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The History of Art and Other Things

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For the life of her, Lindsey Horan cannot remember why she thought it would be a good idea to bring her friends out into public like this. She should be well aware of this—any time a big group of the soccer girls goes anywhere there’s always dancing, and shouting, and just general shenanigans. But for some reason she thought tonight might be different, maybe out of respect for Lindsey and this girl that she had the potential to date—maybe they would try to make her look cool and like she could be a great girlfriend, but if anything, she swears they’re making her look worse. 

It was bad enough when all of her friends decided to spend their time before the game started coming up with a custom cheer for Sonny (they decided on the tune of the Harry Potter theme song while saying “Son” over and over again), and then decided to chant it over and over again during the first quarter. Sonny kept looking up in the stands whenever Lindsey’s teammates would finish their cheer and make eye contact with Lindsey, and Lindsey would have to give an apologetic shrug accompanied by a wry smile to let Sonny know that she was still happy to be there, getting to watch the basketball player in her element. 

But then, when Sonny was leaving the court at halftime with all her teammates, Kelley decided it would be a great time to yell, “Sonny, look! Lindsey’s here!!” much louder than was necessary. This did cause Sonny to look up in the bleachers with an amused smirk on her face, as a deep blush bloomed across Lindsey’s cheeks and down her neck. She did return the shorter blonde’s wave though, which caused Kelley to beam with pride and clap Lindsey on the shoulder. 

So now, Lindsey is using the halftime break to plead with her friends to take it down at least three notches and, unsurprisingly, most of them seem rather unreceptive to her message. 

“Linds, I’m just trying to let your girl know that we approve of her and that she should absolutely start dating you,” Kelley explains. 

Lindsey rolls her eyes, “Okay, well if I had to guess, I don’t think that’s how she’s reading it.”

“If I had to guess,” Mal decides to add her two cents, “I would say she’s at least not reading our support as a bad thing.”

“Yeah, Linds,” Alex has joined the conversation now, “if the number of times she’s looked up at you is any indication, she’s at least amused by our cheering and probably thinks it’s adorable that you brought us along.”

“Okay, well, I think it’s embarrassing to me,” Lindsey emphasizes, “so if you guys are actually my friends, you’ll take it down at least two notches, even if you can’t agree to the requested three.”

Luckily, Lindsey can get them to agree to that. 





lindsey: sorry for my friends

they don’t know how to behave in public

sonny: no worries, really

it’s motivating me

to know that I’m not only playing for you but also for them

Plus you’re cute when you’re flustered

lindsey: Ugh well i don’t feel cute

i feel embarrassed 

sonny: hey, really, it’s not a problem

We get rowdy people at our games all the time

It’s a nice change that they’re cheering for me this time 😊




The second half goes much better for Lindsey. It’s a combination of her friends heeding her word and (mostly) scrapping the Harry Potter chant in favor of just general cheers when Sonny does something good (which is often, Lindsey can’t help but notice. She doesn’t know much about basketball, but she does know the ball is supposed to go in the basket, and Sonny seems to make that happen on just about every shot she takes), and the reassurance from Sonny that this situation isn’t actually as embarrassing as she thinks it is. 

So she joins in cheering with her friends—and is even talked into doing their chant once after the third quarter, when there’s a slight break in the action—and ends up having a lot more fun. 

Kelley helps Lindsey understand a bit more about what’s going on, the 3-point shots versus the 2-point shots, the importance of blocking shots, how a team gets to take free throws, and by the fourth quarter, Lindsey can actually discern more than just Sonny looks good in her basketball uniform from what’s happening on the court. 

The game ends with Sonny’s team winning by about 5 points, which Kelley says is actually a pretty close score and that the game was a real nail-biter all the way to the end, and Lindsey’s awkwardness returns. She isn't sure if she should go down to the railing or if Sonny has some after-game thing she does with her teammates that Lindsey would just get in the way of by making herself so visible. 

