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every action has an equal and opposite reaction

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Midoriya Izuku walked up to an old manor in the middle of a rich, but not very populated, neighborhood. 

He walked up to the manor and knocked on the door.

It wasn’t opened for a while, but Midoriya knew to wait.

Sure enough, the door opened a cracked and someone peered out.

Their eyes widened at the sight of him.

Midoriya was wearing an interesting and slightly intimidating costume. 

It consisted of a black plague doctor mask with red eyes, much like his vigilante costumes glasses. As well as a silky black tunic, black leggings, black combat boots (that made him look much taller than he was), leather gloves, and a leather coat with a feathery scruff. His green hair was now pure white. In his hand was a black cane with a silver crow on top. Not that anyone knew, but it doubled as a weapon. 

The door was swiftly opened and the man who opened it bowed to him.

“You just be the new recruit, please follow me.” The man said before turning around and beckoning him to follow.

Midoriya did so, his cane thumping against the ground in a graceful movement. 

Every step he took was elegant and gave the appearance of confidence and poise. 

“We are here.”. The man bowed once more as he opened another door.

Midoriya walked inside the room. It was a simple dining room from the looks of it. It was certainly lavish, but not extravagant or big. There was a large oak table with chairs of the same caliber but with deep red upholstery. 

At the table sat none other than Kai Chisaki and his right-hand man Chrono.  

Midoriya said not a word as he casually strolled over to the seat in front of the two men.

They eyed him critically as he gracefully took a seat. 

For a moment they just stared at each other without a single exchanged word.

“So… you must be Morrigan.” Chisaki said in a reserved but commanding voice. 

“I am indeed he.” Midoriya answered, his voice came out slightly deeper due to the voice changer he had embedded in his molar. A permanent thing now. It was programmed from his phone or computer. His new voice made him sound like a young adult rather than a teen.

His voice was sweet like honey. But held a slight hint of poison in it.

Nevertheless, it was a voice full of curiosity and respect.

“You contacted me around two weeks ago for the prospect of a… job here. You realize what that entails, do you not?” Chisaki stated, slightly narrowing his eyes.

Midoriya folded his gloved hands in front of him and leaned forward a slight amount. Tilting his head just a bit along with it.

“Of course Overhaul, how could I not? The last meeting I had with your men had me well aware of this. I only seek to help with your cause. I too hate the world of quirks and the cruelty and filth surrounding it.” Midoriya let a bit of bitterness into his voice, “I understand better than most how freeing it feels to be of without this disease. But alas, the world seemed to not view this the same way.”

Chisaki looked curious in that moment, but he quickly schooled his expression to one of indifference.

“Well Morrigan, why don’t you tell me about this… feeling of yours was?”

“Well, you see, up until around a month ago, I was quirkless.” Midoriya smiled as both Chrono and 

Chisaki’s eyes widened. 

“What? How?” Chisaki asked breathlessly, “You said you were twenty-four, how did you obtain a quirk so late?”

Midoriya smirked under his mask, unseen by the two in front of him.

“Apparently, my body was not prepared for it. So, I was born with the body of a quirkless individual, in order for my body to protect itself. Likely trying to trick itself into thinking it was quirkless as to make sure I didn’t die. My quirk is so powerful that it would have exploded my limbs if manifested earlier, according to my doctor at least. So by all means, I am quirkless, minus my quirk factor of course. Which had yet to activate or make it’s presence known until my body could handle it’s power. Even now I can only use a small percentage of it before it destroys my body. Around five percent. Think of it like this, I was disease free, until I caught it. I almost regret starting to train, because that was what made my body able to handle this quirk.”

Midoriya explained all of this as Chisaki and Chrono looked even more shocked and amazed with every word. Once he was done they quickly schooled their expressions, but that curious and amazed look stayed.

“That is simply fascinating Morrigan.” Chisaki said, “But despite how many interesting things you bring to the table I must ask, what use do I have for you? And how can you prove to me that I can trust you?” 

Midoriya stared at them calmly.

“Well, for one I have a degree in child care, as well as quirk sciences and theory. I am a very experienced analyst.” Midoriya hummed, “I am a skilled fighter and with my quirk I would not only be able to take the front lines but also defend and support from the sidelines. But I also know how to use numerous weapons. Including guns, which I am especially skilled at using, knives, staffs, and swords. So I do not just rely on my quirk for battle and defense. I am also skilled in hand to hand.” 

