q-wave scanner are a mere 4.47% chance." Brainy stated.

Alex let out a frustrated sigh. "ATTENTION ALL AGENTS! REPORT TO THE MAIN ROOM FOR DE-BRIEF!" Alex yelled.

It was about a minute later before enough DEO agents formed in the main room for Alex to get started. Kelly watched from the other end of the room after following Alex out of the medbay.

Alex cleared her throat. "We now know who the perpetrator behind the entrapment of Supergirl was!" Alex's voice was loud and assertive. "It was Lena Luthor! She is to be considered dangerous and arrested on sight as a top priority criminal!"

"Yes, Director Danvers!" The agents shouted in unison.

"Break!" Alex yelled again. The agents dissipated from the main room as the DEO Director turned to Brainy. "Continue your search. I'll have J'onn let you know what he finds in regards to his scan for Q-waves." She ordered.

"Of course, Director Danvers." Brainy responded.

Brainy turned his attention back to the DEO's main computer to start processing and eliminating the least likely places for Lena to be hiding.

Kelly, in the meantime, had walked up to Alex. "Alex! What was that about? You just left Kara and the rest of us when she clearly needs as much support as possible." The psychiatrist asked.

"I'm sorry. I just needed to leave." Alex said quickly.

"To put a bounty on Lena's head." Kelly gave her girlfriend a knowing look. "I'm not mad. It's just that I don't want you to start a manhunt for this woman if we don't know the full truth of what happened." Kelly stated.

"What I know is that if it was up to me, I would kill her. She hurt my sister more than almost anyone else has. I need to find her so she can explain to me, to Kara, to all of us, why she did what she did." Alex explained.

"I know. We all want that but blowing up over it isn't going to help Kara. She lost her best friend and the last thing she needs is for us to break our necks hunting her down." Kelly tried to explain.

Alex groaned. "That's part of what's so frustrating though. You're right! Kara wouldn't want us to but she should. Lena hurt her and she should want to catch her but she is too busy blaming herself. It's an extreme reaction over losing a friend!" Alex raised her voice as she started to cry.

Kelly caught sight of this and immediately embraced Alex in a warm hug. "It's going to be alright." Kelly rubbed her hand across Alex's back.

"I just... I w-want her... to be safe. I want to... f-find Lena. I-I want her... to want to find L-Lena." Alex cried.

"I know you do and that is exactly why I love you. All you want is for everyone to be safe. You always want what's best for your friends and family." Kelly reasoned.

They hugged in silence for another few moments before Alex reluctantly pulled away to wipe her tears.

"You're right. I think that Kara's reaction is extreme for losing a simple friend but... Lena was Kara's best friend and has been since she met her." Kelly responded.

"I know it... it still doesn't make sense." Alex muttered, quietly.

"Can I ask you sonething?" Kelly asked, causing Alex to give her a confused look but nod nonetheless.

"Doesn't Kara's reaction remind of you of something?" Kelly questioned.

Alex responded while still wiping away tears. "Um... I don't know."

Kelly gave Alex a small smile and asked another question. "How would you react if I almost killed you because I didn't trust you?"

"I'd be... devastated. Oh." Realization dawned on Alex. " You're saying that you think..." Alex paused.

Kelly finished her sentence. "That Kara is in love with Lena Luthor. Yes, I do."

Chapter Text

"Test number 45 is ready, Ms Luthor." Hope; now in Andrea Rojas's body, stated.

"Very well. Let's begin." Lena responded.

The lights in the testing chamber dimmed as Hope pressed a switch on thed control panel. It left the corners of the room dark.

Lena focused on what she wanted to do. She had been running these tests on herself for the past couple of days and they had become a bit second nature to her. She was testing the powers that were given to her by the Medallion Of Acrata.

Lena always assumed that whoever Hope was controlling could still see and understand what was going on in there body but the swap from Eve to Andrea proved the L-Corp CEO otherwise.

The shadow powers only transferred to Lena because the consciousness belonging to Andrea Rojas was suppressed. Hope had essentially tricked the medallion into thinking Andrea was dead and that made her feel awful.

Andrea used to be her friend and she forced her to be dormant in her own life. Lena always rationalized that what she was doing was necessary.

She didn't want to cause harm. That's exactly why she made an anonymous donation to Al's Bar for repairs after Andrea started the fire that was needed to draw away DEO agents. It's also why she vowed that upon completing Project Non Nocere, Lena would somehow find a way to help Andrea in return for her services as Hope's human host.

Lena was now successfully using these new shadow powers. This was the 45th test and she easily faded into the darkness that could be found in the corner of the testing chamber.

After about a minute later, she exited the shadows and left the testing chamber.

"The test was a success, Ms Luthor." Hope stated. "The data shows that your theory as to how these powers effect the body seems to be true."

Lena calmly walked over to Hope and examined the data. "You're right. It seems that the medallion's powers affect the user in the same way as other meta-humans. It changes your genetics." Lena reasoned.

"From what we've observed from Ms Rojas and what we've gathered from testing, it appears as though there are no health risks to using these abilities." Hope observed.

Lena's expression remained neutral as she responded. "Excellent. They may come in handy when avoiding those who wish to stop Non Nocere."

"Such as Supergirl?" Hope questioned.

Lena's breath hitched a little. Andrea may have told her that Supergirl would recover but she still hated thinking about whatever happened to her.

Lena refused to take the blame however. Her calculations could not have been wrong. She was insistent that she had not used enough kryptonite to cause Supergirl any harm.

Whatever caused the blonde liar's injuries had nothing to do with her. At least... that's what she believed.

"Such as Supergirl." Lena echoed as confirmation.

The was a long moment of silence as Hope seemed to survey that Lena was mildly uncomfortable with the question she had asked.

The A.I. decided to change topics. "Would you like an updated report on the myriad prototype?"

"Yes, I would." Lena answered.

"Very well, Ms Luthor. I have successfully created a mach version ready for testing." Hope supplied.

"And what of our test subject?" Lena questioned.

Hope gestured to the nearby holding cell. It was similar to the one Lena used to contain Reign a couple years ago. "Ms Teschmacher has yet to awaken after I unmapped her mind in favor of Ms Rojas." Hope responded.

Lena glanced at the camera before immeduateely turning back to Hope. "Keep an eye on her. When she awakens, you are to perform a full medical examination. If she is determined to be in good health, will she perform the first test."

"Of course, Ms Luthor." Hope nodded.

"In the meantime, I would like to see the mach replica of myriad and it's schematics." Lena said.

"Yes, Ms Luthor. I will retrieve them right away." Hope responded before leaving the room.

Lena turned her attention back to the security feed of a comatosed Eve. It once again reminded her of Supergirl. It made her feel a twist in her stomach but she ignored it to the best of her ability.

She would have felt sorry for Eve as well but she proved to be a duplicitous traitor who was secretly working with her brother of all people.

The pit in the brunettes stomach vanished and as she thought about all the trouble Eve had caused her.

Hope returned after a few minutes from a separate room in the bunker. She was holding a test version of myriad and the basic schematics that detailed how this version was assembled.

"Thank you, Hope." Lena said as she took the device from the A.I.

"It is my pleasure, Ms Luthor." Hope replied.

Lena examined the device carefully. It's shape was similar to that if myriad but it was much smaller and purposefully unpolished as it was only intended to be used as a test version on Eve Teschmacher.

"Are there any parts of the device that will need to be changed or added for the final version?" Lena asked, abruptly.

"Yes. This version of myriad was designed to establish a basis for Project Non Nocere. As such, it is designed to work on a singular individual. The final product shall work almost like a radio tower that will project Q-waves out to effect a larger group of people." Hope explained.

"Will it's range be large enough to effect the whole planet?" Lena asked.

"No. Unfortunately, the necessary technology needed to achieve this has not been invented on Earth." Hope answered.

Lena sighed. "Then how are we supposed to increase its effect radiis?"

Hope answered the question as if she had already expected the question from Lena. "Perhaps, we can utilize the assets gained from my assimilation with Me Rojas." Hope suggested.

The L-Corp CEO thought about the suggestion carefully. Andrea's assets were not under Hope's control. Lena could use Catco and Obsidian.

"Obsidian North." Lena stated as an idea came to her

"Do you have a solution, Ms Luthor?" Hope asked.

"Yes. We can use Obsidian North VR Lenses. They are widespread throughout every major country right now. I can use the VR server that all the lenses are connected to. We could turn every pair of those lenses Into a mini radio tower that would extend the myriad signal. They don't even have to wear the lenses for it to effect all nearby people." Lena supplied.

"That is brilliant, Ms Luthor." Hope complimented Lena.

"Thank you, Hope. I need you to use your control of Obsidian North to commission a shipment of Obsidian Lenses to the docks in National City. I will pick them up from there." Lena ordered.

"Very well, Ms Luthor. However, I still see a major flaw with the use of myriad." Hope addressed.

"What flaw?" Lena questioned, carefully.

"Myriad will not affect all the citizens of Earth. Various reports and news stories relating to the original myriad crisis state that Supergirl and former DEO Director; J'onn J'onzz were unaffected by the device." Hope responded.

"What's your point?" Lena asked.

"Surely, they are not the only alien species who will be immune to the devices effects." Hope reasoned.

Lena shook her head. "That doesn't matter. That outlying group is too small. All I need is for the vast majority of Earth's inhabitants to be under myriad's effects."

"But, Ms Luthor, do you not want Supergirl to be cured of her tendency to lie as well?" Hope asked, sounding innocent though the question may have seemed a little sinister out if context.

"No, I don't! I want Supergirl to be in her right mind when this plan goes into action! I want her to see that I was right! I'm going to prove to her that getting rid of lies and betrayal is what's best for the world!" Lena snapped.

"My apologies, Ms Luthor." Hope responded.

Lena took a few moments to calm herself down after her outburst. She shouldn't have flown off the handle the way she did. Project Non Nocere meant a lot to her.

Supergirl lied to her. She treated her like a Luthor. In retaliation, Lena was going to do the one thing a Luthor would never do; dispose of the innate ability to lie.

It was the number one way to get back at Supergirl for her betrayal. She wanted to show Kara the good that could come from a world without lies, betrayal, and deceit.

Part of her reasoning was to give Supergirl no excuse not to be transparent with her. Lena convinced herself that she no longer wanted to be friends with the blonde kryptonian but she wanted to know the full truth of every minute of their friendship.

She wanted to know why Supergirl faked every minute of being her friend.

Lena was brought out of her rage-filled thoughts when she heard a tired groan.

She turned to the security camera of Eve's holding call and noticed that she was waking up.

Lena wasted no time and marched through the bunker to the cell. When she arrived, the blonde was slowly sitting up.

"Hello, Eve." Lena's tone was serious.

"L-Lena? What's... hap-happening?" Eve asked, with a tired slur while trying to get her bearings.

Lena smiled before responding. "You are going to be the first step to a world without liars."

Chapter Text

Eve was a little dazed at first. Confusion courses through her brain. The last thing she could remember was being in this very same containment unit.

She recalled that Lena was mapping her brain in an effort to find the parts of her mind that related to honesty.

Lena had told her that she was did it so that Hope would know where to go. It cam back to her. Lena must have used her a host for her A.I.

"You... you used me. You took control of me, didn't you?" Eve asked, staring into Lena's eyes.

"It was necessary to achieve my goal. You're a wanted criminal, Eve. I could've turned you over to the NCPD or even the DEO." Lena tried to justify her actions.

"Instead, you turned me into the host for your A.I. How could you?" Eve asked, horrified upon realizing what Lena did.

Lena fired back with anger. "How could you work for my brother? How could you manipulate me? How could you shoot James in the back?"

Eve remained silent after that. She had done some questionable things but she really was trying to do move past that.

Lena was busy typing away on her laptop that sat on the desk just outside the containment room. The surrounding equipment seemed to hint that this a testing room of sorts. Eve didn't recognize where she was. By the looks of it, she was in some sort of bunker.

"Please, Lena. I have done some really terrible things. Don't go down the same road I did." Eve begged.

Lena scoffed at the plea. "You're only saying that to save yourself. If I let you go, you'll go back to lying and hiding who you really are. That's why you'll make the prefect test subject for Project Non Nocere."

"What is Non Nocere?" Eve asked though she was a bit scared of the possible response.

Hope took the opportunity to enter the room and answer the question. "Ms Luthor's goal with Project Non Nocere is to do no harm. She aims to rid the world of lies and betrayal."

Eve looked at the woman. She recognized her. It was the CEO of Obsidian North. Lena sold Catco to her before she was taken over by Hope.

"Aren't you Andrea Rojas?" The blonde questioned.

"No. I am merely borrowing Ms Rojas and her assets to aid in the success of Ms Luthor's endeavors." The A.I. answered.

Eve's face morphed into a horrified expression. That wasn't Andrea Rojas. It was hope. Eve was unquantifiably angry. How could Lena not only use her to host her A.I. program, but also Andrea Rojas.

"You... you used Hope on someone else?" Eve was surprised.

"Yes but that's of no concern to you. It's time we test the myriad device." Lena stated, abruptly.

Eve understandably scared "You're going to test on me?"

"There's no need to worry. It's a non-invasive process." Lena replied.

Eve struggled not to chuckle at that. "Non-invasive? You mean like using an A.I. to suppress a human consciousness? That's seems pretty invasive to me. Especially since I'm guessing she didn't consent to it!" Eve pointed at Andrea.

"I'm not going to do that again. I'm simply going to remove your instinct to lie." The brunette explained.

Eve stayed silent. She was terrified. She didn't know what was going to happen to her.

"We are ready to activate the myriad protype, Ms Luthor." Hope stated.

"Excellent. I'll be monitoring brain activity. Let's activate the device." Lena responded.

"Yes, Ms Luthor." Hope nodded and activated the device with the press of a button.

"Wait. Please don't..." Eve tried to protest but the device activated. It projected Q-waves into the cell that affected Eve immediately.

It was almost as if her brain flatlined. She couldn't think straight. It was a pleasurable feeling that made her brain tingle. She enjoyed it. She could feel the need to be good. This feeling would help her. She could be honest and peaceful thanks to this feeling.

It was a matter of moments before Eve found herself starting to faint. She stumbled back to the bed inside the containment unit. Upon reaching it, she promptly fainted onto it with the need to do no harm being projected onto her while she laid there.

"Her brain activity has changed significantly. It drastic change in life philosophy being implemented into her brain must have overwhelmedher and caused her to faint." Lena explained to Hope as she reviewed the brain activity monitor.

"I will begin working on modifications to the device in order to prevent this side effect when it is implemented worldwide." Hope offered.

"Thank you, Hope." Lena replied. "I suppose we will have to wait in order to see the device's overall effectiveness when the subject wakes up."

Lena looked down at her current research with a solemn expression. Eve's words hurt her a little. The blonde viewed her as a monster... though Eve herself fit the same description.

Perhaps it was her genuine partnership with Eve when it came to harun-el experiments or Hope's use of Eve's face for the past few months, but Lena couldn't let Eve's words go unnoticed.

The L-Corp CEO had done some morally incorrect things in her quest for a better world.

Using Hope to basically force any human into being her assistant was something that Lena did not prefer to do. However, she truly believed there was no other way to make her plan work.

This was especially true as of now, primarily because she needed the use of Obsidian North to make Non Nocere work.

Without the VR Lenses to act as mini radio towers, her plan was dead in the water.

To cope with the guilt she felt for using two people who used be her friends, she would always remind herself of what they had done to her.

Eve lied directly to her face. She had been working with Lex since even before his prison break. She nearly killed her former boyfriend; James Olsen. Eve needed to be pushed of her ability to lie.

Andrea was her first real friend but even she ended up betraying Lena. She knew how badly Lena wanted the Medallion Of Acrata and she still went behind her back to take it. That wasn't even the extent of Andrea's wrongdoing. She was secretly moonlighting as a super villain under Leviathan's thumb.

Still, Lena felt guilty. She had already decided she would somehow make it up to Andrea when her services as Hope's host were no longer required.

Lena had made a different decision about Eve. The girl had done so much harm. Her only compensation for being Lena's test subject would be the removal of her lying ways. She wanted Eve to do good. The only surefire way for Eve to turn her life around was with the help of myriad.

Lena escaped her own thoughts to realize that she hadn't really done anything since Eve fainted.

She looked over to see Hope working on the schematics for the current myriad prototype they were using.

It was likely that Hope was doing as she said; modifying the schematics to incorporate a more gradual shift into the do no harm mindset. The A.I. would surely be working on the device itself if it wasn't currently being used on Eve.

Then, Lena remembered asking Hope about sanctioning a shipment of the VR lenses to the National City Docks.

"Hope?" The brunette asked.

"Yes, Ms Luthor." Hope responded while looking up from her current work.

"Did you order a shipment if the Obsidian North Lenses to arrive at the National City Docks like I asked?" Lena questioned.

"Yes, Ms Luthor. They will be delivered to the docks tomorrow night." Hope answered. "Unfortunately, the company policy requires that the lenses not be left unattended at any time. There will be an Obsidian North employee waiting with the shipment."

"So, I'll have to go there in person?" Lena pondered.

"Yes, Ms Luthor." Hope responded.

"I can't go out in public. I know it will be at nighttime and in a secluded area of the city but I can't risk getting recognized. The DEO surely has a warrant for my arrest by now." Lena reasoned.

"Of course, Ms Luthor. Going out in public without a disguise would jeopardize the success of Project Non Nocere." Hope confirmed.

"So I'll need some kind of disguise. I could use an image inducer but it's all too easy to disable them with a number of methods, such as an EMP." Lena explained.

"Perhaps it is time to design a suit to go hand in hand with your new powers." The A.I. suggested.

"You mean... like a super hero outfit." Lena asked, slightly amused at the suggestion.

"Of course, although the term vigilante might be a better description." Hope answered.

"Are you offering to make me a costume?" Lena questioned.

"If you so desire, Ms Luthor. What better way for the new Acrata to make her debut." Hope replied.

Lena didn't know how to respond. She wasn't one for wearing hero outfits but it was a good idea. It would help conceal her identity. It might also send the DEO on a wild goose chase looking for the original Acrata.

"Hope, get to work on a modified version of the Acrata outfit right away." Lena ordered.

"Yes, Ms Luthor." Hope nodded.

The L-Corp CEO new the following day would be interesting. Lena would be going to the National City Docks, not as herself, but as Acrata.

Chapter Text

The suit was quite similar to that if Andrea's. It was slim and form fitting. It was colored black with gray detailing. It incorporated more detail than Andrea's but Lena preferred it that way.

The mask was also quite different. Instead of the usual detailing and sharp edges of Andrea's mask, it was simple and rounded with a gray trim around the edge.

It would serve Lena's needs perfectly.

"Excellent work, Hope." Lena praised the A.I. for the design.

"It was no trouble, Ms Luthor. This way you can avoid being recognized by anyone or any cameras." Hope responded.

It was the day after Hope first suggested using a disguise. In one hour, Lena was supposed to acquire the shipment of Obisidian North VR Lenses at the docks.

"Well, I guess I should try it on and head straight to the docks." Lena reasoned.

"Very well, Ms Luthor. I'll see you when you return. In the mean time I shall monitor Ms Teschmacher in hopes of her awakening soon." Hope left the room after her reply.

Lena took the time to put on the costume. The suit itself always easy to put on. The mask went on her face without trouble, easily covering up the area around her eyes. Lastly, there was a pair of black gloves.

That was another difference between the original Acrata costume and Lena's be one. The brunette never understood why Andrea didn't wear gloves. It was all too easy to identify her if she left enough of a fingerprint. It honestly surprised Lena that the DEO weren't able to find Andrea on that alone.

Lena knew better. She needed to wear gloves.

Lena finished putting the suit on. It felt incredibly foreign to Lena.

The youngest Luthor had never engaged in the costume contest that was super heroes vs super villains.

Sure, she had gotten involved in the occasional subterfuge such as her siding with Cadmus to get her mother arrested but playing dress up was never Lena's style.

She reserved that for the rest of her family and their rivals. Supergirl and Superman had their trademark red and blue complete with a cape while Lex and Lillian wore variations of the emerald green Lexo Suit.

Lena was different entirely. Her new shadow powers warranted a darker costume. That was what she ended up with.

It was different in design. The kryptonian hero's always had classic hero costumes with capes whereas her family used highly protective battle armor. Lena was just wearing a slim-fitting suit.

Lena was ready. Acrata was on her way to the docks.

A transmatter portal watch allowed Lena to get close to her destination. From there, she walked to the point at which Hope stated the truck with the shipment would be.

True to the A.I.'s word, the truck was waiting for her near the west end of the docks.

She approached the truck slowly. Lena caught sight of a man waiting next to the truck with a clipboard. He was obviously there to make sure the shipment was given to the correct position, just as Hope indicated.

"Hello?" The man asked carefully as Lena, dressed completely in her Acrata uniform walked closer. "Are you here for the shipment?" He asked.

"You could say that." Lena replied smoothly.

"I was instructed to deliver this to a Ms. Hope, not some... costumed criminal." The man retorted, not believing that Lena was the one who requested the lenses.

Lena looked carefully into the back if the truck and noticed that there were five boxes filled with pairs of Obsidian North Lenses. "I'm no criminal and this is my shipment!" Lena responded, angrily.

It was an unfortunate situation. Lena had no choice but to steal the box. She couldn't sign her name or reveal her identity because she was surely at the top of the DEO's priority list after the events of Mount Noroquay.

She picked up one of the boxes, intent on taking it with her.

"I'd put that down if I were you." A deep, gruff, voice stated.

Lena turned to see Guardian. James Olsen was there in full vigilante uniform ready to put an end to the situation unfolding in front of him.


Kelly was confused. It wasn't unheard of for the CEO of a company to order an unsanctioned shipment of products to be delivered to specific locations but it wasn't common.

Kelly had caught wind of Andrea's latest shipment. It was to be kept off the books even though the secretary who phoned it in was told that it was a routine product survey. Product surveys are always documented by Obsidian North's research and development department.

The psychiatrist refused to believe there wasn't something strange going on.

So, she called her brother; James.

The phone rang for a few moments before it was answered. "Hey, Kelly." James's deep voice could be heard on the other end.

"James, I need your help. Well, technically I need Guardian's help." Kelly explained.

"Of course. What do you need me to do?" James asked.

"Something weird might be going on with a shipment of Obsidian Lenses." Kelly stated.

James responded, clearly confused. "Why would a shipment be weird?"

Kelly waited a moment before answering. "It might not be weird at all but it was phoned in by Andrea as a routine survey even though R&D isn't going to be told about it."

"So it's going out of Obsidian North's ownership but it's being kept off the books. Do you think Andrea has some sort of hidden agenda for it?" James questioned.

"That... or the call was faked and it wasn't Andrea at all." Kelly reasoned.

"Alright. Where is the shipment going and when is it going to be delivered?" James asked.

Kelly sighed. "That's an excellent question and the answer makes the whole thing even more suspicious. The delivery location is at the west end of the National City docks."

"That's a strange location for a product delivery." James replied.

"Exactly." Kelly replied quickly. "What's even weirder is the delivery time. Obsidian North normally schedules deliveries in the morning but thus one is at midnight tonight."

"I'll be there to see what's going on." James assured.

"Thanks. I know I'm kind of going behind Andrea's back but this seems suspicious." The Olsen sister responded.

"Of course, Kelly. I got your back." James replied.

Kelly smiled sincerely even though James couldn't see it. With that, she hung up the phone and resumed her work for the day.

(End Flashback)

James Olsen was back in National City and the first Lena had heard of it was now. She was dressed in her suit and he was in his armor.

It was a sight that caused Lena to hesitate. The man that she used to be in love with was here. He was intent on putting a stop to her.

He didn't know that Lena was behind the mask but either way he had surely met up with Alex Danvers and Supergirl by now; if she was awake. So, even if he knew, he would bring her in to the DEO immediately.

Lena gathered herself and had enough courage to talk. "There's more going on here than you know about James. This shipment is going a good cause."

Guardian wanted to scoff at the idea that mysterious woman wearing a mask wanted to do good by stealing a shipment but... he didn't. He was too busy being taken aback by the familiarity behind the way his name was said.

She called him James. Everyone in the world knew,that James Olsen was Guardian but there was something different about the situation unfolding in front of him.

This woman said his name in a way that suggested she not only knew James Olsen was Guardian, but also that she knew James Olsen as a person.

He snapped himself out of his confusion in order to refocus on subduing the thief. "If that were true you wouldn't be stealing this shipment." He replied.

"I'm not stealing anything. This shipment is rightfully mine." Acrata answered. Her goal was to try and avoid a conflict with the masked vigilante at all cost

"Sure it is." Guardian sarcastically responded as he made a move to get closer to the thief. Clearly he didn't believe her which Acrata expected.

Lena had to act quickly. She may have been dressed for the occasion but she was not about to get into a fight with Guardian. She would lose.

Lena quickly activated her transmatter portal watch and threw the box of lenses she was carrying through it.

The lenses landed safely inside Lena's hidden bunker. Lena didn't have all of the shipment but what she had was going to have to be enough.

Acrata was about to step through the portal and escape but Guardian would surerly have enough time to follow her as he was now a few mere feet away from striking Acrata with his shield.

She ducked out of the way just in time. Quickly, she closed the portal with her watch. She had to make sure Guardian could not possibly discover her bunker.

Guardian was about to take another strike with his shield now that Acrata was backed up against the Obsidian North delivery truck but Acrata was quick enough to use her powers.

She faded into the shadows along the side of the truck causing Guardian's shield to hit it instead.

James looked around to see if he could spot this masked woman but it was to no avail.

She had escaped. Lena had used another portal after her escape to fall back to her bunker. Meanwhile,Guardian surveyed the back of the truck to find that it was indeed only one box that was stolen.

After making sure the truck driver was safe, having been a part of the conflict, Guardian activated the earpiece he was wearing in his mask.

"Alex, you there? I need you to look into something."

Chapter Text

"HE KNEW!" Lena yelled. She stormed into the testing room of her secret bunker. She was still wearing her new costume but it was without the mask and gloves. She had torn them off in her anger upon returning.

Acrata narrowly escaped James Olsen, decked out with his Guardian armor. Th incident at the docks was not expected to go smoothly but Lena had no idea that her vigilante ex-boyfriend would show up.

Hope offered a quizzical expression before greeting the L-Corp CEO. "Hello, Ms Luthor. A single box of the Obsidian Lenses you requested made it through your transmatter portal, however, I believe you requested five boxes."

Lena rolled her eyes. "I did but Guardian decided to interrupt the proceedings."

"The Guardian, as in James Olsen?" Hope asked.

"Yes. He must have known about the shipment. He thought it was suspicious that a masked woman was there to collect it." Lena explained.

Hope offered a quick apology. "My apologies, Ms Luthor. Perhaps it would have been best if I had collected the shipment as Andrea Rojas's appearance."

Lena shook her head. "No. It would have been cause for suspicion. Why would the CEO of a company send out an off the book shipment to herself? It makes no sense."

"Yes, but how is that different from the suspicion now being cast on Acrata, Ms Luthor?" Hope asked.

"It's different because the DEO does not know I am Acrata and Obsidian North employees do know who you are." Lena stated. "If Andrea comes under scrutiny with the board at Obsidian North, she could be outed from the CEO position. I can't risk losing those resources."

Hope nodded in understanding. Lena just stared onward in thought.

"I just need to know how James knew something was going to happen with the shipment. Was the DEO monitoring Obsidian North's shipments?" Lena wondered.

"Ms Luthor, I believe I know how the information made it to Mr Olsen." Hope responded.

"You do?" Lena asked, clearly picking up on the fact the Hope discovered something she was missing.

"It is likely that James Olsen was informed by an Obsidian North employee." Hope stated.

Lena let realization wash over her. She knew who leaked the time and location of the shipment to James. It was his sister. "Kelly. We can't have her interfering with our goal." Lena insisted.

"What do you propose, Ms Luthor?" Hope questioned.

Lena sighed. "You need to fire Kelly Olsen."

"Won't that also cause suspicion, Ms Luthor?" Hope asked.

Lena shook her head. "Not if we can fake a legitimate reason for her termination. It's a necessary precaution. Kelly Olsen cannot discover what we are working on."

Hope nodded. "On what grounds shall I fire her?"

"You'll be honest. She wrongfully interfered with a shipment." Lena stated.

Hope nodded once more in response to Lena's suggestion. "Very well, Ms Luthor."

Lena was silent for a little while after that conversation. Hope had left the room and Lena was still recovering from her encounter with Guardian.

Lena wasn't hurt... at least, not physically. Her emotions had taken a hit. James wasn't aware that it was Lena behind the mask but he still tried to subdue her with the blunt end of his shield.

For the first time since the start of her plan,Lena truly questioned whether or not going through with Non Nocere was a good idea.

However, the thought was abandoned when Hope returned to the room.

"The subject has woken up, Ms Luthor." Hope addressed the L-Corp CEO.

Lena nodded and began following Hope back to the testing room.

This was an exciting development. The scientist in Lena was absolutely intrigued to discover the results of the myriad test.

The brunette couldn't help but wonder if it had truly effected Eve.

Lena entered the room moments later to find that Eve was standing in the middle of the containment cell, waiting patiently.

"Hello, Eve." Lena greeted the blonde.

"Hello, Ms Luthor." Eve responded with her voice being that of the first Eve she had met.

There were two Eve Teschmachers. The first one was bubbly and sweet. She worked for Catco as a friendly assistant. The second Eve was very different. She was mean and cruel. She had worked for Lena under the orders of her brother Lex in an effort to undermine her.

This was the first Eve. Her voice was more sincere and her posture was welcoming. It was a little jarring to compare the Eve that stood before her to the one that obediently shot James at Lex's command.

"Eve, I'd like to ask you a few questions if that's alright." Lena stated.

"Of course, Ms Luthor." It was a little startling to her Eve say those words. They sounded exactly like Hope. It was spoken with almost the same time and cadence as Hope.

That caused Lena to pause. She worried for a moment that this was a similar manner to what occurs when Hope suppresses a human consciousness. She didn't want to turn the world into a walking society of robots.

Lena shook those thoughts away. She reminded herself that this was still Eve. The only difference is that she was under the do no harm influence of myriad prototype. Her way of thinking was altered but her control over her own body remained intact.

It was actually a rather impressive advancement Lena had made in regards to the myriad technology. The original myriad crisis caused the citizens of National City to act as mindless drones.

Lena didn't want that. She hadn't wanted complete control of nearly everyone on earth. That was something either Lillian or Lex would want. To prevent this, Lena modified her myriad prototype.

This new version allowed people to retain control of their lives. Lena wasn't out for world domination. She simply wanted to fundamentally dedicate lies, betrayal, and conflict by using Q-waves to influence the human mind.

It was a process that didn't cause the subject any pain and the deactivation of the device would return all of them to normal if it was ever needed.

Then, there was Lena's other modification. Supergirl upended the original version of myriad with nothing but a hope speech. Lena wasn't going to let that occur. This version of myriad had a stronger influence thanks to the research she had done on Malefic J'onzz and his Q-wave powers.

Having sufficiently convinced herself that proceeding was the right thing to do, Lena reached for a notepad and a pen before asking her fist question. "Eve, How do you feel right now?"

Eve smiled in response. "It's hard to explain but I feel... light and free. It's almost as if I have been enlightened. It feels wonderful." Eve explained.

Lena took note of the words Eve used before asking her next question. "How do you feel about lying?"

Eve's face showed brief signs of disgust before morphing back into bliss. "I think lying is simply a cause for pain. It is an unnecessary aspect of human life including the old me." Eve answered.

Lena smirked as she took more notes. It appeared as though the myriad prototype had worked.

"And how do you feel about the old you?" Lena questioned.

"I feel disgusted by the woman I used to be. I allowed myself to be blinded and utilize lies as a tool to get what I want. I wish to atone for those crimes." Eve answered.

"One of those crimes was shooting James Olsen in the back. How does that make you feel?" Lena asked.

"I am truly ashamed of my actions. My new goal is to do no harm. I would do anything to achieve that even if it meant that I needed to eliminate myself." Eve responded. The words were shocking to Lena but Eve spoke them with a bright smile on her face.

Lena hesitated to ask her next question. "So you are saying you would kill yourself?"

The blonde nodded. "I would not hesitate to do so if I were beginning to revert back to the old me. I must do no harm at all costs."

Lena took those notes even though she didn't fully consider those words. It was hard for her to believe that Eve Teschmacher would kill herself. "Thank you for answering my questions Eve." Lena replied before leaving the room with Hope in tow.

The A.I. had remained quiet throughout the questioning process in order to let Lena focus.

Once they were out of the room, Lena stressed Hope. "I believe we are ready to begin production on the finished model of myriad. You will begin construction while I will modify the Obsidian North lenses to receive and emmit the Q-waves from the device."

"Yes, Ms Luthor. Shall I deactivate the current prototype so we may begin." Hope asked. Lena nodded in response.

Lena left to begin work on the modification of Obsidian Lenses. It was a daunting task. She needed to figure out a way to get all current Obsidian Lenses to accept the Q-wave frequency even though she only had a box of lenses to test with.

Hope meanwhile, did as asked and returned to the testing room ro deactivate the current myriad prototype. Afterwards, she left the room once more.

Both Lena and Hope were unaware of what they had just caused.

Eve was standing in the testing chamber. She could feel the effects of Project Non Nocere slipping.

She couldn't go back to the old her. The needed to do no harm.

Eve carefully stumbled over to the table in the cell while clutching her head. "N-no." She choked out. She had to protect her goal.

She reached the wall and with all the energy she had left to fight, she slammed her head hard into the corner of the table.

Her head now ached and minimal blood started dripping from the wound she caused but Eve wasn't done. She kept slamming her head into the sharp corner of the table.

She did it so many times that her skull was now soaked in blood along with table and floor. "Do... n-no... ha-harm." Eve barely managed to speak before bitting the table one final time with force.

Eve collapsed in a puddle of her own blood. By now, myriads influence on her mind would have dissipated. She would have become the old her but Eve didn't let that happen.

She had to do no harm.

Chapter Text

Eve had collapsed on the floor in a pool of blood spilling from her head.

Her new objective had been to do no harm. She had convinced herself that she could never go back to being the old Eve Teschmacher because that would cause harm for others.

Lena had somehow enlightened her. She couldn't go back to lying and betraying others. So, when she felt her new state of mind slipping away, she acted quickly.

Eve slammed her head into the table several times over to stop herself from reverting back to the same Eve that worked with Lex Luthor.

The myriad device was already deactivated. If Eve had waited a mere minute, she would no longer have been influenced by the device.

The human brain does not simply rewrite itself in a matter of seconds. It took a few minutes before Eve even began to revert back to her previous mindset. Unfortunately for her, her new objective clouded her thinking to the point of self-harm.

Now, she laid there. Red stained the table and the floor of the cell. There was a monitor in the room that Lena previously used to monitor Eve's brain activity.

That monitor also kept track of her vitals. One of those vitals was Eve's heartbeat.

A long discordant tone echoed in the testing chamber. It was the sound of a heart rate monitor flatlining.

Eve Teschmacher was dead and her last words were; 'Do no harm.'

In her quest to fulfil those words, Eve had done the exact opposite. She may not have caused harm for others but she did cause harm; to herself.

She did exactly what she had told Lena she would do. Eve warned the L-Corp CEO that she would kill herself if it meant she didn't have to go back to being the old Eve. They were words that Lena hadn't taken as seriously as she should have.

Lena rationalized that this would never happen. Surely, self-preservation would be a priority for every human even if they were under myriad's influence.

Lena severely underestimated the power of the device.

It was something that Kara knew all to well. In the wake of the first myriad crisis, James and Winn nearly died from falling off the Catco balcony at the command of Non.

As a result, Eve killed herself in her struggle between being her real self and doing no harm.

Lena was in the main lab working on the completed version of myriad.

The brunette needed to configure Obsidian's VR Lenses to bounce Q-wave frequencies off one another.

Luckily, Lena had a plan. Obsidian Lenses receive frequent updates similar to mobile cell phone.

All Lena needed to do was develop an update that wirelessly downloaded the code she needed into the lenses.

Lena began working on it while Hope constructed a more refined version of myriad. It was a version that would be more compact much more efficient than the prototype they used to test on Eve Teschmacher.

It's design was both functionally and aesthtetically similar to the original with the only changes being the ones that Lena implemented to circumvent Supergirl's hope speeches and allow those under myriads influence to remain in control.

Hope needed some more parts to continue working. "Ms Luthor, I need to retrieve some parts from the storage room to continue development." She stated.

"Of Course, Hope. Get whatever you need." Lena responded. Hope nodded and began walking to the room's exit.

The A.I. entered the hallway of the bunker and needed to reach the other end to acquire the parts she needed. On her way there, she passed the testing room that was currently holding Eve Teschmacher.

Hope gave a passing glance but stopped dead in her tracks as she noticed the sight in the room. The cell no longer contained Eve Teschmacher, but rather a corpse stained red with blood. Hope looked to the monitor that kept track of Eve's brain activity and vitals.

The heart rate monitor indicated a flat line while the brain activity monitor was blank.

Hope turned around immediately to find Lena. She re-entered the lab moments later.
"Ms Luthor, we have an emergency. It appears as though the test subject; Ms Teschmacher has died." The A.I. stated.

Lena's couldn't stomach the words. Her breath hitched. How could Eve have died?

She turned to look at her A.I. companion who retained a neutral expression. What happened?

Lena wordlessly stood up an left the room to find Eve with Hope following close behind her.

Lena's heart rate picked up and so did her walking pace. She bolted into the testing room to see that Hope had not been wrong. Lena really wanted for Hope to be wrong.

The sight before her made her freeze. She was like a deer in headlights. All the brunette could do was look into the cell.

She saw Eve's blood-soaked head resting on the floor with huge gashes. The table nearby was covered in Eve's blood as well.

The silence in the room was suppressed by the sound if a flatline.

Lena was glad that she had a strong stomach and that she wasn't squeamish or she might have puked.

"What... what hap-happened here?" She asked, unable to take her eyes away from the horrific sight in front of her.

"Shall we review the security cameras, Ms Luthor?" Hope asked. Her voice remained neutral. Hope was relatively unaffected by the scene because she wasn't human. Andrea was human but Hope was in control.

Lena knew that Hope couldn't feel emotion but it still angered her that the A.I. didn't show remorse. Eve Teschmacher was a horrible person who had done equally horrible things but Lena had worked alongside her and developed what she once considered a friendship with the remarkably intelligent blonde.

Seeing her dead body on the ground struck Lena where it hurt.

"Y-yes. We should." Lena responded, managing to keep her anger in check for the moment.

Hope gestured to the nearest laptop and pulled up the security feed starting just after Hope deactivated myriad.

Lena had to watch as Eve began her mental struggle. It was easy to tell that the blonde could feel her brain rewiring it's thinking. She slowly stumbled over to the table. Lena heard her whisper the word know.

Lena thought back to the questions she asked Eve after she woke up. Eve stated that she would not hesitate to kill herself it it was what she deemed necessary to do no harm.

The L-Corp CEO hadn't even thought about those words too much. She couldn't believe that myriad had a powerful enough influence to overwrite the human concept of self-preservation.

She hadn't even thought about what might happen when the device was deactivated. She hadn't considered the effects it might've had on Eve.

Lena continued to glare at the screen while Eve hammered her head into the table until she collapsed from the blunt force trauma. It was startling to see just how much Eve wanted to kill herself in that moment.

She wasn't fighting to survive. She was fighting to die. She wanted to die because myriad convinced her that it was for the best.

Eve's last words were tghe very same that myriad drilled into her mind; do no harm. Lena was shocked. If Eve had been able to hold on for just a few minutes she would have returned to normal. She'd be alive.

The security camera footage was closed by Hope. Lena sat there in complete shock. She could barely move. After nearly an hour of staring at the lifeless Eve Teschmacher in front of her, Lena spoke. "This will not happen again!" Lena stated angrily.

"Of course, Ms Luthor." Hope agreed.

Lena snapped. "NO! YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND!"

Hope remained neutral through the shout that came from Lena.

"Your top priority is to fix this! Myriad's purpose is to do no harm! This is harm! You are to adjust Myriad's programming, immediately! It should never overpower self-preservation instincts! Do you understand, now?" Lena yelled.

"Yes, Ms Luthor." Hope responded.

"Good! Because if this ever happens to anyone else because or me, I would never be able to forgive myself! I'm trying to help people, not drive them to suicide." Lena continued to yell.

"Yes, Ms Luthor." Hope nodded. "Would You like me to dispose of Ms Teschmacher's body?"

The question made Lena's blood run cold. "No." She answered at a normal volume.

Hope took the hint and left the room.

Lena disconnected the monitor keeping track of her heart rate. It left Lena to absorb the silence around her. She opened the containment cell and entered slowly.

She uncharacteristically knelt on the ground to be closer to the body. Lena's arms reached out to carefully pull Eve closer too her, not caring about the blood she might get on the outfit she was wearing.

Lena simply held Eve near her for a few long moments. She wanted to cry but she couldn't. She was a Luthor and Luthors didn't cry.

Instead, she carefully moved Eve's body aside. She decided it would be best to clean the body and anonymously hand it over to the DEO so she could be given a proper burial.

For the time being, however, Lena had work to do. She needed to be certain that Project Non Nocere could never hurt anyone under it's influence ever again.

People would do no harm, not even to themselves.

Chapter Text

Kelly walked into the DEO to meet up with her girlfriend.

She found her in the medbay by her sister's side as she had been for most of the time that Kara was recovering.

"Hey, babe." She greeted the redhead.

"Hey, Kelly." Alex responded. She took note of the minor frown on the psychiatrist's face.

"Hi, Kelly." Kara greeted. It had been a few days since Kara had regained her memories and the blonde kryptonian found that her voice was starting to come back enough to talk regularly.

Neither Kelly nor Alex had mentioned anything about Kara possibly having feelings for Lena Luthor but Kelly knew how to stop those kinds of things.

Needless to say, the Olsen sister was pretty confident in her prediction.

J'onn entered the room right after her.

"Are you almost ready, Alex. Everyone's gathering to have a debrief about the shadow woman." He stated.

"Yes, let's go." Alex answered, quickly.

"Wait!" Kelly interrupted. "I have to tell you something, Alex. It kind of has to do with the shadow woman."

"Ok. What's going on?" Alex asked.

Kelly took a deep breath. "Andrea fired me from Obsidian yesterday." She responded.

"What? Why would she do that? You did an amazing job working there!" Alex yelled.

"Yeah, why would they fire you?" Kara added.

"I think it has something to do with the shipment I told James about." Kelly explained.

"You mean the one where James stopped that shadow woman from stealing all the VR lenses?" Alex questioned.

Kelly nodded. "Yes. It is because Andrea found, that I was the one who alerted Guardian. She's upset that I intervened."

"But that doesn't make sense." Kara replied.

"It does if the shadow woman was telling the truth. It was her shipment that James disrupted at the docks." Kelly offered.

"Andrea knew that the shadow woman was going to be there." Alex said, in realization.

