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every action has an equal and opposite reaction

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Midoriya Izuku fell to his knees in a sea of blood and gore. Viscera covered his hands as he held the head of one of his best friends Uraraka Ochaco. He stared into her dead eyes with numb horror.

He didn’t move for a long time. He just sat, surrounded by the dead bodies of his nineteen friends and classmates.

He didn’t know how long it had been when he felt a gentle hand on his shoulder. Midoriya shakily looked up. 

He was met by the face of Endeavor, who was oddly kind looking. He himself had tears in his eyes.

Midoriya’s eyes were dry. 

He just stared at him silently.

Those eyes haunted Endeavor for years to come. He would see them in his dreams and nightmares alike. 

“Lets get you some medical care kid.” He said hoarsely. 

Midoriya, not in his right mind, looked at him in confusion.

“But…” he looked down at Uraraka’s severed head, “I have to wait for them to wake up.” Midoriya said in a soft voice, not all there.



Mirio, Best Jeanest, Gang Orca, and an assortment of less injured heroes walked up when they saw Endeavor standing next to Midoriya.

They did not see the nineteen bodies until they got closer. When they did, they all gagged. Mirio actually did throw up. They walked up and saw Midoriya, who was holding the severed head of his friend, gore and viscera slipping between his fingers.

“They are going to wake up… right?” Midoriya asked in a broken voice. That is what the heroes heard when they got to them. Midoriya was looking up at Endeavor with horrified eyes that were somehow terribly empty. “You can only sleep so long… right?”

Everyone cringed. Some started crying. A few more people threw up. 

None had expected to see such a violent slaughter. Nineteen children killed in brutal ways. One child left to watch it all happen.

Endeavor closed his eyes and a single tear ran down the side of his face. 

“I’m sorry. They are going to be sleeping for a long time…” Endeavor whispered in a coarse voice.

They all saw the moment he broke.

His eyes snapped wide and whirlwind of black tendrils lashed out. He floated a bit off the ground and curled up, dropping the bloody head of his friend. Actual smoke started pouring from his eyes and mouth.

For one frigid second, everything was silent.

Then the most agonized scream rang out. 

It is said to have been heard for miles. Even civilians heard it to some extent. Those who were recording caught it on camera.

For a long time, no one would know who’s scream it was. Just that it was horrifying.

It was known as “The Embodied Scream of Death” by all who heard it.

Midoriya screamed for a long time, his black whips writhing around. They did not attack anyone though. 

Midoriya contorted in agony as tears and smoke leaked out of his eyes. He went from curled up to arching his back. His screams went on until he could no longer scream, and he passed out.

Everything stopped in a nanosecond. Midoriya fell to the ground with a soft thump.



After the event dubbed “The UA Massacre”, everything went to shit.

People started rioting against heroes. Hundreds of heroes retired. Many were killed. And all of 1A but one kid and half of 1B had died in the battle. There was only eleven students left in the first year hero course. 

Though it might as well have been ten, because Midoriya wasn’t… right.

And to be honest, no one expected him to be.

For the first month he recovered from his terrible injuries in the hospital. He was in a coma for a week and a half of that.

After that month he went back to UA, but he was a ghost of his former self. No one could get him to speak. No one could get him to train. He hardly ate. He hardly drank. And for hours he would lock himself up in his room. He was practically dead at this point.

Aizawa and the other remaining teachers tried to help. Even though they were all devastated by the loss of Midnight, especially Aizawa and Present Mic. But nothing could be done. Eri was the best help though. Midoriya seemed just the slightest bit more alive around her. Midoriya didn’t even have the same reaction with his mother or All Might anymore. 

Eri was devastated too, and it seemed that being around Midoriya, no matter how dead, made her feel better too.

That is, until they found Midoriya on the edge of a rooftop.

Aizawa only just caught him on time.

No one was surprised. Midoriya was still in therapy, but he refused to speak so it did nothing.

Three attempts later, and Midoriya was still not doing well. In fact, he might even be doing worse.

And then Shinsou came into the picture.

Aizawa added Shinsou to his class. Now only consisting of Midoriya and Shinsou. Midoriya hardly trained, but he and Shinsou would sit in amicable silence. And this was enough for the both of them.

But then Midoriya started talking to Shinsou. This made them all ecstatic. Midoriya’s voice was always soft and sad. Like the whisper of a ghost.

It made sense he was being called The Ghost of 1A now. 

Shinsou and Midoriya got along well. They were bunked next to each other and often just slept in each other’s rooms anyway. They were doing wonders on each other.

After the first time Midoriya smiled, although very small, they decided to just make them a shared dorm room. 

And this made things better. 

Shinsou had been adopted by Present Mic and Aizawa. And so had Eri. So Eri knew Shinsou well and viewed both him and Midoriya as her big brothers. They would often be found doing things together. Midoriya softly talking in low murmurs while the others made up for his quietness with louder small talk.

Midoriya started training again.

But then another blow came.

 As Inko Midoriya was walking to the store, she was attacked by a villain who killed on the spot.

Midoriya was silent again. Almost just as bad as before.

And then All Might was caught off-guard and shot in the head.

Midoriya lost both his mother and mentor in the span of six days.

They found him on the rooftop every single day of the next week. No matter how much they watched him he always tried again, and again. They ended up having to lock him in the common room and keep an eye on him all the time. 

It took another month until he started talking again and got to the point he was at before. 

He kept training with Shinsou, and he was a force to be reckoned with. Apparently, he could now hear the users of his quirk, which Midoriya had told Aizawa and Mic about after All Might passed. And he had five whole quirks. His first one, Danger Sense, Smoke, Float, and Blackwhip. There was more, but he had yet to access them.

Months flew by. And Midoriya got better and better. He was talking to his therapist. He was speaking to people outside of Shinsou, Eri, The Big Three, and the staff. He had just a bit more life about him.

He wasn’t better yet, not at all. But he was making great progress, much faster than expected.

Shinsou and Midoriya started dating. Present Mic and Aizawa had basically adopted him too at this point and they both became parental figures to Midoriya. 

But then the Hero Commission came and ruined everything.

They forced Midoriya to become a full hero at the very end of his first year. 

No matter how much UA and Midoriya protested, the Commission was final. 

They told them that Midoriya would be locked up if he didn’t comply.

He complied.

And so Midoriya took up the mantle of a hero at the age of sixteen. He and Shinsou got legally emancipated to make things a bit easier on them. The process was expedited by the commission. 

The next year was… rough.

Midoriya was off doing hero work way more than he should have, but the Commission ran a cruel regimen. Luckily Midoriya had help. Endeavor had had a complete change of heart and helped Midoriya along. The other heroes were always willing to lend a helping hand, especially the remaining ones who had seen him break that awful day. 

 Things weren’t ideal, but they weren’t terrible.

Midoriya only attempted suicide twenty-two times that whole year. And those were normally clumped together during a major relapse.

Midoriya and Shinsou both turned seventeen and got married. Both were legal adults so it got settled. They had a small, but happy wedding at UA. 

Midoriya smiled the brightest they had ever seen in a long time.

Shinsou and Midoriya might have been young, but they were perfect for each other.

Six months passed, and things were starting to look better.

With the help of some heroes from other countries things started to get sorted out. The public wasn’t rioting as much as before at least. 

More hero students graduated, and things started to go back to normal.

But the League and their army had been oddly silent. It put everyone on edge. And with good reason it seemed.

Because on that six-month mark Shigiraki and his army attacked.

One last battle was fought.

Thousands died on both sides.

Midoriya killed Shigiraki.

And it was over.

They had won… but at what cost?

Half of the UA staff died, including Thirteen, Ectoplasm, Snipe, and… Present Mic.

Vlad was paralyzed from the waist down.

Aizawa fell into a deep coma after losing his remaining leg, an arm, and his other eye. The doctors said that there was almost no chance he would ever awaken.

Recovery Girl died after being attacked by a remaining villain while treating someone, who was killed in the end as well.

Endeavor died in the hospital, surrounded by his remaining family. But not before he accidentally killed Touya first.

Hawks and Miruko died holding hands, looking up into the fading sky. Friends up to the bitter end.

Mirio was killed by Toga pretending to be Amajiki.

Amajiki killed himself right after he found Mirio’s body.

Nejire was so devistated that she died of stress and grief.

The remaining of Class 1B died.

The Wild Wild Pussy cats all perished. Even Pixie Bob, who no longer worked on the field. Kota was left all alone.

And Shinsou… he was rendered mute and lost both of his legs.

He would never be a hero.

Midoriya broke for a second time. But this time he broke, but resolved himself to keep going.

He took care of Shinsou, who was depressed. He adopted Eri and Kota both. And he helped the Todoroki family with their grieving. 

It took a whole year for Japan to go back to some sort of normal.

The hero rankings started again.

And Midoriya Izuku was placed as the number one hero.

But at what cost?

Too much.

There was many times Midoriya tried to retire. But the Commission threatened his family. So, he kept plowing on.

The public hated him for the most part.

He was supposed to be known as Deku: The ‘I Can Do It’ Hero. 

Now they called him Deku: The Cursed Hero.

And he really was cursed from the looks of it.

Anyone who wore the little merch he had was often found dead or was attacked. 

His merch soon became something no one would touch or buy unless you really hated someone.

But still, Midoriya kept going.

He turned twenty-three when it happened.

Shinsou got a bad disease and with his already weak immune system, he got deathly sick.

Midoriya, Eri, and Kota all visited him in the hospital for weeks. They would sign and speak to one another.

But Shinsou started to get weaker and weaker. 

The doctors told them he only had weeks to live.

Midoriya was already broken. 

This smashed what was left to pieces. 

When it was clear Shinsou had hardly any time left, Midoriya planned.

He got his and Shinsou’s wedding rings as well as Aizawa’s and Present Mic’s. He placed them around a necklace and wore it. He sorted everything out, leaving Kota and Eri to Fuyumi and Natsuo. He settled all his finances. 

On Shinsou’s last day of life Midoriya went to his bedside.

Shinsou gave him a knowing, sad look. He knew exactly what was going to happen.

The last thing Shinsou signed was, “I will see you soon my love.” 

And he died.

Midoriya said not a word as he went out of the hospital with Eri and Kota.

He took the next week to have a quick funeral and get a gravestone planted. He made sure it was next to an empty plot. 

Then he left Eri and Kota to the living Todoroki’s and went to the hero commission tower in his hero suit.

He replaced all the money in his wallet with pictures of him and his family. Of him and his classmates. 

Pictures of a long lost, but much better time.

He went to the top of the skyscraper unnoticed.

Then he took out a gun and took off his shoes. 

He tipped backwards of the edge without hesitation.

The gunshot to his head mid-way was enough to end him.

This time, there was no one to save Midoriya Izuku.




And then he woke up.

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Chapter Two: …Goodbye.


Midoriya opened his eyes.

Then he was hit with a wave of pure confusion. 

The dead normally do not open their eyes.

Midoriya sat up and looked around.

He was… he was in his old room?

But that wasn’t possible! His old apartment had been destroyed long ago! Not to mention most of his stuff had ended up in the dorms or his house. 

Midoriya suddenly realized that there was not an ache in his body. He looked down at his hands.

No kinks. None. 

 They were not gnarled or bent anymore despite the scars still lining them. They were just… normal. 

And smaller.

Midoriya got up and tumbled to the floor. His legs were much shorter than they were supposed to be.

He got back up again and started wobbling to the bathroom. He looked in the mirror and blanched.

“What the hell?” Midoriya whispered to himself.

He was thirteen again. Or, his body was at least.

He was still wearing his hero costume somehow. His necklace with the four rings on it was still hanging around his neck. His wallet was still in his back pocket.

Midoriya peeked back into the room.

On his bed, was a shining gun.

Midoriya sucked in a deep breath and only just stopped himself from having a panic attack.

Then he went back to the bathroom and stripped.

He still had some of his scars. The spiral ones on his hands and arms. A slash across his cheek and nose that he got during a fight. And other random ones all over his body from the more recent years. 

Midoriya felt a slight pain in his forehead. Right where he had shot himself.

He lifted his bangs…

A starburst scar the size of a bullet was on his forehead. 

Midoriya took another deep, shaking breath.

What happened? What year was it? Did he…

Did he go back in time?

He decided that this was no time to panic. 

He went back into his room and got some fitting clothes on. Sure enough, they were the same ones he dully recalled having owned. He folded his over-sized hero costume and tucked it under his mattress. The wallet and gun went deep into one of his drawers. And the rings stayed around his neck, hidden in his shirt. 

The time was seven AM. His mom would be waking him up soon…

A knock on the door.

Midoriya held his breath and opened the door.

His mother looked up at him with wide eyes. It made sense; he did look different from what he had before.

Inko took a fearful step back.

“W-Who are you? Where is my son?!” She yelled. Midoriya cringed a bit.

“It’s me mom… just… not the same.” Midoriya said softly. His voice was younger. But it held a world-weary tone to it, and it was so… soft spoken. Midoriya had not spoken louder than that in years. He only ever yelled at villains or the Commission, and even that was rare.

Inko stopped in her tracks.

“P-Prove that y-your really Izuku.” She demanded. Midoriya smiled sadly at her. He leaned against the doorframe to keep himself from collapsing. 

“When I was three, we came up with hero names for me. They all had something to do with All Might. Mighty Man, All Kid, Mighty Boy, and more. I would always get so excited.” Midoriya let out a wistful chuckle, “Those were the good days. Oh, and then there was that time I nearly burned the house down making cookies. You didn’t let me in the kitchen alone for a whole year after that. I was five at the time, so it didn’t matter. Though I was still indignant.” 

Inko’s eyes widened. She looked at her son with a new light.

She stumbled forward and gently cupped his face.

“Oh Izuku… what happened?” She whispered in horror. Midoriya let out a bitter laugh and actually did collapse this time. Inko guided him down.

“A lot mom… a whole lot.” Midoriya choked. 

Inko reached to her child and gave him a gentle hug.

Midoriya and Inko. Mother and son. 

They embraced for a long time, Midoriya sobbing his eyes out. Wailing in emotional agony. Inko silently cried with him.

It took a while, but Midoriya eventually stopped crying. Inko guided him to the couch and they both collapsed on it, still in each other’s arms.

They sat there for a long time. Not caring about work or school.

Finally, both were calm.

“Baby?” Inko inquired softly, “What happened?” 

Midoriya told her everything in a soft voice. From meeting All Might to shooting himself in the head.

The more Inko heard the tighter she held her son. She closed her eyes and realized just how blessed she was. That there was another chance to do it all. That this future could be fixed.

Inko opened her eyes and despite all the turmoil in her gave her son a wry look. 

“So… you got married. And adopted two kids…” Inko grinned mischievously, “When am I going to meet this Shinsou boy?” 

Midoriya blinked at her. Then he blushed a bit and chuckled.

“Oh… not yet. But I am going to have him replace the purple pervert. He would fare much better then Mineta.”

Inko smiled sadly.

“So, you are going to try and fix it.” Inko sighed, but smiled proudly at her son, “You were always so selfless. I know I cannot stop you despite how my heart hurts for you. But I can, and will, do my best to support you. I love you Izuku.” 

Midoriya gave her a grateful smile and they hugged again.

Eventually Inko had to get up and call the school and her work. It was late, but better than not at all. She lied, saying that her son had a mental breakdown and she was busy helping him. She was highly respected at her work, so they got her off easy and wished them both well. The school was less kind, but agreed to pardon him.

Once that was done, she made a very late breakfast. 

Midoriya just breathed. He breathed and thought.

He thought of how to deal with this. Of what he needed to do. What his plans were.

Soon enough he had the bare bones of a plan. And just in time for breakfast.

They both ate on the couch and watched the news.

“Oh, I remember that. It’s kind of odd not seeing news on Mount Lady and Kamui Woods every other day. They survived the war and became pretty popular. The only reason one of them wasn’t in number one was because everyone collectively hated me so much the new ranking system put me as number one. They started off pretty cocky and attention beckoning. But the war sorted them out.” Midoriya hummed as news came up. 

He kept commenting on future events that made Inko feel… a little weird.

“I think Mirio will be number one this time around. If everything works out and he doesn’t die.” Midoriya commented, “I’m not going to be number one. I may even just drop heroics once I fix things. If not, I’m going underground. We’ll burn that bridge when we get there.”

News about Endeavor came on. Midoriya’s face went deadpan.

“I forgot that he’s still a flaming pile of shit right now.” Midoriya deadpanned. 

“Language child!” Inko gasped playfully. 

“Hey! I’m twenty-three! I’ve had alcohol before! You can’t ‘language’ me!” Midoriya joked. Inko faked a scandalized look, placing a hand over he heart.

“My son is such a delinquent! Whatever shall I do!?” Inko dramatized. Midoriya snickered.

“It’s okay mom, I hate alcohol anyways. It tastes vile.” Midoriya reassured her. Inko0 actually did look a little relieved.  They sat in silence for a while. 

In the silence Midoriya realized how cold he was. He frowned.

“Mom? Do I feel cold to you?” Midoriya asked. Inko gave him a surprised and slightly guilty look.

“Yes. I just didn’t want to tell you and make you feel bad.” Inko admitted. 

“It must be a side affect of whatever sent me back here.” Midoriya deducted. He went to the bathroom, his mother in two, and got a thermometer. He swiped it across his forehead. Then he looked at it.

“Oh. I’m the same temperature as a dead person.” Midoriya said casually. Inko herself blanched.

“No wonder you’re cold!” She gasped, “Let me get you something!” She ran off and grabbed a thick blanket. She wrapped it around his shoulders. Midoriya took it gratefully. 

They went to the dining room and sat down at the table.

“What are we going to tell people?” Midoriya asked her, “These scars aren’t exactly subtle. And the second someone touches me they’ll see how cold I am. Not to mention my change in demeanor.”

The two thought for a while. Then Inko perked up.

“We could say you got hit by a quirk!” She exclaimed, then her face dropped a bit, “But what quirk would that be?” 

“It could be a memory and experience transfer. Or a subtle future quirk. Or an alter change quirk.” Midoriya listed off.

“I think a mix of the three would work.” Inko brainstormed, “A quirk that permanently transfers some of the experiences and emotions of your future self. This includes major scars, personality traits, and some smaller memories. And the main side affect of it’s use is that it makes someone cold.” 

“That’s perfect.” Midoriya grinned. Inko grinned right back at him. But then she got serious.

“Now, tell me your plans.” She asked of him. Midoriya nodded and started to tell her.

He would first become a vigilante. He’s quirkless at the time, so he could use loopholes so he would be safe from the law for the most part if he were to be captured. He would start by tracking Toga and Dabi down and making them vigilantes instead of villains. Both of them weren’t villains until later on. He would have them help UA and possibly infiltrate the League.

He would also help save Eri early, so that Overhaul would never have a chance to complete the bullets. That way Eri would be a little less traumatized, Mirio would never lose his quirk, and Nighteye wouldn’t die.

He would spend as much time possible training to hold One for All before he would have trained with All Might. That way he was ready for the quirk early and could practice to the point where he could handle higher percentages and the quirks. At some point he’ll meet up with All Might and save Bakugou. Then gain his quirk again.

After that he would continue using his vigilante persona to take care of some other things. Sadly, Kota’s parents were already dead. But he decided that he could at least find him and talk to him. He had been planning on being a hero back in Midoriya’s old time. Maybe he could convince him again.

Once he got into UA… well… he would take it from there.

Inko approved of his plans and they spent the rest of the day coming up with his vigilante persona.

When night fell, they went to bed with a plan in mind.


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It would be at least a month until the preparations for his vigilante costume and identity were finished. So, he had to wait to start on that.

But if there was one thing Midoriya had learned in the past was that good things come to those who wait. Sometimes it takes forever, bit it will come eventually.

He started his training again, using what he remembered of All Might’s plan to bulk up his sad thirteen-year-old body. Ends up some of his strength and stamina had translated over too, but not half as much as he needed. He started practicing his martial arts and weapons training that he had learned over the years. Now he just needed to make them muscle memory again.

He took off three more days of school before he had to go back.

At least he was allowed to wear a coat. It was the cold early spring at the very start of his second year of middle school. But over his gakuran he wore a fluffy tan coat lined with faux fur.

Midoriya was asked to come in a little late so they could explain his “situation” to the class. Midoriya was not excited for this year, it was his worse year by far.

The teachers had hated him with a passion. The students even more so. He was always beaten up, spat on, made fun of, and just bullied all around. He still had some unresolved trauma from that time.

But this time Midoriya wasn’t going to let them push him around. They would never know that he was once the number one hero with one of the most powerful quirks in existence at his beck and call. Not to mention eight supportive ghosts, whom he missed and couldn’t wait to be reunited with.

But he had to be patient. 

In front of the door to his homeroom class he took a deep breath. He could do this. He survived a war while on the front lines. He raised two children for years. There was a picture of his family in his coat pocket. He had a husband. He was powerful.

And he was going to do this.

The door opened for him and he walked in, keeping his chin and mouth tucked cozily into his warm jacket. Eventually he would get used to the cold, but the doctor they went to had told him to keep warm for at least a few months so his body could get used to it.

Oh, that trip had been fruitful as well. It seemed that another side affect of whatever happened to him was that his heart stopped beating for the most part. It only beat a few times a minute. Which was apparently the same amount, of times a person in a coma or on the brink of death would have.

So, he was basically dead. And it was a little more apparent with his paling skin.

The eyes of everyone in the room followed him. They could only partially see his eyes through his hood and collar. The teacher had already explained everything to the class apparently, because he said nothing but point to his seat. Midoriya nodded and sat down, getting his supplies out.

“Midoriya, you are allowed to wear the coat due to your… complications. But you sadly must take the hood off.” His teacher said with fake regret. Midoriya rolled his eyes and huffed. It was keeping him warm this way, but he would just have to deal.

He slipped the hoodie off and poked his head out of the collar. 

Everyone stared at him. 

Oh, it was likely because of his large scar and leaner frame. He had a less babyish face now. 

Or it might have been his pale skin, eyebags, and dead eyes that replaced the once bright, glowing look he had to him. 

Homeroom started and their teacher decided to leave them to do something else, putting the class representative in charge.

Immediately everyone descended on him like sharks to blood.

“Oh my god! Is that really Deku?!” “He looks so different!” “He looks like a corpse man. Spooky…” “That scar is crazy!” “Why is he so pale?” People exclaimed from their seats. 

Midoriya ignored them and started writing in his notebook. He was writing in code about his new vigilante persona. 

Then they decided to walk up and surround his desk. Of course.

“What kind of quirk were you hit by?” Someone asked him. This was one of his nicer classmates who never stuck around to watch and never bothered or hurt him. He remembered that much at least. 

This time Midoriya did look up and locked eyes with the boy. His eyes were dead and hard, but they softened a bit at the sight of him.

“Future quirk. I gained experiences, memories, emotions, and a few physical changes from my future.” Midoriya sighed. Better to let them know now than have them make things up.

Everyone was silent as they stared at him.

“What… what is your future like?” A girl asked. 

“It’s only flickers of memories. So I don’t know. It was all just really random and boring things.” Midoriya replied shortly. 

“Oh… okay.”

Their teacher took that moment to start opening the door, so everyone scrambled to their seats.

Midoriya could feel Bakugou’s gaze. But he said not a word to the blonde.

Lunch came and a few people tried to destroy his lunch. But Midoriya just expertly dodged them and  went to the roof. 

He felt a weird and uncomfortable déjà vu at his location of choice.

How many times had he been up there in the past? Hundreds of times? Thousands of times? At this point he didn’t know. All he knew was that he and rooftops had a love-hate relationship.

Midoriya sighed and started eating his lunch. Five-minutes in the door opened.

He sharply looked back to the door, ready to fight whoever was coming to bully him, but instead he was met by sharp red eyes. Midoriya’s own eyes softened at the sight of Bakugou.

He and Bakugou had finally had a good relationship right before he died. He had died in a glorious blaze of power, taking down fifty villains at once. He had saved them all with that beautiful, but terrible attack.

But his own explosions had turned on him as he overused his quirk. He was alive, but not for long. He was too weak to fight back when Shigiraki killed him with the rest of his classmates.

Midoriya didn’t want to think about it anymore, so he pushed it to the back of his mind.

“Ah… Bakugou. Or ah, Kacchan. Sorry.” Midoriya greeted with his unusually soft voice. An odd sort of sadness and wistfulness laced his voice, making Bakugou a little confused.

Bakugou felt… off. As if there was something big he was missing.

The nerd had come back different. Only a few days ago he had been his nerdy, sunshine self. 

Now he seemed withdrawn and tired. He had a mellow air to him, making everyone around him feel a slight sense of calm that even Bakugou was affected by. And his eyes… they were dull. Not like the gleaming emerald they should have been, as they had been. He seemed older, wiser in ways no one would ever understand.

Bakugou sat silently down in front of Midoriya, who continued eating with a soft look on his face.

At some point Bakugou might have thought it for pity. Now all he felt was confusion. 

They sat silently for a minute. Bakugou fished his own lunch out and started eating it as well. He took out some hot sauce to put on it.

“Ah, could I have some? I like my katsudon spicy. If you don’t mind of course.” Midoriya asked politely. Bakugou scrunched his eyebrows. Since when did the nerd like spicy food? Normally he was a wimp about it.

“Sure, whatever.” Bakugou replied gruffly, handing the bottle to the greenette. Midoriya took it with a small, but grateful smile. 

Bakugou watched in horror as Midoriya proceeded to pour even more than he had. 

Midoriya then took a bite and let out a content hum.

“You always had such a good taste in hot sauce Kacchan.” Midoriya sighed happily. He took some more bites and Bakugou reluctantly went back to eating. 

It took a few more minutes of eating for Bakugou to talk again.

“What happened to you nerd? Like, what really happened to you.” Bakugou asked. Midoriya stopped eating and gave him an amused look.

“I thought you’d see through me.” Midoriya chuckled, “And sadly… I can’t tell you. Not yet. Not here at the very least.” Midoriya looked up to the sky and thought for a moment. “Though I guess I could use your help…” He mused.

Bakugou scoffed and rolled his eyes. 

“Of course you need my help shitty nerd! You can’t do anything by yourself!” Bakugou mocked, or tried to at least. It came out a little less mocking than intended. 

Midoriya just smiled and fondly shook his head.

“Never change Kacchan. Never change.” Midoriya grinned.

“Oi! What does that mean!?” Bakugou snapped.

“Nothing, nothing.” Midoriya waved him off with a sly smile.

“Stop making fun of me you shithead!” Bakugou roared. 

“I’m not! Chill!” Midoriya laughed, putting his hands up in fake surrender. 

The two delved back into silence. But now it was… amicable? When was the last time they had been able to just exist together like this.

When they had five minutes of lunch left Bakugou got up and walked to the door. But before he left he turned one last time and met Midoriya’s eyes.

“If you can’t fucking talk here, come over to my house for dinner tonight. Bring aunty Inko or some shit if you want. I’ll tell the hag your coming. And then your going to fucking talk, you got that nerd?” Bakugou demanded. Midoriya nodded.

Then he left.


Midoriya texted his mom about the dinner that night. She agreed that it would be smart to bring the Bakugous in on the deal.

All, of the Bakugous. 

Inko messaged Mitsuki to make sure everything was good. Ends up Mitsuki had been wanting to meet up as a family for a while since she only ever saw Inko alone. Inko promised to make mochi ice cream for dessert. 

School soon ended and Midoriya went back home. 

He made sure to give his mother a long hug before going to do some homework, something that he had not missed. Luckily he had forgotten most everything so while it was easy, at least he was still learning things. 

Midoriya and Inko spent some time getting ready to leave. He got the stuff he had somehow brought back from his time, then set off mochi in hand. Midoriya made sure to wear his thick coat and a scarf that reminded him of Aizawa’s. It was grey, thin, and very long. It just lacked the functions of the scarf and was knitted.

Inko knocked on the door and Mitsuki opened it.

“Inko! Izuku!” She crowed, pulling them both into a hug. Midoriya smiled and held back tears.

He remembered clearly how Mitsuki and Masaru died. Mitsuki had been recognized and attacked by a villain, much like Inko. Masaru had been so devistated and shocked that he had a stroke and died while at work when he got the call.

Midoriya hugged her tightly. When she did let go, she grabbed him again and held him in front of her, inspecting him. Midoriya gave her a tired smile.

“I see what the brat meant about you being different. But no matter! Your still practically my fuckin’ nephew!” Mitsuki grinned.

She led the two of them inside. Midoriya had forgotten what the house looked like. It had been a long while since he had seen it. Eight years in fact. 

Mitsuki had them sit down and got tea. Meanwhile she very aggressively called Bakugou down. Masaru came from the kitchen and greeted them both. He gave Midoriya a hug, which the boy relished in.

Eventually they all settled on the two couches, tea in hand. Bakugou looked slightly disgruntled, but he wasn’t complaining or being overly aggressive. Despite how hostile he might have been towards Midoriya only days ago.

“So, the brat said that he and Izuku needed to have ‘a talk’.” Mitsuki asked, “The fuck is he goin’ on about?” Bakugou glared at her and she snapped a quick glare back. Midoriya laughed softly.

“Yes. We do. But me and mom have decided to bring you two in on it as well. The only reason we are even telling you guys this is because your too damn smart and would find out in the end anyways. Especially Katsuki- er, Kacchan. I need to get used to calling him that again.” Midoriya muttered at the end. 

The Bakugou’s all looked confused but slowly nodded.

“Okay… spill.” Mitsuki demanded. Midoriya sighed and set down his tea.

“I would put down your tea for this. It’s quite… um… shocking.” Midoriya suggested. “Kacchan, do you mind telling Aunty and Uncle how I was acting like just days prior. Since I have not seen them in quite a while. It will help with the context. You can also tell them what story you heard about me.”

Bakugou glared at him a bit but nodded. 

“The nerd was normal as usual. Muttering all the time, happy as hell, never shutting up, being nerdy, writing his notebooks, etc. etc. And absolutely no scars that could be seen.” Bakugou explained gruffly, “Then he doesn’t come to school for a few days and when he comes back, he’s wearing that fluffy as fuck coat all the time. He’s speaking in that soft as fuck voice, he’s pale, looks like death warmed over, and has all these scars on his hands and face! He didn’t cower or look awkward when the extra asked him questions, he just answered them calmly.

Our teacher said that the nerd had been hit with some quirk that was permanent. But he never said what the fuck it was. Then the nerd says that its some future quirk that gave him experience, physical changes, flashes of memories, and personality changes from his future. Which honestly sounds fucking weird.” Bakugou finished with a huff. Midoriya chuckled fondly.

Everyone was weirded out by how old he sounded despite him only being thirteen. Midoriya took a sip of his tea.

“Every good lie has a bit of truth to it.” Midoriya stated calmly, “It makes it easier to tell and easier to swallow.” 

“So why lie then?” Masaru asked. 

“Because the full truth is too dangerous to get out. And of course, I do not trust most children or adults not to blab and fuck everything up.” 

“When the fuck did you start cursing?!” Bakugou exclaimed in surprise. Midoriya gave him an exasperated look.

“Of all the questions you could have asked it was that?” Midoriya deadpanned. Mitsuki let out a startled laugh.

“When did you grow a pair kiddo?!” Mitsuki crowed, thought this was the wrong thing to say. Midoriya suddenly got a very tired, weary look.

“When I grew up.” Midoriya sighed wearily, “Or maybe it was after I watched nineteen of my friends get brutally murdered.” 

Inko cringed at his bluntness. The Bakugou family all dropped their teacups they had picked up again against better judgement. 

“What?” Masaru said in a strangled voice.

“Allow me to explain.” Midoriya grimaced, putting his own tea down.

“My name is Izuku Midoriya-Shinsou. My hero name is Deku. I am twenty-three years old and might have accidentally traveled back in time.” Midoriya greeted, standing up to boy a little cheekily. Who can blame him? He lived with sass-lord Shinsou for a good eight years. 

The Bakugous all looked at him in disbelief. 

“You have got to be shitting me.” They all intoned at the same time. 

Chapter Text

“Izuku is telling the truth. I didn’t think he was at first too, to be honest. But there’s irrefutable evidence.” Inko smiled at them apologetically. Midoriya nodded and grabbed his bag. He unzipped it and started grabbing things out to show them.

“When I came back here, I brought back some things. How? I have no idea.” Midoriya explained, “This was my hero costume I was wearing when I… got here.” Midoriya showed them his green and white costume. Then Midoriya pulled out the gun. Which wasn’t that smart since the Bakugou’s all looked at it in alarm. “I was holding this when I… yeah. Oh, and here is my wallet with my hero license, credit card, and some pictures of my family and old classmates.” 

Midoriya opened the wallet and only took out the license. He showed gave it to them to look at. 

“You actually did it.” Bakugou gaped, “You actually became a hero.” Midoriya snorted and nodded.

“I went to UA and everything. Though only for a year before the Commission, may they be damned, forced me to become a hero early due to a shortage of heroes.” Midoriya rolled his eyes, “Ugh, I am totally taking them down this time around. They are ridiculously corrupt.” 

“Honey, I think you’ve broken them.” Inko pointed out. And indeed, he had. The Bakugous were blue screening from the looks of it. 

“Ah. Sorry, that must have been quite sudden.” Midoriya hastily apologized. 

“I-Izuku…” Mitsuki choked, “H-How? H-How did you…” 

“No idea.” Midoriya shrugged, “It might be a quirk of my own I never noticed. Or someone else used their quirk on me.”

By now the family of three had collected themselves. 

“Wait… you said your last name was Midoriya-Shinsou…” Bakugou pointed out, then his jaw dropped as he realized. Midoriya covered his mouth and snorted. He pulled the necklace from around his neck and showed the family.

“I got married when I was seventeen. Early, I know. But the world was going to shit so me and Toshi just decided ‘screw it’. We had both been emancipated a while ago, so we could legally get married. Ended up being a good idea considering…” Midoriya trailed off, suddenly looking very depressed. Inko sighed and patted him on the back as he stared into space, a traumatized look in his eyes.

“Not long after that things... bad things happened.” Inko explained softly, “Any later and the wedding would have been depressing from the sounds of it.” 
Midoriya collected himself and stiffly nodded.

“Yes.” He sighed, “Sorry about that, I still have way too much unresolved trauma.” Midoriya shook his head to disperse any thoughts. “But yes, I’m married. And I have two children. Or… I guess I had.” 

“That sounds weird as hell coming from a teen’s mouth.” Mitsuki commented.

“Well, I guess that makes sense. It’s pretty weird for me too. I mean, I could hardly walk those first few days because I’m used to being taller, albeit not by too much sadly. Toshi always made fun of me for being short. But well, he’s stuck in a wheelchair so he can suck on that.” Midoriya blinked and he grimaced. “Oh… he’s dead… I forgot about that.”

Midoriya spaced out again, hunching over a bit and clutching his tea cup tightly. Inko cringed again.

“His husband died from a sickness… technically two weeks ago.” Inko informed them, the Bakugou family paled and looked at the shaking Midoriya, “He… maybe I should let him explain.” 

It took a minute for Midoriya to collect himself again. He took a deep, shaking breath.

“I’ll start at the beginning.”

And so, he did.

He started with saving Bakugou and meeting All Might. He even told them about the quirk he would hopefully gain once more. He talked about training for the entrance exam and Dagobah beach. 

Then he told them about what happened during the entrance exam. Midoriya laughed about how dumb he was and how he could have done so much better. He talked about saving Uraraka and Ida calling him out.

Then he talked about Aizawa and the first day of school. He criticized himself a bit, thinking of the ways he could have cheated the system. 

“Yeah, dad was pretty cool-” Midoriya suddenly choked when he realized he said. “Well… um. He’s technically my step dad since he’s Hitoshi’s father… kind of weird how he’s going to be my teacher, and yours, soon. Awkward… I’ll have to get in the habit of calling him Aizawa-sensei again, dang. Too many names…” He muttered, looking very annoyed. 

That got a few chuckles, but Midoriya quickly started again.

He didn’t explain exactly what happened. He hadn’t even told his mom everything. He just said, “A lot of bad things happened. No one died, but it got pretty close. UA was having a really bad year. Nezu never should have let All Might teach. He might have been a good hero, but he was a shit teacher.” Midoriya chuckled and shook his head sadly, “I won’t go in detail, since it is unneeded and would mess things up. But lets just say that things were… chaotic.” 

Midoriya explained All Might’s retirement, not in full detail though.

“Oh, you got kidnapped Kacchan.” Midoriya added casually, “But I’m not going to let that happen again. Someone needs to get kidnapped in order for my plans to go through. But I’m sure I can get someone. Maybe I could pay Uraraka too, she’d do anything for money. And it’s not like they hurt or starved you. And it was only for like, three days, in a seedy ass bar.” 

“Katsuki gets kidnapped!?” Masaru exclaimed. Midoriya gave him a deadpan look.

“I just said that. And I just said that it won’t happen this time around. It’s too dangerous.” Midoriya explained a little impatiently. 

“But why does-” Inko started, Midoriya shushed her.

“It’s a secret. You are not allowed to know yet. It’s too early.” 

Midoriya continued like that hadn’t happened. 

He got to the part about Eri, skipping the licensing altogether. Midoriya grinned and fished out his photos to show them.

“This is my daughter Eri! Technically Aizawa and Yamada fostered her, but she viewed them as grandparents really. After… they could no longer care for her, she went to me and Hitoshi. She is such a lovely little girl! I can’t wait to see her again. I’m going to save her again and teach her how to use her quirk better since I already helped her out before. And that bitch Overhaul is going to bite it.” Midoriya scowled into the air, not looking at anything in particular. 

“Overhaul?” Masaru, Inko, Mitsuki, and Bakugou questioned.

“Leader of the Yakuza.” Waved them off despite them all looking horrified, “He wasn’t so bad compared to others. Killed Nighteye though. And made Mirio lose his quirk. All of which contributes to a whole bunch of bull shit later on in life. Funny how one domino can make the rest topple.” Midoriya giggled and it sounded eerily unstable. A darkness haunted his eyes that made everyone shiver.

