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every action has an equal and opposite reaction

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The appointment was quickly made. And Midoriya couldn’t help but feel excited at the prospect of getting a cat.

Even if the situation surrounding it wasn’t so great.

He and Inko had bought everything that would be needed for the cat the day before. So, they were all ready to go!

They were asked to meet at an animal training building on the grounds outside of the main area. It was it’s own place and was a block away from the hospital.

They met Cassidy there and she greeted them with a smile and a wave. Midoriya was buzzing with excitement, which was the most of a positive emotion from him during their time together. So, Cassidy counted this as a success.

They walked in and after a lot of paperwork they were ready to see the cats and pick one out.

They put all the cats in a special room. It was like a lounge, but had things for the cats to play with and food and such. The people picking the animals would go inside and hang out with the cats. The therapist there would then help the person choose the cat best suited towards them.

Once they picked, they would sign a few more things, and a few days later the cat could be picked up.

Midoriya entered said room and cooed when he saw all the cats there.

When he walked in, the cats all perked up and walked over to him, meowing.

Midoriya ended up laying on his back on the floor as he was covered by lots of purring cats.

“I love cats.” Came his muffled voice from under the piles of fur.

Cassidy and Inko couldn’t help but burst into laughter. 

The cats eventually left him and went about on their own. They did not see or sense any of the concerning signs they were trained to look out for and deemed it fine to go and do their own things.

Midoriya watched them carefully, sometimes cooing over their antics. 

But there was one cat that stood out for him.

A smaller black cat with shining green eyes was sunbathing in one of the windows. It was alone, and hadn’t moved. Even when the pile of cats had come to greet him this cat had not moved. Just looked at him with, dare he say, intelligent eyes. 

Midoriya would sometimes feel it’s gaze on him. But for now, he ignored it, wondering what the cat would do. 

Instead, he continued to watch and play with the other cats. 

Cassidy explained some of their quirks. Most of the cats were normal, but some had minor quirks that helped. Like a cat that changed colors depending on the mood of the person touching him. Or the cat that was basically an empath and could tell people’s emotions. Or a cat that, when pet, would make someone calm.

At some point Inko and Cassidy got distracted, talking about something, and Midoriya took his chance to give the peculiar black cat attention.

He walked over to the black cat and sat in front of the window.

The cat looked over and into his matching green eyes.

They stared at each other for who knows how long.

Midoriya saw intelligence in those green eyes. The cat had a calming aura. 

Both slowly blinked at the same time.

Suddenly someone’s hand was on his shoulder.

He jumped and hissed a bit. 

The cat did the same exact thing.

They both stopped and looked at each other. 

The cat raised an eyebrow at him.

It raised an eyebrow. Sassily. 

Yeah, he liked this cat.

“Is this one available?” He asked Cassidy, who was the one to touch his shoulder.

She looked at him in surprise but nodded.

“Her name is Artemis. She is a normal cat. I thought you’d pick one of the ones with a quirk, I admit.” Cassidy hummed, looking at Artemis in deep thought. “She would be a pretty good fit for you though. One of our most well trained. Though no one who has visited has considered her yet. I’m glad to see someone likes her.”

Midoriya had to resist giving Cassidy a deadpan look.

Instead, he looked over to Artemis, who gave him an exasperated look.

“She always is making those funny expressions.” Cassidy chuckled. 

Midoriya once again had to fight to keep his face blank.

“I really like her. She feels… right.” Midoriya smiled at the cat.

Artemis nodded and purred, getting up to rub against his head. Midoriya giggled and made a raspy purring noise right back. Aizawa had taught he and Shinsou how to imitate purring and meowing a long while back. Ends up cats really liked when you purred back.

Artemis looked surprised but delighted and continued to purr and rub against him.

Cassidy must have seen their bond and decided to approve it. 

Soon enough the paperwork was done and Midoriya was sadly leaving Artemis until everything was processed and ready.



Kota was up once again on a Wednesday night. 

Now was the time he would meet with dad… DEKU. It was DEKU. Or Midoriya. Or Izuku.

Not DAD.

He was looking down at the knife he had managed to hide pretty cleverly. 

He had ended up hollowing out a book with the knife and making the perfect little hiding spot for it. The knife was very sharp and cut through the paper easily. The book in question was a diary book with a lock that Uncle Tiger had gotten him as a joke. Kota kept the key on a necklace around his neck at all time. The little spare key was hidden in his mother’s locket that he kept in a jewelry box that also once belonged to his mom.

Every Wednesday night Kota got the knife out at midnight and looked down at it, thinking and missing.

He was doing this today when he heard a familiar thump on the balcony outside.

His head shot up and he looked out the balcony.

A shadowy figure sat on the balcony where he and Deku always would.

Kota quickly grabbed the large blanket they always used and quietly ran to the balcony doors.

Midoriya turned his head and gave him a large, but sad smile.

Kota opened the door and ran to him, hugging him tightly. Tears fell from his eyes. 

“I-I missed you dad!” Kota cried. 

Then he realized what he had just called Midoriya and gasped, flushing red.

He expected Midoriya to correct him or laugh.

Instead Midoriya got a teary look in his own eyes and hugged him tighter.

“I’ll be your dad if you want to Kota. I’d be honored.” The boy whispered, “Though, you’ll have to make space for a sister.” He added a little mischievously.  