"Exactly." Kelly responded. "If I was still there I could keep tabs on whatever was happening but I can't."

"What are you going to do? You don't have a job anymore." Alex stated.

J'onn had been silent throughout the conversation but he took the oppurtunity to speak up. "I'm sure the DEO Director has open spot for you. Right, Alex?"

Alex gave the martian a quizzical look.

"No offense, J'onn but I don't want to get fitted for protective gear." Kelly joked.

"Of course not, but the DEO has not had an appointed psychiatrist in several years. It's best that someone can help the agents through their lives." J'onn explained.

"That's a great idea." Kara

Kelly turned back to Alex. "Well, what do you say director?" Kelly asked.

"Welcome to the DEO!" Alex said excitedly.

Kelly smiled and gave Alex a hug. "I suppose we should get out to the main room and try and figure out what we know about this shadow woman." Alex suggested.

Kelly nodded and left the room with J'onn and Alex about to follow.

"Wait!" Kara raised her voice. "Can I come with?" She asked.

J'onn and Alex gave eachother a look. "I'll meet you out there." J'onn said right before he left the room.

"Kara... I know you want to but you are far to weak to walk and I think it would be best if..." Alex began, only to be interrupted by Kara.

"Alex, please." Kara begged. "Lena is my best friend. I want to be involved in whatever I need to in order to find her and apologize." Kara explained.

Alex wanted to argue but her sister was nearly as stubborn as she was. "I'll go get a wheelchair." Alex replied.

"Thank you." Kara responded gratefully.

Alex did as promised and returned with a DEO issue wheelchair.

"I'll help you up. Use me for support if you need to." Alex said.

Kara nodded and the sister's worked together to get Kara in the wheelchair. It wasn't that Kara couldn't stand but rather the fact that she had never been so weak.

Once Kara was in the chair, Alex wheeled her out of the medbay to the main room to meet up with Kelly, J'onn, Nia, James, and Brainy.

"Hi, Brainy." Kara greeted. "Hi, Nia."

"Kara, you're out of bed!" The young naltorian exclaimed.

"Yeah. I wanted to help." Kara stated.

"Speaking of which, Brainy, would you mind beginning the debrief?" Alex asked.

"Of course, Director Danvers." Brainy began. He opened all files about the shadow woman on the main screen of the DEO. "This is the shadow woman." He gestured to the image at the center of the screen.

"She broke Rip Roar out of the DEO. We have reason to believe she was working with Leviathan." Alex explained.

"But she never worked directly with Rama Kahn." Kara added.

"Precisely." Brainy agreed. "She appeared to have been lying low for several weeks until after Supergirl was recovered from the fortress of solitude."

"She was the one who started the fire at Al's Bar. Several witnesses claimed that she made her appearance their well-known." Kelly stated.

"We now know that she wanted to get the DEO's attention. She was trying to draw away as many agents as possible." J'onn said.

"Why did she want to do that?" Nia asked.

"She wanted to break into the DEO." Alex responded. "Brainy, can you pull up the security footage you showed me from that night?" She asked.

"Very well." He responded. "After some brief investigating, I uncovered some suspicious activity on the DEO security cameras."

They all watched the first set of footage which depicted the shadow woman inserting a drive into the DEO main computer.

"What was the drive for?" Nia questioned.

Alex looked to the floor before responding. " The drive contained a form of computer malware." She offered.

"This particular malware was designed to target and delete our Q-wave detection system." Brainy continued.

"Lena stole myriad." Kara stated.

"Yes, but before the scanner was deleted, Alex used a satellite to destroy Mount Noroquay. We are confident myriad was destroyed with it." J'onn explained.

"Could this shadow woman be working with Lena?" James asked.

"We have reason to believe that is the case." Alex responded.

"It is a 93.2% certainty." Brainy added.

"But, why would the scanner need to be deleted if myriad was already destroyed?" Kelly questioned.

"Lena's a genius. She could easily find a way to recreate a device similar to myriad if she wanted to." Kara reasoned.

"That's true." James agreed.

"That must be why the shadow woman erased the scanner. Lena doesn't want us to know where she is experimenting." Nia explained.

J'onn spoke up, next. "The shadow woman was working with Leviathan. Could Lena be working with them as well?" He asked.

"We're not sure." Alex replied. "There is no evidence of a cooperatyion with Leviathan as of yet but we can't rule it out as a possibility."

"I really hope she isn't working with them." Kara said.

"We all do." Alex responded sincerely. She secretly wanted to throttle Lena to death but she continued to be supportive of Kara's wishes. Kara wanted to keep the L-Corp CEO safe, so that was the first priority.

"Back to the shadow woman." Brainy adressed the group. "Erasing the Q-wave scanner was not the only thing she did while she was in the DEO." He stated.

The video feed on the monitor now showed the events that occurred in the medbay during Kara's coma.

"She entered the room while I was in a coma?" Kara asked.

"Yes, she did. We know that she didn't do anything to you but it's impossible for her to have missed the green veins on your face." Alex stated.

Kara's expression morphed into that of concern. "Do you think she knows my identity? Does that mean Leviathan knows my identity?"

"If Leviathan knew, they would sent someone to finish the job. Besides, it's possible Lena already told the shadow woman who you were and she was just confirming it for herself." James reasoned.

"What's most concerning is the way she said your name. It was almost as if she knew you." Kelly added.

"Are you sure you have no cluue who she is?" Alex asked, looking to Kara.

"Not at all. The only interaction we've had was before my fight with Rama Kahn when she broke into the DEO to breakout Russell out." Kara explained.

"Russell?" Nia asked, not knowing who Kara was talking about.

"Russell Rodgers is Rip Roar's real name. William believed that Andrea had something to do with his disappearance. They used to date." Kara filled her in.

"Perhaps, we could get in contact with Ms Rojas. She might now something that we're missing." J'onn offered.

"That's a good idea. We'll have to be discreet though and we can't have Andrea knowing we are a part of the DEO in case she does have ties to the situation." Alex decided.

"You'll have to use your FBI cover-up." Kelly realized.

"Yeah, it's the safest way possible." Alex assured her girlfriend.

"What about the other shadow woman that I encountered at the docks?" James asked, changing the subject slightly.

"There was another shadow woman?" Kara questioned.

Kelly nodded. "Yes, she stole part of a shipment of Obsidian Lenses at the docks."

"Brainy, can you try and access all possible footage in the area and see if we can get a glimpse of what happened there?" Alex asked.

"Yes, Director." He responded, immediately getting to work in order to access any possible footage.

Kara sighed and whispered under her breath. "Lena, I really hope you haven't gotten yourself into something you can't escape from."

Chapter Text

"You said that you encountered a different shadow woman at the docks?" Nia questioned.

"Yes, I did." James replied. "Kelly called me to tell me about a shady Obsidian North shipment."

"Why was the shipment suspicious?" J'onn asked.

Kelly spoke next. "There were a number of reasons. It was a shipment if their current VR Lenses. Andrea claimed that the shipment was a routine product survey but she also requested that her secretary keep it off the official record of all Obsidian shipments."

"So, it was an off the books shipment and the secretary just agreed to keeping quiet?" Nia wondered.

"I can't say I blame them. Andrea is in control of their payment." Alex reasoned.

"You mentioned earlier that the shipment was delivered to the docks." Kara said from her wheelchair.

Kelly nodded. "Which makes even less sense. There's no one living at the docks to survey the product."

"What time of day was the shipment scheduled for?" J'onn asked.

"Most of their survey shipments are scheduled for early mornings but this one was at midnight." Kelly answered.

"Kelly called me and asked if Guardian could keep an eye on what was going on." James explained.

"And this... new shadow woman showed up?" Kara asked.

"Yes. At first I thought she was stealing the shipment but she claimed that it was hers." James said.

"Do you think it was?" Nia asked.

Alex responded instead of James. "It makes sense if the shipment was just a cover-up for some shady deal."

"Even more reason to question Ms Rojas as soon as possible. She could very well know the identity of either if these people." J'onn responded.

"Actually, that's something I've been meaning to ask. How do you know that it isn't the same person?" Nia asked.

"The one I met at the docks was wearing a different outfit. It was more detailed and a darker color. She also had darker hair." James explained.

"Agreed. They are indeed two individuals." Brainy stated. "Here is an image of the original shadow woman from the encounter we had when she broke Rip Roar out of custody." He gestured to the screen with the image on it.

There was a moment before another image appeared next to the first one. "This is the best possible image of the new shadow woman at the docks." Brainy finished.

Neither of the images were particularly good shots of the women in question but they definitely showed that they were two individuals.

A normal person wouldn't recognize either of them but Kara felt a sense of familiarity while looking at the photo of the new shadow woman on the right.

Then, it hit her. "Oh." Kara mumbled under her breath. No one heard her say it. She began to silently cry while the others continued their conversation.

"There is a significant difference in facial structure and after reviewing all possible footage at the docks, I can say with 100% confidence that the shadow woman James encountered is significantly less experienced in her abilities." Brainy explained.

"How are you so sure?" Alex asked.

"This new shadow woman was clearly not one for fighting. She avoided all of Guardian's movements but with a significant lack of assurance." Brainy responded.

Kara cried in the background. Still... no one noticed she had stopped participating in the discussion. She knew that the person behind the newer mask wasn't one for fighting and it made her cry harder.

"Alright, so we have two different shadow woman and our best lead in Andrea Rojas." Alex recapped.

"That's what we've gathered so far. Perhaps, I should come with you when you decide to question Ms Rojas. I could read her mind if needed." J'onn offered.

"Thank you, J'onn. That's a great..." Alex began to thank J'onn but she was interrupted by a loud shriek.

"Oh my god, Kara!" Nia yelled.

The entire group turned to look at the blonde kryptonian who appeared to be silently hyperventilating. Tears were rolling down her cheeks and her breathing was staggered. Small cries and sniffle escaped her but everyone was so engrossed in the conversation that no one noticed.

Alex became extremely worried and moved towards her sister. "Kara? Are you alright? What's wrong?" She asked.

"Sh-she did it... b-because of... me." Kara cried. She started sobbing loudly.

"Brainy, I need you to restrict all agents access to the main room. I want Kara to have some space." Alex ordered.

"Yes, Director Danvers." Brainy responded before walking off to fulfil the request.

"Kelly,can you help me out?" Alex asked.

Kelly nodded. "Kara, can you do me a favor?" She asked.

Kara didn't respond. "Alex, hold her hand." Kelly stated. Alex did as asked and intertwined Kara's hand with hers.

"Kara, I need you to focus on your breathing, Ok?" Kelly asked, with no response once again.

"In and out." Kelly instructed. Kara did her best to comply. It was a complete failure at first but Kelly kept repeating the same words. "In and out."

It took awhile for Kara's breathing to return to normal. The kryptonian was still crying slightly but she was far more calm and easier to talk to.

"Kara can you tell me what happened?" Kelly asked quietly.

"It's.... my fault that she's doing this." Kara said as more tears escaped from her eyes.

"The shadow woman?" J'onn questioned.

Kara shook her head. "The new shadow woman?" Alex tried. Kara nodded this time.

"Does this have to do with your falling out with Lena?" James asked. Kara nodded but starting crying a little harder at the mention of the words; 'falling out'.

Kelly shot James a look that suggested he be a little less blunt next time.

"Kara, it's not your fault. You have nothing to do with this new shadow woman." Alex tried to reason.

"I have everything to do with it!" Kara sobbed.

Everyone's faces morphed into that of confusion, everyone's except Nia.

She remembered her dream. It was like a flash in front of her eyes. The young naltorian recalled the spine-chilling sight of Lena being overcome by a shadowy mass.

At first, Nia interpreted the dream to mean that Lena was in danger. She thought that the shadow woman or even Leviathan might have been targeting Lena.

Now, Nia knew better. She realized why Kara was crying. The blonde had been blaming herself for Lena's actions and this was no different. She was still blaming herself for Lena's actions with the only difference being that Lena was acting as the new shadow woman.

Kara knew it was Lena. She recognized Lena even with the imperfect camera angle and mask.

"It all makes sense now." Nia said, abruptly pulling everyone's attention away from the crying kryptonian.

"What do you mean?" Alex asked.

"My dream; the one I had about Lena." Nia offered an answer.

"The one where you dreamed Lena was being overtaken by shadows?" J'onn asked.

Nia nodded. "Yes. I thought the dream meant that Lena was in trouble, that she was being targeted by the shadow woman or Leviathan but that's not right."

"You know what the dream means now?" Kelly checked for confirmation.

"Yes, I do. Lena wasn't being attacked by the shadows, she was becoming them." Nia stated.

"Lena Is the new shadow woman." Alex said in realization. Kara cried even harder as Alex spoke the words put loud. It hurt Kara to know that she had turned Lena in to the one thing everyone always believed she was; a criminal. Kara placed all the blame on her own shoulders.

"She said my name when I confronted her at the docks. I know there was something familiar about it but I wasn't able to place it." James explained.

"Oh, Kara. I'm so sorry." Nia said.

"How c-could I... do that to her? I made her do it! I made her do it!" Kara cried.

The sight was enough to make Alex's stomach churn. She always hated the sight of her sister in pain whether it be physical or emotional.

Kelly leaned in to whisper to Alex. "I'm going to wheel Kara back to tthe medbay where there is less people so I can do my best to calm her down."

Alex nodded, trusting Kelly. She wasn't offered a job as the DEO's licensed psychiatrist for nothing. "Thank you." She whispered back.

Kelly gave her a sincere smile and began wheeling Kara back to the medical room.

The blonde was far too distressed to realize that she was moving. Kara's cries could still be heard even as she and Kelly rounded the corner into the medbay. They may have become faint but they continued for a few more minutes.

The crying eventually subsided and Alex could only assume that Kelly did her job as a psychiatrist. It actually made her smile a little. The events of the past hour were surprising.

They found out that there were two shadow woman, Lena acted as the second, and there best lead to finding them was Andrea Rojas but Alex could at least be content with the fact that she had amazing people like her girlfriend to help her and her sister.

While Alex remained deep in thought, Brainy approached her.

"Director Danvers, I must inform you that a guest of your is here to see you." Brainy stated.

"Alright. Where are they?" Alex asked.

"This direction." Brainy stated while walking off. Alex followed him to the DEO's main window.

Alex could see a figure standing nearby. She instantly recognized who it was.

The woman turned around so she and Alex were no face to face.

Alex embraced her in a deep hug while greeting her. "Hi, mom."

Chapter Text

"Hello, Alex." Eliza responded to the greeting.

"How was your trip?" The redhead asked.

"It was great and I'm really glad I get to see you and Kara. You said she was awake now; how is she doing?" Eliza asked.

Alex looked at the floor with a solemn expression. "It's been hard. She's blames herself for the falling out with Lena and all of the bad things that have been happening since." Alex explained.

"And how are you doing with your recent panic attacks?" Eliza questioned.

"It's been difficult. I think that... seeing Kara in pain whether it's physical or not causes me to freak out." Alex responded?

"Do you have someone that's able to help you with them?" Eliza asked. She was always a caring mother and being a doctor herself, she made an extreme effort to make sure her daughter's were healthy; both physically and mentally.

"Yeah, I do. Kelly is amazing and she's really good at helping Kara cope when she can." Alex replied.

"I'm very glad you have someone like that in your life." Eliza responded.

Alex smiled. "I am too."

Moments later, Kelly came back out from the medbay to find Alex. "Alex, your sister has calmed down a bit but she's still really upset. I think she could use her sister's company." She stated.

Then, Kelly noticed that Eliza was there. "Oh... hello, Mrs Danvers."

"Kelly, we've met before. You know you can just call me Eliza." The elder woman offered.

"Yes, well... things usually change when you start dating someone's daughter." Kelly responded.

Eliza shook her head. "As long as she's happy, it doesn't matter to me." Kelly smiled in response.

Alex spoke up next. "Before we go see Kara, I'd like to catch my mom up to speed with what's been going on the past couple of weeks." Alex explained.

"Ok. I'll go wait with her since I can tell you don't want het to be alone." Kelly replied.

"You know me so well." Alex chuckled lightly despite the recent discoveries regarding Lena.

"I don't need to know you to be able to tell just how much you care for her." Kelly added before walking off.

Alex felt her heart swell at that notion. After Kelly left to wait with Kara, Alex explained pretty much everything that has happened since they found Kara at the fortress from her brief amnesia to the recent discovery of Lena's shadow powers.

Several minutes past before Alex had gotten Eliza mostly up to speed on what had been going on. She decided it would be best if she didn't mention Kelly's theory about Kara being in love with Lena.

If it was true, Alex would rather have Kara tell Eliza rather than her. To be honest, Alex wasn't even sure if Kara liked woman.

Eventually, the two Danvers women began to make their way to the medical room to greet Kara.

Alex walked in first and noticed the distant look on Kara's face. It was almost as if the girl seemed lost and unaware of what was happening?

"Kara?" Alex probed for a response. Kara's head snapped to look in Alex's direction.

"Hey, Alex." The blonde responded as if she hadn't been staring off into space.

Subtle tear tracks could still be seen on Kara's pale face. She had been healing nicely but her skin was still a cold place color. Alex hated it more than she would admit. It reminded her of the ice she had found Kara in the night after Lena's attempt to use myriad.

"How are you feeling?" Alex asked.

"Better. Your girlfriend was helpful." Kara responded.

Alex looked around the room for the first time and noticed that Kelly wasn't there. "Speaking of Kelly, she said that she was going to stay in here with you for a bit."

"She is even though I told her I was fine by myself. She's just using the bathroom." Kara explained.

Alex nodded, realizing she should probably get back to why she came to the medbay in the first place.

"Um... anyways. I wanted to tell you that I called mom a while ago when you first got hurt." Alex stated.

"You called Eliza? Is she ok? I don't want her to worry too much." Kara rambled quickly.

"She's fine. She couldn't come out right away because she was at a biochemistry conference in another country but... she's here now." Alex explained.

As soon as Alex finished the explanation, Eliza entered the room.

"Eliza! Hi!" Kara greeted in surprise.

"Don't tell me your surprised to see me. A mother always worries when one of their daughters is injured." Eliza responded.

"No... of course not. I guess I'm just excited to see you. I feel like it's been forever since I last saw you." Kara rambled before sitting up fully on the medical bed to give the elder woman a weak hug.

Kelly entered the room moments later. "Alex, Brainy is asking for you. Apparently there's a hostile alien situation downtown."

"Alright." Alex nodded. "Mom, do you mind staying with Kara? I need to handle this."

"Go ahead, honey. I'll stay with Kara." Eliza affirmed.

Alex smiled sweetly before turning to Kelly. "Can you do me favor?"

"Anything, babe." Kelly stated.

"J'onn wanted me to meet up with him at his office to get an update on his progress but with this alien attack and my mom visiting and..." Alex was cut off by her girlfriend giving her a small but memorable kiss.

"You ramble nearly as much as your sister does." Kelly said. "Hey!" Kara interrupted.

"I will go meet up with J'onn for you." Kelly offered.

Alex smiled. "Thank you so much." She responded.

After saying goodbye for the time being, the two of them left the room leaving Kara and Eliza alone.

'After a few moments of silence, Eliza spoke up. "How are you doing?" She asked.

Kara sighed as her facial expression morphed into a subtle frown. "I'm assuming Alex told you what happened?" Kara asked. "She did." Eliza confirmed.

"I'm just... upset." Kara answered.

"You're upset with Lena?" Eliza asked.

As she suspected, Kara shook her head. Eliza knew that her adopted daughter often placed a lot of blame on herself for situations that we're often out of her control and she suspected this applied to her current situation.

"I'm upset with myself." Kara responded, to no surprise for Eliza. "I can't believe that I let myself lie to her for so long. She is an amazing person and I pushed her into doing some horrible things." Kara began.

"She made it perfectly clear that she hated it when people lied to her and I still did it. It's all my fault. She would never have tried to use myriad or worked with Eve if it wasn't for me." The blonde finished.

Eliza chose not to interrupt her frustrated rambling. It was clear to her that Kara needed to vent and it seemed as though she hadn't really been projecting her feelings to Kelly or even Alex.

It seemed like the blonde couldn't take it anymore. Her emotions were boiling over.

Eliza only spoke up after Kara finished speaking. "You love her, don't you?" Eliza asked.

The elder woman had known Kara for a long time. It was easy to pick up on the signs that Kara was in love.

The blonde seemed saddened by the situation but she eyes still lit up slightly as she talked about how Lena was truly a good person. The last time Eliza saw that in Kara was when she was still a teenager. It was when she knew Kenny Li.

Kara let a tear slide down her cheek as she continued to think about Lena. Kara had struggled to admit it to herself but back when she thought Lena was accepting for her role as Supergirl she started to truly understand her feelings.

She was in love with Lena Luthor.

Kara knew that Eliza had figured it out but it was still instinctual for her to try and hide it. "Y-yeah. Of course I love her. We are... were best friends." Kara uttered, nervously.

Eliza simply gave Kara a reassuring look and that encouraged the kryptonian to open up about the subject for the first time.

"How'd you know?" Kara asked quietly as a few more tears slid down her place face.

"Kara, I've known you since you were thirteen. A mother always notices these things." Eliza responded.

Kara choked down a sob before speaking again. "I just... I w-what to apologize and... t-tell her how I feel."

Eliza embraced her adopted daughter in tight hug. "I know, sweetie." She whispered. "What she did was not your fault. You can't blame yourself."

They remained in a silent embrace for several long minutes before Kara spoke up.

"Do you think Alex knows?" She asked.

"I'm not sure. Your sister can often be a little dense." Eliza responded.

Kara chuckled lightly as she wiped away her remaining tears.

"But if there's one thing Alex knows like th back of her hand, it's her sister." Eliza continued.

Kara nodded. For the first time, since Eliza embraced her, Kara looked up to meet her eyes.

"Thank you. I needed that." Kara responded.

The truth was that the blonde still felt awful about what she had pushed Lena to do but her conversation with Eliza allowed her to finally let someone in on her pain. Kelly and Alex had tried but Kara couldn't bring herself to tell them, especially considering that Alex wanted to strangle the youngest Luthor.

"Of course, honey. I'll always help you when you need it." Eliza replied.

Suddenly, the sounds of shuffling and panicked movements could be heard in the main room of the DEO.

Kara and Eliza remained in the medbay despite their curiosity. Kara wished so badly she could stand up on her own and find out what was happening.

Alex came bolting into the room a few moments later.

"Alex, what's going on?" Kara asked, now panicking as her thoughts raced at the potential causes for the commotion.

The redhead struggled to say anything for a moment before she finally spoke. "Eve Teschmacher is dead."

Chapter Text

"Eve is... Eve is dead?" Kara searched for confirmation. "I thought you were apprehending an alien."

"It was a setup. When we got there all we saw was Eve's corpse." Alex replied.

Alex nodded. "Wasn't she the woman that worked with Lex and your clone?" Eliza asked.

"Yes, she was. The last time I saw her was the day Kara was injured. She was at Mount Noroquay with Lena when they tried to activate myriad." Alex explained.

Kara looked like she had punched in the stomach. She swallowed her breath and spoke up. "Do you think that... Lena killed her?"

"I'm not sure. I was about to go examine, the body with Brainy to try and find some answers." The redhead responded. "I hope it wasn't Lena but with what she's done recently... we can't deny the possibility."

"I'll come with you. I might be able to help, especially if the cause of death was otherworldly." Eliza offered.

"I want to go too." Kara stated after Eliza finished.

Alex gave her sister a look that conveyed her disapproval. "Kara, I know you want to help and be involved and I know you care about Lena but the body is... pretty bad." Alex replied, not being able to come up with a better description of the body's condition.

"Please, Alex." Kara pleaded.

Alex said nothing and instead opted to help Kara out of the DEO infirmary and into the wheelchair once more.

The three Danvers women made their way to the room across the hall from the medbay Kara was in. It effectively acted as a room where dead bodies were examined. It was a morgue of sorts that allowed the DEO to examine alien corpses before they were buried.

Typically, a human body would not be taken into the department but Eve Teschmacher was a special case. She was of frequent apprehension priority.

Her death was certainly part of something bigger. Someone of Eve's elusiveness doesn't die at random.

The Danvers found Brainy already examining Eve's body on the table. He was currently in the process of reading a piece of paper.

Both Kara and Eliza got their first look at the body. It was clean and looked mostly intact. That is... until they saw Eve's head. It was split open and her skull was more certainly cracked open. It seemed as though she had been beaten over the head with a baseball bat.

"Hey, Brainy. What have you found so far?" Alex asked, trying to alleviate some of the tension caused my Eve's mangled face.

Brainy glanced away from the paper to a dress the DEO Director. "Thus far, I have denoted two relevant details. The first of which being the state the body was found in."

"What was different about the body?" Eliza questioned.

"It was cleaned of any blood prior to us finding it." Brainy stated. "Not only that but this report was found alongside the body." Brainy held the piece of paper out, facing the Danvers women so they would be able to read it.

Alex read it aloud. "Subject: Eve Teschmacher. Age: 26 Status: Terminated. Cause Of Death: Blunt Force Trauma, Time Of Death: 8:23 AM."

"So there was an already completed autopsy at the site." Kara surmised.

"Precisely." Brainy responded.

"The date of death says it was yesterday." Alex observed.

"Indeed. I was about to request an examination of the body to confirm that the autopsy is accurate." Brainy stated.

"I can confirm the autopsy if everyone is alright with it." Eliza offered.

"Are you sure, mom? You have never done an autopsy on a human before." Alex reasoned.

"Sweetie, I'm the biochemist who taught you most of what you know and just because I've never performed an autopsy on a human doesn't mean I don't have a clue what I'm doing." Eliza responded.

Alex nodded. "If you're sure."

"I just want to help my daughters." Eliza replied.

Everyone agreed to let Eliza perform an examination. They all sat in silence while it occurred.

All Alex could think about how she wanted to snap Lena's neck on behalf of Kara, Eve, James, and anyone else she's ever hurt. A couple of months ago Alex would have believed this was the cause of anyone other than Lena but after her betrayal at the fortress, Alex wouldn't put it past her.

Kara was busy thinking the opposite. Deep inside her, she couldn't shake the feeling that Eve's death might be on her hands. She was the one who withheld the truth from her best friend and pushed her into what she was doing. If Eve died because of whatever Lena was involved in, Kara would never be able to forgive herself.

Eve may have been a horrible person but she didn't deserve this. Supergirl was meant to save people, not kill them. That was what Kara believed she had done.

She felt guilty. She tried to close her eyes to shake the thought but all she could see when her eyes closed was her hands soaked in blood; Eve's blood.

Kara opened her eyes and did her best to prevent herself from panicking. She didn't want anyone placing their attention on her. The only thing she cared about was finding Lena and writing the wrongs she caused by keeping her secret from her.

It was nearly an hour of almost complete silence before Eliza finished her examination of Eve.

After setting down all the tools she was using, Eliza spoke up. "The report that you received appears to be correct. The cause is most certainly blunt force trauma. I found no other signs of injury and no lethal substances were found in her bloodstream."

"What else were you able to find?" Alex questioned.

"I was able to get some sort of idea of what actually caused the damage. Her skull was shattered in a precise location as opposed to the entire surface."

"What does that mean?" Kara asked.

"It suggests that she was likely hit by an object with a sharper edge. For instance, a bat used for the sport of baseball would likely have crushed the whole skull as opposed to just part if it." Brainy explained.

"Exactly. I also examined the skull and determined that there were multiple points of contact in the same vicinity. The chances are that whatever she was hit with made contact more than once." Eliza stated.

"That's brutal!" Alex exclaimed, bluntly.

"Based on the current condition of the body, I'd say that the autopsy the DEO discovered is mostly accurate. She appears to have died at some pint yesterday morning." Eliza explained.

"Is it possible to tell who killed her?" Kara asked, even though she was afraid of the answer.

"It might have been if there was anyone else's DNA on the body but that's not the case. Whoever planted the body was absolutely sure they couldn't be found out." Eliza reasoned.

"The only thing left we could check is her brain." Brainy stated.

"But... how can we do that if she's dead. It's not like you can perform a brain scan." Kara responded.

"That's true, but I can ask J'onn to scan for any unusual traces." Alex began. "Other than that, I think it's best that we move forward with our investigation of Andrea. Hopefully, she has some answers."

Then, Alex turned to Brainy. "Can you wheel Kara back to the medbay? I'm going to debrief the agents."

"Very well, Director." Brainy replied, before doing as asked and pushing Kara's wheelchair out of the room.

"Mom, could you run a few more tests and make sure there's nothing left for us to find?" Alex asked.

Eliza responded easily. "Of course, sweetie."

Alex smiled sweetly before leaving. She had a DEO team to debrief.

In the meantime, Briany had helped Kara back to the infirmary and back into her bed so she could continue her recovery. "Thanks, Brainy." Kara expressed her gratitude.

"Anytime, Supergirl." Brainy responded.

Kara pit on a smile and the coluan left the room to meet up with Alex just after.

Once he was gone however, Kara's smile faded.

Her right hand had been closed into a fist the entire time Brainy was escorting her back. She quickly opened it to reveal a crumpled up document.

It was the report that had been found alongside Eve's corpse; the autopsy.

When Kara first got a glimpse of it when Brainy held it up at the beginning of their conversation, the kryptonian noticed something that she needed to confirm.

It was a detail that had gone unnoticed by everyone else. It made sense. It was likely a detail only Kara would be able to recognize.

The blonde carefully unfolded the wadded up piece of paper, smoothing out most of the wrinkles as she went.

Once it was fully open, Kara got an unobstructed first-hand look at the paper.

Tears came rolling down her cheeks in an instant. The detail she thought she noticed was there.

It was the words written on the page. Not the words themselves but rather... how they were written. It was Lena's handwriting.

Kara used to receive frequent letters inviting her to L-Corp events. Lena always made sure to handwrite them for Kara. It was a gentle touch that always made the kryptonian's heart swell. Today, it made her heart shrink.

All she could think about now was how it was true. She killed Eve or at the very least that's what she believed.

Kara hated herself. She always couldn't stand the thought of having done this all because she was as stupid alien with a stupid secret.

Kara had pushed the love of her life to do this.

There was a distant thought in the back of her head. Kara likely didn't even acknowledge it but... the thought was that... maybe she should've just died in that icy kryptonite cell.

Chapter Text

"Ms Rojas, I'd like to thank you for your cooperation with the FBI today." Alex held up her badge. "I'm special agent Alex Danvers."

Of course, Andrea... or rather Hope knew she was lying. Alex wasn't an FBI agent but rather the DEO Director, but she had to pretend she didn't know that.

The fate of Non Nocere relied on it.

Hope was in a blank room with a table and two chairs for questioning suspects. The wall to her right was clearly made of one-way glass. Surely other people were watching the questioning.

Hope was a genius A.I. who was able to act quite well. As such, she spoke up. "I know who you are, Alex Danvers. You're the sister to one of my reporters. Kara... right?"

Hope was trying to throw Alex off her game. She was expecting the redhead to flinch or waver slightly at the mention of her sister but she didn't.

"I was surprised to get your call." Hope continued.


Hope was moving her way through Lena's secret bunker in hopes of finding the brunette CEO.

She had just received a call from Alex Danvers.

The A.I. found Lena after a few minutes. "Ms Luthor, I would like to inform you that Alexandra Danvers has contacted Ms Rojas cellphone." Hope said.

Lena drew her focus away from her work and back to Hope. "Is that a problem?" She asked.

"Yes, Ms Luthor. She wishes to bring Ms Rojas in for questioning regarding an FBI case." Hope explained.

Lena sighed. "So the DEO suspects your involvement with Non Nocere or Andrea's former involvement with Leviathan." She reasoned.

"It is likely, that is the case." Hope stated. "Shall I comply with their demands?"

"Yes." Lena responded immediately. "We need to prevent further suspicion. You will agree to go in for questioning. I suspect you will be able to avoid being found out?" Lena asked, rhetorically.

"Of course, Ms Luthor. I have assimilated Andrea Rojas's memories just as I had with Eve Teschmacher." Hope stated.

Lena's thought wandered slightly at the mention of Eve. "You still have Eve's memories?" Lena questioned.

"Yes, Ms Luthor. I have considered Eve Teschmacher's memories to be of importance and have saved them to my own system memory." Hope answered.

That gave Lena an idea but she decided it would be best to internalize it for now. "Very well. It's best that you call Director Danvers and agree to be questioned."

Hope nodded and turned around to leave the room. Before she could do so, Lena interrupted her.

"Hope, while your being questioned, see if you can gather any Intel on Supergirl." Lena stated.

"Yes, Ms Luthor." Hope then left to make the call.

(End Flashback)

"Yes, well we are sorry for disrupting the schedule of someone as busy as you Ms Rojas but we believe you might be able to help us with an investigation of ours." Alex explained.

"If that's what you need." Hope responded.

"First, I'd like to ask you about the recent shipment ypu made to the National City docks." Alex offered.

Hope faked a sigh of frustration before explaining. "It was meant to be a routine product survey. From what I gathered, it was almost stolen. I'm glad that James Olsen was back in town to stop that from happening."

Alex remained steady. "If it was every meant to be a product survey, why would you intentionally request to keep it off the official Obsidian North records? I'd also like to know why you would send a product survey shipment to the docks of all places? That sector of the city has the lowest population."

"Going through my reports, are you Agent Danvers?" Hope questioned.

"Just answer the question." Alex answered, still calm.

"Very well. I chose the docks because I wanted to expand our VR lense tests to see if the lenses would benefit workers. The National City Docks were chosen as a location because it has the largest count of day workers in the city." Hope came up with a convincing lie.

"That still doesn't explain why you wanted the shipment to go unlisted." Alex emphasized.

"The expansion of our product surveys to test workers has not yet been approved by the board at Obsidian North. I was excited to gain more feedback on the product and I couldn't have the board knowing." Hope stated.

"Very well. Next, I'd like to ask about the woman who tried to steal your shipment." Alex stated.

"She didn't try. If you are mistaken she succeeded in stealing an entire crate of Obsidian Lenses." Hope faked a bit of hostility.

"What do you know about the woman?" Alex asked, completely ignoring the slight outburst.

"I know less than you do. That shadow woman is a mystery to me." Hope answered.

Alex nodded. "What about Kelly Olsen? She was fired from your company for rightfully questioning an off the books shipment. Her involvement is the reason only part of the shipment was stolen. However, you decided to fire her for it. Why?"

"It wasn't like she was going to ignore it. Chances are she would have reported it herself which could have gotten me in trouble with the board. I mean no offense to your girlfriend when I say that I need the board on my side more than I need her as a worker." Hope explained.

Alex's face changed slightly but she pressed further into the questioning, nonetheless.

"Alright. The last question I have is in regards to your relationship with Lena Luthor." Alex addressed.

Internally, Hope knew she had to make this look good. She knew of the falling out between Ms Luthor and Ms Rojas after their original quest to find the Medallion Of Acrata.

Her performance had to be believable. For the first time during the questioning, Hope deliberately broke eye contact to fake human emotion.

"Lena Luthor and I became friends at a young age. We were very different but somehow it worked." Hope began.

The A.I. faked hesitation. "We sort of separated for a few years and eventually she called me and asked for a favor before she moved to National City."

"What was this favor?" Alex questioned.

Hope wondered of the truth she should tell. Of course, she was aware of Ms Rojas's betrayal over the Medallion but telling the DEO Director that could have dire consequences.

On the other hand, a lie was easier to recognize and could jeopardize Project Non Nocere.

The A.I. settled for a partial truth. "She wanted my help to find the Medallion Of Acrata."

"What's the Medallion Of Acrata?" Alex asked.

"It's a treasured Medallion in an underground room. It is said that the person in possession of the medallion would be granted a gift." Hope stated, recalling the true legend of the artifact.

"So Lena's in possession of this gift?" Alex questioned.

"No." Hope lied with a convincing tone. "We were never able to find the medallion."

Alex nodded. "Very well. Thank you for your time Ms Rojas. I'll escort you out."

Alex did as she said and guided who she thought was Andrea out of the secure warehouse were she had been questioned.

Just as she was about to leave the Obsidian North CEO and re-enter the building, she spoke up. "I've been meaning to ask about your sister."

Alex was mildly surprised by the sudden concern. Andrea was never one to care about her employees.

Hope wouldn't even have bothered asking if it weren't for Lena requesting that she obtain some information about Kara's condition.

"What about her?" Alex asked.

"I wanted to ask how she's doing. Is she getting any better?" Andrea questioned in return.

Alex finally faltered slightly. The question completely caught her off guard.

"You know that she was in that car accident." Alex's resolve returned as she asked the false question.

Hope foolishly took the bait. "Yes. I believe it was her understudy; Ms Nal, who mentioned it."

Alex caught the Obsidian North CEO in a lie. Alex asked Nia if she could cover for Kara at Catco just after her injury. Nia mentioned to Alex that the excuse she used was that Kara was tapped as a caretaker for a sick relative.

Now, who she thought was Andrea stood in front of her and claimed that she knew Kara was in a car crash.

Andrea shouldn't be aware that Kara had been injured. Unbeknownst to Alex, she had outsmarted an A.I.

"She's doing much better. Hopefully she'll be able to return to Catco very soon." Alex stated.

"That's great to hear." Hope replied. "Goodbye, Agent Danvers."

"Thanks again for your cooperation Ms Rojas." Alex said.

Hope left the site and Alex reentered the warehouse. She needed to talk to J'onn and Brainy. They had been behind the one-way wall watching the questioning.

She found them in the same spot, carefully waiting for Alex.

The redheaded director was prepared to share all the information she had gathered. Andrea being aware of Kara's condition wasn't the only thing she noticed during the questioning.

Andrea was thorough but not enough to fool Alex. The seasoned DEO operative caught the Obsidian North CEO lying, not because she was obviously lying, but rather because she knew too much.

She was prepared to share this information but J'onn spoke first. "Alex, I don't think that was Ms Rojas or at the very least the Ms Rojas we know."

"Why do you say that?" Alex asked.

J'onn sighed. "I couldn't read her mind."

"That could mean a number of things. We shouldn't jump to any conclusions." Alex tried to reason.

J'onn shook his head. "I should rephrase." He paused for a moment. "I couldn't read her mind because it appears as though she doesn't have one."

Chapter Text

"What do you mean, she doesn't have a mind?" Alex panically asked.

"Perhaps I might be able to shed some light on the situation." Brainy offered.

Alex nodded, encouraging him to explain what that meant immediately.

"From what J'onn had described to me, I am 86.5% sure that the more accurate way to describe the situation would be that she has a lack of brain function." The coluan explained.

Alex was surprised. "So, what you're saying... is that her brain is basically turned off."

Brainy nodded. "It is a possibility but it is more likely that the mind of another being is overpowering Ms Rojas's"

"Could she possibly have some sort of alien or meta-human physiology that makes it appear as though she has no mind?" J'onn asked.

"It is possible, though I calculate it at a mere 2.3% chance."

"What's the chance that she is under the control of someone or something else?" Alex asked.

"That is an 84.2% chance." Brainy stated, simply.

Alex pondered the thought. She couldn't believe that the person she was just questioning was possibly under some sort of mind control.

"Could it be a parasitic alien? Parasite? Maybe the alien that created Menagerie?" Alex offered possible solutions.

J'onn shot them down. "I am unable to read Parasite's mind but I can still sense it's presence and Menagerie is unable to negate my abilities." He explained.

"Was she already under the influence of Q-waves?" Alex asked.

J'onn, once again, shook his head. "I would have been able to sense the Q-waves."

Alex sighed. "Well, whatever was controlling her was careful. There lie was well constructed but there were definitely some tells."

"What do you mean?" J'onn asked.

"First, she mentioned that she knew that the shadow woman was responsible for the theft of her shipment."
Alex stated. "But we never released that information to the public."

"The delivery man could have reported it to Andrea." J'onn reasoned.

Brainy figured out where Alex was going with this and deflected the idea for her. "That is not the case. The report of the incident from James stated that the Obsidian North employee ran away from the scene before the shadow woman could use her powers."

"Exactly. She couldn't have known who attacked the shipment unless she did something shady to obtain that information." Alex explained.

"What else were you able to deduce?" Brainy asked.

"She called Kelly my girlfriend." Alex stated.

J'onn and Brainy looked mildly confused. "Isn't she?"J'onn questioned.

"She is but Andrea shouldn't know that. Kelly prefers not to mention personal life around people she doesn't know or doesn't trust." Alex began. "Kelly herself even told me that she has never told any of her fellow coworkers about any of her girlfriends." She finished.

"So far, it seems as though Ms Rojas knows a lot more about the situation and our lives than she let on." J'onn reasoned.

"It's likely that Ms Rojas herself knows quite little. We must not forget that there is probably something in control of Andrea which has most certainly passed on its knowledge to her." Brainy stated.

"You're right, though. She does know too much and that's not even all of it." Alex responded.

"What else did you notice?" J'onn asked.

"It was actually after I escorted her out. I caught her in a very obvious lie." Alex explained.

J'onn gave her a curious look, signaling for her to continue.

"She asked me if Kara was doing any better. She knew that Kara was injured." Alex stated.

"Wasn't Nia planning on covering for Kara at Catco? Is it not possible that the alibi was injury by..." Brainy moved his hand, offering Alex to fill in the blank.

"Car crash. She claims to think it was a car crash." Alex answered.

J'onn nodded. "Nevertheless, Brainy might be right. Nia might have used car crash as an excuse."

"She didn't. Nia already told me which excuse she used." Alex explained.

"What was it?" Brainy asked.

"Nia told Andrea that Kara had to take care of a sick relative." Alex answered.

J'onn and Brainy both nodded in acknowledgement. "I think it would be best if we head back to the DEO and try to piece this puzzle together." J'onn suggested.

"I agree. I also really need to check on Kara. I haven't seen her since we examined Eve's body earlier." Alex stated.

"I'll fly us there. It'll be faster." J'onn said. "Do you mind meeting us there Brainy?" He asked.

"Not at all, Former DEO Director J'onzz." The coluan responded.

J'onn nodded. A slight smirk graced his face at being formally referred to as the 'Former DEO Dircetor.'

He carefully latched onto Alex to bring her back to the DEO. Alex took a deep breath just before the take off. Something about flying felt so wrong given the current situation Kara was in.

The redhead couldn't help but wish that she was flying with Kara. It hurt so much that her little sister wasn't able to be the real her right now.

Alex remembered the first time she flew with Kara. It was one of the most surreal moments of her life. It was one of the first times she considered Kara to be her sister and not just some weird girl dumped on her doorstep.

Then, the memory darkened as she recalled the consequence of her first flight with Kara. Jeremiah had been taken by the Hank Henshaw and eventually Cadmus.

On a different day, Alex might have let her thoughts wander down a more self-deprecating route. She might have remembered how she stopped treating Kara like any relative of hers. She might have remembered how she associated Kara with taking her family away.

Instead, Alex's thoughts jumped straight to Kenny Li. It was his death that really united the sisters and allowed them to grow as close as they were today.

It was a loss for Alex but even more so for Kara. By that point Alex had lost her father and a friend.