“Anyways!” Midoriya chirped, taking a sip of his tea, “I can’t really tell you what happens after that since it would be too detrimental to the future. Lets just say there is a lot of bad people that need to either be saved or ended without mercy!” Midoriya voice was still eerily cheerful and it gave them all a bad feeling. Midoriya grinned into his tea.

“I-Izuku…” Inko stammered, “Are y-you okay baby?” 

Midoriya seemed to snap out of whatever mania he was in and he looked at his mom. 

“Ah hah hah hah hah… sorry about that. Bad memories is all.” Midoriya awkwardly apologized. 

Everyone else looked mildly disturbed and disbelieving but they nodded anyways.

“Are you really going to kill Deku?” Bakugou scowled, “I doubt you have the guts.”

Midoriya gave Bakugou a blank-faced stare.

“My body count is thirty-five.” Midoriya told him with a deadpan look, “All of which were villains whom I either accidentally killed or purposely killed. Luckily, most were an accident. And I only regret two of those deaths.”

The room was stifling as that dark intelligence glimmered in those murky green eyes.

No one spoke for a few moments. Then Midoriya got up. He sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose.

“This is depressing and frankly bad for all of our mental health.” Midoriya sighed, “Which is why I think we should sto-”

“What happened to me?” Bakugou suddenly blurted, “You never said a word about what happened to me. Or Aunty. Or the hag and the old man.”

Suddenly everyone realized that he hadn’t.

Midoriya froze. Inko’s face went oddly blank.

The Bakugou’s felt a shiver go down their spines.

Midoriya gave them a sad, dark look.

“Don’t ask questions you don’t want the answers to.” Midoriya told them darkly. 

“As I was saying, this conversation is done. I’ll tell you what else is needed as time goes on. For now, I need your help.”

Everyone in the room, even Inko, looked intrigued by this. Midoriya smirked a bit at their interest.

“There is a little under two years until the UA entrance exams, which is where everything starts. Before that point I am going to have to alter some things. Some things that might be questionable legally.” Midoriya looked out a window as he spoke, “I’m going to go vigilante for a bit. Luckily the law can’t get me due to my current quirkless status. Since if I do not use my quirk and never attack first, I can’t be convicted. There is a detective with a lie-detecting quirk who was a good friend of mine in the future and one of the few people I knew who actually made it out in the end. He’s a good man whom I trust with my life. Everything else I do will have no evidence and thus not a problem. Luckily I got good at hiding bodies when me and Shinsou killed that guy back when we were teens.”

Midoriya smiled fondly at the memory.

“After Muscular killed the Wild Wild Pussycats and nearly raped our son we decided that we were done with his bullshit. I had taken him down before, and he only escaped jail when Tartarus was destroyed. So, I of course killed him with the help of my darling husband. It’s amazing how easy it is to destroy all evidence of a body with acid.” Midoriya giggled as he remembered everything. “We almost got caught. Well, Aizawa and Yamada caught us but they turned a blind eye. Good times, good times.” 

Everyone in the room looked a bit off-put but after hearing the whole rape thing they decided they too would let it slide.

“Back to the subject though. You two are fashion designers for some hero companies. I would love if you were to help me by making my costume. Any other way would be illegal and would take a while. And the faster we do this the better.” Midoriya smiled confidently, “I trust you to make a good design and have good functions. That is, if you will help out. If you do not want to get involved in this that is perfectly reasonable too.”

“Oh, hell Izuku.” Mitsuki shook her head, “Of course we’ll help you!”

“If we can change the future… then It’ll all be worth it.” Masaru agreed. Midoriya shuffled over to them and hugged them with a happy smile on his face.

“Thank you so much! This means so much! You might be saving thousands by helping me with this!” Midoriya cheered.

Mitsuki and Masaru smiled and hugged the beaming boy back. 

Bakugou tched and glared. But it was half-hearted at best.

Inko teared up at seeing her son so happy.

That night they started their schemes. 

Chapter Text




It wasn’t long until everything was ready. The Bakugou’s made quick, inconspicuous work. Bakugou even helped train his muscle memory and body a bit more while they waited. 

Midoriya was still pretty quiet about his plans. But they all knew he was planning on saving Eri, helping Kota, and turning some future villains into allies. But that was all really.

The whole situation was… weird. To say the very least.

Midoriya acted so different that it almost seemed impossible that a short time ago he was happy, optimistic, quiet, and meek. 

Now Midoriya was unusual hyper, obviously depressed, very sassy, a little shit, bold, and yet still oddly quiet. He almost always spoke in that soft tome of voice, especially around people he didn’t know or cared much about. I fact he hardly talked at all around them and usually elected to ignore them. 

But when around Inko and the Bakugou’s, he got louder and a lot more open. 

They all got used to petty little pranks, sarcasm, random memes, quotes from movies that did not exist yet, odd experiments and other crazy things.

He honesty acted like a feral child high on weed.

The reason he was so hyper was quickly found. 

At some point they were all over at the Bakugou’s for dinner and Midoriya was jittery and twitchy. Wanting to move around and do something but too respectful to do so. 

Bakugou had had enough.

“NERD.” He snapped. Midoriya looked over to him and raised an eyebrow, “Why the fuck are you so jittery all the damn time?! Are you high or something?”

Midoriya gave Bakugou a confused look.

“No? Why would I be high? I hate drugs. I once had someone force me to try weed and it was godawful. Literally put me in a headlock to do it. Never again.” Midoriya shook his head wisely. Used to Midoriya’s weird stories they only raised an eyebrow and went back to eating.

“Seriously though, I am also concerned. You do seem very hyper Izuku. It’s not normal for people to have that much energy without help.” Masaru pointed out. Midoriya blinked, then went into deep thought. Admittedly he too had been thinking of it. 

Then it clicked and his eyes widened.

“Those bastards!” Midoriya scowled, “Of course it’s their fault.” Midoriya sighed and pinched his nose. 

“Um, who’s fault?” Inko politely asked. Midoriya looked back up and off into the distance and glared at nothing.

“The Hero Commission. They had me overworked. I’m used to running off of two hours of sleep at most and then running on that little energy and a shit ton of caffeine. While still feeling dead tired. I ran around most of whatever city I was in through the day running on empty. And after Hitoshi got sick, I was running on no sleep for a bit. Went until I passed out or was drugged pretty much. So, now that I’m getting eight hours of sleep on a normal night and still drinking a cup of coffee in the morning, I have more energy than I’m used to running on.”

They looked at him in horror.

“How are you even alive?!” Bakugou asked incredulously. Midoriya gave him a deadpan look.

“Spite.” Midoriya replied. 

“You better not overwork yourself again young man.” Inko demanded sternly, “I will not tolerate you hurting yourself.” Midoriya gave her a loving smile.

“I know mom. It wasn’t even my fault I was overworked. I tried going to Commission and demanding a whole lot less hours. But they had me tight in their grasp. And those hours of sleep I had was the only time I got to see Hitoshi. I knew the end was coming for the both of us. So, I did what I had to do and spent my remaining time with him. Lord knows he deserved it.” Midoriya eyes went dark, “If I had just been around more, I would have noticed sooner. Not until it was too late. I could have stopped him from dying. If only I had been there.”

Midoriya scowled and aggressively stabbed a piece of meat with his fork. Everyone was silent.

“You know, you never mentioned how you even traveled here.” Mitsuki commented, breaking the thick silence.

Midoriya clutched the fork so hard it bent in his hand. Midoriya looked down at the utensil in surprise. Then he carefully bent it back so it was right again. 

Midoriya sighed.

“That is not relevant information.” Midoriya told them in a dead voice.

“Honey, maybe you should tell them. They could help and support you.” Inko murmured, looking at her son in loving concern. 

“I said, it is not relevant.” Midoriya hissed, then caught himself. “Sorry.” He muttered.

He got up from the table and left.

They never asked about it or mentioned it again. 

The hyper solution ended up being fixed not long after that. 

Because his vigilante outfit was done and his equipment was in. 

When Midoriya got both packages, he grinned and went to try them on.

Once he was fully suited, he looked into a mirror.

He loved it.

The outfit was based off of the pre-quirk Era. He based it off of a lot of old technology. 

And it all had to do with his name, Polaroid. 

His bodysuit made of self-healing fabric and laced with a light but strong metal, and was a dark black-brown. Over it was an old looking leather aviator jacket with a furry hood. His knees and elbows were outfitted with metal pads that packed a good punch. And the brown gloves he wore had retractable claws, like a cat, as well as small metal pads on the knuckles. 

Set on his face was a black-brown face mask the same color and self-healing fabric as the bodysuit. It was outfitted with a voice changer that made his voice sound older, a lot like how he sounded when he was still an adult actually. Over his green eyes were round glasses that looked like they were made of camera lenses. His shoes were metal-soled combat boots. Long rainbow socks poked out from under them. Midoriya did not bother to hide his green hair as it looked black in the dark. Plus, it hardly mattered.

Midoriya has also ordered a lot of equipment. He found someone on the black market who made and sold Polaroid cameras with his quirk. He was desperate for business so the prices were cheap and everything was in bulk. He ended up buying quite a lot of them.

He also bought a lot of knives, a Bo staff, a mock Eraserhead scarf, very bright flashlights, first aid kits, mini strobe lights, a walkie talkie set, a Walkman, old bulky headphones, and a whole lot of camera film. 

He was ready.

He ran and showed it off to his mother. Who loved it and quickly sent a picture to Mitsuki. Who also loved it and was “damn proud she made it".

The first night he went out as the vigilante Polaroid Midoriya was ecstatic. His mother was worried but that was a given. Midoriya had to assure her he was experienced and even then, she was worried. But that was what mothers were for after all. 

He ended up jumping out the window come nightfall and running around the alleyways of Mustafu and the red-light district. He was used to working at night since he was basically half of an underground hero. He also knew just how to find trouble and put a stop to it.

So, it was not a surprise he arrested thirteen people in one night. 

It seemed that one thing that never changes was how terrible the Red-light District was. 

His fighting style was interesting, and of course made it look like he had a quirk. 

He used the two cameras he had to do certain things. One was modified by him to not take pictures but flash different kinds of very bright lights. They would disorient, distract, and blind people. The other camera had some of the same functions but was mainly for taking actual Polaroid pictures. 

He made sure to take a picture of every crime scene and leave it for the police to find after calling in.

Funny how they never changed the passcode loop for the police department and the hero coms. There was the same looped passwords ten years into the future. He would have to make sure to change that this time around. It might explain why they were so easy to hack by some criminals. 

He did not talk yet, just secretly listened in from his walkie talkie. 

He couldn’t help but shed a small tear when he heard Aizawa’s voice on the coms. 

In the end he messaged Tsukuachi’s number with the locations. He did not answer the man’s questions, just sent the places.

He could almost imagine the surprise and annoyance the detective would be feeling.

That night the police force knew they had some new vigilante on their hands that no villain knew the look of due to his “flash quirk”.

When Midoriya heard all that on the coms he smirked. Guess his plan was working out.

He got home early into the morning and ended up getting a few hours of sleep. That was more than enough compared to the measly hours he used to be getting. A cup of coffee in the morning was enough to get him going for the day and still have a good amount of energy left. 

School was a breeze since relearning things was easy. So, he was not afraid to sleep during school, which his teachers always allowed in mild fear of him.

Ever since a kid tried to stab him with a pencil in class and he flipped the kid over without looking then jumped out the window, scaled down a tree, then flipped them all off no one bothered him. And the few who did got the same treatment. They were never hurt enough to constitute a nurse, and it never even left bruises, so he was safe. 

So, he could take naps throughout the day.

It took a whole two weeks of getting into the swing of things for him to finally speak into the coms.

“Hey, Polaroid calling in. You need to change your passwords.” Midoriya grinned as he sat on a roof and talked into the coms. He was looking down at a fight of thirty opposing gang members. It was some turf war. And there was quite a lot of injuries and quirk use. It was way too big for him to take care of on his own. 

He could if he had One for All already. But that wasn’t an option as of the moment. And it wasn’t like it ever was going to be. Even if he got One for All early. He couldn’t use his quirk just yet. 

“Who are you?” Aizawa snapped. A few other underground heroes said the same near the same time.

“I told you already.” Midoriya sighed, “It’s Polaroid.”

“There are no heroes called that in this area.” One of the other heroes, Aftershock, pointed out the obvious. 

“Um, no shit Sherlock.” Midoriya deadpanned.

It was silent for a moment.

“Did you really just openly admit that?” Aerial, another underground hero, muttered.

“Of course, silly!” Midoriya giggled, “It wouldn’t be logical to try and hide it as I will be in even more legal trouble when you eventually get me. Not that I’ll let you. You’ll find my identity on my own terms.” 

“Legal trouble kid? You’re already going to be in trouble enough.” Aizawa growled. Midoriya laughed lightly.

“Clause 437 of The Quirk and Hero Laws, ‘Any person who pretends or claims to be a hero is able to get two years or less of jail time and/or a fine of nine thousand yen under the jurisdiction of the law.’” Midoriya recited, having been forced to memorize the law many years ago.

Silence again.

Midoriya took that as an opportunity to go on.

“Technically I am a vigilante but if I do things right I can either get into a rehabilitation program or get a full pardon. But if I go against that law, it would just get me in more trouble. So technically if I do a good job, as I already have been, I could get pardoned and allowed to get a hero license. Not to mention I don’t really like going against the law unless needed to. And it’s not like anything I do that is overly illegal will have enough evidence to be used against me. Also, I’m not a kid. I’m twenty-three.”

“What the fuck kid?” Aizawa groaned. Midoriya snickered at his annoyance.

“Yeah, so I need some help over at XXXX. There is a gang fight between about thirty people, sixteen on one side to fourteen on the other. Lots of quirk use. Some injuries. An ambulance or two will be needed. It’s too much for me to handle alone. I’m going to make like a banana and split. See ya. Oh! And say hi to Naonao-chan for me. That’s Tsukauchi just to clarify.”

Midoriya let the line go dead and ran off to home. He made sure no one followed him, just in case one of the heroes arrived early.

Luckily no one did.

He went through the same song and dance as before, but now he talked on the com lines. They changed the passwords luckily, but it was still stupidly easy to hack for him. He had learned it to help with cases.

At this point everyone was resigned to his presence.

Midoriya wondered how long it would be until Tsukauchi came on to the coms to talk to him. He was still only sending locations to him from his burner phone. He was waiting for the man to come to him himself.

It took a whole month of him being active when the man finally went on the coms.

“Polaroid.” Tsukauchi sighed, “Why are you doing this?”

Midoriya grinned in the darkness that night the man finally responded. 

“I was waiting for you to come on Naonao-chan!” Midoriya chirped, genuinely happy.

“Oh god, your actually call me that.” Tsukauchi groaned, “Never call me that god-forsaken nickname again. And how did you even get my number or my name?” 

Midoriya knew the man’s quirk worked over the phone, so he decided to mess with him.

“You gave it to me.” Midoriya hummed.

“WHEN?!” Tsukauchi choked. Midoriya let out a little cackle.

“Exactly five years and ten days ago Naonao-chan!” Midoriya crowed, “But it’s not like your going to ever find out how or why.” 

“Why does that register as true?” Tsukauchi sighed miserably, “And I told you to stop calling me that.”

“Well, you may hate it but I’ve been calling you that for years and that never seemed to bother you before.” Midoriya smirked. He stumbled into a fight and started fighting them as he spoke. He was happy his headset that normally played music was also connected to the coms, so he didn’t have to hold his walkie talkie anymore. 

“I’ve literally never met you before. Much less talked to you before now.” Tsukauchi pointed out, “And I would remember anyone who dared call me Naonao-chan.” 

“Well, I’ve met you but you wouldn’t remember me. You won’t ever remember me and our interactions. Just the affects of a quirk. But that’s fine, because I get to be friends with you again.” Midoriya smiled a little fondly as he tied up the criminals he had swiftly taken down.

Tsukauchi was silent.

“Your telling the truth… so your saying I have met you before but can’t remember due to some quirk? Yet I have met you before and we were even friends?” He elaborated.

“More or less. It’s much more complicated than that, but that’s the premise of it.” 

“And let me guess, you aren’t going to tell me the rest of it.”

“Not yet. But be patient.”

“Don’t know. But I can tell you it’s going to be a while.”

“That isn’t helpful at all.”

“I’m well aware Naona-” 


“No can do Naona-”

“Don’t you dare.”


“… I hate you.”

“No, you don’t.”

“No, I really do.”

“We are going to be best friends Naonao-chan!” 

“I highly doubt that.”

“Come on! Your like, only five years older than me.”

“So, you really are twenty-three.”


“Ugh, I’m too tired for this.”

“Me too old man.”

“Hey! I’m only five years older than you!”


“… shut up.”




Chapter Text




It was a whole two months into being a vigilante when Midoriya decided that the time was right to start his plans. He had taken those first two months to get back into the swing of things and to get back some of that much needed muscle memory. It also took him that long to get used to his slightly shorter stature that he knew no matter how much training he did would always remain on the shorter side.

Curse Shinsou for being so tall. It meant he could make fun of him along with everyone else.

Midoriya started his plans by meeting with Aizawa.

So far, he had seen the man but had hidden in the shadows. At this point everyone was desperate to get a look of him. He hadn’t let anyone see him yet, and Aizawa was a good start. It would make him more recognizable by heroes and police who were reluctantly starting to grow used to him. And it would show that he trusted them.

He set his night for the exact day of the second month in his vigilante career. 

“Hey Eraserhead!” Midoriya chirped on his private line between him and the hero, “Meet me at XXXX! I want to get to know each other!” 

The coms were silent for a moment.

“Sure kid.” Aizawa grunted.

“Tsukauchi confirmed I was twenty-three. I’m not a kid.” Midoriya joked, knowing full well he was still a kid technically. 

“I know problem child.” Midoriya did not flinch at that achingly familiar name, he did not- “But your still younger than me and act like a child. You are a problem child, no doubts about it.”

“Well, if you so insist, I will continue to live up to my name.”

“I would prefer if you didn’t.”

“But then it would be so booooring.”

“You mean quiet. It would be quiet.”

“Yes, and the quiet is when the loud things seem so much scarier.”


At this point every person who had talked to Polaroid in some way or form was used to Polaroid’s weird behavior and mannerisms.

Often times he would say something then stop talking for a few minutes. Not even reacting to anything. And with no sounds of fighting in the background they knew he was just being plain silent. Other times he would impart oddly wise wisdom. 

Oh, and despite being so rambunctious and hyper he talked in this oddly calm and sad tone. It was rare to hear cheer in his voice for most people. He only ever seemed super enthusiastic around Tsukauchi and Aizawa. All other times were painfully forced cheer or plain sarcasm.  

“I’m here kid.”

Midoriya looked up and saw a dark figure with a walkie talkie up to his mouth. 

Midoriya nearly cried when he saw the man, but kept in the tears. He couldn’t get emotional right now. He could cry himself to sleep later if the need arose. As it likely would.

“Hiya ‘Zawa!” Midoriya chirped. 

Aizawa flinched and got into a fighting stance.

“How the hell do you know my civilian identity?” He growled lowly. Midoriya put his hands up in surrender.

“Woah! Sorry! I’m just used to calling you Aizawa is all!” Midoriya placated, “And I know because you are in the same boat as Naonao-chan!” 

Aizawa stopped, narrowed his eyes, then straightened.

“How much do you know?” He asked threateningly.

“That your husband is Yamada Hizashi, Present Mic. That you have three cats named Kimchi, Bastard, and Beyoncé. You are looking to adopt an older child. You work at UA teaching class 1A. And so on.” Midoriya answered dutifully. Aizawa looked shocked then quickly schooled his expression.

“I don’t trust that at all. But I wouldn’t be surprised if you knew me through the Detective as we are friends and co-workers in a way. But until you prove it, I’m not buying.” Aizawa decided, crossing his arms.

“That is perfectly reasonable. You never know who could be a traitor until it is too late.” Midoriya agreed lowly. Aizawa watched in slight concern as his eyes darkened.

Then it hit him that he could see the man.


He was short.

And young-looking.

Maybe it was from some kind of quirk. Or his own. Though his had to do with light flashes, but you never knew nowadays.

And it seemed his costume was largely based off the pre-quirk era, specifically old Polaroid cameras. The boy had two of them hanging off his waist in fact. 

His outfit was rather nice looking actually. Professionally done. Likely some illegal source.

While Aizawa was observing all of this Midoriya was stuck deep in memories.

He was thinking about who the UA traitor was. How all along one of his classmates was a mole.

And worst of all, she didn’t even really want to do it. Not all the way at least.

But she was stuck between a rock and a hard place.

He didn’t blame-

“You look pretty young kid.” Aizawa smirked. 

Snapped out of his memories Midoriya looked up and stomped his foot indigently. 

“I KNOW.” He huffed, “I am constantly told that! It doesn’t help that my tree of a husband-”

Midoriya stopped in his tracks as he realized he had done messed up.

Aizawa’s eyes went wide as saucers and he looked at Midoriya with plain shock.

“You’re married.” He muttered, “You… don’t seem the type.” Midoriya scowled and glared at him, deciding to roll with the mistake.

 “Well, you don’t seem the type either, but here we are.” Midoriya shot back. Aizawa rolled his eyes but had to admit he had a point.

“So, Polaroid. Why are you trusting me with your appearance now? Why or anyone else or your precious Naonao-chan. I’m going to be reporting this you know.”

“Oh, I know! But I would trust you with my life Aizawa.” Midoriya said this seriously, his child-like nature gone in a flash, “I have plans Aizawa. Big plans. Plans that have a whole lot more resting on them than you may ever know.” 

Aizawa watched as Midoriya’s eyes went dark from beneath his slightly-tinted glasses. He could feel a depressive, dark aura surround the boy. He looked at Aizawa with painfully dead eyes.

“That is why I am warning you now. Do not interfere. Do not question me. I know so much more than you could ever hope to understand and trust me… it is terrifying. You are a logical man Shota. And so am I. Heed my advice, and tell others to as well. Or you may come to regret the future you made.”

Midoriya’s camera was out in a literal flash. Aizawa was blinded as he heard the shutter snap.

And once the spots were out of his eyes Midoriya was no longer there.



Aizawa ended up reporting everything to Tsukauchi of course.

He told the man about the weird message he had gotten from the boy. And then he talked about his appearance. Then he broke the news that the boy had claimed that he was in the same boat as the detective.

Tsukauchi was surprised but took it in stride.

“So, it seems he was affected by the quirk primarily. Is it possible he was hit by a quirk that made everyone forget him?” Tsukauchi pondered, “Or is his quirk more than it seems?”

“I don’t think those flashes are his quirk.” Aizawa said, as he mulled over the vents of the night.

“Why would you say that?” Tsukauchi asked.

“The cameras. It had a really bright light. He might have modified the cameras he uses to make those flashes and make it look like it’s his quirk while hiding his real one.” Aizawa replied.

Tsukauchi’s mouth dropped open as he realized the mistake they had made. Then he groaned and buried his face in his hands.

“Of course. We should have put that together. With the pictures and flashes that remind the criminals of cameras. Ugh, we are so dense.” Tsukauchi sighed. Aizawa nodded, even he should have been able to put it together up before now.

“Is it possible he has a quirk that makes people forget him?” Aizawa wondered.

“I don't know. For all we know it could be his quirk or a quirk he was unfortunately hit with.”

“Or it could be some sort of body altering quirk. Where he looks and sounds different. Maybe even an alter-ego quirk.”

“I’m too tired for this.”.

“As my students would say, mood.”

“Was there anything else odd?”

“Now that you mentioned it… oh shit.”

“… what.”

Aizawa repeated what the kid had told him before running off.

“Oh, shit.”



Midoriya avoided Aizawa for a while. He had planted the seeds in the man's mind, and likely the detectives. He needed to get them thinking. 

Meanwhile he worked on his new project.


He had already located his old house. He would not call it a home, since it wasn’t even close to one.

 A house of abuse and misery is no home.

He had had gathering evidence and after a week had more than enough to get them arrested and put in jail forever.

Hitoshi had been saved by Aizawa and Yamada right after the sports festival. He had been quickly fostered and then adopted after that. 

Midoriya was going to… speed that process up a bit.

He had long come to terms that things wouldn’t be the same this time around. He still loved Shinsou with all of his heart. He knew it was a little weird since he was technically older than him.

But it ends up he had been changed quite a lot in his travel back.

To his mother’s request they had gone in for some brain scans just to make sure everything was healthy up there.

Ends up he had a perfectly normal teenage brain.


Not adult. 

And it had certainly explained his more childish behavior. It was like he had the memories of an adult as well as the experience. But his mind had regressed.

He still got emotional due to the hormones his teenage brained cursed him with. And he couldn’t help but look at some cute boy or girl and blush despite not being attracted to them in the slightest. Not to mention the sheer want to cause chaos. And the annoyance towards adult figures. 

He didn’t know how to feel about this. 

It felt odd since he was an adult. But still a kid? 

He decided to think of it as the time as a child he lost.

The time he lost to bullies. To worrying his overworking mom. 

To Shigiraki.

To the war.

To death and depression and destruction.

When he and his mother were heading home from the appointment she had said:

“You grew up too fast Izuku. And now you get the chance to be a child once again. Don’t waste it.”

Then she had smiled warmly at him and went back to driving.

And Midoriya decided that he wasn’t going to.

Now that he and Bakugou were friends again they sometimes spent their evenings doing things normal teenagers would do.

They went to the arcade. To the movies. Karaoke. Zoos with their family.

Sometimes Midoriya would cry himself to sleep. Weeping for the time he lost and grateful for the time he got back. 

For the opportunity he had.

He just wondered how this even came to be.





Chapter Text

Midoriya enacted his plans for Shinsou sooner than he thought and he couldn’t be happier about it.

How he did it was simple.

He dropped a file with all the evidence and a short explanation right to the Yamada-Aizawa household.

He made sure to paint Shinsou in a glowing light, talking about his independence, kindness, attitude, and charming sass. 

But he also made sure to emphasize his mistreatment. 

A week later Midoriya checked the Shinsou household and was triumphant. 

It was empty and surrounded by police tape.

Midoriya secretly checked on the Aizawa-Yamada household and saw Shinsou’s new room occupied by the boy.

Midoriya actually did cry as he silently watched Shinsou read something on his phone.

Then he left because he felt like he was being a little creepy.

Were these feelings he had for Shinsou right? He was twenty-three, nearly twenty-four now! He had a ten-year difference technically. 

Was he a terrible person for loving him?

But would it be wrong for him to love anyone else? Could he even love anyone else?

Midoriya got home from his earlier patrol schedule sobbing.

His mother heard him despite his attempts to muffle his sobs. She ran out and saw him hunched over, using the wall as support. His hand covered his mouth and tears dripped from his eyes.

She went over and pulled him into a hug, wondering what was wrong.

“Baby, what’s wrong?” She gently asked after a few minutes of crying.

“Can I even love Hitoshi? Is that… right?” Midoriya choked through his sobs, “I’m an adult. Twenty-three. But at the same time I’m thirteen. I only want to love him. But what if he doesn’t want me? Am I disgusting for loving him? Am I a terrible perverted person? It feels so wrong! But I still love him! No matter his age! But if it is wrong no adult would date me because of my physical age! Am I just cursed to be stuck in between everything!?”

Inko could only hold her son and think deeply.

“Izuku? What age do you feel like?” Inko delicately asked. Midoriya looked up at her with confused and watery eyes. 

They were eyes that were hurt but still young.

“I-I don’t know.” Midoriya sniffled, “Some days I feel old. Like an adult. But other days I just feel like… like a kid again.”

“I can’t give you a straight answer. But dear, I think you are just a teen cursed with painful memories and experiences. I told you before, you grew up too fast. I see you as a child, my child. My perfect, wonderful, loving child.” Inko hugged her son tighter as he silently cried into her shoulder, “ Take time to think and decide. I trust you to do what you feel is right.”

“I love you mom.” Midoriya hiccupped, his breath hitching with every syllable. 

“I love you to baby.” Inko sniffled, tears of her own springing up.

They sat that way for a long time.



Midoriya made sure to keep an eye on the new family of three from then on. He didn’t know how this large change would blow over. 

He didn’t want lose Shinsou again.

He continued acting as Polaroid. Though he now started letting heroes see him more, though he never stayed around for long.

Now it was time to start his other plans.

Things were going to start going fast now that this was taken care of.



Shinsou was in a constant state of shock and confusion.

One day he was being locked up and muzzled by his parents.

And the next the police were strolling in, arresting said parents, and asking him questions about his home life.

Then he wasn’t placed in some shitty foster home as he expected. No, he was put with his two favorite heroes who just so happened to be married?!

Like… what the fuck?

Everything went so fast.

He had no idea how anyone heard about him much less cared enough to put him with nice people. He had no idea why these people he hardly knew were being so kind to him. And he most certainly had no idea what do about all this.

For now, he just hid in his room.

Aizawa and Yamada, as he was asked to call the two heroes, left him alone for the most part. They brought him food or occasionally chatted with him for short periods of time. They never pushed him.

When he wasn’t able to fall asleep someone would slip a pad of melatonin tablets under the door.

When he had a nightmare, someone opened his door a crack dropped a cat off, normally Kimchi, as well as a mug of chamomile lavender tea through it.

When he needed clothes, they asked his size and grabbed what he thought he would like and were startling accurate most of the time.

When they saw his fraying phone, they got him a new one.

When they found out he liked some sort of food they would try and get it for him.

And never once did they push him in any way.

They were just… there.

Sometimes he felt someone watching him from his room (He had his very own room-), but he never saw anyone anywhere. 

It was odd, but he never mentioned it to his new guardians. It felt unneeded. 

He didn’t talk to them much. Everyone around him had always been adamant on him keeping his mouth shut. 

But he found out that the couple hardly cared whether he talked or not. Though they said they would love to hear him talk more. But that he could do whatever he was comfortable with.

Which sure was weird.

He never got to make his own decisions. Much less the ones that made him feel comfortable.

It took him a whole month to get used to everything. And even then, he was only just used to it.

He was starting to talk more. Sometimes even sing around them, as he secretly loved to do. Yamada was ecstatic when he found out he liked to sing and also knew English.

Aizawa pretended to be annoyed when he found out, but it was obviously very fake.

They all knew he was a softie deep down.

Shinsou started to eat dinner with them. And during these dinners everyone was fine with either being comfortably silent or idly chatting away.

It was on one of their louder days that Shinsou asked a question that had been on his mind for a long time.

“Aizawa, Yamada?” Shinsou asked softly, “How did you guys find out about me?”

Aizawa and Yamada looked at him in surprise, then quickly composed themselves. 

“Have you heard of Polaroid?” Aizawa asked, Shinsou shook his head.

“He is a vigilante that became active a few months ago.” Yamada helpfully interjected. Aizawa hummed in agreement as he stirred his curry a bit.

“Polaroid is… a mystery. Says he’s twenty-three but looks like a child. He said that he knew me and Tsukauchi but due to a quirk we cannot remember him.” Aizawa sighed.

Shinsou scrunched his eyebrows in confusion. That certainly was… odd.

“Yeah, he calls Tsukauchi Naonao-chan.” Yamada couldn’t help but add with a snort.

Shinsou burst into laughter.

He knew the detective due to him being the person on his case as well as a family friend of his guardians. He came over for dinner every once in a while, and even then, he would stop by just to check up on them. He was nice. But certainly not the kind of person to take to a nickname like Naonao-chan.

The fact that anyone would call the man that was hilarious.

“But what does this have to do with me?” Shinsou asked once he had composed himself again.

“As said before, Polaroid is odd. He is an absolute chaos gremlin problem child.” Aizawa shook his head and tsked a bit. “And yet he speaks so softly most of the time and is an overall collected person. He once warned me to not question or try to stop what he does because I might ‘come to regret the future I made’.” Shinsou frowned, what an odd thing to say. “He also told me to tell everyone else. Not to mention he knew way too much about me. He even knew the names of the cats.”

Aizawa gestured to the three cats in question who were playing on their cat tower across the room.

“So needless to say, I don’t think he’s lying. Especially since he seems to know me personally. It is quite frustrating that I don’t know who he is, yet he knows me. And what he said about ‘making the future’? he sounded so dead serious in that moment and his eyes just screamed of… untold horrors. All of us who have met him think he has some bad PTSD. He will sometimes say something and just zone out. And he’ll jump when he sees certain people or hears anything too loud. And he’ll always get this dark, haunted look in his eyes when he does that.”

Aizawa got a concerned glint in his eyes as he frowned deeper, continuing to nudge his food. Yamada got the same look on his own eyes. 

Shinsou had seen them look at him in the same way before. It made him wonder who this person was.

“I have taken what he said seriously, and so had Tsukauchi. He takes down more villains than the average hero, and he never maims. So we decided to just work with him and not capture him at the moment. And to trust him on the things we deem safe. And one day, he just drops off some package on our doorstep.”

“And in it was a whole case file with evidence of you being… being abused.” Yamada continued for his husband, “We brought it to the detective and well… it was all true. Polaroid even left us a note. It said, ‘take care of Shinsou for me. He’s a perfect fit for you guys. Please, try it out. I know you have been looking to foster or adopt a teen. And he deserves all the love he can get.’” 

Shinsou was absolutely floored. 

And so was his jaw, since it dropped there.

To think that this random person cared about him enough to beg someone to take him in. Someone this Polaroid knew was good.

“He really seems to care about you kid.” Aizawa smiled, “Polaroid is a pretty good guy for being an illegal vigilante with a potentially very dangerous quirk. He is constantly giving tip offs for abuse cases. Though this is the first case he got this much involved in. It’s odd. But I’m glad, because it brought you into our lives.” Aizawa brought a tentative hand across the table and gently put it over Shinsou’s.

Shinsou teared up and practically leaped across the table to the man. The two embraced, which quickly became three when Yamada joined in. 

Once Shinsou had cried himself out he smiled up at his… his family.

“Thanks… dads.”

Aizawa and Yamada both choked on air. Then they hugged him tighter and smiled happily.

They sat there on the floor for a long time.

Then Shinsou’s eyes snapped open and he realized something.

“Do you guys ever get the weird feeling that someone is watching you at random moments of the night?” Shinsou blurted, officially ruining the moment.

Aizawa and Yamada looked down at him in pure confusion.

“Not usually, no?” They both intoned at the same time.

“Well, I do, every few nights. It won’t last for long, but I can just feel someone looking at me.” Shinsou swore, “Do you think… do you think it’s this Polaroid dude? If he’s a vigilante he mainly works at night, right? So, it would make sense if he checked up on me.”

Aizawa and Yamada’s eyes widened. Then Aizawa groaned and dropped his head into his hands.

Then he pulled a walkie talkie out, fiddled with it, and brought it to his face.

“Polaroid, do you copy?” Aizawa asked in an exasperated tone.

A little bit of static came from over the line, then a voice.
“It’s a little early ‘Zawa.” A voice said from the other line, “I was only just getting my work uniform on.” 

Shinsou could hear the teasing tone in the man’s voice. And yet it was somehow still soft? 

He could see what Aizawa meant by odd.

“You know where I live.” Aizawa accused.

“I know that you named your cat Kimchi because you found him in an empty can of kimchi as a kitten, where he had gotten stuck. Of course, I know where you live.” Polaroid answered in a deadpan voice.

“And you have been spying on us.” 

“… it’s not spying. I’m just making sure Shinsou is doing well. I’m not taking any risks.”

“But you have gone to our house, and watched him through his window.”

“For a few minutes every four days between the times of seven forty-five and nine PM.”

“That is worryingly specific.”

“Time is a fickle thing Eraserhead. It would do everyone some good to keep track of it.”

“Come over. Now.”

“Why? How do I know you won’t just arrest me?”

“I promise you that I won’t.”

“… fine. But I haven’t grabbed dinner yet so there better be food.” 

The line went dead and Aizawa sighed, pinching his nose.

“Well, that went as well as expected.”

“Did you just invite a technically wanted cryptid vigilante into our house?” Yamada asked with a raised brow.

“Yes.” Aizawa groaned.

Then there was a knock on the door.

“That was fast.” Shinsou commented, a tingle of excitement in his stomach. He could finally meet the person who saved him.

Aizawa got up and opened the door.

Shinsou’s eye widened when he saw the vigilante…

Who was at least a foot shorter than him.

“’Zawa! You finally invited me over!” Polaroid grinned from under his mask, his eyes shaded by his round glasses gleaming with mirth. “Should I take off my shoes or nah?” 

“If you could take them off that would be nice.” Aizawa sighed, letting the vigilante in.

Polaroid did as he was asked and bounced in, his long rainbow socks stark against his darker scheme.

He had tiny feet too, Shinsou couldn’t help but notice. The vigilante’s entire stature seemed petite. 

“Oh! Yamada and Shinsou!” Polaroid gasped when he saw them. Then he ran forward and skid to a stop in front of them last minute. His soft voice was full of delight.

“I have been waiting so long to see you two again! And not just through a window, ha.” Polaroid grinned, then he reached into one of his pockets and fished a few photos out.

He dumped the pile into Yamada’s hands.

“I took a whole bunch of pictures of these random stray cats I feed. They really like me for some reason. They like, meow and purr every time they set eyes on me. Though they might just be begging for food.” Polaroid enthused dorkily. He started pointing at random photos. “That’s Eclipse. And Tsuki. And Poyo. Oh, that’s Gomez! And that’s Smudge, John, James, Bemo, and Jiji.” 

They all watched in confusion as Polaroid happily babble on about the cats in the photographs. 

Finally, Yamada laughed and set the photos on a nearby counter.

“That’s cool and all listener! But I think Shota here called you in for something.” Yamada grinned. Polaroid straightened and nodded.

“Sorry! I just get so excited! I hardly get to talk to people like you guys.” Polaroid’s voice got dark and sad, “Everyone else is too scared of me or plain hates my guts. Or they’re dead.” Polaroid slumped a bit, “Most of them are dead.” 

No one said anything for a moment.

Then Polaroid perked back up like nothing happened.

Though no one missed the lingering pain in his eyes.

“So, what do you have for me ‘Zawa?” Polaroid asked impishly. Aizawa looked at the boy in concern but put it away for the time being. 

