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every action has an equal and opposite reaction

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The next week was redundant for Midoriya.

Or so it looked on the outside.

But when he wasn’t taking care of Eri, getting in some quick sleep, or doing other jobs for the yakuza he was doing his own special things.

As in he was siphoning information the police and Sir Nighteye directly as a mysterious informant.

Of course, no one knew who he was. 

He was getting the information to them via hacking, something he knew quite well.

This was due to a few things.

One, Mei Hatsume. One of the few people from UA to survive the war. With everyone either leaving UA or getting killed during the many battles. But her and her “babies” prevailed.

She ended up being the one to provide him with all his support gear when he was forced to become a hero. He wasn’t too close to her, but he had always considered her a friend. She taught him how to hack so he could hopefully one day hack into The Hero Commission and free himself. 

Sadly, she died before he could learn that. He tried to keep teaching himself, but he could no longer give the Commission an excuse to not be working. And he just couldn’t do it without her. She knew how to explain it just right so he could get it. The online programs made no sense to him. 

At least he could hack most other places. Pretty much everything but UA and The Hero Commission as well as some government databases from other countries. 

Mei’s death had been blamed on a freak accident.

But Midoriya knew otherwise. He knew the Commission had something to do with it. He was sure of that at the very least. Mei would never actually die in an accident with her support equipment. She might be reckless and mildly insane, but she was also wickedly brilliant. She wouldn’t let something like that kill her.

And the fact that the Commission doubled his workload after that… well, he was sure they had found out something. Likely their plots to get him away from the Commission.

(The only way to get away from them was death. Hawks showed that well enough. But Midoriya could only hope.)

Now, due to the lessons with Mei from a while ago, and secretly taking more classes over the last months he had been back in the past, his new present, he could hack almost anything.

Including UA if he wanted to. Though there was no doubt Nezu would notice him. So he wasn’t going to rick that.


Anyways. He hacked both Tsukauchi’s computer, phone, Switch (yes, he had a switch. He loved playing the few detective related games he had on it. And the occasional game of smash heroes’ addition with Sansa.), and the police database of course. 

No one even noticed that he had been on it since right after he moved in with All Might. He had already prepared for this! But they had no idea he was there.

He had even made sure that no one would be able to get him off of their computers and devices. 

He had also hacked into The Nighteye Agency. 

He and Nighteye had a… rocky relationship, while he was alive.

Nighteye hated him, and he mildly hated Nighteye (though he was too meek to mention it). 

Through their mutual hate of each other, they clashed in many silent battles.

Nighteye would give him practically impossible paperwork without instructions just to put him down. 

And Midoriya would turn right on around and filled it out perfectly via a large reserve of spite he always had kept under locks. And he would even do his paperwork, Bubble Girl’s paperwork, and the front desk’s paperwork in double time just to add insult to injury.

Nighteye, in turn, would put him on patrol in the areas of the city that got hardly any attention but a lot of criminals. So much so that Mirio and he were often separated when they were on a double patrol. It was obviously a way to try and show him that Mirio could do better than him. 

Midoriya would then proceed to turn in twice the number of villains Mirio had gotten in half the time before running off to help Mirio. 

It went on like that. Petty little things. Extravagant coffee orders to trip him up made into buying a whole bunch of people elaborate coffees in good time while still getting the initial order right. Paperwork arranged in code that spelled out crude insults (sent by Midoriya), with just as heated replies (from Nighteye). 

But… somehow, they started to sort of enjoy each other.

The pranks and retaliation were fun. It helped them both let out frustration they never got to release. 

Sometimes the insults and pranks were more joking than scathing. 

And maybe… things might be rough… but in the end, things weren’t all too bad between them.

Interesting how mutual hatred could end up becoming a slight friendship.

And then, on the man’s deathbed, they finally put everything behind them.

But by then it was too late.

Despite all this, here Midoriya was again, sending Nighteye messages.

The last week he had been siphoning the same information he learned to the police and Nighteye. Though Nighteye’s were always… a little different. 

He always added a small joke he knew the man would like. Or enthuse about some obscure All Might fact. And sometimes he put in a little, good-natured, insult. 

Nighteye would reply to him via writing in a word document titled to him. Midoriya could see everything he did and encouraged this way of communication. They could even write on the same document, like texting in a way.

Nighteye didn’t appreciate the hacking bits, but he was grateful for the information. Since by this time he had just started on the case. 