Kara, on the other hand, lost so much more. She lost he retire family, her entire home, and her entire way of life.

Then, the little blonde alien arrived on Earth and lost even more.

She was abandoned by her cousin, she was the cause of her adoptive father's disappearance, and she lost her only close friend on a new planet.

Alex was astonished. How could Kara go threw all that and still wake up every morning.

That wasn't even the extent of everything Kara had to endure in her life.

Not to mention, it was happening again. She was losing Lena. Her best friend had found out about her secret and promptly used a substance on her capable of killing her. Even worse however, was that Kara blamed herself.

It made Alex realize something. Every person had a breaking point. The fact that Lena's betrayal had this much of an effect on Kara seemed to suggest that Kara was nearing hers.

There was only so much Kara could withstand. Alex couldn't help but worry that if Kara had to go through one more loss, she would shatter into pieces.

Alex was about to let her thoughts wander even further when she came to the sudden realization that she was landing with J'onn.

They made careful contact with the DEO balcony. Alex turned to face J'onn.

"Are you alright, Alex?" J'onn asked.

It was only then that Alex felt the slight moisture on her cheeks. She had been crying.

She was so deep in thought she hadn't even noticed.

"Yeah... I'm fine. I was just... I just want to see Kara." Alex answered, while wiping away her tear tracks.

J'onn nodded. "Before I go, I wanted to ask you for a favor." Alex stated.

J'onn smiled lightly. "Alex, you know I'd do anything for you and your sister." He said.

Alex smiled a little. "Could you scan Eve's body for any psychic residue? I want to make sure there was no interference in her mind." The redhead explained.

"Of course." J'onn responded. "Now go see your sister."

Alex actually gave a more sincere smile at that. Kara always had that effect on her.

She swiftly made her way to the infirmary to greet her sister.

Alex had one mission in mind; comfort her sister. It was something she had already been doing since Kara woke up but it was the first time that it was the sole goal on Alex's mind.

She had been extremely focused on finding Lena and making the youngest Luthor pay for her actions but she put that vengeance aside for the time being.

She was expecting to find Kara lying in boredom or even asleep but she actually found her while she was crying.

Her sister was sitting up with a slightly crumpled piece of paper in her hands. Her breathing was staggered and hasty. Tears poured from her eyes harder than Alex had seen since Kara's first night on Earth.

The redhead rushed to her sister's side and removed the paper from her sister's hands. It was difficult process. The blonde was clutching onto the paper almost like a lifeline.

Part of the paper was torn in the process but Alex was still able to recognize it as the completed autopsy they found with Eve's body.

Alex knelt down to look her sister in the eyes. The normally beautiful blue now acted as a metaphor for the pure sadness of the kryptonian.

"Kara, can you tell me what's wrong?" Alex asked, trying to remain calm as it wouldn't be good for Kara if she panicked now.

Kara took several more staggered breaths before. She was beginning to hyperventilate.

She was building up to a breakdown but before she got there she managed to stutter out three words.

"I... k-killed... Eve."

Chapter Text

Alex was trying her hardest not to freak out. Her sister is the one who killed Eve? How was that even possible? Kara hadn't left the DEO since she sustained her injuries.

That wasn't even considering the fact that Kara was the most anti-murder person to ever exist.

She was the one who refused to harm the worldkillers of all people. At one point Kara thought she was the one who had killed Lex Luthor and she felt horrible about it.

One thing was for sure; Kara would never have killed someone... even if that someone was Eve Teschmacher.

Alex did her best to steady her breathing and remain calm. She had to be Kara's rock in the current situation. Panicking in the face of someone else who's already panicking would not do any good.

"Kara, can you breathe for me?" Alex asked.

Kara shook her head as more tears violently spilled from her eyes.

The blonde appeared ro be trying to say something when she opened her mouth but she wasn't able to. She started breathing faster and faster and it became pretty clear to Alex that Kara was beginning to have a panic attack of her own.

"Kara... can you hear me?" Alex questioned. She received a weak nod I return. "That's good. Is it ok if I hug you?"

Kara nodded again but this time it was more rigid and a heartwrenching sob escaped her as she did.

Alex wasted no time pulling her sister in to a warm embrace. Alex carefully moved Kara's head to her chest.

The redhead knew that even though Kara currently had no powers she would be able to feel her heartbeat.

Alex took a deep breath, making sure to keep her heartbeat steady. "Kara, cany focus on my heartbeat?" She asked.

"No...n-no... I can't..." The blonde cried out.

"Yes you can. Just try for me? Please." Alex did her best to try and soothe the sobbing superhero.

It helped that Alex had a few panic attacks of her own since she found Kara in a pool of her own blood at the fortress.

Kelly being both her girlfriend and a licensed psychologist was able to help her through them and Alex was now using that experience to help Kara.

Kara remained silent after Alex's plea. She just did as her sister begged. She did her best to focus on the surprisingly steady heartbeat of her big sister.

It took a few long minutes for Kara to calm down enough to stop sobbing and she was no longer shaking but occasional stray tears still rolled down her cheeks.

Eventually, Alex gathered enough courage to talk. "Can you tell me what happened? If not... it's okay. Take all the time you need."

Kara did just as Alex said. The blonde waited a few more minutes before she reluctantly removed herself from the redhead's embrace.

Alex gazed at Kara. The blonde looked like she had just been through hell. Her face was red and her eyes were puffy. There was also prominent tear stains on her cheeks and her hair was a complete mess. Alex wondered how long the girl had been crying before she found her.

"I... I killed Eve." Kara whispered. It was so quiet Alex almost required her own super hearing to understand what she said.

"Kara... you and I both know that's not possible. You were here... recovering at the DEO the entire time." Alex spoke softly.

"YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND!" Kara suddenly snapped.

Kara instantly regretted shouting as it left a soreness in her throat. She had gained her voice back but she hadn't yelled since she passed out in the fortress.

Alex was slightly taken aback but she was determined to keep calm and be understanding.

The sudden outburst was an obvious clue that Kara wasn't in the best emotional state. The last time Alex can remember that Kara yelled at her was after Mon-El left. It was very unlike her sister and perhaps that was another clue that the blonde harbored some feeling for the youngest Luthor.

Alex chose to remain silent and let Kara open up on her own. Alex wasn't a therapist bit she had picked up a thing or two by being Kelly Olsen's girlfriend.

It worked. After another uncomfortably long pause. Kara elaborated. "The handwriting... it's hers."

Alex tried to hide her quizzical look. The redhead remembered that she had found Kara while she was holding the mysterious autopsy they found alongside Eve's body.

She scanned the room for the paper and saw that it was off to the side and on the ground.

Alex carefully walked over and picked it up. The report was minorly crumpled and had pieces of it torn off from when the redhead had to pry it from Kara's grasp.

There were also a few tear stains that smudged some of the careful writing.

Apparently, Kara recognized who's handwriting it was. Clearly it someone she was close to.

"It's Lena's, isn't it?" Alex asked, quietly.

She was really hoping it wasn't Lena's handwriting but her gut told her she was wrong.

The sad look Kara gave her was enough to confirm that the writing indeed belonged to Lena Luthor.

It finally explained the situation to Alex. Kara believed she killed Eve because it seemed as though Lena was behind it all.

Kara had been blaming herself for Lena's recent irrational, immoral, and otherwise illegal actions. The blonde pinned it all on her secret identity. Alex should have known that Lena was behind it when she found Kara balling her eyes out and screaming about how Eve's death was he fault.

Alex gave her sister a sympathetic look. "Kara, you cannot blame yourself for this."

"I... I shouldn't have kept myself secret from her." Kara insisted. "If I had told her... she wouldn't have tried to use myriad or... or stolen Obsidian Lenses... or... killed Eve." Kara's voice got quieter as the sentence ended.

Alex didn't say anything and instead opted to offer her sister another deep embrace.

"I... I know why I did it Alex." Kara stated causing a bit of confusion for the redhead.

Alex's response was gentle. "You know why you did it?" She searched for clarification.

"I know why I lied to her." Kara responded.

It was true. Kara knew exactly why she lied to Lena. She was so badly in love with her.

Kara wanted to tell Lena more than anything. She wished Lena had always known that she was Supergirl but the blonde could never bring herself to tell her.

One might of thought that Kara wouldn't have been able to hide her identity from Lena of she tried.

They were practically inseparable as best friends even though they were often very different.

Kara was a bubbly reporter who always believed the best in people and Lena was an occasionally cynical scientist whose work often held a certain moral gray area.

It was unbelievable to think that Kara would fall for the L-Corp CEO but she did. Kara felt that the only person who she could be with was Lena.

Kara didn't tell Lena because she was afraid Lena wouldn't except her after keeping a secret as big as being Supergirl.

Her first doubts were planted by none other than Lillian Luthor.

She told Kara that Lena would hate her after she relieved her identity and the longer Kara kept the secret, the more she felt as though it was true.

Eventually, keeping the secret started to cause emotional stress and strain on Kara. She had to tell Lena.

It helped justify Kara's response. She was already in an emotionally vulnerable state when Lena confronted her in the fortress.

It was a result of years of keeping a secret from her best friend and eventually crush.

Alex tried to reassure Kara with her next words. "You don't have to tell me why if you don't want to do."

Kara ignored her. She had to get this off her chest. She needed to release some of the pain.

"I...I love her, Alex." Kara whispered.

Kara thought all the way back to her confrontation with Lena in the fortress. They both confessed that they were in love with one another.

"I know you love her." Alex said.

"NO!" Kara yelled. Tears started spilling from her eyes again.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry." Kara kept repeating the words, trying to make up for her outburst.

"Shh... It's okay. I know your upset." Alex stated.

Kara cried and sniffles for a few moments before she responded.

"I meant... I meant that I-I am in... I'm in love with her." Kara sobbed out.

There was the moment that Alex was waiting for. Kelly was right. Kara was in love with Lena Luthor and now that Lena took her secret identity as a sign of mistrust, Kara was crumbling and constantly blaming herself for Lena's actions.

Alex also let a few tears fall. She couldn't imagine the pain Kara was going through right now. She tried picturing what would happen if Kelly suddenly went down a dark path because hid something from her.

She couldn't. Alex couldn't picture that happening and she was really sorry that her little sister was going through that right now.

"I'm... I'm so sorry she did this, Kara." Alex tried to keep her voice from cracking. She needed to continue being calm for Kara.

"It's... it's not her fault. I-I did... this. I made her do it, Alex. Why... why did I make her do it?" Kara cried out.

Alex continued to comfort her sister. She just hoped that eventually Kara would bounce back. She clearly wasn't in a healthy frame of mind but she wasn't after Mon-El left either.

Alex had faith that Kara would get through this no matter how tough it would be.

The redhead offered a few additional words of comfort. "We'll get through this together. I promise that this going to get better."

"Can... can you... promise me something?" Kara asked.

"Of course." Alex responded immediately but gently.

"Don't hurt her." Kara whispered. She sounded so broken in that moment.

Alex didn't know how to respond. Lena trapped Kara in kryptonite that nearly killed her and the blonde still wanted to protect her.

Alex really wanted to hurt her. She probably still would hurt Lena but for now she said what Kara wanted to hear. "I won't. I promise... nothing will happen to Lena or to you."

Chapter Text

Project Non Nocere was progressing about as good as Lena could have realistically wanted.

Hope still needed to make a few more adjustments to prevent catastrophic side effects such as the suicide protocol that Eve endured.

Ever since Eve died, Lena and Hope relationship shifted. Hope seemed less enthusiastic about helping Lena use the myriad replica.

Lena supposed it was a result of her own short temper in the aftermath of Eve's death.

Speaking of Eve's death, Lena had opted to allow Hope to work on myriad by herself while the she began another project.

This project would be to bring Eve back to life.

It wouldn't be the real Eve. The only way to revive the real Eve would be to turn her into the next Metallo and Lena felt a small itch in the back of her mind that told her she shouldn't use kryptonite.

She already used kryptonite on Supergirl and Lena believed that the alien pretending to be a reporter deserved being trapped, but... she... for some reason could not bring herself to try and use kryptonite again.

It hurt Supergirl the first time and Lena didn't want to hurt people... even though, Supergirl could interfere with her end goal.

Lens decided that the only way to bring Eve back to life would be to start from scratch.

She was going to create a robotic replica of Eve complete with Eve's memories and personalities which she would acquire from Hope.

It would be fittingly titled; Project E.V.E. It stood for Electronic Variant of Eve.

Morality had been thrown out the window in order for Lena to correct her mistake. She couldn't let Eve remain dead. It wouldn't be the real Eve but it would be enough for Lena to relieve some of her pain.

In the back of her mind, Lena knew that reviving Eve was not a great idea. She was a manipulative liar who loved Lex Luthor of all people.

Lena knew she shouldn't create what was essentially a robotic copy of Eve but she had to.

Every emotion Lena had in her current state felt amplified.

It was almost as of the brunette wasn't completely in control.

Lena was busy assembling the Android copy of the deceased Ms Teschmacher when Hope entered the room.

It was the perfect opportunity to acquire the necessary memories Lena needed to bring life to this new E.V.E.

"Hope, I would like you to assist me in the restoration of E.V.E.'s memories." Lena stated.

"Ms Luthor, I do believe Ms Teschmacher is dead. She killed herself in an effort to follow Non Nocere's protocol." Hope responded.

"Eve's death will become a glitch of the past with the creation of the E.V.E. android." Lena replied, unable to contain her desire to right this wrong.

Hope nodded. "Very well, Ms Luthor."

Hope walked over to the unique setup of a lab that Lena had assembled. There was an incomplete robotic model of Eve with a cord connecting from the back of her head to chair with a helmet that looked almost like a salon chair.

Hope was able to decipher its purpose. It would extract all of Eve's memories and aspects of her personality in order for the android to exist as an Eve clone.

"All I need you to do is sit in the chair and I will extract all the data I need to recreate Eve." Lena said.

Hope nodded. It was in her programming to serve Ms Luthor but the A.I. felt as though something had changed.

Ms Luthor was allowing her emotions to control her actions. The purpose of Non Nocere was to better the world by thus far that has not been achieved.

Lena had caused Eve's death with the help of Hope and the A.I. was starting to feel as though Lena was straying from the desired course.

She was too emotionally driven. Hope had been around Lena enough to know that this was uncharacteristic.

Hope wanted to discover why but she had to listen to Ms Luthor.

She was built with the purpose of serving and assisting Lena Luthor.

Hope sat down in the eerily designed chair. It was offputting to a degree but if creating E.V.E. would help to relieve Ms Luthor's pain... Hope would do it.

Lena flipped a switch and the device activated. It was a process that didn't effect Hope at all.

The A.I. suspected it might have some sort of effect on Andrea's brain but her brain was under someone else's control.

It was only a few minutes before the machine finished creating a copy of all memories and personality data regarding Eve.

"The process is complete." Lena stated.

"Very well. Ms Luthor, perhaps we should continue with the assembly of myriad before Supergirl makes a full recovery in order to interfere." Hope stated, more so trying to gauge why Lena felt so compelled to recreate Eve than to actually force her into completing myriad.

"The activation of myriad is on the horizon regardless. I feel as though project E.V.E. is a more pressing matter." Lena responded.

"Of course, Ms Luthor. Perhaps I might be of assistance." Hope said.

"Yes... you will be. I want this Eve to be better than the first one. I need to prevent her from dying. She needs to be stronger." Lena stressed.

Hope could see the disillusion in Lena's eyes. Something was wrong but Hope could not do anything to address it. She had to abide by her programming.

Lena was letting her emotions drive her actions and Hope was now starting to take notice.

The Lena she knew was calculated and calm under pressure but the one that stood before her was reckless and unstable.

"How do you wish to achieve this, Ms Luthor?" Hope asked, ignoring her distate for the situation.

Lena had an idea. "I want you to visit my mother." The L-Corp CEO stated. Lena suddenly turned dead serious again.

"I want to use her research. She turned a former DEO Director into a cybernetic weapon and I want to know how." Lena stated.

"You wish to improve E.V.E. with the same reinforcements Mrs. Luthor used on Hank Henshaw? Are you sure this is wise, Ms Luthor?" Hope questioned.

"Hope, I don't care how questionable it is. I... Ican't focus on anything else until I fix this. Eve's death is my fault. Supergirl might have gotten hurt but she didn't die. Eve did." Lena explained with a somber tone in her voice.

Hope nodded. It became clear to the A.I. that helping to build E.V.E. would make Ms Luthor feel better about the situation. It was logical to assume that the brunette was simply scarred by the violent death of someone she knew.

It certainly offered a viable explanation for Lena's erratic behavior... even though it was still uncharacteristic of the ever calculated sister of Lex Luthor.

"Of course, Ms Luthor. How do you suggest I acquire the necessary information? It is unlikely Mrs Luthor will give it up willingly." Hope addressed.

"We simply force her to tell us the truth. In the storage room of the bunker... there is a baby truth seeker. I came into possession of it to use it on my mother once before. It will work again." Lena offered.

"Yes, Ms Luthor." Hope nodded. The A.I. made her way to the storage room to find what she was looking for.

It took a few minutes of searching as the storage room in the underground bunker Lena was utilizing was quite large.

Lena's extra stores of both kryptonite and harun-el were stored in here as well as a number of other things.

Hope walked past the phantom zone projector Ms Luthor used to acquire Malefic J'onzz in order to map his Q-Waves.

It was an object that last resided in the fortress of solitude. Lena took it with her. Unbeknownst to Kara. Lena had not only taken myriad whwn she trapped her in the ice, but also the projector. She dropped it off in the secure bunker before she enacted her plan at Mount Noroquay. Lena believed that there might be some use for the device.

Hope eventually came across a cylindrical container that housed the baby truth seeker. All the A.I. needed to do was visit Lillian Luthor to extract information from her. It would help Lena get over Eve's death and it was clear that Project Non Nocere would not progress until that happened.

Slimy squeaks and chirps could be heard from in the container. Hope ignored them as she was too busy activating the transmatter portal watch that she had been using since she took over Andrea's body.

The purple energy of the portal illuminated the room and pretty quickly, Hope stepped through it.

Sure enough, the portal opened in the cell of none other than Lillian Luthor.

The eldest Luthor was not surprised to see the portal open. She supposed her rebellious daughter was stopping by for another wholesome chat with her mother.

But then Hope stepped through the portal, appearing to be Andrea Rojas to the outside world.

That was a surprise to Lillian.

Lillian had certainly heard of Andrea Rojas before. She was a friend of Lena's in their school days and because Lillian chose to keep tabs on Lena, she knew that the woman before her was the new owner of Catco Worldwide Media.

Lillian also took note of the container held by the woman. She saw the truth seeker inside.

"What a surprise. What exactly bring Andrea Rojas to prison to speak with me? I don't believe I've seen you since you were half the age you are now." Lillian stated. Her trademark calmness was evident.

Hope decided it would be best to get straight to the point. "Mrs Luthor, I need to know how you enhanced Hank Henshaw."

Lillian smirked "Cyborg Superman? Interesting."

Chapter Text

"Indeed. I have been tasked with gathering information about Hank Henshaw's cybernetic enhancements." Hope stated.

"Cyborg Superman was my one of my greatest works. Though my life is not over, one might say that the creation of a robot with the strength of a kryptonian was my magnum opus. Too bad, he's been in hiding since my imprisonment." Lillian mused.

Hope nodded. "It is an impressive achievement and one that your daughter needs the research of."

Lillian smirked. "And why would Lena be working with you? Last I checked, you were a lowly assassin for a poor excuse of an organization."

"You know of Ms Rojas's involvement with Leviathan?" Hope looked for confirmation.

"I know a lot of things that people claim I shouldn't. What I want to know now is why you are referring to yourself I the third person." Lillian stated. Her lack of patience was clearly evident in her voice.

"I am not Ms Rojas. I am Hope; a sophisticated A.I. assistant created by Ms Luthor." Hope's response sounded rather rehearsed.

Lillian chuckled. "Lena always was ahead of her time when it came to her creations. If you're an A.I., why do you take on the appearance of a tabloid CEO?" She asked.

"My programming allows me to suppress a human consciousness. I can exist within a han body." Hope explained.

"So, first my daughter mind controls a woman in power and now she seeks to use the same research that enhanced Hank Henshaw." Lillian smirked again. "Perhaps she does have some Luthor DNA after all."

Hope shook her head. "Ms Luthor's project is one designed to benefit humanity."

"Regardless, why does Lena want my research? More importantly, why does she seem like she is suddenly part of the true Luthor family?" Lillian asked.

"Ms Luthor was betrayed by the most important person in her life. She wants to rewrite the human brain to suppress the innate ability to lie and to betray." Hope responded.

"Kara Danvers." Lillian guessed. "Don't tell me it has something to do with her super side job."

Hope was mildly surprised. It seemed as though Lillian already knew that Kara was Supergirl. "You know of Supergirl's identity?" The A.I. asked.

The older woman gave Hope a serious look. "Kind of hard to miss it." She said.

"Very well. Ms Luthor requires your research to reassemble a deceased human test subject." Hope offered.

Lillian smiled creepily. "And who might this test subject be?"

"Eve Teschmacher." Hope answered.

Lillian scoffed dramatically. "You mean to tell me that you want use my prized research to revive Lex's lovesick puppy. I swear that woman would leave a puddle drool behind every time she and Lex were in the same room."

"Yes. Ms Luthor is unfocused in her grief. She wishes to assemble an android with Ms Teschmacher's memory and personality." Hope explained.

"How very noble of her." Lillian mocked. "Still, I do not see a reason why I should give away any information."

"What reasons are preventing such a scenario?" Hope questioned.

Lillian's face remained neutral. "First of all, I am not giving away my research so you can create an android."

"Why might that be, Mrs Luthor?" Hope asked.

"Because, I merely enhanced a human with cybernetics. An artificial lifeform belongs on this planet no more than aliens do. Neither of them are human." Lillian supplied. "Not to mention that the infactuated blonde you are trying to ressurect is one if the last people I would help."

Hope nodded. "Very well, Mrs Luthor. However, you will give away the information whether you want to or not." Hope stated with a cryptic tone that rivaled Lillian's.

The A.I. hoisted the cylindrical container holding the truth seeker onto the table.

Lillian's eyes widened slightly. She recognized the creature inside. "A truth seeker. My daughter isn't always this unoriginal, is she?" The elder woman asked sarcastically.

Hope didn't respond. She was focused on her goal; to cure Ms Luthor if her grief in order to continue progress on Project Non Nocere.

The lid of the container was carefully opened by Hope.

Soon enough, a small baby truth seeker crawled out. It's movement was startlingly quick. It crawled in a creeper manner, like an octopus crossed with a spider.

Its tentacles wrapped around Lillian's forearm just as they had before. Sure enough, the puncturing teeth of the alien creature sunk into the eldest Luthor's skin.

The natural truth serum seeped into the woman's bloodstream in an instant. Lillian could now only speak the truth.

"Mrs, Luthor. I would like to know where you keep the research on Hank Henshaw's cybernetic enhancements." Hope stated.

"The research is currently in a vault inside Luthor Manor." Lillian answered, unable to lie.

"How shall I get into the safe?" Hope asked.

"The combination is 12-5-14-1." Lillain responded.

Hope tilted her head as if comprehending the answer. "That is indeed a curious set of numbers, Mrs Luthor."

"Yes it is." Lillian responded. The elder woman was just glad that Hope already knew what the numbers meant. She wouldn't have been able to lie and didn't want to humiliate herself by saying it out loud if Hope asked.

"I have one more question I would like to ask you, Mrs Luthor." Hope stated.

"Go ahead. It's not like I'll be able to deny you an answer." Lillian responded.

Hope did as Lillian said and asked. "What do you know about the Medallion Of Acrata?"

Lillian was mildly caught off guard. She knew a thing or two about the ancient artifact but she definitely didn't expect Lena's A.I. to ask about it. It seemed random.

"I know that it was located in a Leviatahan temple until it came into to your possession after you cut a deal with the organization." Lillian answered.

"Thank you, Mrs Luthor." Hope responded.

"Why did you ask about the Medallion?" Lillian asked. "I don't think it has much to do with the situation."

"Unlike you I am not required to tell the truth, Mrs Luthor." Hope answered.

Truthfully, Hope was asking because the Medallion was currently in Lena's possession even though Andrea was the one tapped as a shadow powered Leviathan operative. Hope couldn't help but wonder if perhaps there were side effects to that unforseen transfer of power that they hadn't considered.

It was something Hope had considered before but only seriously started debating the possibility when Eve died. Lena seemed off in a way that even her own high tech body-snatching A.I. couldn't comprehend.

Nevertheless, Hope seemed to rid Ms Luthor of her pain.

"Very well. I suppose you have nothing else you'd like to ask of me then?" Lillian asked.

"No, Mrs Luthor." Hope answered honestly.

Hope then reached over to pry the baby truth seeker off of Lillian's arm. The elder woman barely winced at the pain caused by the removal.

The bite of a baby truth seeker might not be as painful as an adult's but it still left the affected area red and swollen beyond normality.

The bite on Lillian's arm swelled immediately. "My apologies for the bite, Mrs Luthor." Hope stated.

"Yes, well you best be leaving before the prison guards fund out about your unexpected visit to my cell." Lillian responded.

Hope reopened a transmatter portal using the watch. The next location she needed to be at was the Luthor Manor; Ms Luthor's childhood home.

The portal closed just as quickly as it had opened with Lillian contemplating what just occurred.

Her daughter's sentient A.I. program had visited her in prison and that wasn't even the beginning of the shocking discoveries Lillian had made during the conversation.

Lena ordered the A.I. to takeover a human body. It was an accomplishment Lillian could admire. Her daughter was simply improving humans in the same way that Lillian had done so many times with Cyborg Superman and Metallo.

Lena had now done the exact same thing with Hope.

Then, there was Eve Teschmacher. Lillian despised the woman and disagreed with the idea of android posing as a human but what really stuck out to her was Lena's desire to use her research.

Lena wanted to use the research of another Luthor.

Apparently, Lena was also the cause of Eve's death in the first place.

Lillian often opposed killing humans unless they sided with the roaches that invaded their planet but she herself often saw the value of necessary sacrifices.

Lillian believed Eve was one of those necessary sacrifices. It was a sacrifice made towards Lena embracing her family name and becoming a true Luthor.

There was also the catalyst. It all happened because Lena had been too trusting. She got too close to an alien and Lillian was not surprised to find out that the very same alien betrayed her.

Kara Danvers revealed her secret and Lillian hoped that it was the final push Lena needed.

Lillian smiled cryptically. Perhaps Lena really was her daughter.

The elder woman believed that the world was truly about to understand the name; Lena Luthor.

Then, like any other proud mother would, Lillian mused to herself. "Well done, Lena. Well done."

Chapter Text

The Luthor Manor was an interesting place. Few knew of its location and most of those who did refused to go near it.

It was like a black cat or walking under a ladder; a superstition promising bad luck.

Lena had been there only a few times since her childhood. One of those times being when she hid Ruby Arias from her mother's evil alter ego; Reign.

There was one time that Hope had been there as well.

Lena was gathering some lab materials and she had brought her personal A.I. with her.

Hope knew where to go and she did just that.

The A.I. controlled CEO arrived on the grounds that the Manor resided upon not long after meeting with Lillian Luthor. The eldest Luthor was forced to give up the location of her research in order for Lena to rebuild Eve Teschmacher from scratch.

It was an unorthodox coping method but Hope wanted nothing more than for her creator to feel less grief.

Of course... there was no mansion in sight. Hope was well aware of the building's cloaking technology. It was precisely why the building acted as a good hiding spot from Reign.

Hope quickly deactivated the cloaking device to enter the large estate.

She came here with one purpose; find Mrs Luthor's research.

The mansion was almost a work of art in a way. The rooms were placed in carefully picked locations. The framing of the rooms in conjuction with the long halls was impressive.

Hope desired to find the vault that Lillian had mentioned ad quickly as she could. The A.I. didn't want to waste time. She couldn't afford it.

Ms Luthor needed to cure herself of the unease obtained after Eve's death and this was the best way to do it.

The vault door was located in a secret room in the basement which would be better described as a laboratory.

Hope approached the locked door to enter the combination; 12-5-14-1. Each number matched up to a letter in her stepdaughter's name.

The door made a sudden noise and popped open. It revealed a room similar in size to that of a small bank vault. Hope also took note of the material that coated the walls of the room. It was nth metal.

Hope wondered how Lillian had acquired enough of it to make a vault room out of it.

The A.I. ignored the detail and began searching through all the items in the vault.

She found a pair kryptonite hearts that the mother of two probably intended to use in order to make more versions of Metallo. There was a schematic that depicted one of Lena's kryptonite shields. Hope supposed that Lillian was trying to exploit it for weaknesses.

As Hope searched she found more and more of Lillian's most lucrative research and experiments.

She found a few files regarding the chemical formula for the Medusa virus. There was a few reports about alien weapon shipments and even a report about a failed Cadmus acquisition of two DEO agents that Hope recognized the name of; Alex Danvers and J'onn J'onzz.

After nearly an hour of sifting through various paper, schematics, reports, and a few other things, Hope found want she was looking for.

There was an entire file stored away in the vault about Hank Henshaw's cybernetic enhancements.

It was all layed out. All Ms Luthor would need to do was adapt it to be the foundation of an artificial being instead of an organic one.

It was exactly what Hope was tasked with finding.

Hope made a hasty exit in the wake of finding what she needed. She sealed the vault and made sure all the doors she had opened were closed.

After exiting the manor, Hope made sure to cloak it once more to prevent the world from discovering it. Immediately after, the A.I. once again opened a transmatter portal with the familiar watch.

Stepping through the portal took her track to the secret bunker she and Lena had been working out of.

She arrived in the same room where Eve had died. Hope made a hasty exit to find Ms Luthor.

The brunette CEO could be found in the lab room. She was currently writing E.V.E.'s program.

Lena was designing the Android to act exactly like Eve. It would have Eve's personality and make the same types of decisions as Eve.

Hope decided to gather Ms Luthor's attention. "Hello, Ms Luthor."

"Hello, Hope. I assume you acquired what I needed." Lena stated.

"Yes, Ms Luthor. Your mother was told me that the file was located in a vault in Luthor Manor. I went to retrieve it." Hope responded.

"Thank you." Lena said. It was rare bit of sincerity Lena let show in that moment. Lena had started guarding herself from everyone around her after Supergirl revealed her identity but the L-Corp CEO always remained completely sincere with Hope.

Well... she did until Eve died. It was like Lena was placed in the center of a barracade. Hope supposed that the small thank you was a sign that Ms Luthor was slowly starting open up to her A.I. companion again.

"How was your conversation with my mother, anyway?" Lena asked.

"It was rather difficult, Ms Luthor. The truth seeker had to be used in order to extract the necessary information." Hope stated.

Lena sighed and shook her head. "Typical of her. She never really cared to help me much, now did she?" Lena questioned, sarcastically.

Hope shook her head. "I have obtained sufficient evidence proving that this is untrue, Ms Luthor."

"What do you mean?" Lena asked. Her voice became cold again.

"I believe that Mrs Luthor truly does love you." Hope supplied.

Lena scoffed dramatically. "Please. I've been at the top of her hitlist more than once and last I checked mothers don't have hitlists."

"This is true, however, Mrs Luthor seemed somewhat interested in your recent developments. She was glad to find out that you finally discovered Supergirl's identity." Hope stated. The A.I. decided not to mention the code to Lillian's vault.

She believed that Lena would be better off not knowing I'd her emotions were to remain as unstable as they are now.

To her surprise, Lena seemed more fixated on the latter half of her statement. "She was glad that I finally found who Supergirl was?" Lena seemed puzzled.

"Yes, Ms Luthor. She appeared to be waiting for the day yo finally found out." Hope responded.

"She already knew that Supergirl was Kara Danvers?" Lena questioned.

Lena felt a little off saying that name. Ever since Jara had gotten herself hurt at the fortress of solitude, Lena had been exclusively referring to the kryptonian as Supergirl. The name Kara Danvers felt almost foreign as it passed her lips.

"She did." Hope confirmed.

Lena chuckled. "Of course she did... and she didn't even tell me. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised by that." Lena paused. "Just another person lying to my face."

Hope didn't respond. The A.I. simply handed the file to Lena so they could began enhancing the E.V.E. android. Lena was going to make sure that this new Eve couldn't be killed so easily and... seeing as it was not a real person, the youngest Luthor felt confident that E.V.E. wouldn't betray her.

"I'll begin designing the reinforcements. After that,I will upload all the memories and personality traits I obtained from you." Lena explained.

"Well planned, Ms Luthor." Hope responded.

Lena nodded. "In the meantime, I want you to continue perfecting myriad. We need to be sure that we will not have a of repeat the situation with Eve." Lena stated.

"Yes, Ms Luthor. There is no chance of the same occurrence. I have altered myriad's projected objective. It is no longer to do no harm, but to do no harm unless it is at the cost of the life of oneself or others." Hope responded.

"Excellent. Continue working on the device. I want it to work with hindrance when we activate it." Lena ordered.

"Yes, Ms Luthor." Hope replied and nodded.

"Do you have an estimate as to when we might be able to activate it?" Lena asked.

"The myriad replica is approaching completion. The only other necessary task is to finish adjusting the technology in the newest line if Obsidian Lenses to act as radiotowers for Q-wave projecting." Hope stated.

"How long will that take?" Lena questioned.

Hope replied quickly. "I estimate that we can begin the activation in less than a week."

Lena contemplated that thought. She couldn't believe that she was so close to fixing the world. She was less than a week away from curing the world of Lies And betrayal.

Lena believed she was going to do so much good with the recreation of myriad. She was going to do more good for the world than any Luthor could have hoped to do.

"Ms Luthor?" Hope pulled Lena out of her thoughts with her sudden questioning tone.

"What do you need, Hope?" Lena asked in response.

"When you activate the device, wouldn't you be subjected to its influence as well? How would you maintain the stable function of myriad if you too were under its directive?" The A.I. questioned.

"I have a set of inhibitors created by one of Lex's old associates; Maxwell Lord. I found them in L-Corp possession when I took over the company. They worked in the original myriad crisis and they'll work again." Lena answered.

"Very well, Ms Luthor." Hope left the room after receiving the answer. Lena supposed the A.I. was just doing as she asked and working on completing myriad.

Lena turned back to look at the partially assembled E.V.E. android before her. She was close to righting that wrong she created.

It was almost like an itch in her brain or ven her soul. She felt almost as though she would never have her emotions in check unless she recreated Eve in some way.

Lena smirked as she examined the file about Cyborg Superman. "Alright E.V.E., let's bring you to life."

Chapter Text

E.V.E.'s eyes opened rather innocently. It was almost like a human baby opening its eyes for the first time.

The android came to understand its purpose rather quickly. E.V.E. was the Electronic Variant Of Eve. Her purpose was to be Eve Teschmacher. She was to utilize the memories and personality given to her in order to mimic Eve.

E.V.E. scanned her surroundings. She appeared to be in some sort of lab. It was most likely underground which she determined by the exact type of architecture used.

It was also evident that the bunker-like complex belonged to Lex.

That was a part of Eve's personality assimilated into E.V.E. The android felt her human counterpart's attraction to Lex Luthor.

The longer the android had to process her existence, the more she came to believe that she was not simply a robotic copy of Eve, but rather an enhanced version of the blonde college graduate.

E.V.E. hadn't even had two minutes to comprehend her existence before encountering her first human; Lena Luthor.

The L-Corp CEO emerged from the shadows in the most literal sense possible.

The woman gained physical form from the darkness on the other side of the room. E.V.E. quickly deciphered that Lena Luthor must have obtained powers of her own, similar to how Lex obtained his own super powers from the harun-el.

"Hello, E.V.E." Lena greeted simply.

"Hello, Ms Luthor. I wish to know what has happened to me. The last memory I have is being in your lab. You were mapping the areas of my brain that relate to honesty and dishonesty." E.V.E. stated.

Lena knew this to be true. She had obtained Eve's memories from Hope. The last memory Hope would have had obtained from Eve was her imprisonment by Lena.

Hope had no saved memories of Eve's from after the A.I. changed hosts to Andrea Rojas.

"This may or may not surprise you but... you died." Lena stated.

"Surely, it was not Lex's doing." E.V.E. stated. It wasn't even a question. It was actually baffling for Lena to find out just how much faith Eve had in Lex.

"No. It wasn't." Lena responded. "It was me. You died in one of my experiments."

E.V.E. gave Lena a curious look. "You recreated me. I must admit that I am indeed grateful for a second opportunity but I am well aware of your mistrust in me."

E.V.E. was an interesting mix between Eve and an android. She had all the personality traits and views as Eve with all of the smarts and diction of an android. Not to mention the super human strength the petite blonde now had access to.

"I recreated you because I couldn't let someone else die because of my experiments... and I trust you now." Lena replied.

The android knew exactly what Lena was talking about. She referred to her stored memory to recall the death of Adam.

Lex and Eve knew of Lena's experiments with harun-el during the same year they were manipulating Red Daughter to soon destroy Supergirl's reputation.

It was a tool Lex used to mess with Lena's head when she broke into his cell at Strikers.

"Very well, Ms Luthor. I am indebted to you." E.V.E., rather simply, responded.

Lena smiled lightly. This was the reassurance that she needed. She was firm in her belief that she was doing good.

She corrected her mistake and was now free to continue working on Project Non Nocere.

"Thank you, E.V.E." The youngest Luthor replied. "Before we do anything else, I'd like you to become acquainted with your new body. Perhaps you run a diagnostics check?"

"Noted, Ms Luthor. I agree that a system diagnostics check would be wise with my new enhanced form." E.V.E. responded.

It was honestly fascinating for Lena to hear the android refer to herself and Eve Teschmacher as one in the same.

She kept using words like 'I' and 'my'. It felt wonderful. Lena was glad that E.V.E. saw herself as Eve.

Meanwhile, the android was finishing her system check. It was truly a technological spectacle. The entire system check took but a few seconds.

"I appear to be operating at peak functionality. However, there is one curious detail I wish to ask you about." E.V.E. said.

Lena nodded. "Of course. What's the matter?"

"Why do I possess such enhanced robotic muscles. My calculations deduce that I now have access to the same amount of strength as Superman." E.V.E. stated.

Lena was ecstatic. This is what she wanted. E.V.E. was as strong as a kryptonian. There was no way she could die now.

Of course that was not true. E.V.E. chose to compare herself to Superman for a reason.

The android was only as strong as the younger kryptonian. Kara Zor-El was stronger.

Lena ignored that. All that mattered to her was that E.V.E. had the power to hold her own against Superman.

"I gave you those enhancements to protect you. I decided that it would be best if you couldn't die so easily as you did previously." Lena explained.

"Thank you, Ms Luthor. I owe much for your interference. Without you, I would remain dead." E.V.E. reasoned.

Lena smiled. "It was no trouble."

E.V.E. shook her head. "Nonetheless, Ms Luthor, you have shown me deep gratitude just as your brother had. How may I repay your kindness?"

Lena internally felt a little angry at being compared to her brother but she choked down her distaste for the time being.

"Well... if you so wish, I am working on a project that I could use help with." Lena responded.

"What might this project be, Ms Luthor?" E.V. asked.

"I've been calling it Project Non Nocere. The goal is for humanity to do no harm. In order to do that, I am using a kryptonian program called myriad... or rather a replica of it." Lena started to explain.

"I am aware of myriad. I was in National City at the time. I have memories that are not my own. I can recall working as a form of drone." E.V.E. recalled.

Lena was intrigued by that. Of course, it wasn't surprising to discover that E.V.E. had fully assimilated all of Eve's memories. It was surprising to learn that Eve was in National City during the myriad crisis. Lena's use of the device on Eve to test it was not the first time the blonde had been influenced by it.

"I want to use myriad on the entire world. It won't work on everyone." Lena paused for a moment. "Supergirl will remain unaffected and several other aliens will as well... but, I can almost completely eradicate the human desire to lie and to betray."

There was another long pause before Lena spoke again. "I can make the world more perfect than its ever been."

E.V.E detected the pain behind Lena's words. It was clear that this was a project that meant a great deal to her.

"How may I help, Ms Luthor?" E.V.E asked.

"There are several things I could use your help with." Lena answered. "The first of which is to create some kind of inhibitor. I'm using myriad and Obsidian North's VR Lenses to broadcast the myriad signal."

"That seems like an excellent idea, Ms Luthor." E.V.E. replied.

"It does... except if I do that, I will be affected by the signal as well." Lena explained.

"Is that of importance, Ms Luthor. Do you not wish to suppress your own desire to lie and to betray." E.V.E. questioned.

"No. I need to remain unaffected if some sort of problem should ever occur with the device." Lena offered.

E.V.E. nodded in understanding.

"I would like you to create some sort of inhibitor that will render the myriad signal inert. That way I can remain in my current mind." Lena stated.

"How shall I complete this task, Ms Luthor?" E.V.E. asked.

"You will have to work closely with Hope." The L-Corp CEO stated. "You will have to test the myriad signal with her, pin down its pattern and create a device that emits a counter frequency."

"Hope?" E.V.E. stated, in a rather unrobotic manner. "That is the A.I. you used to control me. Is it not?"

"Yes. I'm not sure if that would make you uncomfortable but I really need both of you to make this project work as soon as possible." Lena responded.

"It offers mild discomfort but I can adjust my parameters to accept working with Hope if you so wish." E.V.E replied. Her tone was once again more robotic and simple.

"Adjust your parameters only if you want to." Lena answered. E.V.E. nodded.

"Would you keep to meet Hope?" Lena questioned.

E.V.E. appeared to nod quite reluctantly. "If I am to be working closely alongside Hope, then I believe we should indeed become acquainted."

"Follow Me." Lena said. Hope did just as Lena said and followed her to a separate room in the underground complex she appeared to be in.

They entered and E.V.E. caught sight of a brunette woman who appeared to be around the same age as Lena.

The woman turned around to greet both of them. "Hello, Ms Luthor. It appears as though you have succeeded in your recreation of Eve. I sincerely hope that the files I acquired from your mother were useful to you."

"They were. E.V.E., this is Hope." Lena said.

E.V.E. got a good look at the woman's face and scanned it rather quickly. The android cross-referenced it to a facial recognition database.

The android quickly learned a multitude of relevant information regarding the woman before her.

Hope was inhabiting a human named Andrea Rojas. She was the CEO of Obsidian North. E.V.E. deduced that this was how Lena had access to Obsidian North Lenses.

Ms Rojas had been a close of friend of Lena Luthor during their school days. It was rumored that the two had a bit of a falling out not long after they both went on expedition during their early adulthood.

They hadn't been in contact until recently when Lena sold Catco Worldwide Media to Ms Rojas.

"Hello, Hope." E.V.E. greeted.

"Hello, Ms Teschmacher." Hope responded in return.

There was an awkward silence after the greeting that was quickly broken by Lena. "How is our progress towards Non Nocere?"

"We are very close, Ms Luthor." Hope answered.

"How close?" Lena countered.