Then Midoriya reached into his jacket and magically pulled out a manila folder.

He pushed it across the table to the two men in front of him.

“And… my trust.” 

The two in front of him looked to each other before opening the folder.

They both read for a few moments.

In it was a portfolio.

A portfolio of him. 

But not of Izuku Midoriya.

But of a young man named Akatani Mikumo.

A young man the age of twenty-four.

“I see that you have entrusted your identity to us Akatani. And I can also see that all these documents are indeed real. You have outdone yourself here. I am glad to see that you were not lying about your degrees and abilities. I am admittedly impressed. Most do not reveal their identities to us right off the bat.” Chisaki smiled a bit as he finished up reading.

“Why thank you Chisaki, I am glad you think this way of me.” Midoriya smiled right back.

Chisaki closed the file and handed it to Chrono to keep.

“I hope you understand that we are keeping this. Seeing all this, and of your strength quirk, shows that you will be very useful to our organization. You are in. And there is no turning back now, I do hope you know that.” Chisaki stood up and reached his hand over the table, a greedy glint in his eye.

Midoriya stood up and reached to take Chisaki’s gloved hand in a very loose grip. Their skin hardly touched, which seemed to please Chisaki.

“I understand perfectly Chisaki. I am glad to be working here.” Midoriya grinned.

“As am I.” Chisaki nodded as he let go of Midoriya’s hand. They both sat back down. 

“I believe we should get to the real business sir.” Chrono reminded his boss.

“Ah yes, lets talk about the rank, position, and job you will have in this organization. Every member, no matter how low their rank, is important and plays a part. You will not be automatically of a high rank, you have to work your way up to that position. It may take months, or years, or even weeks. That all depends on how well you do. But based on your qualifications, you will not be placed in the lowest standing as most of our recruits are. You are in middle standing, so you will be expected to do not only your job, but to also accompany and supervise those lower than you and assist those higher when requested.”

“Ah, so what is my job exactly?” Midoriya asked curiously. 

“You will be getting a… special, job.” Chisaki smiled, “You will be taking care of my ‘daughter’, Eri.”

Midoriya exhaled in relief in his mind.

Out loud he said, 

“Ah, I see you are putting my degree in child care to good use. But other than the obvious, why is your daughter so important to need a fighter, rather than a more professional caretaker?”

“Well you see, Eri is very special to our plans. Without her, well everything would fall to pieces. So I trust you to keep her safe, but also keep her in check. The specifics are not important at the moment. All you need to know is that she cannot escape or be harmed in any way. The last people have failed their jobs brilliantly, and let me warn you, I do not take kindly to slackers or people who do their job terribly.” Chisaki warned lowly, “I doubt you want to end up like them.”

“With what I have heard of your quirk, neither would I.” Midoriya huffed a laugh, “But you do not have to worry. There is no way she is escaping when under my watch.”

“Good. That is what I expect. So, other than that, your job will be to do as asked all other times. Sometimes you will accompany the grunts or members of lower standing for recruitment. I or my higher standing subordinates, like Chrono here, will request things of you on my behalf, you are to listen to them swiftly and without complaint. Not that I really expect you to do any of that. You seem much to respectable for that. Now, if there are any other questions, please ask.”

“Well, I was wondering of housing.” Midoriya replied, “While I am in a home of my own, it isn’t… the best. All the bills from college as well as currently being unemployed due to my past quirk status, well things are getting a little rough.” 

“Obviously you will be getting a good enough salary to pay off a respectable house, but I would actually prefer for you to live with us. This manor is bigger than it looks. Much bigger. We have plenty of room for you. In fact, I can put you right next to Eri. That is normally where her current caretakers live.”

“My, that sound perfect. I will take you up on that offer, especially since it is at your convenience.”

“I am glad. You can move in any time, but I would like you to start your work tomorrow. So the sooner the better.”

“I have only a backpack to my name Chisaki. I would love to move in tonight.”

“Splendid. I will show you to your room. And I might as well introduce you to Eri while we are at it.”

“That works for me boss.”

“None of that Akatani, just Chisaki.”

