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every action has an equal and opposite reaction

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Midoriya had been meeting with All Might for the past few days. 

It seems the lanky man wanted to keep seeing him. They even texted.

It felt nice. Like old times.

And yet, Midoriya was still tired.

His test was today.

He was going to Aldera one last time to take it. 

He went to school as if it were normal. But instead of his old class he went to a separate, smaller room for testing.

He wasn’t surprised to see the principal of Aldera to be monitoring. 

He hated that man with a passion. He could burn in hell for all he cared.

With the looming threat of his mother Midoriya set to work on the test.

He unsurprisingly finished in one of the four allotted hours. 

It was child’s play, this test. He knew everything already.

Why had he been so stressed over it?

Or maybe he was more stressed about All Might and his mother as well as new plans to carry out.

Who knows?

Midoriya handed the paper to the shocked principal and left. 

He walked home and paled at the sight of his mother’s car parked in the lot of their complex.

She wasn’t supposed to be home for another six hours.

Why was she here?

Midoriya decided to check things out without being seen for now. 

He went to the side of the apartment and pulled his clawed gloves he always kept on him on. 

He scaled the wall and discreetly peered through he living room window. 

His eyes widened and he paled at what he saw.

In the living room was his mother talking to a distressed looking Cassidy, a police officer, and two doctors in white coats.

Oh fuck.

His mother was going to force him into this no matter his answer.

He couldn’t be seen.

Time to enact choice three.



Artemis was pissed.

Fucking pissed.

Of fucking course Inko-witch would lie to her and her kitten! 

She wouldn’t let them take her Izuku-kitten!

Even if she had to reveal her secret to make sure of that.

She was worriedly pacing the floor of her and her kitten’s nest when she heard a soft knock on the window.

She snapped to look at the window and sighed in relief when she saw that it was her kitten. He was sneaking in.

He had told her about choice three.

She was happy with this choice. But it was a shame that it had to even be on the table. 

At least she had spent the last two hours preparing for it.

She nodded to her kitten and turned into her panther form. 

Then she grabbed a duffel bag, then a backpack, and then one of her favorite cat-nip toys, and brought it to the window. Then she hopped up to it and used her large paw to unlatch it silently.

Her kitten quickly and quietly hopped into the room and grabbed the stuff. He put the toy in the first backpack he had taken to hell-school and then put the other backpack facing his front. He grabbed the duffel bag and gestured for her to become small.

Neither dared make a noise.

Artemis nodded again and turned small, leaping to his shoulder.

Midoriya quickly went and wrote a note before he jumped through the window.

Choice Three:




Midoriya ran through the night, happy he was safe for the time being.

But he still needed a place to go.

Luckily he had a bit of an idea.

He ran into the Red-Light district and ran to Dabi and toga’s place.

It wouldn’t be permanent, since they couldn’t afford him to stay, but it would give him some time to plan.

For once he was glad that he kept a lot from his mother.

Ever since she started acting all weird the guilt of keeping things to himself had vanished. 

Now she wouldn’t be able to find him.

He had never told her about the beach, about Dabi and Toga, Kota, and a whole lot of other things. She just knew the gist of things really. Though she did know the most. Which was… very concerning at the moment.

He made it to Toga and Dabi’s place, explaining what had happened tearfully.

They let him stay.

The both of them were quite annoyed at his mother. Though they were happy to finally meet Artemis.

Toga loved cats apparently, so the two got along despite Toga’s ditzy personality. 

Midoriya stayed the first three nights then went out during the day, going to the beach as he usually did every three days. 

He was careful, just in case his mother had somehow found out about his place.

Thank god, she hadn’t.

Only All Might was on the beach.

Midoriya smiled at the man and waved.

“Hey Toshinori.” He waved, though it was half-hearted. 

All Might frowned, clearly seeing something was wrong.

“Are you alright my boy?” All Might asked, jogging up to meet him and putting a gentle hand on his shoulder, making sure to avoid touching Artemis too much.

Midoriya gave him a strained smile.

“I’m fine.” Midoriya said, though it came out pretty choked. 

All Might frowned even further.

