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50 Shades of Satanick

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Do you know how I told you I would enact my greatest fantasies on you and then turn that into an erotic novel? It seems I now have the chance, isn’t that delightful?


Overcome with the urge to fuck, as my fingers of one hand clamped onto my hair while my other trailed down to my groin so it could idly fondle, I listened to the audiobook of Fifty Shades of Grey; my mind was envisioning you submissive with each act depicted. 


Driven by desire and an insatiable urge to soil you, I decided to write down snippets of some of my favorites, adding my spin for you to enjoy so when I came back and saw you, you would be dripping with need. 


I never realized how badly, thanks to Grey, I wanted to come up behind you and bite your ear while whispering, “Shouldn’t you be on your period soon?” The fingers of one hand gripping your hair painfully as the other slides down your torso and under your useless clothing before two fingers tease your slit as two fingers wrap around your tampon string. Licking and nipping the cartilage of your ear, I yank out the tampon before bringing it to my lips and sucking as the bright res blood trickles down my throat, leaving a harsh metallic taste. 


Plunging two fingers back into your core, now lightly slick with blood, I tease and work your walls, letting my fingers rake along the sides savoring your moans as your uterus cringes from soreness as the salaciously sadistic nature of my teasing turns you on.


“Shall I fuck you until I cum in your brain and my sperm leaks out your nose?” 


My bloody lips were brushing the rim of your ear, leaving a trail of your fertility to mark my intent along its ridges.


And that scene where he makes the woman ride him like some inglorious ass? I would have used my modified chastity belt that supported a speculum attachment forcing your anus open almost wide enough so the mold of my cock on the silicone cock ring looped over my erection could fuck you without any resistance as I plow your cunt. 


That isn’t even the best part. With your arms bound tightly behind your back with a hogtie bondage strap set, one hand would crane your neck up painfully as the other thrust another mold of my cock down your throat, strangling your cries; my tongue periodically lapping up the salty tears that trail down your face and neck as you struggle to breathe through your nose while my tail strangled your delicate neck slightly.


Spanking. When I listened to how his softcore fucked up spanking, I immediately wanted to improve his methods. So tame. I would first put a lip-shaped plastic speculum in your mouth, the diameter of my cock at its thickest, into your mouth to keep it open and to prevent your teeth from scraping unnecessarily. I would then have you kneel on the bed and rest one cheek on the foot of the bed as you bent in half with your ass up in the air. Tying your hands behind your calves, you would be as compressed as possible, exposing your ass and pussy to me. Glistening and ready for insertion, I would place two ben wa balls within its depth, leaving the tab to just peak out beyond the folds.


Sliding my engorged and throbbing cock into your gaping and drooling mouth, I would insert a dual anal bead and clitoral stimulating vibrator into your anus and over your clit before turning it on. At first, I would be gentle and let your orgasm build as I thrust in and out of your mouth slowly, the balls inside your pussy sending shudders of pleasure down your spine with each thrust. Once your orgasm began to mount, I would use my other hand and slap your ass cheek soundly, thrusting the anal beads and my cock, deep inside you before twisting the vibrator at your clit to the side, causing your orgasm to crash. 


Savoring your warmth, I would bottom out in your mouth, letting you gag on me slightly before sliding out of each hole and returning to a somewhat faster pace, the balls creating white own vibrating rhythm as they hustled deep within your core. Each time your orgasm came, I would spank you more challenging and thrust in deeper until your pleasure resulted from the ache of your clit, the soreness of your ass, and the rawness at the back of your throat.


Finally, I would let you come but not before me. Removing the anal beads from your ass, I would then insert them in mine before fucking your face harshly, pulling out so that I could cum all over your face. With cum dripping down your hair, your lashes, your lips, and your cheeks, I would pull out of your lips and move to your pussy. Still hard, the anal beads wound get reinserted deep into your ass as the ben wa balls were pulled out and inserted into my anus; the vibrator is taken from its silicone casing so I could press it roughly against your clit as I fucked you hard until you came around my cock.


Such beautiful faces and sounds you would make during each one. Prone to my touch, bound by my will, you would take and take and take until you seeped cum from your pussy, tasted only its salty sourness in your mouth, and breathed in its muted musky scent as your body quivered and throbbed from the abuse. 


To see and taste your tears as you tried to be a good girl and take all of me. To feel you clamp around me and watch you sleep, unable to hold everything I fill you with. 


Are you begging for me, Minnow? Are you soaked between your legs? Do you wish I could touch you and tell you how much I want to fuck you? Can you feel my fingers pinch your nipples as I tease my cock between your folds?


I look forward to coming back! I promise to have a big surprise.