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It had taken him weeks to get his way.  At first Tin had said no to just being friends, and had left him standing in the street with unknown emotions rolling through and threatening to break him.  He’d cried that night, the moment he’d gotten to his room and he hated how confused he’d been about why it had upset him so much.  He just knew he needed Tin’s friendship, he needed to be around him despite the week spent avoiding him. He missed him, missed talking to him, arguing with him, he even missed the kisses he’d fought so hard against. The moment Tin pushed him away, he’d lost himself.  His appetite had left him, his need to fill every bit of silence with his own voice ceased to exist, not even football sparked excitement in him the way it had once.  

He’d practically blown up Tin’s Line messages the moment he decided he couldn’t take it any more.  It felt as though he was losing his mind.  Was this what heartbreak felt like?  If it was, it was the exact feeling he’d been avoiding, scared of the pain he saw in his friends whenever a relationship didn’t work.  In his fear, he’d caused his own heartbreak, he’d fought against it kicking and screaming, fought so hard he didn’t see his heart's imminent break just around the corner. 

Be my friend Tin, please, PLEASE!  

Let me think about the other stuff, give me time.

But please let’s be friends for now, I’ll do anything, please.

Those three messages had been the last messages he’d sent.  He didn’t care if it was pathetic that he was begging him.  He didn’t care if Tin got annoyed that those were just three messages out of nearly thirty.  He’d left it there, deciding to give it an hour, if Tin didn’t reply, he’d send another thirty.  He wouldn’t stop.  It was painfully true, that old saying, you really didn’t know what you had until it was gone.  Now that Tin had removed himself from his life, he both had realized what he wanted and knew he needed him.  He needed him around more than he’d ever needed anyone else before.  

Tin had responded though, and not even Can could deny the way his heart had lurched in his chest, the way his face had immediately broken into a smile so wide it hurt.

How is the most annoying person I’ve ever met also the cutest?  

If you’ll stop this, and if you promise… and I mean it Cantaloupe, promise to think very seriously about “the other stuff”, I’ll be your friend for a bit longer.  

A bit longer.  It was all he needed, time to think while also getting to keep Tin by his side. And with that, Can decided to keep up the promises he’d once made.  A good morning text, and a good night message.  He even ditched the horror clips - well, mostly, he still sent one or two, but only because they were really good and he thought Tin should see them.  Not because he was trying to curse him, he didn’t really want him to have nightmares, not anymore.

Looking back, he was pretty sure he hadn’t wanted him to have nightmares before either, and he was maybe just a little thankful that Ley had stopped him from putting an actual Thai curse on him.

That though, that was how the little game had started.  The game kept escalating, and Can hated that he refused to lose.  They never brought it up in person, though out of the corner of his eye as they ate lunch, or sat together in the stands talking, he could see Tin grinning out of the corner of his eyes.  Asshole.   Of course he was enjoying this.  Subconsciously, he rubbed at his chest whenever he saw him grin, and everytime despite the effort he was putting in to not draw attention to himself in person , he could see Tin’s eyes travel down his chest.

One picture, he’d sent one picture simply because he’d thought Tin would like it.  To see how happy he was they were friends.  There wasn’t anything special about it, he’d put on his widest, brightest, happiest smile, pressed his hand against his face as he held up a peace sign.  He’d used the little stylus that came with his phone to write a thank you, Tin on it.  Once he was satisfied with how it looked, he hit send and went to bed for the night, the good night message attached.

When he’d woke up the next morning, once he was coherent enough to function, he’d grabbed his phone with every intention of keeping up his end of the deal.  He was surprised that he’d already had a message from Tin.  A picture, Tin looking stoic as ever, leaning back on what was probably his bed, and written on it were the words I still want more than your friendship, Cantaloupe .  

Naturally, Can sent yet another picture back, this one included his middle finger, though he couldn’t stop the smile that also appeared in the picture no matter how hard he tried. I know what you want, asshole Tin .  They should have just switched to snapchat, he wasn’t sure why they didn’t. Perhaps because somewhere in his subconscious he wanted to keep the pictures, without his phone telling on him for screencapping. The pictures continued for days, whenever they were apart they’d take a picture and write on it, for the most part the messages were Tin asking him if he was thinking, and Can in turn telling him to be patient and to maybe make a bit more effort not to be an asshole.  

