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every action has an equal and opposite reaction

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With One for All things were going as planned. 

It was true what he said about not needing One for All. But it was also true that it was a very helpful tool.

That night he went to sleep with the familiar feeling of seven presences in his mind.

He slept well for once.

He wished he could speak to them again. But he also knew that it would take a lot more training to get to that point.

In the morning he and All Might went to a quirk gym, an average gym that had special rooms for quirk usage, to test out his quirk.

Midoriya was glad to find that he could already use seven percent. The last time around he could only use five. It might be a small change but it was a change none the less.

He tried to use all the quirks he had unlocked before but found that he had yet to be able to do that. Nor did the vestiges speak to him.

He had certainly expected that. His body would need to get used to One for All first before he could gain those abilities safely. And he still had no idea if the vestiges remembered him or not. 

During this training session Midoriya gave All Might a run down on the quirks he could gain in the future.

At the moment he only knew four of them. That was Blackwhip, Float, Danger Sense, and Smoke Screen. There was three more but the vestiges had decided to keep those ones locked up for good in the past timeline. 

He had agreed for some very logical reasons.

For one, he was tight in the Commission’s cold grip. If he unlocked any more quirks and became more powerful, they would just tighten their grip and make him do more dirty work for them. 

He really didn’t want to end up like Hawks, or even worse, Lady Nagant. 

Another reason was that he wasn’t emotionally ready. Sure, he could physically handle them. But both he and the past users knew that him gaining more power would be bad news for both him and everyone else.

Imagine if he had snapped in that past timeline. If he had gone completely insane from overwork, grief, stress, and the burning anger he held for society.

Japan would likely have fallen.

And that was with the skill set and powers he had back then.

Now picture that same scenario but with three more powerful quirks to his name.

The world would have burned. That’s for sure.

And sadly, both he and the past users knew how close he was to snapping.

(If anything, he was self-aware.)

This time around he was more mentally stable. For the past year and a few months, he had had a steady support system. 

(He ignored the fact that he had been avoiding the Bakugou’s like the plague.)

He had Artemis to help him out and if he played his cards right, he wouldn’t end up in the grips of the Hero Commission. And hopefully no one else would ever end up like that ever again.

He and All Might finished up their training that day and went home.

Everything was going to plan.

(Which meant things were going to change.)



“I don’t want to do it Artemis. But I have to don’t I?” Midoriya sighed as leaned into Artemis in her panther form. 

“Mrrrrp.” Artemis meowed out as she started grooming him much to Midoriya’s chagrin.

“I have to keep everything other than what I have already told away from All Might for now. But if I go through with this, he might tell someone. That someone being Tsukauchi. Which will cause so many problems. Ack! Not the face!” Artemis licked his face and Midoriya gagged a bit as some hair stuck to her rough tongue fell into his mouth. Yuck.

Artemis looked at her work with satisfaction and purred. Midoriya could see that she was telling him not to worry about it too much yet.

“Alright Artemis. I won’t overthink things. I have a bit anyways.”

He still had about a month of planning left. There was time to figure things out.



All Might was a little worried.

He could tell that Midoriya had been worried over something. He now went out for hours every day and would come back tired. Some days he looked satisfied with something, simply neutral, or looking quite stressed.

Whenever he asked where the boy was going each day Midoriya just looked him in the eye and said the same thing.

Every. Single. Time.

“Trust me Toshinori Yagi. You don’t want to know.” 

He would say with a sad smile.

All Might knew that he should question things. That he should push. 

But for some reason he never did.

He trusted his successor despite it all.

But still as each day passed, he grew even more worried for the boy he had taken in, his successor and ally.

Every day Midoriya came home looking even more worried and tired. He grew even more silent than before, which was concerning since he hardly spoke at all. Not to mention he was soft-spoken by nature.

Sometimes he could hear muffled talking from his room, likely the boy talking to his intelligent cat or someone on the phone. 

All Might couldn’t hear what he was saying and nor did he want to eavesdrop and risk the trust Midoriya had in him.

And maybe there were things he didn’t want to know yet.

So, he let it go on.

A month went by with this routine.

Then one morning All Might woke up and went about as usual.

He was working that day. He had been taking more off days than usual at Midoriya’s insistence. He had said something quite chilling that had made All Might stall before deciding to cut down on his work.

He thought back to the moment as he got dressed.

He had worked himself quite a lot those past two weeks. Since there had been a total of nine raids he was asked to participate in, all on his off days. And then, for some reason, there had been a very random spike of criminal activity that had every hero in the area working overtime and on their off-days. So he was pushing it.