“I just wanted to you to see that Shinsou is doing well.” Aizawa replied. 

“You all can call me Hitoshi.” Shinsou blurted. 

Yamada teared up and hugged Shinsou tight. Aizawa smiled into his scarf. 

“Oh! It seems that everything is going well! I’m glad Shinsou!” Polaroid cheered, looking genuinely happy.

“Your included in that you know.” Shinsou hummed, “You did get me out of that terrible place after all.”

Polaroid froze and choked. 

“O-Okay.” He said in a surprised, slightly strangled voice. “That’s cool Toshi.” 

“I like it. Though I can’t think of any good ones for you Camera Man.” Shinsou smirked.

“If there was one thing I didn’t miss it had to be the sass.” Polaroid rolled his eyes fondly.

They all froze. So did Polaroid.

“Ah FUCK.” Polaroid swore, “Why is it that my godforsaken teenage mind can’t keep shut- OH GOD FUCKING DAMMIT.” 

“You said you were twenty-three!” Aizawa exclaimed incredulously. 

“Yeah, well I don’t really know what age I am right now!” Polaroid cried in annoyance, “I can’t seem to decide between being an adult or a teenager and sadly it is causing me a bit of an identity crisis!”

“What the hell does that even mean?”

“I have no clue either! All I know is that it’s fucking with me!”

“So how old are you?!”

“I said I have no clue!”

“How can you not know your own age!?”

“Ever heard of age quirks?! Or time quirks?! Or memory quirks!?”

“So, you do have a time quirk!”

“I never said that!”

“But you are always talking about time and it’s too much of a coincidence to ignore!”

“I have literally no idea what is going on and that’s not really my fault!”

“You ask us to trust you and you have no idea what’s going on yourself?!”

“I know what is going on outside my mind! But I have no fucking clue the shit that’s going on in there!”

“That’s more than a little concerning you know!?”

Shinsou and Yamada watched as the two went back and forth, both equally exasperated and stubborn. 

Not a good combination.

“They really are alike.” Yamada whispered to Shinsou.

“Yeah. Five hundred yen says that Polaroid drinks a whole pot of coffee at once and has chronic insomnia.” Shinsou bet.

“Five hundred yen says that and he likes to take naps anywhere and everywhere.” Yamada grinned at the boy.

“You have a bet.” Shinsou smirked. The two shook on it and continued to watch the shit show in front of them.

“Seriously! What is up with you Polaroid! You act like a child yet claim to be an adult! Tsukauchi confirmed you were twenty-three! How can you be a teenager and twenty-three at the same time?!” Aizawa argued.

Suddenly Polaroid was crying.

“I have no fucking clue and it is really scaring me. I have seen so much messed up shit. I had to hold my best friends severed head in my hands as I watched every single person I love get killed. I lost everyone and everything and still I had to keep going. Now I’m broken and confused and scared because I need to fix it and no one else can help me because they don’t remember!” Polaroid’s voice was shrill and panicked. 

They were all silent.

Polaroid shot to the door, grabbed his shoes, and ran out. 

Leaving the door swinging and letting the cold evening air in.

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Midoriya could hardly wrap his mind around what had happened. He went home and did not patrol that night and just numbly lay in his bed and stared at the ceiling. 

He still had four months until he would be meeting All Might.

And he had messed everything up so early on.

Did he just kill his friends again?

Did he… did he mess everything up.

He didn’t know.

And how he hated not knowing.

Midoriya decided that he needed to distract himself. Thinking about all that would just do him more harm than good.

Aizawa didn’t know everything. The last thing anyone would expect is a technically teenage time traveler. 

The evidence was hardly there.

It would be fine.

For the month since he rescued Shinsou Midoriya had been preparing the next step of his plans.

He had four months until All Might. Fourteen months until the exams.

He could do this.

He had to.

Because if he didn’t…

His mind wouldn’t survive it.



Aizawa hadn’t heard hide nor hair of Polaroid.

No one had really.

The boy still turned in criminals. But gone were the notes, the conversations over phone or coms, the meet-ups. 

All he sent was the locations Tsukauchi or him, and that was it.

No matter how much they tried to get him to talk to them he didn’t respond.

Shinsou didn’t even feel his presence again.

For a whole month there was minimal contact.

And it was his fault.

He shouldn’t have gotten so frustrated. That argument between them had pushed Polaroid to reveal something obviously very personal and very painful.

A teenager.

A teenager had everything ripped away from him.

A teenager had the light forced from his eyes and replaced with darkness and sorrow.

A teenager now spoke in a painfully soft, sad voice. Even when happy.

Something had happened to Polaroid, to this kid, and it was not good.

It was at times like these Aizawa was painfully aware the world was cruel.

And it was at times like these he didn’t regret becoming a hero in the slightest.

Over the past month he and Tsukauchi had been hard at work. They were trying to find Polaroid’s identity and profile. But they were mainly looking for his quirk and trying to put together some sort of plausible story.

They didn’t have much.

Just that he was twenty-three, yet thought himself as a teenager enough to have a crisis over it. That he had curly green hair that was on the longer side, as noticed by Aizawa in the light of his home. That he liked music, was fluent in English, like old technology, and loved learning about quirks and studying them. That he most certainly had PTSD and likely anxiety and depression. 

Other than that, everything was guess work.

And with Polaroid shutting them out they were not getting anywhere else.

For now, they just had to mull over the theories they made.

The most likely of theirs right now was that he had been hit by an especially powerful deaging quirk that had a memory aspect. 

The next up running was that he was hit by a personality quirk and used a memory quirk to make them forget things. And that he either used it too much and caused them to forget everything or that it malfunctioned. 

After that was time travel. But it was unlikely. Every time quirk in existence was carefully monitored and none of them were ever powerful enough to send someone back that far. The most powerful one known being sending someone back ten seconds. And even on trigger that person would likely only manage a minute. And even then, that wouldn’t explain why Polaroid was a teenager again. 

So that one was put on the backburner.

As they thought and theorized there was one thing on their mind.

What was Polaroid doing?



Polaroid was currently scaling a building.


But that was to be expected when one was scaling an apartment building.

An expensive apartment building.

A month ago, Midoriya had decided to lay low. His next part of his plan did not require contact with 
heroes and it would be best to stay away anyways. 

Better to avoid the heroes and thus any more reveals his stupid teenage brain supplied them.

A month ago, he had also enacted the next part of his plan.


Midoriya wished he had been sent back long enough to be able to save Kota’s parents.

But the heroes had been killed only weeks before the day he had been sent back.

Talk about rotten luck.

Kota had only just turned five.

Midoriya had found his apartment building back when he was still checking up with Shinsou. But he had decided to hold off a bit.

He had two reasons for this.

The first was that he wanted to give Kota a bit more time to process things. It had been a while but he knew first hand just how bad grief can be and affect you. And with Kota being a child it was much worse. So, he would give the boy a bit more time before stepping in.

He loved his son and could only hope that he would be okay. Even if he wasn’t exactly his son just yet.

The second being was that he needed some time to prepare for step three, which he would enact soon.

And so, a month ago Midoriya had started sneaking into the apartment.

Well, not into. Just to the building.

He knew where Kota’s room was and it just so happened to have a small balcony. 

Late into the night he snuck to the building and went to the balcony.

There he left a little note.

It said:

Dear Kota,


      You do not know who I am. But that does not matter yet. I know about the death of your parents. And I know that everyone is telling you ‘They died a noble death’, It was for a good cause’, ‘You should be proud of them’. 

      I know of your resentment towards heroes and villains alike. To quirks in general. I know you just wish that no one was fighting. That everyone could just live together in peace. That villains wouldn’t ruin people’s lives. That heroes wouldn’t sacrifice themselves and die for the “good” cause.

     From one bitter, grieving person to another, I feel you. I feel your pain. I understand it. I know it feels like nothing can or ever will compared. And I am not comparing our suffering. 
     But I too have lost many people to villains. I have seen my friends, my family, my comrades sacrifice themselves for “the greater good”. I too wish that there were no quirks, no heroes, no villains, no corruption, just peace. 

     But I also know that that is a wish that will not be granted. Not without death and destruction first at least. Heroes are needed right now, and I hate that fact.

      But really, I just wanted to tell you that you are not alone. That there is at least one person out there who knows the pain and frustration and hatred you are feeling. You are an amazing, strong kid. And I believe that you can do anything you set your mind to. That you can change this future for the better

     If you could keep these letters between us that would be great. And I know this sounds shady as fuck, but I think it would be better if no one knew about this just yet. I promise I’m not a villain. 
Feel free to leave another note! Or not, it’s your choice.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       - Deku


Midoriya left that heartfelt note poking out from under a rock he had set to weigh it down. 

He didn’t know if Kota would respond, but he would make sure to check every night if he could. He didn’t want Kota to respond and then miss it.

In the end it took three days for Kota to leave a note. 

It was written in a childish sprawl that was so endearing to him. Kota had always been so smart, and knew how to write well for his age. As a six-year-old he could write better than many middle school students. And newly at the age of five as he was now, he could write just as well as your average fourth or fifth grader. 

When he got older, he had tested out of his Literature classes and started writing novels on the side of school and was doing great. They had all been so proud of him.


Deku. You are right, your note was shady as fuck. But… thank you. At first, I wanted to hate you. I didn’t like how you said you knew how I felt. But now I have decided that I am willing to try it out. At least to test you. See if you are legit. I still don’t like you. But I’ll give you a chance. 

                                                                                                                                                                                             - Kota

PS: I didn’t tell anyone about you. But I will if I decide I don’t like you.


Thus started the letters sent between them.

Midoriya started responding with casual things with a few personal tidbits mixed in. 

Kota responded with random things but was obviously guarded. 

Smart kid. And just the Kota he knew and loved.

Every night without fail, they would leave letters. 

Sometimes Midoriya would draw little sketches of people he knew and tell stories about them. 

Then he would tell them how they died. Obviously, it was censored quite a bit and some was doctored to not include the future. But for the most part it was true.

After these started Kota opened up a bit more.

He started talking about his parents and drawing cute little pictures of them and other things.

Midoriya couldn’t help but pin them up on a corkboard in his room. 

Midoriya talked about school. And Kota responded with his own stories.

Apparently, Kota really liked how he scared the ever-loving shit out of his classmates and teachers, calling him badass and cool as fuck.

Midoriya would always send a playful, “language” in his letters. Knowing full well it would not be heeded. Kota was just as bad as Bakugou with his language. 

A month passed and Midoriya was getting ready to enact part three of his plans. 

It was now that he decided that it was time to reveal himself to Kota.

And he told him so in his last letter.

He didn’t like having the kid wake up at Midnight to see him, but it was better than being caught by his aunt and company. 

Midoriya decided to go in his vigilante gear. He knew Kota would be angry, thinking he had lied. Considering he had never mentioned his vigilantism. 

Over the past month he had been talking to Kota about heroes and villains. Kota had started reluctantly agreeing with him a bit. Not fully, but he was getting there.

Midoriya needed to tell him before it was too late. And now was the best, if only, time to do it.  

So that chilly winter night he climbed the building and hopped on to the balcony.

And was met by Kota.

The two stared at each other in silence for a few moments.

“You said you weren’t a hero or a villain.” Kota angrily accused, quite suddenly.

“I’m neither. I’m technically a vigilante but I can’t even really be called that either.” Midoriya replied just as suddenly.

Kota continued to glare at him.

“But vigilantes are practically heroes doing illegal things like villain.” Kota argued.

“Not really. I have not done a single illegal thing that the police could convict me of yet. They think I’m a vigilante, but I’m not and cannot be punished by the law.” Midoriya countered.

“But how?”

“At the moment, I am quirkless. I cannot be a vigilante since a vigilante is a person acting as a hero b y using their quirk illegally. But I have no quirk and thus, I’m not a vigilante.”

“… I hate that your right. But still, you lied to me.”

Midoriya sighed and slumped a bit.

“I kind of did. But I knew that you hated heroes and villains alike. And as a person in the middle… well I didn’t want to scare you off. I’m sorry.” Midoriya explained a little guiltily. 

It was silent for a moment. 

“… what’s your name?” Kota asked, his glare softening.

“Oh, its Polaroid.” Midoriya answered, then he smirked. “Though if you promise not to tell I’ll give you my real identity. And you’ll be the very first outside my family to know.”

Kota looked indecisive for a moment. But then he nodded, a little suspicious.

Midoriya grinned even wider, love swelled in his heart. He never thought he would get to see Kota so small again.

He took his glasses and mask off. Then he crouched down to Kota’s level and smiled at him.

“Midoriya Izuku at your service!” He chirped. 

Kota couldn’t help but smile and jump into his arms for a hug.

Midoriya hugged him tight and could not stop a few tears from escaping his eyes. 

Kota was glad to finally be able to meet his savior. And while he would never admit it, that was who Midoriya was to him. 

This person he was hugging had helped him so much. And even his young mind could see that. But then again, he had always been mature for his age.

And Midoriya… he treated him like he was mature. Not babied him like his family and every one else did. 

When the two finally separated Kota watched in confusion as Midoriya wiped a few tears from his face.

“Why are you crying?” He asked.

Midoriya let out a sad, bitter laugh.

“I’m just so happy to finally meet you Kota. Believe it or not, you are a very bright light in my life and I care for you a lot. So, meeting you now is a blessing for me.”

In that moment Kota felt so loved. 

This love felt different from what the rest of his estranged family gave him. Their love was kind, and sweet, and soft. 

But Midoriya’s love felt deep, a little sad, but so right.

For a long time, they sat down with their legs hanging from the balcony and talked.

Eventually Kota fell asleep and slumped into Midoriya’s shoulder.

With a loving smile Midoriya went and tucked him back into a bed. He made sure to leave a note with a promise to come back.

It was time for part three.




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Midoriya knew what he was doing. 

He knew what was going to come from this.

He knew exactly what he was getting into.

He knew it. But he didn’t like it.

Actually, he hated it.

He hated part three of his plan.

Part one and two was easy.

Part one was simply becoming a vigilante and saving Shinsou.

Part two was talking to Kota, the easiest so far.

Part three was… hard. 

Very hard.
But he had to start it. This part was imperative to saving the future.

And he would save the future.

No matter how much he had to dirty his hands.




Midoriya sighed deeply as he smoothed out his new outfit.

Only he knew about this one.

The outfit consisted of an old traditional black men’s kimono with a pleated bottom. A black haori was placed over it. The haori was thin and delicate, easily blowing in the slight breeze in his room. He had white gloves that went all the way up his arms. He wore long thin white socks paired with dainty black dress shoes. 

A black mourning veil with lace trim hung over his head and gracefully flowed down his back and front. A white kitsune mask covered his whole face under the veil, hardly able to be seen under it.

Two katanas were strapped on either side of his hips. And a mini revolver was hidden in a secret pocket in his kimono as well as some ammo of different calibers. Knives were hidden expertly in a similar fashion. 

Midoriya looked in the mirror and inhaled deeply.

It was pitch black outside. 

He slowly let the breath out.

Was he really going to do this?

He took a deep breath.




He had to.

He let out the breath.

Then he turned to the open window and left, grabbing his bouquet of flowers on his way out.



Midoriya walked around for a bit.

He knew where he was going.

He had been researching for a long time.

He was taking his time. He knew he had a whole month to do all that he needed to do. 

He was stalling. He knew that as well.

He knew a lot of things. He just didn’t know what to do with that sometimes.

A bit later he was faced with a building.

It was a bar deep into the Red-light District.

And deep into villain territory.

He looked at the building, and deemed it the right one.

It was a bar called Leap of Faith. 


But just what he was looking for.

Midoriya took in a shaking breath and pushed the door open. 

Everyone was silent as he walked in.

Each step he took was graceful and smooth. Like he wasn’t walking but gently gliding through the air. His long kimono, haori, and veil billowed behind him. A few petals fell from the bouquet he held in his hands. His light footsteps were the only thing that could be heard.

He did not have to look around to find his objective.

But for now he continued staring ahead, walking to the counter.

With a single delicate movement he sat on a chair.

“One Midnight Rose, hold the vodka.” Midoriya ordered.

Due to the voice changer in his mask his voice came out wispy and completely gender neutral. It was whimsical and melodic, but soft and smooth.

“Yes.” The bartended nodded, turning to make the drink. 

The room tentatively went back to chatting and drinking. 

It didn’t take long for his drink (which was luckily non-alcoholic at the moment), to come in. And by then the bar was at it’s full volume once more.

Midoriya lifted his mask from under the veil to take a drink of his cocktail. It was good, though he knew most would argue that it would be better with the alcohol. 

Once he had taken a few drinks he set the drink down.

He took some time to scan the room.

Perfect. He had gotten the date and time right.

And luckily, this looked like it would be pretty easy.


Midoriya finished the last of his drink in one go. Then gently put his mask back down.

Now it was time for the show.

In one smooth motion he gave the bartender some money for his drink with one hand.

The other hand secretly grabbed the gun within the folds of his kimono. 

Just as he had handed his money he whipped around and clicked the barrel into place.




Everyone was dead silent.
And three men had bullet holes straight through their head.

Three dull thumps as each fell to the floor.

The first was a villain called Alter. Who had lead to the death of many people he knew. And even at this moment, in this time, he had a very high kill count.

The second was the villain Scratch. He inevitably became the Nomu after All for One stole his quirk and killed him. He had a very powerful healing quirk and was a well known serial killer.

And third was the villain Muscular. 

Sometimes Midoriya wondered why less people used guns. Most quirks couldn’t counter them.

All he had to do was lace the bullets with some powerful quirk suppressants and he could kill most people. 

And that was just what he did.

Not even Scratch and his healing quirk stood a chance.

Not one word was said as Midoriya gracefully strolled to the three dead bodies.

He hefted the bodies up and put them in a respectful position, to make them look like they were resting. 

He might hate them, but he was respectful. He would be the better person here.

Once they were settled Midoriya folded their hands over their stomachs and stuck a single black rose from his bouquet in each of their hands.

Then he closed their wide eyes, leaving a streak of red down their face.

Midoriya straightened once he was done and turned from the bodies.

He bowed to the shocked and frozen bar.

“I am very sorry for the trouble.” He muttered.

Then he straightened once more and walked to the door.

His once white gloves were stained red. Just like that terrible day he lost his family.

The day he screamed among the cold corpses of his friends.



Tsukauchi had a headache.

First he was working with Aizawa to try and contact Polaroid. But still with no avail.

Then he heard about some new killer that had taken the underworld by a storm.

Some bar that criminals obviously went to, but its not like they could prove it and arrest them, called in.

The shaky sounding bartender explained that three people had been murdered by a mysterious villain.

He, of course, was selected to go.
He was called in the middle of the night, along with Aizawa, to check things out.

Why did villains have to do everything so late into the night? It was annoying.

He, some officers, and Aizawa made their way to the bar.

It had been cleared out for the most part and now only the bartender and a few regulars remained.

The scene they got to was… unexpected.

They had expected a lot of blood, gore, and a mess.

But instead there was a single bloody booth and no mess at all. The bodies had even been lain in the floor in a position most people would be put in their casket like. A single bullet going right through their heads and embedding into one of the walls.

There had been no fight. Just instant death.

And in each of the dead’s hands was a single, black rose.

It was chilling.

“What happened?” Tsukauchi asked the bartender in a grave voice.

They all closely listened as the bartender told the story, a few of the regulars adding something in every few sentences.

“I-I don’t even know who they were!” The bartender cried, “They just came in all elegant and order a Midnight Rose-”

The tender stopped as he thought about it.

“That’s their signature, isn’t it.” He muttered, “A black rose.”

The bartender sounded horrified and no one knew why this thought made him so scared.

“Sir, why is that a bad thing?” Tsukauchi asked. 

The bartender sighed and shook his head, running a tired hand down his face.

“I know where I live, and I know we get a lot of shady people here. But I don’t own this joint, I just work the night shift. You learn a lot about criminals and villains when you see ‘em all the time. They have reasons for what they do. Even if that reason is just to cause chaos or because they find the sick things they do fun. But the ones that get far are the ones with true conviction. And most of these powerful villains have a trademark or a signature.”

They started to catch on to what the tender was saying.

“I watched as this person killed some likely very powerful people in less than a second. Brains on the wall, dead in an instant. Like it was nothin’. Then they lay the bodies in an orderly manner and leave ‘em a flower. Bowing and apologizing for the intrusion before they just up and leave. They even paid for the drink they got. Do you know what a black rose symbolizes detective?”

Tsukauchi shook his head, deeply disturbed that the man had yet to lie.

“Flowers have quite the significance in the underworld, mainly due to the amount of people who use flowers to leave a message. Black roses are hardly ever used due to their heavy and contradicting meanings. The black rose symbolizes sorrow, death, and mourning. But… it also symbolizes hatred, revenge, and endings. This killer isn’t just killing for the hell of it. And I quite frankly don’t want to know why they did what they did. That’s your problem now.”

Tsukauchi had a distinctly bad feeling about this.



A week later Midoriya washed blood of his white gloves in the sink.

A few days later and he did the same thing.

And again.

And again.

The last, time he had to wash blood off something it was his whole body.

Over the past month he had been killing villains.

He had been dubbed the serial killer Rose.

Likely due to always ordering a Midnight Rose at a bar and the black roses he would leave.

He had killed a total of fourteen villains. All irredeemable to and too dangerous to let live.

And with every kill he made, Midoriya felt a bit of himself break.

Having to go out as a villain one night then go out as a vigilante another was conflicting and left him feeling so very guilty.

The cracks where he had so delicately been put back together were starting to come apart again.

Every kill he made was like a tiny hit to the fragile jar.

A small hit was enough to make him start to break again.

And a small flick would be enough to shatter him again.

And that small flick was his fifteenth kill.

The person he was killing wasn’t well known.

But she was terrible.

Her name was Queen Bee. But at the moment she was going by the name “Honey”.

The heroes had thought she had been killed long ago. Aizawa had been on the case and even he had thought she was dead.

All it took was a single bee to have it crumbling.

In the future Queen Bee would kill hundreds of civilians in her human host. 

And she was the reason Aizawa was put in a coma.

Aizawa had been badly injured by Shigiraki. But once the deranged villain got bored he left him to bleed out.

Queen Bee was “lucky” to stumble upon him.

Midoriya had seen her swarm him, injecting him with a slough of different poisons.

Midoriya killed her.

But it had been a hard battle considering he knew nothing of her.

But now Midoriya was not going into the fight blind.

He knew her weakness. He knew exactly what to do to kill her for real.

It was supposed to be easy.

But it was not.

Midoriya walked into the bar like he always did.

Every villain recognized him, but none dared to leave.

They knew not to leave. 

On the fourth kill he made his target had tried to run with a few people.

Midoriya shot his target in the head like everyone else.

Word soon spread that anyone who left the building before Rose had finished their drink would be shot.

It was a lie of course. But Midoriya did not correct them.

For them, it was like playing Russian roulette. 

At least one person was the victim.

But you never know just who was. It could be you, your friend, or some random person in the room.

All that mattered was that someone would be dead by the time the drink was finished.

No one dared run.

Midoriya walked into a bar as normal. Everyone was silent as he ordered his usual drink. 

The feeling of death loomed over them all.

Midoriya sipped his drink slowly.

The target was sitting right next to him.

Honey, unlike everyone else, was calm.

She was eyeing him with a single eye glittering with amusement and anticipation.

Just by looking at her Midoriya didn’t think she would be the one with a rose in her hand.

The way she scanned the room made it obvious that she was guessing which one would be killed.

She didn’t know that he knew.

Midoriya was a few sips away from finishing his drink when he struck.

Like a coiled snake he pounced.

He slid a knife from his sleeve and brutally stabbed her in the eye.

He had only ever used his gun.

The katanas were there for show and use if needed. And the knives were a secret weapon of his.

His guns were better to use. They were fast, efficient, and made him feel a little better. It made him feel more like the bullet killed them than him, despite being the one holding the gun.

But now, now as he felt the squelch as he brutally brought the knife to it’s hilt in the woman’s eye, he could only feel deep guilt and disgust.

Queen Bee let out a blood-curdling scream..

He took out his gun and flicked the safety off.

His knife was modified by him to specifically keep all the bees from exiting the eye. He also knew that Queen Bee always kept her bees in her while eating. An odd habit that would be her end.

He shot every single bullet he had straight into her head.

But these bullets… they were special.

Each one had a different function.

The first was quirk suppressing.

The next three had an electric shock that would kill the average person and creature.

The fifth bullet had a cocktail of deadly poisons laced in it.

The last bullet had a tiny explosive in it. 

In a second Queen Bee had her quirk suppressed, was electrocuted to death, and had her head exploded.

Bits of gore, skull, broken bees and brain matter splattered all over him and everything around him.

A few people bent over and puked where they were.

Midoriya took in a shuddering breath.

And felt himself break.

With shaking hands he did as he always did with the body.

He took the whole bouquet this time and put it in her hands.

Technically, he had taken the life of a civilian.

Albeit one being possessed by an evil, cruel villainess. 

But a civilian none the less.

He stood up and bowed again, bits of viscera and gore falling off of him as he did so.

“I-I am very sorry for the intrusion.” He whispered in a broke voice that not even the voice changer could hide.

Midoriya was just opening the door when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

He froze, then looked back.

Some random criminal with a cigarette in one hand looked back at him.

Everyone else in the bar was looking at the man like he was crazy.

And honestly, he kind of was.

“Why are you doing this kid?” He asked in a sad, gruff voice.

Midoriya blinked in surprise. Not that anyone saw.

“I’m not-” Midoriya tried to argue. 

“I know a kid when I see one. Heck, I have kids of my own.” The man interjected, gaining him even more incredulous looks. “You can’t be older than thirteen.”

Right on the spot and the man didn’t even know it.

Midoriya didn’t say anything.

Then a single tear fell down his cheek and dropped to the floor. 

One made way to many.

Midoriya slowly turned his head back to the door.

“I am cursed with knowledge that no one else knows. I am cursed to know and see and experience so much. And have to be the one to bring change. I have seen horrors that no one could imagine.” Midoriya’s voice was sorrowful and so utterly broken. He clenched his hands over his heart and hung his head, shaking. “I have to fix this. And this is the safest way. I cannot afford to be innocent. For a true hero will bloody their hands to spare someone else from having to do so themselves.” 

Midoriya fell to his knees, still clutching his heart and crying.

“I was far past the point of return before I was Rose. So what is a few more lives to save a million? Hero and villain alike? Must I save them all? I didn’t want this! I didn’t want it to come to this! I DIDN’T WANT IT TO COME TO THIS!” Midoriya took a deep breathes to calm himself and stood up on shaking legs.

“I am the cursed hero. Hated by all, yet still holding up the world. And no one will ever know it. And it’s better if no one ever does.”

Midoriya did not look back as he fled the bar.



Midoriya ran all the way back home, running along the roofs. He made sure to avoid every hero route he could and be careful when in someone’s route.

As he ran he used a special piece of equipment he had order off the black market. It was a cover to put on his feet that would make blood evaporate immediately wherever he stepped (it was quirk-made of course). So he would leave no trail of blood behind.

He decided to go through the front door since he didn’t have the energy to climb through the window like normal. His mother always went to bed early anyways and was a very deep sleeper.

He should have noticed the lights on before he unlocked the door with bloody fingers.

He should have remembered that the Bakugou’s were over for a game night as they started doing every other Friday. 

He fumbled open the door and stumbled in, closing the door behind him.

His eyes widened in shock and horror as he saw Inko and the Bakugou’s looking at him in the same way.

“D-Don’t move. That is Rose. Do. Not. Move.” Mitsuki whispered.

Midoriya looked at them like a deer caught in the headlights.

“Why the fuck…” Bakugou choked, also knowing better than to move. He had mellowed out a lot and now knew when he was outmatched. 

Rose was known by almost everyone now.

Everyone knew that if they saw Rose someone was going to die.

The public was warned to never confront him and to wait to call the police until he left.

And to never, ever leave when Rose was around.

Midoriya saw Inko reaching into her pocket where she kept her emergency distance taser Midoriya had made her keep on her just in case.

Midoriya slowly lifted the bloody veil, ignoring the bits of flesh that slid off it and onto the floor, and then took off his mask.

His dull green eyes bore into the three of them.

He cast the mask to the side and trudged to the bathroom, slamming the door shut.

No one stopped him.

For a whole hour and a half Midoriya sat under the hot, running water, scrubbing roughly at his skin until it was raw. But he couldn’t get the feeling of blood and gore off his skin.

He felt disgusting.

He was disgusting.

He eventually got out once the water started becoming cold. He didn’t even bother washing his villain outfit. 

He had completely step three. He didn’t need it anymore.

Not the whole thing at least.

Once he got into some pajama’s he always stashed in his bathroom he went out. He grabbed a blanket from his bed and wrapped it around himself as he went.

He shivered and scratched at his skin as he walked to the living room.

He made his bed, now he had to lay in it. 

And he couldn’t take being alone. He just couldn’t. 

Being alone would leave him to his thoughts.

To himself.

To his disgusting self.

He didn’t know what he would do if he had to be alone.

He would rather be hated than alone.

Never alone.

He shakily walked into the living room and collapsed on the couch. Ignoring the horrified stares he was getting from the table.

He wrapped the blanket around himself and curled up under it.

No one missed the horrified look in his eyes.

Midoriya shivered under the blanket and scratched.

And scratched.

And scratched.

His arm started bleeding. 

He continued scratching.

Now at least the phantom feeling of blood was real.

At least it was his own.

Then he felt two strong arms grab his wrists.

He hadn’t even noticed that the blanket had been taken off of him.

He looked into crimson (blood, blood, bLOoD-) eyes.

They were soft, and filled with deep sadness.

Bakugou gently sat down next to the shaking boy and wrapped him in a tight hug, making sure to keep his wrists captive somehow.

Midoriya trembled and cried as he let the blonde hug him.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I had to. She will kill so many. I had to, I had to, I had to.” Midoriya muttered.

“Shh… shh…” Bakugou hushed him, gently carding a hand through his green locks, “I know. I know you had to. It’s not your fault.”

“No, no, no, no, no, no, no. My fault. MY FAULT!” Midoriya whimpered. 

“No, it’s not. You did what you had to do. It’s her fault for being bad in the first place. It’s not your fault. It’s not your fault.” Bakugou soothed to his best ability.

“It’s… but she… she was…” Midoriya cried, not finding a valid argument against Bakugou’s words.

“Izuku.” Bakugou said sternly, grabbing the other boy’s face with his hands and looking deep into his eyes, “You did what had to be done. All those people deserved it. Every single person you got rid of was a murderer and a cruel villain. One that would have killed so many people. Because I know you wouldn’t kill anyone that didn’t need to die. You. Are. Not. To. Blame. They. Are.”

Midoriya was silent for a moment.

Then he let out a heart wrenching wail and curled into Bakugou. 

Mitsuki, Masaru, and Inko too this time to join them in their hug.

A family hugging a broken boy.



Chapter Text




Midoriya wasn’t doing well, but all things considering it could have been worse.

After that breakdown on the couch, he seemed to get a little better.

He woke up the next morning and decided to be useful and make breakfast. The others had ended up staying the night and he felt bad about it.

But then again, he felt bad about everything now.

As he cooked he couldn’t help but get lost in his thoughts.

Why him?

Why was he always the one that had to break himself over and over again?


It could have been anyone else. 

But here he was, the only one with the key to the future in his hands.

Inko and the Bakugou’s were good allies. But no one would ever truly understand.

No one understood the weight the world carried.

If this was Greek mythology, he would be Atlas.

Forced to carry the whole world as a punishment. Either let the earth fall and fall with it, or keep holding it up until the end of time and spare your own life for those small thoughts that you might get saved from your awful fate.

Midoriya just wondered what he was being punished for.

Maybe it was for letting his friends die?

Maybe it was for being selfish and taking One for All for himself?

He was starting to think it was a punishment for merely existing.

But the question was…

Would he fall and let the world come crashing with him? Finally resting, but condemning the ones who remained behind.

Or would he continue to hold up the world? Being mocked and hurt by the people he protects, them not knowing that he was the only thing between chaos and destruction.

Was he a bad person for doing what was needed?




He didn’t know.



Midoriya silently set the table as the quiet family, because that’s what they were at this point, sat down.

They looked surprised that he was up. 

And despite looking like a train wreck, he most certainly was.

He had made pancakes for breakfast, like his father used to do before he left for America and was never heard from again.

No one knew what happened to him. He just disappeared. And after a full five years of being missing he was declared dead.

By then Inko and Midoriya were over it.

But they couldn’t help the fond memories that came from the sweet American breakfast.

No one said a word as he dished them up and clicked the television on to the news. 

They ate in silence, just the sound of the news playing behind them.

“Here is an exclusive story on the new serial killer Rose!” A male reporter said.

Midoriya froze. 

Then he grabbed the remote and turned it up.

The other three in the room froze, not knowing just how Midoriya would react.

“Last night Rose made yet another kill. But this one was much different. Please note that viewer advising is recommended. Rose went to the bar Dust Bunny last night. They, being called they since their pronouns are unknown, ordered their usual drink. A Midnight Rose, holding the vodka, making it non-alcoholic. It is well known that Rose will kill at least one person, the highest being three people, before or right after they finish their drink. And last night their unlucky victim happened to be sitting right next to them. The villainess known as Honey, was brutally murdered.” 

A blurry picture of Honey jumping at someone was shown on the screen. It was from a month ago when she had attacked some pro and nearly killed them. The cam the pro was wearing got the picture.

“Rose has always had a very special way of making their kills. It is always a bullet to the person’s head. With the bullet always being laced with some kind of quirk suppressant. Police believe that this is so that any healing quirks can be counteracted. The deaths are always swift and ultimately painless for the victim. Rose will then silently move the bodies to rest in a respectful position with little mess. Put a single black rose in their hands. Then bow and apologize to everyone in the bar before leaving.”

Anther picture popped up. This time it was a photo of one of the crime scenes. It was of his fifth and sixth kills, done at the same time. The blood and gore were all blurred out.

Midoriya looked at the television with a blank expression. 

Everyone else on the other hand looked slightly sick.

“Everyone knows not to leave the bar before Rose has killed someone. Due to the murder of the villain Puppet Master, who tried to run with a few others and was killed. Right afterwards the villainess Venus, romantic partner of Puppet Master, was killed in the same way as him. But this murder was different from all the others. Honey was found with her entire head gone.”

Inko dropped her fork and looked at the television in absolute horror.

A picture had appeared, a heavily blurred picture of Honey.

The spot where her head was supposed to be was blurred.

In fact, most of the photo was blurred. 

It was all red.

“As you can see this murder was bloody. According to witnesses Honey seemed confident that she was not the target, and was looking around when Rose suddenly pounced and stabbed her in her left eye. They wrestled Honey to the floor and took out their gun, making six quick shots to the eye through the side. The last bullet apparently had an explosive as Honey’s head completely exploded seconds after the last shot was fired. Just like always Rose put the body in a respectful position. But instead of putting just one rose in her hands, Rose put the full bouquet.

Rose then bowed and apologized for the intrusion. Witnesses say that they saw that Rose looked very shaken while doing all this. And just as Rose was leaving, one brave, or possibly fool-hardy, man confronted Rose. The man and everyone else in the bar refused to tell what was said or what happened. But apparently Rose had a breakdown in the bar. What the people in the bar did say was that Rose called themselves ‘the cursed hero’. Here is an audio clip of the interview one of the people in the bar had to say to the police.”

“Rose said, word for word, ‘I cannot afford to be innocent. For a true hero will bloody their hands to spare someone else from having to do so themselves.’ And I can say with confidence that I ain’t gonna be forgettin’ that any time soon.” A man with a rough voice said, “Then the guy started screaming about how he didn’t want this. That they was killing a few to save the lives of millions. Then they called themselves ‘the cursed hero’. But other than that, I ain’t saying nothing. Because I one hundred percent believe what Rose said about themselves was true. They ain’t going to kill no more people. And any kill they made was of some villain f***er who deserved it. I don’t know what Rose knows, but as much as I hate villains, I trust this one to know their stuff.”

“All other interviews went in the same manner. But what the police has gathered is that Rose had a specific reason for killing these villains. The public is divided on what to think. Is this Rose really a villain? Or are they just a ‘cursed hero’ as they claimed to be? We’ll have to wait and see.”

The news went on to cover a different story.

The four people in the room looked over to the fifth.

Midoriya was staring at the television with a blank face. 

Then he sighed and rested his head in his hands, shaking his head.

“I am a terrible person.” Midoriya warbled, “I am a terrible person but I’m trying my goddamn best. I had to kill her so brutally because that wasn’t the villainess Honey, that was Queen Bee. Who had been alive for over a hundred years.” Midoriya looked up at all of them with tired, tear-filled eyes. “Lets just say, that in order to kill her you need to completely destroy her. Honey was just some civilian she possessed. Being possessed by Queen Bee is a death sentence. Only one host has ever been saved and it was a complete miracle. They thought that Queen Bee was dead, but she wasn’t. And we didn’t find out until it was too late and put Dad in a coma.”

Midoriya looked up at all f them with pleading eyes.

“Please tell me I’m not a terrible person. Please. Because I don’t want to be bad. But sometimes… sometimes you can’t save people.” 

Inko got out of her seat and marched over to her son.

Then she wrapped him into a tight hug.

Midoriya sobbed into her shoulder.

“Baby, you are a wonderful, kind, empathetic person. If you were bad, you wouldn’t feel remorse for killing someone who absolutely deserved it.” Inko said fiercely, “I have told you many times. I trust you. I just wish you had told us instead of handling this all on your own.”

The Bakugous decided to quietly excuse themselves and let the mother and son deal with it.

They needed some time alone.



Tsukauchi was in shock.

He had gotten done with all the interviews last night for the last Rose murder.

And what he heard was… chilling.

And then, two days later, someone came in with more information.

It was one of the guys he had already interviewed. The man who had confronted Rose.

Somehow, what he said put Tsukauchi into a an even deeper shock.

Rose was… just a child. Hardly even a teenager if what the man said was correct.

