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Warm Me Up

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It was the first snowfall of the season. Crowley, who would typically be holed up inside his flat watching Golden Girls and snuggled in a pile of blankets like a demonic burrito, was instead walking in St. James’s park, hand in hand with an angel (his angel, he reminded himself while smiling proudly). Crowley, due to his reptilian nature, was never one for the cold. As soon as the fall rolled around with its crisp winds and morning frosts, he preferred to spend as much time indoors as possible. Or layered in a truly absurd amount of clothing.

Aziraphale, on the other hand, seemed entirely immune to the chill in the air. Perhaps it was his holy light, or divinity combined with the love he had for the earth (all its seasons included) keeping him toasty as ever. Whatever it may be, the snow enchanted him and he had a smile on his face for the entire walk back to the bookshop.

Aziraphale’s hand felt warm through their respective gloves and Crowley squeezed instinctively, trying to get closer to that heat. He had been trying his best to ignore the chill in his bones, instead warming a bit each time the angel smiled up at him or leaned his head on his shoulder for a moment. But he was finally beginning to shiver. They reached the bookshop and walked in as the door opened of its own accord to them, Aziraphale ahead and pulling Crowley along by the hand. Aziraphale shook the snowflakes off of his coat and hung it on the rack by the door. He turned, smiling fondly at his demon, who had snowflakes rapidly melting into his damp formerly coiffed hair.

“What a lovely walk, dear boy, thank you for joining me.”

“N-n-not a problem, angel. Glad you enjoyed yourself.”

Crowley winced, realizing he hadn’t hidden his shivering as well as he hoped. Focusing quickly on Crowley’s face, Aziraphale noticed that he appeared paler than usual, his lips tinged blue.

“Oh, my darling!” Aziraphale exclaimed, rushing over and placing both palms on Crowley’s cheeks. “You’re as cold as ice! Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I didn’t want to spoil your walk, Angel. Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine. It’ll take more than a little snow and cold to do me in.” Crowley replied. Despite the dismissal he closed his eyes and soaked up the warmth coming from Aziraphale’s hands.

Aziraphale carded his fingers through Crowley’s hair. “Nevertheless, you are chilled to the bone. I would be remiss in my duties if I weren’t to warm you up. Come here, love.” Suddenly, the fireplace erupted in a roaring fire and a large plush velvety throw appeared on the sofa.

“Now, this wet jacket needs to come off.” Aziraphale soothed while pulling the garment from Crowley’s shoulders carefully, thick perfectly manicured fingers gently tracing the back of the demon’s neck while pulling the collar down. As Aziraphale hung up the other coat, Crowley felt a shiver go down his spine, this time from anticipation, watching the angel’s slow but deliberate movements.

“That’s much better already, Angel, no need to fuss over me.” Crowley mumbled as he dropped casually into the familiarly worn out sofa.

Please fuss, you know I can’t ask for it. Crowley thought.

“Nonsense, dear, this is the least I can do…” Aziraphale trailed off and added “now I’ve read that with hypothermia that the afflicted person should remove all wet clothing and be wrapped in blankets. Best play it safe, don’t you think?” He lifted his fingers to snap with a raised eyebrow. Crowley, now feeling much warmer all over in front of the fire, gave a small nod of assent while his brain tried to puzzle out the angel’s next move.

Crowley’s clothing had all been removed and miracled into a folded pile on a nearby chair. The soft blanket from the sofa wrapped carefully around the demon in their stead. “Mmm” Crowley hummed in satisfaction at the feeling of the blanket on his naked body, the heat from the fireplace more easily penetrating to his skin. His eyes, slipping shut, popped open suddenly at the feel of two strong and broad palms running up his thighs over the blanket.

Oh it’s going to be that kind of night, then. Crowley postulates to himself.

Aziraphale was kneeling, bracketed by Crowley’s long legs, gazing lovingly up at him and asking in an almost whisper “Is it helping, my dear?”

Crowley sighed contentedly and nodded again, opening his eyes to meet Aziraphale’s loving gaze “Thanks, Angel, but really, you needn’t worry. I’m already warming up.”

I’m on fire, please burn me up.

“You do seem to be getting some of your colour back, dearest, but I’ve an idea that will bring pink to your cheeks in a jiffy.” Aziraphale said with raised eyebrows and a flirtatious smirk.

Crowley’s eyes widened and he replied “Far be it from me to refuse an angel wanting to perform a good deed.”