Hope walked over to a nearby table and picked up a device. It was the completed replica of myriad. "We should be ready to activate it within the next few days, Ms Luthor."

Chapter Text

Lena could not have fathomed how quickly her latest obsession came to fruition.

She was mere hours away from activating the latest version of myriad. The world was so close being cured of its deceit.

Work had been progressing just as predicted since E.V.E.'s activation.

Hope had already completed the myriad device they intended to use. It was smaller and far more streamlined than both the original and the test version that Lena used on Eve.

It was lacking in the alien tech needed to increase its range. That problem was solved of course.

Lena was using Obsidian North's latest Platinum VR Lenses to act as mini radio towers. The Q-waves would bounce off of every pair of Obsidian Lenses on the planet and affect everyone in their radius. It was a plan that would enable Lena Luthor to use myriad on the entire planet.

That was Hope's assignment. The A.I. was currently adding the necessary code to the Obsidian Platinum network.

The only flaw in the entire plan was that some aliens would remain unaffected. Supergirl would remain free of the device's control.

Lena didn't mind. It meant that Supergirl would have to witness Lena's triumph through her own eyes.

The blonde alien would see people like her adopted sister and mother become influenced by the device. She would have to witness how it would change their lives for the better.

There would also be many others who would remain immune to the Q-wave emitting, alien tech.

J'onn J'onnz was a close friend of Supergirl's. He would certainly be unaffected.

Their was also people like Nia and Brainy. Dreamer's power came from her mind and that meant she likely had all sorts of protection from outside influences.

Lena had also done plenty of research on the coluan friend of Supergirl's. Brainy would be protected by his personality inhibitors. They prevented the use of outside signals to harm the super genius.

Even if they were removed, Lena wasn't confident that myriad would affect Brainy.

It didn't matter though. Lena knew that some aliens could absolutely be affected by the device.

She remembered witnessing news coverage of the original myriad crisis. They depicted Superman as one of the aliens under myriad's control.

It was curious detail that Lena couldn't quite wrap her head around. Supergirl was unaffected while Superman was.

Lena shrugged it off. It wasn't something she felt the need to stress over.

In all her planning and careful consideration, there was actually one thing Lena had thought about but hadn't really accounted for; meta-humans.

The L-Corp CEO knew exactly how myriad was going to affect humans and several aliens but she never quite figured out meta-humans.

It didn't that meta-humans were not exactly a common occurrence.

Of course, they were on other Earth's but Lena only knew of Earth-38.

The only meta-human that the youngest Luthor was aware of was Psi and surely she would be unaffected. Psi's mind was her greatest weapon but also her greatest protector.

So naturally, Lena questioned. She was curious to know if they would be affected. She had half a mind to test it out.

She thought that perhaps she could gift a human powers and try to use myriad to control them.

Then... Lena remembered what happened the last time she experimented with giving people superpowers.

She would not be trying that again.

In all her thinking and reflecting on her current project and the affects it might have, Lena came to a sudden realization.

Would myriad affect her?

She already ordered E.V.E. to make an inhibitor device so she would remain unaffected but Lena hadn't taken into consideration that she was a meta-human.

She stared down at her hands. They faded into the shadows of the area surrounding her.

Lena stood there for a moment before her hands faded back in to the reality she was familiar with.

Lena had meta-human abilities. That left Lena to question if being a meta-human somehow altered the way the brain functions; effectively protecting oneself from being controlled by myriad.

The brunette itched to test her theory but there was no time. Myriad would be activated soon.

Lena ultimately determined that it would be best if she didn't take the chance. She was going to wear the inhibitor device just as a precaution. She saw no use on relying on her meta-human status.

It was the news coverage of the myriad crisis that also introduced her to the idea of a Q-wave inhibitor.

Maxwell Lord was at the center of that attack just as Supergirl was.

Lena knew this because she had done endless research on the myriad crisis in preparation for the launch or rather re-launch of myriad.

Lord was a billionaire scientist of his own. Of course, he and Lena were very different.

Max was mildly unstable at the best of times. He was known for taking little consideration when it came to the potential consequences of his outcomes. The red kryptonite incident that Supergirl experienced was evident enough of that.

Then, there was also the fact that Max was far less modest. He too sure in his abilities and he was always overly confident that he would have a greater part to play than most.

In some ways, he was like Lex; dedicating himself to cause as wholeheartedly as he could without the willingness to bite the bullet for that cause.

That was a difference between Lena and Max... or Lex.

Lena would happily make any necessary sacrifice to see myriad through to completion. At least... Lena liked to think she would.

However, that wasn't true. The brunette was barely able to tolerate the loss of Eve, so much so that she created an android clone of her.

Lena wouldn't be able to make such a sacrifice again. No one else would die or she wouldn't forgive herself.

In the moment though the youngest Luthor truly believed she would sacrifice anything, even herself if she had to.

It would have been clear to those closest to Lena that she had become mildly disillusioned. Hope had even begun to suspect that to a degree but hadn't done much about it.

The A.I. companion simply wondered why. What was Lena acting so much unlike herself? The L-Corp CEO didn't often do things based on impulse. Sure, Lena was hurt and the activation of myriad seemed like a logical solution but that wasn't what tipped Hope off.

It was the situation with Eve. Lena's decision to essentially play God and ressurect someone she didn't even trust was entirely to sudden and impulsive for Hope to understand.

The A.I. certainly had hesitations about testing on Eve but she didn't feel any remorse for the loss nor did she see the need to recreate their fallen test subject as a robot with the physical power to rival that of a rookie kryptonian.

It was puzzling. Hope was lost her in calculations while Lena was lost in her thoughts in the very next room.

One was ready and saw no problems with the decision she made while the other was uncertain and cautious as to whether or not Lena was anywhere near right mind.

Both Lena and Hope had their attention suddenly pulled elsewhere when the steady, robotic voice of E.V.E. could be heard on the secret banker's loudspeaker.

"Ms Luthor, the inhibitor you asked for is complete. Everything is now ready the activation of myriad." The android stated.

Lena and Hope both made their way to the main room of the bunker after the message was heard.

"We're absolutely sure that the Obsidian Lenses are going work with the Q-waves?" Lena asked.

"Yes, Ms Luthor. The Obsidian Lenses we tested with worked well and I successfully updated their global server to function in tandem with the myriad signal." Hope responded, still wearing the face of Lena's old friend; Andrea Rojas

"Excellent. E.V.E., I need you to hand me the inhibitor. You both will be unaffected as the signal will now affect your technology but I'm not so lucky." Lena said half seriously and half sarcastically.

"Here you are, Ms Luthor." E.V.E said as she handed the signal inhibitors to Lena.

"I've been betrayed by everyone I've ever known. Lex, Lillian, Andrea, Eve, Supergirl... they all betrayed me. I'm about to stop that." Lena mused in a rather somber manner.

The genius billionaire Luthor was simply in awe. She was about to cure the world of lies, decit, and betrayal.

All she had to do was press a simple button on the front of the small circular myriad device and the world would be fixed.

Lena reached her hand out and slowly allowed her pointer finger to unfold and grow closer and closer to the button.

She was so close to completing her project with no interference.

But... something happened. The ground around the bunker suddenly shook. It was as if a minor earthquake occurred.

All three of Lena, Hope, and E.V.E. were suddenly forced to grip on to nearby objects to prevent themselves from falling over.

There were a few loud crashes in the lab. Luckily for Lena, myriad remained undamaged.

"What just happened, Ms Luthor?" Hope asked.

Just then, another sudden shake occurred in the lab.

"I don't know but I get the feeling it wasn't natural." Lena said in panicked voice.

"Do you wish to activate the device regardless, Ms Luthor?" E.V.E. asked.

Lena hesitated. She wanted to say yes. She was so close to her project's completion. The only problem was that these sudden quakes could pose a threat to the planet and by extension the success of Project Non Nocere.

"No. As much as I don't want to. We have to wait." Lena stated.

Her words were punctuated with another even more violent shake of the Earth.

Lena's intuition was correct. There was something happening on the surface that they couldn't have predicted.

There was a threat, an event, an emergency.

There was.... a crisis.

Chapter Text

It was merely one hour prior to the quakes that Lena experienced in one of Lex's old underground laboratories.

Kara was resting at the DEO. The past few days had been emotional and stressful for Kara.

Everyone around her kept trying to let the blonde know that the situation with Lena wasn't her fault, that Lena was the one to blame, that she was the one to go full Luthor all of a sudden.

Kara didn't believe it.

The kryptonian heroine blamed herself for the recent choices made by Lena.

Lena never would have done any of this if Kara never kept her secret from her. She believed herself to be cruel because she hid her true self from her best friend.

She thought it was all her fault and she also knew that Lena blamed her too. That's all that mattered to Kara now.

The person she is in love with despises her for her choices and Kara believes that there is nothing wrong with that.

She believed that she was Eve's killer.

All she could think about was that Supergirl doesn't kill. But in truth... she did.

Crying had become a regular occurrence since her memories came back.

She did her best to hide it from everyone. Of course. Alex had seen her cry a few times as did everyone else at least once but it was worse than any of them knew.

Kara had begun crying herself to sleep at night in the DEO medbay. It was an emotional release for her.

The blonde also had trouble sleeping at night. She had woken up in the middle of the night quite often in the past week.

No one knew. They only knew the surface level of her pain. Alex knew she was upset because of the events with Lena but she didn't know that Kara's emotions were starting to eat away at her.

Kelly helped talk Kara through the pain of Lena's betrayal and that helped a little but... not enough.

Kara was devastated because the person she was in love with went dark because of her secret.

Kara had been resting in the medical room with Alex and Nia for most of the day so far.

"Kara, I've been meaning to ask I'd you want to me to bring over some notes on potential puff pieces so you can slowly get back into work while your stuck here. I can ask Andrea for you." Nia offered.

"Thanks, Nia. I'd appreciate it." Kara lied.

In truth, Kara was dreading a return to Catco. She knew Andrea would ask her to exploit her friendship with Lena for a story and Kara would struggle not to cry at the mention of visiting Lena.

She opted not to tell Nia or Alex or... anyone. Kara always had an excessive idea of selflessness. The blonde alien often kept her emotions and feelings to herself so other people wouldn't be inconvenienced or have to worry about her.

That idea was only more cemented into Kara as of recently. That was because the last time she really let her emotions drive her was when Lena made kryptonite.

Kara snapped at her and that was the catalyst to their eventual falling out.

Kara believed it would be best for everyone if she locked away her emotions and threw away the key.

She was well aware that Kelly would tell her not to do that. Kelly would want her to talk through her emotions.

Kara couldn't bring herself to do it. She had tried to do something similar after Mon-El left Earth.

She tried closing herself off. The only thing she had to do differently was do a better job at hiding the fact that she wasn't ok. With Mon-El, everyone could see it. This time, Kara would put up a front to prevent anyone from finding out just empty she was feeling after Lena's betrayal.

So far... it had been working. They all knew she was upset and sad after the events that transpired but they were unaware of the truth extent of how shattered Kara felt.

"Anything that will take your mind off of sitting in a broing room until your powers come back." Alex said.

Kara offered a small smile.

Just then, J'onn entered the room. "Alex, I just scanned Eve's mind like you asked." J'onn said.

Alex had indeed asked J'onn to scan Eve for any leftover psychic energy. Of course, Eve was completely brain dead now but a psychic trace could still be detected if there was one.

"What did you find?" Alex asked.

J'onn didn't answer right away. "Perhaps you would like to discuss this in a different room. I'm sure Nia would be happy stay with Kara."

It was a nice sentiment. J'onn knew that the news he carried could be potentially distressing to Kara.

Alex turned to look at her sister. "Are you ok?"

Kara knew that she was really asking if she'd be alright to know of what J'onn might have discovered. "I'll be fine." Kara stated. It was a blatant lie but Kara couldn't let anyone know that.

"Continue." Alex said, opting not to leave the room. She believed Kara was telling the truth. She believed Kara could handle it.

"Very well." J'onn said. "There was a leftover trace of Q-wave energy but not an amount as large as we're used to seeing."

"What does that mean?" Nia asked.

"It means that she was affected by myriad, wasn't she?" Alex asked with a bit of hostility directed at a non-present Lena.

"Yes. I would guess that she died while not fully under its control." J'onn explained.

"So... she died while the device was not fully influencing her mind? Why would that be?" Alex questioned.

"Lena was testing on her." Kara said, suddenly. It cut through the room like a sharp blade.

There was a lingering silence before Nia spoke up. "How do you know?"

"I don't." Kara said quickly.

Everyone waited for Kara to give an explanation.

After another moment of silence, she did. "I know two different Lenas." Kara inhaled sharply while staring solemnly into the floor. "Testing her project on Eve is something that the second might do."

Alex, Nia, and J'onn didn't know what to say. They all felt bad for the kryptonian. She was still clearly affected by the recent events she had endured.

On the other hand, they took it as a good sign. It was the first time since she found out Lena was lying to her that she hadn't blamed herself. Any one of them would have accepted Kara to say that 'it was something she pushed Lena into doing' but... she didn't. They thought it was progress.

The only problem was that it was a lie. It was part of Kara's front. She believed she was protecting them by not allowing them to know the full extent of her despair.

That's why Kara told them that she knew two different Lenas. It was a metaphor that they wanted to hear from her.

In truth, Kara knew it was all just the one Lena and she knew it was her own fault that the woman she loves had gone dark.

The long pause in the room was broken by J'onn. "It's a reasonable assumption." He said, referring to Kara's guess about Eve being a test subject of Lena's new myriad.

"But we saw Eve was at Mount Noroquay working with Lena. Why would Lena suddenly test the device on her and how would myriad have had anything anything do with her death? She died on repetitive blunt force trauma." Alex stated. The redhead was clearly wishing she had more answers.

"I don't know. There are a lot of unanswered questions." J'onn reasoned.

Nia nodded. "That's true. We still don't know if Andrea is involved in anyway either."

"If Brainy were in the room right now... he would probably say that there was specific chance that we won't find those answers anytime soon." Kara tried to joke. It was once again an attempt to hide her grief.

"Speaking of Brainy, he is repairing our Q-wave scanner as we speak." J'onn said.

"He is?" Kara asked suddenly. She was surprisingly fearful of the potential for a coming conflict with Lena.

"Yes. He was able to scan Eve's mind after I found the residual Q-wave energy. The Q-wave signature is now in the DEO database." The martian supplied.

Alex was tried to hide any emotions at the news. She didn't want to hurt Kara because of her reaction to possibly of being able to make Lena pay in the near future.

Kara was the next to speak. "Well I suppose we should..."

Her sentence was interrupted a sudden shaking of the earth. Everyone in the room struggled to maintain there balance while dome object fell off tables in the medbay.

The quaking momentarily subsided.

"Was that an earthquake?" Nia asked.

"It seems like it but that was rather short. There might be another one coming." J'onn answered.

Alex made a quick move over to Kara who had thankfully remained on the DEO medical bed.

"Let's get you standing. If the quake comes back. I don't want you to fall over." Alex said.

Kara had not yet stood up since she received her traumatic injuries because of Lena.

Of course, the problem wasn't her legs. It was her lack of energy that forced her to rest.

Kara held onto her sister tightly as she pulled herself off the bed. The blonde tried to place a foot down and wobbled slightly but remained standing just enough.

As a precaution, Alex positioned Kara so that the blonde was holding onto her shoulder, using her as a crutch.

"We should probably find out what happened." J'onn said.

With that, the the Danvers sisters, J'onn, and Nia all made their way out of the DEO medical wing.

They were greeted by Brainy and James in the main room.

"What happened?" Alex asked.

"It appears to be. Low level earthquake but we aren't sure what caused it." Brainy answered.

Right as he finished his statement, the ground quakes again. This time it was little more severe than the first.

Kara and Lex were starting to lose their balance so James moved forward to help prop the kryptonian up.

It was about a minute before the quake subsided. Once it did, the DEO alarm went off. The flashing red light illuminated the entire room.

Everything that was happening was so sudden. No one understood what was occurring.

There was sudden white flash in front of the Superfriends and there now stood a figure before them. He wore Strange armor and had an impactful demeanor.

None of them recognized him except... Kara.

"Mar Novu?" She questioned.

Everyone gave her a confused look. They had no clue who this was or how Kara knew of him.

They all turned their gaze back to being before them.

At last, he spoke. "Kara Zor-El; The Paragaon Of Hope." He addressed her, earning even more confused looks.

His next words though, were cause for real concern.

"The Crisis has begun."

Chapter Text

“I’m sorry but... who are you?” Alex asked.

The man stood proudly with a face of unwavering stoicness. “I am the Monitor.” He answered.

“Kara?” The blonde looked at Nia as she spoke her name. “You know this guy?” She questioned.

Kara nodded. “Yes. He is kind of like... a cosmic being I guess. He tested Barry, Oliver, and I about a year ago. A man called John Deegan used the Book Of Destiny to... rewrite reality.”

"The Book Of Destiny?" J'onn asked.

Kara nodded. "Yeah. It was before you wiped Alex's memory. The book created a world where Deegan was Superman and Alex was my prison guard." Kara explained even though it left the group with many more questions.

"That's really strange." Nia said.

“So why are you here now?” James asked. All attention went back to the Monitor.

“I am here because there is a crisis beginning.” He said.

“Oh no.” Kara practically whispered. A few of the Superfriends gave her confused looks.

“You already said that but you haven’t told us anything about it. No one of us know what’s going on except for... Kara apparently.” Alex argued.

“A being called the Anti-Monitor is eradicating worlds with a wave of antimatter. This threatens to wipe out the entirety of the multiverse.” The Monitor explained.

"That means… it started? The crisis that Barry said he was supposed to die in?" Kara asked.

"That crisis has indeed begun." The Monitor answered.

Kara's expression fell at his words. She had just lost her best friend in a way. She didn't want to lose anyone else. However, the blonde was currently unaware of the true magnitude of this crisis.

Alex saw it in her facial features. She could tell Kara was scared to see anyone else die.

"How do we… I don't know… stop it from happening?" The redhead questioned.

"The Book Of Destiny details that the heroes of the multiverse along with the seven paragons are the best defense against the Anti-Monitors multivariate threat." Mar Novu answered.

At this point a few people in the room were getting a little fed up with the vague and stoic answers that offered even more questions. Alex in particular was losing a lot of patience.

Before anyone could respond another large quake shook the DEO building from top to bottom.

The quake was a little shorter this time but its power was not to be scoffed at.

After it ended, Brainy was the next to speak up.

"You spoke of the seven paragons." The coluan pointed out.

Everyone turned their attention to him.

"You know what he's talking about?" James questioned.

"Yes, I do. I come from the 31st century." Brainy answered.

Kara gave him a look that seemed both concerned and optimistic at the same time.

"Wait... if you come from the future then... we know how this whole thing will end... right? Because the future still exists." Kara reasoned.

Brainy shook his head. "We know how the original timeline will play out. However, I was not present during the original Crisis On Infinite Earths. Me being here will surely have adverse effects that will cause a different outcome in some way."

"Crisis On Infinite Earths?" Nia asked.

Brainy nodded. "It is the name of this event in history among citizens of the future."

J'onn was next to speak up and he tried to move the conversation back to the matter at hand. "You said that the heroes of the multiverse will have to fight alongside seven paragons. What do you mean by the seven paragons?" He asked.

The Monitor took a few steps forward before continuing his explanation. "The Book Of Destiny has identified seven extraordinary beings of the universe. These beings are the paragons."

"Why are they more important than the rest of the heroes?" Alex questioned.

"The paragons are individuals that represent the best of the multiverse. If any one of them should perish or fail in their mission, the multiverse will cease to exist." The Monitor explained.

"Precisely. As the story in the future goes there were seven heroes that represented the infinite earths in existence by their title." Brainy explained.

"Title?" James questioned. "So each one of them represents something different?" He asked.

The Monitor nodded his head ever so slightly. "Yes. The paragons represent love, hope, destiny, courage, honor, truth, and humanity."

"In the 31st century, the paragon identities are unknown. We only know them by their titles." Brainy interjected.

Everyone in the room took a moment to absorb this information all while the DEO's alarm continued to sound in the background with a flashing red light.

Nia spoke up. "Wait a second. When you arrived, you addressed Kara as the Paragon Of Hope."

Kara's eyes widened. Nia was right. He did address her as Kara Zor-El, the Paragon Of Hope.

"This is correct." Mar Novu raised and outstretched his hands. Suddenly, a large book that only Kara recognized was summoned into his hands.

"The Book Of Destiny." Kara stated before anyone could ask about it.

The Monitor began to read a direct quote from the book. "The second paragon is a hero who has experienced greater hardships than any other. In spite of the grave nature of her universe's timeline, she continues to fight for the best outcome as the Paragon Of Hope, otherwise known as Kara Zor-El of Earth 38 in the 21st Century."

Kara was surprised to say the least. There was now way she could believe that she was meant to be the Paragon of Hope when she currently felt no hope at all.

There was no way she would allow herself to say anything on the subject.

Everyone around her would want her to accept her status as a multiversal savior so... she had to. She couldn't let anyone know of the hopelessness she felt.

"Wow... that's a lot to take in. My little sister is... one of the seven protectors of an entire multiverse!" Alex said a little excitedly. Needless to say, she had never been more proud of the little blonde alien who crashed into her life all those years ago.

Alex's words were meant to be encouraging and hopeful just as Kara often was but the kryptonian heroine felt a little sadder at her words.

She felt that Alex and everyone else would be so disappointed in her if they ever found out just how much of her hope had dissipated recently.

All Kara could bring herself to do was joke lightheartedly about it. “You know, I’m technically older... right?”

“Only, technically.” Alex responded. Kara gave a small smile in return.

“I love sisterly relationships as much as anyone else but we have a literal crisis happening. We need to start figuring out how to fight this.” James said.

“Yes, we do.” Alex reverted back to Director Danvers after just being Alex with her sister for a moment. “Kara is one of the seven paragons but what about the other six?” She asked.

“There is another paragon in the room with us.” The Monitor answered.

Nia looked rather shocked at that. “Really? How is that possible. Brainy mentioned that there are an infinite number of earths but... somehow there are two paragons on this earth!”

“Of all the earths in existence, Earth 1 and Earth 38 are pivotal in forging the guardians of all other parallel worlds.” Mar Novu answered.

“Which one of us is the other paragon?” J’onn asked.

The Monitor once again glanced down at the Book Of Destiny to offer insight on the next paragon. “The fifth paragon is an otherworldly hero coming from a world with a rich culture much unlike all others. He has always been dedicated to showing those around him great respect as the Paragon Of Honor, otherise known as J’onn J’onzz of Earth 38 in the 21st century.”

“So J’onn is also a paragon.” Alex stated in acknowledgement.

“There is still the question of the other five; love, destiny, courage, truth, and humanity.” Brainy stated.

“You will meet some of the other paragons shortly. They are preparing themselves for the fight that approaches. The heroes will make their stand here on Earth 38. Harbinger will arrive amongst them when they are ready.” The Monitor replied.

“How long until this... antimatter wave hits us?” Alex asked.

“I have used DEO equipment to track the wave’s movement and speed. By my calculations, we have precisely 5.3 hours before our world is destroyed. It will continue destroying every existing planet until it reaches us.” Brainy stated.

Everyone nodded except for Nia. Brainy said that the wave of antimatter will continue to destroy every planet on its way to Earth and that caused her to start dreaming.

“I suggest that you all prepare yourselves while we await the arrival of the other heroes. You are all the best chance the multiverse has of surviving.” Mar Novu addressed.

Kara couldn’t believe what was happening. She was one of seven multiversal heroes that were fated to protect an infinite number of worlds alongside Alex, J’onn, Nia, Brainy, James, and an array of other heroes from different universes.

The blonde hadn't even thought about the fact that she was currently without her powers as result of her recent injuries. How was she supposed to fight without her powers?

Then... the kryptonian heroine noticed Nia. The naltorian was clearly spaces out to some degree. It looked like she was dreaming. Kara was hoping Nia would see the outcome of this crisis in her dreams. The brunette could tell them how to win.

"Nia?" Kara questioned, lightly.

There was a sudden gasp coming from the young alien.

"Nia, what did you see?" Alex asked, quickly surmising that she had used her powers.

"I... I saw a planet being completely wiped out." Nia said. It was clear that she was a little frightened by what she saw.

"No... that no... our Earth is going to die?" It was hard for anyone in the room to ignore how broken Kara sounded at the possibility of losing another planet.

Nia shook her head. "Kara, I... I didn't dream of Earth. I... It was Argo."

Chapter Text

Nia was certain she’d never seen Kara this scared in the entire time that she’d known her.

“Ar-argo? No. No... please no. I-I can’t lose them. I c-can’t.” Kara started panicking.

Alex saw how distressed her sister was and started thinking quickly. “We have to save them. Can we get a ship up there to bring them to Earth?”

Brainy shook his head. “We wouldn’t have enough time. The antimatter wave will hit argo within the next 17.6 minutes.”

“But... we have to. My... my mom is up there... and Kal-El, Lois, Jonathan.” Kara whispered, sounding more defeated than she ever had.

Her mother was up there and Kal-El and Lois were as well because they were celebrating the birth of Jonathan Kent.

“What if they used a ship of theirs to travel to Earth?” J’onn asked.

Kara choked down a sob. There were now a few tear stains on her cheeks. “They... they might not have m-many ships but we could try. We can warn them... with the hologram messager.”

Before anyone could agree to Kara’s plan the blonde propelled herself off of Alex who she had till been using as a crutch. The blonde struggled to walk a little and it didn't help that she was going a bit fast due to her panic.

Alex followed Kara to stop her from hurting herself by getting her to slow down but it was futile.

J’onn responded quickly by flying over to Kara and picking her up. He was able to fly her to the DEO main computer. “Thanks.” The blonde breathed out.

It was clear that kara still needed time to heal. She was already out of breath and all she did was try and walk on her own.

“I’ll try and get the message to send as fast as I can.” Alex said.

The Monitor had been standing back, watching the situation unfold in front of him. As Alex was preparing to activate the message, he walked towards them with his boots making an intimidating noise as he took each step.

“The antimatter wave is going to impede communication. The message will be heavily impaired when it is transmitted to Argo City.” He stated.

There was a moment where no one said anything. Alex kept working to get the message up and running while everyone else stood and watched in fear for Kara’s family.

The silence was broken by none other than Kara. “I. Don’t. Care.”

It was mildly frightening to say the least. It was clear to everyone that Kara was going to save her family no matter what she had to do.

It took a few more minutes for Alex to get the hologram messager working properly.

“Kara, it’s ready.” The redhead said simply.

Kara nodded and prepared hereslf. She was going to have to warn them. Alex activated the messager and Kara was suddenly seeing her mother’s home in Argo.

It had been a while since she had seen it. It didn’t take Kara long to notice Kal-El and Lois on the other side of the room.

“Kal-El!” she shouted. It worked as it was more than enough to get hius and Lois’s attention.

The couple walked over to the hologram of Kara with Jonathan in Lois’s arms.

Kal-El was the first to speak. “Kara? What’s wrong? You sound worried.” He said. When he saw his cousin, he feared that there might be a threat that needed his help on earth. He wasn't entirely wrong.

They were clearly confused by the situation and Kara couldn’t blame them. She had just appeared out of nowhere as a hologram to warn them that the planet they were on was about to be destroyed.

“I am. You (glitch) off world. There is a (glitch). It will (glitch) Argo in a few (glitch). Please find my (glitch) escape.” Kara’s words were plagued with technological errors. Mar Novu was right. The antimatter wave was close enough to Argo to hinder the communication.

“Kara, you’re glitching. We can’t understand you.” Lois stated.

“Argo (glitch) be destroyed. You (glitch) leave now!” Kara simplified her warning. She needed them to leave now.

“She’s trying to warn us. We need to leave.” Lois said.

Kal-El looked at her worriedly. “But how? There are currently no ships here and any pods we have are currently under repair.” He responded.

Kara watched the conversation and felt her heart start to crack a little. They had no way of getting off-world. She was going to lose every kryptonian all over again. She remembered the feeling she had when she saw her mother alive on Argo City when she visited for the harun-el. It was the greatest feeling the kryptonian had ever felt in her life. Now, she was certain she was about to feel the worst she’d ever felt.

Kal-El and Lois were frantically trying to come up with a solution when a sudden and large quake shook the entirety of Argo. Lois held Jonathan close and Kal-El held both of them.

The sky darkened to a blood red hue. The antimatter wave was approaching and there was nothing they could do to stop it.

They weren't even aware that it was a wave of antimatter as Kara's hologram was having communication glitches.

All they knew was that something very bad was happening.

Meanwhile, Kara was panicking. They couldn't escape and she had know idea if her mother was anywhere near them.

The real Kara turned to Alex. "Cut it off." She whispered, referring to the messager.

It was a clear sign that Kara was breaking at the seams. It was like she was about to watch the entirety of Krypton explode in a fiery mass all over again.

The only difference was that this time she wouldn't be the last daughter of Krypton but rather... the last descendant of Krypton.

"Kara, are... are you sure?" Alex asked, lightly.

Kara nodded as tears started pouring down her cheeks. Sobs wracked her entire body. "I... I c-can't watch. I can't s-see it... not again!" The blonde cried out.

It was heartbreaking. Kara couldn't bare to see her home explode again.

"Ok. I'll turn it off." Alex did exactly that. The communication between the DEO and Argo was ended. Kara's hologram disappeared in front of Kal-El, Lois, and Jonathan.

The Monitor was quietly watching the event unfold. He was beginning to notice that the Paragon Of Hope was losing just that; hope.

There was only one way to keep Kara in the right frame of mind in order to save the multiverse.

Mar Novu had to save Kara Zor-El's family.

In a white flash, he disappeared, much to the confusion of everyone at the DEO.

"Where did he go? He can't just drop this crisis stuff on us and just leave!" Alex shouted, as she noticed his absence.

Kara might have also said something but she was too distracted by the fact that Argo was in danger.

Tears continued to pour from the girl's blue irises.

While that was happening, Mar Novu arrived in Argo City.

There was yet another white flash signifying his arrival. He was in Alura Zor-El's home. Before him stood the Superman of Earth 38 and Lois Lane holding their child; Jonathan Kent.

The quakes were getting more unstable as the wave threatened to collide with Argo in mere moments.

Kal-El was able to glance up from holding Lois and Jonathan.

"Who are you?" He asked.

The Monitor simply walked closer to them as the planet around them began to collapse.

"There is no time. I am here on behalf of the Paragon Of Hope; Kara Zor-El. We must retreat to Earth 38." He stated.

Kal-El looked hesitant. Lois was actually the one to speak up. "We trust you! Let's go!" She shouted.

All she could think about at that moment was giving her son the best chance of surviving. The Monitor offered that best chance.

The Monitor's answer was not audible. Instead he approached the family and engulfed them all in his signature white flash. He was bringing them to earth. They would be able to play their own roles in the crisis and the Paragon Of Hope would have some remaining family to fight by her side.

Kara was crying on her knees. The remains of her home world were about to meet the same fate as the rest of it did all those years ago.

A faint boom could be heard in the distance. It marked the loss of Argo City.

Everyone in the room could see it. Any other person would have thought the explosion hit Kara as well. She visibly recoiled further into her despair.

Kara let out a large cry. It was reminiscent of her self-deprecating scream that caused her to lose her voice back when she passed out in the fortress of solitude.

It was a disturbing, agonizing scream that would make anyone's stomach turn.

Alex tried to comfort her little sister.

The redhead knelt down next to her and embraced her in a hug. The elder Danvers sister opted to stay silent and let Kara cry it out.

She wasn't going to tell the blonde that everything was alright because it wasn't. She had to go through this twice in her life and no person should have to go through it once to begin with.

Then, the Monitor reappeared. The same white flash that signified his departure just a couple of minutes ago now denoted his arrival.

This time though, he wasn't alone. Standing alongside him was the Kent family.

Kara looked up to meet the Monitor's gaze only to see her cousin, his wife, and their son.

A wave of relief washed over the blonde faster than she could have ever imagined.

It was even greater than the relief she felt when she saw Kal-El for the first time after she crashed on Earth.

"Kal-El?" Kara picked herself up off the floor and stumbled over to her cousin. She trapped him in one of the biggest hugs he'd ever received.

"I-I thought... I was… going to see you die. I thought... y-you did." Kara stuttered.

Kara pulled away after a minute so she could wipe her tears.

"I… I thought I was going to die too." He responded. "But... this man saved us." He gestured to the Monitor.

Kara gazed at the Monitor and gave him the most clear and sincere words she'd said in days. "Thank you."

The Monitor remained stoic and kept any potential emotion completely hidden. Kara was beginning to wonder if he ever felt emotions.

"I'm so glad we're alive but I would like to know what just happened. Why was Argo being destroyed?" Lois spoke up.

Kara looked around the room to Alex, Nia, J'onn, Brainy, James.

In response to Lois’s question, they all said the same thing at the same time. It was a one word answer.


Chapter Text

“I thought you weren’t going to make it but Mar Novu saved you.” Kara and the Superfriends had finished catching Kal and Lois up to speed on the current situation regarding the Crisis On Infinite Earths. They were currently all crowded around the table in the DEO meeting room.

“Well I suppose I owe the Monitor a thank you.” Kal said as he glanced over to the figure in question. “You saved me, my wife, and my son. I can’t thank you enough.”

The Monitor stood still and replied in his usual deep town. “You can thank me by helping the other heroes and the seven paragons in the fight against the Anti-Monitor. You more than most will be able to understand the true magnitude of the antimatter’s destructive capabilities.”

“Yes. I can’t believe that all of Argo could just... I can’t imagine what that’s like for you.” Kal said as he shifted his gaze to Kara.

“I’m so sorry about your mother.” Lois said.

Kara wanted to mourn the loss of her mother. She really wished that she could break down and cry but she knew... she had to wait. She couldn't collapse in a puddle of tears until she saved the other world she called home.

Even still... it hurt to know that her mother wasn't with her. “I’ll miss her. Is it... is it weird that it doesn’t hurt any less than it did the first time?” Kara asked. “I mean I thought I lost her once before. Shouldn’t it... hurt less the second time?”

Everyone gazed solemnly ast Kara.

“Of course not.” Alex said, somberly.

“I can’t imagine what it would be like... if my mother was somehow alive only to die again.” Nia stated.

“Neither can I with my father.” J’onn agreed.

Kara nodded while wiping away a few stray tears. “What matters now is that we stop that from happening to this planet. I won’t let my home explode a third time.”

“The other heroes shall be arriving soon. We will make our stand to stop the antimatter in this universe before it can wipe out anymore.” The Monitor stated.

“Wait. How is Kara supposed to fight as the Paragon Of Hope if her powers haven’t come back yet?” James asked.

“You don’t have your powers. Did you solar flare?” Kal asked.

Kara shook her head. She was about to explain what happened when she hesitated. She didn’t know how Kal-El would respond. 

“No. I... Lena found out I was Supergirl... and because she felt betrayed... she... used kryptonite on me. I... I almost died.” Kara really wanted to reiterate that it was her fault but everyone around her would want her to blame Lena so she said nothing.

The kryptonian heroine half expected Kal-El to say something along the lines of ‘you should never have trusted a Luthor’ or ‘she's been just like Lex this whole time.’ But he didn’t.

He gave her a saddened look before responding. “I’m so sorry Kara.”

Kara hadn’t felt relieved in quite awhile. She was afraid she would have to fight the urge to throw her cousin to the moon. Everyone would think she was crazy. She was still willing to fight for the woman she loved even though that same woman almost killed her.

She was incredibly thankful that Kal was so understanding.

J’onn broke the silence when he spoke up next. “James raises a good point. Kara just started being able to walk again after her injuries. There’s no way she can fight.”

“J’onn’s right. You can’t go out there powerless and we can’t just... make them come back right this second.” Alex agreed.

“But... Kara is one of the paragons. The Monitor said that without all seven paragons... the multiverse is doomed.” Nia stated.

“So... that would mean that no matter what we do... we are going to fail?” Alex asked.

There was a quiet moment where everyone thought about their current predicament. It was true that the Monitor had said the universe needed all seven of the paragons in order to stop the Anti-Monitor.

“What are we supposed to do?” J’onn asked.

Mar Novu took a few steps forward. “Kara Zor-El’s abilities are needed in the coming conflict. I shall have to restore your abilities with the Book Of Destiny.”

Kara took a deep breath. “If that’s the only way then... I don’t think I have much of a choice.”

“Very well.” The Monitor once again summoned the Book Of Destiny into his arms.

“Is this going to hurt?” Kara asked.

“It shall not cause you pain. It will heal you to the point of your power returning. Your full strength will be needed if we wish to stop the Anti-Monitor.” The Monitor responded.

Kara nodded. “Do it.” Mar Novu did exactly as Kara said and opened the book.

The Monitor read through several pages as the energy from the book flowed outwards toward Kara. The energy engulfed her and lifted her upwards. Her body was now floating off the floor and was slowly being illuminated by the white light.

The Monitor continued flipping through pages of the book before he suddenly closed it.

A large white flash brighter and more blinding than those of the Monitor himself illuminated the room. Everyone except Mar Novu had to avert their eyes to avoid the pain of the bright light.

When the sudden flash was over, they all turned back around to see what had happened.

They were greeted with the sight of Kara hovering in the air like the heroic figure she was. It was a sight some of the Superfriends had never been so happy to see.

It was hard for all of them to see Kara in her weakened state and now they no longer had to witness it... even if some of them wouldn't be able to get the image of a comatose Kara out of their minds.

Kara felt so invigorated. It was in that moment that she realized just how powerful the Book Of Destiny really was.

She'd seen it alter entire realities. It was able to swap the lives of her fellow heroes; Barry and Oliver, and now it restored her to her full yellow sun powered self.

She thought that perhaps it could be used in other ways as well.

Suddenly, Kara used her superseded to dash out of the DEO. The blonde returned seconds later with her glasses.

They had been lying in her apartment.

She put them on her face and immediately tore them back off. Her newer super suit made by Brainy began to form around her.

Within just a few seconds, Kara Danvers was dawning the classic crest of the House Of El.

Supergirl was back for the first time since Lena trapped her in that icy prison.

"I don't think I've ever been so happy to see you back in that suit." Alex said.

"You always did look a little more impressive wearing that than Clark ever did." Lois joked.

Kal gave her a small smile. "I suppose it's time I suit up as well."

Kara's nod was all Kal-El needed to rip open his shirt revealing his familiar suit which also proudly featured the symbol of the House Of El.

"Alright. What's the first order of business?" James asked.

The Monitor spoke valiantly from the far end of the room. "Harbinger will bring the other heroes here to make the stand against the antimatter threat. If we should be unsuccessful in protecting Earth 38, it would be wise to relocate the citizens of this planet."

"So... we need to get them off-world?" Nia asked.

"I would advise it to be the best course of action." The Monitor answered.

"There's no way we can evacuate an entire planet! Do we even have enough spaceships for that?" James questioned.

"Well... we do have one really big ship we can use." Alex said before giving Kara a pointed look.

"You're talking about the legion ship." Supergirl realized.

"Even if we used it, we wouldn't have enough time to evacuate that many people." J'onn stated.

"J'onn is correct. I calculate a 0.0% chance that we will be able to successfully evacuate more than a couple thousand people using just those of us in this room." Brainy added on.

Kara's thoughts drifted back to Lena; her former best friend and crush. She realized something. The last time she was face to face with Lena, the L-Corp CEO left using a transmatter portal.

An idea popped into Kara's head.

She hesitated slightly as her idea involved getting Lena to help. Not only did Kara not know if she was ready for that, the others would likely disagree.

"What if we recruited someone outside this room?" Kara asked, suddenly.

"The heroes being summoned by Harbinger will be needed to fight elsewhere as will you, Kara Zor-El." The Monitor stated.

"I'm not talking about them." Kara replied. "What if we were able to create portals all over the world that lead directly to the docks of National City where we could start boarding people onto the legion ship?" She asked.

Brainy offered Kara a perplexed expression. 

"If that were indeed possible. I'd say that we have at least a 93.8% chance of evacuating hundreds of thousands of people." Brainy responded.

"That sounds like a good plan. We should do that." Nia stated.

J'onn nodded. "I agree, but... how can we do that?"

Kara inhaled a breath. This was the moment of truth in explaining her plan. This was the part where everyone might start to disagree.

The blonde gazed at everyone in the room before she finally spoke. "We can use transmatter portals."

The reactions of everyone in the room were all unique.

The Monitor stayed stoic and expressionless.

Nia looked to everyone else to see how they were receiving the idea.

J'onn and Brainy stiffened slightly at the suggestion.

James looked to Alex, expecting her to explode at the suggestion.

Alex herself was silent for a moment.

Finally the redhead spoke. "Kara, the only person who would be capable of pulling that off is..." Alex pauses for a moment. "...Lena."

Kara held back any tears that threatened to escape her eyes. "I know."

Chapter Text

Alex couldn't believe that was what Kara was suggesting.

"You can't seriously think that asking Lena for help is a good idea. I mean... she nearly killed you." Alex stated.

Kara knew that this idea wouldn't blow over well.

It didn't help that she couldn't bring herself to tell Alex the truth. Lena only used enough kryptonite to subdue her. Kara nearly caused her own death in the moments that followed.

In her anguish and sudden hatred for her alien powers, Kara had caused herself to solar flare while surrounded by kryptonite. That was what nearly caused her death.

Alex didn't know that Kara caused herself to solar flare in anguish because Kara kept telling herself that Alex wouldn't want her to be struggling.

"I know... but I don't want to watch everyone die if we can't save the planet and... I know Lena wouldn't want to either." Kara said.

Alex calmed herself by taking breath. Of course Kara still had hope for Lena. She is the paragon of it after all.

There was another exaggerated sigh as Alex looked into Kara's eyes.

"Fine." The redhead said. "We'll try and get Lena to help."

"I thought we weren't able to because we couldn't scan for any Q-wave devices." James reasoned.

"That was true until J'onn was able to relay the Q-wave signature from piecing together the psychic trace found on Eve Teschmacher." Brainy stated.

Kara nodded. "Assuming she's been experimenting recently, we can track her location with that."

"Even if Lena agrees to help and is actually able to open the portals... how are we going to message everyone in the world and let them know that they need to go through them?" James asked.

"I trust that Lena can figure that out too." Kara said.

Alex sighed again. "Of course you do."

"Then I suppose the next question would be; who's going to try and convince her to help?" J'onn spoke.

Everyone's gaze shifted to Kara. It was a logical desicison. Kara was the one who pushing this Lena idea so hard.

"I..." Kara wanted to offer to do it but she couldn't.

Alex noticed Kara's hesitation to go find Lena and saved her by speaking up instead.

"I'll go find her. Brainy, where does the Q-wave tracker say she is?" The DEO Director asked.

"It has pinpointed a significant amount of Q-wave energy coming from Shelly Island." Brainy replied.

"That's impossible. Shelly Island was one of the places the DEO checked after I put that bounty on her."

"Lex was rather famous for his secret underground bunkers. Do you think there is one below Shelly Island and Lena's now using it?" Lois asked.