An allegedly thirteen-year-old kid had murdered fifteen villains.

Then proceeded to have a mental breakdown over what he had done.

The guilt had already been eating Rose up, and this was the nail in the coffin for them.

The man had told him everything that had happened that night. 

Though he had made Tsukauchi promise that the media would not get wind of it.

Tsukauchi promised to do his best and the man spoke.

Now Tsukauchi had no idea what to do.

This child had to have had a reason for what he did.

Was it revenge? Or was it something deeper than that?

And what did a child know that apparently, no one else in the world knew?

Tsukauchi ended up calling a meeting with everyone on the case.

This consisted of some higher-ranking officers, and few pro heroes. Including, Eraserhead, Midnight, Nighteye, Fat Gum and Thirteen.

They all met in a bland meeting room, only decorated by a single plant and a table with a coffee machine, tea, and some cups and creamers. The table and chairs in the middle of the room was just as bland as the rets of the room.

The heroes and officers all silently sat around the table, processing.

Tsukauchi had just played the recording of his newest, most enlightening, interview.

They had all thought they could not become anymore shocked and confounded by the case before them.

And yet here they were.

Nighteye was the palest of them all. 

He suddenly stood up, his chair clattering to the floor. 

“A future quirk.” Nighteye whispered, “He has a future quirk.”

Everyone’s eyes widened as that sunk in.

“It makes so much sense.” Midnight muttered, “The kid can see the future, and doesn’t like what he sees. So, he tries to change it in the best way possible.”

“Those people must have something to do with the future he saw. If this is truly the case.” Aizawa added, “I don’t think he ever wanted to murder them. Hence why he was as respectful to them as he could.”

“We aren’t dealing with a hardened criminal… we are dealing with a scared child.” Tsukauchi said numbly.

No one could say anything to that.



Over that past week Midoriya had been recuperating. He slept all during school, only waking for quizzes and tests when needed. He had a hard time eating, but someone always forced him to choke down some food. But everything tasted like cardboard. 

He went out as Polaroid a few times, but he still avoided anyone he could. Tsukauchi and Aizawa were obviously very worried if their text messages had anything to say.

Maybe… maybe he would talk to them again soon. Just, not right now.

It was the seventh day since the murder of Queen Bee when his mother confronted him.

She sat them both on the couch and she gave him a determined stare.

“Izuku, I have let this go on long enough.” Inko told him sternly, “You need a therapist.”

Midoriya blinked and tilted his head.

“Why do I need one? I’ve been worse.” Midoriya asked.

Inko gave her son a deadpan look.

“Izuku. You might have been worse before, but that doesn’t make you better. You are getting a therapist and that’s final.”

“O-Okay?” Midoriya relented, putting his hands up in surrender, “I’m not opposed to the idea. But I’m just surprised that we’re doing this now of all times.”

Inko sighed and put her hands gently on his shoulders, looking deep into his eyes.

“As I said, this should have been done the second you travelled back here. But I was worried you would take it bad so I didn’t say anything. But now I see truly how hard it has been for you. And I know you need help. You don’t even have to tell them everything. Just go. I want you to be happy Izuku, and this will help you get there.”

Midoriya smiled lovingly at his mother. He really should have expected this. But maybe…

Maybe it was for the best.




Chapter Text




Midoriya was still a little confused as to why his mother wanted him to go to therapy.

Sure, he had gone for quiet a few years back in his time. But he hadn’t been to one since he was twenty. And since he had recently turned fourteen, he that was four years ago.

Sure he hadn’t dealt with everything that well, but its not like his therapist could have changed that.

So, he was confused.

But it was fine. He thought it was a waste of time. But there was nothing wrong with it. 

The day after the talk they had Inko brought him forms to sign. 

She had that same determined she had had on the night before. 

She reminded him a bit of how Uraraka could get sometimes. She was very competitive.

He went through everything, hardly skimming, rusting his mother that everything was fine.

He was about to sign his name when he saw the name of the place he would be going to.

Fujiya Mental Hospital.

Midoriya looked up at his mother.

“This is a mental hospital. Not some therapist place.” He accused, narrowing his eyes. 

Inko blushed a bit and at least looked bad.

“Well… they do therapy as well. It’s not just a Psyche Ward.” Inko explained.

Midoriya gave her a deadpan look.

“I personally ended up having this place shut down. Todoroki Rei goes there at the moment. Endeavor is paying them to stay quiet when she doesn’t need to be there at this point. She got over her mania a few months after being admitted. She could have been out of there years ago. This place is shady as fuck mom.”

Inko looked a little cowed.

“I know.” She said, “And that’s why I thought it would be perfect. Not everyone there is bad! And they can stay quiet about things! And you can investigate and help the people in there while your at it!”

Midoriya had to admit she had a point.

But for good measure he took an hour to carefully scan the documents. He didn’t feel like selling his soul today.

Luckily, there was nothing out of the normal. So, he signed and gave the papers to his mother.

It would be another week until the papers would process and he would go in for his first appointment. Apparently, his mother was having him go twice a week at least.

Midoriya went along with his school. 

He wasn’t planning on going out as Polaroid for a bit. 

But when he kept getting plagued by rose and blood-filled nightmares, he decided that being awake was better than sleeping.

So, he went out as Polaroid and started taking down criminals again.

He decided that now was as good of a time as ever to get back into contact after practically none for a little over two months.

“This is Polaroid.” Midoriya sighed over the coms, sounding very tired, “Thought I’d tell you that no, I’m not dead. And that there is big gang fight on XXXX that I can’t take on alone. Hurry.”

There were some disbelieving responses, but promises to come quickly.

They ended up doing just that and came in a jiffy.

Okay, Midoriya had not been expecting this.

Maybe one or two would come by to help.

Not every underground hero on patrol nearby.

When they tied up the criminals in record time, they all ran up to him.

Midoriya panicked a bit, not liking the memories that came with the rush.

He jumped and scrabbled up the building next to him with his sharp claws and hissed at them, bristling.

The heroes looked up at him curiously as he hissed and spat at them.

“Are you sure he doesn’t have a cat quirk Eraser?” Some pro asked.

Midoriya stopped and gazed at the man talking incredulously.

“I am NOT a cat.” Midoriya squawked indignantly.

“A furry then.” Someone else smirked.

“No.” Midoriya deadpanned.

“Than why did you-” Someone else started.

“It’s the PTSD you asshole.” Midoriya stopped them.

They were silent.

“You need ther-”

“Don’t. I’m already getting it. So shut.” Midoriya stopped someone once more.

He slid down the wall, not bothered by the nails on chalkboard sound.

Everyone else, even the tied-up criminals, wince at the noise.

Midoriya landed on the ground and brushed himself off.

“Well, see. Not dead. I’m also going to be a little less active. Unlike you poor guys, I have a infinitely flexible working schedule.” Midoriya informed them.

They could not ignore how tired his voice sounded. How weary.

They had heard hints of it before. But now he wasn’t even bothering hiding it.

“Kid…” Aizawa slowly started.

“What.” Midoriya snapped, still salty about the whole argument they had.

“I’m sorry for yelling at you last time.” He apologized, catching Midoriya by slight surprise. “You are welcome over any time to see Hitoshi. He actually really wants to see you again, as does my husband and the cats.” 

And if that didn’t make Midoriya’s heart flutter nothing else did. But years of practice let him hide his blush and he shrugged.

“It’s… okay. We’ll see. I’m going to be really busy with a whole lot of things.” Midoriya reluctantly forgave. Aizawa smiled softly, making all the other underground heroes back off in shock.

“That’s good kid.”

“I’m… not a…” Midoriya tried, but he found himself unable to argue it. “Uh… fuck.”

“I don’t know what happened to make that so complicated, but take your time.” Aizawa placated. 

“That’s… chill.” Midoriya awkwardly coughed. “Uh, say hi to Naonao-chan for me.”

“I’ll make sure to do that.” Aizawa grinned.

Midoriya gave them a small smile and salute before hopping off.

No one followed him. 



Midoriya ended up visiting Kota after that. 

He and the boy were quite close. 

He didn’t go in his Polaroid outfit. Instead he wore black jeans, an over sized black sweater, and his combat boots. Over his face was a black medical mask and circular rose-colored glasses just like his Polaroid ones. And of course, he had his clawed gloves on. 

He scaled the wall and hopped on to the balcony. Kota was reading a book under his covers.

Midoriya grinned and snuck silently into the room. 

Kota did not move as he crept forward. 

Once he got to the bed he crouched down and grabbed the blanket.

“Boo.” He whispered as he popped his head under the blanket to look at the boy.

Kota startled and nearly screamed, but Midoriya brought a finger to his lips and he stayed silent. 

“F-Fuck you, you didn’t scare me.” Kota stuttered. Midoriya snickered.

“Sure, sure.” Midoriya grinned, getting back up.

Kota crawled from under his blankets and slipped his slippers on. The two walked to the balcony where they would talk. Midoriya made sure to snag a large blanket while they were at it. It was cold out there.

They sat down next to each other and Midoriya pulled the blanket over the both of them.

They talked about random stuff as usual. Just talking about their days. 

“My aunts and uncle have been really worried about this serial killer person. Rose, I think.” Kota said at some point. Midoriya went pale, but in the night, it was unnoticeable. “Rose only killed villains. They… they killed the guy who killed my parents.” Kota looked down at his lap. “Rose is a bad guy, a villain, but… but what if they are my hero too? Like you are? Is that a bad thing?”

They were silent. 

Then Midoriya gently wrapped the boy in a half hug and pulled him close. Kota swiveled to bury his face in Midoriya’s chest. 

“Kota… not all people who are villains are bad. Some aren’t even villains, it’s just that people see them as a villain. Rose… gosh this is hard.” Midoriya sighed and took a moment to weigh his options. “Let me ask you this. If Rose was killing those people so that other people wouldn’t get hurt, would you still call him a villain?”

Kota looked up at him with wide eyes. Then he shook his head.

“No… I remember one time Aunty Mandalay had to kill a villain because they were hurting lots of people. She was sad, but she isn’t a villain. So, if Rose was doing the same thing why would they be a villain?”

It was at moments like these that Midoriya remembered how smart Kota was for his age. He smiled down at Kota and ruffled his hair.

“There’s your answer. Rose didn’t like killing those people. That’s why he always treated their bodies as nice as he could. He didn’t want to kill them. But he thought it was better to kill them than have the people he loved and many others get killed.”

Kota narrowed his eyes. Midoriya had a feeling he messed up, but didn’t know what it was.

“How did you know Rose is a boy?” Kota asked suspiciously. 

Midoriya blanched.

“I… I think it’s best if you don’t know. Not until your older at least.” Midoriya told him awkwardly. 

Kota stood up and glared down at him. 

“Tell me.” Kota demanded. 


“Tell me or I’ll tell Aunty about you.” 

Midoriya went silent, knowing full well that wasn’t just a threat. 

Midoriya sighed and got up. 

“I have something for you. I trust you to keep this safe and only use it in an emergency.” Midoriya told Kota solemnly.

Then he delicately pulled a sheathed knife. 

It was a small, delicate knife, and very special. The hilt was black wood with roses carefully carved into it with white painted over the carved ridges. A white 2 in Roman numerals was painted on the wood. The sheath that covered the knife was a simple black cloth with red flowers on it. He took the knife out. The blade itself was razor sharp and serrated on one bit. The metal was black and when in the light had a red hue. Midoriya showed the boy the knife before clipping it back into the sheath.

He handed the small knife to the boy, who took it and looked down at it in confusion. Midoriya gently closed the boy’s hands over the weapon.

“This is your answer. You’ll understand soon enough. Like I said, only use it in emergencies and hide it well. Most people won’t trust a kid with a knife. But your smart and mature, so I trust you.”

Midoriya crouched down once more and pulled Kota into one last, loving hug. Then he let go of the boy and got back up, heading to the edge of the balcony.

“I’m going to be gone for a while. I don’t know how long. But I’ll be back. I promise. I love you Kota.” Midoriya sadly told the boy.

Kota dropped the knife and ran forward.

“Wait-” He cried.

But Midoriya was gone.



The next morning Kota woke up, the knife clenched tight in his hands. 

He looked down at the knife with a tearful gaze. 

His Aunt Ragdoll came in with a smile. Kota slid the knife under his pillow.

Ragdoll saw his tears immediately and frowned, running over to his bed.

“Hey kitten, what’s wrong?” She asked.

“Bad dream. About… dad.” Kota lied. 

Ragdoll’s eyes went soft and she nodded.

“Oh kitten, do you want to talk about it? Or just go down for breakfast?”

“Breakfast.” Kota mumbled, getting out of bed careful not to move his pillow too much. He would find a better place to hide the weapon later.

He followed his aunt after drying his tears and went down to eat breakfast. The news was on in the background.

He ate his cereal and thought about the night before. 

Deku trusted him enough to give him a weapon, something likely very important to him if the way he handled it had anything to do with it. 

He had said it was the answer. And that he would find out soon enough.

But what did the knife had to do with Rose?

And what did Deku have to do with Rose?

Breaking News! The case on the serial killer villain Rose has gotten more interesting! It seems that a knife from the last murder was found on a detective’s desk with a note from Rose themselves last night! The note was not released to the public, but we do know that there are three knives in the set, all identical to one another minus a number on the hilt.

Kota’s head snapped up and he looked at the television. He missed the concerned gazes his family sent him.

“Here is the picture of the knife and it’s sheath. If you find any of these knives, please take it to the police immediately.”

Kota’s eyes widened even further when a picture of a very familiar knife. 

Everything was the same. To the sheath, the wood, the metal, and the shape.

All except for three little strokes of a brush.

A number one in roman numerals. 

Someone turned the television to a new news channel.

Kota forced himself to look back at his cereal and continue eating. Though it was more like choking it down at this point.

He couldn’t believe it. 

Rose was…

He was…


“Kota… are you okay kitten?” Mandalay asked, knowing something was wrong.

Kota flinched.

She frowned and pulled a chair next to him.

“Sweetie, what’s-” She tried again, but Kota slammed his spoon on the table and glared at her.

Then he remembered what Deku had told him a few visits ago.

“They just care about you Kota. I know you don’t like their care, and I know they don’t fully understand. But you have to remember that they lost someone they loved too. Give them a chance. Talk to them. You can talk to me anytime, but I also want you to try trusting them too.” 

Kota softened his glare and looked back down.

Then he sniffled and started crying. The small family of all but blood took seats around him, ready to listen f he felt like talking.

“I-Is it wrong that Rose is my hero?” Kota cried, wiping at his eyes in vain, “Th-They stopped v-villains from hurting people. And he, what if he didn’t want to do it?! The r-reporters say that he was nice to the people he killed! He… Muscular can’t hurt me anymore. Ever since Rose killed him, I haven’t had nightmares about him or gotten scared. And- and…” Kota fell into heavy sobs. 

The adults all gathered around the boy and hugged him.

“Oh Kota… I can’t decide who is a hero or a villain to you.” Mandalay whispered, “Whatever you choose is right believe in for you. Just be careful with who you trust honey. That’s all I can say.” 

Kota sniffled and nodded.

Be careful who you trust…

Yeah, he trusted his Da- Deku.

Even if he was Rose.



Inko and Midoriya walked into the hospital. 

Midoriya was jittery as he looked around.

The mental hospital was small, but nice. It lacked the aura of death that surrounded normal hospitals.

But… it had something worse. 

He had a creeping feeling that something was off about this place. He had already gotten that feeling before knowing all that happened here. But now that he knew… this place had a very bad vibe. 

He wished he could remember which doctors were good. He distinctly remembered that a little over half of the doctors here had been innocent, completely unaware of what was going on or threatened into silence.

The rest of them were corrupt, evil people. 

And overall, the management was evil.

Midoriya had told his mother some of what happened here. But not all.

It would be smart to gather evidence. He would just have to be careful not to make himself look too crazy.

Which should be easy since he wasn’t crazy.

And maybe… maybe if he did this now, he could get Rei out of there faster.

She didn’t deserve this.

And if she stayed here…

In his past/future, Rei had died. 

And it was all because she was in this damned hospital.

When the war started and Shigiraki made his first attack that killed class 1A the villains deep seeded in the hospital had ended up killing everyone in the building who was not a villain or a patient who wasn’t willing or crazy enough to become a villain themselves. 

And they had started with Rei Todoroki.

In the end all the villains and criminals had been caught. But by then, it was too late for three-fourths of the hospital. 

They had all lost people that day. 

Midoriya was just happy that in the end, Fuyumi and Natsuo survived. 

And now he was walking through the very same hospital.

God, he hated this.

Inko didn’t look nervous in the slightest and was admiring how nice the place was. 

“Oh Izuku, look at the garden on the roof!” Inko smiled, “It’s above the Psych Ward but it’s still pretty!” Inko enthused. Midoriya nodded and gulped, still nervous. 

Every time a doctor passed he shivered deeply.

More memories.

Memories he had buried deep, deep down into himself.

From when-


He wasn’t thinking about that.

Not today. Not ever if he could help it.

Those things were better left alone.

Midoriya sighed as he watched his mother point things out, trying to get him to like the place a bit more.

He kind of wish he had told her now.

Oh well, she wouldn’t have let him come if she had truly known.

Remembering something, he got his phone out and twiddled with it. 

He had bought and stuck a fish-eye lens camera onto his shirt. He let it start recording. Once he was sure it was going, he put his phone away, careful to close the app before turning it off.

“Oh! Where here Izuku! Mrs. Cassidy, she must be American.” Inko hummed. She was excited for her son, happy that he can finally be happy.

Midoriya gave her a strained smile and they walked in.

(They wouldn’t know the mistake they made until much later.)




Chapter Text



Midoriya decided that his therapist was one of the good ones.

He used to be naïve and thought the best of everyone when he was young. Before he faced tragedy and sorrow and betrayal. 

Now he knew better.

Ends up he was an amazing judge of character when he wasn’t trying to think the best of everyone.

The first session where he met with Cassidy was awkward much to Inko’s dismay. Ends up Cassidy was American but moved to Japan when she was seven. She was a younger lady, and had only just turned thirty. 

She had long maroon curly hair that was thick and went all the way down to her hips. Her pale skin was covered in freckles and small scars littered here and there. Thick red cat-eye glasses rested on her nose in front of vibrant pink eyes with slightly slit pupils.

The first session was mainly just an easy get to know you talk. She pretty much told them what to expect and told them about herself.

Inko was glad to speak when it was her turn. She happily chatted about the things she liked to do. Knitting, reading, cooking, etc. Or just about her job.

But once it was Midoriya’s turn it was much more… stilted. He did not trust her just yet. Even though at first glance she seemed good. He mainly just mumbled about liking to draw, exercise, read, and clean around the house. 

Yes, cleaning around the house was one of his favorite things to do. It was calm. Sue him. 

He hardly gave any details or talked about himself. The most information he gave her was that he liked cats and would go out at night to feed the strays. And that was it.

They eventually left. Inko knew better than to push Midoriya, but she couldn’t help but feel a little annoyed at how rude he was. But she didn’t say anything.

Midoriya could see her slight annoyance and ignored it. He was just glad she said nothing of it. 

The next time he went in it was alone, as most visits would be going. 

This actually made him feel a little better since that meant his mother was out of the danger zone if something were to happen.

He still hated the place though.

Most of the session with Cassidy consisted of him mumbling half-hearted responses while he was curled up on the couch, his legs and arms nestle under him like a cat.

He did try though. But it was hard with all his distrust. 

The next session went a little better. 

Maybe this was because Midoriya had realized that Cassidy did not exude a bad aura. She felt… calm and nice. And not at all fake. 

He also learned that her quirk only allowed her to see someone’s current emotions by the color their aura had. Which was just a slight coloring around someone’s figure. 

He opened up a little bit more.

For some reason his mother started making him go three times a week, so he begrudgingly did.

With each session that passed, he opened up a bit more.

It was at his eighth session, three weeks in, he had his first panic attack.

He and Cassidy were chatter about whatever like normal and something that sounded like gun shots rang through the building.

Then people started wailing and screaming.

Later he would learn that one of the worse mental patients had used their quirk, which allowed them to make random, loud noises, and scared a lot of people into thinking it was a shooting. All the doctors knew what had happened due to someone messaging them fast, but no one else did.

When Midoriya heard the ‘gunshots’ then the subsequent wailing and screaming, he was brought back to a time he would much rather forget.

He was on a battlefield filled with bodies of heroes and villains alike. At his feet were the dead bodies of Himiko Toga and Compress. 

He hadn’t meant to kill them. 

But the smoking gun in his hand was damning.

He hadn’t heard them coming until it was too late. They snuck up on him and pounced. 

Danger Sense flared fast.

And before he could think his gun was out and there were two bullet holes through their heads, similar expressions of shock forever frozen on their faces. 

Oh god… he hadn’t meant to kill them.

He… he hadn’t meant to.

He wanted to save them! 

Not kill them.

But it was too late. And now they were dead because of a single, split-second reaction.

Midoriya was unaware of the flashback he was in. In that moment, all he could see was the smoking gun in his hands and feel the blood that had splattered onto his hero costume.

Midoriya dropped the gun, covered his ears, and screamed.

He didn’t want to hear the screams. The wails of those mourning the dead. 

He didn’t want to smell the nauseating smell of blood and rotting remains.

He didn’t want to see the dead.

To feel the blood.

He furiously scratched at his arms. Over and over again.

He didn’t want to feel the blood. He didn’t want to. He didn’t want to. hE DidN’t WAnT tO-

Then suddenly two firm hands were grabbing his wrists and pulling them from his bleeding arms.

One of the hands brought his own hand to his chest and one finger started tapping against his chest in a steady beat.

Over and over and over and over again.

The pressure on his wrists and the rhythmic tapping on his chest started pulling him back. But he dared not open his eyes. Just in case.

The feeling of blood started to slowly fade away. It was replaced with soft cloth and gentle hands.

The smell of blood and decay turned into lavender perfume. 

The screams were gone and replaced with someone humming a soft tune.

He slowly opened his eyes.

Tears dripped down his face as he sobbed in relief. He wasn’t there anymore. He wasn’t there. 

Instead, he was in the little room and Cassidy was looking down at him.

At some point he must have fallen to the floor because he was looking up at the ceiling and his therapist’s face. His head was resting in her lap and each hand still had a tight grip on his wrists. 

His arms had deep scratches running down them and his nails had skin flaked under them.

“You back with me honey?” Cassidy smiled sadly. Midoriya shivered and nodded.

“Y-Yeah. I-I’m not there. I’m not there.” Midoriya whispered hoarsely. Cassidy nodded and let go of his wrists, which fell limp at his sides. 

“Don’t worry. That was just one of our more troubled people using their quirk. The nurse must have forgotten to check if she had her quirk suppressing pills.” Cassidy calmly explained. Midoriya shakily nodded.

He shivered and thought back to the flashback he had.

He brought his hands up to scratch again, but Cassidy firmly took his hands again. 

He blinked, not even realizing that he was doing that.

“O-Oh, sorry.” Midoriya stammered, looking at his slightly-bloody hands. He felt nauseous. He hadn’t had a panic attack that bad in a while. And it was always when he was alone.

“You shouldn’t scratch yourself. That’s bad for you. Let me get you patched up and we’ll call you mom. Okay?” Cassidy said calmly, though her voice had a hint of sadness. 

“O-Okay.” He whispered. Cassidy nodded and grabbed some bandages, letting him go back to the couch.

She sat next to him and started cleaning the scratches with a gentle hand.

They said nothing to each other as she cleaned and bandaged his arms.

When she was done, she looked deep into his wary eyes.

“Do you want to talk about it? About where you were?” Cassidy softly asked.

Midoriya trusted her in whole at that moment.

“I was back in the battlefield.” Midoriya whispered, looking off into the distance in a slight daze. “I was back in my costume, back in my time. Villains and heroes alike fallen in the battlefield. All you could smell was metallic blood, smoke, and decaying flesh. We had been fighting for two days straight with hardly any rest. I was jittery and running on adrenalin at that point. I was on edge.”

He missed the way Cassidy’s eyes widened.

“Two villains I knew well, Toga and Mr. Compress, sneaked up on me. Danger Sense warned me they were coming and I… I reacted before my mind could think. I pulled my gun and shot them. In the head. Two bullets was all it took. And they were dead.”

Midoriya turned his head to look at her with horror-filled eyes. 

“I didn’t want to kill them. I wanted to save them. From themselves. But I shot them. I killed them. The gun smoked and their blood splattered all over me. I couldn’t get the feeling of their blood off me for days after the battle ended. No matter how much I scrubbed and scratched the stickiness of the blood would never go away.”

Midoriya started tremoring and Cassidy swallowed her confusion and horror to pull him into a tight hug.

“I’m sorry child. I’m so sorry.” She whispered. 

Midoriya reluctantly wrapped his shaking arms around her and squeezed back.

Neither moved for a while.

Midoriya pulled away and Cassidy followed. Midoriya had a hold of himself now and took a deep, calming breath.

Then he looked her straight in the eyes with a hard expression.

“You cannot tell anyone. I need to fix things this time around. Or the world will fall.” Midoriya told her seriously.

Cassidy nodded and made a motion of sealing her lips shut.

Midoriya nodded, not detecting a hint of lie in her eyes.

When Inko came to pick him up Cassidy shut the door behind them and in a hushed voice told Inko what had happened. 

Inko was horrified, but glad that Cassidy was in on it. If just so her son would get actual help and that they would have one more person on their side. 

Cassidy asked them to come in together for the next session.

They went home after that. 

Inko and Midoriya decided to take a break and just curl up on the couch and watch old pre-quirk era superhero movies. Midoriya had always particularly liked Spider-Man.



Kota sat on his bed, looking down at the knife in his hands. 

It was late at night, the time he and da- Deku would talk. 

But he wasn’t here tonight. Just as he hadn’t been for the past three weeks.

He knew his d- Deku had said he would be gone for a while. 

But Kota really missed him.

He had so many questions for him too.

Why did he become Rose? He had said that he was protecting his loved ones. But what else?

Why did he become a vigilante? Kota still hadn’t gotten an answer for that one.

And finally… 

Why was he so important? Why would hi- Deku gain an interest in him. Why would he find some random child and decide to help him? 

Why? Why? Why?

So many questions.

He would have to ask dad when he came back.




Inko and Midoriya walked into Cassidy’s cute little room. They sat down on the couch across from her and they started the session. 

And Cassidy pulled no punches.

“I have diagnosed your son with severe depression, anxiety, PTSD, Insomnia, and Acute Stress Disorder (ASD).” Cassidy started off.

Inko and Midoriya both blanched.

“U-Um, I’m not sure if-” Midoriya tried to argue. But Cassidy gave him a deadpan look that shut him up.

“Everything I said is true and you know it.” She told him sternly, “Remember how I can see your emotions? Well, the first few sessions were full of distrust and anxiety and laced with self-loathing. Then when you started opening up to me more, I could tell easily tell that you were depressed. And with you telling me about your problems with nightmares and odd sleeping schedule that one session I could tell you had insomnia. But I was waiting until you fully trusted me to say anything.”

“But what about the ASD?” Midoriya countered, “That seems a little extreme.”

“Not any more extreme than the PTSD which you have yet to mention.” Cassidy remarked coolly. 

Midoriya opened his mouth to protest but couldn’t. So, he snapped it shut.

“You show all the symptoms for these Midoriya and I think it would be good to put you on some medication.” Cassidy said firmly.

Midoriya recoiled and hissed at her, like she had just struck him.

Inko and Cassidy jumped and looked at him in concern.

“I don’t do medication.” Midoriya growled at them, distrust and anger in his eyes.

Cassidy saw something that made her blanch a bit.

“Midoriya… have you had any bad experiences with medication in the past?” Cassidy gently asked.

Midoriya continued looking at Cassidy like she was a tarantula for a bit. Then he slowly settled back down, still distrustful but no longer angry.

He looked down and slowly nodded.

Inko had not known about this and frowned deeply. Cassidy matched her expression.

“Can you tell us-”

“No no no no no no nononononononono…” Midoriya whimpered covering his ears and curling into a ball.

He wasn’t going to think about it. He wasn’t. He wasn’t. HE WASN’T.

He scratched harshly at his arms. Dragging his nails up and down them. 

His nails had always been a little sharp. It was a habit to make them sharper after he was able to escape an attempted kidnapping by using his sharp nails. 

So, the nails tore into his skin easily.

Suddenly someone was grabbing his wrists and holding them close to someone’s chest. They were breathing heavily and steadily.

“Breath with me Midoriya.” A voice commanded.

Midoriya shivered and did as he was told. When had he started to breath so fast?

He hadn’t realized how little breath he had been getting until he was suddenly able to breathe again.

He opened his eyes. He looked and saw that he was in the embrace of his grave-looking mother and Cassidy was the one holding his hands.

His eyes widened when he saw that he had scratched himself again, his sharp nails even cutting through the remaining bandages he had from two days ago.

Oh god… when had he started doing that?

“Are you okay Izuku?” Inko asked gently. Midoriya took a shaky breath and nodded. Tears streamed down his face and he sniffled.

“I-I don’t want to think about it.” Midoriya muttered, “I’m not going to think about it. It’s too much.”

“That’s okay. You don’t need to take any medication if you don’t want to. Though I would really like if you did.” 

“No.” Midoriya said, and that was final.

After a few minutes in a tight embrace and Cassidy gently wrapping his arms. 

He noticed with slight annoyance that at all times someone had a hold on his wrist or hand. They didn’t trust him not to hurt himself.

Midoriya felt a little offended by this but said nothing.

He had forgotten that Cassidy could see emotions.

She chuckled a bit as she finished up his second arm.

“Annoyed, are we?” She smiled, “I know it’s annoying that we don’t fully trust you not to scratch yourself. But it’s better we keep a hold of you and not let you hurt yourself than take any risks. You have… oddly sharp nails.”

Midoriya huffed and rolled his eyes a bit, back to normal for the most part.

“I keep them that way. A few years ago, someone tried to kidnap me and I only managed to get out because Shinsou had pranked me by sharpening my nails, ‘like a cat’ he said. So, by keeping my nails long and a little sharp I have a weapon that no one can get me legally for. And Shinsou said they made me look cute in a scary way.” Midoriya explained.

Cassidy and Inko raised an eyebrow.

Midoriya blushed and looked away from them indignantly.

“Stop looking at me like that!” He huffed. Cassidy and Inko laughed, finally letting him go.

Midoriya sighed and looked down at his bandaged arms. He really had done a number on them. The scratches and cuts went all the way up his arm. 

“Since you don’t want medication… Have you ever considered a support animal?” Cassidy asked a little out of the blue.

Midoriya’s head snapped up to her.

“A… support animal? I thought those were only for people with physical disabilities?” Midoriya asked, Inko mirroring his confused look. Cassidy shook her head and smiled.

“Nope! There are animals trained to help people through panic or anxiety attacks. They can even be trained to help someone avoid triggers, stressful situations, or anything else that might harm the person. Some can also grab water and food when someone feels as though they don’t want to move or are too scared to. That, and animals have been shown to really help with someone’s emotions and stress levels.” Cassidy explained.

Midoriya looked to his mother, who was looking at Cassidy like she was a genius. 

“What animals can you get?” She asked. Cassidy smiled, knowing she likely had just sold Inko on her suggestion.

“Dogs and cats mainly. But people have chosen monkeys, birds, and ferrets before.” She answered.

Midoriya perked up at he word ‘cats’.

“I can have a cat?” He asked, his eyes lit up with child-like excitement. 

Cassidy and Inko both chuckled.

“You could. Though they might have a harder time grabbing things. So, they would be more for helping with stress and such.”

“I don’t care. I just want a cat.” Midoriya grinned.

Both adults gave each other a fond look and snorted. It was common knowledge that Midoriya adored cats.

“Well, if you come by tomorrow, we can have you pick out one of our trained cats. We have quite a few. Some even have quirks!” Cassidy smiled, “We can set up an appointment for that right now. And the soonest you could take the cat home is in a week.” 

Midoriya and Inko went home feeling a little better.

But neither could really forget the panic attack that occurred.



Aizawa stared down at what was in his hand and frowned deeply.

This had appeared in his house suddenly. 

It was one of the famed Rose knives, with a roman three on the hilt.

The last of the three.

Rose must have known he was on the case.

Now he had one, which Tsukauchi had asked him to keep, just in case. 

And Tsukauchi had gotten his own left on his desk.

But where was the third?

Rose didn’t have it. 

So, who did they give it to?

Some part of Aizawa didn’t want to know.



Chapter Text


The appointment was quickly made. And Midoriya couldn’t help but feel excited at the prospect of getting a cat.

Even if the situation surrounding it wasn’t so great.

He and Inko had bought everything that would be needed for the cat the day before. So, they were all ready to go!

They were asked to meet at an animal training building on the grounds outside of the main area. It was it’s own place and was a block away from the hospital.

They met Cassidy there and she greeted them with a smile and a wave. Midoriya was buzzing with excitement, which was the most of a positive emotion from him during their time together. So, Cassidy counted this as a success.

They walked in and after a lot of paperwork they were ready to see the cats and pick one out.

They put all the cats in a special room. It was like a lounge, but had things for the cats to play with and food and such. The people picking the animals would go inside and hang out with the cats. The therapist there would then help the person choose the cat best suited towards them.

Once they picked, they would sign a few more things, and a few days later the cat could be picked up.

Midoriya entered said room and cooed when he saw all the cats there.

When he walked in, the cats all perked up and walked over to him, meowing.

Midoriya ended up laying on his back on the floor as he was covered by lots of purring cats.

“I love cats.” Came his muffled voice from under the piles of fur.

Cassidy and Inko couldn’t help but burst into laughter. 

The cats eventually left him and went about on their own. They did not see or sense any of the concerning signs they were trained to look out for and deemed it fine to go and do their own things.

Midoriya watched them carefully, sometimes cooing over their antics. 

But there was one cat that stood out for him.

A smaller black cat with shining green eyes was sunbathing in one of the windows. It was alone, and hadn’t moved. Even when the pile of cats had come to greet him this cat had not moved. Just looked at him with, dare he say, intelligent eyes. 

Midoriya would sometimes feel it’s gaze on him. But for now, he ignored it, wondering what the cat would do. 

Instead, he continued to watch and play with the other cats. 

Cassidy explained some of their quirks. Most of the cats were normal, but some had minor quirks that helped. Like a cat that changed colors depending on the mood of the person touching him. Or the cat that was basically an empath and could tell people’s emotions. Or a cat that, when pet, would make someone calm.

At some point Inko and Cassidy got distracted, talking about something, and Midoriya took his chance to give the peculiar black cat attention.

He walked over to the black cat and sat in front of the window.

The cat looked over and into his matching green eyes.

They stared at each other for who knows how long.

Midoriya saw intelligence in those green eyes. The cat had a calming aura. 

Both slowly blinked at the same time.

Suddenly someone’s hand was on his shoulder.

He jumped and hissed a bit. 

The cat did the same exact thing.

They both stopped and looked at each other. 

The cat raised an eyebrow at him.

It raised an eyebrow. Sassily. 

Yeah, he liked this cat.

“Is this one available?” He asked Cassidy, who was the one to touch his shoulder.

She looked at him in surprise but nodded.

“Her name is Artemis. She is a normal cat. I thought you’d pick one of the ones with a quirk, I admit.” Cassidy hummed, looking at Artemis in deep thought. “She would be a pretty good fit for you though. One of our most well trained. Though no one who has visited has considered her yet. I’m glad to see someone likes her.”

Midoriya had to resist giving Cassidy a deadpan look.

Instead, he looked over to Artemis, who gave him an exasperated look.

“She always is making those funny expressions.” Cassidy chuckled. 

Midoriya once again had to fight to keep his face blank.

“I really like her. She feels… right.” Midoriya smiled at the cat.

Artemis nodded and purred, getting up to rub against his head. Midoriya giggled and made a raspy purring noise right back. Aizawa had taught he and Shinsou how to imitate purring and meowing a long while back. Ends up cats really liked when you purred back.

Artemis looked surprised but delighted and continued to purr and rub against him.

Cassidy must have seen their bond and decided to approve it. 

Soon enough the paperwork was done and Midoriya was sadly leaving Artemis until everything was processed and ready.



Kota was up once again on a Wednesday night. 

Now was the time he would meet with dad… DEKU. It was DEKU. Or Midoriya. Or Izuku.

Not DAD.

He was looking down at the knife he had managed to hide pretty cleverly. 

He had ended up hollowing out a book with the knife and making the perfect little hiding spot for it. The knife was very sharp and cut through the paper easily. The book in question was a diary book with a lock that Uncle Tiger had gotten him as a joke. Kota kept the key on a necklace around his neck at all time. The little spare key was hidden in his mother’s locket that he kept in a jewelry box that also once belonged to his mom.

Every Wednesday night Kota got the knife out at midnight and looked down at it, thinking and missing.

He was doing this today when he heard a familiar thump on the balcony outside.

His head shot up and he looked out the balcony.

A shadowy figure sat on the balcony where he and Deku always would.

Kota quickly grabbed the large blanket they always used and quietly ran to the balcony doors.

Midoriya turned his head and gave him a large, but sad smile.

Kota opened the door and ran to him, hugging him tightly. Tears fell from his eyes. 

“I-I missed you dad!” Kota cried. 

Then he realized what he had just called Midoriya and gasped, flushing red.

He expected Midoriya to correct him or laugh.

Instead Midoriya got a teary look in his own eyes and hugged him tighter.

“I’ll be your dad if you want to Kota. I’d be honored.” The boy whispered, “Though, you’ll have to make space for a sister.” He added a little mischievously.  

Kota looked up at Midoriya with wonder-filled eyes. Then he blushed further.

“Th-That’s fine.” Kota stammered, looking away.

Midoriya let out a little laugh. But it was a bit watery.

“Oh, I love you Kota. And I’m sorry I left for so long.” Midoriya apologized.

“I know your Rose.” Kota dropped, “But… I don’t care. Your my hero, and you always will be. But… why did you leave? Was it because you were scared of how I would react when I found out?”

Midoriya looked at him in surprise, then it melted into sadness and love.