His grin spread slowly but faded quickly into a look of surprise when Aziraphale responded with “Splendid!” while ducking his head swiftly under the fluffy throw covering Crowley’s lap, staying between his spread knees, pushing them farther apart with a warm palm on the inside of each thigh.

Fuck, he’s such a tart. I love him.

Crowley sank further into the back of the sofa with a sharp inhale and closed his eyes at the sudden attention to his bare skin. Aziraphale wasted no time and placed his lips around the head of Crowley’s rapidly hardening cock.

What did I do to deserve him, so perfect, my Angel.

Forgetting having been cold entirely, Crowley pulled the blanket off and looked down, mouth agape. The angel slowly took his cock into his mouth until his nose rested in coarse ginger hair. Aziraphale didn’t move, save for adding pressure on the underside with his tongue. He exhaled through his nose with a gratified “hmmm” and Crowley’s eyes rolled back into his head. His fingernails bit into his palms as Crowley tried to remain as still as possible while letting out a very undignified squeak.

The combination of the radiant heat from the fire and the angel’s warm, wet mouth had Crowley on the verge of breaking a sweat in no time and he gasped a pleased “ohh”. Aziraphale locked eyes with Crowley for a moment and started to bob his head up and down the hard flesh, keeping his lips tight with each rise and fall. Pulling off for a moment, he licked the head in a circular motion with the flat of his tongue, savoring the overwhelmed groans and pants coming from his demon.

Crowley’s gorgeously lithe form spread out in front of the fire while Aziraphale worked between his legs. His bowtie in place and waistcoat still buttoned. The demon considered this an egregious wrong that must be corrected, but when his hands go for Aziraphale’s bow tie, they are gently pulled away and placed back on the sofa with a chastising “mm-mm” that vibrates through his hardness.

This is how I die, Crowley thinks, having a completely clothed angel suck my soul out through my cock.

There are worse ways to go, he decides, and reached down to run his fingers through soft tufts of hair, not guiding, just petting. Aziraphale moaned again and Crowley slightly moved his hips up, pushing his cock further into the back of the angel’s throat for a second before apologizing and trying harder to stay still. In response, Aziraphale guided both of the demon’s hands to the back of his head and looked up, his pretty lips somehow managing the appearance of a smirk despite being stuffed full.

“Are you sure?” Crowley asked, not being able to stop himself from beginning to thrust shallowly, seeking his pleasure.

Another “mhmmm” around Crowley’s thick length and lips began moving even faster up and down, adding more suction.

“So good… so hot… your mouth, Angel. Shit!” Crowley had to reach down to clamp a hand around the base of his cock to stop himself from going off too soon. He wanted this to last as long as possible. He pulled Aziraphale’s head back gently to look into his eyes.

“Let me touch you, please Angel. I need you.” Crowley rasped.

“This is for you, dearest, I want to make you feel good. It is truly a gift to me to be allowed to watch you fall apart so prettily.” Aziraphale whispered in his ear. He gently nipped Crowley’s earlobe while taking him in hand, pumping with firm pressure up and down the spit-slick hardness.

“That’s not gonna be a problem, dove. Ah! Ah!” Crowley turned his head and crashed his lips into the angel’s. Aziraphale kissed him passionately, tongues twining briefly before he resumed his place between the demon’s legs, kneeling on the floor.

“Use me for your pleasure, darling.” Aziraphale breathed into the flesh of Crowley’s erection, opening his mouth and waiting for the demon to guide him.

“Y’r gonna discorporate me, talking like that.” Crowley grunted, holding his cock out in offering to the waiting mouth. Aziraphale chuckled and sank down, having pity on his overwhelmed love.

Crowley’s hands found their way into soft curls once again and held Aziraphale’s head still. His hips began to rock, pushing and pulling the demon’s cock deeper and shallower again into the angel’s warm wet mouth. No gag reflex to be felt, Crowley pushed deeper and gasped at the feel of the angel’s throat swallowing around the head of his cock.

“M’gonna come, angel. You’re gonna make me come down your throat. You’re so tight and hot in there… fuck!” Crowley gasped and groaned. Aziraphale moaned loudly around his partner’s hard flesh and swallowed with each thrust in. The angel’s contracting throat muscles worked rhythmically to milk him into climax.

“Fuck! That’s… fuck fuck fuck!” Crowley grunted. His cock spilled in pulses down the angel’s waiting throat. Aziraphale drank it all down without breaking the seal of his lips around the base and with one last suck up to the head, he sat back on his heels primly.

“Well, darling, are you warm enough now?” Aziraphale said with a smug grin as Crowley collapsed back into the sofa.


The End