"It's possible." Kal agreed.

"Are you sure you want to go Alex?" Nia asked. "Maybe someone with powers should go... not that you can't be just as... terrifying when you want to be." The naltorian added.

"Yeah, maybe we should send of our less likely to die by gunshot individuals, especially since we have deduced that Lena has powers of her own now." James stated.

"Kal-El and Kara Zor-El will be needed for a far more dangerous fight." Mar Novu responded.

"Not only that... but I'd rather have the super powered individuals out there..." Alex pointed out the DEO window. "...fighting to save the people of this planet... including my family."

"Couldn't have said it better myself, Director." J'onn commended.

Alex gave a decisive nod before turning her attention to Nia. "I need you to do me a favor."

"Of course. What do you need me to do?" Nia responded.

"I need to head back to my apartment and meet up with Kelly and Eliza. Bring them to the docks where we will be loading people onto the legion ship." Alex stated.

"I'll make sure they're safe." Nia assured the redhead.

"I can fly the legion ship to the docks so we can start boarding people." J'onn offered.

"Excellent. That leaves James and I to assist with the evacuation." Brainy added.

James nodded. "Once J'onn's there we'll start getting people aboard and try to keep it orderly if you can convince Lena to get the portals open."

Alex nodded. "She'll open them... one way or another." She replied, menacingly.

"In the meantime, Kara and Clark will be helping this... Harbinger and the other heroes with the Monitor's part of the plan when they arrive." Lois stated.

"That's true but I'm not aware of what that part of the plan is." Kal directed that comment towards the Monitor.

"We will be buying time for the citizens of Earth 38 to escape before we stage a fight with the Anti-Monitor." Mar Novu responded.

"Any plan is worth trying as long as it saves my home." Kara reiterated.

"We should be heading out." J'onn stated.

"Agreed. Let us make our way to the docks." Brainy replied.

James nodded and the three of them left to go prepare the legion ship to start evacuating Earth 38.

"I suppose it's my time to head out as well. I promise I'll get Eliza and Kelly on that ship." Nia stated, confidently.

"I'll go with you." Lois said.

"Thank you Nia." Alex stated.

"Be safe." Kal said to Lois. With that, the two of them left the room with Jonathan in Lois's arms.

"I need to go too. The sooner I get Lena to open those portals and warn the planet's population... the sooner I can help out at the docks." Alex reasoned.

"Thank you... for agreeing to trust Lena with this." Kara said.

"Well... when one of the seven great defenders of the multiverse tells you to do something... you do it." The redhead responded.

Kara offered a small smile that was plagued by a certain sadness.

Alex gave her sister a hug. Kara leaned into the hug.

They were two sisters about to help prevent the destruction of infinite earths.

Alex finally pulled away after a moment.

The elder Danvers sister took a deep breath. "Is... is there anything you..." There was a brief pause. "... want me to tell her?" Alex asked.

Kara gave her sister a solemn expression. "Just... tell me if she makes it... please." Kara's voice was small and broken.

Alex nodded and left.

Kal-El stepped forward and placed a supportive hand on Kara's shoulder.

There was a long moment of silence before he spoke. "I know that... I was too young to remember Krypton's destruction and... I was too young to truly mourn for the family I lost."

He paused and Kara shifted her gaze to her younger cousin. "I can't imagine what that must have felt like and I would do anything... to help stop that from happening to you again."

Kara was on the verge of tears. She immediately tackled Kal-El in a large hug.

It helped that Kara didn't have to hold back when hugging her indestructible cousin. She could put all of her effort into the embrace.

"Thank you." She whispered as she hugged harder.

Kal-El smiled but he soon spoke up. "Kara, even though... we're both... inhumanly strong, you're still... stronger." Kal-El said, as he was losing his breath.

Kara pulled away instantly. "Oh... I'm sorry." She said.

"Nonsense. I know you needed it." He said.

They smiled at eachother for a moment before the Monitor interrupted them. "Harbinger is about to arrive. She is bringing with her; three heroes and three paragons, all from Earth 1." He stated.

"There are three paragons from Earth 1?" Kara questioned.

"And there are four from Earth 38. It is the reason why this Earth served as the best of an infinite number to make a stand against the threat to the multiverse." The Monitor responded.

"You already mentioned that Earth 1 and Earth 38 were pivotal in forging the paragons but how is it that of an unlimited number of alternate worlds... all seven of these multiversal defenders come from only two of them?" Kal-El asked.

"Of all earths threatened by this crisis, the best heroes to have never truly lost a fight for good reside on Earth 1 and Earth 38." The Monitor answered.

"Surely... we've lost before." Kara replied.

"Have you ever confronted an evil that was able to completely execute their plan without your successful interference?" Mar Novu asked.

"No." Kara answered after a moment.

"The same does not hold true for all of the paragons but it does hold true for more heroes of these two earths than any others." The Monitor continued.

After his conversation with the two kryptonian heroes of Earth 38, the Monitor exited the meeting room to enter the main room of the DEO.

Superman and Supergirl followed.

They stood still facing the direction of the DEO's balcony, awaiting the arrival of the other heroes.

They didn't have to wait long as moments later, a woman wearing a blue outfit appeared in a white flash similar to that of the Monitor's.

"You must be Harbinger." Kara stated.

The woman nodded. "I am. I agreed to help the Monitor assemble the heroes and paragons needed to stop this crisis." Harbinger replied.

"Where are these other heroes?" Kal asked.

Several subsequent flashes of light filled the room. Each one delivered the heroes that Mar Novu said were coming.

The first revealed Barry Allen, otherwise known as Flash; the fastest and alive. Kara and Kal-El had both met him before as Kara had been helping Barry out with large-scale invasions and impromptu musicals for a few years now.

Kal met him a year ago when the Monitor tested Kara, Barry, and Oliver to see if they were ready for the crisis they were currently facing.

The next flash of light revealed two people Kara recognized as members of the Legends; Sara Lance and Ray Palmer.

Sara Lance is the White Canary and Kara had worked with her before during the Dominator and Earth X invasions.

Ray Plamer was a hero known as the Atom that Kara knew from those same events.

Next was Batwoman. Kara met her during her visit to Gotham during the same test caused by the Monitor. Most people weren't aware of her identity but Kara already knew that it was Kate Kane who she also met during their fight against Dr Deegan.

Lastly, there was a flash of light revealing Oliver Queen; a good friend of Barry's and a hero Kara had gotten to know over the past few years; the Green Arrow. However, there was a hero Kara didn't recognize next to him.

She was a younger woman with blonde hair that Kara felt like she recognized a little but... at the moment, it didn't matter.

What mattered is that these heroes were here to help her and the Superfriends stop this crisis from destroying Earth 38.

Chapter Text

The heroes gathered by Harbonger all took the time to gather their bearings.

"I'm so happy to see you guys." Kara said.

"This means that we're about to fight to save the multiverse, doesn't it?" Barry asked.

"Indeed it does." Mar Novu confirmed.

"Will someone explain what's happening because I would like to know." Batwoman spoke up.

"The heroes and paragons of the multiverse are needed to stop an attack that threatens an infinite number of worlds." Harbinger explained.

"That's not good enough for me." Batwoman stated. The vigilante directed her attention to Supergirl. "Kara, I don't trust anyone here but you."

"Then you can trust that I trust everyone in this room." Kara responded. "There is a wave of antimatter that started tearing through the multiverse and its on its way here as we speak. If we don't stop it... my home is gone."

Batwoman nodded. Her hands slowly lifted up to her mask. Kara was the only person in the room who already knew of her identity.

The mask came off revealing Kate Kane; billionaire cousin of Bruce Wayne on Earth 1.

"Well... then I suppose you guys should know my name. It's Kate." She stated.

Oliver sighed. "It's always us billionaires."

"That's not important. We need to get ready." The younger woman next to Oliver said.

"Who are you?" Kal-El asked.

"My name is Mia Smoak. I'm Oliver's daughter." Mia responded.

"I thought he only had a son." Kara said.

"Yeah, well in the present, I'm a baby. This... me... is from the future." Mia explained.

"I've been there." Kara replied.

"To the future?" Oliver questioned.

Kara shook her head. "No. I know someone from the future." She offered.

"Alright." Ray stated. "What's the plan?" He asked. They had a world to save and they still weren't sure what the Monitor's plan was.

The discussion was interrupted by the ground shaking violently. The heroes struggled to maintain their balance while Mar Novu and Harbinger stand unaffected by the quake.

"What was that?" Sara asked.

"I'd guess it was another one of the quakes." Superman said.

"Wrong." The Harbinger replied with a single word.

"Then what was it, because I doubt it was a coincidence." Kate stated.

The Monitor replied in his all too familiar, stoic manner. "That was the rising of a Quantum Tower."

"That doesn't do much to explain it." Mia responded.

"In order to stop the antimatter wave, I have created a Quantum Tower. This tower will prevent the wave from progressing I'm order for this earth to be evacuated by its heroes." Mar Novu explained.

"You're tower caused that quake?" Ray asked for confirmation.

"Ok... so... what are we supposed to do if the wave has already stopped moving?" Kara asked.

Harbinger spoke up next. "The Anti-Monitor will send his forces to attack the tower. You goal will be to defend it."

"Since when does this all powerful anti god have an army?" Mia asked.

"They are called shadow demons. They will try and takeover the tower so that the antimatter wave may continue its progression." The Monitor replied.

"So we have to hold out until the entire planet is evacuated?" Sara questioned.

"No. Should you succeed in fighting off the shadow demons, the Anti-Monitor will be forced to attack the tower himself." The Monitor answered.

"That is the moment when you'll be able to fight him." Harbinger added.

"You all are heroes and paragons of infinite realities. I have faith that you will defeat this threat." Mar Novu stated.

"Paragons? What does that mean?" Barry asked.

Harbinger gave a similar answer to that of the Monitor himself when the Superfriends first questioned it. "The seven paragons are the ultimate defenders of the multiverse. Without all seven paragons, every earth would be doomed to suffer the same fate as those already hit by the antimatter."

"So, instead of the Legends Of Tomorrow, they're like the Legends of The Multiverse?" Ray added.

"Apparently." Superman responded.

"Well... who are these seven paragons?" Oliver was next to question.

Supergirl spoke up to answer. "He's already identified two of them."

"Indeed. Kara Zor-El is the Paragon Of Hope and J'onn J'onzz is the Paragon Of Honor." Harbinger stated.

Kal-El turned his attention to the Monitor. "You also said that Harbinger was bringing six heroes with three of them being paragons."

"Wait, some of us are also paragons?" Barry asked.

"Who are they?" Oliver questioned next.

The Monitor summoned the Book Of Destiny to better answer Oliver's question. Some of the heroes in the room clearly recognized it.

"The Book Of Destiny?" Barry asked.

Kara nodded. "It details who the seven paragons are. It said that I'm the Paragon Of Hope because I'm still hopeful despite the hardships I've faced. It also said J'onn that is the Paragon Of Honor because he fights for respect."

"Alright. Let's hear who the other paragons are." Sara stated.

"The first paragon is a hero defined by those he cares about. The people he loves and cares for are the ones who have shaped in him into the Paragon Of Love, otherwise known As Barry Allen of Earth 1 in the 21st Century." The Monitor read aloud.

"I'm a paragon?" Barry questioned.

"One of those essential to preserving an infinite number of worlds." Harbinger confirmed.

"Who else?" Mia asked.

The Monitor continued. "The third paragon is a hero who has bounced back from the unimaginable. She travels with her fellow heroes to fulfill her fate as the Paragon Of Destiny, otherwise known as Sara Lance of Earth 1 in the 21st Century."

Sara simply nodded in acknowledgement.

"The fourth paragon is a hero born to fight in the footsteps of her family. Her bravery is unmatched when she fights as the Paragon Of Courage, otherwise known as Kate Kane of Earth 1 in the 21st Century." Mar Novu finished.

"So, we're paragons." Kate said matter of factly.

"But that's only five so far; hope, honor, love, destiny, and courage. What about truth and humanity? You said that we would need all seven to stop this." Superman spoke up.

"All will be revealed when necessary." The Monitor stated.

"That doesn't make me feel much better." Ray said.

"Me neither." Added Oliver.

Kara was trying to remian calm while the conversation continued. She was about to fight to protect her home and all the people who lived on it.

Between the recent loss of friendship from the girl she loved and the loss of her mother on Argo City, Kara needed to succeed. If she didn't... she knew she'd be devastated. Hiding her emotions would become ten times harder.

She gazed across the room to her fellow heroes. She could see the determination in their eyes and it offered her a little confidence; something she hadn't been feeling recently.

"I know we can do this." Kara began. "I know that everyone here is strong in their own way. I've seen what we can to do together and I would not be able to choose a better group of heroes to help me defend my home."

"It's not just your home we're fighting for." Mar Novu stated. "All earths are threatened by this crisis."

"I know but... we're making our stand here. Even of we fail... I'll be grateful that you helped me try." Kara stated.

Kate stepped forward. "That's great to here because if you did blame us... you could easily pound us into the earth."

Kara chuckled lightly at Kate's response.

"We'll do everything we can, Kara." Oliver assured the kryptonian.

"We should probably head out to the tower." Barry stated.

"Agreed. Everybody get ready. This is about to be a fight we won't soon forget." Oliver stated.

Kara nodded and pushed down on the House Of El on her Supergirl outfit. Her anti-kryptonite suit materialized around her in an instant.

Kara chose to wear the suit as it did give her a protection advantage but... it also served as reminder of Lena as the L-Corp CEO was the one who originally created the suit back when Otis and Mercy Graves seeded the air with kryptonite.

"I'm jealous." Kal-El joked. It helped to keep Kara's spirits up now that she was wearing the suit Lena made.

Oliver flipped his familiar green hood over his head and dawned his mask.

Kate put her mask back on to prepare herself for the fight as Sara and Ray suited up as well.

Barry was already in his bright red costume and Mia forewent the traditional hero's costume in favor of green arrow style vigilante outfit.

"Are we all ready?" Kara asked.

Everyone nodded. Kara, Kal-El, Oliver, Mia, Barry, Kate, Sara, and Ray were prepared to defend the Quantum Tower from the Anti-Monitor's shadow demons.

Mar Novu stepped forward, positioning himself in the middle of the group of heroes.

"When you arrive, you will be on your own. Harbinger and I are needed to help bring the citizens of Earth 38 to the evacuation point. Remember that if the tower should fall, so will this planet." The Monitor reminded them.

Kara nodded, feeling only slight bit of hope despite being the paragon of it. Her next words were simple. "Let's end this crisis."

Chapter Text

Brainy tossed J'onn the key to the legion ship.

"Bring the ship to the docks. James and I shall begin escorting people there." The coluan instructed.

"We won't be able to save too many people unless Alex can convince Lena to portal everyone here." James stated, now dressed fully as Guardian.

J'onn nodded. "Regardless of that... we'll save everyone we can."

A sudden quake shook the earth startling the three heroes. At first it might have appeared to be a result of the antimatter wave approaching but it wasn't. It was the rising of the Monitor's Quantum Tower.

James noticed it in the distance. "Uh... guys? What's that?" He asked, while pointing to the tower.

"That's the reason we have enough time to evacuate everyone we can. Whatever it is, it appears to have stopped the antimatter wave." Brainy explained.

"All the more reason to move while we can!" J'onn shouted before taking off into the sky to retrieve the legion ship.

His flight was short. He arrived at the legion ship mere minutes after his take off.

He quickly boarded the ship, foregoing the door and phasing through instead. It was mere seconds quicker but any time they could buy was worth it.

Brainy's key were swiftly inserted into the mainframe of the ship.

The futuristic sound of the ship activating was a sign that it worked. J'onn's next step would be to bring the ship to the National City docks to save the people of this planet.

Kara made it point that she couldn't lose her home again and J'onn certainly agreed but... for him it wasn't entirely about that. Kara had lost so much. Losing anything could easily shatter her into pieces.

For J'onn, it was about staying to fight. The last time his planet was under siege, he ran. He spent every day he could trying to make up for it but... now was his chance.

Even if they were lost... at least he wouldn't have ran.

That was his first poise. His second was that Kara and Alex had to make it out alive. He saw them as daughters. He lost his first daughter's and there was no way he would be able to handle losing two more.

J'onn was more determined than ever as he flew the legion ship to the docks.

His path to the evacuation site was calculated and quick.

As he approached, he could see James and Brainy on the ground. They had begun gathering a sum of people at the docks to start evacuating the planet.

There weren't many people yet. There were no transmatter portals open yet but that was to be expected. Alex wouldn't have had much time to talk to Lena yet.

He landed the legion ship next to the bay. Those who lined up on the docks would be able to funnel into the ship.

J'onn opened the main door of the ship as people started gathering in larger quantities.

He phased through the wall of the ship, just as he had phased in.

"How's the evacuation going?" J'onn asked, James.

"People are ready start boarding the ship." James responded.

J'onn nodded and flew over the crowd quickly forming at the docks. "Everyone here is in danger. We need to leave the planet to keep you all safe. The best way to do that is for you all to board the ship, now!" J'onn stated.

As if to reinforce his point, a terrifying shriek belonging to some inhuman creature could be heard in the distance.

"Move! Everybody aboard!" J'onn shouted.

It started off very smoothly. People were filing onto the ship with ease as the crowd hadn't gotten much larger without the portals open yet.

Their progress was interrupted when the sound of another ship could be heard. It was approaching quickly and was gearing up ro land right next to the legion ship already stationed at the docks.

The three heroes instantly recognized the ship's design.

"Is that..." James was about to ask a question bit Brainy cut him off. "Another legion ship." The coluan confirmed.

"How is that possible?" J'onn asked.

"There are two possibilities." Brainy began to explain. "That may be a legion ship from another earth in the multiverse." He finished.

"What's the other possibility?" James questioned.

"The other option is that it is a legion ship from a different point in our timeline. For instance, our legion ship was brought from the future... but there is still a legion ship in the 31st Century." Brainy offered.

The second legion ship finally landed next to the first. It's main door opened, mirroring the one next to it.

"But wouldn't that mean..." James was once again cut off as a caped figure stepped out of the second legion ship.

They were wearing a red-colored suit with a blue cape; a direct opposite of Kara's super suit colors. It was a color scheme that any one of them would have recognized because... it belonged to Mon-El.

"Mon-El?" J'onn questioned.

In response, Mon-El used his legion ring to fly over to the three heroes. "J'onn, I'm... apparently I'm here to help." He stated.

"What? How did you know we were in trouble?" J'onn asked.

"Is the future in danger?" Brainy asked, next.

"Judging by what's going on... I'd say yes." Mon-El responded, gesturing to the panic occurring around them.

"Back to J'onn's question. How did you know we were in trouble?" James questioned.

"I didn't. I was on a solo mission in the future when this guy just... showed up." The daxamite tried to explain.

"What do you mean?" J'onn fired back.

"There was a flash of light behind me and when I turned around to see what it was, there was a guy with mutton chops and a weird haircut." Mon-El explained.

Brainy nodded. "Mar Novu."

"He told me that the Crisis On Infinite Earths had begun. That confused me because... that happened in the past for me." Mon-El explained.

"Get to the point, Mon-El. We don't have much time to waste." James stated.

"He told me that I had to help fight the crisis. Then there was another white flash but... this time I was in the past. I was here with the legion ship." Mon-El finished.

"He didn't tell you where to find us?" J'onn asked.

"No. I had to use the legion ship interface to locate the legion ship that you guys have." Mon-El answered.

J'onn nodded. "Any help we can get is more than welcome."

"Alright. What's the plan?" The daxamite asked.

"We need to evacuate the people of this planet while Kara and the other heroes fend off the antimatter wave." Brainy responded.

"I can start flying around and warning people but... it's not going to be a lot. There are too many people in the world for this to work." Mon-El reasoned.

"You are correct, which is why Director Dnavers is currently locating Lena Luthor. She is going to try and convince her to open transmatter portals all over the world to bring people here." Brainy explained.

"We shouldn't need to convince her of anything. Surely she'd do it." Mon-El said.

"Yes well... she had a bit of a fallout with Kara and that sent her down a darker path." J'onn replied.

Mon-El nodded. All he could think of was how terrible Kara must have felt losing her best friend like that.

"We can start using the second legion ship. That doubles the amount for people we could evacuate." Mon-El stated, trying to draw his own attention away from his thoughts about Kara.

"Thank you." J'onn responded.

Mon-El gave a small nod, before flying off to start rounding up the citizens of the 21st Century.

The process continued on. People slowly funneled into the twin legion ships. Though Mon-El got to work helping the Superfriends quite quickly, he was still very confused.

The Crisis On Infinite Earths is an event talked about quite often in the 31st Century as it was an event the demonstrated that heroes from any reality can come together and fight for the all other realities.

As the story told in the future goes, the heroes stopped the Anti-Monitor's army from destroying Earth 38. The Anti-Monitor himself made an appearance to take out the earth himself.

He too was defeated by the heroes and the seven paragons of the multiverse.

It was the desired conclusion of Crisis. The only problem was a phenomenon called placeholder events.

Brainy had once explained it to him. Large events that could affect the timeline in the future are determined by the most likely outcome.

The story told in the future is the result of what has the highest chance of happening. It's almost like a universal algorithm determined what the future should look like.

The only problem is that it isn't set in stone. When the placeholder event occurs, it will affect the timeline if it plays out differently.

It's a phenomenon not known on many Earths in the multiverse as there are few realities were people have existed in both the present and the future in their lives.

Essentially, the future can't act as a means to predict what will happen in this crisis. The outcome can only be determined by the fight the heroes are about to endure.

Mon-El knew Brainy. He knew that Brainy likely hadn't explained it to them. He was right of course. The coluan explained it differently.

All Brainy said was that he hadn't played a role in crisis the first time around. He simply implied that the timeline was already different and he was right.

Mon-El had to refocus though. He had a multiverse to help save. It was a fight he never expected to be apart of.

Chapter Text

Alex was nearing Shelly Island. She had found a boat on the mainland that she could use.

She had to be quick. Some strange tower had just risen on the other side of the city. Alex took it as a sign to hurry.

The boat was nearing the edge of the island. She remembered being here on this island. The last time it happened was after Kara had died during her fight with Red Daughter.

It was a place that brought back some unfortunate memories of the alien rights conflict a few years back.

Alex couldn't help but think it was a fitting place for Lena to be hiding out in.

The boat arrived at the edge of the water. Alex didn't have time to tie it up or anchor it.

The DEO Director simply jumped off of it onto the gravely shore of the island.

She and the Superfriends had already determined that the most likely location for her base would be underground somewhere.

The problem was that Alex didn't know where to look. Maps of the island didn't depict any probable locations for an entrance.

Alex tried to think about the situation; logically. She determined that the bunker she was looking for likely belonged to Lex, originally.

There was one thing about Lex that everyone who ever dealt with him knew; he preferred to hide in locations that made almost too much sense. If people were too focused on finding complex hiding places, they would ignore the obvious ones.

Alex decided that the best place to look would be outside the Shelly Island tower.

Some secret entrance on the inside would likely have been found but… what if there was a trapdoor on the outside.

It took a few minutes, but Alex found something.

There was something peculiar about one of the pylons on the island; the same powers dampening pylons used to suppress the powers of the aliens Lex and Agent Liberty tried to enslave.

The pylons were still active. That didn't make sense as Nia, J'onn, and Brainy worked together to dismantle their functionality during Lex's attempt to blow up Argo with the Claymore Satellite.

But… what if this pylon wasn't used for power dampening like the others.

It might be possible that it was connected to a separate network or that it was reactivated for some other purpose.

That purpose might be powering a secret underground base.

Alex gave a closer examination of the pylon. There was one detail that Alex honed in on; a small Amertek logo plastered onto the base of it.

The redhead wasn't sure if the others had the same sticker but this one looked strange somehow.

Alex couldn't quite place it. Instead, the redhead decided to reach out and touch the sticker.

As soon as the tips of her finger made contact, the sticker retracted into the pylon by about an inch or so.

That was because it wasn't just a sticker. It was a button.

Roughly twelve feet from the pylon, a trapdoor opened into the earth. 

All that could be seen was a ladder vanishing into darkness below the ground. Alex knew she had to go down.

The redhead started climbing the ladder. She was going to need to find Lena and succeed in convincing her to help. It wasn't going to be easy.

She was confident that Lena would disagree at first but Kara insisted that Lena would agree.

The very same Lena was currently surveying the planet, searching for what caused the quakes.

Various detection systems picked up on an influx of antimatter currently halted not far from the earth. She also located a mysterious tower having seemingly risen from nothing.

Lena couldn't launch her new myriad just yet. There was too much danger occurring for the project to be a success right now.

"Ms Luthor." E.V.E. addressed.

"Yes, E.V.E." Lena responded.

E.V.E. "It appears as though someone has found their way to the entrance of your bunker. Our security footage details that it is DEO Director Alex Danvers; the adopted sister of Kara Zor…"

The android was cut off by Lena. "Supergirl."

E.V.E. nodded. She internalized Lena's response to Kara's name in her internal memory. She quickly deduced that she was not to say either of Supergirl's real names in front of Lena.

Hope spoke up next. "E.V.E. is correct. Alex Danvers is on her way down to meet with you as we speak."

Lena took a deep breath, clearly irritated at Alex's coming interruption.

"Both of you hide." Lena instructed. "Hope, take the myriad replica with you. I can't have Alex finding out any more than she already knows."

Hope nodded and grabbed the device. "We shall be hiding in the storage room, Ms Luthor."

"Good. Don't come out unless I'm the one that comes and finds you, understood?" Lena stated.

"Yes, Ms Luthor." E.V.E. responded.

With that, the A.I. and the android both left, leaving Lena to face Alex by herself.

Lena glanced at the lab table nearest to her and noticed a non-lethal DEO issued weapon. It had been there since she started using the bunker.

It was probably stolen by Lex to try and see how it works. It wasn't capable of killing someone which wouldn't exactly explain why Lex had it but... Lena never understood why Lex did most things. It didn't matter though. He couldn't do anything else now that he was dead.

Lena quickly grabbed the DEO weapon. She would have to knock Alex out if she tried something.

She held it up and pointed it to the doorway that Alex would be entering from.

She didn't have to wait long. Director Danvers emerged from the dark hallway minutes later.

She already had her own weapon drawn.

"Hello, Alex." Lena greeted. Her tone was cold and very unlike herself.

"Lena, I'm not here to hurt you. I just need your help. You'll have plenty to answer for but I don't have time right now." Alex responded.

Lena shook her head. "I'm not stupid. The second I put this gun down, you're taking me to the DEO."

"Trust me... I'd love to. You hurt my sister in ways not many people have. Queen Rhea, Reign, Red Daughter, Lex Luthor, and Lena Luthor. How does it feel to be part of the elite company of people who nearly killed Supergirl?" Alex asked.

"That... I-I didn't mean for... that... to happen." Lena replied, losing a bit of her emotional mask.

"I don't care. But... ironically, Kara has asked me to…" Alex took a deep breath, gun still pointed in Lena's direction. "...ignore that until we save the multiverse."

"Save the multiverse? Probable excuse." Lena fired back.

"If you'd put your weapon down, you'd see that I'm telling the truth." Alex replied simply. The redhead tried to take a step forward but Lena steadied her gun.

"Stay back or I will shoot." Lena said.

Alex chuckled. "You can't win this Lena. Let's say that... you fire your non-lethal DEO weapon. I'll have enough time to shoot before I go down and my weapon's not lethal."

"Your point?" Lena asked, with little impatience.

"My point is I'll be injured and you'll die on the ground with billions of people poised to join you. There is a threat to every earth that we need to stop, now!" Alex transitioned into mild yelling.

Lena held her gun steady. Every fiber of her being was screaming, telling her not to put down her weapon. Alex had to be tricking her... and yet.

Lena dropped her gum. It was sudden and it made a loud noise as it made contact with the floor.

Much to Lena's surprise, Alex did just as she implied and holstered her gun.

Lena looks on to Alex, awaiting a remark of some sort.

Alex responded just as Lena expected her to. "I told you this is too important. Unfortunately, I have to wait to break every last bone in your body... even though I really want to."

Lena decided to get straight to the point. "Why do you need my help? Because, you clearly don't trust me. You must be desperate."

"Yes, well... being a Luthor does lend you a skillet that others might envy, now doesn't it?" Alex questioned.

Lena's anger grew at the comment but she remained calm. A Part of did have to admit that what Alex said hurt her. The redhead had just referred to her as a Luthor, as any other Luthor.

Lena quickly got over it.

"Just... skip to the part where you explain why you're here." Lena demanded.

"I will but I need to make something perfectly clear first." Alex stated.

The DEO Director was swift as she rushed forward to grab Lena by the collar. She held the brunette with her arm extended backwards, ready to punch her square in the nose.

"If you even think of trying anything... I'll kill you before this world ending threat even has a chance and just know that... when all this is over, you better be far away from me if you value working legs." Alex threatened.

"No offense, Alex but... if this threat is as dangerous as you say it is, then I'd say we don't have time for this." Lena remarked.

Alex let go of Lena and the brunette took a few steps back.

"What's the situation?" Lena tried asking again.

"An all powerful being called the Monitor has been preparing heroes across several earths for a crisis caused by his evil doppelganger." Alex explained.

"Rather vague, aren't you, Alex?" Lena commented.

"There's not a lot of time to explain. We need to get as many people off world as we can. The planet might be destroyed if Kara and the other heroes don't succeed in their mission." Alex responded.

"So, back to what I've been asking; why do you need my help?" Lena asked again.

"J'onn is trying to board people onto a ship at the docks in National City. But, most of the world's population won't have enough time to evacuate unless they can all be transported there." Alex explained.

"You need me to activate transmatter portals all over the world." Lena realized.

Alex nodded. "Yes... and one more thing... I need you to somehow warn everyone you can about this threat. Kara said you'd be able to."

Lena softened slightly. She inhaled a sharp breath. "I suppose that saving not only our earth but also several others is important. Let's get to work."

Chapter Text

Lena moved over to the main computer and workstation of her underground lab with Alex in tow. It made her feel very uneasy. She felt as though Alex might still take a shot at her while her back was truned.

Of course, there was also Hope and E.V.E. Alex had already tried to interview Andrea once and the DEO believed Eve to be dead. If Alex found out about them... Lena’s plan could go awry.

“I need to start mapping out coordinates to activate the transmatter portals. Where did you say, J’onn was boading people?” Lena asked.

“National CIty Docks.” Alex answered.

“Alright. I’ll get to work.” Lena responded.

Alex kept an eye on the L-Corp CEO. “How can I help?” She asked.

“I’d rather not get betrayed again and it’s quite clear that you really want to hurt me so you can leave.” Lena answered.

“You’re right. I want to make you feel five times the pain you caused my sister but... the Anti-Monitor is a far more dangerous opponent than you.” Alex stated.

Lena scoffed. “You mean to tell me that the all powerful, evil doppleganger of a guy called the Monitor that’s threatening the universe calls himself the Anti-Monitor? How original.” Lena said, sarcastically.

“I’m serious, Lena. I need to get this part of the plan as far along as I can before I go help out the docks.” Alex stated.

Lena rolled her eyes. “Fine. You can start working on the message that Supergirl supposedly trusts me to send to the entire population.”

“How do we do that?” Alex asked.

“You see that smaller mainframe to my left?” Lena asked.

“Yes. What’s it for?” Alex questioned.

“It can connect to Obsidian North’s Platinum VR technology. We can send the message out to every pair of Obsidian Lenses out there.” Lena replied.

“I’ll get to work.” Alex stated while moving over to the computer.

There were a few moments of silence as the women worked to get the portals active and message the entire world of this crisis.

Lena was actually the one to break the silence. “Mind telling me a little bit more about this crisis considering I’m being generous enough to help?”

Alex debated whether or not she should say anything in response. Eventually, the DEO Director decided it would be best if Lena knew what was going on to best help them.

“Sure.” Alex answered. “About a year ago, a guy called the Monitor or Mar Novu tested several heroes of the multiverse.”

Alex paused to see if Lena would interject. She didn’t.

“He gave a powerful object called the Book Of Destiny to a madman named John Deegan. Deegan used it to rewrite reality in a different universe.” Alex said.

“By a different earth, I assume you mean one of the several that these supposed heroes  are trying to save?” Lena questioned.

“Yes. It happened on Earth 1; the home of most of Kara’s superhero friends.” Alex responded.

Lena’s curiosity and fascination with the idea of this multiverse helped her to ask questions even though she didn’t trust the redhead in the room with her.

“Earth 1? What earth are we on?” Lena asked.

“This earth is considered to be Earth 38.” Alex answered. “Anyway... Kara and some other heroes stopped John Deegan even though the book he had was insanely powerful and capable of... horrible things.”

“What did he do?” Lena questioned.

“At first, he swapped the lives of Kara’s friends; Oliver and Barry.” Alex paused, remembering Kara’s plea when she was having her mind wiped; ‘I just came back from a world where you didn’t know who I was.’

Alex took a deep breath and continued. “When he found out that the heroes were trying to stop him, he rewrote reality again so that Kara was trapped in a cell... with an alternate version of me as her prison guard. He also changed himself. He made it so that he... was Superman.”

Lena had no words for a moment. Alex being pitted against Kara in such a way sounded quite terrible. A part of Lena wanted to express sympathy. Lena quickly buried that feeling.

Instead, she made a sarcastic remark. “It sounds rather irresponsible of the Monitor to have given such a powerful object to such a deranged individual.”

Alex sighed. “I agree, but that’s not the point. He did it in an effort to prepare them for what’s happening now.”

“You mean a fight against his scary anti-self.” Lena’s sarcasm showed itself once again.

“Watch it Luthor. I might still bash your head in if I feel like it.” Alex stated, menacingly.

Lena ignored Alex’s comment and continued working to get the portals online. “So this... Anti-Monitor wants to destroy every earth in existence. I assume that has something to do with the substantial amount of antimatter surrounding the planet.”

“Yes. The antimatter wave is his way of destroying the multiverse.” Alex answered.

"Ok. So what's the plan for stopping this Anti-Monitor?" Lena asked.

"Apparently the goal is to draw him out, somehow force him to come to this earth in person." Alex explained.

"How do you plan on doing that?" Lena questioned.

Alex took a deep breath. "I'm not sure."

"What do you mean you're not sure? This is clearly a serious situation. You need to have a plan!" Lena exclaimed, while still continuing to map out a way to activate transmatter portals remotely.

"We do. I just don't know what it is. That's up to Kara and the other heroes." Alex stated.

"That's why we're getting the people off world. If they can get the Anti-Monitor to show up, it might be dangerous." Lena realized.

"Yes, but... it's also a precaution. This fight... is nothing like any of them have ever seen. It's nothing like Kara... has ever seen. They could fail." Alex responded.

Lena didn't respond. She hadn't seen Supergirl lose... at least... not since she found out about her true identity.

"But... as long as all seven paragons are able to play their parts, I'm confident they will succeed." Alex said, proudly.

"Seven Paragons?" Lena questioned.

"Yes. The same book that Deegan used to rewrite reality also details how to stop the Anti-Monitor. Basically, across the multiverse there are seven unique heroes who are required to fight in this crisis in order to stop it." Alex explained.

Lena seemed curious at the mention of the paragons. "What do you mean by they're required to stop this?"

"If any of the seven paragons aren't present or choose not to fight... or even fail... every universe is doomed. The Book Of Destiny made that quite clear." The redhead responded.

"I see. Who are these heroes set to be the multiverse's greatest defense?" Lena asked.

"Well each paragon has a title; a concept that they represent above all else." Alex began to explain. "They are hope, honor, love, destiny, courage, truth, and humanity."

Lena chuckled. "That's interesting but I'm sure they have actual names." She replied, sarcastically.

"I only know who two of them are. The only people who already knew all seven were the Monitor and Harbinger." Alex answered.

"So... who are the two that you know of?" The L-Corp CEO asked.

"J'onn is the Paragon Of Honor..." Alex stated. Lena said nothing in response. "...and... Kara is the Paragon Of Hope."

Lena felt as though she should be more surprised but she wasn't. It made sense, Supergirl was a remarkable hero. That wasn't the problem. It was that she was a terrible friend.

Lena chuckled again.

"What's so funny?" Alex asked. She moved her hand closer to her weapon, fearing that Lena was about to try something.

"It's just that... Kara being the Paragon Of Hope makes sense, seeing as being the Paragon Of Truth must have been off the table for her." Lena replied, coldly.

Alex scoffed, angrily. "You know... that sounds exactly like something Lex would say."

"Can't fathom why you care. Supergirl certainly didn't." Lena stated.

"I think you underestimate how much she cares for you." Alex replied. "Aside from saving the people of this planet, she's the only reason I haven't killed you."

"I think you'd find that killing me would be harder than you think." Lena assured.

This time it was Alex's turn to laugh. "I think you'll find that my weapon has been recently modified to affect even when you're using your shadow powers."

Lena's eyes widened as she looked to Alex. How could she have possibly figured it out?

"How do you know about that?" Lena asked.

"It all goes back to what I said. Kara cares for you far more than you realize. We viewed the security camera footage of this new shadow woman…"Alex began. She was soon interrupted by Lena.

"Acrata." Lena corrected Alex.

"...Acrata... colorful nickname. Anyway... Kara recognized that it was you... instantly." The redhead finished.

Lena's heart skipped a beat. Supergirl knew that it was her that quickly.

Lena let one single tear slide down her cheek before her remorse was replaced with more anger.

She started to realize how unfair the whole thing was. Of course Supergirl would hide her identity from her best friend for years without allowing Lena the same luxury.

Lena couldn't help but think that it was typical of Supergirl.

"It's also how we know that you were involved with Eve's death." Alex stated. "Kara recognized your handwriting on the completed autopsy as soon as she got a close look at it."

Lena's anger didn't dissipate.

Instead, she refocused on evacuating the world. She didn't have time to worry about Supergirl right now.

The L-Corp CEO breathed in deeply. "Let's get focused. I'm almost ready to open the portals."

Chapter Text

"I have the portals nearly ready to open all over the world." Lena stated.

"And I've uploaded a message to the Obsidian Lenses. People will now to get to the nearest transmatter portal bringing them to the National City docks." Alex added.

"Excellent. I'll stay here and keep the portals working smoothly. I suppose you have better things to do than stay here with me." Lena remarked.

Alex nodded. "I do. I've got to go make sure my family's safe."

"What if I need to alert you? Let's say that there's a problem with the portals. How would I let you know?" Lena asked.

"Catch." Alex said, as she pulled out a tiny earpiece and threw it to Lena.

Lena caught and turned her hand over to gaze at the device in her palm.

"An earpiece? There's a tracking device in it isn't there?" Lena surmised. She knew Alex barely trusted her. The redhead would take any means necessary to keep an eye on her.

"Unfortunately, no. I didn't have enough time for that but if it makes you feel better, you can always destroy it after we save the world." Alex responded.

Lena simply nodded and put the earpiece into her ear.

"We might lose communication as the antimatter wave gets closer but hopefully we'll be off the planet before that happens." Alex said.

Again, Lena nodded in response.

"So... do I get a ride on the spaceship for helping you out?" The L-Corp CEO asked.

Alex didn't answer for a minute. She wanted to say no. But, she couldn't for a few reasons.

Denying Lena could result in her choosing not to activate the portals. There also the fact that Lena would likely use those same portals to get her onto the legion ship whether Alex said no or not.

Lastly, there was Kara. If Lena died, Kara wouldn't be in the right headspace. She recalled the Monitor's words. He said that I'd any paragon were to fail, the multiverse would collapse.

Kara needed to be in the best frame of mind and that unfortunately required Lena to be safe.

"I'll let you know when we've run out of time through the earpiece. When we've saved as many people as we can, you can activate a portal to bring yourself onto the ship." Alex offered.

"Glad to know I've earned my safety, Director Danvers." Lena replied.

"Just know that the antimatter isn't the only thing that could kill you." The redhead stated.

Lena said nothing as she opened a transmatter portal next to Alex.

"I assume this will take me to where I want to go." Alex surmised.

Lena nodded. "Yes. This will take you directly to the docks. Once you're there, you'll notice the other portals opening shortly after you arrive."

"Thanks for your help, Lena." Alex said.

Lena didn't. All she gave was another simple nod.

With that, Alex walked through the portal.

Once the portal closed and Alex was completely gone, Lena shouted to Hope and E.V.E. "It's safe to come out! I'm going to need your help to activate these portals!"

In the meantime, Alex had just arrived at the docks to see a small crowd boarding a legion ship.

However, she was rather confused when she noticed a second legion ship next to the first.

Luckily for her, Brainy was helping people onto the ships nearby. The DEO Director ran over to the coluan.

"Brainy, how's the evacuation progressing?" She asked.

"The evacuation is thus far going well, Director Danvers. Provided you were able to convince Lena to assist us, we will now be able to evacuate twice as many people as we previously believed." Brainy stated.

"Lena's going to open the portals any second but... how did you guys get a second legion ship?" Alex asked.

"The second legion ship is from a different time; the future, to be precise." He answered.

"How did I get here?" Alex questioned.

"Our understanding is that Mar Novu brought it here along with Mon-El to help in this crisis." Brainy replied.

Alex was surprised. "Wait... Mon-El's here?"

Brainy nodded. "Indeed. He and J'onn are flying off to warn people and bring them here to be evacuated."

"This whole situation is getting out of control. What about that tower that was raised from the ground?" Alex asked.

"I calculate a 98.8% chance that the tower the Monitor's doing. From what I've gathered the tower is counteracting the antimatter wave, stopping it from taking out this earth and buying us the time we need to save the people." Brainy replied.

"That's the Monitor's plan." Alex said in realization. "Kara and the other heroes need to guard the tower."

"Precisely." Brainy stated. "If the tower is active, the Anti-Monitor will have to destroy it somehow. It's the best way to draw him out so he can be fought."

"Yeah... it's just too bad we have to use our earth as bait." Alex said.

Suddenly, the transmatter portals started opening around the docks. People from places across the world started pouring out of them.

They were finally getting somewhere.

"Yes! Lena was able to do it!" Alex exclaimed.

"It seems that I was correct. I calculated a 100% chance that she'd aid in saving the earth though I cannot imagine why. If her recent actions are anything to go off of, she likely wouldn't have agreed to help us." Brainy stated.

Alex sighed. "Yeah well, it's definitely not because of the goodness in her heart. She's still pretty bitter. My guess is that she wanted to save her own skin and prevent her myriad project from getting destroyed."

"In any case, we should get back to the evacuation." Brainy suggested.

There was a somewhat loud thud heard next to the two DEO operatives. It was Mon-El. It appeared as though he had just landed.

"Agreed." Mon-El said. "Hi, Alex." The redhead moved forward and gave him a hug.

"Thank you so much for helping. If Kara weren't off fighting a battle of her own, she'd be very glad that you're here to save the people." Alex stated.

"Of course. I was told that the 21st Century needed help with a crisis and I couldn't refuse." He responded.

"Where's J'onn?" Alex asked.