He opened his arm and let Kota snuggle under his arm, half-hugging him. Midoriya pulled the blanket around them like always.

“Yes and no. That was part of it. I wanted to give you time to process it. But… I also needed time to become a better person. I realized that there is a whole lot wrong with me, more than I want to admit. And I didn’t want to hurt you by being around and lashing out or doing something I regretted.” Midoriya looked down at him and smiled, “But I’ve been getting help. And I think I’m ready.” 

Kota nodded seriously. That made some sense. But it was hard to think about how his dad could have so much problems. But he had problems too, he knew. 

So maybe they could grow together.

“I still missed you.” Kota said a little petulantly.

Midoriya chuckled and ruffled Kota’s hair.

They sat in silence for a while, just enjoying each other’s presence. 

Eventually Midoriya started gently singing into the night.

Kota fell asleep soon after.



Artemis had been living in her kitten’s house for a while now. 

She loved her kitten Izuku.

And his mother was nice too. But nothing could compare to her kitten.

No one could see her intelligence. She understood everything that was said around her by humans. She knew how to do things cats shouldn’t. And she tried to show her intelligence. And yet, no one noticed or cared. They treated and babied her like any other cat.

Most cats were content with this kind of life.

Artemis was not.

That was why she wandered to the training center and was taken in and trained as a young cat. She was glad to work at the very least.

Then her kitten came along.

And her kitten understood.

She knew there was more to her quirk than intelligence. When she was a kitten, she found that out the hard way. There was much more than just your average cat.

But since one encounter that almost cost her life, she decided not to use it to it’s full extent around humans.

She disliked most humans honestly. They were patronizing. 

But her kitten was not.

Hence why she loves her kitten.

She loves her kitten, so she will trust him with her secrets.

She knew his secrets, so it was fair he knew hers.

Her kitten had nightmares a lot. And those nightmares would often lead to panic attacks. And those panic attacks were oddly silent and scary for even her. But she was always able to pull him back, just as she was trained to. She would gently murmur soft words he could not understand into his ear as she purred and snuggled him. 

Often times he would talk to her about the things he went through. The time travel, the loss, the pain, the torture.

She hopes her kitten would get better soon.

He once heard Inko mother and her kitten fighting about medication. She listened in and found that her kitten did not want to take any medicine to help him because of an incident he would never talk about. Inko mother was frustrated in a motherly way. She wanted him to get help, but Izuku kitten was too scared.

Artemis could understand his concerns. Especially after one bad argument he went to his room and locked the door, crying tears of frustration. Then he flopped facedown in his bed and screamed into his pillow. 

Artemis, of course, went and comforted him. She did not approve of Inko mother’s behavior. She knew the woman was trying. But she needed to have more patience and understanding instead of pushing. 

Eventually her kitten told her about the terrible things that had happened to him. 

And about some very unpleasant pills. 

She understood now.

Artemis decided that when her kitten was calmed down, she would entrust him with her secret. He showed her so much trust, despite knowing full well she had intelligence. Now it was time she earned some of that trust.

Eventually he calmed down and she hopped by him, looking deep into his eyes. Izuku kitten was laying on his side, tears no longer dripping down his face but evident they could start all over again any time now. 

She looked deep into her kitten’s eyes… 

And she changed.



Midoriya looked in shock as Artemis, his small housecat, turned into a huge black panther.

Her little body morphed like putty into the shape of the giant animal.

But those green eyes were exactly the same, though certainly larger. 

“What the fuck Artemis?” Midoriya whispered.

Artemis looked very smug.

“You are… huge.” Midoriya gulped. Artemis purred, loud and raspy, and settled her huge body next to him on the bed. The mattress dipped a bit with her weight. 

Artemis pulled him towards her with large paws and started using her large tongue to groom him. Midoriya squealed and squirmed as her sandpaper tongue rasped against his hair and face.

“Artemis! Stoooop!” Midoriya giggled, still squirming. His cat might be a giant black panther now, but she was still the same cat inside. 

Artemis gave a low rumble and ignored his pleas, continuing to groom him.

It took a while, but eventually she had got through his now damp hair. 

Amazingly, it wasn’t tangled anymore. 

He had decided to stop styling it as he normally did and let it grow longer. Now it was a bit longer, going a little past his chin. It wasn’t too long, and still pretty short, but could get tangled easily. He had lost too many combs to that mess of curls.

But it seems Artemis knew her stuff.

He looked at her in amazement.

“Wow! You actually got through that mess!” Midoriya grinned, “Good job!” 

Artemis purred and pulled her kitten close to her to snuggle with. She gently nuzzled him, encouraging him to sleep. 

As Midoriya’s eyes drooped he decided he could skip out in being a vigilante for a bit.

His new plans he was carrying out wasn’t time sensitive anyways. 




Chapter Text




Midoriya’s new plan was imperative, but easier.

He was going to convert Dabi and Toga.

He didn’t want them to become villains this time around. Not really at least, though maybe he could enlist their help in other ways.

The only time constraint this had was that he had to convert them before Stain got popular. And that was about seven months away.

But it was better to get this started sooner rather than later. 

And due to him knowing both of their stories, ideals, and likes, he had the advantage.

He had been trying to track them down for a while, and he had finally succeeded. 

Ends up they were roommates, making his job easier. 

He had always thought he and Toga were pretty close despite their opposing natures. They had a bit of a love-hat relationship often seen between siblings. Dabi was an older brother by default, so he had always acted as the sassy, rebellious older brother figure for league. 

But in the end, he had lost his mind to power and hatred.

But Midoriya had plans to counter that.

And plans for Endeavor of course.

Midoriya had to admit, the man was a good friend in his timeline.

But at the moment he was still a quirkist, abusive asshole.

And Midoriya wasn’t afraid to forcibly knock him down a few pegs.

He was sure Dabi would love to help with that. And Toga would be quick to follow if there was a promise of blood.

Toga needed to drink human blood, like a vampire, otherwise she would go crazy. But she never got enough blood, even while killing people every once in a while, because she couldn’t risk getting caught. That’s why she was always ditzy and crazed. Because she was constantly starved. 

At this point both had murdered a few people. But so had Midoriya so all was fair.

This was why he was currently breaking into a hospital to steal the blood that was about to go stale. They could live without the blood that was about to be of no use to them. Plus, the sheer amount of blood, they had was crazy.

It made Midoriya angry, thinking of how people who needed to consume blood like Toga were denied blood for absolutely no reason. All this blood was going bad when someone could use them! Such a waste.

Now he was jumping through the streets of the Red-Light district with three bags of blood hanging from each arm.

He made it to the hideout without being seen, luckily. He couldn’t help but giggle at the thought of Aizawa’s reaction at him having stolen bags of blood hanging from each arm.

 Midoriya decided to be dramatic and just walk to the front door and knock on it.

It was an abandoned apartment building that was still in decent condition. The place had been a popular spot for suicidal teens as well as murders. So, the management decided to just close it after the thirtieth incident in a month. It was recent so not at all in bad condition. It was even still connected to heat and electricity.

Maybe he had gone a bit overboard in his research. But the more you knew the better.

He knocked on the door, hoping he didn’t wake them up. It was only nine PM, so it should be fine. Especially since the lights were on in at least two of the rooms.

The door was opened by a familiar person. Midoriya had to suppress a flinch at seeing him.


“The fuck do you want?” Dabi growled, a cigarette smoking between his teeth. 

“I got the good kush.” Midoriya said in a deadpan voice, holding up the bags of blood.

Dabi looked him up and down in confusion.

Then someone squealed and ran to the door.

“I smell blood! Good blood!” Toga screeched as she went up to the door.

Midoriya braced himself for her antics.

Sure enough, Toga started bouncing around him.

“Oooh Dabi this is pretty fresh! Can I have some, please, please, please!” Toga begged, her tongue lolling out of her mouth a bit. Midoriya could tell she hadn’t had blood in a while.

“I got this for you Toga.” Midoriya smiled kindly, “I know you need blood or you’ll go crazy. Also, here Dabi.” Midoriya handed him a large pack of nicotine patches he had in his coat. “Smoking it bad for you and these should help you do it less often. I’m not one to judge but I don’t think you want lung cancer.” 

Dabi and Toga both paused and looked at him oddly.

“How do you know us?” Dabi suddenly snapped, “What do you want?” Toga also narrowed her eyes but didn’t say anything.

“I want to help you. And in return I want you to help me.” Midoriya told them truthfully, “We can discuss a deal further if you will allow me. Either way you get these. I have no use for them.”

“And your name?” Dabi asked, still suspicious.

“Polaroid for now. But maybe later I’ll tell you my real name.” 

“I think we can trust him Dabi.” Toga said, surprisingly serious, “He doesn’t look like he’s lying.”

Dabi sighed, unhappy that she was right. But he opened the door further.

“Fine. Come inside.” He relented. Midoriya gave him a smile and a thumbs up. 

They settled on the couch, and Toga started sipping from the blood bags with a sharpened metal straw. Smart. That way she didn’t make too much of a mess.

“So, what is this deal Polaroid?” Dabi asked formally, still suspicious. 

“I have a quirk, or it was possibly a quirk used on me, I have no idea, but it caused me to… know more than I should. About the future.” Midoriya calmly explain, all business, “You and Toga here play a huge part in the future. And the inevitable fall of the world or gain of it. I saw you two becoming full on villains and killing many people. Including some of my best friends.” 

Dabi’s eyes flashed when he saw the slight bitterness in Midoriya’s eyes. But he did not move, neither did Midoriya. Toga stopped drinking her blood to pay attention.

“But, after you two perished, I learned a lot more about you. And I know that what you did was because of how you got hurt.” Midoriya looked to Toga, “Toga, you deserve so much better. It was despicable that you were called a villain for a quirk you were simply born with. And to be denied blood despite there being plenty of it was cruel and awful.” He turned to Dabi, “Dabi, or Touya Todoroki, your father is an abusive asshole who needs to be taken down more than a few pegs.”

At this point both Dabi and Toga were staring at him with their jaws dropped.

“In the future you become villains. And the world is forever changed by that choice. And honestly, I don’t blame you for becoming a villain to try and incite a change. But let me tell you.” Midoriya took off his tinted glasses so they could fully see the seriousness in his green eyes, “You changed nothing, You died and the world became a worst place. People with so-called villainous quirks and mutant quirks and the quirklessness were judged and hurt even more due to the distrust deeply embedded in everything.”

“Becoming a villain killed you and brought down the rest of Japan with you.” Midoriya leaned forward and looked at them, a threatening aura emanating off him, “I watched as you killed the people I loved in that lost timeline. And I am willing to forget all that and be allies, if not friends. But if you become villains there is nothing that will stop me from ending both of you.”

They stared each other down. Then Midoriya straightened and put his glasses back on.

“Now. You have two choices. One: you reject me and I will never bother you again and you will never bother me again. Two: You help me and we become allies. We can discuss the benefits of that if you choose that option.”

Midoriya got up from the couch, leaving the rest of the blood bags for Toga. 

He held out a hand to shake.

“Pick your poison.” Midoriya said coolly.

Dabi and Toga looked to each other, having a silent conversation.

Then Toga nodded and Dabi took his hand, shaking it.

“You have a deal.” He said solemnly. 

Midoriya went from serious to happy in the blink of an eye. 

“Thank you so much!  Oh my gosh you have no idea how scary that was!” Midoriya laughed, “I was worried you’d say no, then that would put a big kink in my plans. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

Dabi raised an eyebrow and Toga giggled, going back to sipper her blood.
“Toga, those will go stale in a week. Drink them while you can. I’ll try to get you at least one or two bags a week. And Dabi, if you like the patches, I can easily get you more.”

“Uh… where did you even get the blood Polaroid?” Dabi asked out of pure curiosity.

“Oh, I stole it from a hospital on the way here. They were the closest to being unusable and they have plenty. Not to mention it’s all type-A so it’s not hard to get or anything.” Midoriya shrugged, “Oh, I’m technically a vigilante by the way. And since we will be working together and I know all about you I think it’s fair you get to know me a bit.”

Midoriya grinned and pulled off the glasses and mask.

Dabi choked on air when he saw that he had been talking to a teen, not a short adult.

Midoriya gave a cheeky bow.

“Midoriya Izuku at your service! I’m technically fourteen though mentally, I’m twenty-four due to extenuating circumstances. You might also want to know that I am the serial killer Rose. Though I’m done with that job.”

Dabi and Toga looked at him. 

Then Dabi groaned and pinched his nose.

“So you’re saying you are a teenager not-teenager who is not only a vigilante and a serial killer. Great.”

“I’m also applying for UA in a few months.” Midoriya oh-so-helpfully added. Dabi raised his arms in exasperation.

“Great! There’s more! You are a vigilante, villain, and are likely going to be a hero! Ugh, I feel like I just made a deal with the devil.”

“I can assure you I am not the devil. Though I am a little all-knowing.” Midoriya snickered. 

“You know what? Whatever. I’m not going to question it. Now, you’re here to talk business. What do you want us to do? Lets just get this over with.” Dabi sighed.

Midoriya nodded, serious again. He crashed back down on the couch. 

“Well, you have a choice what you do and do not do. As some of it is dangerous and life-threatening. And I don’t want to force you to do anything you don’t want to.” Midoriya’s eyes went dark, “I know how terrible it is to be forced into something you don’t want to do.” Dabi and Toga shivered a bit at the darkness in his eyes and voice. Then he went right back to being bright as if nothing happened. It was… chilling.

“Anyways! For the most part I just want you to not be villains and help me gather information and have my back. But, I would rally like you two to become vigilantes and then later join a villain organization undercover. But both of those are obviously dangerous so it’s your call. I can provide costumes and disguises if needed of course.” 

Dabi and Toga looked at him, then nodded.

“We can do that. It actually sounds pretty fun. I’ve been wanting to let off some steam.” Dabi grinned.

“Ooh, I can steal some pretty blood!” Toga cooed, daydreaming of the yummy blood. Midoriya chuckled.

“Just one rule, try not to kill anyone or seriously injure it. Underground heroes and the police are more likely to let you hang around as long as you are helpful, do not cause a lot of damage in your fights, and never kill or seriously injure anyone. I basically work with the heroes and police now. I know they are ‘secretly’ trying to find my identity, but they won’t be knowing anything until I let them.” Midoriya explained.

Toga looked a little sad but nodded. Dabi also agreed. 

“Good. Now, I have to be getting home. My cat will get angry if I don’t, she is very tight about my schedules.” Midoriya sighed, getting up and putting his mask and glasses back on.

“Your… cat.” Dabi deadpanned. Midoriya nodded solemnly. 

“She has an intelligence quirk, likely a life-span extending one, and can turn into a full-sized black panther.” Midoriya told them, “Not to mention she is a trained support animal. So… yeah. She’s stricter than my own mother.”

“Support animal?” Toga questioned with a tilt of her head.

Midoriya looked at them with cold, sad eyes as he went to walk out.

“One does not watch as every single person they ever loved die and come out of it unscathed.” 

He walked out.



School started up after the break and things were going suspiciously well for Midoriya. 

It was the start of his third year and he was going to be meeting All Might again soon.

That’s going to be… strange.

Considering he had been there when he had been shot in the head.

Awkward. For him at least.

In three days time would be the day the sludge incident was supposed to occur.

Midoriya had to make a plan to prove his worth to All might without putting Bakugou in danger and getting any attention from the media like last time. 

This was going to be a pain in the ass, wasn’t it?



Midoriya went through the whole song and dance with that terrible day from so long ago. He remembered every bit of it despite it being so long ago. 

The human memory really does work in funny ways.

Midoriya sighed as he heard his teacher call him out for wanting to go to UA.

Yes, everyone (including the teachers) had been staying away from him in fear of both him and Bakugou. But that still didn’t stop them from doing things to him in more subtle ways that made things hard for him to tell who did what or just made his things inconvenient. 

For example, people had taken to leaving spider-lilies on his desk, tacks in his shoes, and writing insults on his desk. He had no idea who was doing it, so there was no one to target. They were too cowardly to say things to his face so they got more creative. 

That was fine. He’d been through worse. 

He just wished for their sakes that they were better people.

Of course, everyone but Bakugou laughed at him. It seemed that this class was much more… crass, than the other class.

“Midoriya,” His teacher tsked, a mock look of pity on his face, “I am disappointed that you would be so… unrealistic. It’s time you got your head out of the clouds and faced the harsh reality of life.”

Oh. This was new.

This hadn’t happened last time.

Midoriya gave the class a sardonic grin, curling his hands under his chin and resting it on them. A dark, manic light glinted in his eyes. 

“Oh~?” He purred, and everyone shivered, even Bakugou, “Realistic you say? Realistically, what else is there for me to do? Kill myself? Because that’s about it. No sane company will hire a quirkless thing anyways. But as a hero I can have my own agency, or just work underground where I would not be on the rankings. No one would even know I exist much less that I’m quirkless?”

Midoriya’s smile became wider and his eyes narrower as he tilted his head to the side. Truly looking deranged now.

“Or I could just become a villain.” He chuckled, “It wouldn’t be that hard. Because no one would ever blame the quirkless. I would be overlooked in every aspect, because I couldn’t possibly be strong enough to kill someone. It might be fun. I could have a good time before I decide to go to hell. I’m going to hell in the end, so I might as well go down a legend. The first quirkless villain.”

“So… which one would you rather have? A quirkless hero willing to change the world for the better?” Midoriya leaned forward, the threatening aura from him tripling, “Or would you rather have a quirkless villain with knowledge that could topple society as a whole? Who knows? I think I would find great delight in watching this world burn to the ground.”

Midoriya giggled, too childish and innocent to be nothing but chilling in this situation.

“Or maybe I should just kill myself.” He grinned and stood up from his seat. He lifted his bangs and showed the round scar on his forehead. “Not that I haven’t tried it already.”

They all paled. But Bakugou looked the worst of them all.

He hadn’t known… he hadn’t known that Midoriya had…

Midoriya let his bangs fall again. Then he picked up his bag, the bell ringing just in time.

“Hey teach, I think I’m not going to come back here. I’m done with the utter bullshit here. I’ll test out. I’ve already learned the whole circular for this year. So don’t expect to see me again.” Midoriya grinned sardonically as he walked out of the classroom.

Everyone was pale and silent in their seats.



Midoriya grumbled to himself as he walked out of school early. He really should have just tested out last year. He could use the time during the day to further his plans. 

Midoriya went over his current plans for the day in his mind.

He had already told Bakugou to head directly home after school. Making sure he avoided where the sludge villain would be. So that was out of the way.

He knew where the sludge villain would start and tracked all possible routes he could take via the sewer system, so no matter where he popped up Midoriya was ready.

And he had a plan to see All Might’s true form without nearly dying. 


The whole impressing All Might thing without media attention was going to be hard. And he likely will have to be frank with the man about his wish to go underground. He didn’t want to mislead the man. 

He could do this all without One for All. He could change the future without it.

But… it would work out so much better if he did get it. 

And even if he decides that he doesn’t want to be hero after all this, he won’t have to bother finding a successor.

In the last timeline he had been told by the vestiges that he had to be the last user. He could not pass it on. Because at this point, if the quirk got passed on it would be too powerful for a body to handle. Not to mention it cut someone’s lifespan in half if they had a quirk. And good quirkless people were near impossible to find in Japan, much less the world.

Maybe it was for the best that All for One and One for All end.

No… it would be for the best.

It really would.

Midoriya came out of his regalia and saw a familiar tunnel in front of him.

Midoriya was early, so he had time to get his equipment out of his backpack.

That equipment being an actually safe container for the sludge man that wasn’t a soda bottle, three dull throwing knives, and a taser he had tweaked with to make more powerful.

Then Midoriya made himself look normal, all while hiding the materials in the large coat he still liked to wear during the day. 

Ends up that it would take a long while for his temperature to go back to normal. But his doctor predicted that everything would be in working order temperature-wise in a year.

Though apparently his heartrate situation would be permanent. That was a double-edged sword. It made serious injuries a bit more dangerous, but it also made him bleed slower. So… double-edge sword.

Midoriya heard the sludge villain before he saw him.

Midoriya whirled around just in time, throwing two knives from his sleeves.

The dulled blades hurt the eyes, but didn’t pop them luckily. The villain recoiled with a whole lot of cuss words. Midoriya took this moment to walk up to the villain and casually tase him. 

The villain started screaming, then melted into a puddle.

Midoriya smirked and started scooping the main villain part into the case he had.

3… 2… 1…

“I AM HERE!” All Might announced.

Midoriya froze and looked at All Might. One of the villain’s floating eyeballs was still in his hand as well as a bit of foul-smelling sludge.

“Oh… hi All Might.” Midoriya smiled calmly, “You were after this villain right? Well, he was trying to possess me. So I saved myself.” Midoriya put the villain into the container and shut it with a slight hiss.

All Might looked a little confused.

“And how did you do that my boy?” He asked. 

Oh, how Midoriya wanted to cry hearing that endearing term, despite it being sad casually at the moment.

“I had these two dulled throwing knives for my training. And then I have my taser that my mom got me just in case. Ends up the villain absorbs a lot. He had just gone through the sewers, so he soaked up a lot of water. Which when electrocuted, it very strong. So, he’s out for a bit.” Midoriya got up and stretched his back, happy with the pops he got from it. 

He walked over to All Might and handed him the container of sludge.

“The passcode for that is ‘1134’.” Midoriya told him as the man took it. “Its not airtight so the villain won’t suffocate, but it also will not let him out. Just make sure not to ‘Detroit Smash’ it into any walls and you should be fine. It’s pretty sturdy.”

All Might nodded, humming a bit as he studied the container.

“This is quite the nifty thing. Well, thank you my boy! You were quite heroic today!” All Might gave him his signature thumbs up and went to hop away.

“WAIT!” Midoriya suddenly called, getting an idea last minute.

All Might stopped and turned to him in confusion. Some desperation lying right under his normal façade. 

“What is it my boy? I really must get going.” All Might asked.

“That container was really expensive and it’s all I had that was safe! Can I give you my number so you can have me pick it up?” Midoriya asked, sounding a little desperate. It was sort of true, that container was not cheap. 

All Might shrugged.

Midoriya smiled at him and quickly took a mini notebook from his coat pocket. He always kept one on him just in case he wanted to do some analysis and didn’t have his bigger notebook. That and a pen. 

He quickly jotted the number down and handed it to the hero. All Might took it and made sure it was safe in his pocket.

Then he geared to launch and Midoriya did not stop him.

“Goodbye young man!” He called as he launched off.

Midoriya smiled.





Chapter Text




Three days had passed since the sludge incident and he was still waiting for a call or text.

If All Might didn’t send something soon, he was going to hack his systems and break into his office to leave an ominous message.

Even Artemis could tell that he was stressed. 

He was studying for his test that would let him skip his last year of middle school. He was busy helping Toga and Dabi officially start their vigilante careers. He was still in a rough spot with his mother and Cassidy about not taking medication. The Bakugou’s were busy with work and training respectively. He had to plan for future operations he would be conducting soon. He had to make sure no accidental leads were found on the Rose and Polaroid case individually. 

And he was still waiting for that damned phone call.

Midoriya decided to get out of his room before he stressed himself out further.

That was a mistake because his mother had gotten home early.

He loved his mom, yes, but she could be… suffocating about certain things.

She was better than she used to be. At least now she didn’t baby him or try to convince him to stop trying for his dreams. Now she at least saw how capable he was.

But she was still going on about that stupid medication!

He had already told her and Cassidy he was not going to take it. And that was final.

There were other ways to fight depression and whatever else he had without pills! 

Melatonin gummies for sleep. Certain teas to help with stress, anxiety, and even depression. Artemis as a whole. Meditation. Exercise. Sunlight. Being productive. Good eating habit. And on and on!

He was already doing all these things, and while sure, medication could work faster, it was better for him this way. He didn’t like taking unneeded medication and in his mind that medication was unneeded. Call him stubborn or whatever.

Ugh, he didn’t remember being this moody as a teenager.

Anyways, he went downstairs and saw his mother and was about go back upstairs when she spotted him.

“Izuku, could you come her for a moment. We need to talk.” Inko said seriously.

Midoriya knew what was coming and groaned, burying his face in his hands.

“Don’t give me that attitude young man!” Inko huffed as most mother would in that situation. 

Artemis must have heard what was going on and ran down the stairs to join him. 

Midoriya walked over to the couch and sat in it with a huff. When Artemis jumped next to him and crawled into his arms, he gently hugged her and buried his face into her soft fur. 

Inko sat in the chair across from the couch and sighed.

“Izuku… please. I see you getting more and more stressed every day and I can see that it is taking a toll on both your mind and my mind. You really need to take-”

“Please… stop…” Midoriya whimpered, already crying.

Artemis meowed sadly and started purring, sending little glares towards Inko for making her kitten cry.

“Izuku baby... it’s you who needs to stop.” Inko said firmly, “You are the one who needs to stop being stubborn and do what’s best for yourself. It might be scary but it will help you.”

“That’s what they always say… that’s what they said before… before they…” Midoriya choked. Artemis hissed at Inko then went back to comforting Midoriya.

But Inko was just as stubborn as Midoriya in some rights. She was not letting this go.

“Izuku… I’m going to send you to a psych ward there if you don’t decide to take medication.” Inko told him firmly.

Midoriya let out a broken, scared wail and buried his face deeper into Artemis’s fur.

Inko flinched but remained hardened. Artemis stopped comforting Midoriya to continuously hiss at Inko.

“It’s for your best Izuku.” Inko said, taking a deep breath, “You have until after your test to decide.”

That was a week and a half away.

Inko took another deep breath and got up, going to the door and grabbing her purse.

“I’ll leave the house to you for the night.” Inko told him, “Me and Mitsuki are going to stay the night at a hotel and have a girl’s night. It’ll give you time to think and be alone.”

She left.

Midoriya continued sobbing and wailing, curled into a little ball on the couch.



The second Artemis heard Inko mother’s car pull out of the condo complex she turned into a panther and gently dragged her kitten to the floor and started purring and grooming him.

She noticed immediately that he was having a panic attack and upped her comforting. 

It took a long time for her kitten to calm down. But he was still crying.

Artemis huffed. She was absolutely pissed at Inko mother.

 That woman was being very unfair. She didn’t know about Izuku kitten’s trauma because he was too scared to say anything about it to her. It was just one of the symptoms of his PTSD. Sure, the medication would be helpful. But a big part of overcoming depression was implementing healthy lifestyles. She had heard the doctors saying that all the time.

And she knew her kitten was trying his best to do that. And she made sure to help him with that. Getting him up at good times, making sure he slept the best he could, pestering him to get food and water, all those things.

And with her he was doing much better than before, she could tell he was. She was glad she could help her kitten be better. 

She was never going to leave him. Not if she had a say in it at least.

She saw her kitten was faring better, but knew he wouldn’t have the strength to move to a better place. He was already half-lidded, tears still streaming down his face. 

Artemis was glad for her large and strong body in that moment.

She gently grabbed the scruff of her kitten’s shirt and pulled him up, swiveling him to hang from her back. He sniffled and hiccupped, holding her close. She purred as she carried her kitten up the stairs and to his room, setting him on his bed.

Her kitten curled into a small ball again. Artemis’s heart ached.

Oh, her poor Izuku kitten.

She decided he could use his melatonin gummies to aid his sleep as well as some water. So she of course went to the bathroom and used the use of her large mouth to grab a sealed water bottle and the gummies from there. 

She dropped these things on the bed and gently nudged her kitten. He whimpered, but she kept going. 

Eventually he uncurled to look at her tiredly. She rolled the gummy bottle and water to him.

“Th-Thanks A-Artemis.” He sniffled between hiccups.

She was only satisfied once he had taken two gummies and had drunk at least half the water in the bottle.

She curled around her kitten and purred him to sleep. 

Once he was deeply slumbering, she resolved herself to watch over him.

Her kitten had no dreams that night.



Midoriya spent the next seven days were spent avoiding his mother and holing up in his room to study.

He was very stressed and unhappy. He had no idea what to do. 

He was stuck between two very scary options for him.

On one hand he could suck it up and take a whole bunch of medication he was scared to get. Especially from that specific place. And then his mother wouldn’t send him to that awful, awful place. 

Or on the other hand he could avoid taking the medication and be sent to the psych ward and likely forced to take the medication.


He knew which one he had to take.

But what if…

What if he took neither?

His mother had been acting weirdly towards him. Always looking at him with pity or like he would snap any second.

And honestly, he might if this keeps going on.

But there was a third option… his own option.

But it was risky. And might put a bit of a kink in his plans.

Or it might make them easier.

It was a fifty-fifty chance.

Midoriya was deeply considering this option on the seventh day of avoidance and stress when his phone pinged.

He looked down at his phone, expecting a text from Bakugou, Dabi, or Toga. 

But it was from an un known number…


Midoriya quickly fumbled to open his phone and read the message.


Unknown Number: This is All Might’s secretary Toshinori Yagi! 
Unknown Number: If you could meet me at this location to pick up your container that would be very helpful!
Unknown Number sent Location


Midoriya gasped and quickly thumbed a reply.

Me: Oh! Yes! I thought he had forgotten for a second! What time?
Unknown Number: What time will work for you, my boy?

Midoriya giggled. All Might was not even close to subtle. At least not to him.

Me: Are you available in an hour?



Midoriya had an English song playing through his headphones he normally used on patrol pulled over his ears. He was walking to the very familiar location of Dagobah Beach. 

All Might had agreed to meet in an hour and so here he was. He had decided to bring Artemis along as he didn’t want to be alone. At the moment she was small hanging around his neck like a makeshift black scarf.

Though resolute you may pretend to be inside your walls
The people soon will realize that your feeble body can't forestall
The inevitable end that we all will one day meet
You are human, you are dying, yes I know it's bittersweet
But you knew this day would come, and you can't borrow steal or cheat
Yes, your maker gave you time, but you've run out, and soon you'll meet

Midoriya sang in perfect, practiced English as he walked into the trash-filled beach.



All Might heard the boy he was seeking singing clearly.

The English lyrics made him shiver.

The boy didn’t even know just how accurate those words were.



Midoriya stopped singing when he saw All Might, or Toshinori Yagi since he was in his small form.

He waved.

“Hello Yagi-san!” He called with a smile, turning off his music with his phone.

“What was that song my boy?” All Might asked, “It is impressive that you are fluent in English and I happen to be as well.”.

Midoriya blinked. Then he realized just how oddly true the words were.

“Oh, it’s called The Court Jester.” Midoriya told him, “I thought it was catchy.”

All Might nodded.

“I can see why. It is quite catchy.” The man chuckled, he held out the tube he had been holding.

“Here is your container.” All Might said, giving Midoriya the container. 

Midoriya nodded and Artemis meowed at him.

All Might jumped, having thought the cat was an odd scarf or hood. He coughed out blood.

“Goodness! I thought that cat was a scarf!” All Might spluttered.

Midoriya laughed and casually handed him a tissue. He had anticipated some blood-spewing. All Might spluttered a thanks and took the tissue.

“Sorry about that. This is Artemis, she is my support cat and friend. She has an intelligence quirk, though for some reason most people can’t tell.”

Artemis meowed again, giving him the stink eye. He giggled and pet her.

All Might watched all this with amusement and confusion.

“An animal with a quirk, huh? That’s not very common. Though do you mind if I ask why you require a support animal?” All Might politely asked. Midoriya cringed but nodded.

“I have bad PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, and Acute Stress Disorder. She helps me out of the occasional panic attack or nightmare. But most of all, she is a friend. And lord knows I need more of those.” Midoriya sighed sadly, scratching her head as Artemis calmly purred. 

(All Might frowned. What had this kid gone through to warrant such terrible things? It was rude to ask so he kept his mouth shut. It wasn’t his business anyways.)

“I hope that you get better my boy.” All Might smiled reassuringly, “Just know that despite your mental troubles you are still strong. I know many a hero who struggles but is still a great hero! So, you can do it!”

Tears sprang to his eyes.

“Th-Thank you sir.” Midoriya sniffled, wiping his eyes and nose with his sleeve, “I-I really need to hear that. N-Nobody h-has told me th-that long t-time.” 

All Might smiled and gently ruffled his hair.

“I said it because it was true kid.” All Might grinned, “You seem like a good kid. Just keep trying and you’ll get through it!”

Midoriya couldn’t take it anymore and shot forward to hug the man, careful of his side.

“Thank you… thank you.” He sobbed. The man was surprised but laughed nonetheless, patting the boy’s head. And giving Artemis a quick pet as well.

(Maybe I’ll keep contact with this kid. He seems like a kind, strong, determined, and quirky kid. All Might thought to himself as he comforted the crying boy.)




Chapter Text



Midoriya had been meeting with All Might for the past few days. 

It seems the lanky man wanted to keep seeing him. They even texted.

It felt nice. Like old times.

And yet, Midoriya was still tired.

His test was today.

He was going to Aldera one last time to take it. 

He went to school as if it were normal. But instead of his old class he went to a separate, smaller room for testing.

He wasn’t surprised to see the principal of Aldera to be monitoring. 

He hated that man with a passion. He could burn in hell for all he cared.

With the looming threat of his mother Midoriya set to work on the test.

He unsurprisingly finished in one of the four allotted hours. 

It was child’s play, this test. He knew everything already.

Why had he been so stressed over it?

Or maybe he was more stressed about All Might and his mother as well as new plans to carry out.

Who knows?

Midoriya handed the paper to the shocked principal and left. 

He walked home and paled at the sight of his mother’s car parked in the lot of their complex.

She wasn’t supposed to be home for another six hours.

Why was she here?

Midoriya decided to check things out without being seen for now. 

He went to the side of the apartment and pulled his clawed gloves he always kept on him on. 

He scaled the wall and discreetly peered through he living room window. 

His eyes widened and he paled at what he saw.

In the living room was his mother talking to a distressed looking Cassidy, a police officer, and two doctors in white coats.

Oh fuck.

His mother was going to force him into this no matter his answer.

He couldn’t be seen.

Time to enact choice three.



Artemis was pissed.

Fucking pissed.

Of fucking course Inko-witch would lie to her and her kitten! 

She wouldn’t let them take her Izuku-kitten!

Even if she had to reveal her secret to make sure of that.

She was worriedly pacing the floor of her and her kitten’s nest when she heard a soft knock on the window.

She snapped to look at the window and sighed in relief when she saw that it was her kitten. He was sneaking in.

He had told her about choice three.

She was happy with this choice. But it was a shame that it had to even be on the table. 

At least she had spent the last two hours preparing for it.

She nodded to her kitten and turned into her panther form. 

Then she grabbed a duffel bag, then a backpack, and then one of her favorite cat-nip toys, and brought it to the window. Then she hopped up to it and used her large paw to unlatch it silently.

Her kitten quickly and quietly hopped into the room and grabbed the stuff. He put the toy in the first backpack he had taken to hell-school and then put the other backpack facing his front. He grabbed the duffel bag and gestured for her to become small.

Neither dared make a noise.

Artemis nodded again and turned small, leaping to his shoulder.

Midoriya quickly went and wrote a note before he jumped through the window.

Choice Three:




Midoriya ran through the night, happy he was safe for the time being.

But he still needed a place to go.

Luckily he had a bit of an idea.

He ran into the Red-Light district and ran to Dabi and toga’s place.

It wouldn’t be permanent, since they couldn’t afford him to stay, but it would give him some time to plan.

For once he was glad that he kept a lot from his mother.

Ever since she started acting all weird the guilt of keeping things to himself had vanished. 

Now she wouldn’t be able to find him.

He had never told her about the beach, about Dabi and Toga, Kota, and a whole lot of other things. She just knew the gist of things really. Though she did know the most. Which was… very concerning at the moment.

He made it to Toga and Dabi’s place, explaining what had happened tearfully.

They let him stay.

The both of them were quite annoyed at his mother. Though they were happy to finally meet Artemis.

Toga loved cats apparently, so the two got along despite Toga’s ditzy personality. 

Midoriya stayed the first three nights then went out during the day, going to the beach as he usually did every three days. 

He was careful, just in case his mother had somehow found out about his place.

Thank god, she hadn’t.

Only All Might was on the beach.

Midoriya smiled at the man and waved.

“Hey Toshinori.” He waved, though it was half-hearted. 

All Might frowned, clearly seeing something was wrong.

“Are you alright my boy?” All Might asked, jogging up to meet him and putting a gentle hand on his shoulder, making sure to avoid touching Artemis too much.

Midoriya gave him a strained smile.

“I’m fine.” Midoriya said, though it came out pretty choked. 

All Might frowned even further.

“You do not have to be strong for me young Midoriya.” All Might told him sincerely, “You can always be honest with me.” 

Midoriya broke.

He curled in on himself and started sobbing. Artemis meowed comfortingly and started licking his cheek. Midoriya ended up falling to the sand and continue sobbing. Artemis took the initiative to turn into a panther, something All Might had found out about a few days ago, and let him cry into her soft fur.
All Might sat down next to the boy and rubbed comforting circles into his back, murmuring soft reassurances. 

Eventually Midoriya calmed down.

“Would you like to talk about it?” All Might gently pushed. Midoriya sniffled for a minute, but an encouraging meow from Artemis convinced him. He nodded.

“I-It’s m-my mom…” He hiccupped, “Y-You know h-how I have m-my mental problems? Sh-She keeps trying t-to make me t-take medication b-but I’m scared! B-Bad people have t-tricked me w-with that before! But she won’t l-listen when I t-tell her that! I-I’ve been trying t-to make good h-habits to help and I have Artemis! And I have b-been going to therapy like she wants me to, and I’m d-doing better! B-B-But th-then she said that I-I either had to start taking m-meds or she w-would force me i-into a mental h-hospital! But th-those p-places are b-bad and h-have h-h-hurt me before! I-I w-was so scared!” 

Midoriya took a moment to calm himself a bit more, as he was getting more agitate, then continued.

“Sh-She said I-I c-could choose a-after m-my test. But she lied!” Midoriya wailed, “I c-came home and th-there was an o-officer and m-my therapist and t-two doctors in lab coats. I DON’T WANT TO GET EXPIRIMENTED ON AGAIN!!!” 