He had come home at the end of that second week and collapsed on the couch.

Midoriya walked in not a moment later.

He took one look at him and then narrowed his eyes.

“You have been working quite a lot Yagi.” Midoriya hummed ‘innocently’, his expression saying something else, “Tell me… when was your last off day these past two weeks?”

All Might coughed a bit, spewing some blood.

Uh oh, Midoriya had used his last name. That wasn’t good. That meant the boy wasn’t happy.

He had found over these past months that when Midoriya was serious or unhappy he would either use your full name, or in his case, his last name. 

It was a lot like a mother scolding her kids. Unhappy and disappointed.

So, of course, All Might started sweating a bit.

“Uh… I think it was… the eleventh?” All Might answered nervously, knowing that a bad answer was better than no answer at all.

Midoriya raised his hands in exasperation and scoffed.

“Toshinori Yagi! You are going to make your health worse!” The teen cried in frustration, All Might tried to protest but he was cut off by a glare, “And don’t you dare try to say that you were ‘needed’. I know you went on nine raids Yagi. Nine! That is way too many for you! Maybe in your prime that would have been nothing but you are aging Yagi. So just suck it up and face the facts.”

While he ranted Midoriya got out tea he had already prepared and started pouring him some aggressively. He tended to the mildly terrified man with jerking, angry movements. 

But now he stopped and looked him right in the eyes.

“You are not who you used to be. You are not young. You are not infallible. You are not a god Toshinori.” Midoriya grabbed one of his hands and held it there, “And that is okay. That is simply life. But you cannot act as if it is not true, even if the world needs it. Because if you die the world would be even further in disarray than if you took a break. You need to take care of yourself while you have a chance to.”

Midoriya got a dark, sad look in his eyes.

“You will keep on working and working until your drunk off it. Until you feel guilty for being even a little bit selfish. Until you are so deep that there is no feasible way out no matter how many times you try. It’s not fair. It’s not pretty. It is the cold, hard truth. Humans are selfish by nature Yagi. And you are a man, just like everyone else. Do not make this mistake while you have a chance to live. Before you become a martyr.”

Those words had stuck with Yagi for a long time.

And he quickly started cutting back on work for his own sake. And Midoriya’s.

He found that he was becoming healthier in fact. His wounds and scars hurt a lot less. He was no longer so sore or exhausted. His attacks were more precise and battles ended quicker.

Ends up not working yourself to the bone made him a more affective fighter. 

So now he only worked a few days a week instead of a few hours every day. And it was doing wonders.

Recovery Girl was actually proud of him. 

And so, All Might was getting ready for his usual work day.

But this was not going to be any usual day.

Because when he went downstairs, he found steaming breakfast on the table.

Only one serving though. 

All Might frowned, he and Midoriya always ate breakfast together.

When he went to the table, he saw that a folded note was under the bowl.

All Might grabbed and opened it, expecting there to be a simple note saying that Midoriya had decided to go early and had already eaten.

It was anything but that.



My dear friend and mentor Toshinori,


           I deeply apologize for what I am doing. But sadly, it is a necessity.

           I do not wish to hurt you or make you worry. So please, don’t beat yourself over this because it was inevitable. You and anyone else would not have been able to stop me.

            Simply put, I am leaving. I don’t know for how long, but suspect it to be long-term. I have important business to take care of. Please do not worry too bad. I have a good plan and do not plan on dying or getting hurt any time soon. I just couldn’t carry this out from here. From home.

            I am thankful that you have been taking care of me Toshinori. And I am glad that you are taking care of yourself as well. (If I catch you overworking yourself again, we will be having words Toshinori Yagi.) 

             I promise you that I will come back safe. But for now, I need you to just keep doing what you have been doing for a long while, trust me. Please trust me. 

            With that, I have a few requests.

            One: Do not report me missing. You may tell the few people you deem safe to tell of my absence, and it might be good for Tsukauchi to know of my disappearance. But under no circumstances can you declare me missing. That will put many lives in danger, including my own.

           Two: Do not tell Tsukauchi or any one else about the special circumstance I am in. Doing this would mess up all my plans and could possibly lead to the future deaths of many loved ones.

            Three: If you hear anything about me, or think you have heard something about me, do not interfere. You may be the number one, but sometimes these things have to be dealt with secretly. And you are not low-profile. At all.

            Four: TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. OR. ELSE.



       Your successor, signed                                                  ,

      Izuku Midoriya