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Fluffy Johndave Flowershop/Tattoo artist AU

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Your name is Dave Strider, and you just happen to work in Jade's Flower Shop. Jade was a nice girl, tall, sweet, gentle, caring... Easy to fall for, but the one who really caught your eye was the Tattoo artist next door. He worked with diligence, and you could catch a glimpse of him every once and a while from behind all the colorful bouquets. He had dark hair that was always messy, blue rimmed glasses, a tattoo sleeve (of course), but the thing that made him the most enchanting was his stunning smile that he would every once in a while flash at you when he noticed you were looking at him. And you know what? You'd always smile back.

It was an ordinary day in the shop, and the mixed and pleasant scents filled the warm air. Today was laid back and easy, it was definitely a good day. The artist guy across the street was working his regular shift, and Miss Harley had to keep reminding you to stay on task because oh my god what did you keep zoning out for?
You kept zoning out because every once in a while the attractive guy would brush his jet black nest of hair out of his face to reveal crystal clear blue eyes and they were simply the most mesmerizing things you've ever seen.

The hours ticked by, and you counted every smile he decided to grace you with (four today) until you were dismissed from your shift. You carried that huge bundle of roses that were barely starting to wilt out the door (Jade was picky when it came to quality) and it just so happened that the boy was there, scribbling in a notepad in all his punky and dorky glory. He was wearing a blue shirt, which you assume was his favorite color. You glanced over at him from behind the dark shades you always had perched on your nose discreetly and you could feel his eyes on you as you fiddled with the soft yet torn petal of one of the pale pink roses.