But the decision is made for her when Sonny stations herself at the railing, her usually sloppy bun even sloppier after playing a full game, with sweaty tendrils curling around her temples chaotically, grinning up at an approaching Lindsey. 

“Good game, I think.”

“You think?!?” Sonny questions teasingly. 

Lindsey giggles, “Well I can’t pretend to know much about basketball, but I did see you score a lot. So I’m pretty sure that constitutes a good game.”

The shorter blonde smirks, “Yeah I would say my aim was on target today. Definitely all because of things I did, and not at all because there was a pretty girl in the bleachers that I wanted to impress.” 

Lindsey tinges pink at that comment and wants to make a cute quip back at Sonny (she thinks of one too! She wants to look around teasingly and ask “who? Is Margot Robbie here?” as if she doesn’t know who the basketball player is talking about, so that Sonny will eventually have to tell Lindsey that she was actually talking about her, and, hopefully in the process, compliment her again), but before she can say anything, Kelley has joined her at the railing.

“Hello!” She greets enthusiastically, “you must be Sonny, I mean I know you’re Sonny, but I’m Kelley, and we haven’t met before, and I want to approve of you before this one ,” she knocks at Lindsey’s rib cage with her elbow, “gets in too deep.”

Sonny looks a little stunned by the interruption, but she softens as Kelley’s about halfway through her spiel, offering her hand out for Kelley to shake. “Nice to meet you Kelley, thanks for coming out tonight.”

“Why would I ever want to miss this? I got to watch Lindsey get all embarrassed and blush-y while a cool basketball game was going on. It was great!”

“What was great?” Mal has joined them at the railing now. 

“Nothing,” Lindsey says forcefully at the same time Kelly says, “Lindsey’s embarrassment.”

Mal chuckles, “Oh yeah, that was pretty great.” She then shifts her focus to Sonny, “Also, hi Sonny, good to see you again. Great game.”

“Hey Mal, thanks! And thanks for coming, too.” Then she makes eye contact with Lindsey, and seemingly detects the high probability for awkwardness with the four of them in the same vicinity. “Hey, guys I would really love to stay and talk, but coach asked to speak with me about the game next week and I don’t want to keep her waiting.” Then she places her hand over Lindsey’s tightly gripped hand on the railing and directs her next words to the taller blonde, “Would you be able to stick around? I just wanna talk about what we’re doing Sunday.” Sonny smiles softly up at her. 

Lindsey visibly relaxes at the offer to get to talk with Sonny alone, without her nosy friends hovering, and she nods, “Yeah, absolutely, I can stay.”

“Great,” Sonny’s smile grows even bigger, then she points to the left of the bleachers, “Those doors over there lead into the hallway with the locker rooms in it. Meet me there in twenty minutes?”

Lindsey nods again, and then Sonny’s letting go of her hand and backing away, heading towards the doors she just pointed out to Lindsey. 

“Oh so is this how it’s going to be now?” Kelley asks with sarcastic hurt in her tone, “you’re just going to constantly ditch us for your super hot, athletic, baller girlfriend?”

Lindsey laughs, “Once again, I’m not actually dating her, but it kind of seems like you want to be.”

Kelley looks affronted, “Horan, I will remind you that I have a girlfriend and don’t need to steal girls from you.” 

Somehow, once again, Alex saves her from having to figure out anything else to say to a very stubborn Kelley. “Hey! Kel! Are y’all coming? The Alex-mobile will be leaving shortly!” She’s standing on the far side of the bleachers by the exit looking rather impatient.

Kelley and Mal both give their well-wishes to Lindsey and then plod over to Alex muttering “Yes, mom,” under their breath, while Lindsey stays right where she is and waves to the tall brunette.

“I’m staying here, I’ll figure out my own way home. Gotta talk to…” She doesn’t actually finish the sentence, just points in the general direction of the locker rooms with a slightly guilty but still very satisfied look on her face.

Alex sends her a thumbs up and pulls her carpool group out the door while Kelley yells over her shoulder, “Use protection!” and then, finally, Lindsey is alone.