“You do not have to be strong for me young Midoriya.” All Might told him sincerely, “You can always be honest with me.” 

Midoriya broke.

He curled in on himself and started sobbing. Artemis meowed comfortingly and started licking his cheek. Midoriya ended up falling to the sand and continue sobbing. Artemis took the initiative to turn into a panther, something All Might had found out about a few days ago, and let him cry into her soft fur.
All Might sat down next to the boy and rubbed comforting circles into his back, murmuring soft reassurances. 

Eventually Midoriya calmed down.

“Would you like to talk about it?” All Might gently pushed. Midoriya sniffled for a minute, but an encouraging meow from Artemis convinced him. He nodded.

“I-It’s m-my mom…” He hiccupped, “Y-You know h-how I have m-my mental problems? Sh-She keeps trying t-to make me t-take medication b-but I’m scared! B-Bad people have t-tricked me w-with that before! But she won’t l-listen when I t-tell her that! I-I’ve been trying t-to make good h-habits to help and I have Artemis! And I have b-been going to therapy like she wants me to, and I’m d-doing better! B-B-But th-then she said that I-I either had to start taking m-meds or she w-would force me i-into a mental h-hospital! But th-those p-places are b-bad and h-have h-h-hurt me before! I-I w-was so scared!” 

Midoriya took a moment to calm himself a bit more, as he was getting more agitate, then continued.

“Sh-She said I-I c-could choose a-after m-my test. But she lied!” Midoriya wailed, “I c-came home and th-there was an o-officer and m-my therapist and t-two doctors in lab coats. I DON’T WANT TO GET EXPIRIMENTED ON AGAIN!!!” 

Midoriya went into panic attack and Artemis got up and hugged her kit close to her. She purred and licked him. All Might was there through it all, worried but still comforting the teen.

Eventually he got out of the panic attack and just laid in the sand, tired.

“Are you back with us my boy?” All Might asked softly.

Midoriya sniffled and nodded, sitting up and shaking the sand out of his hair. Artemis also got up and let Midoriya use her large body to prop himself up.

“S-Sorry.” Midoriya murmured. 

All Might was having none of that.

“Do not be sorry for being scared young Midoriya.” All Might told him softly, “We all have our moments. Even I have the occasional flashback or attack. It’s natural.” 

Midoriya had not known that.

He looked at All Might with wide, amazed eyes.

“Oh… that’s… thank you.” Midoriya whispered, a small smile coming to his face. All Might laughed and gently patted his back.

They watched the waves for a while.

“So…” All Might eventually sighed, “Where are you staying?”

Midoriya jumped, he hadn’t told All Might about that.

All Might obviously saw his dismayed confusion.

“I know that this was likely a few days ago. And knowing how sneaky you can be I wouldn’t be surprised if you managed to sneak in and get out with whatever you needed. Not to mention you aren’t in a mental hospital at the moment.” All Might chuckled, “I just want to make sure you have a safe space to stay. I won’t make you go back to your mother if she is being this way, but I will make sure you are in a safe place for the time being.”

“I’m staying with some friends but… they can’t afford for me to stay there for long and it’s cramped. So I can only stay a few days longer at most. After that… I don’t really know.” Midoriya admitted quietly.

All Might seemed to think for a few moments. 

Then he got up, holding out a hand for Midoriya to take.

Midoriya took the offer and All Might helped him up, pulling him into a gentle hug as he did so. 

“Young Midoriya. Ever since I met you I had this feeling. The feeling that you were a good, heroic, perfect young man. And hearing of your struggles and seeing you still going, it makes me admire you young man. Which is why… I must show you something and be truthful with you.”

He let Midoriya go. But before he could do what Midoriya knew what he was going to he stopped him.

“I know who you are All Might.” Midoriya sighed.

All Might gaped at him, the  spit out some blood. Midoriya cringed a bit and handed him a tissue. Which the man took.

“I also know about your quirk, One for All. As well as All for One. I know… I know a lot more than I should. I know you used to be quirkless. That your predecessor was named Nana Shimura and that her quirk was Float. I even know that your favorite tea is mint.” Midoriya looked at the shocked All Might with slight guilt. “I’m sorry I didn’t say anything before. It’s just… oh, it’s really hard to explain.”