(He learned that tidbit of information from Bubble Girl years down the line. When she got dementia due to great overuse of her quirk in a battle, a side affect no one could have predicted. 

She always did like to tell the stories she could remember. She was determined to not forget them.

She did in the end.)

Midoriya also bothered Tsukauchi. 

He just couldn’t help himself. He loved the man, but damn, he was fun to mess with.

He did give the man a bit of a reprieve this time though. He wasn’t as chaotic as he could be.

He mainly gave the man information the same way as Nighteye. He just upped the sass a good bit.

He was still serious though. He had to save Eri.

And himself. 

At this point he was as deep into this as she was.

He gave them complex analysis on each member, since that was a task he was often given. He was tasked with meeting with a member and giving them a full analysis.

Obviously Midoriya kept it at a level that was normal for most professional analysts. It was good, and a little helpful, but not even close to touching what he could really do. 

They were not suspicious. In fact, they were impressed.

He got a lot of information from this. And he sent them in as fast as he possibly could.

Hopefully he would be out soon. With how things were going he could be out in another two or three weeks. 

It was already two weeks in already.

He wished he could see Kota now. But it was too dangerous.

Hopefully the heroes would be quick.



Kota glared at the woman in front of him.

A week ago, his guardians had put him in therapy and basically had him and the house on lockdown.

They hadn’t handed over the knife yet, but the police knew about it now. But they decided to have them keep it just in case Rose came back and they could apprehend him.

Every single day they grilled him for information on Rose.

But Kota just turned his nose up and ignored them all. 

The only thing he ever said was, 

“Rose is my family. I love him and he loves me.”

The officers and heroes were not mean, they were very patient actually.

Too patient. They just wouldn’t give it up.

Everyone told him that Rose was just manipulating him. That Rose was evil.

They thought that because they did not see Izuku Midoriya.

They only saw Rose. The villain they knew nothing of and feared because of that.

The Rose that was basically dead.

Kota was angry at himself.

He should have kept the knife in the book. Maybe then he wouldn’t be in this situation.

He was scared as well.

He didn’t want Midoriya, his father in all but blood, to be hurt. He didn’t want to never see him again.

He was also very sad.

He didn’t know what he would do without Midoriya. He was the one good thing in his life right now.

Everything else was bland and sad.

He was homeschooled, and thus never saw other kids. Which he was fine with, but he was still lonely.

He wasn’t allowed to go out much. His guardians just wanted to protect him. But in doing so, they have hurt him.

And now he could hardly even leave his room anymore.

Then, on the last day that marked a week of this hell, came a miracle.

A miracle in the form of a shadowy figure in the middle of the night.

Kota was sleeping when he heard a small noise.

He opened his eyes blearily, hoping that it was his father.

But suddenly he was being cradled in warm arms. 

A gentle finger booped him on the nose. He felt very, very sleepy.

“It’s okay little one. I will take you back to your father. I promise.” A soft voice lulled him to sleep.






Kota woke up with a yawn.

He was warm.

He opened his eyes and looked around.

He panicked for a moment, then remembered the night before.

That voice seemed… kind.

But how the hell did he know about his dad?

He looked around.

He was in a normal apartment bedroom from the looks of it. But oddly, it had not a single window.

“Hello dear child.” A voice said from behind him. Kota jumped and whirled around.

A figure literally cloaked in shadows was there.

The person was tall and lanky from the looks of it. They were covered from head to toe in black shadows that gently flowed in languid movements. Two glowing white eyes stared at him softly.

“W-Who are you?” Kota asked, a little fearfully, not that he would ever admit it.

“You sweet Kota, may call me The Seer.”



 The Wild Wild Pussycats were worried.

Kota was being oddly silent in his room. The past week he had been throwing tantrums, especially in the early hours of the morning.

But today, it was silent.

They all decided to go check on him, expecting to find him in some sort of sulking episode. 

They did not expect to find the room empty.

And a note on the neatly made bed.

With shaking hands, they picked up the note.

And read.

“You tried Mandalay, Tiger, Pixie Bob, Ragdoll. You tried hard. But Kota is not suitable to be here at the moment. He is not happy and I fear that he will become mentally unstable if he is left like this any longer. I promise you that Kota is safe. I am simply taking him back to his father, someone I know loves him dearly. Despite me not knowing Rose personally. It would do you good to reassess your decisions. Maybe someday Kota will want to see you again.”

The note was not signed.