The very first picture he’d sent, Can noted, was now the background on Tin’s phone.  At first he’d thought about yelling at him to change it, but it told people Tin was possibly taken - he wasn’t, but Can liked the idea that people might think he was.

It was Can’s fault that it had started to shift, that things changed and became a bit of a game. What had been innocent was suddenly far less so.  And it was an honest accident.  They took so many pictures, sent so many pictures back and forth throughout the day that he’d done it naturally.  He’d been so excited over the football game they’d just won that the moment he’d gotten out of the shower in the locker room, he’d hurried over to his stuff to change so he could go home and brag to Ley.  He’d gotten to play and they’d won !  When he saw his phone sitting there, he’d snapped a quick picture, once again a beaming smile with a simple message that said we won!

Except the picture wasn’t as simple as the message.  

He was so dumb that he was left smacking his head on his locker not five seconds after it sent.  Not only was his hair dripping water down his face… it was dripping it down his chest which had been bare because he hadn’t thought to put a shirt on first.  Stupid Can, stupid. He muttered to himself as he hit his head on the locker, a long, drawn out groan leaving him as he dramatically stomped his feet.  Changing in front of the guys was so normal, everyone on the team saw him without a shirt constantly, most of them had seen him naked, he hadn’t even thought about it.  At least the picture was only from his chest up, but the message that came through after had him flushed from embarrassment.

It was different with Tin, he wasn’t one of the guys .  Even he knew that now.

Actually I think I just won, please continue to send pictures like that.  Glad you're thinking about me.

The picture that came with it Tin was at least fully clothed, but the way he was biting his lip… the look in his eye… it was suggestive enough that even Can in his denial could see it.

After that, once he was dressed, Tin received the angriest picture he could possibly take, his face screwed up, eyebrows pulled together and teeth barred, the words shut up, asshole on it and nothing else.  That night at home he’d made it a point not to text Tin, to instead hide away in his embarrassment.  If he waited until the next day, after he actually saw him, maybe he’d forget about it and they could resume as normal.  He wasn’t ever that lucky, just as he was climbing into bed a picture came through his Line.  And it was Tin.  Shirtless.  And he’d made sure Can had the full view, full chest, full stomach, the hem of his joggers just barely visible, enough that Can could tell they were gray.

And he hated that he’d stared long and hard enough to know that tiny detail.  “Shit!” The curse was loud, a groan following as he fell back on his bed and flailed, his fists hitting the mattress as his legs kicked. “Oiiii!!!!! TIN!!!”  He only quieted when his sister yelled something about a knife, Can covered his mouth for a full minute before he messaged Tin, not a picture, but a simple message.

Asshole!  Mine was an accident!  Put your clothes back on!  You got me in trouble with Ley!

And just how did that get you in trouble with Ley?  

How about you take your clothes off instead.

Tin!  Shut up!  No, I won’t take my clothes off!  And she got mad because I yelled when you sent that!  

I can hope.  Sweet dreams Cantaloupe, keep thinking about me when you're screaming.  She’ll get over it.

He stopped the messages there, but it put thoughts in his head, and he hated Tin for every single one of them.  Why did he want to be his friend again?  Can pointedly ignored the tightening in his chest that sent heat traveling south.  When he fell asleep that night, his dreams were about Tin, and they weren’t like anything he’d had before.  Tin frequenting his dreams was commonplace by now. More often than not it was just them talking, or Tin coming to his practice or games - small things that always made him incredibly happy.  This dream hadn’t made him happy, it had lit a fire deep in the pit of his stomach.

The dream was what inspired him the next morning as he was getting ready for school.  He’d just finished zipping his trousers when somewhere in his brain he realized that Tin’s picture had been better than his.  It wasn’t a competition... until it was. Until Can made it one.  He wasn’t dumb enough to think he was hotter than Tin was, Tin was all muscle, he oozed handsome.  Despite all the time he spent on the field, his own body didn’t have the same definition Tin’s did… he was thin, athletic, but it wasn’t the same.  That didn’t stop him from taking a picture just like the one Tin had and sending it.  No words this time, just a wicked grin on his face as he pulled on his shirt, did up the buttons and hurried out the door.  