“P-Please explain young man!” All Might gasped, coughing a bit more into a tissue. 

Midoriya sat down in the sand again and gestured for All Might to also sit. 

He did so, albeit a little shakily.

“It might sound crazy but… I’m from the future.” Midoriya whispered as he pulled his knees to his chest, “My consciousness was sent back into my thirteen-year-old body. I don’t even know how it happened, but it did. One minute I was dead and the next I was waking up a teen again. I’m technically twenty-four now. But… I really do feel like a teen. So I might as well be fourteen now.” 

Midoriya looked to the shocked All Might, tears in his eyes.

“I was your successor, in that timeline.” Midoriya admitted softly, “But I wasn’t… I wasn’t like I am now. I was happy, and innocent, and optimistic. I didn’t have so many scars or so much trauma. But then…” Midoriya took a tremoring breath, closing his eyes, “I got into UA, in class 1-A. Bad things happened and… there was a war. A bad one. And me and my class had to fight in it.”

He heard All Might gasp in horror, Midoriya looked over to his mentor and tears slipped down his face once more.

“I had to watch as every single one of my friends and classmates got killed. All in brutal ways. I held my friend’s severed head in my hands. The villain let me live for the only reason he knew I was going to suffer and break. And he was right. I kept trying over and over again to kill myself, but every time someone saved me. I was so deep in my depression that I hated everyone and everything around me. But at the same time I was just apathetic and depressed. A lot of really bad things happened that… that I don’t think I can talk about right now. But… eventually things got better. I was the number one hero you know but… everyone hated me. I was supposed to be Deku: The ‘I Can Do It!’ Hero. But the masses knew me as Deku: The Cursed Hero. Because everyone around me was killed. Including you All Might. I had to watch as a sniper shot your straight through the head.”

Midoriya took a minute to calm himself and plowed on despite every word hurting his soul.

“The commission made me continue being a hero because almost every villain was scared of me. I tried to convince them to let me retire, as I never really wanted to be a hero. They went as far as to make me become a full hero at the start of my second year. It was hard, but eventually I built a family. I had a husband and two kids. They were the light of my life. I got two new dads and a whole bunch more friends and support. And then… there was one final battle. It lasted for a whole two weeks. Non-stop fighting and bloodshed. Sometimes I can still smell the rot and see the blood covering me and everything else. The bodies stacked a mile high and it took months to clean everything up. I lost both of my dad’s, most of my friends and support, and still the commission made me keep going, going as far as to threaten to kill my family.

My husband lost his voice, and both his legs. So I stayed strong for him and the kids. But… then my husband got a bad disease. He could have overcome it if he hadn’t been so frail. I lost him too. And I couldn’t take it anymore. I knew that if I was around any longer I would snap. I could feel it. I was going to snap and destroy as much as I could. I didn’t want to kill my kids, or my family, or hurt people. So I did what I thought would be best… I killed myself. I went to the top of the commission skyscraper with a gun. I jumped and shot myself on the way down. And the I woke up.”

“I’m going to change the future. No matter what I have to do. I don’t care if I have to murder, steal, lie, or betray. I’m going to do it, even as I am painted as a villain. Because the world needs someone to save them. And I have to be that person, whether I like it or not.”

All Might was looking at Midoriya in pure horror.

Then protectiveness flashed across his face and he tightly hugged the boy.

Midoriya hugged him back, just as tight. 

“My boy… you are truly amazing.” All Might said thickly, “You can do it. But you don’t have to do it alone. I am here.”

Midoriya laughed a bit and hugged him tighter.

They were like that for a long time.

Eventually they let go of each other. It was sunset now.

“You can stay with me my boy. I have plenty of space in my apartment and as the number one hero I can pull a lot of strings to keep you safe. I just ask that you are as honest as you can safely be with me.” All Might told the boy softly.

Midoriya gave him a beaming smile, larger than the man had ever seen.

“You’re the best Toshinori.”