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every action has an equal and opposite reaction

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Midoriya Izuku fell to his knees in a sea of blood and gore. Viscera covered his hands as he held the head of one of his best friends Uraraka Ochaco. He stared into her dead eyes with numb horror.

He didn’t move for a long time. He just sat, surrounded by the dead bodies of his nineteen friends and classmates.

He didn’t know how long it had been when he felt a gentle hand on his shoulder. Midoriya shakily looked up. 

He was met by the face of Endeavor, who was oddly kind looking. He himself had tears in his eyes.

Midoriya’s eyes were dry. 

He just stared at him silently.

Those eyes haunted Endeavor for years to come. He would see them in his dreams and nightmares alike. 

“Lets get you some medical care kid.” He said hoarsely. 

Midoriya, not in his right mind, looked at him in confusion.

“But…” he looked down at Uraraka’s severed head, “I have to wait for them to wake up.” Midoriya said in a soft voice, not all there.



Mirio, Best Jeanest, Gang Orca, and an assortment of less injured heroes walked up when they saw Endeavor standing next to Midoriya.

They did not see the nineteen bodies until they got closer. When they did, they all gagged. Mirio actually did throw up. They walked up and saw Midoriya, who was holding the severed head of his friend, gore and viscera slipping between his fingers.

“They are going to wake up… right?” Midoriya asked in a broken voice. That is what the heroes heard when they got to them. Midoriya was looking up at Endeavor with horrified eyes that were somehow terribly empty. “You can only sleep so long… right?”

Everyone cringed. Some started crying. A few more people threw up. 

None had expected to see such a violent slaughter. Nineteen children killed in brutal ways. One child left to watch it all happen.

Endeavor closed his eyes and a single tear ran down the side of his face. 

“I’m sorry. They are going to be sleeping for a long time…” Endeavor whispered in a coarse voice.

They all saw the moment he broke.

His eyes snapped wide and whirlwind of black tendrils lashed out. He floated a bit off the ground and curled up, dropping the bloody head of his friend. Actual smoke started pouring from his eyes and mouth.

For one frigid second, everything was silent.

Then the most agonized scream rang out. 

It is said to have been heard for miles. Even civilians heard it to some extent. Those who were recording caught it on camera.

For a long time, no one would know who’s scream it was. Just that it was horrifying.

It was known as “The Embodied Scream of Death” by all who heard it.

Midoriya screamed for a long time, his black whips writhing around. They did not attack anyone though. 

Midoriya contorted in agony as tears and smoke leaked out of his eyes. He went from curled up to arching his back. His screams went on until he could no longer scream, and he passed out.

Everything stopped in a nanosecond. Midoriya fell to the ground with a soft thump.



After the event dubbed “The UA Massacre”, everything went to shit.

People started rioting against heroes. Hundreds of heroes retired. Many were killed. And all of 1A but one kid and half of 1B had died in the battle. There was only eleven students left in the first year hero course. 

Though it might as well have been ten, because Midoriya wasn’t… right.

And to be honest, no one expected him to be.

For the first month he recovered from his terrible injuries in the hospital. He was in a coma for a week and a half of that.

After that month he went back to UA, but he was a ghost of his former self. No one could get him to speak. No one could get him to train. He hardly ate. He hardly drank. And for hours he would lock himself up in his room. He was practically dead at this point.

Aizawa and the other remaining teachers tried to help. Even though they were all devastated by the loss of Midnight, especially Aizawa and Present Mic. But nothing could be done. Eri was the best help though. Midoriya seemed just the slightest bit more alive around her. Midoriya didn’t even have the same reaction with his mother or All Might anymore. 

Eri was devastated too, and it seemed that being around Midoriya, no matter how dead, made her feel better too.

That is, until they found Midoriya on the edge of a rooftop.

Aizawa only just caught him on time.

No one was surprised. Midoriya was still in therapy, but he refused to speak so it did nothing.

Three attempts later, and Midoriya was still not doing well. In fact, he might even be doing worse.

And then Shinsou came into the picture.

Aizawa added Shinsou to his class. Now only consisting of Midoriya and Shinsou. Midoriya hardly trained, but he and Shinsou would sit in amicable silence. And this was enough for the both of them.

But then Midoriya started talking to Shinsou. This made them all ecstatic. Midoriya’s voice was always soft and sad. Like the whisper of a ghost.

It made sense he was being called The Ghost of 1A now. 

Shinsou and Midoriya got along well. They were bunked next to each other and often just slept in each other’s rooms anyway. They were doing wonders on each other.

After the first time Midoriya smiled, although very small, they decided to just make them a shared dorm room. 

And this made things better. 

Shinsou had been adopted by Present Mic and Aizawa. And so had Eri. So Eri knew Shinsou well and viewed both him and Midoriya as her big brothers. They would often be found doing things together. Midoriya softly talking in low murmurs while the others made up for his quietness with louder small talk.

Midoriya started training again.

But then another blow came.

 As Inko Midoriya was walking to the store, she was attacked by a villain who killed on the spot.

Midoriya was silent again. Almost just as bad as before.

And then All Might was caught off-guard and shot in the head.

Midoriya lost both his mother and mentor in the span of six days.

They found him on the rooftop every single day of the next week. No matter how much they watched him he always tried again, and again. They ended up having to lock him in the common room and keep an eye on him all the time. 

It took another month until he started talking again and got to the point he was at before. 