Kota looked up at Midoriya with wonder-filled eyes. Then he blushed further.

“Th-That’s fine.” Kota stammered, looking away.

Midoriya let out a little laugh. But it was a bit watery.

“Oh, I love you Kota. And I’m sorry I left for so long.” Midoriya apologized.

“I know your Rose.” Kota dropped, “But… I don’t care. Your my hero, and you always will be. But… why did you leave? Was it because you were scared of how I would react when I found out?”

Midoriya looked at him in surprise, then it melted into sadness and love.

He opened his arm and let Kota snuggle under his arm, half-hugging him. Midoriya pulled the blanket around them like always.

“Yes and no. That was part of it. I wanted to give you time to process it. But… I also needed time to become a better person. I realized that there is a whole lot wrong with me, more than I want to admit. And I didn’t want to hurt you by being around and lashing out or doing something I regretted.” Midoriya looked down at him and smiled, “But I’ve been getting help. And I think I’m ready.” 

Kota nodded seriously. That made some sense. But it was hard to think about how his dad could have so much problems. But he had problems too, he knew. 

So maybe they could grow together.

“I still missed you.” Kota said a little petulantly.

Midoriya chuckled and ruffled Kota’s hair.

They sat in silence for a while, just enjoying each other’s presence. 

Eventually Midoriya started gently singing into the night.

Kota fell asleep soon after.



Artemis had been living in her kitten’s house for a while now. 

She loved her kitten Izuku.

And his mother was nice too. But nothing could compare to her kitten.

No one could see her intelligence. She understood everything that was said around her by humans. She knew how to do things cats shouldn’t. And she tried to show her intelligence. And yet, no one noticed or cared. They treated and babied her like any other cat.

Most cats were content with this kind of life.

Artemis was not.

That was why she wandered to the training center and was taken in and trained as a young cat. She was glad to work at the very least.

Then her kitten came along.

And her kitten understood.

She knew there was more to her quirk than intelligence. When she was a kitten, she found that out the hard way. There was much more than just your average cat.

But since one encounter that almost cost her life, she decided not to use it to it’s full extent around humans.

She disliked most humans honestly. They were patronizing. 

But her kitten was not.

Hence why she loves her kitten.

She loves her kitten, so she will trust him with her secrets.

She knew his secrets, so it was fair he knew hers.

Her kitten had nightmares a lot. And those nightmares would often lead to panic attacks. And those panic attacks were oddly silent and scary for even her. But she was always able to pull him back, just as she was trained to. She would gently murmur soft words he could not understand into his ear as she purred and snuggled him. 

Often times he would talk to her about the things he went through. The time travel, the loss, the pain, the torture.

She hopes her kitten would get better soon.

He once heard Inko mother and her kitten fighting about medication. She listened in and found that her kitten did not want to take any medicine to help him because of an incident he would never talk about. Inko mother was frustrated in a motherly way. She wanted him to get help, but Izuku kitten was too scared.

Artemis could understand his concerns. Especially after one bad argument he went to his room and locked the door, crying tears of frustration. Then he flopped facedown in his bed and screamed into his pillow. 

Artemis, of course, went and comforted him. She did not approve of Inko mother’s behavior. She knew the woman was trying. But she needed to have more patience and understanding instead of pushing. 

Eventually her kitten told her about the terrible things that had happened to him. 

And about some very unpleasant pills. 

She understood now.

Artemis decided that when her kitten was calmed down, she would entrust him with her secret. He showed her so much trust, despite knowing full well she had intelligence. Now it was time she earned some of that trust.

Eventually he calmed down and she hopped by him, looking deep into his eyes. Izuku kitten was laying on his side, tears no longer dripping down his face but evident they could start all over again any time now. 

She looked deep into her kitten’s eyes… 

And she changed.



Midoriya looked in shock as Artemis, his small housecat, turned into a huge black panther.

Her little body morphed like putty into the shape of the giant animal.

But those green eyes were exactly the same, though certainly larger. 

“What the fuck Artemis?” Midoriya whispered.

Artemis looked very smug.

“You are… huge.” Midoriya gulped. Artemis purred, loud and raspy, and settled her huge body next to him on the bed. The mattress dipped a bit with her weight. 

Artemis pulled him towards her with large paws and started using her large tongue to groom him. Midoriya squealed and squirmed as her sandpaper tongue rasped against his hair and face.

“Artemis! Stoooop!” Midoriya giggled, still squirming. His cat might be a giant black panther now, but she was still the same cat inside. 

Artemis gave a low rumble and ignored his pleas, continuing to groom him.

It took a while, but eventually she had got through his now damp hair. 

Amazingly, it wasn’t tangled anymore. 

He had decided to stop styling it as he normally did and let it grow longer. Now it was a bit longer, going a little past his chin. It wasn’t too long, and still pretty short, but could get tangled easily. He had lost too many combs to that mess of curls.

But it seems Artemis knew her stuff.

He looked at her in amazement.

“Wow! You actually got through that mess!” Midoriya grinned, “Good job!” 

Artemis purred and pulled her kitten close to her to snuggle with. She gently nuzzled him, encouraging him to sleep. 

As Midoriya’s eyes drooped he decided he could skip out in being a vigilante for a bit.

His new plans he was carrying out wasn’t time sensitive anyways.