Lindsey’s waiting in the designated hallway when Sonny comes out of the locker room, freshly showered and looking very soft and very attractive, with her wet hair falling down peicily onto her shoulders and a clean set of warm-ups on. Lindsey finds herself biting at her bottom lip longingly as she watches Sonny walk up to her.

“Hey,” says the shorter blonde as she drops the gym bag she’s carrying on her shoulder right by Lindsey’s feet. She’s standing very close to Lindsey—maybe only about a foot away—and has this stupidly attractive and confident smirk on her face that makes Lindsey want to grab the sides of her face and haul her in for a kiss just to throw Sonny off balance. (She doesn’t.)

“Hey, yourself,” Lindsey says instead, daring herself to look directly into Sonny’s eyes for a moment before diverting her gaze to her feet, and then flicking her eyes back up to gaze at the girl across from her under her lashes.

Sonny’s hand reaches across the empty space between them and finds the inside of Lindsey’s wrist, her fingernails skimming over the sensitive skin there lightly, “Again, I’m really happy you came.”

Lindsey closes her eyes and swallows, willing herself to maintain control. She’s not sure how such a small touch in such an innocent spot can set all her nerves on fire like this. “Again, I’m sorry the girls were so obnoxious, but I’m glad I came too.”

Sonny smiles up at her, fingers still grazing her wrist, “Hey, so I thought this Sunday we could go for a hike? There's this trail I’ve really been wanting to check out, but I’m not going to tell you what it is, I really want that to be a surprise.” Her eyes sparkle excitedly as she tells Lindsey about the plans she’s made. “I’ll pack us a picnic and we can eat when we get up to the top.”

“Sounds great,” says Lindsey, biting at her lower lip again to keep herself from saying what she really wants to say, which is something more along the lines of, “I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have sex in the woods. ” ( Ugh! We haven’t even kissed yet! Way to jump the gun there, Linds, she thinks to herself.)

There’s a beat of silence, where Lindsey’s not sure who’s going to talk next and what they’re going to say, but then it surprisingly ends up being her. “Can I just say, that, getting to see you in a basketball uniform was just really something else. A good something else. You looked… you looked very good.” By the time she finishes talking, her cheeks have colored a bright pink, and Sonny’s eyes have widened as if she’s just a little overwhelmed. 

“That’s absolutely something you can say,” Sonny’s voice comes out a little breathy, “and thank you.” Then she lets out a little laugh that lets Lindsey know she’s not being all that serious when she says, “I was beginning to worry the only thing you liked about me was that I had tattoos!”

Lindsey quirks up an eyebrow. “You have multiple?”

The confident smirk has returned to Sonny’s face now. “Yeah, but I won’t tell you where they are. I think I’ll let you find them for yourself.” 

Lindsey draws in a long inhale through her nose as her gaze drifts up to the ceiling, trying to center herself. With her exhale, she also breathes out the word “wow,” and then she sharply lets her head drop back down so she’s again looking Sonny in her blue-grey eyes. “Yeah, okay, I’m up for that challenge.” She nods a couple times, biting her lips together to try not to smile, but she can’t help it—this is all so absurd! This is happening! To her! Right now! Some girl is insinuating very close, personal contact, if not just straight up sex with her. With her! —she breaks out into a fit of giggles.

“What?” Sonny asks through a little smile. 

“I just—,” Lindsey looks down and her hands wring together nervously, trying to figure out what they should be doing. It just seems like she’s so close to Sonny, it would be a waste not to reach out and touch her. She finally decides on a course of action, and she reaches out to take the ends of the zipper on Sonny’s warm-up jacket. “This is so ridiculous, like, being here with you,” she rubs at the fabric of the shorter blonde’s jacket, “doesn’t seem real.”

Sonny moves her own hand down to Lindsey’s and strokes her thumb along her wrist. “Well, it is real.” She gives the taller girl a contented half-smile. “Honestly, all of this is new for me too, so I’m having some trouble believing it myself.”