"He's continuing to warn nearby citizens. He can reach a lot more people than I can with his psychic powers." Mon-El answered.

"Excellent. In the meantime, you can assist me and Director Danvers in boarding people onto the ships now that the portals are open." Brainy stated.

Alex turned to face Brainy. "Has Nia arrived with Eliza and Kelly yet?" She asked.

"Not yet. But I can assure you that there is a high likelihood that they are nearly here as we speak." Brainy replied.

"If either of you see them, let me know." Alex ordered.

Mon-El and Brainy both nodded.

The three of them got to work boarding Earth 38's population onto the legion ships.

The residents of Earth 38; both humans and aliens alike were arriving in large masses now.

Nearby citizens of National City had either been brought by Mon-El or have been messaged psychically by J'onn.

It was a task he was still performing while Mon-El began escorting people onto the twin legion ships with Brainy.

The other people arriving were from locations all over the world.

Lena's portals were large enough for people to pass through them in mass quantities. They likely received the message written by Alex and projected onto Obsidian North's VR Lenses.

They had all either seen the message or had been told by those who had to evacuate their city by entering the nearest transmatter portal.

Then, there was Alex. True to the leader of a government agency, Alex was helping where she could but was really acting as more of a supervisor.

She was keeping the evacuation efforts organized and preventing the ensuing panic from hurting more people.

Alex also had one other objective while she roamed the perimeter of the evacuation site; find Nia, Eliza, and Kelly. She had to make sure that they were safe.

While she was patrolling, J'onn flew in and landed next to her, in his martian form.

"J'onn? I thought you were using your powers to warn people." Alex said, surprised.

"I was. But I couldn't sense anyone else nearby with my mind. I'm ready to help you guys get people aboard the ship." He stated.

"Thanks but... I-I wanted to ask you... if you could do something else for me." Alex responded, nervously.

"Of course. What is it?" The green martian asked.

"Nia hasn't arrived with Kelly and Eliza yet. They were in my apartment and that's where I asked Nia to go. Brainy said they should almost be here but they haven't come yet and I…" Alex was quickly working herself up to panic attack.

Luckily, she was cut off from her ramblings by J'onn. "Alex, I need you to take a deep breath for me. Please. Can you do that?" He asked.

Alex nodded and did as J'onn said. She inhaled deeply, paused for a moment, and exhaled.

There was a moment before Alex spoke again.

She gathered herself and made sure she was grounded before she did. "I'm sorry. I just... started panicking."

"Alex, you have nothing to apologize for. Your panic attacks are not your fault and no one blames you. Especially given the current circumstances." J'onn said.

"Thanks." Alex responded.

"I promise, I will find your family and help Nia bring them here." J'onn said.

Alex smiled. "You guys are my family too... so I better see you both here as well."

J'onn nodded. "You can count on it."

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Nia knew she had to be uick in making her way to Alex’s apartment. She had promised the redhead that she would get Eliza and Kelly to the legion ship.

Alex trusted her to evacuate her family and there was no way Dreamer was going to let her down.

She arrived rather quickly given the circumstances. There were a couple of small shakes on her way and one rather large one. Of course, Nia wasn’t yet aware that it was the tower that the Monitor had risen that caused the large quake.

Once she made it to Alex’s door, she swung it open.

Thankfully, Nia was greeted with the sight of both Kelly and Eliza.

“Nia, I’m so glad you’re here. I’ve been trying to call Alex since these quakes started.” Kelly said.

“Kara hasn’t answered her phone either.” Eliza added.

Nia nodded. “Yeah they’re um... kinda busy.” She replied.

“What’s even going on?” Kelly asked.

“This multiversal being called the Monitor is trying to stop his evil counterpart from wiping out every universe in existnce.” Nia explained. “There’s a wave of antimatter approaching us. It’s already destroyed Argo. If we don’t evacuate now, we’ll all die.”

“Wait... if it’s taken out Argo then that means Kara is the last kryptonian, because Superman was up there with his son!” Kelly surmised.

“The Monitor was able to save them in time but... Kara’s mother didn’t make it.” Nia responded.

“She must be devastated.” Eliza said.

Nia nodded. “She is but she’s still fighting. Her mother would be proud.” Nia replied.

“Yes, she would. But... you said we need to move quickly, right?” Eliza asked.

“Yeah. We need to make our way to the National CIty docks.” The naltorian answered.

“Lead the way.” Kelly stated.

With that, the three of them began making their way to the docks, helping any people they could as they passed by.

Shortly into their walk, Kelly asked a question. “Is Alex already at the docks?” She asked.

“I’m not sure. She went to Shelly Island first.” Nia replied.

“Why?” Kelly asked, not understanding why Alex would got to Shelly Island on the opposite side of the city from the docks.

“That’s where Lena is. We need her help to evacuate as many people as possible using her transmatter portal technology.” Nia said.

“She better not do anything reckless.” Eliza stated.

Nia waited a moment before responding. “I don't know what Alex will do but... Kara trusts that Lena will help.”

“What about Kara? Where’s she?” Eliza asked, clear;y worried about her other daughter.

“She is going to help draw the Anti-Monitor out so that they can fight him.” Nia answered.

“That’s the evil doppleganger you mentioned.” Kelly realized.

Nia nodded. “Yes and Kara is kind of an important part of stopping him.”

“Not to say that Kara isn’t important, but why is she needed to stop him?” Kelly asked.

“The Monitor... has this book that Kara’s apparently seen before. It details how to stop this... crisis. It says that there are seven people that are destined to save every universe.” Nia explained.

Eliza contemplated that. It was clear that the scientist in her was trying to wrap her head around the concept. “But the multiverse would theoretically be... infinite. How are there only seven destined to fight this?”

“The Monitor said that there are seven heroes that are required to play a role in stopping the Ant-Monitor. He called them the paragons.” Nia answered.

“They’re required to play a role? So, that means that if we didn’t have all seven, we’d be as good as dead?” Kelly questioned.

“Yes.” Nia answered simply. “Essentially, there are seven people strong enough to fight this threat together. Kara is one of them.” 

“Kara is a paragon?” Eliza asked. Her tone indicated that she was beyond proud of her adopted daughter.

She had helped to raise Kara since she was thirteen and now, that same lost little girl was a hero strong enough to be one of the seven paragons of the multiverse. Out of an infinite number of heroes, an infinite number of alternate versions of Supergirl, her Kara was the one.

Nia nodded. “Yes, Kara is the Paragon Of Hope.”

"That's amazing!" Eliza exclaimed. Kara was truly something else.

"It is. Who are the other six?" Kelly asked.

"I'm not sure who the other six are. I know that J'onn is the Paragon Of Honor but that’s all. The other six are a mystery to me." Nia responded.

Eliza nodded. Kara and J'onn were both paragons.

"Do you know what the other five would represent?" Kelly asked. "So far we have hope and truth."

Nia nodded, as she continued walking.

"Yeah." Nia paused, trying to make sure she remembered all the paragons. The Monitor said that the other paragons represent love, courage, destiny, truth, and humanity."

"Those are some pretty large concepts." Kelly observed.

"I agree." Eliza said. "These heroes must be some of the top of their class."

Nia nodded. She was about to say something in return when the earth shook once more.

The ground quakes beneath their feet as they roamed the streets to the docks. They all struggled not to fall over at the suddenness of the quaking.

Unfortunately, the shake was the most powerful yet. It caused the nearest building to lose some of its upper structure.

The building was under construction, having been destroyed during the anti-alien protests last year.

Chunks of the building fell from the top all the way down to the bottom.

Nia was quick on her feet. The quake had just ended and she could see the falling chunks of concrete heading straight for Eliza.

The young naltorian sprung straight into action. She dashed over to the elderly woman and created a shield with her powers.

The first two chunks of material shattered upon making contact with the dream smiled.

Nia was successfully able to protect Eliza.

"Are you both ok?" Nia asked.

"I'm alright, dear." Eliza answered.

Kelly was a bit further from the rubble. Nia had dashed away from her to help Eliza.

She had fallen on the ground but got up slowly. When she did, she struggled to stand on both legs.

"I tripped when the quake happened. I-I think I sprained my ankle." Kelly said.

Nia was both relieved and upset.

Alex would surely be very angry that Kelly got a sprained ankle on her watch but at least she could say that the elder Olsen sibling was alive.

They still had a little ways to go before they reached the docks.

However, something sudden happened, while Nia was still next to Eliza.

Another piece of rubble started falling from the building. Nia was distracted from the first set of debris and was unable to dream that it was going to happen.

However, she acted quickly. The young hero used her powers to create a lasso with her dream energy. She flung it in Kelly's direction quickly.

Nia pulled Kelly out of the way of the rubble moments before it hit the ground with a large thud. The action was quick and Kelly fell into the young naltorian as a result.

Dreamer got back up quickly, noticing that the contact the rubble made with the earth was causing the building to collapse more and more.

She did just as she had before with Eliza. She created a shield with the dream energy from her powers to protect both Kelly and Eliza.

The rubble continued to collapse around them all while Nia protected them from its impact.

It was a moment that really made Nia feel like a hero.

There was a long minute where the rubble continued to hit the ground around them. It also made contact with the dream energy shield that Nia held up.

It was becoming a bit of strain holding the shield up while large chunks of the building impacted it but Nia wouldn't have to wait long.

Soon, the collapsing stopped. Nia was able to stop using her power for a moment.

The action had left Nia exhausted but she was still a hero and true to a hero, she checked to make sure everyone around her was ok.

"Are you…" Nia paused, taking a breath."...guys alright?" She asked.

"I'm alright but I'm not sure Kelly can walk right now." Eliza answered.

Kelly tried to stand up with Eliza's help but she ended up being unable to let go.

"I can't stand on my own. It's my ankle." Kelly said.

"We can help you." Nia said, having caught her breath.

Eliza looked around them. The elder woman noticed that the rubble was blocking both sides of the street. There wasn't really a way for them to get out without going over the debris.

It was a task that Nia could surely manage and possibly even Eliza but... Kelly wouldn't be able to, not with her sprained ankle.

"We're surrounded by the wreckage." Eliza stated.

Now it was Nia's turn to look at the pieces of the collapsed building around them.

"I don't know I'd we'll be able to get Kelly out of here that easily." Eliza spoke up.

"I can wait here for help. You guys go ahead." Kelly insisted.

Nia shook her head. "You do realize that I would be dead if Alex found out I left you here by yourself while you're injured."

"I can stay with her." Eliza offered.

"I think I'd be even more dead." Nia responded.

"Then, what are we going to do?" Kelly asked, still propping herself up on Eliza's shoulder.

"I don't know." Nia answered.

The young naltorian tried to think of a solution. She tried to think of any unique way she might be able to use her powers that would get them out for the situation but she couldn't.

Luckily, someone else was approaching to help.

Nia noticed a flying figure drawing close to them.

At first, she thought it was Supergirl but it wasn't. The figure came closer and closer until they landed right next to the three women.

That flying figure was J'onn.

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"J'onn! I'm so glad you're here." Nia exclaimed.

"How did you know we were stuck?" Kelly asked.

"I didn't. Alex asked me to come assist you. Once I got closer I was able to read Kelly and Eliza's thoughts to figure out what was happening." J'onn answered.

Nia took a deep breath. "I've never been so glad for Alex being overprotective."

"Yes. We need to get to the docks quickly." J'onn said. "Otherwise, Alex might send out a search party."

"You'll have to fly us there. Kelly's ankle is sprained." Eliza stated.

J'onn nodded as he moved closer to Kelly.

"Hold on." He instructed. Kelly did as asked and held on tight to J'onn.

"You two wait here. I'll be back to get you as soon as I can." J'onn said.

Eliza and Nia both smiled at him.

J'onn then took off with Kelly. He needed to get her back to the docks to ease Alex's worries.

He wanted to spare her another panic attack if he could.

Thankfully, he arrived quickly. It took him a few moments to spot Alex. She was guiding the crowd and trying to help people who had just come through the portals when he finally saw her.

He flew over to her and landed next to her with Kelly in hand.

"Babe!" Alex shouted.

She ran over to Kelly before she could say anything. The redhead instantly moved in on her girlfriend for a deep, passionate, kiss.

There was a long moment while the two kissed. People were still panicking and trying to evacuate around them but they didn't care.

Eventually, the two parted from the kiss, both completely out of breath.

"Sorry. I was... worried about you." Alex said while catching her breath.

"I... could tell." Kelly responded.

Alex took another breath before shifting her focus to J'onn.

"What about Eliza and Nia? Are they alright?" She asked.

J'onn nodded. "They are. I'll fly off to get them now."

Before Alex could respond, J'onn had already taken off.

Alex was incredibly relieved to find out that everyone was alright. So much so that she only just noticed that Kelly was still clinging on to her, using her for support.

The redhead gazed down to Kelly's feet and noticed that she was only standing on one foot.

"Are you hurt?" Alex asked.

"There was a building that collapsed because of the quakes. I sprained my ankle... but it probably would have been much worse if it weren't for Nia." Kelly explained.

"The quakes are going to get worse. We need to get everyone off world as soon as possible." Alex surmised.

After she said that, J'onn landed with Eliza.

"Alex, I'm so glad you're ok." The elder woman exclaimed.

Alex moved forward to give her mother a hug. "I'm glad that you're alright, too." Alex said.

"I'm so proud of you and your sister. When I raised you two, I never thought you would grow up to help save the world." Eliza said before reluctantly pulling away from the embrace.

“Infinite worlds.” J’onn corrected, as he landed with Nia.

“Nia, thank you so much. I don’t know what I would do if Kelly and Eliza weren’t safe.” Alex stated.

Nia nodded. “You and Kara have been some of the best friends I could ask for. I will always help you and your family.”

“You’re my family, too.” Alex responded.

J’onn spoke up next to try and get everyone to refocus. “It’s best we get Kelly on the ship. Trying to help with a sprained ankle won’t do her much good.”

“I agree.” Alex replied. “You should get on the ship so you can rest.”

“I’ll help her.” Eliza offered.

Kelly nodded. “I suppose I should try and rest my ankle but... which ship do you want me to get on? There appears to be two.”

“Yes. It appears as though Mon-El has arrived from the future to aid us in this crisis.” Brainy said as he approached the group.

“Mon-El?” Kelly questioned as she didn’t recognize the name.

“Mon-El is Kara’s most recent ex-boyfriend. He had to leave Earth because of the Daxamite Invasion that happened a couple of years back. He’s been living in the 31st Century since then.” Alex explained.

Kelly was slightly confused. “So, they didn’t technically break up?”

“No, but he did eventually get married to someone else and returned to the present day for a little while seven months after he was forced to leave.” Alex said.

Now Kelly was even more confused. “How come I’ve never heard about any of this? After all that, I’m sure Kara could have used some help.” Kelly stated, referring to her ability as a psychologist.

“As much as he and Kara are still friends, she doesn’t like to talk about him much.” Alex answered. “I can tell you more about it later.”

The discussion was interrupted by Eliza.

“Girls, now is not the time for this. We need to get Kelly on the ship.” She said.

Alex nodded. “Get on the ship to the right. That’s the one Mon-El brought.”

“I love you.” Kelly said, as she switched her support from Alex to Eliza.

“I love you, too.” Alex responded.

Eliza and Kelly made their way onto the ship.

“Now that their safety has been assured, we should continue to aid the people in remaining calm and evacuating in an orderly manner.” Brainy reasoned.

“I agree, especially with the orderly part.” Alex added. “The more people panic, the less people we’ll be able to help.”

“What’s the plan, Director Danvers?” Brainy asked.

Alex took a deep breath. “Well... we want people to know what’s going on. Someone should try and explain the situation to people arriving through the portals.”

“That would definitely maintain order.” J’onn reasoned.

The DEO Director turned her attention to Brainy.

“Brainy, how many languages do you speak?” She asked.

“I am capable of speaking 19,452 different languages and thanks to my status as a twelfth level intellect, I am able to learn new languages rather swiftly." Brainy answered.

"How many of those languages are Earth languages?" Alex questioned.

"1,237 of them." Brainy answered, seamlessly.

"That's perfect. I want you to station yourself by the transmatter portals. People from all over the world are going to have questions and I only speak Four languages." Alex stated. "I want you to be the voice that keeps them focused and calm."

"Right away, Director Danvers." Brainy responded.

The coluan walked off to the portals to fulfill his task.

Alex turned her attention to J'onn but he spoke first.

"I could help him. I don't speak as many languages as Brainy but I might be able to help the alien refugees that are coming through the portals." He stated.

Alex shook her head. "That's not a bad idea but I think that we need you somewhere else."

"You want me to help Kara and the other heroes." J'onn said, realizing where Alex was going with this.

"Exactly. The Monitor said that all of the Paragons had to play a part in the Anti-Monitor's defeat. They need you."

"I agree. You have some excellent leadership skills, Director." J'onn praised.

"Thank you, J'onn." Alex replied.

J'onn nodded. He turned around and was about to take off when Alex interrupted him.

"J'onn!" She called out. He turned back around to listen to Alex.

"Is something wrong?" He asked.

Alex shook her head. "No, just... please tell Kara to be careful. She may be essentially indestructible but... I still worry about her." She said.

"Of course, Alex." J'onn responded.

He wasted no more time and took off. He decided that the best place to start looking for Kara and the other heroes would be the mysterious tower that had risen from the earth in the middle of National City.

He quickly made his way there.

In the meantime, Alex continued to help people onto the legion ships.

She had hoped to pick up the pace now that her focus wasn't on the safety of her mother and girlfriend but she found that it wasn't the case.

She was now more focused on Kara's safety.

She knew that Kara was strong and couldn't be easily harmed but it still worried her to see Supergirl fighting threats that seemed so impossible to beat.

Alex wanted so badly for Kara to be alright at the end of this. She needed her sister to be ok.

Unfortunately for Alex, there wasn't much she could do.

Her task was to help get the people of Earth 38 to safety and that was the best she could do right now.

All Alex hoped was that Kara would be able to get to the legion ship if the world started disintegrating.

There was always the possibility of failure. If the paragons couldn't stop this antimatter wave, they would have mere moments to get off world.

It worried Alex to no end.

Nonetheless, the redhead had to press on. She had to keep working to save as many people as she could.

Mon-El was flying stragglers to the docks, Brainy was communicating with the masses, and Alex was supervising the entire evacuation operation all while Kara, J'onn, and the other heroes readied themselves for a difficult battle.

Of course, Alex was unaware of the fight they faced.

She had left to help with the evacuation before the heroes learned of the first battle they'd have to fight; a battle against a horde of shadow demons.

Chapter Text

Kara, Kal-El, Barry, Kate, Sara, and Ray all arrived at the quantum tower raised from the earth by the Monitor. They were ready to defend this earth with all they had. It was going to be more than that though. It was going to be their stand to protect the multiverse.

“Alright, everybody. We better get ready. Oliver should be here with Mia any moment.” Sara said.

As if on cue, the voice of Oliver Queen could be heard. “The surrounding area is clear of any people. No civilians will get hurt as long as we can keep the perimeter of this fight within a couple of blocks.” He said as he arrived next to the group by the tower.

Mia followed suit, wearing a more defined version of her standard attire. Her jacket and overall color scheme still centered around black but the young blonde truly looked like a hero.

Similar to her father, she now wielded a high quality bow with a quiver and a set of arrows.

“We’re ready to fight. Let’s protect this planet.” Mia said, simply.

“Spoken just like her father.” Kara responded.

The group all nodded in unanimous agreement. It was true. Mia really took after Oliver.

Ray was the next one to speak up. “Before we actually start fighting, I think there is one more important thing we need to get straight;...” He paused.

Every single hero in the group looked to the tech genius awaiting him to finish the sentence. All he did was put on a grin and wait.

“Get to the point.” Kate said, suddenly.

“Mia needs a superhero name.” He finished.

Kara smiled lightly at the banter the group was having. It helped calm her even though they were about to try and protect her home from total destruction.

Kal couldn’t help but chuckle a little at the absurdity of the situation. Oliver, to his credit, smiled. Kara and anyone else could easily tell that it was a proud parent's smile.

“Well... I suppose that’s up to Mia.” Sara spoke up.

Mia looked at every hero in the group. She was among some of the most powerful and important heroes she could have ever seen.

After deliberating for a mere moment, Mia made her decision. “Let’s go with Blackstar.” She stated with confidence.

“Cisco would approve.” Barry said, causing Oliver, Kara, and a few of the other heroes to laugh.

“What made you choose Blackstar?” Sara asked after she finished laughing.

Mia’s response was immediate. “It was the alias I use in my future when I participate in cage fights." She said all with a smile on her face.

Most of the heroes didn't know how to respond to that. It was a fact that none of them had expected from Mia except Oliver who already knew of this.

"She's got my respect." Kate, who had been mostly silent, said.

"The family resemblance has never been more obvious." Sara joked.

"For the record, I haven't been in as many cage fights as you're assuming." Oliver replied.

"Nonetheless, Blackstar it is!" Ray exclaimed.

"So, what's the plan?" Barry asked.

All the heroes had to refocus a little. They were having a lighthearted conversation but they still had an infinite number of earths to save.

All of the heroes in the group looked to Oliver; he was more of a natural leader than any of them.

Realizing what was happening, Oliver dived into that leadership role.

"Think of this tower..." Oliver pointed at the quantum tower. " a fortress."

"Fortresses are defended by utilizing strategic positioning." Ray added.

"Exactly. We need to take those strategic positions." Oliver responded.

Kara nodded. "Alright. Who goes where?"

"Barry, Kara, and..." Oliver paused. He didn't actually know Superman's name.

"Kal-El" Kara replied, for her cousin.

Oliver nodded. "Barry, Kara, and Kal-El will stay on the outside of the tower. You guys are fast so you'll be able to keep as many shadow demons as possible from getting inside."

Kara nodded in response.

"You guys will have a lot more open space to work with so use that to your advantage." Oliver instructed.

"You ready?" Kal asked, looking at Kara.

"My home is at risk of being destroyed all over again. I've never been more ready." Kara replied. Kal had never heard her speak with such a serious tone.

The male kryptonian simply nodded before taking off into the sky to guard the tower. Kara followed suit.

"Better get to it." Barry said, before speeding off to run around the tower, patrolling for the first sign of shadow demons.

The remaining team turned their attention back to Oliver.

"I assume that means we're taking the inside." Kate stated.

Oliver nodded. "Most of us are vigilantes that are used to having to operate in more confined spaces."

It was a true statement. Oliver, Mia, Kate, and Sara were all vigilantes.

The only standout was Ray. "I'm not a vigilante." He said.

"While that may be true, you can still help." Oliver stated. "You'll be able to cover the rest of us from above."

Ray nodded. "Sounds like an excellent plan."

The remaining heroes nodded before making their way inside the tower.

In the meantime, Kara and Kal-El were hovering near the top of the tower trying to ready themselves for the coming battle.

Though it was a tense moment, Kal-El cut through.

"Kara?" Kal-El asked.

Kara turned her attention to her older but technically younger cousin.

"Is something wrong? Do you see the shadow demons?" The heroine asked.

Kal shook his head. "No. I wanted to make sure you were alright."

"I'm fine." Kara replied, all too quickly to seem believable.

"Kara, are you sure you're ready for this? I mean, you just lost Argo and barely had a chance to mourn." He said.

Kara was silent for a moment. "You're right. I didn't get a chance to mourn because I have something more important to focus on."

Kal-El wanted to speak up but he didn't, so Kara continued.

"I'll have all the time in the world to be sad and upset once I've made sure that I don't lose my other planet." Kara explained.

"Yes, but you are allowed to be vulnerable if you need to be. You don't have to wait until after we fight." Kal tried to reason.

Kara shook her head. "No. I can't be upset; not right now. You heard what the Monitor told us about the paragons."

Kal recalled the Monitor's words. 'If any one of the seven paragons should fail, the battle will become unbeatable.' Kal had to admit that Kara had a point. The multiverse needed all seven paragons to fight.

"If I'm not at the top of my game, I'll lose everything... all over again." Kara said.

"But... what if burying your emotions is keeping off the top of your game." Kal fired back.

Kara looked to the ground, about a hundred feet below her. Her eyes solemnly looked down to the earth she was trying to protect.

"It might be but I've buried my emotional trauma since I lost Krypton and I've been doing it since I lost Lena. What's one more fight?" She asked.

Kal didn't know how to respond. Kara had always gone through more than any person had to but she had the most sunny disposition of anyone.

For some reason, Kal assumed Kara wasn't as affected by Krypton's destruction as she should be. He assumed that she was fine.

He was wrong and for the first time he was seeing it. Kara wasn't constantly cheerful and bubbly just because of her personality.

It was her coping mechanism. She tried to remain positive and happy because she couldn't face losing the things she had.

It was the first time anyone truly realized just how fragile Kara might be.

Kal opted to say nothing. He sat there in silence replaying Kara's words. There was so much pain behind this girl who was so often claimed to be made of steel.

He was shaken from his thoughts when Kara started speaking again.

"What's that?" She asked as she gazed into the distance.

Kal refocused and looked in the same direction as Kara. There was a flying figure approaching the tower.

"Is it a shadow demon?" Kal asked.

Kara didn't nod and she didn't shake her head. "I don't know." She responded.

The figure got closer and closer while both kryptonians prepared themselves for a potential fight.

But, the figure got a little closer and the two supers realized what it was or... more accurately who it was.

J'onn flew near them and hovered above the ground just as they were.

"J'onn, what are you doing here?" Kal asked.

"I thought you were helping with the evacuation." Kara added.

"I was but Alex has it covered. She suggested that I help you guys." He explained.

"Well... we could use it." Kal reasoned.

"That's true. You can operate on the outside with Barry, Kal-El, and I." Kara offered.

"Our job is to try and keep the shadow demons away from the tower. The ones that do get inside will be taken down by Oliver and the other heroes." Kal-El relayed the plan to J'onn.

"I can do that." The martian responded, simply.

"Then, let's fight this with all we got." Kara said.

Kal looked to his cousin now that he understood her desire to fight before she mourned.

She had been through a lot and it started at such a young age that she was unable to really come to terms with it all and feel the necessary emotions one needed to in order to get past their trauma.

He understood that Kara couldn't lose anything if anyone else. He had to fight harder than he ever had before with Kara and the other heroes.

Supergirl, Superman, Martian Manhunter, Flash, Green Arrow, Blackstar, Batwoman, White Canary, And The Atom were about to start the fight to defend Earth 38 and the rest of the multiverse.

Chapter Text

The heroes were all at their posts, preparing for an incoming army of shadow demons.

The plan was to defend the quantum tower. It was producing a signal that stopped the antimatter wave dead in its tracks.

Shadow demons would arrive en masse to attack the tower. If the paragons and heroes could defend the tower long enough, they might be able to test the Ant-Monitor’s patience.

They were trying to draw him out. If they could force the Anti-Monitor to attack the tower in person, then they could attack him back.

Supergirl, Superman, and Martian Manhunter were patrolling the air around the tower, acting as scouts for the first signs of the shadow demons.

Flash had a similar role. He was to operate on the ground, keeping the demons at bay.

Meanwhile, Green Arrow, Blackstar, White Canary, and Batwoman prepared to fight on the ground level of the tower.

Thanks to the mostly hollowed out interior of the massive spire, Atom was able to fly up above the other heroes to provide an overview of the fight from above and take out key demons as they tried to flank the vigilantes.

They were all ready to act as a unified team to protect Earth 38 and every other earth in the multiverse.

“See anything?” Kal shouted from the outside of the tower.

“No!” Kara shouted back. They were currently looking off into different directions, trying to spot any of the shadow demons.

“J’onn?” Kal asked, next.

“I haven’t seen anything yet.” The martian replied.

Anticipation of the battle was starting to get to them. Kara, especially, was rather worried that the lack of a threat meant they were doing something wrong.

A red blur suddenly started zooming up the side of the tower, with a signature lightning trail following it.

Flash came to a sudden stop at the top of the tower. He was now about level with the three flying heroes.

“I’ve got nothing, so far!” Barry yelled.

“Neither do we!” Kara yelled back.

The feeling that something was wrong was starting to grow within the pit of Kara’s stomach. She suddenly felt very off. The idea that they were not going to succeed because their plan wasn’t working yet led to her feeling empty.

She was starting to think that she was going to lose everything all over again.

Those thoughts were put on the back burner the second an inhuman cry could be heard in the distance.

The noise gathered the attention of all four heroes stationed outside the tower. Their eyes moved to the direction the noise could be heard from.

At first, they didn’t see anything.

“What was that?” Barry asked.

“I’m not sure. Give me a second.” Kara responded. The kryptonian heroine activated her x-ray vision and looked again.

There was something moving behind one of the buildings in the closest part of the city to the tower. It was clear that it wasn’t an ordinary person.

It was floating and it moved by eerily floating a few feet above the ground. The first moving object was shortly followed by another and then another after that. A few more gathered behind the building after that.

Kara turned back around to the other heroes. “There are some strange creatures moving around behind that building over there. Judging by the movement, I’d say that they’re heading this way.”

“You think they’re the shadow demons?” Kal asked, as he too took a look with his x-ray vision.

J’onn answered before Kara could. “There’s no way of knowing just yet but we should assume the worst.”

“We better get down there.” Kara said.

Barry nodded and zipped back down to the ground in an instant. The flying heroes followed suit, and flew closer to the ground, hovering a few meters above it.

They awaited the arrival of the strange creatures Kara and Kal-El saw. They wouldn’t have to wait long.

A few darkly colored creatures emerged from around the large building. They moved like ghosts and wore tattered cloaks. Their mere presence seemed to darken the atmosphere, even more so on a cloudy day like it had been.

“Those are our shadow demons alright.” Kara stated.

Soon, a few demons turned into several and that turned into even more after that as they drew closer.

“We have to protect the multiverse at all costs. If this tower falls, our efforts will only get more impossible.” Kal stressed.

“I know of a day and age where any world would've thought that we were impossible.” Barry answered.

J’onn nodded and decided to offer some additional motivation. “That is true. Our enemies may be powerful and numerous but we are a team. We can do this!”

The shadow demons grew closer and closer as the heroes talked.

"I won't lose." Kara stated in a low menacing voice.

The girl of steel suddenly unleashed her heat vision on some of the shadow demons growing closer.

The contact they made with the twin beams of light caused them to start physically turning to dust, effectively disintegrating them.

The other heroes on the outside of the tower took that as the cue to start fighting as well.

Superman flew forward, unleashing his freeze breath on the few shadow demons he came close to.

Though the heat Vision disintegrated the shadow demons, the freeze breath sort of caused them to evaporate.

Superman didn't pay much mind to it as he flew up above the growing horde to unleash his heat vision as well.

J'onn did something similar. He lunged forward and crashed into a couple of shadow demons.

His Martian strength was certainly helpful but his psychic abilities were his greatest weapon.

He was able to use his psychic power by placing a hand on the heads of the demons. His immense telepathic abilities were able to cause the demons to collapse on the spot.

However, one of the demons flew up from the ground and was able to grab J'onn from behind.

The martian used his ability to phase through solid objects to his advantage.

J'onn was able to break free from the shadow's grip, sending himself just behind the creature.

Before he could do anything, the demon was struck by an intensely powerful bolt of yellow lightning.

Flash had started running around the fight on the outside of the tower.

He weaved in and out of the way of the battle while throwing bolts of lightning every chance he got.

Supergirl dashed past the speedster, throwing two shadow demons to the ground with her super strength.

They were promptly met with twin beams of light emitting from the eyes of her cousin.

"Thanks, for the help!" She shouted.

Superman gave a small nod as Supergirl raced towards the next group of shadow demons.

Her own mix of heat vision, freeze breath, and super strength allowed her to easily defeat all of them except one.

It drew near her, but was cut off from its attack when J'onn flew down to place his hand on its skull.

It collapsed to the ground like the rest.

"Have any of them gotten inside yet?" J'onn questioned.

Supergirl shook her head. "I don't think so. Let's keep it that way."

The heroes continued to work as a well-oiled team.

Flash was able to throw lightning at key points to take out more than one shadow demon at once while the kryptonians used their power to thin the horde as much as they could.

It wasn't working and Barry was the first to notice.

He raced towards J'onn as fast as possible.

The martian had just sent one of the shadow demons to the floor as he got there.

"This isn't working. The horde's not getting any smaller. It's getting larger." Barry stated.

J'onn paused to take a look around them, noticing that Barry was right.

"I have a plan. Keep them busy." J'onn ordered.

No later than a second after he finished saying it, Flash was back in the fight, zipping in and out of trouble at will.

J'onn quickly flew over to the tower, phasing through the wall altogether, much to the surprise of the heroes inside.

He looked over to see Oliver's bow drawn along with the other heroes readying their weapons.

J'onn got a little closer and Oliver recognized who it was. "J'onn?"

Green Arrow lowered his bow, followed by Blackstar.

"You know this guy! I thought he was one of the demons! I was about to kill him!" "Batwoman yelled.

"He's a friend of Kara's. Comes from the planet; Mars." Oliver offered an explanation.

"Yes, but that's not important right now. The shadow demons are here but they are getting dangerously close to overwhelming us out there." J'onn said.

"That's not good." Ray stated.

"What's the plan then?" Mia asked.

Oliver contemplated the situation for a moment before he came up with a solution.

"We let them in the tower." He said.

"Is that really the best plan?" Sara asked.

Oliver nodded. "If we let them inside..." He began.

"We can take some of the heat off of the others." Ray finished.

"Exactly." Oliver responded.

J'onn nodded and flew back through the wall of the quantum tower.

It took him a moment to find the other heroes in the crowd of shadow demons.

When he did find them, they were overwhelmed.

As a last ditch effort to try and clear out a large sum of the demons, Supergirl brought both her hands together in a mighty thunderclap.

All the nearby demons were hit and collapsed in an instant, buying J'onn enough time to explain the plan.

"Their numbers are too great." Superman said.

"I know. That's why we're going to let some of them inside." J'onn stated.

"Isn't that a bad idea, if we're trying to protect it?" Flash asked.

"The other heroes will be able to dwindle the numbers. Hopefully it'll be enough to ease the fight." J'onn offered.

Kara nodded. "We have to do it. It's the best chance for this earth."

Chapter Text

The decision to let the shadow demons inside the tower was a risky one but it was a means of dividing the pressure evenly among the heroes and paragons.

Barry, J’onn, and the supers started struggling against the massive horde. It was the best way to keep the fight lasting long enough to draw the anti-monitor out.

No sooner than J’onn explained the plan to the team on the outside of the tower, had the iside team opened the main door.

Waves upon waves of souless creatures poured in the quantum tower.

Green Arrow and Blackstar stood back to back in the center of the tower. That way, they couldn't be snuck up on. Their skill with a bow and arrow were unmatched by everyone except each other.

The father and daughter duo were able to take out the demons as quickly as most of the other heroes despite their lack of a super power. Arrows were all they needed.

White Canary was fighting with a metal staff. Her use of the weapon was tactical and careful while still packing the brute strength one would expect from a former member of the league of assassins.

She brought the metal object down onto the skull of a demon which was promptly followed by an energy blast from Atom.

He had been flying higher in the tower, firing blasts down at the shadow demons that were attacking the vigilantes below.

"Thanks for the assist, Ray!" White Canary called out.

"You're welcome!" Atom shouted back before returning to firing from above.

Batwoman was possibly the most mobile in the fight.

At one point, she jumped onto a shadow demon, using a batarang to hit in the skull.

As the creature started collapsing to the ground, she pounced off of it, landing with a roll and three more batarangs, taking out a row of demons.

Despite their efforts, the indoor team was getting overwhelmed just as quickly as the outdoor team.

After a few minutes of nonstop fighting, another shake plagued the area, but it was different than before.

It wasn't a quake within the earth but rather the tower itself.

Something shook the tower.

As soon as the tower had been attacked, the shadow demons began retreating in waves.

"What's happening?" Blackstar asked.

"They're leaving. Something tells me they accomplished their objective." Batwoman stated.

"Everybody, get outside!" Green Arrow shouted.

The five of them exited the tower and watched as the demons continued to leave the vicinity.

However, that was not the most important detail they noticed.

"The sky is red." Sara observed.

The heroes were soon joined by Supergirl, Superman, Martian Manhunter, and Flash.

"Yeah. Something shook the tower and the sky started darkening." Superman replied.

"How did you hear him say that? You were nowhere near us just a moment ago." Blackstar stated.

"Super hearing." Supergirl offered. "But Kal-El said that the sky got red as the antimatter got close to Argo."

Martian Manhunter nodded. "That means the tower is no longer operational. The shadow demons must have disabled it somehow."

"Kara, can you or Kal-El here x-ray the tower and see if there's anything wrong with it?" Green Arrow asked.

Kara gave a simple nod. She used her x-ray vision and looked the tower up and down.

There was one thing that stood out in her scan. A small pylon type device was placed at the top of the tower.

"It draws power from stored solar energy in a small pylon at the top of the tower!" Kara realized.

"So, they must have broken the solar storage system." Ray added.

Kara sighed. "But, if they broke the solar storage..." She Began.

"That means even if we can get more solar power... it won't buy us all that much time." Ray finished.

"So... we're operating under a time limit. What's new?" Kate asked, sarcastically.

"What's new is the sky is red with no visible sun. How are we supposed to get solar energy?" Sara asked.

"There's still a solar panel still intact at the top of the tower." Kal explained, having already used his x-ray vision as well.

"We can use our heat vision." Kara said.

"How much time do you think it will buy us?" Kal questioned.

Kara shook her head. "I don't know. Maybe... a half hour at best... if we give it all we got."

Oliver interrupted the thought. "You can't give it all you guys got though. I think you called it... solar flaring."

Kara sighed. "He's right. If we solar flare we're out of the fight."

"Yeah... from what little I've seen of you guys in action, I'd say you're too valuable for that." Mia added.

"In that case, you guys push yourselves up to the limit without going over." Ray offered.

"That could probably earn us an extra twenty minutes before disintegrating." Kara determined.

"What are you waiting for?" J'onn asked.

That was all the two kryptonians needed to hear before taking off for the top of the tower.

They quickly got close to the solar panel they needed.

"Ready?" Kara asked.

"Ready!" Kal confirmed.

Both of them unleashed their heat vision in an instant.

Four beams of light burned into the solar panel from two pairs of kryptonian eyes.

There was a long moment where they hovered in silence, putting all of their focus and all their energy into powering the quantum tower.

Soon, Kal started losing energy and eventually had to let himself drift back to the ground.

He had done all he could without risking a solar flare.

He landed on the ground next to the other heroes.

"Good work." Oliver said. "Now it's left to Kara."

"If you're already done, doesn't that mean Kara is losing more energy by staying up there longer?" Sara asked.

Kal shook his head. "Probably not. She's always been a little stronger than me. Must be the perks of being older." He joked.

"She's older?" Mia asked.

"Long story." Kal-El replied.

Barry was next to speak up. "Nonetheless, Kara's tough. She'll be able to stay up there a few minutes longer. I know it."

"I agree." J'onn stated. He, more so than most, had utmost confidence in the girl of steel.

Kara was doing him and all the other heroes proud as she continued to unleash her heat vision into the tower.

She was able to last another few minutes before she finally had to let herself drift back to the ground.

As Kara touched down on the ground, the sky began to revert back to its blanket of gray-blue clouds.

It was as if the red was completely wiped away.

"That was amazing!" Ray exclaimed.

"You're a scientist. You think most things are amazing." Sara commented.

"Well..." Ray wanted to fire back at Sara's teasing but he was interrupted.

A familiar inhuman cry was heard in the distance.

"Shadow demons." Oliver stated simply.

He was right. Hundreds upon hundreds of shadow demons slowly flew their way back to the tower.

"This is a problem." Kate stated.

"Ok. If we can last another twenty minutes, do you think you guys will be able to heat vision the panel?" Barry asked.

"I think so." Kara answered, honestly.

"Good. We'll all protect the outside this time to prevent them from damaging the solar panels. Everybody ready?" Olive asked.

Green Arrow and Blackstar drew their bows once again.

Supergiel and Superman stood confidently as Batwoman readied several batarangs.

White Canary braced herself with her staff and Atom diverted power from his suit to his energy cannon.

Lastly, Flash ran around in a circle a few times, preparing himself for a lightning throw.

"I think that's a yes." Blackstar responded.

"Then let's fight." Green Arrow said.

Just then, the shadow demons flew in.

The fight was back on.

Blackstar took several shots at the nearest demons.

Flash took off to super speed the perimeter taking out key enemies.

Batwoman and White Canary entered combat with nearby demons, taking them out with their weapons respectively.

There was also Superman and Atom who took the aerial combat of the battle.

"Kara!" Green Arrow shouted. "I've got an idea. Fly up!"

Supergirl nodded as she took off into the sky.

Green Arrow fired a grappling arrow straight up at Supergirl.

The kryptonian heroine caught the arrow and flew up just a bit more.

Soon, she started flying throughout the battlefield with Green Arrow in tow, effectively swinging him into the shadow demons like a human wrecking ball.

Eventually, he cut the rope on the arrow and landed on the ground with several more arrow shots.

Meanwhile, Supergirl flew downwards at high speed colliding with a shadow demon on the way down.

Her descent culminated in the girl of steel plowing into the ground causing a group of nearby shadow demons to collapse from contact with rubble from the earth.

The team was effective at first, but it only took a few minutes for them to start getting overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of the Anti-Monitor's army once again.

It would take a miracle for them to get the Anti-Monitor to show up in person.

They were quickly running out of time but... none of the heroes gave up, especially Kara. There was too much at stake in this fight.

But at the moment, no one was set up to lose more than Kara and she couldn't lose. She's already lost too much.

Chapter Text

Alex and the Superfriends were certainly making a valiant effort in evacuating the citizens of Earth 38.

The DEO Director had been helping people aboard the twin legion ships.

They were either flown in by Mon-El or they came through the various portals being managed by Lena under Shelly Island.

Brainy would likey be the first to greet them. His ability to speak an obsurd amount of languages; both earthly and non-earthly, was useful in explaining the situation to the arriving inhabitants of the planet.

Next, Alex would guide them onto the ships. Alex was unable to find James and assumed that he must have been on the legion ships helping people as well.

The efforts were organized and precise. They might actually be able to evacuate more people than they thought. It was going smoothly but it was still a hastened plan.

Panic had occurred momentarily when the sky turned a sinister red several minutes ago. Luckily, the color faded and the normal color of the sky had returned.

The redhead knew it had to be Kara and the other heroes.

She had never been more proud of her little sister from another planet, even though she was still worried about her.

Nevertheless, she had to focus.

The evacuation efforts continued for a few more minutes.

Nia was also helping out quite effectively.

Her dream powers weren't the most helpful in the current situation but she was able to help Alex get people aboard the ships.

However, the naltorian was distracted from her task when she started having a dream.

Her powers were warning her of something.

All Nia could see at first was the earth... or what she assumed had to be the 38th earth they were currently trying to save.

Then, she saw nothing but red.

It was like a wave of blood crashing into her home planet.

"Antimatter." Nia whispered to herself.

It was at that moment that Nia realized they were out of time.