This time when he was late, it wasn’t because he’d slept in, it was because he was taking a picture for Tin - who he damn well knew had a class well before his.

After he’d seen it he’d been called a tease, Tin scolding him because he had actually been in class when he’d opened up the picture... and then the shirtless pictures had continued.  A whole week of nothing but half naked pictures.  Fresh out of the shower, laying in bed, Tin reading a book, Can pausing his video game to take a picture with the controller, even more locker room selfies when he was sure the rest of the guys were gone… he now had way too many pictures of Tin, and a majority of them were half naked.  At one point he’d almost put a stop to it, not because he really wanted to, but because Tin had sent him a message to let him know that Pete was now scarred for life because he’d peeked at Tin’s phone at exactly the wrong time.

You should have seen his face. 

A little mad that he saw you like that, not going to lie, but the WAS THAT CAN shriek was actually pretty funny.  

He assumes we’re dating now, can’t say I discouraged the rumor.

Might have told him to erase the image of my man from his brain, don’t be mad xoxo

While he had started it, had thought about ending it and had continued it anyway, Tin stepped it up.  Now it was more than a competition, Can wouldn’t say so out loud, but he was curious.  So damn curious about where Tin was going to take it, about what he hadn’t yet seen.  

He’d been wrong, they weren’t friends.  This wasn’t friendship, he could say with one hundred percent certainty that he’d never do this with any of his friends.  If Pond ever sent him a picture like the one’s Tin sent, he was very sure he’d throw up right on his phone - Tin’s pictures left him far from wanting to be sick, the feeling it left him with was want .  He wanted him, he just didn’t know what to do with the feelings.  This was his way of telling him.  He was letting it go, letting the pictures continue, he wouldn’t stop them until Tin realized exactly what Can wasn’t saying.  

Tin had the boyfriend he’d so badly wanted, the one he’d once asked for, he just didn’t know it yet.

It was that thought that carried him forward, that despite the fact that in person they hadn’t once spoken of this, they discussed normal things as though this wasn’t a thing that constantly happened, Tin was his.

So as Tin sent a picture of him not just shirtless, but in his boxers that were tight enough that he could just almost see what was hiding underneath, Can sent the winning picture. He even made it clear that he thought he’d won, the words game, set, match written on it in big, bright green letters. 

It was a picture that he was sure would tell Tin everything he’d been unable to say.  Maybe it wasn’t as sweet as most love stories were, but at least it told Tin exactly what his pictures were doing to him.  That he wanted him.

Can was also in his boxers, but he was no longer thinking with the brain in his head.  All of the blood in his body had traveled south, the dreams that kept playing over and over again in his head every night dominating any thoughts he could have had.  Seeing just that little bit more of Tin’s body had gotten him hard in record seconds, so the picture Tin got didn’t even have his face in it.  What it did have was his tented boxers, his hand resting on his lap at the base, itching to relieve the pressure building there.  

It wasn’t the first time Tin had called him after a picture was sent, it happened quite often now, but again they usually didn’t discuss the pictures.  Can figured it was Tin’s way of knowing he wasn’t busy, he used it as an excuse to talk to him.  It was the fastest he’d called after a picture though, and Can almost let out a laugh, and after a moment of debate, slowly pressed the phone to his ear.

“Why are you calling me?”

“Did you... did you really just send me that? And then ask why I’m calling you?” there was a pause before the next question came through, “is that right now? Are you hard?”  

“Shut up.”

“Oh my God, you’re hard.  You actually just sent me a picture of your dick hard.” there was another pause, a sharp intake of breath,  “Don’t touch that, I’m coming to get you.”

Once again, it took Can far longer than he cared to form a response, his mouth opening and shutting on several before he squeaked out a “what?” his eyes immediately traveling down his body, his hand now pressing on himself to hide what no one else could see anyway.  There was a lot of background noise, the sound of a car door shutting before an engine revving.  “Shit, Tin, why?!” He yelled out, hitting the speakerphone button on his phone before he dropped it on his bed and rushed to try and get dressed.  