Midoriya went into panic attack and Artemis got up and hugged her kit close to her. She purred and licked him. All Might was there through it all, worried but still comforting the teen.

Eventually he got out of the panic attack and just laid in the sand, tired.

“Are you back with us my boy?” All Might asked softly.

Midoriya sniffled and nodded, sitting up and shaking the sand out of his hair. Artemis also got up and let Midoriya use her large body to prop himself up.

“S-Sorry.” Midoriya murmured. 

All Might was having none of that.

“Do not be sorry for being scared young Midoriya.” All Might told him softly, “We all have our moments. Even I have the occasional flashback or attack. It’s natural.” 

Midoriya had not known that.

He looked at All Might with wide, amazed eyes.

“Oh… that’s… thank you.” Midoriya whispered, a small smile coming to his face. All Might laughed and gently patted his back.

They watched the waves for a while.

“So…” All Might eventually sighed, “Where are you staying?”

Midoriya jumped, he hadn’t told All Might about that.

All Might obviously saw his dismayed confusion.

“I know that this was likely a few days ago. And knowing how sneaky you can be I wouldn’t be surprised if you managed to sneak in and get out with whatever you needed. Not to mention you aren’t in a mental hospital at the moment.” All Might chuckled, “I just want to make sure you have a safe space to stay. I won’t make you go back to your mother if she is being this way, but I will make sure you are in a safe place for the time being.”

“I’m staying with some friends but… they can’t afford for me to stay there for long and it’s cramped. So I can only stay a few days longer at most. After that… I don’t really know.” Midoriya admitted quietly.

All Might seemed to think for a few moments. 

Then he got up, holding out a hand for Midoriya to take.

Midoriya took the offer and All Might helped him up, pulling him into a gentle hug as he did so. 

“Young Midoriya. Ever since I met you I had this feeling. The feeling that you were a good, heroic, perfect young man. And hearing of your struggles and seeing you still going, it makes me admire you young man. Which is why… I must show you something and be truthful with you.”

He let Midoriya go. But before he could do what Midoriya knew what he was going to he stopped him.

“I know who you are All Might.” Midoriya sighed.

All Might gaped at him, the  spit out some blood. Midoriya cringed a bit and handed him a tissue. Which the man took.

“I also know about your quirk, One for All. As well as All for One. I know… I know a lot more than I should. I know you used to be quirkless. That your predecessor was named Nana Shimura and that her quirk was Float. I even know that your favorite tea is mint.” Midoriya looked at the shocked All Might with slight guilt. “I’m sorry I didn’t say anything before. It’s just… oh, it’s really hard to explain.”

“P-Please explain young man!” All Might gasped, coughing a bit more into a tissue. 

Midoriya sat down in the sand again and gestured for All Might to also sit. 

He did so, albeit a little shakily.

“It might sound crazy but… I’m from the future.” Midoriya whispered as he pulled his knees to his chest, “My consciousness was sent back into my thirteen-year-old body. I don’t even know how it happened, but it did. One minute I was dead and the next I was waking up a teen again. I’m technically twenty-four now. But… I really do feel like a teen. So I might as well be fourteen now.” 

Midoriya looked to the shocked All Might, tears in his eyes.

“I was your successor, in that timeline.” Midoriya admitted softly, “But I wasn’t… I wasn’t like I am now. I was happy, and innocent, and optimistic. I didn’t have so many scars or so much trauma. But then…” Midoriya took a tremoring breath, closing his eyes, “I got into UA, in class 1-A. Bad things happened and… there was a war. A bad one. And me and my class had to fight in it.”

He heard All Might gasp in horror, Midoriya looked over to his mentor and tears slipped down his face once more.

“I had to watch as every single one of my friends and classmates got killed. All in brutal ways. I held my friend’s severed head in my hands. The villain let me live for the only reason he knew I was going to suffer and break. And he was right. I kept trying over and over again to kill myself, but every time someone saved me. I was so deep in my depression that I hated everyone and everything around me. But at the same time I was just apathetic and depressed. A lot of really bad things happened that… that I don’t think I can talk about right now. But… eventually things got better. I was the number one hero you know but… everyone hated me. I was supposed to be Deku: The ‘I Can Do It!’ Hero. But the masses knew me as Deku: The Cursed Hero. Because everyone around me was killed. Including you All Might. I had to watch as a sniper shot your straight through the head.”

Midoriya took a minute to calm himself and plowed on despite every word hurting his soul.

“The commission made me continue being a hero because almost every villain was scared of me. I tried to convince them to let me retire, as I never really wanted to be a hero. They went as far as to make me become a full hero at the start of my second year. It was hard, but eventually I built a family. I had a husband and two kids. They were the light of my life. I got two new dads and a whole bunch more friends and support. And then… there was one final battle. It lasted for a whole two weeks. Non-stop fighting and bloodshed. Sometimes I can still smell the rot and see the blood covering me and everything else. The bodies stacked a mile high and it took months to clean everything up. I lost both of my dad’s, most of my friends and support, and still the commission made me keep going, going as far as to threaten to kill my family.

My husband lost his voice, and both his legs. So I stayed strong for him and the kids. But… then my husband got a bad disease. He could have overcome it if he hadn’t been so frail. I lost him too. And I couldn’t take it anymore. I knew that if I was around any longer I would snap. I could feel it. I was going to snap and destroy as much as I could. I didn’t want to kill my kids, or my family, or hurt people. So I did what I thought would be best… I killed myself. I went to the top of the commission skyscraper with a gun. I jumped and shot myself on the way down. And the I woke up.”

“I’m going to change the future. No matter what I have to do. I don’t care if I have to murder, steal, lie, or betray. I’m going to do it, even as I am painted as a villain. Because the world needs someone to save them. And I have to be that person, whether I like it or not.”

All Might was looking at Midoriya in pure horror.

Then protectiveness flashed across his face and he tightly hugged the boy.

Midoriya hugged him back, just as tight. 

“My boy… you are truly amazing.” All Might said thickly, “You can do it. But you don’t have to do it alone. I am here.”

Midoriya laughed a bit and hugged him tighter.

They were like that for a long time.

Eventually they let go of each other. It was sunset now.

“You can stay with me my boy. I have plenty of space in my apartment and as the number one hero I can pull a lot of strings to keep you safe. I just ask that you are as honest as you can safely be with me.” All Might told the boy softly.

Midoriya gave him a beaming smile, larger than the man had ever seen.

“You’re the best Toshinori.” 



Chapter Text




That night Midoriya went home with All Might. The man believed every word of his, and was more than willing to house him for the time being.

The man was admittedly a little weirded out by the whole situation but accepting.

Midoriya was glad for him.

All Might took that night to get things sorted.

They now had an interview with Tsukauchi in the morning.

Midoriya made sure to make it clear to All Might that he could not tell Tsukauchi yet. He was planning to eventually, but not just yet. 

All Might was reluctant but agreed.

Midoriya got settled in what All Might insisted was his new room. 

That next morning Tsukauchi drove to the house with officer Sansa. In these moments Midoriya was glad he had his voice changer.

The man greeted All Might with a hug and pat on the back. Sansa just shook his hand and smile in his feline way. 

Sansa had to be his favorite officer (Tsukauchi was a detective, but if he was an officer, he would be first) if, not for the reason he was kind but that he was a cat man.

Midoriya loved cats.

Artemis hopped on his lap as the three men sat on the second couch in front of him. 

She meowed at him reassuringly and butted his head. Midoriya smiled softly, but the bags under his eyes clearly showed that he was tired and stressed.

“Good morning kiddo.” Tsukauchi smiled kindly, “Is there any name you would prefer me to call you?” 

Midoriya blinked in shock.

No one had asked him that since… since a long time ago.

“Uh…” Midoriya mumbled, “Uh… just Izuku.” 

Tsukauchi nodded and continued smiling kindly.

“Alright Izuku, Toshinori has briefed me on some of the situation. But it seems that he only knows part of the story. I’ll ask questions and you can answer them. By law I have to tell you that I will be recording this for evidence and that my quirk is called Lie Detector. It is always active and will allow me to tell between your truths and lies. I am going to start recording now, may I proceed?”

Midoriya nodded.

They started the questioning.

It started with his name. Which he responded to truthfully. 

Then it was his birthdate.

Then it was his age…


“Fourteen…” Midoriya sighed.

He expected Tsukauchi to catch a lie.

He did not, just writing it down.

Oh… he was fourteen now.

He really believed that he was fourteen.

Artemis knew what he was thinking and gave him a proud rumble. Midoriya smiled and carded through her fur.

The questions soon changed from mundane to… personal.

“Izuku, is your mother abusive?” Tsukauchi asked out of the blue. Midoriya flinched a bit.

“No… I don’t know what’s wrong with her.” Midoriya whispered sadly, “She was so supportive and loving until she… wasn’t? She just started changing all of a sudden.” The three men all frowned at once.

“When did these changes start?”

“A few weeks ago.” Midoriya replied.

“Did something instigate this change?”

Midoriya was silent. He looked down a little guiltily and curled his knees to his chest, forcing Artemis to curl around his neck instead of his lap.

He did not notice, but this greatly concerned the adults.

“I didn’t want to take meds.” Midoriya muttered.

“What?” Tsukauchi strained to hear.

“I didn’t want to take meds.” Midoriya said a little louder.

Tsukauchi’s frown deepened.

“What medication?” 

“I don’t know. It’s for my… mental problems.” 

“I’m sorry but I have to ask what these problems are.”

“Depression, Acute Stress Disorder, PTSD, Anxiety, Insomnia.”


“Oh kid…” Sansa sighed, looking at Midoriya sadly.

Midoriya curled up a bit more.

“I’m going to therapy, or at least I was. Artemis here is my support animal. She has an intelligence quirk among… other things.”

To demonstrated Artemis hopped off his shoulders and turned into her panther form. Tsukauchi and Sansa both jumped but All Might just chuckled.

Artemis let out an amused rumble and settled down on the couch.

“Yeah, that.” Midoriya smiled a bit, “She’s the best. I don’t know what I would do without her.”

“Where you forced into therapy, or did you agree?” Tsukauchi asked once he got over that shock.

“I agreed. At first, I didn’t think I needed it, but wasn’t against it. But it’s really helping and well… I kind of do need it.”

“I’m glad you understand that. I go to therapy once in a while. Usually after a hard case.”

“I guess a lot of people could do with some therapy.” Midoriya chuckled weakly.

“Sadly, that is the case.” Tsukauchi smiled softly, “That just goes to show that therapy does not make you weak. It just makes you stronger.”

Midoriya looked to All Might and smiled.

“So, I’ve been told.” He said wryly. All Might smiled and gave him a thumbs up.

They went back to the questioning.

“So Izuku, why do you not want to take medication?”

Midoriya swallowed thickly.

“I… I’ve had…” He took a deep breath as Artemis gently purred, “They… I’ve had people… use those to drug me before. In the past. Making me… see things. Hallucinate. Deteriorate my mental state further. And it was directly issued by a hospital. The… the same one I am getting therapy at.”

They were silent.

“If you got it from a different hospital, would you take it?”

“I don’t think so… I don’t like that stuff. They make my head all cottony and slow. Makes me feel way too much or way too little.” 

“Izuku… that doesn’t sound right. Not at all.” Tsukauchi worried, “Those meds are supposed to help you a bit, but never has anyone said that they felt like that when taking anti-depressants or anxiety meds. Not in the long run at least. I don’t think you were given the right medication. Be that purposefully or accidentally. Not to mention someone drugging you with a harmful psychedelic drug… if you could give a statement on that-”

“N-No…” Midoriya whimpered, feeing pitiful, “P-Please no…”

“Hey, hey, it’s fine. You don’t have to. Just give us the name of the place and we will look into it. Okay? No need for anything else from you unless you want to.” Tsukauchi reassured him. Midoriya sighed in relief and nodded.

Midoriya told them the name of the hospital and it was written down.

“Alright, Midoriya, do you think you are doing well without the medication?”

“Yes and no.” Midoriya admitted, “I’ve gotten better yes, it’s just more slow-going. And then… sometimes things come up and I get knocked back a bit. But that’s completely natural. I have been trying to have a healthier lifestyle. Artemis really helps. I take some melatonin gummies for my insomnia and keep a consistent sleep schedule if I can. I’m active and get out a lot. I have hobbies that I use to relieve stress and anxiety. I try to eat regularly and healthily. Sometimes I meditate. All that jazz.”

Tsukauchi nodded.

“Would you say that you are at a mentally stable place at the moment?”

“In terms on whether or not I am going to snap and murder people, yes.”

“That’s good. Are these lifestyles helping you?”

“Yes. In fact, I have been using natural anti-depressants. And they help a little too.”

The adults look at him weirdly.

“Natural… anti-depressants?”

“Yeah, like certain plants and herbs or vitamins.”

“Oh, I had no idea they could do that.”

“Neither did I until I did a whole lot of research.”

“Huh. Anyways, lets go to your mother.”

Tsukauchi asked him to recount everything.

So, he did.

By the end of it all three adults were quite angry.

“Alright Midoriya. Toshinori here is a hero. So, he can use that to his advantage. You know who he is. He can temporarily foster you while we investigate.” Tsukauchi finally concluded. Midoriya was exhausted.

“Thank god.” Midoriya muttered, “Are you going to investigate the hospital?”


“Good. I have some information I willing to give.”

The shy and anxious demeanor Midoriya had turned cold and calculating.

He reached under the couch cushions and grabbed a thick tan file he had smuggled there.

All three sets of eyes widened.

Midoriya opened it and leafed through he pages, checking that everything was there. He spoke while he did so.

“It is not common knowledge but the wife of Todoroki Enji, or Endeavor, is currently residing in the hospital mI was going to. One of the reasons I allowed myself to get therapy from this hospital was to gather evidence against them. I can say with confidence that it is likely run by villains or at least some underground crime organization. Most of the doctors are in fact villains. But there is still a good number of doctors who are unaware of who they are working for.” 

Midoriya got up and started pacing, still leafing through the file.

“If you look at their records, you will never know how I have access to them, you will see that a lot of villains sent their way mysteriously ‘die’. But their bodies are never found. And if their fund records said anything, people were paid to stay silent. You can see the correspondence between these ‘deaths’ and large deposits of money to unknown people and organizations. As well as a large intake of money in certain cases. Though only the cases involving caught villains in gangs and the yakuza.”

He picked up a page and squinted at it.

“Dammit, I need reading glasses. Whatever. Anyways, I have also found correspondences between taking certain patients in and money intake. Meaning they are being paid hefty amounts to keep people in the ward. Many of these patients being reported by witnesses as completely normal people. But many having relatives to heroes and villains. The largest to date happening to be the payment from Endeavor himself many years ago. In fact, he is still paying them to stay quiet.”

Midoriya snapped the file closed and handed it to the shocked detective.

“I am also compiling a file of all of Endeavor’s crimes. But I’m taking care of that, so you don’t have to worry. It’s all legal as well. And anonymous. So safe. If you can prove that the hospital is being run by villains and take them down, you will find that Todoroki Rei is completely healthy mentally and physically. I would like for her to gain custody of her children as she has been mentally sound for most of her forced stay.”

Midoriya nodded at them firmly.

“I will be expecting some action and to be updated on the situation whenever possible. If not, I will not hesitate to take things into my own hands.” Midoriya smiled sharply, making every adult shiver, “And you will never find any evidence. None that holds in court at least.”

Midoriya let the scary smile drop and let a pleasant one grace his face instead. 

“Thank you for your time. Please inform me what will be happening to my mother when you decide. Good day.”

Midoriya bowed to them and padded upstairs to his current room.




Chapter Text




Akumu Sadako frowned into her neatly folded hands.

It would seem her green moth has escaped from her web somehow.


Ṕ̷̳͘r̷̙̟̉̑ȇ̴̻ţ̶̑ť̸̲̰̂̓y̶̢̧̜̌ ̷̞̉͛b̶͍̾r̸̯̐̒ȯ̶̲͕̤̾͘k̶̮̣̯̕e̵̱̝͊̋͜n̷̠̮͒ͅ ̷̣͕͈͒w̶̙̩͆͆͝i̴͈̗̕n̴͉̰͖͂̈́̚g̴̜͓̱̅s̸̡̟͌ͅ ̵͐̔͜c̴̺̳̝̾ą̴̬͗̈s̶̲̱̗̍c̷̝͉̓̀a̸̢̛̪͓͆d̵̘͋͜i̸̛̪͊n̸̝̖̐͒g̶͚͊̊ ̷̧̯̻̈́͛ẗ̵̛̩́͝h̷̲̘͠e̶̟̿͠ ̷̗̋b̸̰͠ǎ̶̺̣c̴͖̪͕̋͛̃k̵̙͈͚͝ ̵̨̈́͝ǒ̶͉̝͑̒f̶̡̠̖̏̾ ̵̫͊̈͗h̸̰̘̭̓e̴̯̗͐r̸̤̮̳͠ ̴̳̥͋͝ͅŝ̷͎w̶̮͌e̴͖̺̎e̸̞̯̿͑͠t̵̟͜ͅ ̷̝͇͐͂̑l̸͎͈̝͆͗̿i̴͈̤̙̓͋t̷̯̕t̷̪̜̳̅͋l̵̠͓̄͐̇e̶̜͇͆̔ ̶̻̒m̷̝̓ô̵͈̥t̶̠̹̩̿̑̚ẖ̴̠͈͊̈́͑.̵̰̉͒ ̴̬̦͂͆͛S̶̤̊ư̷̞̱͂̚c̸͔͈̄h̴̩́̆ ̶̲̠̥͑b̷̭̠̮͌̌ḛ̸̫̄̚ͅa̷͖͓̤̅ů̴͔̦͘ț̷͚͑̈͒í̵̡͓̹̕f̵͕̾ȗ̸̜̰̚l̸̘̳͕̍ ̶̟̕p̶̻̩̫͂ả̶͙̅l̵̗̉͋̍ẻ̷̽͜͝ ̶̲̩͐̕s̶͓̘̫̈́c̶̔ͅa̶̡̜̯̿͆̉r̴̢͎͝s̵̱͉̞̓͗ ̷̝͒ć̸͙͔̞a̵̝͊̌r̶̪̀v̸̧̛͉̗͊̌ẻ̴̹̞̏̃ͅḓ̸͉̈́̃ ̵̢̢̮̇͛i̵̬̎͘͝n̵̜̅t̸͔̩́o̸͔̫̔͂ ̸̻͒͐͝t̵̗̬̊h̶̲̘̃̈e̶͉̦̊͑ ̴̰̤̑͐o̵͎͈͍͛͝h̵͍͗̕͠ ̷̱̞̞̽s̵̺̝͐͑o̵͓̽̔̕ ̶̛̼͍̙͐d̷͈̼̉͝ę̴̺̜̓͐ľ̴̦͈̀̌ï̷̧̭͗̒c̶̞͋͑a̵͖͛t̵̗̙̏̿̄ě̷̛̬ ̷͔̹̘̽t̵̫̤̆̒ẖ̵̞̂͛ḭ̶̣͘͠ͅn̸̦̰͈̾̋g̷̛̻͓̈́.̷̨̯̠̄͝ ̵̼̇O̸͉̰̮͊̄̈́n̵̙̻͐͗̓é̸̼̔ ̴̻̾m̷̳͐̂͠o̷͈̟̪͛͂m̷̢̢͔͋́̅e̶̛̫̙̒n̷͉̼̽͜t̶̡͎͛ ̷̡̪̽f̵͕̫͋͝r̴̜̅̓͝ò̴͉̰͛̑m̴͔̜͎̈͊̈ ̶̨̪͎̽̈́̚b̷̰̈̄r̵̬̉̃e̸̥̼͂͗ȧ̵͕̯̼̈́k̶̳͂ī̶͍̹n̸̛͖̙g̷͔̜̾ͅ.̷̢̯̫̿͐ ̸̲̍O̶̱̰͌͋n̵͍͉̒̐e̶̖͠ ̶̧̙̏̉̽m̴̳̿̌ō̵͇̬m̸͍̗̚e̴̠̭̍n̷̢̞͊͒͜t̴̡̟̉̿̃ ̴͇̉f̴̼͒r̷̮̙̓̏o̶͔̭̱͂m̶̻̿̕ ̵̛̙̙s̵̖̺͋̃h̷̢̬̋̾a̴͎̒̋t̷̠̜̝̆t̵̩̿͝e̶͍̗̽͜r̴̰̜͛í̷̗̭̞͊n̸͈̪̓g̵̛̃͜-̷̪̇͝


Midoriya Izuku… someone quite curious to her.

Sadako was intelligent, she knew that well.

And she was also curious.

Always hungering for information and power.

Maybe that was why she became a villain.

But this boy confused her.

Something was… off about him.

And she wanted to know why.

It was such a shame that he had been sent to good old normal Cassidy. 


I̴̼̦̜͉̝̣̙͋̃͐̂S̴̻̗̍̏̐̅͝ẅ̷͕̲̙̺́̎̾̀͑̎̾ͅẽ̸̗̙̤̈́̋͂̔͝͠ë̴̗͈́̕ţ̴̡̥̹͖͎̭͆̿͝͠ ǵ̶̛̠̼̆͐̎̀̂n̵̠̅̃͂͑͘͝o̷̳̬̟͘r̴͉̗̀̽̑̋̐͗̇ä̶͕̝̜̯́̏̕͘n̵̙̬̠̟̿̓̍́́͑͘t̷̙̬̿̇ ̸̼̜̘͍̠̔ȋ̶̱͇̮̘͙̤͇̏̿͊̀n̷͉̣͠s̵̼̓̏͝è̴͔̥̫͈͍̌͋c̴̝̖̐̈́t̴̩̤͇̪͙̖̪́͌̿̾̑s̷̥̮̱͔͕̆̑̃̊!!!

She would have preferred to put him with someone less… innocent.

Akumu sighed and looked deep into her mind and the formed connections in it.

She had a lot of connections, like little webs going from her mind to other people’s.

Each string was a different color and had a different feel.

She was concentrating on the dark green one that felt heavy yet fragile.

Inko Midoriya.

Many weeks ago, she had arranged a meeting with the woman via email, imploring her to come without telling her son. 

Akumu was surprised the woman complied, though that certainly worked in her favor.

Akumu met with the green-haired lady who looked oddly nervous to meet her.

Akumu was on guard immediately, suspicious. 

This woman knew something… that was a problem.

In that moment Akumu had the thought to kill the woman right then and there.

But then she had an idea.

Instead of killing or threatening the kind woman she made her comfortable and served up tea.

After an hour or two of small talk poor Inko Midoriya had warmed right up to her.

Though that may have been because she was under the influence of a quirk.

Akumu’s quirk.

Akumu had an interesting quirk.

It was called “Soul Bound”.


T̷͉͚̓͘h̷͖͛͋̂e̶͕͈̼͊ ̵͔̼̾̋͝m̵̻̒̐̚o̷̯̥͓͋s̸̮͖̈͜ţ̵͉̈́͛͒ ̶͇̺̌f̷͖̲͒̿r̴̹͉̗̄̂i̴͍͌͗g̸̢̱͋̕͜h̷̝̓ẗ̸̬͔͎̇e̴̲͂ń̴̺̍̚ḯ̵̝̖ň̷͙̤͊͋g̸̨̗̣͑ ̶̼́m̴͎̾͋͜͜͝ṏ̵̼͔̪́̒n̵̤̥͆s̶̼͒̀͐ͅt̶̪͎͇͌̓̓ę̸̬̽̐̀ͅr̵̖͗͂̇s a̴͔͚͓͛̅̏r̷̬͚̊e̸̢̾͋ ̸͍̖̼̃̋t̴̰͚͊͊h̶̺̭͔͐e̶͎͔̘͋̉̈́ ̴̡̝̈́ỏ̷͍͓n̸̞͆ę̷̘͇̇͒s̴̭͠͝ ̸̮̰̱̇̈͘w̴̰̕h̶̲̐̂͂ǐ̵̤̹͑͋c̶̗̔h̷̲̞̿̑͝ ̸̨̗͗̀͗ͅd̶͈̊̋w̴̡͓̻͗̒͝e̵̩̱͆͠l̷̤̹̑ͅl̴͕͖̮͐͐ ̶̠͊̚i̶̡̙̯͋ṅ̶̡̧͇ ̸͙̈ȍ̸̝͔̼ü̴̇ͅṟ̸͛́͂ ̸̫̲̋s̴̨̖̜̓̆ǒ̵̞͙͆ű̵̖͘̚l̷̘̾s̶͍̳̈́́.̶̘͔͛̀͜


And despite the innocent name, it was anything but that.

Her quirk allowed her to make connections with someone’s mind, or what the doctors decided to call ‘soul’. 

Akumu just thought they were being dramatic.

She was able to connect her and someone else’s mind as long as they ingested a bit of her DNA.

A drop of blood in an unassuming cup of tea was enough for that.

She formed connections that she alone could feel unless she made herself known in someone’s mind willingly. Not even people with strong mental quirks could detect her. 

Through that connection she could do many things. 

She could look through the eyes of the person she was connected to.

She couldn’t exactly look into their memories, but she could feel the emotions felt by the person in those unknown moments.

But most importantly of all…

She could manipulate them.

She can manipulate thoughts and emotions, planting seeds into their head. 

It wasn’t foolproof, but it almost always worked with the weaker of willed people.

Including Midoriya Inko.


(O̷̜̍͝h̵̺̦͖̰͛͆͂ ̸̻̣̫̎͛͛̐h̶̨̬̤̓͌͜o̵̫̘̼͛̾͐w̵̗̋ ̸̤͈̏̊̓͘Ǎ̸̘k̶̨̞̪͛̌̅͜͠u̴̡̺͈̠̕ṃ̶͆́́u̴̩̮̤͛̊ ̷̤̩̎L̸̗͇̫̿͛̄̐O̶̭̓̏V̷̱̎̌̾Ë̸̢̪́̽D̷͇̄͘ ̵̩͎̩̩̊r̶̨̭̬͑̓̕i̴̻̣̤̫p̴͎̲̓̔̈́͠p̴̲͚̣͋ͅī̸̭͇̼͇ǹ̵͉̻̔̈́g̶̼̬̟̮̒͐̚ ̵͕̦̎̕ͅī̴͙̖͉̅̏ņ̷̘̭͓̕t̴̠͎͓̒͂̏̅ö̷͙́́̍ ̶̤̤͕̥̆͐̈́͛t̴̤̳̳̾͜h̴͚̥̲̍̎̇̈́ȩ̷̛̺̪̝̍ ̴̲͂̅͘f̴͈͂l̴̖̖͗̐͘e̷̱̤̭̓̌s̵̠͛͠ͅḫ̵͉̪̈́̑̑ ̵̲̻̺͋̒͆̕ȯ̸͍f̸̨̼̃ ̷̦̍͊͜h̵̺̤̠̭̏̽͑̈́e̸͖͚͒̓̇r̶̘͓͊́̔͜ ̵̫̰͈̄v̸͍̘̼̿̑̋i̷̮̣̓̓̅c̸͎̺̤͊t̵̢̻͐͆̋́ͅȉ̷̱̱m̸̤̬̤̎̓̔͘ş̶͍̓̚!̷̗̩̂̂͊͋ͅ)


She was a strong woman in many ways, but Akumu could tell the second she connected with her that she was going to be easy to trap.

The woman was very easy to manipulate, and in a few short hours Akumu had planted seeds in the short woman’s head just like anyone else.

She whispered sweet nothings into her subject’s mind. Telling her not to worry, that she was in the right, that what she was doing was good. 

She told her to ignore things. Convinced her to say things and make decisions.


C̵̟̱͖̓̈́͂̐̕a̶̜̘̋̆u̵̬̚͝g̷͕̟̼̗͓͜͝ḫ̶̳̖̱̠͕̌͆̄t̴̛̳̺̘̤͕̮̎̋͆̌͛̒ ̴̡̮͇̪̂͗͑͑̏̀͝ỉ̴̬̠̫͇̈ͅn̷͍͈̖͉͛̾ ̶͎̣̔̔͑͌͘h̸̝̙̝̱̰̯̿̊͂͝͠ͅĕ̶̢͓̘͇̦͇͓̈̂ŕ̸̩͔̦̉͜͜ͅ ̸͇̩̺̪͔̗͒̂w̶̩͂ë̶̹̫̼̠̜͑͊͜ͅb̶̝̃͊̄͘͝s̸̛̝͔̬̤̾̂̿̐̚.̷͕̉͑.̵͎̩̼͈̩̺̈́́͂̍.̸̠̳̣͙̓̃̋̊͂͘!!


It was slow going, but Akumu had always been a patient person.

But she had underestimated how conniving the child was.

She hardly ever underestimated someone.

But she certainly had with this child.

How curious…

Akumu’s pretty green, broken moth had managed to fly off.

And now her pawn was being arrested and sent to a different mental institute. 

Who knew the tables would reverse so ironically?

Akumu would have to change her plans.

She would catch her specimen in her tight web whether he liked it or not.






H̴̬̜̗̦͇͙̮̹̐͂͂̄̽̈́ė̸͓̺̳͎͉͂͆͊͠l̵̢̨̮̘̓̆́̇̃̾̔ľ̶̡̖̱̥͚̙̿̉͌̏̕͝ ̵̦͍͉̆i̴̛̫̰͚̥̦̾̄̂͑̑̈́̏ş̵̳͎̘̎͗͒̍̇̐ ̷̗͕̱̥̯̝̮̬̑͐̅e̶͇͙͎̲̞̼̋̊̿̈̑̚͘m̴̡͚͐́̂̔̂͒̌͘p̴̧͔̙̈́̎ṫ̴̖̪̫͎̓̊̇̕͝ÿ̵̬͔̳̰́̓.̴̞̜̫̼̘̩͌̋̄̈́͆͊̏͠.̴̡̨̼̖̩̝͕̊̉͜.̸̨̛̻̯̤̮̼͒̈͊̀̅̚͜ ̵̞̿̈́͆̃͑͆ḁ̴̣͕̤̫͔̥̀̅́͑̾l̵̩͕̳͑͐͂͊͘͠l̸̪̘̜̝͆̏͌͘ ̴̠̟̩̟̭͔͓̠͘͝͝͠ẗ̴̡̟̳̪͓͈̳͙́͑̂̿̂̏h̵͍̹̗̩̆e̵̫̓́͑̑̽ ̸̪̼̫̤̖͓̘͂̊͛̈̋d̶̺͔̻̮̩͂̓̄͒͠ẹ̷̡͖͕̣̈́̅̅̉̏̅͝m̵̱͔͓̻̜̻̈́͐͋̉̈̉̅͝o̸̡̢̫̫̫̓͌̚n̴̻̺̱͉͓̖͖͌̒̕͜s̷̰͙̹͙̞͛̍̽ ̴̮͎͐̿́̀͊̚̕͝a̶̬̹̫̱̲̻̭͐̓r̸͍̙̈͋̿͆̈̍͜e̷̡͉̣̟̹̔̉̈̇͗̑̄̏͜͜ ̴̡̟͕̭͉͕̪͊̃͑͝h̶͙̫͎̝͛͛ê̸̹̓̎̿͊̾̉͝r̷͉̭̺̗̻̗̈̃̚e̴͇͓̻̰̣̲̓͝.̴̮̙̱͕̗̬͎͛͑̀͆̀̄̚͜͝




Chapter Text




Midoriya had officially been staying with All Might for a few weeks. He had nine months until UA and a lot of plans.

He had not told All Might about being Polaroid. Though he had told the man that he had business to attend to certain nights and asked him not to question him.

All Might decided to trust him thankfully.

He didn’t ask where he went.


Midoriya still went out as Polaroid, still helped Dabi and Toga with their vigilante careers, and still went to see Kota of course. 

He was quite busy. With plans to prepare for and enact. But not being school was useful. He had started upping his night patrol hours and started sleeping more during the day. 

All Might wanted him back in therapy.

Midoriya personally wanted to wait for Cassidy. Since she knew of his past.

And he trusted her.

All Might decided to compromise and had him promise to go see her once Tsukauchi got the hospital shut down.

He agreed of course.

The investigation was going pretty well apparently. Midoriya just wished he remembered more of the hospital.

But that was a… hard time for him. 

He hardly remembered any of it to this day. Likely due to his mind blocking the memories of the incident.

But sometimes he could just reach them and-

No thanks.

He would just have to do it without knowledge. 

He remembered some things though.

Namely the fact that the main villain running the place wasn’t captured the first time around.


Instead the Commission had just let them reopen the place, saying it was “good now”.

And there was another reason to hate The Hero Commission.

The Commission had let the hospital be reopened so they could have a place to send people they didn’t like after labeling them “unstable”.

Midoriya to this day did not know who the person behind the works was.

But he did know that they weren’t going to get away again.


Not after what happened last time…

He didn’t want to think about that time anymore.

But it was fair to say he didn’t oppose the Commission again.

Midoriya had given them everything he had known on them. Just names and quirks from the faint memories he had.

Of course, he started going his own research. Then he would drop it off as Polaroid. 

Tsukauchi was confused as to why he was getting involved, he as in Polaroid. When asked Midoriya just said that he was interested and wanted to be apart of the investigation. It was true, so obviously nothing registered as a lie. 

Living with All Might was… interesting.

The man was often busy with hero work but still tried to make time for him. 

Ends up he would be living with All Might for quite a while. Since his mother was arrested and sent to a mental institute. A different one from the one being investigated of course. 

Apparently, she had gone crazy and started attacking when they tried to arrest her. It was so… unlike her.

Midoriya wondered what happened to her.

Something about this whole situation was odd.

Midoriya kept his guard up.

At least he didn’t need to burden Dabi and Toga with his stay anymore. 



Midoriya’s day was going as any other had been the past few weeks. At this point he had nine months until the entrance exam.

He was getting ready to enact his newest, and one of his more dangerous, plans.

All Might had no idea of his vigilante escapades at night. 

Midoriya wanted to keep it that way. If just for the safety of the man.

That morning Midoriya made some breakfast for both he and All Might and even made the smallest bit of pork for Artemis. 

He set the table and called that food was ready.

Artemis ran down from his room upstairs and tucked into the pork after a thankful meow towards him. Midoriya chuckled softly and sat down as well. 

A second later a tired looking All Might came in and sat down by his plate.

They both said their thanks and started eating.

Once they were done both of them started their morning routine. Without school Midoriya spent most of the day alone and doing research or heading out to look for things on the field. 

Today was one of All Might’s designated rest days so he settled down at the table to do some paperwork.

“I’m heading out for a bit Toshinori!” Midoriya called as he ran down the stairs, “I’ll be back in a few hours! And I’m taking Artemis!” 

“Sounds good my boy! Stay safe!” All Might called back without looking up, “Make sure to be back by curfew at the least!” 


Midoriya left for the day.

He ended up looking and listening around the shadier parts of the Red-Light District for any information on certain things.

For the most part he was looking for news on the Shie Hissaki. But any information would do. Whether it be about the League of Villains and any of it’s members or about what people had on his many personas. 

He ended up not hearing anything about Overhaul or the Yakuza.

And sadly, nothing about the League of Villains. It made sense though, they weren’t big yet.

But he did hear some very interesting opinions on his own identities. 

Today he got to thank his lucky stars that no one really knew anything.

A lot of villains both respected and feared Rose. They respected his ability to take down such notorious and dangerous villains. But they were afraid to be next.

It seems that although the public had already forgotten about him for the most part the underground would not be forgetting him that quickly. 

A pity. Better to not be known than risk getting caught.

People also talked about Polaroid.

Now they hated him. It was almost amusing to hear them talk about their hatred towards him. 

He overheard a member from some gang he had taken down a while ago who was ranting to some other criminal. And the criminal he was ranting to was ranting right on back. 

Midoriya had to stifle his laughter at the petty insults and nicknames they gave him.

All in all the day yielded no good results. But hey, at least he knew his identity was safe from both sides.

He got back home at around five. Just in time to start dinner. 

Midoriya loved cooking. It was something that helped him relieve stress and gave him something to do. Since Hitoshi was unable to walk, he often cooked meals for him and the kids. Hitoshi could cook, but he hardly ever did because he wasn’t able to reach everything and honestly, he was just a bad cook in general. 

He somehow burned water once. To this day Midoriya had no idea how he managed that.

So, he would often have to stay up late to make his family meals to warm up. And on special days he had off he could make them dinner at the moment. 

Sadly, the tight and unforgiving schedule the Commission had him on hardly allowed for that. 

All Might tried to convince him to let him cook sometimes. 

Midoriya had declined and expressed his love for cooking. All Might relented.

But one time All Might had tried to cook for them and well… 

Midoriya found out just how terrible All Might was at cooking. He was somehow worse than Hitoshi.

Midoriya cooked from then on and All Might just ordered food every once in a while.

Midoriya set to making dinner, which he decided to make Soba. Hot Soba. Not cold.

 All Might walked out of his room to do some more paperwork and saw him. Midoriya gave him a wave and went back to cooking.

A little while later everything was done. 

Midoriya set the table with Artemis’s help and they all sat down.

Midoriya quickly served everyone up and they said their thanks before eating.

They usually spent their meals in companionable silence. But this time All Might decided to bring something up.

“Young Izuku.” All Might smiled, “I have been thinking a lot these past few weeks you have been with me. And I have decided that… I want you to be my successor again.”

Midoriya refrained from choking on his food, but only barely.

He swallowed and sent All Might a serious look. Setting down his chopsticks he leaned forward a bit.

“All Might. Are you sure about this?” Midoriya asked him seriously, “There are a great many people I can tell you will do well with your quirk. I firmly believe that I can fix the future without One for All. Despite it being useful, yes. But I could still do it. Not to mention that I don’t even know if I am going to be a hero after this all ends. And I know for a fact that if I stay a hero, it would not be in the limelight. So tell me Toshinori Yagi. Are you positive in this decision?”

They both stared at each other with a solemn air.

“I am. I am positive in this decision.” All Might replied just as serious, “And nothing is stopping you from gaining your own successor. Whether you remain a hero or not, you are worthy of this power. You may be weathered and tired, but you are also wise and brilliant. Not to mention you have a noble heart. You are worthy Izuku.”

