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A voice she has heard a thousand variations of. The Mages, Lectors, Heralds. The voices are the same, cursed to never change. The gods have no mercy. Even to the smallest of details.

"What?" She says, irritation seeping into her voice. The years have made her cold. She carries it within her now.

"The Darknight Hero..." The Lector begins, "We have sent the threat letter, as per your request. The hilichurls will be mobilized but...what of the Mages?"

The Darknight Hero...It rings a faint bell. Diluc Ragnvindr. He was gifted a Pyro vision. He was a friend of Aether, no? She pretends to think, but she knows the answer. The gods have no mercy. She does.

"Dispatch the Cyro Mages."

"Your highness, are you aware-" The Lector's voice grates against her ears. Did they have a family? A spouse? Were they young? Poor? Rich?

"Slowing him down will allow him to be overwhelmed."

Silence meets her ears as the Lectors bows and leaves to give orders. Their voice still rings in her ears.

"How are you going to save us if you pity the ones stopping us?"

Their voices beg for mercy, for salvation, for freedom, as she leaves to spectate from afar.