“Because you just sent me a dick pic… and I’m dying to help.”




The erection was gone, a mixture of worry and annoyance all but destroying it.  The annoyance, much to his dismay, wasn’t even at Tin, it was at Ley for immediately getting in his business when he’d rushed down the stairs and started pulling his shoes on.  Questions had immediately filled the air around him.  Where are you going? Why are you all red? Why do you look like you’ve seen a ghost?  P’Can your fly is down, gross!

He’d given her nothing more than a disgruntled, embarrassed grunt as he jumped around, zipping the zipper on the front of his pants before he was out the door.  In front of the gate to his house, he paced.  Tin was on his way, no matter of telling him not to come (pun somewhat intended) convinced him not too.  As the black car finally pulled up in front of him, Can stood very still for a long time.  He didn’t have a clue where they were going to go, but he had some idea what was going to happen when they got there. The idea both terrified and intrigued him… yet it wasn’t Tin himself that was causing any of the unease.  Can let his eyes slip shut for a minute, then, with a purpose he opened the car door and got in.

“Tin… where are we going?  I told you not to come!”

“My brother just acquired a house not far from here. He's heading some renovations on it so they can flip and sell it.  No one should be there now, and I can’t say that I mind tainting it and him not having a clue about it,” Tin’s voice was quiet as he immediately started to drive, clearly in a hurry to get wherever this place was.  “And you should have thought about that before you sent me a dirty picture.”  

Instead of responding, Can simply pressed his lips together in a thin line, his eyes wide as he stared out the window.  Tin wasn’t lying when he said it wasn’t far away, that or time had sped up, because they were there before he knew it.  He was out of the car before Can had time to process that the car had stopped, his own door opened as Tin gently tugged on his arm until he got out.  

The house itself was a dump, they were clearly still doing construction on it, or had been earlier in the day.  There wasn’t any furniture, but there was at least new carpet down in some spots.  The walls had no paint on them, one on the other side of the room they were in had the word demolish painted in red on it, and someone had clearly taken a sledge hammer to part of it.  His attention was quickly taken off the way the place looked as he felt his back press against the wall, Tin’s mouth on his neck in the second it took him to process what was happening.  It would have been so easy to fight it, to yell at him to stop, to call him an asshole the way he always did.  But he knew now that it wasn’t what he actually wanted, he didn’t want him to stop.  

“Tin… ah , Tin wait,” he moaned out, his head falling back as Tin’s hips pushed against his, his own eyes rolling back for a moment as he felt that Tin was already half hard.  

“You started this, what am I waiting for?”  Can swallowed thickly, his hands shaking as he lifted them to grip onto the backs of Tin’s shoulders.  He wasn’t stopping him, he pushed his hips forward just to prove that, relishing in the low moan that met his ears from the action.

“If… if we do anything… you… you have to be my boyfriend okay?  I don’t want… with just anyone.”  That stopped him, that forced his head to lift, their eyes meeting as a small smile tugged at Tin’s lips.  

“Deal.”  There wasn’t time to process the word that was spoken, nor what they’d just become.  All sense, all thought left his head as he watched Tin sink to his knees in front of him.  Tin, bad mannered, always so put together, the very definition of perfection… was on his damn knees in front of him.  If he hadn’t been hard before, he was now.  His hand clenched into a tight fist at his side, his other hand now resting on Tin’s shoulder as he took in a breath.  For a moment, he let his glazed over eyes glance around, hoping beyond everything that no one would wander into the place to find them in a very compromising position.  After all, this was the first time he’d ever done anything like this, he didn’t want it ruined, though something told him Tin wasn’t about to stop for anyone. Tin reclaimed his attention, his long fingers pressing on the front of his pants as their eyes met.  “You have to tell me no if you don’t want something, I’ll stop as soon as you say no.”  

It was a weird thing to feel touched by, the care behind the words, knowing that Tin didn’t want to do anything he didn’t want, that he cared enough not to.  “Don’t stop, Tin,”  his voice squeaked as he spoke, his face heating up in embarrassment.  He tried to return the grin he received as Tin’s hands undid his pants, and as they were yanked down - his underwear that Tin had already seen thanks to the picture - falling with it, Can’s own hands flew up to cover his face.  He had no shame, he didn’t much care what people saw, but it was the first time anyone had their face that close to his dick.  And it was most certainly the first time he’d been erect in front of anyone.  