Midoriya stood up from his seat and All Might did the same. Artemis watched the both silently.

“All Might. I will warn you now. There is much you do not know about me.” Midoriya warned softly, “I have many regrets. And I have done many terrible things. And as much as I hate it, I will have to continue to do terrible things now for the sake of the future. Many things will come to light, and you may find yourself regretting your choice. But know this, once I have this power, I will not be giving it back unless it is of my own accord. Last chance to change your mind Yagi.”

“No matter your past or what the future holds, I want you to be my successor young man.” All Might told him confidently, “I cannot think of anyone else more suited for this.”

All Might reached up and plucked a hair from his head.

He held it out.

He buffed up.


Midoriya burst into cackles.




Chapter Text




With One for All things were going as planned. 

It was true what he said about not needing One for All. But it was also true that it was a very helpful tool.

That night he went to sleep with the familiar feeling of seven presences in his mind.

He slept well for once.

He wished he could speak to them again. But he also knew that it would take a lot more training to get to that point.

In the morning he and All Might went to a quirk gym, an average gym that had special rooms for quirk usage, to test out his quirk.

Midoriya was glad to find that he could already use seven percent. The last time around he could only use five. It might be a small change but it was a change none the less.

He tried to use all the quirks he had unlocked before but found that he had yet to be able to do that. Nor did the vestiges speak to him.

He had certainly expected that. His body would need to get used to One for All first before he could gain those abilities safely. And he still had no idea if the vestiges remembered him or not. 

During this training session Midoriya gave All Might a run down on the quirks he could gain in the future.

At the moment he only knew four of them. That was Blackwhip, Float, Danger Sense, and Smoke Screen. There was three more but the vestiges had decided to keep those ones locked up for good in the past timeline. 

He had agreed for some very logical reasons.

For one, he was tight in the Commission’s cold grip. If he unlocked any more quirks and became more powerful, they would just tighten their grip and make him do more dirty work for them. 

He really didn’t want to end up like Hawks, or even worse, Lady Nagant. 

Another reason was that he wasn’t emotionally ready. Sure, he could physically handle them. But both he and the past users knew that him gaining more power would be bad news for both him and everyone else.

Imagine if he had snapped in that past timeline. If he had gone completely insane from overwork, grief, stress, and the burning anger he held for society.

Japan would likely have fallen.

And that was with the skill set and powers he had back then.

Now picture that same scenario but with three more powerful quirks to his name.

The world would have burned. That’s for sure.

And sadly, both he and the past users knew how close he was to snapping.

(If anything, he was self-aware.)

This time around he was more mentally stable. For the past year and a few months, he had had a steady support system. 

(He ignored the fact that he had been avoiding the Bakugou’s like the plague.)

He had Artemis to help him out and if he played his cards right, he wouldn’t end up in the grips of the Hero Commission. And hopefully no one else would ever end up like that ever again.

He and All Might finished up their training that day and went home.

Everything was going to plan.

(Which meant things were going to change.)



“I don’t want to do it Artemis. But I have to don’t I?” Midoriya sighed as leaned into Artemis in her panther form. 

“Mrrrrp.” Artemis meowed out as she started grooming him much to Midoriya’s chagrin.

“I have to keep everything other than what I have already told away from All Might for now. But if I go through with this, he might tell someone. That someone being Tsukauchi. Which will cause so many problems. Ack! Not the face!” Artemis licked his face and Midoriya gagged a bit as some hair stuck to her rough tongue fell into his mouth. Yuck.

Artemis looked at her work with satisfaction and purred. Midoriya could see that she was telling him not to worry about it too much yet.

“Alright Artemis. I won’t overthink things. I have a bit anyways.”

He still had about a month of planning left. There was time to figure things out.



All Might was a little worried.

He could tell that Midoriya had been worried over something. He now went out for hours every day and would come back tired. Some days he looked satisfied with something, simply neutral, or looking quite stressed.

Whenever he asked where the boy was going each day Midoriya just looked him in the eye and said the same thing.

Every. Single. Time.

“Trust me Toshinori Yagi. You don’t want to know.” 

He would say with a sad smile.

All Might knew that he should question things. That he should push. 

But for some reason he never did.

He trusted his successor despite it all.

But still as each day passed, he grew even more worried for the boy he had taken in, his successor and ally.

Every day Midoriya came home looking even more worried and tired. He grew even more silent than before, which was concerning since he hardly spoke at all. Not to mention he was soft-spoken by nature.

Sometimes he could hear muffled talking from his room, likely the boy talking to his intelligent cat or someone on the phone. 

All Might couldn’t hear what he was saying and nor did he want to eavesdrop and risk the trust Midoriya had in him.

And maybe there were things he didn’t want to know yet.

So, he let it go on.

A month went by with this routine.

Then one morning All Might woke up and went about as usual.

He was working that day. He had been taking more off days than usual at Midoriya’s insistence. He had said something quite chilling that had made All Might stall before deciding to cut down on his work.

He thought back to the moment as he got dressed.

He had worked himself quite a lot those past two weeks. Since there had been a total of nine raids he was asked to participate in, all on his off days. And then, for some reason, there had been a very random spike of criminal activity that had every hero in the area working overtime and on their off-days. So he was pushing it.

He had come home at the end of that second week and collapsed on the couch.

Midoriya walked in not a moment later.

He took one look at him and then narrowed his eyes.

“You have been working quite a lot Yagi.” Midoriya hummed ‘innocently’, his expression saying something else, “Tell me… when was your last off day these past two weeks?”

All Might coughed a bit, spewing some blood.

Uh oh, Midoriya had used his last name. That wasn’t good. That meant the boy wasn’t happy.

He had found over these past months that when Midoriya was serious or unhappy he would either use your full name, or in his case, his last name. 

It was a lot like a mother scolding her kids. Unhappy and disappointed.

So, of course, All Might started sweating a bit.

“Uh… I think it was… the eleventh?” All Might answered nervously, knowing that a bad answer was better than no answer at all.

Midoriya raised his hands in exasperation and scoffed.

“Toshinori Yagi! You are going to make your health worse!” The teen cried in frustration, All Might tried to protest but he was cut off by a glare, “And don’t you dare try to say that you were ‘needed’. I know you went on nine raids Yagi. Nine! That is way too many for you! Maybe in your prime that would have been nothing but you are aging Yagi. So just suck it up and face the facts.”

While he ranted Midoriya got out tea he had already prepared and started pouring him some aggressively. He tended to the mildly terrified man with jerking, angry movements. 

But now he stopped and looked him right in the eyes.

“You are not who you used to be. You are not young. You are not infallible. You are not a god Toshinori.” Midoriya grabbed one of his hands and held it there, “And that is okay. That is simply life. But you cannot act as if it is not true, even if the world needs it. Because if you die the world would be even further in disarray than if you took a break. You need to take care of yourself while you have a chance to.”

Midoriya got a dark, sad look in his eyes.

“You will keep on working and working until your drunk off it. Until you feel guilty for being even a little bit selfish. Until you are so deep that there is no feasible way out no matter how many times you try. It’s not fair. It’s not pretty. It is the cold, hard truth. Humans are selfish by nature Yagi. And you are a man, just like everyone else. Do not make this mistake while you have a chance to live. Before you become a martyr.”

Those words had stuck with Yagi for a long time.

And he quickly started cutting back on work for his own sake. And Midoriya’s.

He found that he was becoming healthier in fact. His wounds and scars hurt a lot less. He was no longer so sore or exhausted. His attacks were more precise and battles ended quicker.

Ends up not working yourself to the bone made him a more affective fighter. 

So now he only worked a few days a week instead of a few hours every day. And it was doing wonders.

Recovery Girl was actually proud of him. 

And so, All Might was getting ready for his usual work day.

But this was not going to be any usual day.

Because when he went downstairs, he found steaming breakfast on the table.

Only one serving though. 

All Might frowned, he and Midoriya always ate breakfast together.

When he went to the table, he saw that a folded note was under the bowl.

All Might grabbed and opened it, expecting there to be a simple note saying that Midoriya had decided to go early and had already eaten.

It was anything but that.



My dear friend and mentor Toshinori,


           I deeply apologize for what I am doing. But sadly, it is a necessity.

           I do not wish to hurt you or make you worry. So please, don’t beat yourself over this because it was inevitable. You and anyone else would not have been able to stop me.

            Simply put, I am leaving. I don’t know for how long, but suspect it to be long-term. I have important business to take care of. Please do not worry too bad. I have a good plan and do not plan on dying or getting hurt any time soon. I just couldn’t carry this out from here. From home.

            I am thankful that you have been taking care of me Toshinori. And I am glad that you are taking care of yourself as well. (If I catch you overworking yourself again, we will be having words Toshinori Yagi.) 

             I promise you that I will come back safe. But for now, I need you to just keep doing what you have been doing for a long while, trust me. Please trust me. 

            With that, I have a few requests.

            One: Do not report me missing. You may tell the few people you deem safe to tell of my absence, and it might be good for Tsukauchi to know of my disappearance. But under no circumstances can you declare me missing. That will put many lives in danger, including my own.

           Two: Do not tell Tsukauchi or any one else about the special circumstance I am in. Doing this would mess up all my plans and could possibly lead to the future deaths of many loved ones.

            Three: If you hear anything about me, or think you have heard something about me, do not interfere. You may be the number one, but sometimes these things have to be dealt with secretly. And you are not low-profile. At all.

            Four: TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. OR. ELSE.



       Your successor, signed                                                  ,

      Izuku Midoriya                               




Chapter Text




Shinsou hadn’t felt that ominous, yet oddly comforting, feeling in months. Not since his dad, yes he called Aizawa his dad now, had an argument with the teen known as Polaroid. 

The same teen that had saved him from his personal hell.

It was odd to miss the looming presence of a stalker-not-stalker. 

And yet here he was.

Shinsou heard of stories from his dad and pops about the little vigilante. 

Sometimes Polaroid passed messages along to him via his parents. 

Every time he got one of these messages his heart filled with warmth. 

They were always short little things.


“Glad to hear you’re doing well Shinsou!”


“Good luck on whatever you are doing! I’m so proud of you!”

He felt so warm and fuzzy at those messages.

And a little bit of something else he couldn’t really place so he just ignored it…

Shinsou often found himself thinking of Polaroid when left to his own thoughts. 

Why couldn’t he get this boy out of his head?

Shinsou tried not to think about him, but in doing so he only thought more about him.

It was a conundrum. 

He considered going to his dads, but he decided against that. This was something he could figure out on his own.

 Its not like thoughts could harm him… right?




Shinsou sighed as his brain decided that video games were boring and that he needed something to do. 

Luckily for him, dinner just finished and he was called to the table.

Aizawa grumbled a bit as he got up from the couch where he was dozing with the cats. Yamada laughed and shook his head fondly as he finished setting the table.

Shinsou strolled over to the table and slid smoothly into his seat.

The three said their thanks and dug into the good food.

They were half-way through the meal, chatting about training plans and the likes, when a gentle knock rang from the door.

All three of them froze and looked to the door.

A few more soft knocks.

Aizawa got up, his capture weapon ready, and crept to the door.

He peeked into the peep hole and reeled back in surprise.

“Polaroid?!” He exclaimed in surprise.

“Wait, Polaroid is here?” Shinsou asked a little hopefully as he got up from his seat.

“Why would the little listener be here?” Mic asked at the same time as him.

“I don’t know why he’s here. But I guess I should let him in.” Aizawa sighed, opening the door.

Sure enough, there was Polaroid in all his tiny glory.

He had grown a b it since Shinsou last saw him but he was still short.

In other words, he was tiny to Shinsou. Very tiny.

“Hey Eraser!” Came out Polaroid’s slightly distorted voice, “Just wanted to stop by! See how things are going ya know?” 

“No. I don’t know why you would do this when ma and my husband could very easily capture you.” Aizawa said in lieu of a greeting.

Polaroid laughed softly.

Oddly… it had a sad tone to it.

“But you wouldn’t Aizawa. You really wouldn’t.” Polaroid said.

“How would you know?” Aizawa countered, Polaroid laughed once more.

“You keep forgetting that I know a lot about you, old friend. But it’s not like you would know.” 

Aizawa tenses a bit at this but let Polaroid in.

Polaroid went as far as to take off his boots.

Shinsou didn’t know what he was expecting. But the long neon rainbow sock that Polaroid always wore having another pair of socks on top of them was unexpected. Especially since the socks were mismatching. One was white with black cats on them and the other was grey with lemons on it. 

And his feet were tiny.

“Hey Eraser? Do you have slippers or do socks work?” Polaroid suddenly asked as he looked up to Aizawa. 

“Just socks in this household problem child.” Aizawa sighed as he walked back to the table, “We were in the middle of having dinner Polaroid. What do you need?”

“Oh, I just wanted to check up on you and tell you some… important things.” Polaroid sounded serious, and what could be seen of his eyes told the same story.

A serious Polaroid was not someone to doubt or question.

“Alright, spill.” 

Like a flip was switched Polaroid was back to being all sunshine and rainbows. Aizawa pulled over a chair and Polaroid sat down on it.

“Alright, first off, how are you doing Shinsou?” Polaroid asked kindly, turning to Shinsou.

Shinsou jumped at the sudden attention but gave Polaroid a small smirk.

“Pretty good. Thanks to you. Dad and Pops have me in online school because they found out about the bullying problem, so it’s all-” Shinsou started but suddenly a dark aura came from Polaroid, putting everyone on edge.

“Who bullied you Shinsou?” Midoriya asked in a dark tone, his voice glitching so much it was menacing, “I want to know for a friend.” 

“Uh… Nezu already had a field day on the place and the people in it. So, no need to get so riled up dude.” Shinsou laughed awkwardly. 
Suddenly the dark aura was gone and everything was back to normal.  

“Oh. That’s too bad, I was kind of in the mood for some arson tonight.” Polaroid pouted playfully. Though it was hard to tell if he was kidding or not. “But I’m glad your doing better now. Your well being is far more important than revenge or arson.” 

Shinsou felt warmth spool in his chest and he smiled at Polaroid.

It wasn’t a smirk. It wasn’t sassy or playful.

It was genuine and soft.

“Thanks Polaroid.” Shinsou smiled.

Polaroid looked surprised for a second. 

The surprisingly tears gently fell from his eyes.

For the first time he took off his glasses.

Glittering green eyes, the same shade as his hair looked back at him. Tears gently fell down his face, but it was obvious he was smiling.

“Oh Shinsou… I have been waiting so long to see you happy. Truly, genuinely, happy.” Polaroid said breathlessly, “You are so strong. And I am very proud of you.” 

Shinsou felt his ears go red at the pure kindness (love) in the boy’s voice.

“I wouldn’t be here without you Polaroid. So… thanks.” Shinsou said, a little flustered.

Aizawa and Yamada were looking between the two with surprise and slight horror (mainly from Aizawa). Which they quickly schooled when the two boys looked to them. 

Polaroid put his glasses back on and sighed.

“Well, now that that is over, we need to talk more serious things.” Polaroid said, looking a little sad. “I’m going to be inactive for a while. I don’t know how long exactly, it could be weeks, or it could be months. But there is something very important I need to do. It will be dangerous, but I think I have it handled.”

The family of three frowned.

“You are fourteen, if my math is right, you shouldn’t be doing dangerous things. And I shiver thinking of what your definition of dangerous is if you don’t consider being a vigilante dangerous.” Aizawa said, “Can’t you get someone else to do it? You normally are good at getting help for the more dangerous things.”

Polaroid shook his head.

“No.” He sighed, “I have to do this alone. It’s… don’t tell anyone this, not even Tsukauchi. This does not leave the house. But it’s an infiltration mission. I won’t tell you of what, other than that they are very dangerous. I have been preparing fake identities, pasts, degrees, records, and everything for months now. And I have a lot of information on this group. I just need to get one person out and everything will be fine. That’s all. I just don’t know how long it will take.”

“I… you make a good point. But still… why does it have to be you? Why couldn’t I go in and do it? Or any other underground hero for that matter. You can just pass the information you have on them on and let that be that.” Aizawa argued. 

Polaroid lifted his glasses a bit to pinch the bridge of his nose. He rubbed a tired hand over his eyes and down his face.

Then he sighed and looked up at them with bone-tired eyes filled with deep exhaustion and sadness.

“Because the person I am saving is my daughter.” Polaroid answered.

The silence was resounding.

“You’re… you’re fourteen.” Yamada pointed out a little weakly.

“Yes, and she is four at the moment, five soon. And we are not related by blood. But she is still just as much my daughter. I have a son too you know.” Polaroid looked out a window sadly, staring into the darkening sky. “They both have been hurt so much. I managed to save my little boy. But he still hurts. And my daughter she… she is hurting… a lot. I couldn’t save her before now and I will always regret that. But I had to bide my time. I was too weak. But now… now I can save her. Just like I saved my other little one.”

He looked back at them with sad, but loving, eyes.

Any amount of the usual joking manner Polaroid was known for was gone and replaced with a wistful sadness.

“It has been so long since I have seen her. And I have to be the one to save her, to get her back. Some day you will be able to meet her. And my son. They both would love to see you guys.”

Polaroid got up and walked to the door and started pulling his boots on.

“This isn’t going to be easy. But it will be worth it. And I would do it a hundred times over if it meant getting my brave little girl back.” Midoriya turned to them and gave them a smile they could not see.

“I think I should get going, I need to-”

“Wait!” Shinsou called, rushing over to Polaroid.

Polaroid stopped and looked up at him with slight confusion.

“Yes Shinsou?” Polaroid asked.

Shinsou pulled his phone from his pocket.

“Lets exchange numbers. I want to talk to you more.” Shinsou told the small vigilante with no shame.

Polaroid on the other hand blushed a bit, his ears going red. 

“O-Oh… okay.” Polaroid got out his phone, “Just to let you know this cannot be tracked in any way. It will only lead you to a random town in Alaska. So please, don’t try. I’ll know.”

“Nice.” Shinsou said as they exchanged numbers. They handed back each other their phones. Polaroid smiled and was about to leave when he suddenly turned back around again.

“Wait! I have an idea!” Polaroid beamed, “Give me your phone!”

Shinsou shrugged and obliged. 

Polaroid tapped on it for a few minutes then handed it back to him.

“Here Shinsou! I found this app that is an extension to Spotify! It lets you see what your buddies are listening to and the other way around in real time. And then you can choose to either listen in or keep listening to your own music! I don’t really have anyone to do it with so I thought we could try! It’s a fun way to get to know each other or even communicate in a way! If you don’t like it you can delete it easily but I thought it would be fun.” Polaroid started to look a little sheepish.

Shinsou smiled and held his phone close.

“I think that sounds awesome. Though I have to warn you that my music taste is weird.” Shinsou grinned.

“Mine’s weirder than yours.”


“Oh I do.”


Polaroid took his leave at that with a little wave and a kind smile.

A few seconds after the door closed Shinsou looked at his parents with mild horror.

“Pops… Dad… I think I’m gay.”

Aizawa slammed his head into the dining room table.



Shinsou laid on his bed and looked up to his ceiling as his headphones played gentle music.

“Oh, circumcise my love for you… It’s far too vapid and aimless. I want to be painless… war soldier, I want closure… and a dollar for the bus back home.”




Chapter Text




Midoriya Izuku walked up to an old manor in the middle of a rich, but not very populated, neighborhood. 

He walked up to the manor and knocked on the door.

It wasn’t opened for a while, but Midoriya knew to wait.

Sure enough, the door opened a cracked and someone peered out.

Their eyes widened at the sight of him.

Midoriya was wearing an interesting and slightly intimidating costume. 

It consisted of a black plague doctor mask with red eyes, much like his vigilante costumes glasses. As well as a silky black tunic, black leggings, black combat boots (that made him look much taller than he was), leather gloves, and a leather coat with a feathery scruff. His green hair was now pure white. In his hand was a black cane with a silver crow on top. Not that anyone knew, but it doubled as a weapon. 

The door was swiftly opened and the man who opened it bowed to him.

“You just be the new recruit, please follow me.” The man said before turning around and beckoning him to follow.

Midoriya did so, his cane thumping against the ground in a graceful movement. 

Every step he took was elegant and gave the appearance of confidence and poise. 

“We are here.”. The man bowed once more as he opened another door.

Midoriya walked inside the room. It was a simple dining room from the looks of it. It was certainly lavish, but not extravagant or big. There was a large oak table with chairs of the same caliber but with deep red upholstery. 

At the table sat none other than Kai Chisaki and his right-hand man Chrono.  

Midoriya said not a word as he casually strolled over to the seat in front of the two men.

They eyed him critically as he gracefully took a seat. 

For a moment they just stared at each other without a single exchanged word.

“So… you must be Morrigan.” Chisaki said in a reserved but commanding voice. 

“I am indeed he.” Midoriya answered, his voice came out slightly deeper due to the voice changer he had embedded in his molar. A permanent thing now. It was programmed from his phone or computer. His new voice made him sound like a young adult rather than a teen.

His voice was sweet like honey. But held a slight hint of poison in it.

Nevertheless, it was a voice full of curiosity and respect.

“You contacted me around two weeks ago for the prospect of a… job here. You realize what that entails, do you not?” Chisaki stated, slightly narrowing his eyes.

Midoriya folded his gloved hands in front of him and leaned forward a slight amount. Tilting his head just a bit along with it.

“Of course Overhaul, how could I not? The last meeting I had with your men had me well aware of this. I only seek to help with your cause. I too hate the world of quirks and the cruelty and filth surrounding it.” Midoriya let a bit of bitterness into his voice, “I understand better than most how freeing it feels to be of without this disease. But alas, the world seemed to not view this the same way.”

Chisaki looked curious in that moment, but he quickly schooled his expression to one of indifference.

“Well Morrigan, why don’t you tell me about this… feeling of yours was?”

“Well, you see, up until around a month ago, I was quirkless.” Midoriya smiled as both Chrono and 

Chisaki’s eyes widened. 

“What? How?” Chisaki asked breathlessly, “You said you were twenty-four, how did you obtain a quirk so late?”

Midoriya smirked under his mask, unseen by the two in front of him.

“Apparently, my body was not prepared for it. So, I was born with the body of a quirkless individual, in order for my body to protect itself. Likely trying to trick itself into thinking it was quirkless as to make sure I didn’t die. My quirk is so powerful that it would have exploded my limbs if manifested earlier, according to my doctor at least. So by all means, I am quirkless, minus my quirk factor of course. Which had yet to activate or make it’s presence known until my body could handle it’s power. Even now I can only use a small percentage of it before it destroys my body. Around five percent. Think of it like this, I was disease free, until I caught it. I almost regret starting to train, because that was what made my body able to handle this quirk.”

Midoriya explained all of this as Chisaki and Chrono looked even more shocked and amazed with every word. Once he was done they quickly schooled their expressions, but that curious and amazed look stayed.

“That is simply fascinating Morrigan.” Chisaki said, “But despite how many interesting things you bring to the table I must ask, what use do I have for you? And how can you prove to me that I can trust you?” 

Midoriya stared at them calmly.

“Well, for one I have a degree in child care, as well as quirk sciences and theory. I am a very experienced analyst.” Midoriya hummed, “I am a skilled fighter and with my quirk I would not only be able to take the front lines but also defend and support from the sidelines. But I also know how to use numerous weapons. Including guns, which I am especially skilled at using, knives, staffs, and swords. So I do not just rely on my quirk for battle and defense. I am also skilled in hand to hand.” 

Then Midoriya reached into his jacket and magically pulled out a manila folder.

He pushed it across the table to the two men in front of him.

“And… my trust.” 

The two in front of him looked to each other before opening the folder.

They both read for a few moments.

In it was a portfolio.

A portfolio of him. 

But not of Izuku Midoriya.

But of a young man named Akatani Mikumo.

A young man the age of twenty-four.

“I see that you have entrusted your identity to us Akatani. And I can also see that all these documents are indeed real. You have outdone yourself here. I am glad to see that you were not lying about your degrees and abilities. I am admittedly impressed. Most do not reveal their identities to us right off the bat.” Chisaki smiled a bit as he finished up reading.

“Why thank you Chisaki, I am glad you think this way of me.” Midoriya smiled right back.

Chisaki closed the file and handed it to Chrono to keep.

“I hope you understand that we are keeping this. Seeing all this, and of your strength quirk, shows that you will be very useful to our organization. You are in. And there is no turning back now, I do hope you know that.” Chisaki stood up and reached his hand over the table, a greedy glint in his eye.

Midoriya stood up and reached to take Chisaki’s gloved hand in a very loose grip. Their skin hardly touched, which seemed to please Chisaki.

“I understand perfectly Chisaki. I am glad to be working here.” Midoriya grinned.

“As am I.” Chisaki nodded as he let go of Midoriya’s hand. They both sat back down. 

“I believe we should get to the real business sir.” Chrono reminded his boss.

“Ah yes, lets talk about the rank, position, and job you will have in this organization. Every member, no matter how low their rank, is important and plays a part. You will not be automatically of a high rank, you have to work your way up to that position. It may take months, or years, or even weeks. That all depends on how well you do. But based on your qualifications, you will not be placed in the lowest standing as most of our recruits are. You are in middle standing, so you will be expected to do not only your job, but to also accompany and supervise those lower than you and assist those higher when requested.”

“Ah, so what is my job exactly?” Midoriya asked curiously. 

“You will be getting a… special, job.” Chisaki smiled, “You will be taking care of my ‘daughter’, Eri.”

Midoriya exhaled in relief in his mind.

Out loud he said, 

“Ah, I see you are putting my degree in child care to good use. But other than the obvious, why is your daughter so important to need a fighter, rather than a more professional caretaker?”

“Well you see, Eri is very special to our plans. Without her, well everything would fall to pieces. So I trust you to keep her safe, but also keep her in check. The specifics are not important at the moment. All you need to know is that she cannot escape or be harmed in any way. The last people have failed their jobs brilliantly, and let me warn you, I do not take kindly to slackers or people who do their job terribly.” Chisaki warned lowly, “I doubt you want to end up like them.”

“With what I have heard of your quirk, neither would I.” Midoriya huffed a laugh, “But you do not have to worry. There is no way she is escaping when under my watch.”

“Good. That is what I expect. So, other than that, your job will be to do as asked all other times. Sometimes you will accompany the grunts or members of lower standing for recruitment. I or my higher standing subordinates, like Chrono here, will request things of you on my behalf, you are to listen to them swiftly and without complaint. Not that I really expect you to do any of that. You seem much to respectable for that. Now, if there are any other questions, please ask.”

“Well, I was wondering of housing.” Midoriya replied, “While I am in a home of my own, it isn’t… the best. All the bills from college as well as currently being unemployed due to my past quirk status, well things are getting a little rough.” 

“Obviously you will be getting a good enough salary to pay off a respectable house, but I would actually prefer for you to live with us. This manor is bigger than it looks. Much bigger. We have plenty of room for you. In fact, I can put you right next to Eri. That is normally where her current caretakers live.”

“My, that sound perfect. I will take you up on that offer, especially since it is at your convenience.”

“I am glad. You can move in any time, but I would like you to start your work tomorrow. So the sooner the better.”

“I have only a backpack to my name Chisaki. I would love to move in tonight.”

“Splendid. I will show you to your room. And I might as well introduce you to Eri while we are at it.”

“That works for me boss.”

“None of that Akatani, just Chisaki.”

“Why thank you Chisaki, and you can just call me Morrigan. I much prefer it to the name my retched parents bestowed upon me. This one is much more appealing.”

“Very well Morrigan.”

The two set off, Chrono left behind to inform the others of their new member.




Eri sighed and looked down at the little horse figurines she was playing with.

Chisaki hadn’t taken her at all today. He hadn’t for the past week. It made her feel scared.

He was sure to take her again. Especially after her old caretaker had let her escape her room. She still hadn’t made it out of the base, but she knew a lot of the halls now.

The little map draw with purple crayon that was hidden in the head of a doll she had said as much.

She might not have much experience outside Chisaki and the base, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t smart.

But it seems no one else saw that.

That didn’t matter, it was her secret anyways.

Eri liked secrets.

They were both alluring to find out about and to keep.

Something only she knew. Or something she wanted to find out.

Yes, Eri loved secrets.

She didn’t want to play ponies anymore.

She wanted to read the books in her bookshelf. The colorful ones with things that were called plants and animals. Or any other things. 

But she couldn’t read them. Only her caretakers could read them. She didn’t know how.

But the last time she asked to learn she got a harsh slap to the face. And she didn’t want that to happen again, so she dropped it despite her deep want.

She was Eri. She was a curse. 

She wasn’t allowed to have what she wanted.

She didn’t deserve it.

That was what Chisaki always said. What everyone always said.

Eri was about to go to the books to trace her fingers across the artful lines and try her best to read when the door opened.

Fear coursed through her.

Was Chisaki here to take her again?

Was the mean temporary caretaker coming to yell at her?

Did she do something wrong? Was she going to get punished?

She looked to the door and her eyes went wide.

There was a huge bird monster at the door.

And by it’s side was Chisaki.

Eri squeaked and backed up, cowering.

The bird monster silently stared at her.

Chisaki looked to the bird monster.

“Morrigan, this is Eri.” Chisaki looked to her and she shrunk more, “Eri, this is Morrigan, your new caretaker. Don’t try to run this time, Morrigan is very powerful.” 

Eri nodded.

“Alright Morrigan, I will leave you two to talk. Inform me when you are going to leave to get your things and move in. You have my number. Do not disappoint me Morrigan.”

“Yes Chisaki, you do not have to worry. This was what I studied to do after all.”


Chisaki left.

Thank god.

(That was something her last caretaker said a lot. Up until those very last seconds of his life where he was flimsily convinced Chisaki wouldn’t painfully end him. He was wrong.)

Her monstrous caretaker Morrigan stepped forward, closing the door gently behind him. She flinched and backed away a bit.

Why would Chisaki let a monster take care of her? Weren’t monsters supposed to be fake?

“Hello little one.” Morrigan said in a soft voice, “Would you like to play?”

Eri blinked.

“W-What?” She stuttered a little fearfully.

Morrigan gestured to the toys around her room. 

“You have lots of toys, would you like to play? You can choose whatever you want to do. Or we don’t have to do anything. I can leave right now if you would like.” Morrigan continued in his honey-laced voice. 

Was this monster… asking her what she wanted to do?

No one had done that before.

Or at least not in a long time.

Eri didn’t really know what to do.

“Uhm… can we read?” Eri asked timidly.

To her surprise, Morrigan just nodded.

He set down his cane, leaning it against the wall. 

Eri shied away as he made his way over to the bookshelf. 

“Are there any in particular you want to read?” Morrigan asked, being oddly kind to her.

“N-No… any is fine…” She whispered, Morrigan just nodded and pulled a few out. 

He sat down on the floor and angled the book so he could look down on the pages and she could see them, even at a distance.

In order to see the pages she often had to get close to her caretaker, and she hated that. She wanted to see the pictures, but she didn’t want to get near to them either.

But Morrigan had the book angled perfectly so she wouldn’t have to come any nearer. 


Eri sat a small ways from the book, but she could see the words and pictures clearly.

Morrigan started reading the book softly to her.

He was a good reader. Unlike her other caretakers. 

They always read in a monotone, bored voice. Like they didn’t like the book. Which was likely the case.

But Morrigan… he read like he was enjoying every moment of the book. 

His voice was the last thing from monotone, full of life and wonder. 

He even did different voices for all the characters.

Maybe… Maybe this caretaker wasn’t too bad.




Chapter Text




Shinsou laid on his back staring at the ceiling from his bed. 

He had been occasionally texting Polaroid. 

It felt both good and unbelievable at the same time.

He would never forget that night a few days ago though. 

Aizawa had slammed his head into the table. Shinsou wasn’t worried about him being homophobic but he was still worried.

It wasn’t his fault he had been massively crushing on his dad’s problem vigilante and his own savior who just so happened to be around his age! 

And who was super cute despite not being able to see him under his mask and deceptive costume.

Yeah, he was falling and falling hard.

After that had come a terrible thing.

The Talk.

Yup. His new parents sat him down on the couch and gave him The Talk.

It was terrible. And embarrassing.

But when it was done Aizawa got a pensive look on his face. After a moment of silence, he sighed and rubbed just eyes.

“Alright Shinsou… just…” Aizawa let out a small noise of frustration, “You know I care about you, right?”

Shinsou slowly nodded, not knowing where this was going and not liking it.

“Good, I just want to keep you safe. But… I can see that it is the same with Polaroid. He wants to keep you safe too, I can tell by the way he looks at you. It’s easy to see. While I am shocked you… like, my vigilante problem child. But there is something you don’t know… he has a husband.”

Shinsou blanched.

“What? He’s a teenager, like me!” Shinsou blurted. Aizawa nodded wearily.

“I know. I have no idea either. But he told me on accident before I knew he wasn’t an adult but a teen. Not to mention he has two kids apparently. Which I certainly wasn’t aware of. I have no idea what is going on since Polaroid sends a million different signals and we have either too much confusing and useless information or too little information to put together any kind of likely story or explanation.” Aizawa looked tired beyond belief, “All I ask is to slow down a bit. It’s fine that you like him, it makes sense even. But you just need to be careful. So, you don’t get yourself hurt.”

With that new information Shinsou agreed.

“Don’t forget to talk to him though.”. Yamada added with a knowing smile, “Don’t be afraid to ask him things. You can do that without sounding interested in him. Like mentioning Shota here telling you he has a husband. Or maybe ask how he’s doing with his kid. That way you can gain information without showing your romantic interest in him.”

“That’s… actually pretty smart. Thanks Pops.” Shinsou smiled. His dads leaned forward and they all hugged.

“I’m trusting you to keep him safe too Shinsou.” Aizawa muttered, “He needs some serious help, and a friend, or partner, may help with that. He doesn’t trust me enough yet to do that for him. But I think he trusts you. Please, make sure he doesn’t die.”

“Well, it’s not like I can date someone who is dead.” Shinsou snorted, though it was laced with seriousness.

That night was a week ago.

Since then, Shinsou had only sent greeting texts and random pictures of the cats. 

Polaroid sent back messages of greeting, or gushed over the cats.

Oddly enough though, they mainly communicated through music.

It was helpful that both of them knew English well. Shinsou knew due to living in two English-only speaking houses. That was for a whole two years when he was young, so he picked it up fast and knew it well. 

Polaroid knew English as well for some reason, so they listened to a lot of American music. 

It always started with one of them listening to music and then going on to listen to their own.

They would listen to the song the other was playing and start listening to a song of their own in a sort of reply.

It was an emotional way of communication. It had some deeper quality to the superfluous conversations they had over text. 

They did this a lot later at night. Which pretty much confirmed his insomnia theory. 

Sometimes he would be a little concerned with Polaroid’s music taste.

Like that one time he listened to Bullet on loop for literally an hour.


But then again, it’s not like he was too much better.

But now it was night and Polaroid was listening to It's Over Isn’t It. A slightly sad song from a Pre-quirk Era show. 

Shinsou for some reason felt as if Polaroid was sad and missing something, or maybe someone.

Shinsou got out his phone and steeled himself for an actual conversation. Not just some stupid little text about the cats or saying hi.

“Hey, do you want to talk about it?” Shinsou sent the text off. A minute later he got a reply.

“About what?”

“Your music. I get big sad vibes from you right now.”

“Oh… well, I guess I’m just missing someone right now.”

“Your husband?”

“WHAT! No! I’m single Toshi! And underage!”

Wait… what?

“Oh, you told dad that you had a husband a while ago.”

“Oh jeez, I’m really sorry for the miscommunication. But it’s very complicated. Let’s just say I used to have a husband. But, he’s dead.”

Oh… Oh shit. 

“I’m so sorry. I’m not going to pretend to understand, but still. That really sucks.”

“It does, but I have another chance at love now. It’s been a while, I’m over it.”

Shinsou’s heart fluttered. His fingers flew across the screen.

“I mean, okay. But that still sucks. Are you missing your son then?”

“A bit. But I’m actually kind of missing you right now.”

Shinsou’s face went red as a beet.

“Oh, really? Ha ha, funny because I’m missing you too a bit.”

“What a coincidence.”

“If you are ever missing me, you can text you know.”

“I know… I just want to see you in person. But I can’t leave, obviously.”

“Yeah, how is it going?”

“No one suspects a thing. I am already very trusted since I’m good at what I do apparently. I’ve managed to stop a few murders while I’m out on the jobs they give me at the very least.”

“Jeez, what are they having you do?!”

“I just accompany the people below me in the ranks to make sure they don’t get caught or so something stupid. They will sometimes sell drugs and such. But people like to try and con them, I just send the thugs off and drop them off at a station instead of killing them like the others likely would.”

“What else do you do? Just curious.”

“Well, my main job is actually taking care of my daughter funnily enough.”

“Shit really?! That’s some luck man.”

“I of course was planning for this, but I’m still surprised it went so well. With how it is going I might be able to get out of here in the next two or three weeks.”

“Make sure to stop by when you do. I would love to see you again.”

“I’ll be sure to. Ah, I have to go. My ‘boss’ is calling.”

“See ya, stay safe.”

“I will. Bye.”

Shinsou ended up running to his dad and telling him the news.



Midoriya looked down lovingly at his daughter. Though she didn’t know that she was his yet.

Eri was currently tucked into his lap, fast asleep.

For the last week he had been gaining the trust of Eri. She seemed to trust him for the most part now.

He spent every hour he could with her, which was apparently more than any of the other caretakers did. They always spent as little time as possible around her.

He had the advantage of knowing her. So, he knew that she liked being with someone, it made her feel safe. 

Well, only if she deemed that person safe, that is.

On the second day of seeing her he brought in some new reading books for her as well as writing and reading activity books.

He knew she wanted to learn how to read and write.

He sat down and taught her from a distance. Eri was nervous, that was obvious, but eventually she got brave enough to come a little closer to try.

Every day that week Midoriya brought her something new.

He brought her cookies one day. Simple chocolate chip ones he made in the small kitchen he had in his room.

Another day he brought her a white cat stuffed animal. She reluctantly took it and named it Bip.