Lindsey softens at that. And, God, so wants to kiss Sonny so badly. So badly. And she thinks about doing it, she really does, as she stands there with their hands interlocked, staring into that grey-blue intensity—waiting for Sonny to give her a sign, or lean in, or something—but she ends up taking too long. 

The visitors' locker room door busts open and the whole team starts filing out towards their bus, ready to go back to their hotel. 

So instead she just squeezes Sonny’s hand and says something along the lines of, “see you on Sunday,” before she’s out of the hallway and back towards the soccer house. 





The Great Horan: I need you to come over

like now

Meow: okay? I just got dinner delivered

The Great Horan: you can bring it

I need to talk to you about something and it needs to be in person





sonny: hey I realized I didn’t give a solid plan for Sunday

Maybe meet at my place around 7 and I’ll drive us out there

I’m at 145 S Oak Street

lindsey: like 7am? 

That’s so early

sonny: hey, it’s a bit of a drive and I want as much time to hike as possible

I can take you out to breakfast first

If that would make up for it 😊


Before Lindsey can think up a cute response to Sonny, the front door is opening and Mal is bursting into the living room, a bag of Chinese takeout in her hand and a worried expression on her face. 

“Linds, what’s up? Did something happen?”

“No! That’s the problem!”

Mal gives her a funny look. “Okay, I know Russel was horrible relationship precedent, but I didn’t think you were out here, like, expecting bad things to happen—”

Lindsey holds a hand up to stop Mal from continuing, “No, no, that’s not what I meant. I meant, I thought she was gonna kiss me. Or I was going to kiss her. I’m honestly not quite sure which. And so I was standing there waiting for it to happen, but then it just, like, didn’t happen.”

“But you wanted it to happen?” Mal points a finger at Lindsey questioningly. 

The blonde’s eyebrows knit together, “Well, yeah,”she says as if it’s obvious, “But then the entire visiting team came out of their locker room right behind us and that really kind of ruined the moment.”

Mal thinks for a second, and then her eyes go bright with an idea, “You should create another moment then!”

“...Like right now?” Lindsey looks at her friend like she’s a bit absurd. 

“I mean, I wasn’t thinking right now, but you seem to be thinking right now. Would you want it to happen right now?”

The blonde looks a little like a deer caught in the headlights as she weighs her options for a while, before she shrugs and then bites at her lip, muttering nervously, “Kinda, yeah, I would really like it to happen right now…”

“Okay, great,” Mal says stirringly, “let's text her, ask her to meet up or something, and maybe, grab, I don’t know, ice cream or something.”

“Ice cream? What does that have to do with anything?”

Mal shrugs, “Ugh, I don’t know, I’m just trying to think of things you could do on short notice that could create a romantic moment.” She pauses as she takes Lindsey’s hands in her own, becoming serious, “But whatever you do, Linds, you’re going to have to make the first move. It really seems like Sonny’s trying to go at your pace here.”

Lindsey considers that for a moment, “You think I should make the first move?”

“Oh my gosh Lindsey, yes.” The shorter girl drops Lindsey’s hands in favor of gesturing all over the place passionately. 

Lindsey purses her lips thoughtfully, “Okay... No ice cream, though. I have a better idea.”




Lindsey can’t believe she’s doing this. More specifically, she can’t believe that she, Lindsey Michelle Horan, is doing this. 

It’s getting very late and it’s dark and chilly outside, and Lindsey is making a pretty big assumption that Sonny is even still awake right now. But she’s still doing this. And she’s not going to chicken out. 

She finally finds the house she’s been looking for, the address Sonny texted her a little over an hour ago, and she takes a deep, steadying breath before walking up the steps on the front porch and knocking on the door. 

Sam answers. “Oh!” She looks puzzled as to why Lindsey is standing at the door, even going so far as to check her watch to see if it’s actually an acceptable hour for someone to be knocking on their front door. Lindsey’s not sure what answer she comes up with, but Sam at least ends up greeting her, “Lindsey, right? What’s up?”

