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Fluffy Johndave Flowershop/Tattoo artist AU

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Your name is Dave Strider, and you just happen to work in Jade's Flower Shop. Jade was a nice girl, tall, sweet, gentle, caring... Easy to fall for, but the one who really caught your eye was the Tattoo artist next door. He worked with diligence, and you could catch a glimpse of him every once and a while from behind all the colorful bouquets. He had dark hair that was always messy, blue rimmed glasses, a tattoo sleeve (of course), but the thing that made him the most enchanting was his stunning smile that he would every once in a while flash at you when he noticed you were looking at him. And you know what? You'd always smile back.

It was an ordinary day in the shop, and the mixed and pleasant scents filled the warm air. Today was laid back and easy, it was definitely a good day. The artist guy across the street was working his regular shift, and Miss Harley had to keep reminding you to stay on task because oh my god what did you keep zoning out for?
You kept zoning out because every once in a while the attractive guy would brush his jet black nest of hair out of his face to reveal crystal clear blue eyes and they were simply the most mesmerizing things you've ever seen.

The hours ticked by, and you counted every smile he decided to grace you with (four today) until you were dismissed from your shift. You carried that huge bundle of roses that were barely starting to wilt out the door (Jade was picky when it came to quality) and it just so happened that the boy was there, scribbling in a notepad in all his punky and dorky glory. He was wearing a blue shirt, which you assume was his favorite color. You glanced over at him from behind the dark shades you always had perched on your nose discreetly and you could feel his eyes on you as you fiddled with the soft yet torn petal of one of the pale pink roses.

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Your name is John, and you could be considered handsome to say the least. You have a bright smile, with eyes just as brilliant. You work a normal job and have a normal life. A tattoo artist in a shop on the corner, next to Jade's flower shop. Your boss's name is Rose. Ironic that she's not the one with the Flower Shop, huh. Rose is very pretty, with short blonde hair and these lovely violet eyes. She's a good boss, a bit sarcastic nonetheless, but still, she was logical and kind, easy to fall for... But you really had your eyes on the boy in the shop next to yours. You'd sometimes catch him staring, usually at your work but every once in a while you'd see something shift behind those dark shades that he /always/ wore, and you knew he was looking at your face so you'd smile, and he'd /always/ smile back. It made you happy, just that little interaction. You wanted to talk to him badly but you never knew how, never really had a chance. Today though, you felt it would be a bit different.

It was a bright day, rather warm. The shop smelled of leather and ink, smells that have become part of your daily life and you can't really imagine coming to work to anything else. You get to work, designing things and inking up customer after customer, being precise and occasionally wiping away the excess. Each time you'd finish you'd look up and he'd be there in the window. You'd swipe away some of the crystal droplets on your brow and smile brightly after fiddling with that one piece of hair that wouldn't stay put.

People came and went as you did your job seamlessly, like a machine. Catching glimpses of his smiles helped, of course. It was time to close up shop and take the bus home so you waved goodbye to Rose and stepped into the dusky city street, and you know what? he was there too. You turn to look at the boy to say something, but you just can't because there he is, right there. His gentle fingers touching the petals of a tearing and pale rose, and he just looks so perfect. You manage a small hello and he looks a bit startled, but returns the gesture.

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There he was. Inches away, right there... And just out of reach. But wait. A surge of courage flooded over you, and you pulled the best looking rose from the rotting bouquet and extended it to him slowly. He looked down at it, seemingly confused but after a second his tan cheeks flushed a gorgeous shade of pink, almost the same shade as the rose. He grinned, good sign.
"For me?" he asked, a hand on his chest
"Yeah" There was heat rising in your face, and you readjusted your shades.
"Thank you!" The gorgeous boy replied, flashing you a white and buck-toothed grin. The oncoming bus roared in the distance, and he looked back at you, a flicker of hope in his eyes.
"Are you on this bus or the next?" The raven haired boy asked.
"The next."
"Damn. Well, I'm sure I'll talk to you tomorrow!" You swear your heart was having a fucking party in your chest, probably dancing to some rave music by the way it was thumping.
"Sure. Hey, what's your name by the way?" He smiled a bit
"John, John Egbert"
"Nice to finally talk to you, John. I'm Dave, Dave Strider." You said in your best James Bond imitation.
The bus pulled up to it's stop, and as he stepped up he held the rose close to his chest, waving as a not so much goodbye, more of a "See you later."
"Bye, Dave Strider." And the bus drove away, carrying John Egbert down the dusky street.
You did it.
You finally talked to him.
Way to go, Strider.

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Sorry this isn't a real update, but as you must be able to tell, I've abandoned this fic entirely. I no longer enjoy JohnDave without the presence of Karkat, due to bad experiences with an ex-friend. Sorry to let you guys down.
Thank you for reading, and thank you for understanding.