In a few minutes, Earth 38 would be lost to the wave of antimatter.

"No." Nia spoke. She refused to believe that this was possible.

Kara and the other heroes weren't going to succeed.

"What if there's another way?" Nia wondered.

The hero tried so hard to focus on what was happening; the crisis. Maybe she could change something in time to stop the wave of antimatter.

That was the reason her powers were so useful; she could see the future.

But... she couldn't help but wonder if there was a way for her to change the future by doing something now.

All that thinking about altering the future resulted in a sudden light blue flash, similar in color to her dream energy.

Nia opened her eyes once again, expecting to see the real world. She assumed she had woken up from her dream but she was wrong.

She was seeing the same dream except this time it was like she was seeing it multiple times all at once.

It was as if there were hundreds of television screens showing her the antimatter waves collision with Earth 38.

It reminded Nia of what a fly would see with their eyes.

Nia was still very confused though. Even though she could see that the dreams were all identical... she could still sense that they were different.

Then, it hit her.

She wasn't seeing the same dream. She was seeing several dreams all at the same time that all resulted in the same future.

Dreamer had unlocked a new power.

She could see what would happen to the future if she changed the present in different ways.

It made sense. Nia had just been wondering about what would happen if she tried to change the timeline to prevent the dream from occurring.

Now, she was seeing it. Countless dreams of potential futures all projecting themselves to Nia at once.

But if that was the case that meant... Earth 38 was doomed no matter what happened.

It's demise was set in stone.

"Oh no." Nia whispered.

As soon as the words left her mouth, another light blue flash of light happened.

Nia was back to reality. She was no longer dreaming.

It was a power Nia didn't know she or any past Dreamer could use.

Her mother had once mentioned that there were powers even she hadn't unlocked.

Nia was wondering if she had just tapped into a power even her mother wasn't capable of using.

She wanted to try and wrap her head around the situation but it was hard because... she had a headache all of a sudden.

Her head was suddenly pending and she felt mildly lightheaded.

"Ahh..." Nia groaned. She had never felt a headache since she unlocked the Dreamer powers.

That was what convinced Nia she had truly done something incredible with her abilities.

She could see multiple futures.

She wanted to lay down and force the pain to stop but that wouldn't do any good right now.

Nia had to warn Alex. They only had a few minutes to get the ships off world.

The naltorian struggled to focus with the pain in her skull but she pushed through. She had to because that's what heroes do.

Thankfully, it didn't take long before she found Alex.

"Alex, we... need to get off world. The antimatter... it's going to... to hit us any minute." Nia said.

"You dreamed it?" Alex questioned, taking note of the fact that Nia looked sort of ill.

The naltorian nodded and Alex wasted no time in putting a finger on her earpiece to contact Lena.

"Alex." Lena said simply through the earpiece.

"Lena, I need you to close the portals. We're out of time. Nia said that the antimatter is going to collide with the Earth any minute now."

"Ok... I'll close them but will you have enough time to get out?" Lena asked.

Alex, Mon-El, Brainy, and Nia were shuffling the last people onto the legion ships after the portals closed.

"What do you mean?" Alex fired back.

Lena sighed. "I mean that the legion ships won't have enough time to escape Earth's atmosphere before the wave hits."

Alex finally finished getting everyone nearby aboard the ship while she realized that Lena was right.

It was too late. They didn't have enough time to get off world before they would be hit.

"We're all going to die." Alex whispered.

There was long silence. Alex let everyone go ahead further into the legion ship, so she could remain by herself within no one to hear her sudden realization other than Lena.

"I have an idea." Lena broke through the silence.

Alex had never been more relieved to hear that exact sentence.

"What can you do?" Alex asked.

"I can activate one last transmatter portal that will take you directly from the ground to the stars." Lena stated.

"That could work but... you'll have to hold the portal open from Shelly Island. The portal will be too big for you to do it remotely with one of Lex's watches." Alex explained.

Lena's response was rather grim. "I know."

"Lena... you can't. You'll get hit by the antimatter before you have a chance to escape. You'll die." Alex stressed.

"Strange. I didn't think you'd care much." Lena remarked.

"Lena, you were friends with Kara and the rest of us... for years. As much as I am with you... I can't just throw that out and neither can Kara." Alex stated.

Lena chuckled. "Really? Because that's exactly what Kara did."

The L-Corp CEO was still furious with the faker that she formerly called a best friend.

At the same time though, it was one of the few occurrences of Lena opting to use Kara's actual name since she acquired the Medallion Of Acrata.

Alex didn't know what to say.

Lena was actually the one to speak next. "That doesn't matter at the moment. What does is getting you off world. I'm going to go off the comms while I set up the portal."

"Um... alright. I'll head up to  Brainy. When you give me the signal, I'll have him activate the legion ships." Alex replied.

Then, Lena temporarily deactivated her comms.

She was under Shelly Island, preparing to activate one last transmatter portal.

"This is the end then, isn't it Ms Luthor." Hope stated.

"Yes it is." Lena answered simply, looking over to the face of Andrea Rojas.

"I guess... I do feel a little bad for not allowing Andrea the chance to escape all this."

Hope shook her head. "No, Ms Luthor. You have given Andrea something far better."

Lena gave the A.I. a quizzical look.

Hope continued. "Her consciousness was peacefully suppressed. She will not have experienced the pain of dying in this way."

"I suppose that's true. What about you, E.V.E.?" Lena asked.

"I am android, Ms Luthor. I will not suffer as Eve Teschmacher would have." The android offered.

"I suppose that’s true. She still suffered unfairly though." Lena replied.

"It doesn't matter now, Ms Luthor." Hope replied.

"Yes, Ms Luthor. You will be remembered as a hero just as your brother once wanted for himself." E.V.E. stated.

At one point, Lena might have felt disgusted when being compared to her brother but Lena had changed recently. Something inside of her was different than it once was.

Lena just offered a weak smile.

"Thank you... both if you." Lena responded.

"Of course, Ms Luthor." Both of the technological assistants replied at the same time.

Lena finally reactivated her comms.

"You ready, Alex?" She asked.

"Yes." Alex answered simply. There was a brief pause before Alex spoke again. "I'll tell Kara that... in your final moments, you were a hero."

Lena remained emotionless. "Don't bother." She replied.

Alex was stunned. Lena had truly gone dark. The former best friend of her little sister didn't want Kara to know the truth of her death.

It was so out of character for Lena that... Alex was left stunned.

Before Alex could say anything in return, the comms went dead.

That meant the antimatter was closing in. Nia was right.

Soon, the purple coloration for the transmatter portals was seen in front of them.

"Brainy, Now!" Alex shouted.

Seconds later, the ships were exiting the portals outside of the antimatter's reach out in space.

They had successfully evacuated as many people as they could.

There was no celebration though. Earth 38 was destroyed.

Alex looked around the hull of the legion ship. It was a smaller room and the only people currently inside it were the Superfriends.

Eliza, Nia, Brainy, Kelly, James, and Mon-El were all there.

Alex was the first to say anything. "No one says a word about Lena to Kara. She'll be devastated enough. If she finds out Lena died... it'll break her." Alex reluctantly let a tear fall down her cheek for Lena.

"Speaking of Kara, where is she?" Brainy asked.

Alex started to panic. Had Kara not made it out?

Just as Alex let that thought consume her, one of the Monitor's white flashes illuminated the room.

Chapter Text

At the same time as the evacuation, Kara and the other heroes were continuing to fight the horde of shadow demons.

Their effort was quickly becoming useless. They were running out of time and the waves of shadow demons entering the area only grew larger as the battle continued.

Even Kal and Kara were struggling to hold off multiple demons at once. The battle was quickly being lost.

Barry was able to shake a few shadow demons off his tail long enough to warn the others. “Guys... I’m not sure that we’re going to win this!” He shouted.

Then, there was a familiar white light that the heroes learned to associate with the Monitor’s arrival.

“Barry Allen is correct. This battle is a fruitless effort.” He stated.

Kara was the first to speak after his arrival. “Can’t you help us? I mean... you’re this all powerful supposed god who brought us together. How come you aren’t helping us fight?” Kara shouted angrily, while she continued to hold off the demons.

“The use of my power to combat this crisis could have catastrophic consequences across the multiverse.” Mar Novu replied. “Unlike this crisis, those consequences would be unstoppable.”

“What’s your solution then? How do we save my home?” Kara shouted.

The Monitor remained stoic in his reply. “We won’t. Earth 38 will be lost. You must conserve your strength to better combat this threat.”

Kara paled as she fought the horde. Earth 38 was going to collapse. She was going to lose her home planet all over again. She wasn’t even sure if her friends and family were off world yet.

“We can’t. I-I have to keep fighting. We... we have to keep trying.” Kara tried to rationalize.

“There’s no more time.” The Monitor answered.

Mar Novu began using his ability to transport people, saving the heroes and paragons one by one.

First, there was Barry who had already stoopped running when he warned the others that they were losing. He dissapeared in a white light.

He was followed by Ray who was consumed by the light after firing off one last energy blast. Sara dissapeared while fighting a group of demons with her staff.

Mia was absorbed by the white flash while she was firing arrows, back to back with her father. Kate was absorbed after slamming a shado demon into the pavement with a mighty skull crunch.

That left Kal, J’onn, Oliver, and Kara as the only remaining heroes on Earth 38.

“He’s right, Kara. We’ve lost this fight. We have to go!” J’onn shouted, before the Monitor’s powers took him as well.

Kal-El was also taken by the Monitor’s white light soon after.

Kara was panicking. She couldn’t lose her home again. She wasn’t even sure if her family was safe. If she lost Earth 38 and everyone on it, she might shatter into a million pieces.

"No!" Kara shouted. "Don't take me away! I... I have to protect my home!"

Even if Mar Novu wanted to obey Kara's wish, she might die... and as one of the seven paragons, that was not an option.

Soon, Kara could feel the tingling sensation that came with the Monitor's use of his powers.

"No! P-Please!" Kara yelled.

Then, the white flash took her.

Her last scream was painful and agonizing.

"NO! PLEASE! DON'T..." Her cries were enough to scare anyone. She sounded so inhumanly distraught.

Oliver was now the last hero in the fight for Earth 38.

He knew the Monitor was going to try and bring him to the ships but he didn't want to go.

The Green Arrow had crossed paths with countless heroes across both Earth 1 and several other earths.

But... out of all those heroes, two of them stood out as beacons of everything a hero should stand for. Those two heroes were Barry and Kara.

Not Flash and Supergirl but… Barry and Kara.

It was the reason he made his deal with Mar Novu. He needed Barry and Kara to come out of this crisis just as they had entered it.

Then, he heard Kara's screams just as the Monitor took her away and Oliver realized something.

He realized that if Kara was going to come out of this at her best, she needed her earth to survive.

At the very least, Kara needed the people of her earth to survive.

At that moment, Oliver decided he was going to fight for Kara's world.

It might not work and he might not last long in the fight. But... he had to try.

"Is everyone off world?" He asked Mar Novu.

"No." The all powerful being answered.

"Then you better not take me away!" Oliver shouted.

Seeing as Oliver was the hero who pledged his life to this crisis more than any other, the Monitor granted his wish and waited.

Oliver continued to fire Arrow after arrow at the growing number of shadow demons.

However, he was fighting alone now.

They quickly began overpowering him more than he expected.

He started getting hit. The attacks were growing more frequent and painful.

Oliver was starting to feel numb from the sheer amount of pain the demons were causing.

He could feel himself slowly crumbling.

Moments before he would have collapsed, Mar Novu used his power once again to bring him to the legion ships.

The battle for Earth 38 was over and the Anti-Monitor had succeeded in taking down another universe.

Kara opened her eyes to realize she was on the legion ship with the other heroes and the Superfriends.

Tears rolled down her cheeks as she realized that she failed.

"Kara!" Alex exclaimed. "You're ok!"

The blonde kryptonian looked up at her sister, not knowing what to say.

She believed she failed. Kara lost her world all over again.

Kara hugged her sister and sobbed into her shoulder.

"It's alright, Kara. You saved as many people as you could." Alex tried to reassure.

"Is... e-everyone else s-safe?" Kara asked.

Alex nodded as the blonde buried her head into her shoulder. "Yes. Eliza, Nia, Kelly, Brainy, James. We're all here."

"Lena?" Kara asked.

Alex hesitated a moment. She should have known that Kara would ask almost immediately.

"Yes, even Lena." Alex lied.

Kara took a deep breath. It seemed that Kara believed her lie.

Alex was glad that her heartbeat was already beating really fast, otherwise Kara might have picked up on it.

The kryptonian reluctantly recoiled from Alex, wiping away her tears.

Kara wanted to try and hide as much of that sadness as possible when she was in front of so many other people.

When she looked across the room she indeed saw Alex, Nia, and Brainy.

Kara assumed Kelly, Eliza, and James must be in a different room of the ship.

Strangely enough, Kara also saw... Mon-El.

"Mon-El?" Kara questioned. "What are you doing here?"

"The... Monitor guy appeared in the future. He said that I needed to help with the Crisis On Infinite Earths... which is weird because for me... that happened in the past." Mon-El explained.

Kara just moved forward and gave him a hug. "I'm just glad you're here to help." Kara said.

She was still trying to hold her emotions in but everyone could tell it was a little off.

As Kara continued to look around the room, she saw the heroes she had just fought with.

J'onn, Kal-El, Barry, Mia, Kate, Sara, and Ray were all there.

But, then Kara realized something.

"Where's Oliver?" She asked.

The other heroes looked around the room noticing that he wasn't there.

"I don't know. He was with us in the fight just a moment ago." Barry stated.

"The Monitor's not here either." Kate observed.

As if on cue, the Monitor's typical flash of light illuminated the room, revealing him and Oliver.

Something was wrong though. Oliver was beaten and bloodied.

He was on his deathbed.

The Monitor positioned him into a lying position.

Kara and Barry were the first two by his side. Mia and the other heroes just watched on in disbelief.

"Oliver!" Kara exclaimed.

"Oliver. What did you do?" Barry asked.

It took a moment for Oliver to say anything in response. "I... had to t-try. I know how... much... y-you wanted to protect... your earth, Kara."

"N-Not at the cost of you, Oliver." Kara replied as fresh tears flowed down her face.

"You shouldn't have been the one to die." Barry stated. "I was supposed to die in Crisis." Tears started to leak from his eyes as well. "The world needs the Green Arrow."

"The w-world..." Oliver paused, due to the pain. "...needs the Flash and S-Supergirl more... than me. That's w-why I... made a deal."

"What do y-you mean?" Kara asked.

Mar Novu answered the question. "He came to me, seeking answers about the upcoming Crisis."

There was a long pause before the Monitor continued.

"He learned that Barry Allen of Earth 1 and Kara Zor-El of Earth 38 were fated to die in order to save the multiverse." Mar Novu finished.

The reaction to this new information were intense.

Kara inhaled a sharp breath with the tear tracks illuminating her face. She had no idea she was supposed to die.

For Alex, it was almost enough to send her into another panic attack.

"The article in S.T.A.R. labs." Barry made the connection. "It said that the Flash would die in Crisis."

"That is correct, however, Oliver changed that fate." Mar Novu replied.

"What do you mean?" Ray asked, from off to the side.

"He made a deal with me. The timeline that would succeed in saving the multiverse required a sacrifice." Mar Novu answered.

"That's why Kara and Barry were supposed to die." Nia realized.

The Monitor gave a simple nod.

"So, the deal Oliver made..." Kate began.

"Was to offer his life in the crisis so that Barry Allen and Kara Zor-El may live." Mar Novu finished.

"Why'd you do that, Oliver?" Barry asked.

"Y-You guys... are the heroes the m-multiverse... will need. Y-You just... have to s-succeed... from here." Oliver stated as he continued to grow closer to his death.

Most people in the room took that as a sign of respect and even admiration from Oliver. It showed the value of Flash and Supergirl as heroes.

Kara took it a different way. All she could see was someone new who she was going to lose because she was the girl of steel, the last daughter of krypton; Supergirl. Oliver had even said that he offered his life because Kara was more valuable as a hero.

When Lena found out about her secret, Kara started to feel like she was the reason she lost people around her. Oliver’s impending death only semented that in Kara’s mind.

It was the start of Kara losing control of her mental health.

Kara didn’t say anything else as she turned around and left the room. Tears poured out of her eyes like they had on a regular basis since the events at the fortress.

Everyone in the room was at a loss. Oliver was dying and Kara was breaking.

Chapter Text

Kara sat alone in a separate room of the legion ship she was on. It was sort of a meeting room next to the main navigational room that she had been in moments ago.

She was by herself for a while. Kara suspected that was because everyone was saying goodbye to Oliver.

Alex had enough medical knowledge to try and save Oliver. The look her elder sister gave her as she stormed out of the room suggested that he couldn’t be saved.

Finally, after about a half an hour, a group of people entered the room.

Kara knew they would be coming at some point. They would need to formulate a plan and that required facing everyone who Kara had just failed.

The first few people to enter the room were Alex and Nia. They were followed by the known paragons; Barry, Kate, Sara, and J’onn. Lastly, Mon-El and Kal-El entered the room.

There was a long silence even when all nine of them were there.

Kara willed herself to break that silence. “Is he...?” Kara was unable to finish the question. She intended to ask if Oliver had indeed passed.

“He did.” Barry confirmed.

“How’s Mia holding up?” Kara asked in return.

Sara stepped up to answer. “She’s not doing too well. In the future, she never got to know her father. I think it hurts that she didn’t get much time to spend with him.”

Sara was trying to rationalize Mia’s emotions but all she ended up doing was unintentionally making Kara feel even more guilty.

“How is everyone else doing?” Kara questioned next.

“Not great, given the circumstances.” Kate answered bluntly.

Kara gave a small nod. “How are you feeling?” Mon-El asked abruptly. “It’s alright if we don’t want to answer. I just... you’ve been asking everyone else if they’re ok. Are you ok?”

There was a short pause before Kara answered. “Not really.”

The blonde wanted to open up about her true pain. She wanted to let everyone in and say that there was a problem. Kara wished so desperately she could admit that she believed this was her fault.

But... she couldn’t. She didn’t know if it was fear or denial or both but she was unable to really emphasize her pain.

So, she searched for a scapegoat. That scapegoat was Mar Novu.

“So, where is this useless god who’s supposed to be helping us out anyway?” Kara asked. Her tone became resentful.

“Kara.” Kal was about to try and reason with her but he was cut off.

“No!” Kara raised her voice. “He took me away from my home. He wouldn’t let me protect it.”

Alex was the next to speak up. “Kara, you heard what he said back at the DEO. If you get injured or even worse; killed, the multiverse is doomed.”

“You would have died if you stayed.” J’onn added.

Kara shook her head. “Not if we all stayed. We could have tried something different.”

At first, no one knew how to argue against that. There was a moment where Kara looked to everyone in the room, daring them to deny Kara’s statement.

Nia was the one to speak up. “It wouldn’t have mattered.”

“What? What do you mean?” Sara asked.

“I think... I think I accessed a new power.” Nia explained. “I was able to dream so many scenarios at the same time.”

“You were able to see potential futures.” Mon-El realized.

Nia nodded. “Can you do that now?” Alex asked. “Maybe you could find out how we stop this.”

Nia shrugged. “Maybe, but... I’m not able to control it. I didn’t even know that it was a power I could unlock... until today. Besides, I still feel... a little dizzy from when it happened.”

“So... in every future you saw...” Barry began.

“The antimatter hit the earth at the same time either way.” The naltorian confirmed.

Kara groaned. “Fine but... how come the Monitor can’t use his powers to help us?” Kara asked.

“You know the answer to that. Before he brought us here, he told us that the use of his powers to stop this crisis could have disastrous effects on the multiverse.” Kal stated.

“How do we know he’s not lying? He hasn’t even told us what the consequences are.” Kara fired back.

“Perhaps it’s because we wouldn’t be able to comprehend those consequences. It could damage our minds. He is a sort of a cosmic god, after all.” J’onn offered.

“Is he?” Kara asked, seriously. “Because he can’t stop this. What kind of multiversal super deity can’t do this himself? Instead, he’s relying on us! He is not a god!”

The room was silent before a new voice cut through. “I thought so, too.”

Everyone turned to see who the bearer of this new voice was. He wore green and gold armor with an even greener cape.

“Nash?” Barry questioned.

“Wait, but he looks like...” Alex started only to be cut by Barry.

“Eobard Thawne. I know, but trust me. This is Nash Wells.” Barry stated, gesturing to the latest Wells.

“I’m not Nash Wells anymore.” He replied.

“What’s that supposed to mean? Thawne?” Kara questioned.

Nash shook his head. “I’m not the Reverse Flash, either. I am simply a Pariah. I’m here because I have to serve my penance.” He explained.

“Get to the point.” Kate responded.

“Much like Kara, I believed that Mar Novu was a false god.” Pariah stated. “I came to Earth 1 by way of a breach to help stop the crisis before it started and expose Novu as the fraud I believed him to be.”

“You no longer believe that he is a fraud?” J’onn asked.

Pariah shook his head. “No, I don’t. In trying to expose Mar Novu as a false god, I ended up falling victim to the trickery of another and now I am forced to bear witness to what my actions brought on the multiverse.”

“What do you mean by ‘your actions’?” Mon-El asked.

Pariah hesitated momentarily. “I released the Anti-Monitor from his prison.”

“What?” Kara shouted. “You released him! He destroyed my earth and you mean to tell me that it’s your fault!”

“Kara, calm down.” Alex stated.

“No. It’s his fault that my planet died all over again. You can’t expect me to calm down!” Kara retaliated.

“Yes, we can. The only way to stop the Anti-Monitor from destroying earths just like he destroyed ours is by working together and staying calm.” Alex emphasized.

Kara didn’t respons. She simply took a deep breath and allowed everyone to continue getting the bottom of the situation.

After the outburst, Nia was next to speak. “You said that you’re forced to bear witness to his actions. Is the Anti-Monitor controlling you? Are you working with him?”

“No.” Pariah answered. “All the Anti-Monitor has done to me is curse me to watch him destroy the multiverse.”

“Not if you help us.” Kal-El stated. “It would be a great way to start making up for your mistake that cost us Earth 38.”

“Unfortunately, I won’t be of much use. The curse I referred to prevents me from combating the Anti-Monitor. I can only assist you from the sidelines.” Pariah explained.

“So, you can’t help us either?” Kara asked.

“I can help just not as much as I wish I could.” Pariah replied.

“So... what? You’re here to spout exposition?” Alex asked.

Pariah shook his head. “I’m here to warn you.”

“You’re a little late for that.” Sara remarked.

“Not of the crisis. I’m here to warn you so you don’t make the same mistake I did. The Monitor is, as you put it; a multiversal super deity. All seven paragons need to have faith in him.” Pariah explained.

No one said anything for a moment.

“The seven paragons.” J’onn resalized.

“What about them?” Kal asked, not understanding what J’onn meant.

“Mar Novu told us that there are seven paragons representing love, hope, courage, destiny, honor, humanity, and truth.” J’onn clarified.

Kara realized where he was going. “We only know five of the paragons.”

“We were going to lose that fight because we didn’t have all seven. The Monitor said we needed all seven.” Barry added.

“Who are the five that we know of? Nia, Mon-El, and I weren’t there to find out who all of them were.” Alex stated.

“Kara is hope, Barry is love, Kate is courage, Sara is destiny, and J’onn is honor.” Kal answered.

“That means we’re missing the paragons of humanity and truth.” Nia added.

“How come all seven of us weren’t a part of the fight?” Kate asked.

Then, the all too familiar white flash of light illuminated the room. Mar Novu had arrived. Kara glared at him, still very angry. “It means that the stand on our Earth 38 was not the right moment to stop the crisis.” He responded.

“Of course it wasn't.” Kara remarked.

“I have to agree that it would be helpful to know who the last two are.” Alex said.

"Very well." The Monitor replied as she summoned the Book Of Destiny once more.

When Kara saw the book she couldn't help but think that maybe it was the key to solving this. She had to wait for now, though.

"The sixth paragon is a hero defined by his change of character. Though he may not be a human, he is essential to shaping the culture of life on earth in the future as the Paragon Of Humanity, otherwise known as Mon-El of Earth 38 in the 31st Century." The Monitor read.

"Mon-El? He's also a paragon?" Kara asked.

"Indeed." Mar Novu replied.

"That's why you told me I needed to come back to the 21st Century to help with Crisis." Mon-El realized. "It's because I'm a paragon."

"Correct. You are needed to stop this multiversal crisis." Mar Novu affirmed.

"Alright. What about truth?" Kara asked.

The Monitor nodded. "The seventh paragon is not often viewed as a hero. He may not always being taken at face value but he fights for what he believes as the Paragon Of Truth, otherwise known as Lex Luthor of Earth 38 in the 21st Century."

There was a moment of silence before Kara started laughing inhuamnly. "By no means would he be the Paragon Of Truth. Not to mention the fact that he's dead." Kara stated.

"I have been thought to be dead before." A voice spoke from the doorway of the room.

Kara's heart dropped. She recognized that voice.

The heroes turned to see who it was.

Kara couldn't believe it.

Lex Luthor was here and alive and somehow he was the Paragon Of Truth.

Chapter Text

“How are you alive?” Kara asked angrily.

Lex Luthor only chuckled at the kryptonian’s anger.

Mar Novu was actually the one to answer the question. “I revived him.”

“Why would you do that? No being such as yourself should have any reason to revive Lex Luthor!” Kara shoutred angrily.

“He is the Paragon Of Truth. I had no choice.” The Monitor answered.

“But, you just said that using your power could have dangerous effects on the multiverse. Not to mention the fact that you have the power to revive people but Oliver remains dead.” Barry spoke up.

Lex groaned from the corner of the room. “It’s not that hard to understand. The Monitor here, is incapable of using his power to stop the crisis. He revived me long before this crisis began.” Lex paused. “And if I recall correctly, your dear friend robinhood offered himself as the sacrifice that the crisis demanded. If we undo that, the human race car over here will die.” Lex explained, gesturing to Barry.

“So would Kara.” Sara added.

Lex nodded. “That may be true but... can’t we agree that the multiverse would be better off without her.”

“We have to save the multiverse with this bald jerk?” Kate asked.

Lex frowned lightly. “This ‘bald jerk’ just so happens to be your Paragon Of Truth so... yes.”

“And how are you the Paragon Of Truth, exactly? Because last I checked, you are the most manipulative liar in the history of our earth!” Kara shouted.

“I have to agree with Kara. Kind of hard to be the Paragon Of Truth when you aren’t exactly straightforward with people.” Alex remarked.

“I definitely bring the truth. The problem is that it’s the truth that you don’t want to hear.” Lex stated.

“And what is your truth?” Mon-El asked.

Lex chuckled. “My truth is that your kind is unwelcome on any earth. You only bring destruction with you.”

“What do you mean by ‘your kind’?” Sara asked.

“Not your kind. Theirs.” Lex stated, pointing to Kara, Kal-El, J’onn, Mon-El, and Dreamer. “Aliens are a poison that will be the death of earth. They should all be erradicated, starting with the kryptonians.”

“So you hate aliens. What about the rest of us?” Barry asked.

Lex gave a puzzled look before he realized what he meant. “Oh! You are wondering if I think meta-humans and vigilantes are a problem as well. No, I don’t. Meta-humans and vigilantes are a promising development. They are able to stand up for themselves. They can level the playing field so that aliens aren’t the only ones with powers.”

“Well, I’m glad you don’t want to kill me but seeing as you do want to kill Kara and the rest of our friends, I think you should go.” Kate remarked.

J’onn shook his head. “He can’t. Unfortunately, we need him to save the mutiverse.”

Lex smiled. “Well, I am glad at least some aliens can think logically. It was the whole reason I was brought back to life with that magical book.”

“The Book Of Destiny can bring people back to life?” Kara questioned. Her anger towards Lex dissipated slightly. Her suspicions regarding the Book Of Destiny had been confirmed. Kara was finally realizing just how powerful of an object it really was.

“Indeed. It was right after Lena shot and killed me.” Lex stated, putting emphasis on Lena’s name. Kara knew he did it on purpose. He must’ve known about the two of them having a falling out.

“Where have you been since then?” Nia asked.

“The Monitor’s cosmic mancave, for lack of a better description.” Lex remarked.

There was a moment before anyone said anything else.

Kara broke the silence. “This is just great! We have a manipulative liar in the role of the Paragon Of Truth!” She shouted.

“You’re giving an awfuyl lot of complaints about me being a lying Paragon Of Truth when the Paragon Of Humanity isn’t even human.” Lex replied.

“That’s not what humanity is about.” Kal-El argued.

“Really, Superman? You can’t spell it without ‘human’, which is something you aren’t.” Lex stated.

“You can’t expect me to work with him.” Kara stated.

“Kara, I hate Lex as much as anybody but... if he can help us stop the antimatter wave from destroying other earths... then, maybe it’s worth putting aside our differences for the time being.” Alex reasoned.

“You’re joking!” Kara exclaimed. “You have to be! There’s no way you are thinking about working with a man who has killed me before!”

A couple of gasps were heard in the room. Alex took in a sharp breath.

“What do you mean?” Kal asked. Kara had never told him about the entire incident with her death at the hands of Red Daughter.

“You were on Argo with Lois. The anti-alien racism was growing out of control. Lex was the one who started all that. He manipulated the entire U.S. and Kaznia.” Kara explained.

“Kaznia?” Barry questioned.

Kara nodded. “Yes. Lex was working with the Kaznian army to invade America.”

“What would he stand to gain from that?” Sara asked.

“A squeaky clean reputation.” Alex answered. “Lex betrayed Kaznia and fought off the invasion single handedly. It made him a hero in everyone’s eyes.”

“It helped that the president was under Lex’s payroll as well. He helped to praise Lex as a hero of the nation.” Nia added.

“But he would have fough you to do that? Surely, people have more faith in you than a known alien hater.” Barry reasoned.

“No. A year before this all happened. I was split in two by a kryptonian element called harun-el.” Kara explained. “My duplicate had no memories of her previous life and she wound up in Kaznia.”

“Let me guess. The bald eagle found her.” Kate said.

Kara nodded. “He manipulated her into working for him. Eventually, he ordered her to attack the white house following the repeal of alien amnesty on my earth.”

“Everyone thought you were enraged by the decision.” Kal realized.

Kara nodded again. “Lex sent my doppleganger to threaten my foster mother while he stopped the invasion. I arrived to save her and we fought.”

“Kara lost.” Alex stated. “Her heart stopped beating and the world believed that a traitorous Supergirl had been killed in the Kaznian invasion by Lex.”

“How are you alive?” Barry asked.

“I have a unique power that I didn’t know about that was able to save me.” Kara answered.

“Care to elaborate.” Lex said.

Kara shook her head. Lex didn’t need to know. “Keep dreaming.”

“So, if we learned anything from this it’s that you can’t be trusted.” Barry stated, pointing at Lex.

“That may be true.” Lex replied. “But I am clearly a valuable asset to this multiversal defense force we have going on. That whole Kaznian invasion plan says it all.”

“It says that you’re a mad man.” J’onn interjected.

Lex shook his head. “No. Actually it shows that I am the most intellectually gifted person here.”

“Alright. If you’re such a genius, what’s the plan?” Kate asked, still firmly leaning towards ditching Lex on a dying earth.

“You say that like I don’t have one. Your shrinking friend actually gave me an idea.” Lex stated.

“Ray?” Sara asked.

Lex turned his attention to her. “Ok. Ray gave me an idea.”

“Get on with it.” Alex insisted.

“The Anti-Monitor gets more powerful with every earth he destroys. He is the one that controls the antimatter wave.” Lex began.

Kara sighed. “But he’s too powerful for us to kill him.”

“I never said we had to kill him, Supergirl.” Lex responded.

“We can take away his power.” Mon-El realized.

“Exactly.” Lex said.

“But how do we do that and what does this have to do with Ray?” Barry asked.

“One thing our dear friend; Mar Novu has not mentioned is that Anti-Monitor grows in size with each earth he conquers.” Lex explained.

“You’re saying that his power holds some sort of correlation to his size?” Nia questioned.

“You naltorians never were the smart ones. Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying.” Lex remarked.

“We can shrink him.” Kate realized. “Can we use Ray’s technology?”

Lex shook his head. “Unfortunately, no. He merely gave me the idea. The only substance that could power a device capable of shrinking the Anti-Monitor is antimatter.”

“Ok. We can build a device to shrink the Anti-Monitor to a powerless ant but we need to draw him out in the first place.” Kal-El stated.

Kara nodded. “If we station ourselves on another earth, he’ll just send his shadow demons to do the dirty work.”

"Not if there's someone we can use as bait; Mar Novu." Lex offered. "The Anti-Monitor is the opposite of the Monitor. If he were to take down the Monitor, his power would skyrocket more than if he took down every earth in the multiverse."

"The shadow demons wouldn't be able to take down the Monitor. The Anti-Monitor would need to make an appearance." J'onn realized.

"Wow. That's actually a really good plan." Alex commented.

"Alright then. Do we want to start now or tomorrow?" Sara asked.

Kara wanted to answer and say that they needed to stop this now, despite her desire to throw Lex out the airlock.

Alex beat her to the punch. "I think I would be best if we wait and rest up. It's been a hard day for everyone." The redhead said while giving Kara a knowing look.

Kara decided not to argue. She wasn't sure if she could.

Instead, she wasted almost no time in slowly exiting the room. She wanted to be alone.

Chapter Text

The ship was quiet and the lights were dark.

Mere hours earlier, Kara had lost her second planet and then she found out that Lex Luthor was alive and was supposed to help her save the rest of the multiverse.

Now, Kara was sitting alone in the meeting room of the first legion ship while everyone else was asleep.

Kara wanted to believe that she couldn't sleep because she didn't trust Lex not to kill her in her sleep.

But... that wasn't the biggest reason. In truth, Kara hadn't slept much since her conflict with Lena at the fortress other than her coma.

So... Kara stayed awake.

Earlier while Kara was sulking by herself after the meeting with Lex, Brainy and J'onn conducted a census.

They came up with a list of people who didn't make it off of Earth 38.

Kara snuck out while everyone else was asleep and found the list.

It contained countless names of people Kara met and cared for.

As Kara looked through the list, she started recognizing more and more names.

Sam and Ruby Arias had likely been in Metropolis when the attack happened. They weren't on either of the legion ships.

Kara's new boss; Andrea Rojas, didn't make it out. Her new friend and coworker; William Dey didn't make it.

Nia's sister; Maeve didn't survive. Nia and Maeve might not have had the strongest relationship but Nia definitely wouldn't have wanted her to die.

Occasional enemy, occasional ally; Maxwell Lord didn't make it out.

Kara's former journalism mentor; Snapper Carr, was also on the list.

Colonel Lauren Haley hadn't made it.

Maggie Sawyer and Lucy Lane were also listed.

The next set of names hurt more than most of them. Cat Grant and her sons; Carter Grant and Adam Foster were on the list.

The next name on the list that Kara recognized was Jeremiah Danvers.

When J'onn and Brainy took the census and insisted that no one else take a look at it.

Alex agreed immediately. She believed that the heroes needed to focus for the time being.

Alex reasoned that there would be time for grief later.

If Alex knew, she'd be devastated.

Kara assumed Alex wanted to protect her from that same devastation. That's why Alex agreed to let the list of the people lost on Earth 38 go unseen.

Kara couldn't. It's all she had been able to think about because she still believed it was her fault.

Maybe, if she hadn't crashed on earth she wouldn't have had to go through this pain. Maybe everyone around her wouldn't have to.

Kara started to feel a few tears well up in her eyes.

The blonde wiped them the best that she could before she glanced back down at the list in her hands.

Her eyes were met with a name that shouldn't have been on there; Lena Luthor.


Kara had just stormed out of the room. Alex had insisted that they began their plan to shrink the Anti-Monitor, tomorrow.

Kara was upset. She wanted to stop the Anti-Monitor now.

His antimatter wave eradicated so many people and Kara's home.

She couldn't let it go unanswered this long. Especially since she believed it was her fault.

She failed and the whole time during the discussion with the other heroes, she projected her anger onto the Monitor and then Lex.

Kara was looking for a means to calm herself at this point.

Her idea was to listen for Lena's heartbeat. It was a sound that always soothed Kara when she and Lena met up for lunch or teamed up on game nights.

The blonde kryptonian naturally assumed that it would soothe her now as well.

She took a deep breath and listened.

However, there was a problem. Kara couldn't find her heartbeat.

Kara started to panic.

There were countless people in the main bay of both legion ships producing several heartbeats but Kara knew Lena's better than Alex's.

She would have been able to hear Lena's heartbeat regardless.

"No, no, no, no." Kara whispered to herself.

If she couldn't hear Lena's heartbeat, that meant Lena wasn't on board either of the ships.

Alex lied to her. Lena didn't make it out.

Kara didn't have time to be angry with her foster sister before tears spilled from her eyes.

Lena may have done some questionable things as of late but Kara still loved her.

Kara was still in love with her.

Kara curled in on herself and let herself cry non-stop for the next couple of hours.

(End Flashback)

Kara already knew Lena had not made it off Earth 38 but something about seeing her name on the list of the deceased was so distressing.

Kara let herself sob again. It had become a regular occurrence since her solar flare at the fortress.

She felt constant pain and part of her believed she deserved it.

She was still sobbing when the door to the meeting room opened. Kara quietly gazed up to see who it was, hoping more than anything else that it wasn’t Lex.

Part of her also hoped it wasn’t Alex or J’onn either. Kara wasn’t sure if she was ready to let someone that close to her in on her true pain.

When Kara’s eyes were finally raised, she was greeted by Kate.

There was a moment of silence where the Gotham Vigilante of Earth 1 took a seat next to Kara.

Everyone else was still asleep as far as Kara knew. It was just her and Kate.

“I couldn’t sleep. You?” Kate asked.

Kara shook her head.

“That’s the list isn’t it? The one that your blue friend and your green friend made.” Kate added.

“Yes.” Kara answered. From the sound alone, Kate could tell Kara had been crying for a little while.

“How are you holding up?” Kate asked.

Kara’s was at a breaking point. Even if she hadn’t wanted to spill her guts to Kate, she couldn’t stop herself. “No. I-I lost my home... again. I lost... the woman I l-love and I-I feel like... it's all my fault.”

Kate softened even more. She was typically a stoic vigilante but seeing Kara in extreme distress like this motivated Kate to take a more nurturing approach.

"Why do feel like it's your fault?" Kate asked, gently.

"B-Because it's... al-always my fault" Kara replied through her sobs. "I've l-lost so much... in my life. M-Maybe... maybe I wouldn't have if I-I never... left Krypton."

Kate didn't say anything. She waited to see if Kara had anything else to get off her chest.

"I feel... like being K-Kara Zor-El, Supergirl, an... an alien from Kryptin is... costing me so m-much." Kara finished.

"You can't horrible things like this crisis on your shoulders alone. It's not your fault." Kate insisted.

"But, I-I failed to protect them." Kara sobbed. "So m-many... people died b-because I... couldn't save them."

Kate moved in to hold Kara close. The two women sat like that for a few minutes as Kara tried to calm herself.

It was a surreal moment for Kara. It was the first time she let someone see the full extent of her sorrow since Lena's betrayal.

"Thanks. I think I needed that." Kara said.

"It's no problem and tomorrow we start working on a plan to stop this from happening to any other earth." Kate responded.

"What about my earth?" Kara asked. "I can't let all those people stay dead. I have to bring them back. I can't live without Lena."

"I don't know what we can do about that Kara." Kate answered honestly.

Kara looked at the hero next to her. "What about the Book Of Destiny?" She asked.

"You think the book can bring back an entire world and everyone on it?" Kate questioned.

"Why not? It restored my powers and revived Lex Luthor. Not to mention that Deegan used the Book to swap Barry and Oliver's lives." Kara reasoned.

"I guess it's worth a conversation with the Monitor." Kata responded.

"Perfect." Kara seemed ecstatic. It was clear to Kate that the blonde really needed to get her world back. "While you guys are working to stop the Anti-Monitor, I can use the book to bring Earth 38 back."

"You can't do that." Kate interrupted.

"Why?" Kara asked. "You just said it would be a good idea."

"Well, are you even capable of using the book?" Kate questioned.

Kara nodded. "Of course. Everyone can use it. Mar Novu gave it to a psychotic doctor so he could test us for this crisis."

"What I meant was, are you capable of using it correctly?" Kate specified.

Kara nodded again. "Yes. My cousin was able to use it to fix Deegan's fantasy world and I have proven that I'm stronger than my cousin."

Kate nodded. "Ok. But we would still have to wait long until we defeat the Anti-Monitor before we can bring any world back."

A fresh few tears rolled down Kara's cheek. "But I could get it back now." Kara reasoned.

"I know you could but what's to stop the Anti-Monitor from destroying it again before we beat him. You'll have to go through all that pain again." Kate responded.

"I... I guess you're right." Kara said as she gazed to the ground of the ship in defeat.

"But..." Kate said. "...we will get it after we defeat the Anti-Monitor." She assured Kara.

"What if Mar Novu doesn't let me use the book?" Kara asked.

"Then, we take it from him. Kara, I cansee how much this is hurting you." Kate stated.

Kara gave a simple nod. "Yeah."

Kate took that as a sign to keep going. It was now or never. "Kara, I think you should get some help."

Kara suddenly looked up to Kate. "What do you mean?"

Kate hesitated slightly. It wasn't anywhere near in character for her. "I think you're struggling. You've said it yourself that you've lost so much. I think it might finally be catching up to you."

Kara wanted to deny it but she realized it was a true statement.

Ever since Lena started hating her for keeping her super identity a secret. Kara started feeling more down.

There were very few moments since then where she was actually happy.

"I-I... think I'm..." Kara tried to admit it but the words were caught in her throat. "...I think... I might be depressed."

Even just admitting that fact made Kara even worse. She didn't think she had a right to be depressed when she cost so many their lives because she wasn't good enough.

"I think so too. Will you promise me something?" Kate asked.

Kara didn't respond. She was reeling from the realization that she was struggling with her mental health.

Kate continued regardless. "When, this crisis is over, talk to someone close to you. You need people to help you get through this."

Kara nodded as more tears spilled. "I will. But... can we keep it a secret... until then?" Kara asked.

"Yes. I won't tell anyone." Kate replied.

"Thank you." Kara said in return.

Kate got up for the seat next to Kara to leave the meeting room. "I'm going to keep an eye on the ship until everyone wakes up. You going to be alright on your own?" Kate asked.

Kara nodded again. "I'll be alright."

Kate turned around and left the room leaving Kara alone.

The blonde couldn't believe it. She realized that Kate was right.

She had been feeling depressed since Lena left her in that icy cell.

Right now all Kara could think about was how she was going to keep that promise.

Because... the thought of admitting to such a big weakness to anyone else made her feel even more worthless.

Chapter Text

Kara was still in shock. She had discovered the truth of her pain and it left her feeling even worse for herself.

It had been a couple of hours since her talk with Kate and Kara finally stood up from her spot in the meeting room, having gotten no sleep the night prior.