“Can stop… Cantaloupe ,” he fought against the scolding, fought against Tin’s hands as he tried to pull his own down from his face.  He was scolding him for hiding, but the amusement in his voice did little to help the way his face was turning red.  He was horrified to note that his chest was probably just as red as his face was.  He struggled only a bit longer before he let Tin win this - he’d won the picture thing, Tin could at least have this - his hands falling as he shut his eyes tight.  “So shy, so cute.”  And that comment earned him a scowl.

The scowl only lasted a moment, the feeling of Tin’s tongue slowly running along his length removed all traces of anger, his jaw instead slack as his head fell back again.  His own hand was one thing, but this feeling was already so much more.  He was sure that as he felt Tin’s lips circle around his tip, as he felt the wet warmth of his mouth suck, he’d actually died for a moment.  “ Fuck ,” there wasn’t ever a filter on him, he didn’t have volume control, but this time his voice was loud for even him.  It was followed by a moan as his legs shook, the fire that had been in the pit of his stomach returning with a vengeance.  Any embarrassment he’d felt was gone, his hand now clutching a fist full of dark hair as his body writhed against the wall, as he watched his dick disappear somewhere in Tin’s throat, a light gagging sound somehow turning him on even more.  He wasn’t embarrassed anymore because now he never wanted to have to fix his own arousal ever again, he wanted Tin to do it.  It was already so much better when he did it and he hadn’t even come yet.

A low, disapproving groan left him when Tin slowly removed his mouth, a chuckle following it as Can tried to press himself back into his mouth, the tip brushing over his lips, his eyes full of lust as he watched Tin lick the precome off of his lips. “I told you once, didn’t I, that Cantaloupe was pretty yummy?”  The memory of Tin eating slices of Cantaloupe in front of him while declaring them sweet and yummy flooded back, now far more understood than they’d been at the time.  Any protests he could have voiced died in his throat, his cock back in Tin’s mouth as he sucked hard and Can shivered against the wall, his hand gripping tighter to his hair.  For once, he found he wished he had at least a little bit of experience, so that maybe he could last longer, but he could already feel the build of his orgasm threatening to erupt.  The white hot coil in the pit of his stomach tightening as the tension built.  Tin bobbing his head forced his to buckle his knees, a weak attempt to keep himself standing as his legs shook under him.  

As his name fell from Can’s lips, followed by a tap on his shoulder, a warning, “Tin… Tin … I’m… I can’t…” a hum of approval was offered, and though Can had been sure he’d pull away so he didn’t come in his mouth… he stayed right where he was, his head bobbing faster, his lips tight around him, and that was enough to cause the coil to break.  Heat spread throughout Can’s body, his eyes shut tight as his body shook, his toes curling in his shoes and loud moans of Tin’s name ripped from his throat.  It was the hardest he’d ever come, his vision blurred as he came down from the high, his body sliding down the wall so that his ass met the concrete underneath.  Their eyes met in time for him to watch the other run his thumb over his own lips.  The knowledge that he’d just let another guy… the very guy he’d fought so hard to deny… get him off washed over him in surprised waves.

The very guy that was now his boyfriend.

He lunged forward, pushing the other boy down on the ground, only made awkward by his pants still around his ankles.  He struggled on top of him for a moment, his feet kicking as he tried to get his pants the rest of the way off.  “Idiot, what are you doing?” Instead of answering, he pushed his face against Tin’s chest, huffing quietly because things weren’t going as he’d wanted. This wasn’t sexy like he’d hoped it would be. He wasn’t as graceful as Tin was, he was instead stuck in his own pants.  

“I’m… trying… help you,” the words were grunted, as he reached between them, his hand palming over the erection he could very clearly see lifting Tin’s pants.  With a glance at his face, he pushed his shoes off, kicking his pants and boxers off with it so he could move a bit more freely.  The shock was back on his face, as he moved his hands right back to his pants, palming him again for a moment before he undid his pants and tugged them down along with the tight black boxers he’d seen earlier.  

