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would i be selfish if i told you to love me instead

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There was once a guy,
There was once a man,
He looked across from him and fell.
His tender smile, his eyes that reminds him of the sky, his voice and everything in between.
Manjirou glimpsed his imperfections and fell for utter perfection.

His inviting looks that waved a thousand greetings, his smile that pierced his vail of insecurities, his words that broke his walls of inhibition.

He feared rejection, above all else, for he addresses it as an old friend. He who he once knew, break him in two, and whose heart found praise in another's.
He kept his feeling locked in chains, never to see the light, whilst the boy he admired traded smiles from afar. Never did a word speaking of undiluted affection fall from his lush-painted lips.

Until the day came, Manjirou gathered his heart in his hand, and gifted it to Takemichi, only to be beaten and bruised by another fists.

His chance had passed, his feelings tethered, for the boy's eyes were never in search of him.
There was a boy, his unwanted heart whipped by the lashes of rejection, an old acquaintance whom he thought would pass.

Mikey watched from afar, their hands entwined, their lips murmuring sweet words of unrequited love. How mikey wished they were for his ear, how he yearned for Takemichi's hands in his.

Takemichi was never his, Manjirou was never Takemichi's.

He was never mine, i was never his.
She holds him dear, laced in his arms.
Whilst i remained entangle in my guilt.

If i had told you, would you had held me?
If i had loved you, would you have kiss me?
If she had not claimed you, would you had given yourself to me?
If i were her, would you have wanted me?
If i looked like her, would you have dance with me?
If i wasn't late, would you have chosen me?
If only you knew, if only i told you,
The love i feel for you.