He kept training with Shinsou, and he was a force to be reckoned with. Apparently, he could now hear the users of his quirk, which Midoriya had told Aizawa and Mic about after All Might passed. And he had five whole quirks. His first one, Danger Sense, Smoke, Float, and Blackwhip. There was more, but he had yet to access them.

Months flew by. And Midoriya got better and better. He was talking to his therapist. He was speaking to people outside of Shinsou, Eri, The Big Three, and the staff. He had just a bit more life about him.

He wasn’t better yet, not at all. But he was making great progress, much faster than expected.

Shinsou and Midoriya started dating. Present Mic and Aizawa had basically adopted him too at this point and they both became parental figures to Midoriya. 

But then the Hero Commission came and ruined everything.

They forced Midoriya to become a full hero at the very end of his first year. 

No matter how much UA and Midoriya protested, the Commission was final. 

They told them that Midoriya would be locked up if he didn’t comply.

He complied.

And so Midoriya took up the mantle of a hero at the age of sixteen. He and Shinsou got legally emancipated to make things a bit easier on them. The process was expedited by the commission. 

The next year was… rough.

Midoriya was off doing hero work way more than he should have, but the Commission ran a cruel regimen. Luckily Midoriya had help. Endeavor had had a complete change of heart and helped Midoriya along. The other heroes were always willing to lend a helping hand, especially the remaining ones who had seen him break that awful day. 

 Things weren’t ideal, but they weren’t terrible.

Midoriya only attempted suicide twenty-two times that whole year. And those were normally clumped together during a major relapse.

Midoriya and Shinsou both turned seventeen and got married. Both were legal adults so it got settled. They had a small, but happy wedding at UA. 

Midoriya smiled the brightest they had ever seen in a long time.

Shinsou and Midoriya might have been young, but they were perfect for each other.

Six months passed, and things were starting to look better.

With the help of some heroes from other countries things started to get sorted out. The public wasn’t rioting as much as before at least. 

More hero students graduated, and things started to go back to normal.

But the League and their army had been oddly silent. It put everyone on edge. And with good reason it seemed.

Because on that six-month mark Shigiraki and his army attacked.

One last battle was fought.

Thousands died on both sides.

Midoriya killed Shigiraki.

And it was over.

They had won… but at what cost?

Half of the UA staff died, including Thirteen, Ectoplasm, Snipe, and… Present Mic.

Vlad was paralyzed from the waist down.

Aizawa fell into a deep coma after losing his remaining leg, an arm, and his other eye. The doctors said that there was almost no chance he would ever awaken.

Recovery Girl died after being attacked by a remaining villain while treating someone, who was killed in the end as well.

Endeavor died in the hospital, surrounded by his remaining family. But not before he accidentally killed Touya first.

Hawks and Miruko died holding hands, looking up into the fading sky. Friends up to the bitter end.

Mirio was killed by Toga pretending to be Amajiki.

Amajiki killed himself right after he found Mirio’s body.

Nejire was so devistated that she died of stress and grief.

The remaining of Class 1B died.

The Wild Wild Pussy cats all perished. Even Pixie Bob, who no longer worked on the field. Kota was left all alone.

And Shinsou… he was rendered mute and lost both of his legs.

He would never be a hero.

Midoriya broke for a second time. But this time he broke, but resolved himself to keep going.

He took care of Shinsou, who was depressed. He adopted Eri and Kota both. And he helped the Todoroki family with their grieving. 

It took a whole year for Japan to go back to some sort of normal.

The hero rankings started again.

And Midoriya Izuku was placed as the number one hero.

But at what cost?

Too much.

There was many times Midoriya tried to retire. But the Commission threatened his family. So, he kept plowing on.

The public hated him for the most part.

He was supposed to be known as Deku: The ‘I Can Do It’ Hero. 

Now they called him Deku: The Cursed Hero.

And he really was cursed from the looks of it.

Anyone who wore the little merch he had was often found dead or was attacked. 

His merch soon became something no one would touch or buy unless you really hated someone.

But still, Midoriya kept going.

He turned twenty-three when it happened.

Shinsou got a bad disease and with his already weak immune system, he got deathly sick.

Midoriya, Eri, and Kota all visited him in the hospital for weeks. They would sign and speak to one another.

But Shinsou started to get weaker and weaker. 

The doctors told them he only had weeks to live.

Midoriya was already broken. 

This smashed what was left to pieces. 

When it was clear Shinsou had hardly any time left, Midoriya planned.

He got his and Shinsou’s wedding rings as well as Aizawa’s and Present Mic’s. He placed them around a necklace and wore it. He sorted everything out, leaving Kota and Eri to Fuyumi and Natsuo. He settled all his finances. 

On Shinsou’s last day of life Midoriya went to his bedside.

Shinsou gave him a knowing, sad look. He knew exactly what was going to happen.

The last thing Shinsou signed was, “I will see you soon my love.” 

And he died.

Midoriya said not a word as he went out of the hospital with Eri and Kota.

He took the next week to have a quick funeral and get a gravestone planted. He made sure it was next to an empty plot. 

Then he left Eri and Kota to the living Todoroki’s and went to the hero commission tower in his hero suit.

He replaced all the money in his wallet with pictures of him and his family. Of him and his classmates. 

Pictures of a long lost, but much better time.

He went to the top of the skyscraper unnoticed.

Then he took out a gun and took off his shoes. 

He tipped backwards of the edge without hesitation.

The gunshot to his head mid-way was enough to end him.

This time, there was no one to save Midoriya Izuku.




And then he woke up.