If you were to ask him just days prior if he’d find the sight of another dick attractive, he would have gone on the world's longest rant about how crazy the very idea was.  The answer would have been absolutely fucking not.  Yet there he was, staring at Tin’s laying flush and pink against his shirt.  He lifted his gaze as Tin unbuttoned his shirt, his eyes watching in anticipation as each button came undone. “Fuck, Can,” there was no hesitation as he curled his fingers around Tin, his hand moving slowly, testing the waters as he ran his thumb over his slit in the very same way he did with himself.  “You’re a little devil, you know that?”  A light squeeze at the base of his dick shut him up, his hand moving faster as he pushed himself down.  He almost gulped when his face was level with it, the size of it alone making his mind drift to where else that might end up going in his body one day.  

It would taste a lie to say he didn’t want it, so he busied his mouth with other things.  Just as his thumb had done, he glanced up for a second before he ran the tip of his tongue along the slit, his hand still moving at a quick pace around him.  “I’ve never done anything like this before,” he warned.  Closed eyes opened, Tin lifting onto his forearms on the floor so they could properly look at each other.  Can’s hand never stopped moving, not as their eyes met, or as he let his tongue dart out to taste again.

“I’ve never done anything with a guy either, just you, but trust me, fuck ,” Can had dipped his head down, his eyes still locked on Tin as he took the tip into his mouth, his tongue swirling around it, “already doing fuuuck, amazing,”  encouragement had been all he needed, smiling around the dick that was in his mouth.  Tin laid back once again, and Can shut his eyes against the salty taste that was already on his tongue.  He’d expected it to taste terrible, and expected an even worse texture.  What he hadn’t expected was to like it.  If it weren’t for the fact that he was concentrating, the sounds of pleasure keeping him moving, his head moving in the very same way Tin’s had, his cheeks hallowed, he would have laughed over the first thought that entered his brain.  

Damn Tin for making him like dick.

Can let one hand move, his fingers splayed as he ran it up Tin’s stomach, curiously feeling the muscles there as he dipped his head lower on him.  Curiosity seemed to be the flavor of the day, his eyes screwed shut as he tested how much of him he could take in.  Tin had gagged for him, so if he had to do that, he would.  Another competition of sorts, just one he wasn’t prepared to tell Tin about.  He forced his throat to relax, choking around him as he hit the back of his throat.  It was then that his name fell from Tin’s lips on repeat, his hips lifting as he pushed himself even further down his throat.  Watering eyes slowly opened, a surge of pride rushing through him at the look of pure ecstasy that was written so clearly all over his face.  He’d done that, he put that look there.

“Can… Cantaloupe, I’m coming, fuck ,” He stilled, still sucking but his head stopped moving, remaining low on him as he screwed his eyes shut even tighter.  The precome hadn’t been all that bad, but he almost choked as he shot into his throat, his fingers pressing into his stomach as he waited until he was sure he was completely done.  

Once he was, he pushed himself up his body, laying beside him, his hand on his chest as it moved rapidly with his breath.  “Tin?” He questioned, wiping his mouth on the back of his other hand while he waited for Tin to catch his breath.  When he eventually did, he slowly met his gaze, a smile already tugging at his lips.


“Are we really boyfriends?”  He needed the confirmation, the confirmation that they were together and not just screwing around.  Though, perhaps it was okay if they were, he just didn’t want Tin with anyone else.  He understood his feelings a bit better than he had before, they were still confusing, but he knew well enough that he wanted him.

“I’d really like to be, I’ve already told you that, you’re the one always fighting it.”  

“Hey asshole, I wasn’t fighting it, I was figuring it out!  Be my boyfriend, alright?”  A light laugh had escaped Tin just as he moved his arm around him, pulling Can close as he settled his head on his shoulder.  

“Boyfriends it is then, Cantaloupe.”  He sounded happy, and Can let himself smile as he shut his eyes.  

“Hey Tin?”  He shifted slightly, tilting his head back so that he could see Tin’s face a bit better.


“I’m hard again, can we go again?”  

He wasn’t really sure why Tin was laughing, it wasn’t funny, he really was hard again.