“Why thank you Chisaki, and you can just call me Morrigan. I much prefer it to the name my retched parents bestowed upon me. This one is much more appealing.”

“Very well Morrigan.”

The two set off, Chrono left behind to inform the others of their new member.




Eri sighed and looked down at the little horse figurines she was playing with.

Chisaki hadn’t taken her at all today. He hadn’t for the past week. It made her feel scared.

He was sure to take her again. Especially after her old caretaker had let her escape her room. She still hadn’t made it out of the base, but she knew a lot of the halls now.

The little map draw with purple crayon that was hidden in the head of a doll she had said as much.

She might not have much experience outside Chisaki and the base, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t smart.

But it seems no one else saw that.

That didn’t matter, it was her secret anyways.

Eri liked secrets.

They were both alluring to find out about and to keep.

Something only she knew. Or something she wanted to find out.

Yes, Eri loved secrets.

She didn’t want to play ponies anymore.

She wanted to read the books in her bookshelf. The colorful ones with things that were called plants and animals. Or any other things. 

But she couldn’t read them. Only her caretakers could read them. She didn’t know how.

But the last time she asked to learn she got a harsh slap to the face. And she didn’t want that to happen again, so she dropped it despite her deep want.

She was Eri. She was a curse. 

She wasn’t allowed to have what she wanted.

She didn’t deserve it.

That was what Chisaki always said. What everyone always said.

Eri was about to go to the books to trace her fingers across the artful lines and try her best to read when the door opened.

Fear coursed through her.

Was Chisaki here to take her again?

Was the mean temporary caretaker coming to yell at her?

Did she do something wrong? Was she going to get punished?

She looked to the door and her eyes went wide.

There was a huge bird monster at the door.

And by it’s side was Chisaki.

Eri squeaked and backed up, cowering.

The bird monster silently stared at her.

Chisaki looked to the bird monster.

“Morrigan, this is Eri.” Chisaki looked to her and she shrunk more, “Eri, this is Morrigan, your new caretaker. Don’t try to run this time, Morrigan is very powerful.” 

Eri nodded.

“Alright Morrigan, I will leave you two to talk. Inform me when you are going to leave to get your things and move in. You have my number. Do not disappoint me Morrigan.”

“Yes Chisaki, you do not have to worry. This was what I studied to do after all.”


Chisaki left.

Thank god.

(That was something her last caretaker said a lot. Up until those very last seconds of his life where he was flimsily convinced Chisaki wouldn’t painfully end him. He was wrong.)

Her monstrous caretaker Morrigan stepped forward, closing the door gently behind him. She flinched and backed away a bit.

Why would Chisaki let a monster take care of her? Weren’t monsters supposed to be fake?

“Hello little one.” Morrigan said in a soft voice, “Would you like to play?”

Eri blinked.

“W-What?” She stuttered a little fearfully.

Morrigan gestured to the toys around her room. 

“You have lots of toys, would you like to play? You can choose whatever you want to do. Or we don’t have to do anything. I can leave right now if you would like.” Morrigan continued in his honey-laced voice. 

Was this monster… asking her what she wanted to do?

No one had done that before.

Or at least not in a long time.

Eri didn’t really know what to do.

“Uhm… can we read?” Eri asked timidly.

To her surprise, Morrigan just nodded.

He set down his cane, leaning it against the wall. 

Eri shied away as he made his way over to the bookshelf. 

“Are there any in particular you want to read?” Morrigan asked, being oddly kind to her.

“N-No… any is fine…” She whispered, Morrigan just nodded and pulled a few out. 

He sat down on the floor and angled the book so he could look down on the pages and she could see them, even at a distance.

In order to see the pages she often had to get close to her caretaker, and she hated that. She wanted to see the pictures, but she didn’t want to get near to them either.

But Morrigan had the book angled perfectly so she wouldn’t have to come any nearer. 


Eri sat a small ways from the book, but she could see the words and pictures clearly.

Morrigan started reading the book softly to her.

He was a good reader. Unlike her other caretakers. 

They always read in a monotone, bored voice. Like they didn’t like the book. Which was likely the case.

But Morrigan… he read like he was enjoying every moment of the book. 

His voice was the last thing from monotone, full of life and wonder. 

He even did different voices for all the characters.

Maybe… Maybe this caretaker wasn’t too bad.