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Such a tease

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Kara had had enough.

From the very moment she saw Lena in that alluring -and obnoxiously tight- black dress, she knew with absolute certainty that she wouldn't be able to focus, let alone control her desire for this woman for the rest of date night. 

This black contraption accentuated Lena's perfect features in all the right ways, exposing enough of creamy pale skin to leave you both wondering and starving. Lena's subtle looks, paired with a sly smile and the pretence of not knowing why Kara would act that way, were not helping the blonde woman either. 

But Kara tried. Oh she tried. 

She tried to listen to Lena, who was having the time of her life as she watched Kara trying -and failing- to keep eye contact and the conversation alive. Lena enjoyed the effect she had on Kara. How could she not? Kara was looking at her like she was the best thing in the entire universe. 

Kara was behaving. At least, that's what she told herself. But it was getting harder and harder with every minute that passed. She tried focusing on the menu, knowing fully well that what she really wanted to feast on now, was sitting across the table. 

The waiter came to take their order, but Kara was having a hard time diverting her attention from Lena's magnificent cleavage or talk to the poor man, who got more and more uncomfortable watching the scenario in front of him. 

Lena ended up ordering for them, “Wine, please. For both of us for now. We’ll let you know the main course once we are done looking at the menu.”. 

The waiter bowed slightly, “Right away, ma’am.”


Lena looked back at Kara, smirking at the crinkle between her eyebrows, scrunched together in concentration. On what she was concentrating on, Lena couldn't tell. She decided she’d probably order for Kara anyway, knowing exactly what she liked. And thinking to herself, what else her blonde companion would like, Lena extended her hand and let it slide over Kara's thigh, squeezing it over her pants. 


Kara's breath hitched at this and as her hands grabbed harder onto the menu, crinkling it, a low growl reverberated through her throat, raising the million tiny hairs all across Lena's body, making her shudder.  


Pride bubbled up in Kara, knowing that even the slightest show of arousal and response was affecting Lena as much as it affected herself. She swallowed the smirk that was threatening to show. Lena's pupils were blown as she gazed across the table with half-hooded eyes. 


Slowly Kara stood up, muttering a half-hearted excuse with a low and sultry voice, while brushing non-existing crumbs off her pants, her hands lingering on her midriff and thighs. She smirked as she caught Lena's eyes lingering on her body. Kara threw one more lingering look over her shoulder before disappearing around the corner to where the restrooms were.


Lena sat perfectly still. She might have looked composed on the outside, but her mind was clouded with lust and desire and it was eating her alive. She got up, trying to hide her eagerness and followed suit.


The first and only thing she took notice of, when she entered the restrooms, was Kara. Standing in the corner of the door, the blonde's eyes never let the perfect figure that was her girlfriend and she reacted on instinct. 


Within seconds, she had invaded Lena's space and the door fell shut with a heavy thud as Kara pushed the smaller woman against the compressed wood, trapping her between her large hands. Kara skillfully locked the door behind Lena's back without looking away from hazy green eyes. The brunette could feel the warmth radiating from Kara and she swallowed. 


Kara leaned closer and Lena's eyes closed on instinct, Kara's smell invading her senses. 


“You have been teasing me all evening,” she whispered huskily against Lena’s ear, one hand travelling under Lena’s dress and hitching it up. Her fingers danced across Lena’s smooth, silky leg. 


“You like teasing me, don’t you?,” Kara muttered, her lips oh-so-close to Lena’s earlobe, hand wandering higher on her thigh until one fingertip brushed over the seam of her panties and Lena felt a shudder running across her body, a moan slipping out in anticipation of what was about to happen. 


“Look at you getting all flustered and I haven’t even done anything yet. So pretty...”


Lena could hear the smirk in Kara's voice, but the praise was balm for her soul and her knees almost gave out as a hot tongue touched her earlobe, while the wandering hand had finally found its place on Lena's warm and wet folds over her panties, the other hand of Kara was preoccupied with squeezing Lena's right breast, gliding over the silky texture of her dress.


“Kara please….”


The plea fell almost too easily from Lena's lips and she would have been mad at herself, if she wasn't so deep into what was about to unfold. Oh how the tables have turned... 


Lena felt Kara's smirk widen as her teeth grazed over the earlobe, before letting go. “Please what?,” Kara breathed hotly; her fingers toying with Lena’s clit through the fabric.


Lena sighed, but it was more a whimper than anything else. "Fuck me," Lena's voice came out hoarser than she had intended, but before her more rational mind could catch up, Kara had already slipped the strap of Lena's sinfully beautiful dress down her pretty pale shoulder. It granted her the access she had been looking for and now she was able to give all her attention to the ample and beautiful breast; the rosy red bud already standing at attention and craving to be touched.


Kara wasted no time, wrapping her hot mouth around Lena's nipple instantly and giving it a heavenly suck, while her fingers pushed aside the offending piece of cloth, that kept her from making more contact with Lena's clit. Kara's fingers slid easily through wet folds, gathering wetness to circle that sensitive nub with new enthusiasm.


Lena arched her back, bringing herself closer to Kara, her mouth falling open into a lingering silent gasp as Kara let her lips play with Lena's nipple. Each gentle suck on Lena's nipple made her more and more wet. And Kara's slow stimulation was not helping either. This one finger rubbing circles on her clit was about as torturous as the barely there and entirely unfulfilling suckle on her boobs.


Lena's panties were drenched by now, and Kara must have noticed, as Lena was feeling on her inner thighs already, but the blonde continued with her slow, leisure pace.


Lena shoved more of her breast towards Kara's mouth, while grabbing onto the long blond tresses and pulling her closer. Kara happily kept on sucking Lena's nipple, taking the entire areola into her mouth and squeezing the skin underneath with her hand, while the other one was still busy running skillfully paced and gentle circles on Lena's clit, drawing more and more of her juices from her. 


Unable to take the teasing any longer, Lena mewled with a barely contained sob, "M-more please…," whining quietly. 


But instead of feeling the stretch of Kara's fingers inside her, like it would have been on any other occasion, she felt cool air hitting her nipple as Kara's mouth pulled away and a lack of the ever so light pressure on her clit. 


Kara put some distance between them and collected herself again, coming out of the position she had just been herself; her hands moved to fix her hair, before her eyes caught the sticky and wet strands clinging to her every digit. The blonde smirked at the disheveled looking woman in front of her and sucked each and every finger clean of Lena's essence, never leaving the woman's eyes as she did so. 


And before Lena could begin to form some sort of coherent thought or sentence, Kara winked at her, easily maneuvering her away from the door and went out of the restroom with a husk, “That's for the tease, baby,” leaving Lena behind in her ruined and absolutely devastated state.


Kara had ruined her. Ruined her for anybody else's touch. 


And as Lena fixed her dress, doing her best to come down from this high, she was already plotting her revenge for later that night. And with a final smirk of ruby red and reapplied lipstick she left the restroom, following Kara yet again, but prepared to take the lead the next time.