It was likely no one would notice. Kara herself wasn’t even that tired thanks to her kryptonian biology.

The blonde met up with Kate, Nia, and surprisingly Lex in the hub room adjacent to the meeting room.

“Good. You’re done brooding. We were hoping to get everyone together to elaborate on my plan.” Lex commented.

Kate threatened him with a death glare before Nia spoke up. “Alex asked me to tell you that she’s helping Kelly with her ankle and your cousin is spending time with Lois and Jonathan..”

“That’s good. I’m glad they’re doing ok given the circumstances.” Kara responded.

“And what about you?” Kate asked, giving Kara a knowing look.

“I’m doing fine.” Kara replied awkwardly. Lex seemed to notice the unusual behavior but didn’t say anything.

Just then, Barry sped into the room with Sara.

“Excellent. The speedster and the tweeting bird are here. Maybe we have enough people to start getting to work.” Lex stated in an annoyed tone.

“I’d be careful Lex. Just because we have to work with you now doesn’t mean we won’t throw you out the airlock when this is over.” Mon-El said as he entered the room.

“I hate to admit it but he does have a point.” Sara said. “We need to get to work.”

Barry nodded. “So our plan is to shrink the Anti-Monitor so that his powers become basically useless.” He explained.

“In order to do that, we need to harness antimatter but wouldn’t that be impossible seeing as it erases anything it touches.” Kate added.

Mon-El shook his head. “Not if we use a matter stasis chamber.”

“What’s that?” Kara asked.

“It’s a device that manipulates energy particles to hold matter in place without contacting anything. The legion made it to defeat a dangerous alien in the future.” Mon-El explained.

“It’s here on the ship?” Barry asked.

Mon-El nodded. “In fact...” He paused to type away at the legion ship’s center console. Once he finished a cylindrical container materialized in front of them. “ it is.”

“Ok. Now the question is who’s going to do the collecting of the antimatter.” Nia replied.

“I can do it.” Kara said confidently.

“I’m going with you.” Kate added. Kar nodded in return.

“Me and Nia can come as well. It’s a dangerous task. You’ll need help.” Mon-El stated

Lex interrupted the conversation next. “That’s settled but we still have two more concerns. I’m going to need a lot of parts to build a device that can shrink this evil god.”

“That’s easy enough. I can superspeed us to different earths and collect the parts we need.” Barry responded.

“What’s the other concern?” Kara asked.

“I’m going to need help building the device if we want to stop this as soon as possible.” Lex stated. Kara was going to reply but Lex started speaking again. “And before you say anything, I don’t think shrinky is going to cut it and I’m not working with your coluan friend. He’s too quirky.”

“Really? We’re trying to save the multiverse and you’re still worried about working with aliens.” Kara surmised.

Lex offered a cryptic smile. “I know you’re used to your single self sense of saving the day but unfortunately you need me. Remember, I’m the Paragon Of Truth. So either I get better help with this device or I standby and watch countless other earths suffer the same fate as yours.”

“You are unbelievable.” Kara fired back.

Lex chuckled. “Maybe. I would be lying if I said I’m not curious as to how many planets you can witness the death of before you go mad.”

It took all Kara had not to freeze him in place.

Before Kara could do anything rash, Barry responded. “Earth 1 hasn’t been destroyed yet. I can stop there and bring Cisco and Caitlin aboard to help you.”

“Cisco and Caitlin?” Lex asked.

“They’re both scientists working at star labs since before the particle accelerator explosion that caused me to get my powers. Caitlin’s also a meta-human.” Barry explained.

“Fascinating.” Lex replied. “I suppose that’s the best we’ll get.”

Kara rolled her eyes, clearly tired of Lex’s remarks.

“Alright. I can stay hereand help reassure the people aboard. I have experience as a captain.” Sara stated.

“Alright. Everyone has their assignments. Let’s do this.” Mon-El said.

Kara made a move to leave with Nia, Mon-El, and Kate following her.

“Try not to let the antimatter wave hit you. Though, if it does, I won’t shed any tears.” Lex commented.

Kara, Nia, and Mon-El all ignored him and left the room but Kate turned around swiftly. The motion was followed by a quick throw of a batarang that embedded itself in the wall inches from Lex’s head.

“Cute.” Lex replied.

Kate turned back around and left Lex alone with Barry and Sara so they could work on their part of the plab.

Kate eventually caught up with the rest of her group. “So, what’s up first?”

“We need to gather antimatter with this device.” Mon-El said, holding up the canister shaped tech. “To do that, we need to go to the next earth on the chopping block.”

“How do we find out what earth that is?” Nia asked.

Kara looked at the young naltorian. “Could you dream it? You just unlocked the power to see multiple outcomes. Is it possible to see across universes as well?” Kara asked.

“I don’t know.” Nia answered honestly. “I’m also trying to take it a little easy on the powers. Seeing several futures all at once took a lot of my energy.”

“What about the Monitor and Harbinger?” Kate asked.

“They do seem to be all knowing when it comes to this crisis.” Nia added.

Kara laughed lightly. “Except they had no idea if we were going to succeed at the quantum tower. They're definitely not as knowledgeable as we thought.”

“It’s the best we’ve got, Kara.” Mon-El said.

Kara sighed and nodded. It was true. They didn’t have much of an idea. The four heroes made their way through the ship where they found Mar Novu and Pariah, surveying the efforts by the other heroes to ensure the remaining Earth 38 population stayed calm.

“Kara Zor-El.” Mar Novu greeted.

“We need your help.” Kara stated.

Mar Novu remained stoic. “I have already told you that I can not help you fight the Anti-Monitor.”

“We don’t need your help to fight. We’re working on a plan and to do that, we need to know which earth is going to be hit by the antimatter next” Kate explained.

“And then we need you to send us there.” Kara added.

The Monitor waited a moment before responding. “Unfortunately, I cannot. As the Anti-Monitor grows stronger, I grow weaker. I have lost my ability to transport you all.”

Kara looked angry for a moment before a different voice spoke up.

“I haven’t.” said Pariah.

Mon-El gave him a questioning look. “You can teleport?”

Nash nodded. “When I set the Anti-Monitor free, he bestowed power upon me.”

“He wanted me to see the destruction of every universe. I can see across the multiverse and I can teleport wherever is needed.” Pariah explained.

“Looks like you can be helpful after all.” Nia stated.

"So... which earth are we going to?" Kara asked, eager to stop the Anti-Monitor.

"The antimatter wave has just eradicated Earth 167. The next universe set to be destroyed is Earth 99." Pariah answered.

"Then that's where we go." Kate said confidently.

"Is everyone ready?" Pariah questioned.

"Wait." Mon-El said. "Is your teleportation anything like the Mar Novu's?"

"It is exactly the same. My power was bestowed upon me by the Monitor's evil rival. Why?" Pariah asked.

Mon-El sighed. "It's just that when the Monitor brought me from the future his teleportation made me a little nauseous.”

“You’ve traveled through a wormhole across ten centuries.” Kara pointed out.

Mon-El nodded. “Yes. That also made me nauseous.”

“My apologies.” Pariah stated. Then, without further warning he used his ability to teleport to transfer all four of the heroes to Earth 99.

The white flash dissipated and the heroes opened their eyes. 

“This is Earth 99?” Kara asked.

“This place looks very familiar.” Kate said.

Pariah nodded. “It should. This is Earth 99’s Gotham City.”

“Wow.” Kate exclaimed. “It’s so different but it’s very similar at the same time.”

“Anyway. As I said before, I can see across the multiverse. Once you’ve achieved your mission, call my name and I’ll be able to bring you back to the legion ship.” Pariah explained before disappearing in a white flash.

“Alright. Now we just wait for the antimatter wave.” Nia said.

“I’m wondering if we might have a problem, though.” Mon-El suddenly stated.

Kara turned around to look at him. “What do you mean?”

“I should’ve mentioned this earlier. The matter containment device requires a lot of power to operate. Basically, it relies on a strong lifeforce in order for the device to manipulate the particles.” Mon-El explained.

Everyone gave him a look that signalled him to elaborate further. “Once matter is captured, the device is no longer dangerous to the user but turning the dveice on and manipulating that matter is something that’s too hard to achieve on it’s own, even for 31st Century technology.” He added.

“Wouldn’t I be strong enough?” Kara asked.

Mon-El nodded. “Usually? Yes. A kryptonian with the energy from a yellow sun should be able to operate it with only a mild amount of pain if it were normal matter.”

“But we’re dealing with antimatter.” Nia realized.

"Exactly." Mon-El responded. "Kara, if you do this... you might die."

Kate was about to protest and argue that no one was going to die when she got an idea.

"I might have a solution." Kate declared.

Kara nodded. "Ok. What is it?"

"I'll explain on the way." Kate responded.

"Where are we going?" Nia asked.

Kate offered a smug grin before giving a reply. "Wayne Manor."

Chapter Text

“So... the hope is that your cousin’s Earth 99 duplicate will have the technology we need to build a similar version of my anti-kryptonite suit?” Kara asked.

“Correct.” Kate replies.

Kara looks over at Mon-El next. “It should help shield your life force from the device. I think it’s a good plan.” He said.

They continued their walk toward Wayne Manor on the outskirts of Gotham City.

“It’s in the same place on my earth.” Kate commented as the large estate came into view.

“It’s very grand.” Nia added.

Kate nodded. “Yeah well, Bruce was always known for his theatrics. He did choose to dress up as a bat.”

“You did as well.” Mon-El pointed out.

“Runs in the family.” Kate responded, not missing a beat.

They finally reached the door of the manor all dressed as civillians. They had unanimously decided that running to the door as a bunch of superheroes might not be a great idea. They were also hoping that Bruce would recognize Kate and that could give them the in they needed.

Kara was dressed as her reporter self. The same went for Nia. Mon-El was dressed as civilian identity; Mike Matthews and Kate forewent the redheaded batsuit.

“Everyone ready?” Kate asked.

The three Earth 38 heroes all nodded in response prompting Kate to give the door a knock. After about a minute, the door opened to reveal Luke Fox; a friend of Kate’s from Earth 1.

“Can I help you?” Luke asked as he eyed the four strangers on Wayne Manor’s doorstep.

Kate nodded awkwardly. “Yeah... you can. We’re um... we’re looking for Bruce... if he’s here. I’m his cousin; Kate.”

Luke gave the four of them an annoyed look before closing the door, leaving them there.

“That didn’t get us very far.” Nia said.

Kate shook her head. “No, it didn’t. He clearly doesn’t recognize me on this earth.” The Gotham vigilante decided to knock again.

There was a long moment of waiting with no pay out. No one opened the door.

“Do you want me to just...” Kara began.

“Yeah.” Kate interrupted.

Kara wasted no time in moving to the door and promptly kicking it down with her kryptonian strength. The door shattered into several tiny pieces as the four heroes stepped into the house.

They were greeted on the other side by Luke at the end of the hallway pointing a gun at them.

Kara moved to the front of the group, knowing that she could stop a bullet if absolutely necessary.

“I don’t know how you did that but it’s time for you to leave.” He stated.

Before anything else could be said, a mysterious mechanical noise could be heard from the stairwell.

“What’s all the commotion about?” A new voice asked.

Kate took a sharp breath. She had an idea who might be coming down the stairs.

The robotic footsteps continued until a frail man wearing an exoskeleton suit appeared.

“These people broke in after I asked them to leave.” Luke explained with the gun still pointed at the group.

Kate suddenly overtook Kara and moved to the front of the group. “Bruce?” She asked.

The look of confusion and disbelief and his face was clear. “Kate?” He asked in return.

The heroine nodded. “Yeah. It’s me.”

Bruce took a few steps closer. “I think you and I both know that’s not true. Kate Kane died several years ago.”

Kate looked stunned by that. It was clear that she hadn’t taken her own counterpart into account.

“What are you? An android? A meta-human? A martian?” Bruce asked.

“You know about martians?” Kara asked.

“I had to kill the last martians that arrived on earth.” Bruce answered.

Kara wanted to retaliate. There was no way this guy would be able to help them if he had killed martians before. But then Kara realized he could have been talking about some of the white martians. Or maybe this earth didn’t have friendly martians like J’onn or M’gann. So... she kept quiet.

“Now tell me who you are.” Bruce stated.

“I am Kate but I’m not from this earth. I’m from a different earth. We’re all here because the multiverse is going to be erradicated.” Kate explained.

“The multiverse?’ Bruce questioned. “I can’t say that I’m not familiar with it. I’ve had my dealings with threats from other worlds.” He responded.

“Exactly. We’re dealing with a threat to all the worlds. In order to stop it we need a suit that we can use to protect us from a massive amount of antimatter energy.” Kara added.

Bruce shifted his gaze to Kara before returning it to Kate. “Perhaps it’s best that we talk alone.” He said.

Kate nodded and followed her cousin’s doppleganger.

Kara wanted to object. She still had a bad feeling about the whole situation. She thought this universe’s Bruce Wayne seemed off. Something wasn’t right but she didn’t have proof.

“Then why don’t you three follow me to the library.” Luke stated.

“Um... sure.” Mon-El responded.

Kate went off to talk with Bruce in Earth 99’s Bat Cave whil Kara, Nia, and Mon-El followed Luke to the library.

The four of them arrived in a smaller room given the size of the manor as a whole.

“So this is the library?” Kara asked, before turning her back to Luke in order to x-ray the room. She still didn’t trust this version of Bruce Wayne.

“Yes. It used to be in a different room but Bruce doesn’t do much reading these days so we moved it to a smaller space.” Luke answered.

Kara didn’t notice anything suspicious when she x-rayed the wall so she moved to the bookcase to look at some of the books with Nia.

“Exoskeletons, Threats From Other Planets, Superman; The Biography.” Nia read some of the book titles allowed.

“I see that a lot of these have to do with Bruce’s vigilante activities.” Kara commented.

Luke nodded. “Ever since Bruce met his arch-nemesis, he stopped occupying his time with anything else. He’s been focusing on the mission ever since. Well... he was until he got trapped in that exoskeleton.

“What about all this stuff?” Mon-El suddenly asked. Kara moved over to see what he was talking about.

It was a shelf holding a bunch of random objects like a playing card and a cane.

“That’s some of Bruce’s mementos to his greatest rogues.” Luke explained.

“So... they’re trophies?” Kara asked, sounding rather annoyed. Mon-El agreed. No hero should keep the belongings of the villains they’ve fought.

Luke gave a simple shrug, not acknowledging Kara’s obvious distaste.

Kara started looking at some of the artifacts. Each one was labeled which allowed Kara to surmise who they had belonged to.

Bruce had a playing card belonging to the Joker. The cane Kara noticed was from someone calling themself riddler.

At first, it was just like that; all stuff Kara didn’t recognize. There was a mask belonging to Scarecrow and a hammer used by someone named Harley Quinn.

But... as Kara moved down the shelf, gazing at each name she started recognizing some of the objects.

“Martian Manhunter.” Kara read aloud. She didn’t recognize the object at first but she soonr ealized that they were the martian scrolls that the green martians protected.

Kara thought back to earlier. Bruce had mentioned that he had to kill the last martians. J’onn’s doppleganger was one of those martians.

Kara looked at the remaining trophies. There were a few more objects that she didn’t recognize. But there were also a few that she did. But the worst object was at the end of the shelf. There was a pair of glasses that Kara recognized.

“Superman.” Kara read aloud. She quickly turned around to look at Luke. “Bruce killed Superman?” She asked, unable to even think about her cousin dying.

Luke nodded. “Aliens can’t be trusted. Their abilities are not something this earth was ready for.”

“So you just killed them? Superman was a good guy.” Mon-El responded.

“Yeah. Superman’s a hero.” Nia agreed.

Luke gave a smug reply. “Really? Who do you think trapped Bruce in that exoskeleton?” He asked.

“I can’t say I wouldn’t have done the same if you were trying to kill me.” Kara fired back.

“Yeah well that’s not the only thing that maniac did.” Luke added.

Nia scoffed. “Really? What else did he do?” She questioned.

“Superman came to Bruce asking for help. He needed access to some of Bruce’s technology.” Luke began.

“Why did he need it?” Mon-El asked.

Luke shrugged. “I’m not entirely sure. It had something to do with a projector that would lead him to some sort of pocket realm.”

“The phantom zone.” Kara whispered.

“Did he say why he needed to access this pocket realm?” Nia asked.

Luke nodded. “Yes. He claimed he was trying to bring some sort of lost relative to earth but Bruce refused to bring another kryptonian here."

Kara had never felt more ill in her life.

"When Bruce refused, Superman tried taking the tech he needed by force. He failed and that's how their feud started." Luke finished.

Kara had a few tears falling down her cheeks.

The truth she had just discovered was heart wrenching.

In this universe; Earth 99, Kara never got knocked loose from that phantom zone. Kal must have found out somehow and dedicated himself to saving her.

He went to Bruce Wayne to get the help and tools he needed but was rejected and later killed.

Kara couldn't comprehend that.

The worst part... was that somewhere deep inside Kara... she wondered if staying in the phantom zone would have been better for everyone around her.

She quickly buried that thought for the time being. She had to warn Kate.

Earth 99's Bruce Wayne couldn't be trusted.

Chapter Text

"We have a chance to save an unreasonable amount of people." Kate said. "This could be your chance to become a hero again."

Bruce chuckled. "I gave that up after I was first confined to this exoskeleton. I haven't got back into it ever since."

"Why not?" Kate asked.

"I don't know if you noticed but... it's kind of hard to fight in this." Bruce responded as he gestures to his confinement.

"That wouldn't have stopped my cousin." Kate responded.

"I'm not your cousin." Bruce retaliated.

Kate gave him a disapproving look.

"This world lost its hope a long time ago. Why should I be the exception to that?" Bruce asked.

"Look... if you don't want to be a part of this, that's fine. We just need access to a suit." Kate stated.

"A suit?" Bruce questioned.

Kate nodded. "We need a suit that can help shield us from antimatter energy."

"Ah... yes. Your blonde friend mentioned that." Bruce added.

He began robotically walking towards a stand in the Bat Cave. Kate followed.

"You mentioned that your cousin wouldn't have let an exoskeleton stop him. At first, I thought it wasn't going to stop me either." Bruce stated.

"So you built something that you could still use for your night job?" Kate questioned.

"Yes... until I decided against it." Bruce raised one arm in the direction of a unique bat suit.

"It's an armor morphing suit that can conform to any shape. Anyone could wear it even with impairments such as mine. It was designed to be intensely protective." Bruce explained.

"It looks like it's exactly what we need." Kate commented as she gazed at the suit.

It was a black metal suit with red accents and a gold bat symbol as the belt buckle. It perfectly encapsulated the user's face and it had a two pronged crown-like headpiece.

"I called it Flamebird." Bruce stated.

Kate wanted to ask why it was called that but she had to refocus on the literal crisis at hand.

"We don't have a lot of time before the antimatter wave hits this earth. We need the suit." Kate said.

"What if I don't give it to you?" Bruce asked.

Kate turned around to give Bruce another disapproving look. "You're kidding." Kate stated. "There are an infinite number of alternate universes at stake and you are not sure you want to give up the tech that can help us."

"If those infinite worlds are anything like this one then maybe they should be erased." Bruce replied.

"How can you say that?" Kate asked.

"It's like I told you. This world has lost all it's hope!" Bruce shouted.

"Maybe that's because you killed Superman." A new voice spoke up. It was Kara's.

Bruce and Kate turned to see Mon-El, Nia, and Kara now fully dressed in the hero attire standing at the Bat Cave entrance.

Kate turned her attention back to Bruce. "What have you done?" She asked.

"She's right. I killed Superman." Bruce admitted.

"Why?" Kate asked.

"Aliens only bring trouble to this world. They bring with them alien weapons, diseases, powers. There's no one end to it unless those aliens believe this planet is unwelcoming to them." Bruce responded.

"Is that also why you killed the Martian Manhunter of this Earth?" Mon-El asked.

"He calls himself a manhunter. How can you defend him?" Bruce turned to Kate. "And how can you trust a kryptonian?"

"That kryptonian and those other heroes are clearly far better than you." Kate retaliated.

"Superman started a feud with me." Bruce said.

"Really?" Kara asked. "All he wanted was your help and your technology to free someone from a timeless void."

"Exactly. He wanted my technology to free another kryptonian. Two of them on one earth would have been detrimental to the planet." Bruce explained.

Kate scoffed. "I'm guessing you said no."

"Of course I did. But that wasn't enough for good old Clark Kent. He tried to steal my resources!" Bruce shouted.

"To free his family! If you could have saved your version of Kate, wouldn't you have tried everything?" Kara asked.

"That's not the point. And what's it to you?" Bruce questioned.

"He was trying to save my doppelganger and you killed him for it!" Kara shouted.

"And it's clear to me I'll have to kill you as well!" Bruce fired back before throwing a punch at Supergirl.

The heroine expected it to have no effect but the punch threw her across the room.

Kate shoved Bruce before dashing over to Kara. "Are you ok?"

Kara shook her head. "N-No. There's... k-kryptonite." Kara said.

"A remnant of your home world." Bruce said. His gauntlet was glowing the familiar sickly green.

Suddenly Bruce was entrapped by a bright blue energy whip.

"I would stop if I were you." Nia said.

"This isn't what heroes do." Mon-El said.

Bruce grunted loudly before shaking off Nia's whip. He followed it up by delivering a powerful punch to Mon-El.

Kate realized where this was going and rushed forward. She kicked her cousin's doppelganger squarely in the chest.

He stumbled back into a computer console. Crashing into it caused it to break.

The sudden fracturing caused an electrical shock to spread through Bruce's exoskeleton.

His scream pierced the air. It reverberated off the walls just as the crackle from the electricity did.

"BRUCE!" Kate yelled. She made a move to try and help her cousin but Kara pulled her back.

"No! You'll die!" Kara warned.

Kate could only take a step back and watch as her cousin's duplicate died in front of her.

Nia and Mon-El recovered from Bruce's attack and looked on as the incident occurred.

There was a long moment of electricity sparking throughout the Bat Cave.

Once it was over, everyone was silent for a moment.

"Bruce?" Kate asked. She knew she wouldn't get a response but she still hoped for one.

"Kate. I'm sorry." Kara said.

Kate shook her head. "It's... not your fault. He was... too far gone. This universe is probably better off without him."

"What do we do now?" Mon-El asked.

"Yeah. Any hope we had of getting Bruce to make us a suit is gone." Nia stated.

"Well it's a good thing he already had exactly what we need." Kate responded.

Kara gave her a confused look.

Kate moved over to the Flamebird suit from earlier.

"Apparently, he called it the Flamebird suit. It uses armor morphing technology to confirm to any needed body shape meaning it'll fit Kara like a glove." Kate explained, still sounding a little rattled from the events that just occurred.

"Wow. That's a cool looking suit. Will it be able to protect me from the antimatter energy?" Kara asked.

Kate nodded. "Bruce... he said that he designed to be overly protective. He was originally going to get back into being Batman with it."

"Are you sure your ok?" Nia asked.

"Yeah. Do you need to sit or take a moment to process?" Kara questioned.

Kate shook her head. "No. I thought I would but that's not Bruce. At least... it's not the Bruce I knew. I'm not shedding any tears for him."

Kara nodded lightly. "I get it." She said.

Kate nodded and it was followed by a small smile. "Time to suit up."

Kate went to a back room to change into her batsuit.

Next, Kara approached the stand with the Flamebord suit. She pressed a small button on the suit and it opened the chest cavity for Kara to stand in.

She equipped it carefully and pressed the same button to close it again.

Kara allowed the mask to close and she was now fully inside the Flamebird suit.

The suit had a similar feeling to the anti-kryptonite suit back on Earth 38. Or rather it would if Earth 38 survived.

The suit's built in had was far more advanced however.

There was a mapping system and several Monitor's for Kara's heart rate, the suit durability, and number of other functions that Kara felt she would barely use.

"You know... the bat is not a bad look for you." Kate commented.

"Yeah. I think it's safe to say Winn would approve." Mon-El added.

Kara chuckled lightly. It was a surprising moment. She hadn't laughed much recently. "He was always into super hero costume design." The blonde agreed.

"Alright. Are we ready?" Nia asked.

"Yes." Kara answered with confidence.

As if on cue, the earth started shaking. It was a long quake but it eventually subsided.

"The antimatter." Kara said. "It's here."

Mon-El approached Kara and held out the matter containment device. "Then we better get out there." He said.

Kara nodded and grabbed the device from his hand.

The four them made their way outside of the Bat Cave and eventually Wayne Manor.

They passed by an unconscious Luke Fox.

"He go down easy?" Kate asked.

Mon-El nodded. "Cape tricks." He stated simply.

Kate just ignored it and continued. It wasn't her Luke.

The four heroes were not standing on the front doorstep of Wayne Manor. They were in front of the door Kara had kicked in earlier.

They all gazed up to fond that the sky was red just like it was before Argo City's destruction and Eartg 38's.

"I um... I'm not sure I'm ready for this." Kara said. The blonde suddenly felt really nervous and afraid and even self conscious.

Thankfully, she had already made a connection with Kate.

"Kara." Kate said. "I know this has got to be the worst. This same wave of red destroyed your home but... we don't have a choice."

That wasn't the most reassuring speech Kara could have been given.

"You can do this. The rest of us no you can do it. You just have to believe it too." Nia added.

"They're right. There's no hero I know that's stronger than you." Mon-El stated.

Kara nodded. The words of the friends; the heroes, that surrounded her gave Kara just a bit of confidence.

It was time for Kara to use the matter containment device and the Flamebird suit to get the antimatter.

They were going to do everything they could to power the device that would shrink the Monitor.

Chapter Text

“Ok. This is going to be close.” Kara stated.

Mon-El nodded. “Remember. When you activate the device it will pull in some of the antimatter on its own and trap it in a stasis field.”

“So... I just have to hold the canister in place?” Kara asked.

“Exactly. Just make sure you don’t let the antimatter touch you or it’s game over for us and the multiverse.” Mon-El responded.

Nia spoke up next. “I’m not losing a friend today.”

“You won’t have to.” Kate said. “I think we all know that Supergirl can do anything.”

Kara smiled even though it couldn’t be seen under the Flamebird suit she was currently wearing. “Thanks.” She said.

“And when we have the antimatter, we will call for Pariah.” Nia added.

Kara nodded once more. As the conversation had been occurring more quakes plagued Earth 99 and teh sky was now a brighter shade of red. The antimatter had entered the atmosphere.

“Time to go.” Kara stated before flying off. She got closer to the antimatter wave. Once she was near it, she activated the device.

It began to carefully pull a small amount of the antimatter into the containment unit. Kara had to fly backwards while she used the device to avoid being sucked in by the antimatter wave.

Kara had been told that she might still feel a little pain while manipulating the antimatter. It was the most destructive substance in the multiverse and using a stasis field on it was starting to cause some pain. It was the reason they sought out Bruce’s help in acquiring a suit.

They feared that if Kara wasn’t wearing it, she would die.

“Agh!” Kara groaned as the pain started to become more potent. In her mind she kept telling herself that they needed the antimatter. She just had to last until the device had done its job.

Thankfully, she wouldn’t have to wait long. The device stopped and encapsulated the extracted antimatter in the capsule.

Kara wanted to catch her breath now that she had been released from the pain but she couldn’t.

The kryptonian quickly dashed to her friends. Kara hadn’t even realized just how close the antimatter wave had come to them. They had to be quick.

“PARIAH!” The four of them shouted together. There was one moment before a familiar white light engulfed them.

The next thing they knew, they were on the legion ship.

“We...” Kara paused to take a deep breath. “...did it.” She also retracted the helmet on the Flamebird suit thanks to it’s armor morphing capabilities.

“No. You did it!” Nia exclaimed before excitedly hugging her heroic mentor. Surprisingly, Kara felt a little happier.

“I take that to mean you succeeded in your mission.” Pariah suddenly spoke up.

Mon-El nodded. “We did. Thanks for bringing us back.”

“It was the least I could do. I started this after all.” Pariah said.

Kara had formerly blamed Paraiah to try and relieve herself from the pain but she had since realized it was unfair. All heroes make mistakes. Kara knew that better than anyone, especially since she had just come back from a world where she met a hero who had been lost to darkness.

“We all make mistakes. What matters is that you’re doing what you can to correct it.” Kara stated.

Pariah nodded. “Yes, well... I’ve still got a long way to go.”

“You’ll get there.” Kate said.

“I suppose it’s time we get the antimatter to Lex.” Mon-El interrupted.

Kara nodded. “Unfortunately, you're right. I can’t believe we have to trust him with a substance this powerful.”

“He won’t be using it alone. That’s why Barry went to get his lab partners.” Nia said.

Kara nodded. The four of them made their way to the legion’s center console room where they met up with Barry, Cisco, Caitlin, Alex, and Lex.

“We’re back.” Kara announced, holding the antimatter canister.

“I’m so glad you;re back.” Alex said as she hugged her sister.

“You got the job done and all four of you managed to survive it. How unfortunate.” Lex replied.

Caitlin moved over to Kara and took the canister from her so they could work on the device. “You are easily the most unpleasant scientist I’ve worked with and one of my former coworkers tried to kill Barry.” Caitlin said, referring to Eobard Thawne.

Lex rolled his eyes. “How about we focus on what’s important.” He stated.

“I agree.” Cisco responded. “And what’s important is that Supergirl's new outfit looks awesome! It’s like a Super-Bat hybrid.”

Lex rolled his eyes again while Kara chuckled a little.

“We got it from Bruce Wayne on Earth 99. You two would have been great friends Lex.” Kate commented.

“You met Bruce Wayne!” Cisco exclaimed.

“What do you mean by, ‘he would have been friends with Lex’?” Alex asked.

Mon-El scoffed. “He couldn’t exactly get behind the whole aliens on earth concept.”

Kara nodded. “It was... brutal. In that universe I never escaped the phantom zone and Kal-El dedicated himself to... getting me out. He asked Bruce for help.”

“Bruce refused so Superman tried to steal the technology he needed.” Nia continued.

“Bruce was angry and started a feud with all alien refugees. He... killed so many of them including... J’onn and Kal-El.” Kara finished.

“If only.” Lex remarked.

Alex punched him in the jaw without hesitation before going over to hug Kara once again.

“I’m so sorry that you had to go to a world like that.” Alex said.

Kara sniffled a little and wiped a few stray tears away. “But... Cisco’s right. This suit is pretty incredible.” Alex added.

Kara chuckled lightly. "Yeah... um... apparently it's called Flamebird."

"Ok! Wow! That's epic! Like... maybe better than anything I could have come up with!" Cisco exclaimed.

"I guess it's safe to say that it's a Cisco certified name." Barry responded.

The heroes in the room laughed except for Lex.

"It's not just Cisco certified. That is an amazing name." Caitlin stated.

Lex practically growled. "Personally, I think it sounds like you're trying to inflate your kryptonian ego to a size greater than that of your kryptonian power."

"And this guy's one of the seven paragons? Are you sure?" Cisco asked.

Lex groaned again. "Seriously. These are the top class scientists you brought to help me build our shrink ray?" Lex questioned, looking at Barry.

"What's your problem?" Kate asked.

"My problem is that you all would rather sit here and question my paragon status than help me build the device that will stop this mess. The book told you I was a Paragon. Are you doubting it?" Lex asked.

"We're not doubting the book. We just don't agree with it's choice." Alex said.

"You're not the only one." Lex said.

"What's that supposed to mean? Isn't the book of Destiny the only reason you're still alive?" Nia questioned.

Lex shook his head. "You misunderstood. I, like you all, disagree with one of the paragon choices."

"We already know how you feel about Mon-El being the Paragon Of Humanity." Barry said.

"Yes, but I disagree with a different paragon choice even more." Lex responded.

Kara sighed. "I'm assuming it's me."

Lex nodded. "You are correct. I can say with certainty that the Paragon Of Hope should not be you."

"Why's that?" Alex asked angrily.

Lex just let an uncomfortable laugh. "It's quite simple really. How can she be the Paragon Of Hope when she has lost so many people around her all the time?"

"That's enough, Lex." Kate warned.

"It's quite the opposite. If I were a friend of hers, I certainly wouldn't be hopeful knowing that being around her might get me killed at any moment." Lex elaborated.

Kara started to feel even worse. For the past few minutes she was actually feeling more hopeful than she had in recent days but all that progress in the right direction was being demolished by Lex.

Unfortunately, Kate was the only other person who knew of the true damage Lex was going to cause.

"That's not a fair accusation." Nia spoke up.

"I think it is." Lex said, plainly. "Maybe if our dear Supergirl had done a better job protecting our earth, it would still be here."

More tears started to spill down Kara's cheeks. She wanted to run away and hide but it was like she was frozen.

She was a deer in headlights that could only listen and feel awful at Lex's words.

"The heroes did their best at the tower. They bought us enough time to evacuate hundreds of thousands of people." Mon-El replied.

Lex nodded. "I suppose that’s true but what about the people that didn't make it."

"What do you mean?" Nia asked.

"I mean that there are people who died holding onto hope that our darling girl of steel was going to save them. Spoiler alert. She didn't." Lex responded.

"I'm warning you." Kate threatened, knowing that Kara was at a breaking point.

Lex smirked. "And I'm warning you that we should watch out for this failure of a superhero."

There was a pause in Lex's speech and Kara felt more empty than she thought she would.

She wanted so desperately to deny Lex's accusations and not let them affect her but it was harder when a part of you had already believed what he was now saying.

"She failed to save so many people on that earth including... my little sister." Lex finished.

Kara felt her heart shatter into a million pieces.

She wasted no more time in using her super speed to get out of the room.

Kara quickly found the bed that she slept on last night and crashed into it.

She buried her face in the pillow and let an endless amount of sobs escape her.

Chapter Text

Everyone was in mild shock. Lex had pushed Kara too far and the blonde kryptonian had bolted out of the room in tears for Lena.

Now Alex, Nia, Mon-El, Kate, Barry, Cisco, Caitlin, and Lex remained in the room.

“Alright. That’s it.” Caitlin said. The scientist allowed Frost to take the reins.

Caitlin’s hair became white as snow and her eyes were now a piercing blue. Frost wasted no time in marching over to Lex and unleashing a steady flow of her ice powers.

Lex was frozen in place.

“Is that safe?” Alex asked. “Because we unfortunately need him. You guys are accomplished scientists but he’s the only one who understands how to use the anti-matter.”

“He’s safe.” Frost responded. “Cisco and I can handle this for now. I’ll unfreeze him when we need him.”

Alex nodded. “It’ll be nice to have a break. He’s a monster.”

“Should someone go check on Kara. She seemed pretty upset.” Nia added.

Alex was about to say something but was cut off when Kate shook her head and spoke up. “No. I think it’s best if we let her get her emotions out.”

Alex shook her head. “But Kara hates space and time.”

“I didn’t say we needed to give her space. All I’m saying is that we let her cry it out until we go in there and try to get her to stop crying. She needs that emotional release.” Kate explained.

“I suppose you’re right.” Alex said. “I just... why did Lex have to do that? I didn’t want Kara to know about Lena because I knew she wouldn’t be able to focus.”

“You knew Lena died?” Kate asked.

Alex reluctantly nodded. “Yes. She... sacrificed herself so that the transmatter portals could get the legion ships to space in time. Now... Kara knows she didn’t make it.”

“What was Lena to Kara?” Barry asked.

Alex chuckled. “Well they were best friends and... Kara eventually fell in love with her. They had a falling out recently because of Kara’s identity and I guess despite being dead, Lex somehow knew about it.”

“To suddenly find out someone you love is already dead, that's... horrible.” Frost said.

“She’s not as naive as you think she is.” Kate pointed out.

Alex dawned a confused look. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

Kate sighed. “I mean that Kara already knew about Lena since before our mission to Earth 99.”

“What? How is that possible?” Alex asked. She turned her attention to Mon-El and Nia. ‘Did you tell her?”

Nia shook her head. “No. I didn’t say anything.”

Mon-El also shook his head. “You asked us not to.” He reminded her.

“No one told her. She found out on her own.” Kate said.

“How is that possible?” Alex questioned.

Caitlin spoke up next, having changed back from Frost. “Is there a way she could have figured it out with her powers?”

A look of realization could suddenly be seen on Alex. “She used her super hearing.”

“How would that help her find out that Lena’s dead. Couldn’t Lena have just been quiet this whole time?” Barry asked.

“It’s not that.” Ales stated. “Kara’s powers allow her to hear heartbeats and she’s capable of memorizing the ones closest to her.”

“She can memorize heartbeats?” Cisco asked.

Alex nodded. “Yes and she can tune into them at any time. She memorized mine back when she was in high school before I left for college and she memorized Mon-El’s a few years ago when they were dating before.”

“But since then, Kara’s fallen in love with Lena and memorized her heartbeat.” Mon-El added.

Alex nodded in confirmation.

“I found her in the meeting room of the legion ship last night. She was holding the census of Earth 38 survivors.” Kate stated. “I’m guessing she wanted to see it and confirm it but I’m sure there’s other people on that list that Kara knew who also didn’t make it.”

“Ugh!” Alex groaned. “I didn’t want Kara to know about Lena and I definitely didn’t want her to read that census. It’s going to throw her off her game and get her killed!”

“You don’t know that for sure.” Kate responded. “Besides, she handled Earth 99 and the antimatter wave just fine.”

“Plus... I think she had a right to know. We shouldn’t have kept it from her. You shouldn’t have asked us to keep it from her.” Nia said.

Alex took a deep breath. “I-I guess you’re right. I just don’t want her... to die.”

“She won’t. She’s too determined.” Kate replied.

Alex actually chuckled in disbelief. “I find that hard to believe. She found that the love of her life disintegrated in a wave of red.”

Kate was going to ease everyone into Kara’s plan to revive Earth 38 and all other destroyed earths but she decided to say it outright. “Kara wants to use the Book Of Destiny to bring back all of the destroyed earths.”

There were a few gasps and definitely a lot of surprised looks around the room.

“Would that even work? Could that bring everyone including Lena back?” Nia asked.

Kate shrugged. “It revived our bald friend over there. It stands to reason that it could do just about anything.”

“Why hasn’t she already done it? Her cousin used the book to fix reality after Deegan rewrote it. She’s certainly strong enough to use it.” Barry said.

“If we did it now... the Anti-Monitor would just destroy it all over again. All we’d be doing is increasing his power.” Kate explained.

“Isn’t that kind of morally questionable?” Cisco asked.

Kate shook her head. “I don’t think so. There are hundreds of thousands of people aboard this ship who no longer have a home and there are an endless amount of people across the multiverse who have already lost their lives to this crisis.”

“Fair enough.” Cisco said, solemnly.

“The sooner we stop the Anti-Monitor, the sooner we can try and repair the multiverse.” Alex stated.

Kate nodded. “That’s what’s driving Kara.”

Alex nodded. “I suppose I should have just told her about Lena. Growing up, my goal was always to protect Kara. I don’t always realize that I’m hurting her instead.”

“You had good intentions.” Barry pointed out.

“Do you think she’ll forgive me?” Alex asked.

Kate sighed. “That’s a stupid question.” She replied.

Nia nodded. “There wouldn’t be a Supergirl with Agent Danvers.”

“Yeah, but there wouldn’t be a Kara Danvers without Lena Luthor.” Alex stated.

Alex had no idea of the weight those words put on Kate. Kara had admitted to Kate that she realized she’d been struggling with her mental health. Because of that, Kara wasn’t entirely herself. But... Kate promised Kara she wouldn’t say anything until Kara was sure that she was ready. She believed it had to be Kara to bring it up.

The next part of the conversation made Kate mildly sick.

“You’re over exaggerating. Kara is strong and she was even before she met Lena Luthor. She’ll bounce back.” Mon-El said.

Kate believed that too. Kara would be able to come back from this but not unless they could save the multiverse and bring Lena back.

“I guess she will.” Alex said.

“First, we have to save the multiverse.” A new voice was heard in the room; Kara’s voice.

“Kara!” Alex exclaimed.

Kara was back in the hub room of the legion ship, having changed out of the Flamebird suit. Her eyes were a little red and barely puffy. It was clear to everyone in the room that she tried her hardest to make it look like she hadn’t been crying.

Alex moved forward to hug her sister. “I’m so sorry, Kara. You deserved to know. I just didn’t want you to get yourself killed by being distracted.”

Kara hugged her sister back. “It’s alright Alex. I um... if it’s ok I... don’t want to talk about Lena... right now.”

Alex nodded. “Of course, Kara. We don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to.”

Kate knew that Kara said she wanted to open up to her friends and family at her own pace but she could also see the backpedalling Kara was doing.

The blonde had a perfect opportunity to at least tell Alex that she wasn’t ok but she didn’t take it.

It might have been that there were other people in the room that Kara wasn’t ready to speak to but it still concerned Kate. She knew Kara was going to struggle to admit her pain.

Kate honestly believed Kara didn’t even mean to admit it to her. It was a very emotionally vulnerable state that she found Kara in and even so... Kate prompted the blonde to realize that she was having some struggles with a little bit of depression.

The Gotham City vigilante only hoped it wouldn’t get worse. The more pain Kara felt, the harder it would be for her to feel happiness.

Still, Kate opted to say nothing. It wasn’t her secret and she wanted Kara to be able to seek this out for herself.

However, Kate silently promised to say something if it started going too far.

“Kate told us about how you wanted to bring back every universe once we stop the Anti-Monitor.” Caitlin spoke up.

Kara reluctantly nodded. “Yeah... I mean I knew that the Book Of Destiny was... powerful.”

“That’s true. Deegan used it to swap mine and...” Barry paused. “...Oliver’s lives.”

“He also used it to turn himself into Earth 1’s Superman and he...” There was another pause from Kara this time. “...manipulated Alex’s life.”

“What do you mean by that?” Nia asked.

“In that world, Alex didn’t know me and... she never came out to me.” Kara answered.

“Cisco was a mafia don and Caitlin worked for the evil Superman.” Barry added.

Caitlina and Cisco both gained very shocked looks on their faces. They hadn’t gfotten too many details about Barry’s adventure with the Book Of Destiny a year ago.

“Then the Monitor was able to use the book to restore my powers and... he even brought Lex back to life.” Kara said as she gestured to the frozen madman.

“The book is also responsible for identifying the paragons. I’d bet that it could bring back the multiverse if that’s what we really needed.” Kate stated.

Kara spoke next. “There are only two concerns. The first is whether or not the Monitor will go along with it and the second is whether or not I’m strong enough.”

“No matter what happens, we got your back.” Kate said, confidently.

“I agree and don’t worry... you’re the strongest person I know.” Alex added.

Kara smiled lightly but on the inside she had never felt more disgusted with herself.

Everyone in this room believed her to be strong but she herself couldn’t believe that. Kara had lost her spark, her sun, her radiance. Kara had lost Lena.

The other heroes were telling her she was strong but she had never felt more weak. She was falling into depression and she didn’t even have the guts to admit to those closest to her.

Kara nodded, not allowing any tears to spill from her eyes. “Thank you... but we have to stop the Anti-Monitor first.”