“I need to talk to Sonny.” It’s not a question. Lindsey’s not chickening out. 

Sam’s eyebrows raise just slightly, but she ends up turning towards the inside of the house, shouting up the stairs, “Son, can you come down here? There’s someone here to see you.”

Lindsey hears a door open and footsteps making their way down stairs, and then that very familiar voice is just a few feet away, not yet around the corner enough to know it’s Lindsey standing at the door. “What’s up, Sammy?”

Sam, still holding the door open with one hand, uses her other hand to gesture outside to Lindsey, and finally, Sonny appears in the doorway, her face quickly morphing from confused to surprised to happy when she sees the blonde standing out on the porch. “Thanks, Sam, I’ve got it from here.” Sam leaves her post at the door and disappears up the staircase as Sonny takes over the job of holding the door open. 

“Hey, Linds,” all her facial features soften as she greets the taller girl, “is everything alright? You wanna come in?”

( She’s doing this! She’s not chickening out.)

She doesn’t answer Sonny. Instead, she’s grabbing a fist-full of Sonny’s hoodie in each hand and pulling her out into the chilly night air, letting the door slam closed as Lindsey backs her against the outside wall of the house. Sonny looks shocked at this new turn of events, her breathing turning heavy as Lindsey’s hands settle on her hips, pressing her thumbs in just above the hip bone to keep her up against the wall. 

“If you don’t want me to kiss you, right now would be the time to say it,” Lindsey’s voice is thick as it comes out, her tone barely above a whisper ( she can’t believe she’s actually doing this) .

Sonny swallows. “I have no objections,” she rasps.

That’s all Lindsey needs. She closes the two inches or so left between their bodies and firmly presses her lips to Sonny’s. She’s instantly flooded with emotion—an overwhelming feeling of bliss, like the last piece of a 1000 piece puzzle finally clicking into place.

Lindsey pulls away shyly after just one, relatively short kiss. Sonny takes a moment to open her eyes, but when she does, Lindsey finds that they’re dark and hungry, seemingly ready for more. There’s a moment where they just look at each other, Sonny biting at her lower lip and Lindsey massaging her thumbs against Sonny’s hip bones. 

But then that moment is over, and they’re kissing again. 

This time, it’s Sonny who leans in for the kiss, wrapping her arms around Lindsey’s neck and pulling the taller girl’s body flush to hers. The second time is even better than the first, as Sonny takes more control of the kiss, pushing the tempo just a little bit and then lightly biting at Lindsey’s bottom lip. Lindsey decides that that’s enough to make her want to open her mouth into the kiss, so she does, and soon Sonny’s tongue is licking up into her mouth, deepening the kiss and slowing it down so Lindsey has more time to enjoy it. It all feels better than she could’ve imagined. 

While they’re still kissing, Sonny’s hands trail down Lindsey’s neck and eventually find their way to rest on her shoulders. “You know, I really wasn’t kidding when I told you how much I like your shoulders,” Sonny whispers against her lips as her hands skate across Lindsey’s broad shoulders and then down her arms, until they find Lindsey’s hands to interlace their fingers together. 

Lindsey squeezes Sonny’s hands and then leans forward to press one more chaste kiss into her lips, which Sonny turns into two, three, four kisses, and then she pulls away, smiling. 

“So you really walked all the way over here, this late at night, just to do that?” Sonny’s tone is light and teasing.

Lindsey’s face splits into an amused grin, “No, I actually came over to tell Sam she played really well in the game tonight.”

Sonny smacks her arm playfully, “Rude!” she feigns offense, “Don’t lie to me.”

So Lindsey doesn’t. “Yeah. I really came all the way over here just to do that.”

The shorter blonde looks very satisfied with that answer, settling against the wall with a smug look on her face. “Kiss me again.”

And really, who is Lindsey to deny her?