The day after that he brought her a coloring book and brand-new colored pencils in a hundred different shades. She loved them. She was warming up to him, willing to come closer.

Then he brought her a little radio and cd's so she could listen to music off the disks when she wanted to. She liked the Disney ones.

After that it was a big, fluffy blanket with a matching pillow. She curled up in it. This was when she got close enough to touch and went as far as to give him a swift hug.

 Finally, today he asked Chisaki to make a door between their rooms. In the name of “being able to keep a closer eye on her as well as helping her mental and physical health by introducing her to something new.” And since he was the child expert Chisaki agreed and did so.

The door had a lock of course, but Midoriya always left it unlocked for Eri. Though he did have to keep the other door tightly locked, since he didn’t want her running away.

That was too dangerous for the both of them. Chisaki needed to be taken down for good, and though he would love to get away right then and there, it was not possible.

That night Eri had a nightmare. A bad one.

Midoriya knew she got those a lot. He heard it from his room.

So, he opened the door and walked up to Eri slowly, as to not scare her.

“Eri?” He called softly, “Eri dear? Are you okay?”

Eri was sitting up in her bed, tears streaming down her cheeks and silent sobs making her shoulders hitch.

Midoriya frowned sadly and walked up to her.

“Oh sweetie, did you have a nightmare?” Midoriya asked gently, “May I touch you honey?”

Eri did not answer but instead lunged at him.

He whisked her tiny body into his arms and walked to his room. 

He sat on the soft bed and started gently rocking the crying girl back and forth.

“Shh, you are safe Eri.” Midoriya muttered to her, “It was just a nightmare.”

“I dreamed that you were g-g-gone M-Morrigan!” Eri sobbed and hiccupped, “You are n-nice, I don’t want you gone!” 

Midoriya looked down at her and smiled softly. 

“Oh, Eri bug… I will always be here.”

“B-But what if Chisaki h-hurts you!”

“He won’t Eri. But even if he did, I will always be with you. In here.” He pointed to Eri's heart, “I will always be with you in here Eri. Just remember, you will be okay.”

Eri curled in on him, sobbing.

It always seems so quiet, in the dark. It always seems so stark. How silence grows under the moon, constellations gone so soon.” He sang softly, “I used to think that I was bold, I used to think love was for fun. Now all my stories have been told, except for, one.

Eri sniffled and looked up to him in surprise.

As the stars start to align, I hope you take it as a sign, that you will be okay. Everything will be okay. And if the seven hells collapse although the day will be my last, you will be okay. When I’m gone you’ll be okay.

Eri's crying slowly stopped a d her breathing slowed down. Her eyes started dripping and she leaned into him.

The day that you arrive the sun went black, an artificial night, you came and stole away the light, and 9ut it in your eyes. How could I possibly suspect you’d eclipse the midnight sun? I though I knew all the moves but then you pulled me back to one…

Eri yawned.

If the stars ever align, I hope you take it as a sign that you will be okay. And if the seven hells collapse although the day will be my last, you will be okay. When I’m gone, you’ll be okay. And if the heavens crash and ground, I know you’ll hear the trumpet sound, and you’ll be okay. Everything will be okay. And when creation goes to die, you can find me in the sky, upon the last day… and you will be okay.

Eri was asleep.



Kota rifled through his drawers frantically.

The knife. It was gone.

Why was it gone!?

This was bad. Really bad.

He had promised not to lose it. 

But now it was gone.

He had left it wrapped in a sock in his very bottom sock drawer. 

He was used to shuffling it through different places in the room just in case. In a hollowed-out book sometimes. Under his mattress other times.

Shit. Shit! SHIT!

He heard footsteps down the hall, it was midnight. Everyone was supposed to be alseep.

He ran to his bed silently and hopped in, making it look like he was asleep.

He heard the door open and saw a bit of light from underneath his eyelids.

“What was Kota doing with this?” Mandalay whispered worriedly, “We all know that this is a Rose knife.”

“He would know too. He’s seen the news. He was obsessed with Rose for a bit there.” Tiger pointed out.

“But why would he hide this? Where did he get it?”

“Rose likely gave it to him. Since they killed Muscular. They must know something about him.” Pixie Bob sighed.

“We might have to move out. For his safety. We cannot risk him getting hurt.” Ragdoll chimed in sadly.

“Yes. Rose may not be known for killing heroes or civilians, we can’t risk it.” Mandalay agreed with a sigh.

Kota felt his heart spike. 

No! They couldn’t do that! Then he wouldn’t be able to see dad!

He hopped up from his bed, surprising all of them.

“No! Please! I don’t want to move away!” Kota wailed, “Please!”

This was the first time in forever they had seen Kota cry. 

Or seem so genuine with his emotions.

The last time it was about Rose too…

But that was months ago…

“Kota…” Mandalay whispered in confusion, “Kota, what is going on?”

“Yeah buddy, we are family in all but blood. You can tell us.” Tiger encouraged gently.

“Are you in danger kitten? Is Rose threatening you?” Pixie Bob asked.

Kota looked to them in horror.

“No! No! I’m safe!” Kota cried, “I promise!”

“Kota! You can tell us! Please! I promise that we will protect you!” Mandalay begged, she tried to hug Kota reassuringly but the boy pulled away from her, shaking his head.

“But I’m not.” He said weakly, “I really am not. Rose is good. He… he is like you guys. Family.” 

The four heroes were silent. 

Normally they would be rejoicing at the fact Kota thought of them as family.

But at the moment, they could only face the fact that Kota had called a serial killer family.

“Kota… what do you mean?” Mandalay whispered in horror.

Kota looked at her wearily, resigned to his fate.

“I met Rose before he was, well, before he was Rose.” Kota softly explained, “He left me a letter. Obviously, I didn’t trust him. But I sent one back after a while. In his letter he said that it was fine if I didn’t want to write to him, or if I told you guys, but that he would prefer to keep it between us. I agreed since… he understood me.” Kota walked over to his mattress and lifted it up, pulling out stacks of letters. He handed them to Mandalay.

The four heroes read through the first one.

Most people would read it and see how understanding, heartfelt, and genuine the letter was.

But since the four knew who was writing them. All they could see was manipulation and lies. They saw someone with bad intentions, luring their child into his grasp. 

Kota gave them the letters so they could understand.

But they didn’t. They only saw what their paranoid and worried minds made up.

“Kota…” Mandalay started, but Kota glared at her.

“Let me finish.” Kota snapped, then sighed and continued, “We sent the letters back in forth for a few weeks. And finally, he asked to see me in person. He always gave me the choice. I was enjoying writing to him, so I said yes. And we met up. He was nice. He understood, and when he couldn’t understand, he tried very hard too. And he always succeeded in the end.”

Kota looked down.

“He told me something that I will not be telling you since it would be dangerous for him. But I was… angry. I felt betrayed. But then, I understood. Despite that small argument we continued talking and meeting every once in a while. Sometimes it would just be letters. Other times it would be the in-person visits. But he always made me feel… safe. And a lot less lonely. Then one day he told me that he wouldn’t be able to talk to me for a while. That was the same time that Rose started killing.

Once he got back, I asked him about Rose. I didn’t know how to feel about him. So, he explained it all to me. Then I realized that he had too much information on Rose. So, I asked him about it. He told me that he would tell me when I was older. But I pushed him. He didn’t tell me exactly, instead he gave me that knife. He told me that it was for emergency use only and to keep it hidden if I could. When I woke up the news was on. I figured it out. He left for a while after that, apparently he had some business to tend to and didn’t have enough time to visit me safely.”

Kota longingly looked at the knife in Mandalay’s hands.

“One day he came back. He told me that he had left to get help. Since he was having a hard time emotionally and needed time to make sure he was ready to face me. He didn’t want to hurt me. I don’t care that he is Rose. That he is a villain. Because he is my hero. And… I love him. He… he’s like a dad to me.”

At this the four heroes looked horrified even further.

“Kota! What about your real dad! Are you just going to forget him so-” Ragdoll gasped.

“STOP!” Kota screamed, “I don’t think you understand! I’m only six for fucks sake! I can hardly remember my parents! They died over a year ago! The only reason I’m so ‘mature’ is because I was forced to grow up! I’m smarter than you think you know! I know what trauma does to a person! To a kid! I. Don’t. Remember. Them. But you know who I do remember? I remember my true dad. Rose. I remember him because for the past year he has been there for me. Not like my birth dad was. Not like my birth mother was. Because they are dead. And Rose isn’t.”

“But we have been there for you Kota…” Pixie Bob warbled, tears in her eyes.

Kota started crying again.

“No. You haven’t. You have tried, but you haven’t understood. That’s not being there for me. That’s just a sad attempt at parenting. You treat me like a child. I know that I am a child, but I’m also more mature and understand more than you guys think I do! Rose does not just dismiss me like you guys do. He actually tries! When he doesn’t understand he asks questions! Not just give up! Instead of complaining about not understanding he learns to understand! You do not. You never have.”

Kota sniffled and rubbed his eyes.

“I still love you. I still love you all a lot. But you just… you aren’t good parents for me. You tried. But you do not succeed. He does though. He does because he understands me. He helped me when I started forgetting my parents. He helped me when I was really hurt and lonely. He helped me. You have to understand that!”

The four heroes were hurt. A lot. 

And they were angry. And for all the wrong reasons.

They were angry that this villain managed to manipulate their kid. 

They also felt bad.

But also, in a wrong way.

They felt bad for Kota. They felt bad that he was confused and taken advantage of.

They couldn’t have failed that badly… right?




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The next week was redundant for Midoriya.

Or so it looked on the outside.

But when he wasn’t taking care of Eri, getting in some quick sleep, or doing other jobs for the yakuza he was doing his own special things.

As in he was siphoning information the police and Sir Nighteye directly as a mysterious informant.

Of course, no one knew who he was. 

He was getting the information to them via hacking, something he knew quite well.

This was due to a few things.

One, Mei Hatsume. One of the few people from UA to survive the war. With everyone either leaving UA or getting killed during the many battles. But her and her “babies” prevailed.

She ended up being the one to provide him with all his support gear when he was forced to become a hero. He wasn’t too close to her, but he had always considered her a friend. She taught him how to hack so he could hopefully one day hack into The Hero Commission and free himself. 

Sadly, she died before he could learn that. He tried to keep teaching himself, but he could no longer give the Commission an excuse to not be working. And he just couldn’t do it without her. She knew how to explain it just right so he could get it. The online programs made no sense to him. 

At least he could hack most other places. Pretty much everything but UA and The Hero Commission as well as some government databases from other countries. 

Mei’s death had been blamed on a freak accident.

But Midoriya knew otherwise. He knew the Commission had something to do with it. He was sure of that at the very least. Mei would never actually die in an accident with her support equipment. She might be reckless and mildly insane, but she was also wickedly brilliant. She wouldn’t let something like that kill her.

And the fact that the Commission doubled his workload after that… well, he was sure they had found out something. Likely their plots to get him away from the Commission.

(The only way to get away from them was death. Hawks showed that well enough. But Midoriya could only hope.)

Now, due to the lessons with Mei from a while ago, and secretly taking more classes over the last months he had been back in the past, his new present, he could hack almost anything.

Including UA if he wanted to. Though there was no doubt Nezu would notice him. So he wasn’t going to rick that.


Anyways. He hacked both Tsukauchi’s computer, phone, Switch (yes, he had a switch. He loved playing the few detective related games he had on it. And the occasional game of smash heroes’ addition with Sansa.), and the police database of course. 

No one even noticed that he had been on it since right after he moved in with All Might. He had already prepared for this! But they had no idea he was there.

He had even made sure that no one would be able to get him off of their computers and devices. 

He had also hacked into The Nighteye Agency. 

He and Nighteye had a… rocky relationship, while he was alive.

Nighteye hated him, and he mildly hated Nighteye (though he was too meek to mention it). 

Through their mutual hate of each other, they clashed in many silent battles.

Nighteye would give him practically impossible paperwork without instructions just to put him down. 

And Midoriya would turn right on around and filled it out perfectly via a large reserve of spite he always had kept under locks. And he would even do his paperwork, Bubble Girl’s paperwork, and the front desk’s paperwork in double time just to add insult to injury.

Nighteye, in turn, would put him on patrol in the areas of the city that got hardly any attention but a lot of criminals. So much so that Mirio and he were often separated when they were on a double patrol. It was obviously a way to try and show him that Mirio could do better than him. 

Midoriya would then proceed to turn in twice the number of villains Mirio had gotten in half the time before running off to help Mirio. 

It went on like that. Petty little things. Extravagant coffee orders to trip him up made into buying a whole bunch of people elaborate coffees in good time while still getting the initial order right. Paperwork arranged in code that spelled out crude insults (sent by Midoriya), with just as heated replies (from Nighteye). 

But… somehow, they started to sort of enjoy each other.

The pranks and retaliation were fun. It helped them both let out frustration they never got to release. 

Sometimes the insults and pranks were more joking than scathing. 

And maybe… things might be rough… but in the end, things weren’t all too bad between them.

Interesting how mutual hatred could end up becoming a slight friendship.

And then, on the man’s deathbed, they finally put everything behind them.

But by then it was too late.

Despite all this, here Midoriya was again, sending Nighteye messages.

The last week he had been siphoning the same information he learned to the police and Nighteye. Though Nighteye’s were always… a little different. 

He always added a small joke he knew the man would like. Or enthuse about some obscure All Might fact. And sometimes he put in a little, good-natured, insult. 

Nighteye would reply to him via writing in a word document titled to him. Midoriya could see everything he did and encouraged this way of communication. They could even write on the same document, like texting in a way.

Nighteye didn’t appreciate the hacking bits, but he was grateful for the information. Since by this time he had just started on the case. 

(He learned that tidbit of information from Bubble Girl years down the line. When she got dementia due to great overuse of her quirk in a battle, a side affect no one could have predicted. 

She always did like to tell the stories she could remember. She was determined to not forget them.

She did in the end.)

Midoriya also bothered Tsukauchi. 

He just couldn’t help himself. He loved the man, but damn, he was fun to mess with.

He did give the man a bit of a reprieve this time though. He wasn’t as chaotic as he could be.

He mainly gave the man information the same way as Nighteye. He just upped the sass a good bit.

He was still serious though. He had to save Eri.

And himself. 

At this point he was as deep into this as she was.

He gave them complex analysis on each member, since that was a task he was often given. He was tasked with meeting with a member and giving them a full analysis.

Obviously Midoriya kept it at a level that was normal for most professional analysts. It was good, and a little helpful, but not even close to touching what he could really do. 

They were not suspicious. In fact, they were impressed.

He got a lot of information from this. And he sent them in as fast as he possibly could.

Hopefully he would be out soon. With how things were going he could be out in another two or three weeks. 

It was already two weeks in already.

He wished he could see Kota now. But it was too dangerous.

Hopefully the heroes would be quick.



Kota glared at the woman in front of him.

A week ago, his guardians had put him in therapy and basically had him and the house on lockdown.

They hadn’t handed over the knife yet, but the police knew about it now. But they decided to have them keep it just in case Rose came back and they could apprehend him.

Every single day they grilled him for information on Rose.

But Kota just turned his nose up and ignored them all. 

The only thing he ever said was, 

“Rose is my family. I love him and he loves me.”

The officers and heroes were not mean, they were very patient actually.

Too patient. They just wouldn’t give it up.

Everyone told him that Rose was just manipulating him. That Rose was evil.

They thought that because they did not see Izuku Midoriya.

They only saw Rose. The villain they knew nothing of and feared because of that.

The Rose that was basically dead.

Kota was angry at himself.

He should have kept the knife in the book. Maybe then he wouldn’t be in this situation.

He was scared as well.

He didn’t want Midoriya, his father in all but blood, to be hurt. He didn’t want to never see him again.

He was also very sad.

He didn’t know what he would do without Midoriya. He was the one good thing in his life right now.

Everything else was bland and sad.

He was homeschooled, and thus never saw other kids. Which he was fine with, but he was still lonely.

He wasn’t allowed to go out much. His guardians just wanted to protect him. But in doing so, they have hurt him.

And now he could hardly even leave his room anymore.

Then, on the last day that marked a week of this hell, came a miracle.

A miracle in the form of a shadowy figure in the middle of the night.

Kota was sleeping when he heard a small noise.

He opened his eyes blearily, hoping that it was his father.

But suddenly he was being cradled in warm arms. 

A gentle finger booped him on the nose. He felt very, very sleepy.

“It’s okay little one. I will take you back to your father. I promise.” A soft voice lulled him to sleep.






Kota woke up with a yawn.

He was warm.

He opened his eyes and looked around.

He panicked for a moment, then remembered the night before.

That voice seemed… kind.

But how the hell did he know about his dad?

He looked around.

He was in a normal apartment bedroom from the looks of it. But oddly, it had not a single window.

“Hello dear child.” A voice said from behind him. Kota jumped and whirled around.

A figure literally cloaked in shadows was there.

The person was tall and lanky from the looks of it. They were covered from head to toe in black shadows that gently flowed in languid movements. Two glowing white eyes stared at him softly.

“W-Who are you?” Kota asked, a little fearfully, not that he would ever admit it.

“You sweet Kota, may call me The Seer.”



 The Wild Wild Pussycats were worried.

Kota was being oddly silent in his room. The past week he had been throwing tantrums, especially in the early hours of the morning.

But today, it was silent.

They all decided to go check on him, expecting to find him in some sort of sulking episode. 

They did not expect to find the room empty.

And a note on the neatly made bed.

With shaking hands, they picked up the note.

And read.

“You tried Mandalay, Tiger, Pixie Bob, Ragdoll. You tried hard. But Kota is not suitable to be here at the moment. He is not happy and I fear that he will become mentally unstable if he is left like this any longer. I promise you that Kota is safe. I am simply taking him back to his father, someone I know loves him dearly. Despite me not knowing Rose personally. It would do you good to reassess your decisions. Maybe someday Kota will want to see you again.”

The note was not signed.




Chapter Text

For the next few days Kota was taken care of by The Seer.

They were very nice.

Ends up they were something called non-binary. It meant they went by not he/him or she/her like most people did. Instead they went by they/them.

It was something to get used to since he was never told about that. But he got the hang of it pretty quick.

It wasn’t too odd when you think about it.

Seer had him stay in the apartment for his own safety. And he had to sleep on the couch. But he was well fed and The Seer was kind.

Of course, he was suspicious and admittedly scared at first.

But Seer explained things to him.

Seer apparently had somehow known the whole situation. Which was concerning.

But instead of using this knowledge to hurt them, they decided to help out instead.

Seer admitted that much like Midoriya they weren’t good or bad. That they just did what they had to do to make things go right and take their course.

Seer told him that they saw the pain he felt. And about how Midoriya was busy, unaware to his pain. But that Midoriya would feel terrible for getting him in trouble and accidentally hurting him if he knew or found out.

So Seer decided to step in.

Seer deemed Midoriya worthy and wanted to reunite the two when possible.

Seer told Kota that Midoriya was currently on a very, very important mission. .

And apparently an infiltration job.

Which was also very dangerous.

Midoriya had minimal contact outside where he was. Which was why he wasn’t able to see Kota at all.

Kota was understandably suspicious.

Then Seer gave him…

The knife.

Kota took it with a reverent look.

He was still a little distrustful… but maybe this person wasn’t terrible.

Not too terrible at least. Kota had a gut feeling that they were not a threat to him.

One everything was cleared up Seer got him some food. It was stew and very good.

The next few days were oddly normal.

While he was still not allowed outside yet, Seer stayed with him the entire day. Seer set him up with online school, going as far as to give him a laptop to keep.

Seer kept him fed, helped him with his homework and school when needed, let him watch movies, gave him things to do, and just overall kept him company.

His family never did that. He didn’t really blame them for it. They were just busy with hero work a lot. And the babysitter they got was just a lazy and just watched tv or played on her phone all day. But it’s not like they knew that. So, he didn’t blame them.

He didn’t.

But it felt… nice, to have someone around.

Kota’s lived for those less lonely moments with Midoriya. But even those were only once a week if the both of them were lucky.

 (Kota ignored the part of him that screamed that Midoriya was super busy but did his best to see him. To be his best person for him. That even though he was busy he still made time for him. That his family could have done that too but didn’t-)

Seer made him so much less lonely.

He made him feel cared for.

Eventually a week passed by and Seer finally sat Kota down for a serious talk.

“Kota.” Seer sighed, “We need to talk about this whole situation.”

“Okay.” Kota nodded, he curled up a bit, expecting a punishment to come. He had been doing so good… had he done something wrong? Was Seer going to take him back? Were they going to ground him like his family always did? What had he done wrong-

“Kota, you are not in trouble. Not at all.” Seer smiled sadly, “I will not punish you for no reason. You are a good kid anyways, you hardly need a punishment.”

Kota relaxed, but not fully. These talks never boded well with him. Even if it wasn’t a bad thing. But serious talks often led to… not great things.

Seer looked a little sad but said nothing at that.

“What I wanted to talk to you about was what we are going to do going forward. Midoriya is nearly finished with his missions. Any day now heroes are going to storm where he is. He is going to run. And I trust that he will get away. He will come looking for you, I know. Especially since over the week you have been here, your missing person’s report has come out and has been said to be connected to Rose. People will be looking for you, sadly.”

Kota shivered, that wasn’t good at all.

Seer only continued.

“Midoriya will be with someone. Someone very special. Who that is, is for him to tell you, not me. It seems that he already has certain things set up. But with the news talking about you, he will be quite distressed and look for you. So we both will need to find him before that happens. I fear for his safety and sanity if he is not reassured of your own safety. I should be able to find his location. And I propose that we meet him there. I can hand you off to him with the things I got you. I doubt he is expecting to keep you. Bit once I explain the situation he will be glad to take you in. But, I am leaving it up to you. Do you want to carry out my plan. Or do you want to do something else?”

Kota was silent for a second, mulling over everything.

“Your plan.” He decided, “It sounds like it could work. But… since I am on the news, wouldn’t I be putting Midoriya in more danger?”

“Yes and no. Midoriya will likely already be in a bit of danger by the time you are added to the equation. But I have a solution. One that will actually make it a lot less dangerous as a whole.” Seer reached into his shadows and pulled something small out. Kota had gotten used to this at this point, but he still couldn’t help but wonder where it came from…

Seer held out his clenched hand with whatever it was inside it and then dropped them into Kota’s small hand.

Kota looked down at them and saw that they were… earrings.

One was just a small hoop, one to go at the top of the ear. Another was a set of pink resin diamonds. And the third was a single plain metal ball.

Kota tilted his head in confusion.

“There earrings are very special. They were made with a quirk. Once these are put on is changes your appearance. They are only some smaller changes. Like hair color, eye color, skin tone, hair type, and sometimes mild facial features. But it’s enough little changes to make someone look pretty much unrecognizable. You do have to actually pierce yourself and wear them for it work. But tap it twice and they turn off. Letting you go back to your normal appearance. No one will recognize you, Midoriya, or his other friend.”

Kota’s confused look went to a look of awe.

“When will we get them pierced?” Kota asked a little excitedly.

“I can do yours now if you want. I have multiple piercing sets for times like these.” Seer chuckled.

Kota nodded excitedly before giving the earrings back.

Just an hour later Kota had a little metal ball on his right earlobe. Kota thought it looked awesome.

“We won’t turn it on just yet. That can be a surprise for you and Midoriya.” Seer grinned, “And for now, we wait. Be prepared to leave in a hurry. I have no idea the exact time Midoriya is going to be getting out of there. So we will have to be ready to hop on out of here.”


Kota smiled genuinely for the first time in a very long while.


Chapter Text




Midoriya sighed as he read the email before him.

It was not exactly a sigh of relief.

But it wasn’t a frustrated sigh either.

Just… tired.

He was tired of being in this damn Yakuza.

He was tired of having to stand by and watch as Eri, his daughter, basically got tortured.

Of having to dangerously siphon information to the heroes and detective.

Of having to wear this stupid mask and outfit.

Of getting buddy-buddy with one of the people he hates most.

He was just… so tired.

But this will all be coming to an end.

The heroes were going to storm the Yakuza base.


It had been a little over a month. He had Eri’s complete trust.

And he also had Overhaul’s complete trust.

Not only that, but he had also given a ton of information and analysis to the heroes through his new informant job.

And he was all the while acting out his orders without killing or maiming anyone. And all while saving others.

Oh lord, it was a lot.

At this point, he was ready to leave.

But he had to wait.

Nighteye and Tsukauchi’s email told him that they would be attacking in three days. They only told him because they knew he was invested. And that he would likely find out anyway.

Midoriya was glad they did tell him. Yes, he would have found out, but in all honesty, it likely wouldn’t be until the day of or the day before.

He had more time to prepare this way.

Now he had to plan.

And plan.

And plan.

And… plan.

Well, for now, he just had to reply back.



Heroes stood in front of a lavish manor.

It looked like a normal upper-class home.

But they all knew better.

They knew what lay behind those doors.

The horrors were painted by their informant, recently dubbed as Pluto.

(What a fitting name. The god of death and wealth. Hated by others for the task he was given. Not one he wanted.

Everyone forgot that Pluto did not ask for this job. But rather drew the short end of the stick in a demented lottery.

They forgot how he was ostracized by many.

How he was not a cruel tyrant. That he was a merciful protector and a fearsome enemy to those of evil.

There cannot be life without death.

But everyone forgets that. Instead chasing after immortality. Chasing after the impossible solution to solve the problem of death.)

Many heroes were participating in this raid. A lot rested on it. In fact, Nighteye had done something he thought he may have never done again.

Which lead them to their one, major, trump card.

One that was hopefully unneeded.

Everyone waited with bated breath as an officer knocked bravely on the door.

The door burst open.

The officer was knocked harshly back, luckily another officer used their quirk to quickly catch him.

It didn’t take long for the heroes and police to start taking down the underlings left and right. But these were the small guys.

The big ones were waiting through that open door.



Midoriya was waiting for the exact second everything went to chaos. He was hanging out with Eri at the moment. According to his phone, he had ten minutes until the raid started.

He looked around the room, making sure no one was there.

“Eri, let's go to my room to play. I have some work to do and I can watch you better in there.” Midoriya lied. He would rather not lie, but he knew that Overhaul could have bugs in the room. But Midoriya knew for sure there were none in his room. He checked exactly four times every day. He just couldn’t risk checking Eri’s room.

Eri nodded and picked up the coloring book she had been using. Midoriya took the crayons.

When he got there Eri sat on the bed. She must have been expecting him to go to his desk as he would when he had her in here while he worked.

Instead, he sat on the bed next to her. He gently took the coloring book from her hands and set it to the side.

He gestured to his lap, Eri happily curled up in it.

“Eri,” Midoriya whispered softly, “Do you want to leave here? To never see Overhaul and his men ever again?”

Eri’s eyes widened, she looked fearful.

“Eri… you can tell the truth. You know why? Because I want to leave here too. I want to leave here with you.”

“With… me?” Eri warbled, pointing to herself.

“Yes sweetheart, you.” He chuckled.

Eri looked at him with amazement.

“Yes. Yes, I do Mr. Morrigan.” She said in a serious voice.

Midoriya smiled.

“Well, it’s a good thing that the heroes are going to be here in under ten minutes.”

Eri gaped. Midoriya went on.

“I have another very important question. When the heroes come you will have a choice to make. Do you want to go with the heroes. And they will find you a good home where you will be happy. Or you can come with me, and I will give you a happy home. No matter what you choose, I will be glad for you. And I will never be angry. But you have to choose now dear.”

“You! I don’t want to leave you dad! Not ever!” Eri tearfully rammed into him for a hug. Midoriya froze and choked.

Then he smiled, tears running down his eyes. He hugged Eri back.

“Okay, sweetie. Okay, my sweet daughter.”



The raid was successful in the end.

But at the same time… it wasn’t.

It was a sort of bitter-sweet victory for the heroes.

They ran through the base, taking down villains as they went. They did not lose any lives. Though Nighteye almost died, had it not been for their secret weapon.

All Might.

Nighteye himself had finally reached out a hand to All Might to have him for backup.

Normally All Might would be the center of the attack. But this was a very delicate and secretive case. If the information got out to the world it would be devastating. Other villains would possibly try to replicate the cruel experiments of Kai Chisaki. The media and public would be I outcry. People would be fearful of what this could bring.

Sadly, All Might brought a lot of attention.

Which was why he was hidden on the scene in his civilian form.

When they heard of the struggle with Chisaki going on inside, they sent him in. Especially since it had been a panicking Mirio who called in, his second-year intern.

All Might rushed in with his civilian form, using a scooter to rush through the fighting to the center of the base.

Then he smashed the living hell out of Kai Chisaki.


If there was anything All Might hated more than All for One, it would be child abusers.

And people who hurt his friends.

Overhaul, was of those things.

And he was very, very screwed.

All Might defeated him quickly. Then rushed his friend and his intern to safety. Before he took everyone else out inside and walked back out in his civilian form next to Mirio and Nighteye like nothing had happened.

No one knew a thing.

But while they did manage to defeat everyone without casualties, they had failed in many ways.

First, they never found the completed quirk erasing formula. It had been completed just the day before and tested on an unwilling subject. Who was then killed. Apparently, Chisaki would have not finished it for another few months had a mysterious, unnamed person, hadn’t helped him complete it early. It was stolen, and no one knew who had it.

Second, the hero Rocklock had lost his quirk forever. He had been shot by a single bullet in the shoulder. And his quirk was lost for good. There had only been that bullet in the gun, so they hadn’t even had the chance to get a sample of the bullets.

And third, the worst of them all, they had not gotten Eri.

The heroes had searched everywhere for her. And they meant everywhere. They basically tore the place down. They didn’t even find her in what was obviously her own room. Which was connected to another room, that seemed to be lived in by one of the members. They guessed this was the room of her current caretaker.

Once they had searched for hours they all met at the front. Eri was not there.

Then from the house stepped out a figure clad in black. A black plague mask covered their whole face.

In his arms was little Eri, clinging to him. She seemed perfectly at ease with him, though she still seemed quite nervous in general.

For a bit no one moved, they all just stared at each other.

Then the person gently set Eri down and bowed deeply to them.

“Thank you.”

He picked up Eri and was gone before a single person could move.

They had won…

And yet…








Chapter Text



Midoriya was glad that he had gotten Dabi and Toga to help him prepare for Eri. He had given them money to buy an apartment for him and some extra as thanks for their efforts to do so. Plus they took care of Artemis for the month he was gone, which he would be forever thankful for.

He was very proud of the two, they were improving so much as people. Toga was less crazy now that she wasn’t starving. Dabi was actually starting to care more, reflecting on all his past mistakes and regrets and learning to move past them and improve. Both were improving by leaps and bounds. And their part-time vigilante work certainly helped with that.

Midoriya was hoping he could spend more time with them from now on.

Midoriya hopped through the city with Eri in tow, as he hopped around the dark of the night he talked to her.

“Hey Eri, I have a good place set for us. It has some toys for you, though not too many. So we will get you some more later. But I also wanted to warn you that there will be some people when we get there. Some of my friends were helping me set up the place while I was away helping you. Is it okay that they are there, I promise they are really nice?”

Eri looked thoughtful for a second, then she looked up at him. “I trust you.”

It was such a small sentence, and yet it was so important.

Midoriya couldn’t help but beam.

“Thank you, Eri. Thank you for trusting me.”

They managed to get to the apartment quickly without being seen.

Once they got there, Midoriya carried Eri up the stairs to his apartment and knocked on the door. He would have to get the keys from Dabi and Toga.

“Who’s there?” A gruff voice asked.

“Polaroid, venia in pace.”

The door opened, revealing Dabi and Toga.

Eri hid her face in her shoulder.

“Hey Dabi, Toga. May I come in?” Midoriya grinned under his mask.

“It’s your place, go ahead.” Dabi chuckled, “Nice get up.”

“Oh hush.” Midoriya snorted, walking past them. He tilted his head down to look to Eri. “Hey sweetie, do you want to look around? You can stay right in my arms f you want to. I promise it is all safe.”

Eri took a second, but eventually, she did peek out. Her eyes widened.

“It’s so big…” she whispered in awe. Midoriya laughed.

“It certainly is compared to your little room. And it’s all for me and you.” Midoriya looked back at Dabi and Toga, “And for my friends here whenever they feel like coming over.” Midoriya pointed looked to the both of them. Toga squealed and hung off Dabi, Dabi huffed and rolled his eyes. But it was a fond gesture.

“Hi, Eri!” Toga grinned, waving kindly at the little girl, “You look so pretty! Especially your cute hair!”

Eri reached up to her head and patted her own hair, “It is?” She asked quietly.

“Yup!” Toga nodded, hopping on the couch and staring up at them.

Dabi crashed down next to her with a smirk.

“So, Midoriya, how did everything go?” The scarred man asked lazily.

“Well, obviously it went well. Everyone was taken down. I got to see All Might pissed as hell and beat up a bastard. And I obtained the remaining bullets.” Midoriya pulled the case of nine bullets from his pocket. Only one missing from when it was shot at Rocklock.

Everyone stared at them in shock, even Eri looked surprised. She had not seen him take it.

“You… you actually took those.” Dabi deadpanned, Midoriya grinned and nodded.

“Of course! They will be very useful in the future, eheheheheh.”

Everyone blinked.

“Oooookay…” Dabi sighed, “That’s… chill. Just don’t be stupid with them.”

“When am I ever stupid?” Midoriya spluttered.

“A lot.” Dabi and Toga intoned together.

Midoriya huffed and turned away from them.

“Come on Eri! Let's go check out your room. My friends are not being nice!” Midoriya turned around and marched to her room, leaving a giggling Toga and Dabi behind.

Eri giggled too.

Midoriya’s heart almost stopped.

Her first laugh…

He held her just a little tighter.

They got to her room, Midoriya let her down so she could explore.

He was about to sit down when he heard a very loud meow.

He gasped in delight and spun around to see Artemis in the doorway.

“Artemis!” He screeched, kneeling and holding his arms out. Artemis happily hopped into his arms with a happy purr.



Artemis watched happily as her kitten toddled around the room with her draped over his shoulders comfortably. She quite loved her perch.

She watched as her kitten talked to an even smaller kit. She smiled her feline smile as she watched the two speak.

Her kit had talked to her many times about this kit. And the other boy kit. Kota and Eri. This was her first time actually meeting one of them. Though she knew the other was likely just around the corner.

She was so proud of her kitten, he was growing to be so wise and wonderful. Even if he wasn’t perfect. But then again, no one ever was.

Her kitten may have his own kits and (hopefully) a partner soon, but he would always be her little kitten.

Her wonderful little kitten.

And now she had grandkits, kits she would cherish forever.

She hopped down from her kitten’s shoulder after giving him a loving lick. Then she slowly approached the little kit. The little kit froze and stared at her. Her kitten reassured the kit that everything was alright. It didn’t take long for the little kit to come up to her and start petting her.

Artemis melted into the touch, allowing the little kit to find comfort in her.

She snuggled in close to the girl, her kitten sat next to them both.

After a while the little kit fell asleep, her head leaning against her kitten.

Artemis looked up to her kitten and smiled, she could not see her kitten’s smile under his mask.

He really needed to take that vile thing off. She hopped off the sleeping kit’s lap and swatted at the beak of the terrible thing.

Her kitten laughed and took it off, revealing his wonderful face. His hair had gotten quite long now, it had been a while since it had been cut. She tsked to herself, it was so messy! What would her kitten do without her?

She let her kit tuck in the little kit and they silently left the room. The stinky man and blood girl had left, leaving a note her kitten read and laughed softly to.

They made some food and her kitten got her some canned salmon, what a thoughtful kit her kitten was. He always knew her favorites.

After they ate a comfortably silent meal her kitten went to their new room and her kitten changed out of those stuffy clothes he was in. He was obviously glad to be rid of them.

When he crawled into bed and pulled a book out Artemis followed suit. But before getting on the bed she turned into a panther. Once they were both settled she started grooming her kitten. There was only a little bit of protest.



Toshinori sighed sadly as he held a framed picture in his hands and stared down at it.

It was one of the few pictures he had of him and Midoriya. They were both sitting on the bench that faced out towards the newly cleaned Dagoba Beach. Someone had seen them and taken a picture since they found it so touching and picturesque.

The guy had handed them the photo printed by his quirk and smiled at them. All he did was explain why he took the picture before leaving.

Toshinori had framed it immediately much to Midoriya’s mortification.

Toshinori felt sad, lonely. He knew young Midoriya had left for a reason. And a very important one. Even though he didn’t know everything, he knew how much it meant to the young man. He could tell that much from the letter left by the boy.

Toshinori couldn’t help but smile through his frown. That boy was so selfless. He had gone through so much, Toshinori knew. And even though he only had known the boy for a while, he was so very proud of him.

So, so proud of him.



Shinsou screamed into his pillow.


Every time he got a text from Polaroid his face would flush and his heart would pound hard against his chest. He knew he was falling hard, and he hated it.

He also loved it. So much.

His dad, Aizawa, popped his head into the room when he heard the muffled scream of frustration.

“You good Hitoshi?” He asked with a raised eyebrow.

Shinsou gave his dad a miserable look.

“No.” Shinsou deadpanned.

Aizawa just snorted and sat on the bed next to the boy whose face was stuffed in his pillow once again.

“What are you thinking of?”

“You aren’t going to like the answer.”

“Just go for it kid.”



“I told you.”

“I don’t like it… but I will support it. You know we will always support you.”

“I know. Bet you hate the thought of me having a massive crush on your vigilante headache.”

“I mean, a little. But honestly… you could choose a lot worse. Polaroid is a good kid. A really good kid. Even if he is a force of chaos problem child.”

“Pfft. That’s one way to say it.”

“It’s the only way to say it, you mean.”

“Yeah… but I think I could add hot as fuck to that-”

“No. Don’t.”

“Oh but I think I will.”

“No. You are too young to be dating. Wait until high school at the least.”


“Shut up devil spawn.”

Shinsou stuck his tongue out and the two of them laughed.



Chapter Text

Hiiiiiiii… soooo… I’m going on hiatus with this fic.

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