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Wake-Up Call

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They rode in the Normandy's shuttle while the robot, no artificial intelligence, EDI, collected and dispersed information.

“The Citadel is nearly secure, Shepard. The Councilor's homes and offices are once again ready for use.”

“Thank you, EDI.”

Within five hours since the evacuation call, they were finally able to return back to work. Sparatus, however, followed Bailey in silence.

The room they entered looked much the same as they did in the vids, except for a C-Sec interview room on the other side, there were cells. One of which holding Spectre Williams.

“Did she have any connection? Udina did put a lot into pushing her current status.”

Bailey rubbed an aching muscle in his shoulder, “Udina only did as he was told. Williams is clean.”

“I don't understand, Commander.”

“Udina, as much as he was a backstabbing dick, was also taking as many steps as he could to protect us. Cerberus somehow managed to turn him against that he was trying to protect.”

“Why? Why would he endanger so many?”

“We may never know, Councilor.”

Before Sparatus could speak again, C-Sec entered with a Commander Shepard following, their voices digitized.

[That'll be all, Officer, thank you.]

Shepard... –

Instead of staying to listen to what he thought was a private conversation between old friends, Sparatus returned to work.


It wasn't until later in the day Sparatus learned why the second human spectre was being stationed under Hackett rather than Shepard.

Sparatus felt guilty listening and he wanted to leave, but he really needed the QEC.

[Why didn't Shepard accept your request, Williams?]

“Because I shot her, Admiral.”

[You shot the only person the reapers fear?]



“Because I couldn't accept that she wasn't Cerberus, Sir.”

[My word wasn't enough? You let your own feelings get in the way of facts?]

“Yes, sir.”

[If we weren't in a war, you'd be tried for treason.]

“I understand, Admiral.”

After a heavy moment of silence, Hackett continued. [Report to me. Is there anything else?]

“Sir? Why did Udina put my name forward?”

[He didn't. Shepard did. Hackett out.]

Sparatus stood aside as a pale and somewhat lost young woman exited the QEC room. Shepard had told him once that you can't always change a persons view of things. The only thing you could do was wait until they got their wake-up call. He'd gotten his over a cold cup of tea. If Williams was willing to start climbing her way back up, Sparatus knew Shepard would bring her back in to her family.

For now, he had work to do, then a quick dinner meeting with Shepard. It wasn't what Sparatus wanted, but he knew Shepard would be unable to give anything more at this time. Not with the reapers on her heels. It wasn't ideal, but the least he could do was help her leave his office with a lighter step...

...and perhaps a smirk upon her lips.